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The State Line Democrat from Waldron, Kansas • 3

The State Line Democrat from Waldron, Kansas • 3

Waldron, Kansas
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THE STATE LINE DEMOCRAT, WAT.DRONY Sale Ourlast GRADE LICENSE NO. 4426 PETE: Is a grade Belgian stallion boy with star. Makes first class showing. PREMIER Non-Puncture" Auto Tires CuaranteeJ 7,500 Miles Service TTiese tire bear the kn TERMS; $10 to insure colt to stand and suck, THREE FINE-JACKS. Is a 4 year old black Jack with points weight 900 Duumk'.

Ni Saturday June 6th. SALE BEGINS AT 9 AM. SHARP We have sold our building and will quit the harness business. We must give insure colt to stand and atu.k. wn uukag guarantee, yet are sohZ at a price even less than tires of or SI "ilxiis 7 year old black Jak with white points tCllingWBt.

950. to insure colt tostaud and suck -Unary guarantee. This guarantee? year old black Jack with mealy points. TEKMS" $12to J-rfV-Oinsu covers punctures, blow-outs and) general wear. Guarantee covers 7,500 miles service against every insure colt to stand and suck.

thing except abuse, These tires arw posession by July 1st. We will sell the following to the highest 20 buggies, 50 sets of No. 1 woi harness, 20 sets of buggy harness. 300 pair of fly nete, 2000 hucgy whips. 1000 sweat tads.

SOU I orsa intended for most severe service. NOTICE; Care will be taken to avoid accident but will not be respond ble should any occur. Mates being disposed of or removed from thecoui-munity season becomes due. The above Animals will make the season of 1914 at my place in WALDRON, KANSAS. Orders have been reeieved for these tires for use in the United stutesGuvernment service.

HENRY MESSNER, Owner. xs BPECUL INTRODUCTORY of far, we will allow the roiling prioef iur the next ten days. TIRES TUBES Ira Watkins and family took supper at Paul Johnsons collars, 300 halters, Trunks, Suit Cases, Bags and everything ia cur store will be sold. Your last chance to buy goods at your own price, TERMS: Harnes will be sold on 60 days time, buggies 90 days Bankable notes drawing 8 percent Sunday. Severn from this neigh-porhooil attended the Sunday School convention near Mend an, Sunday.

Geo.Chasey and wife spent Albert Harmon and fam ily took supper at Elmer Pot ters, sunday, and then a i Sunday at Henry Chseys. went to league in the even Tire Tube 28x3 $9.20 $2.00 30x3 10.25 2.30 30x3 1-2 13.50 2.80 32x3 1-2 14.05 300 31x3 1-2 15.25 320 31x4 17.00 3.25 32x1 18.00 3 SO 33x1 10.50 3.40 31x4 20.40 i 3.fi0 35x4 21.00 3.80 30x1 22.00 390 35x4 1-2 26,00 5.00 30x1 1-2 27.00 510 67x4 1-2 27.50 5.15 37x5 32.00 5,40 ing, FOX BROTHERS OWNERS Boyd Newcom, Wichita) AIIPT I. B. Hubanks, Anthony )AUL 1 Winffred McDonald is on the sick list. Lonnie Starks called at Harve Leaths Snnday afternoon.

Uncle Chris. EDITORIALS VICTORY. All other sizes. Non-skids 29 pee Royalty to your owo town ca'nses others to feel royal to you. Hiram Yoder was in this neighborhood gathering up animals, Mr.

Baulden is over near Kiowa, working on his Wm. Neal and frmily Sun-dayed at Worthy Neals. Agnes Fielder has been visiting for a few days with her sister, Pearl Potter. prjy ment in full accompanies orderr and if two are so ordered, shipping charges will be paid by us. C.

O. EVERYTHING AA1AN NEEDS $1 Complete Shaving Outfit $1 10 ARTICLES 10 on to percent ol amount ot order Our output is limited, so we suggest! early ordering, We sell direct only. lo advertise ourUniversal Shav Give your home merchant the FIRST chance, If he can not make good, then it is time to go elsewhere. But he will probably have just about what you want, for he. is in business for that purpose.

Clethra. Freeman and children spent Tuesday at Alvin Hughes. Clara Robbins and baby spent Tuesday at McClint-ocks. Mrs. Louie' Gabbert came down, from Anthony "Wednesday tp visit at ml Svi ems.

Mr. McDonald and wife made a business trip to Manchester Monday. Mr. Swern and wife made a business trip to Byron Mrs. Geo.

Potter visited Mrs. Elmer Potter ruiddlernen's profits. NON-PUNCTURE RELMRS Use our famons reuners they eliminate blow cuts and 90 per of punctures besides giving many th-uusand more miles service to each tire. When in your tires yor ride without worry or tire troubles. ing Outfit and Universal Products we will for a limited timeonly, send fhis weil worth $3.00 Shaving Outfit for seirdur products to the consumer direct and tharefore you save all agents, profit3 which as you know are very 1 Hollow Ground Razor, 1 5-inch Lather Brush.

1 Razor Strep, Canvis Back. Nickel Easel Back Mirror. 1 33-jnch Barber Towel. 1 Bar Shaving Soap. 1 Bos Talcum powder.

1 Decorated China Mug. A town that is not worth trading in is riot worth living in. of the week. Your Aunt. CASTOR I A For Infanta and Childrea In Use FerCyer 30 Years.

of 6 Blanche and Lonnle Star- ks, Nellie and Sylvia Leath $1.95 2.20 2,60 2.75 2.9Q 3.00 For all 3 inch tires Fof all 3 1-2 inch tires -For all 4 inch tires For all 4 1-2 inch tires -For all 5 inch tires For all 5 1-2 inch tiris and Olin Harmon spent Wednesday evening at Jesse Lord Stanley- once said that opportunity sooner or later comes to all who werk and There's some consolation in the sooner or later." NON-PUNCTURE TIRE FACRORY Dayton, Ohio. AUTOMOBILE TIRES AT FACTORY PRICES London "Tangp" Necklace, Bracelet FREE' Thaw" Aluminum Barber Comb. 1 Bristle Hair Brush. Each outfit packed in neat box $1.00. Coin or Money Order, postage 10c extra.

UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS CO. Dayton. Ohio; PARSON CENTER. Evelyn WE FROM 30 to 60 PER CENT Boosters are, generally boosted; k.nocker3 are always knocked. Tire Tube 28X3 $7.20 $1.65 30X3 .7.80 1.95 Nichols.

i 1 Se word May of Byron is staying with aunt, Mrs. Bolding. Pearl Potter is on the sick list at this writing. Sylvia Leath spent Thursday afternoon at Mr. Bar-nards.

Stella Robbins called at Jesse Nichols Thursday morning, Al Robbins made a business trip to Manchester Tues 30X3 1-2 10.80 2-80 These two beautiful pieces of popular jewelry are the craze among society women of New York ana the largest cities. They are neat and elegant gold finished articles that will gladen the heart of every girl or woman, no matter how young or old. Very stylish and attractive. No large city can sell goods 32X3 1-2 11.90 2.95 cheaper than they ore sold right here in our own town 12.40 3.00 32X4 13.70 3,35 33X4 14.80 3:50 34X4 16.80 3.60 If you doubt this, try those Our Free Offer. We are advertis who advertise in this paper and be convinced.

ing Spearmint Chewing Gum and desire to place a big box of this fine healthfulgum into every home. -It sweetens the breath whitens the the teeth and aids digestion. It is re We have had fine growing weather in the last few days and it now looks Jike rain. Every one is buisy getting ready.for harvest. Mrsv Elmer and Pearl Potter made a trip to Byron -Monday.

Bill Rush and wife are the proud parents of a baby boy, Mrs." Alvin, Brown of Byron has been very sick with rheu and Boost your own town 36X4 17,85 3.90 35X4 1-2' 19.75 4,85 36X4 1-2 19.85 4.90 37X4 1-2 21.50 5.10 37X5 24.90 5.90; All other sizes in stock Non-Skid tires 15 per tubes ten per cent above gray. All new clean, fresh! guaranteed tires. Best standard and independent makes Buy direct from us and save money. 5 per cent discount if payment freshing and pleasing to all. To every one sending us but 50 cent3 and 10 cents to cover shipping cost day.

Mr. McClmtock, wife and daughter spent Friday afternoon at Harve Leaths. Flossie Grandstaff spent from Wednesday until Saturday at Ott Parkers. will boost you. No man is ever with credit He can always borrow trouble.

Money spent at home generally remains at home. matism, but is better at this we will ship a big box of 20 regular 5 ct. packages of the Spearmint, Gum and include the elegant, 'tongo" Neckless and "Evelyn Thaw" bracelet absolutely free. this offer is for a. short time only Not more than 2 orders to one party.

Dealers not allowed to accept this. UNITED SALES CO. Dayton, Ohio 0. Box 101 in full accompanies each order. C.

0. D. on 10 per cent deposit. Allowing examination. TIRE FACTORIES SALES CO.

Dept. A Dayton, Ohio. writing. There will be baptising at Mr, Hobsons Sunday, May, 30th. at 3.30 P.

M. Quite a few from here attended the sunday school convention at Mendon Sun Clethra Freeman spent Saturday afternoon at Mr. Chaneys. Mel vin Freeman spent Saturday night at Albert Vergil German spent Sat-ureay night with her aunt, Clethera Freeman. PIANO AT A BARGAIN.

We have a beautiful new Piano in this yicinity that we will sell at a bargain rather than re-ship. Easy payment. If interested, addess. 0. H.

McRae and family of Byron passed through town Wednesday moving to Hav Mapel Kinsman and Mabel Brodbeck visited, Monday with Mrs. Jay Tripp, The Eberhardt-Haya music day and all. report a good time, en. ABns, Wichita, Kans,.

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