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The Attica Advocate from Attica, Kansas • 3

The Attica Advocate from Attica, Kansas • 3

Attica, Kansas
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The Attica Advocate. Educational Column. If You Want Money on gilt-edged security call on Denton Bros. Office with I. C.


EDDY. City and Vicinity. trident that Neptune might have envied, com' mandsacd the world obeys. Art, loug since born is studied now and science and Htera'ure are recogu-'zed. Greece reaches her eminence, gem of art-adorn her land.

Archemidies with many suns ignites the enemy's sail. Socrates frescoes the world with choicest thought and PUtto teaches immortality. Eloquence reaches its highest point, as Demosthtnes holds the world entranced, Greece degenerates, but ta its stead the br'ght star of Rome shines with equal When Shall We Four Meet I tti Same There will be an "old folks'' dance at the rink, Tuesday eveing, Feb. 14, St. Valentine's day.

Judse Herrick after hearing the evidence in the Tread well-Clark shooting, denied the application of defendant to be released on bail. Mrs. Susanna Salter mayor of Argonia and the only lady mayor in the United States, presented her husband with a bouncing baby boy last Tuesday. We have received a neatly printed Al. Kirkland has purchased the Hull house, near the M.

E. church, and -will move it on to his acre lot near the school tSTThe Hub Is hea Iquartera for everything Ihp fflrmpr oo-ll house, fit it up and occupy it as a dwel- Miss Effle Scares ten unua BY JONAS COOK, SCPT. HARPER SCHOOLS. through J. E.

ng. Hamilton. T. F. Byrnes, a heavy property owner against it and broke his arm.

The doctor came every day for a week. Harry Boblnson. papa said that he must have a sled for he is so much trouble. So his papa v.eut and got him or.e. His mamma had tears iu her eyes, but his papa went right and got it when his mamma didn't want him to have it.

She told him he must not go in he deep snow, but he didn't mind her and so got his arm broke. His arm was so sore that he could not use it for some time. That is all I can say. Mattie Squires, age 8. Charley's papa got him a sled so he could play out in the yard.

He had a cap, red stockings and red mittens and ear-lops. His mother told him not to slide where anything was in the way or on steep places, but he didn't mind her and he got his ann broken. If he had minded his mother his arm wouldn't have been broken. Keetd, age 10. in this city and vicinity, gave us a call invitation to attend a grand uniform ball Friday laat.

He is one of the best post to be given by the Anthony fire depart Denton Bros. Rave short tiw Men ey to loan on gilt-edged secu rity only. Office with L. C. A Suggestion.

We make the following extract from a private letter to us, dated Kansas City, Eeb. 4, and as it carries it3 own object on its face we submit it to our readers for their consideration, merely remarking that the idea is a good one "I do not mean to dictate to the people of Attica, but I do think the time has come when she should be introduced to the outside world, and in my opinion the time is at hand when she should make an extra effort for that which she is surely destined, namely, the metropolis of Harper county. The Santa Fe is booming Southern Kansas and the Panhandle, and there will be numerous excursions over that road in the next sixty days and "we" should take advantage" of the opportunity. I think it would be a good idea to get out a description of Attica and vicinity (in circular form, the larger the better), showing the advantages and prospects she has. which are not a few.

"Anything that I can do at this point souri. Frank Robinson Is getting a new sign painted. A child of C. 3. Jobs' was quite sick last week.

16?" Seven-cent Prints for 5c. at the Eclipse. 46 Last Saturday this town and vicinity was visited by splendid rain. A number of our farmers began plowing for spring crops this week. John Devine Las moved into the house he first occupied after marriage.

One-half gallon can Maple syrup 50c at Robinson's grocery. nl-t2 The young people enjoyed a social dance at the rink Saturday night. teacher's LICENSE. The undersigned teachers' examining board of the county of Posy, of the state of Blank, having examined Hezekiah Ebenezer Snobbs. hereby certify that he posesses the following knowledge of Orthography 72 Grammar.

T(i Reading 70 Arithmetic 6 riling 80 I. S. History Geography 75 Theory He has furnished satisfactory evidence of good moral character. This certificate shall be valid within the limits of the aforesaid county, for two years from date, unless sooner revoked by the board of examiners. Given at Wisdomville, this 24th day of Decem ed men in regard to good towns, and always declares unbounded faith in the future of Attica.

Rev. J. A. Davis, pastor of the M. E.

church, announces as his subject for next Sunday morning the following: Faith and the word evening subject, Principle of growth, as seen in nature, applied to the spiritual. Don task the "Hub" to Credit you. Knlliancy. From her ght shone oratory, and art, but soon the passed into that inevitable downward road In which Greece id fallen. With irresistible force the northern horde of barberians swept over the most enlightened eountry the world then knew.

Tue light of clilizatkn ts nearly extinguished. Is the toil and attainments of two thousand years to be forever severed and maa's inheritance to be but a savage's estate? Look at the ngel of progress as he sits on his starry throne with the scepter of man's destiny iu his hand. Note and haggard appearance as he sees his beneficent work of centuries gr.p;led, by giaut's Ignorance, sut erstition, avarice and vice, and thrown, into the recesses of the dark figes. Into that irk chaos for centuries civilization thadowed o'er with the umpra of these giants who fiowi-d only the brightest rays of the rnu pffHnrano to penetrate their oeuightei todies. But look Into that low state of degeneracy the smoldering embers of progress are again relighted.

Still that heavy body spreads its feeble wing over eaitb's chosen creatures. ment. Wednesday evening, Feb. 22. It will be a grand affair.

Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, last evening, James Jones to Miss Sarah C. Wuner, both of this city. The newly wedded pair have a host of friends here who will join ith us in extending congratulations and best wishes. May happiness and prosperity attend them all the days of their lives. R.

S. Sullivan sold tnirteen head of hogs to L. Benson last Monday, seven of which were seven months old the 2th of January and the other six were six months old on the 14th. the whole lot averaging 241 pounds. These hogs were of the Poland-China breed.

We take it that this lot was as good a lot as Mr. Benson has yet received this season. Mr. Prof. Eddy took his physiology class of fifteen pupils from the high school to ber, A.

D. 1S87. The real estate men of the Arkansas Both the Kiowa and Medicine Lodge for Attica, in the next sixty days, or as long as I stay here, will be a great pleasure to me, as I will convince you in my willingness to take hold of any pro Valley and the Southwest are invited to trains are turned now at this place. 1 attend a meeting at Hutchinson on Feb JOXATHAX Wl3E. Ma-ux CARroTEK, Board of Ex.

Wap.d Political, rHYSICIAX'3 LICENSE. The undersigned board of examiners, ject gotten up by the people of Attica." Luther Benson made a shipment of ruarT 14 fcr the purpose of organizing Harper last Wednesday for the purpose of studying the manikin owned by the Harper Xormal College. Prof. Ball kindly favored the class with an elegant analysis of this strange piece of mechanism. Our young people were highly pleased, and all accord that they learned more anatomy in that short lesson of an hour and a half than they could have hogs to Kansas City Monday night of the county of Posy, state of Blank, hav 1 Sullivan got amount ing examined John Henry Larkins here by certify that he possesses the following knowledge of Small-pox 67 Typhoid Fever 80 as one body to procure a share of the emigration the coming season.

WTe are informed that Charles Miller, son of J. W. Miller, was married to Miss Mollie Richards, daughter of T. P. Rich-arda, a few days ago, at Ashland, and have gone to Noman's Land to make a home.

Our best wishes attend them. Last Saturday when the Kiowa and Medicine Lodge trains were being turn ten. Mea-les ,0 rUieuniuusm bo 70 Colic 90 Asthma 40 Consumption 90 Whooping Hytencs learned in weeks from books alone. Our pubils are highly interested in their work and are beginning to learn that there is something in education more than is contained in one little text book. Their field is growing broader, their vision wider, and their interest deeper.

Catarrh 55 Theory practice. Having furnished satisfactory evidence of good moral character, he is hereby licensed to practice upon the limb of man ed on the the drive arms of the engine came off, crippling it so badly that an The "Hub" will sell for Cash after Monday, September 26. The Union Sabbath School Concert. The concert of the Union Sabbath School, announced for last Sunday evening at the U. B.

church, came off. At an early hour every seat was occupied and many were compelled to stand. The number in attendance was flattering to the officers, teachers and scholars alike, and showed that parents and others appreciate the efforts of the teachers in training the youth attending Sabbath school. And the plaudits of the congregation demonstrated to the children that they had learned their parts to the satisfaction of all. It was indeed a pleasant sight to see the many bright faces and witness the enthusiasm of each class as and deal out physic within the limits of ed to $148.86.

iThe Hub has just received a large invoice of dry goods. Call and see. 33-tf Word was received at this place the first of the week, announcing the killing of Bud Moore, at Tuscosa. Texas. It will be remembered that Bud Moore who, at one time was foreman of the Spade ranch, and was arrested in Kiowa last fall charged with horsestealing and afterwards jumped his bond, and left for parts unknown.

By some it is claimed, that the report is a hoax, while others are inclined to believe it. Kiowa Journal. Benjamin Wadsworth of near Medicine Lodge and Miss May Thomas, the oldest single daughter of Frank Thomas, postmaster at Enon, were married last Wednesday at the bride's home. The now-happy couple passed through this city this week on their way to their future the aforesaid county. Said license to be valid two years from date, unless sooner All remained in the evening to hear Prof.

Hamill's lecture and came home in the wee sma' hours. Although the night was dark and the wind blew a fierce norther.every one said "I wouldn't have missed it for anything." revoked by the board of examiners. L. B. Wilson, of the Crisfleld Courier, attended the teachers' association Saturday.

fflpTDid you fee those boots and shoes at the Hub. Thev are daisies. A. Mathews has rented Johnny Mc-Daniels' house and moved into it this week. Those who have cattle In this section ay they have gone thus far through the winter first rate.

Valentine's day will be next Tuesday. The postmaster should increase his force on the occasion. MaT" Place your property jn B. A. Burr's hands at once, if you want it sold.

C. Cuppy, of Lake City, was in town Wednesday, and went down to look after his landed Interest. Snow fell Monday quite rapidly and thick for a short time that morning, but melted nearly as fast as it fell. There are more banks in Kansas than In any other state in the union. Pennsylvania ranks second in the number of banks.

Hif-Go to the Eclipse and get a pair of Men's Arctics for $1.25. 46 Given at Blisterville, thi3 24th day of December, A. D. 1887. John Smart, 1 Prof.

Samuel Kxowit, 1 Board of Ex. Judge David Swell, minister's license. The undersigned board of examiners of the county of Posy, of the state of they mounted the stage. Blank, having examined Cnesar Augustus other engine had to be procured before the Medicine Lodge train could pull out. teg Whenever you want anything done in the line of watch and clock work remember H.

H. Feige. Department Commander, T. II. Sow-ard, ha received from Daniel Fish, adjutant general of the G.

A. a letter stating that Commander-in-Chief John P. Rea, will attend the department encampment to be held in Wrinfield, February 21, 22 and 23. Mr. Hoak and wife, parents of Noble and Jacob Hoak, prominent farmers near this place, arrived last Monday on a visit to their sons and relatives.

Mr. Hoak has been here before and made many friends, who will be glad to see him. He and wife reside in Ohio. The Frisco line is out with a circular announcing the opening of their new line from Wichita to Ellsworth, Kansas. They authorize tickets to be sold and baggage checked over it on and after Goodson, hereby certify that he possesses the following knowledge and qualifications of.

Eloquence 75 Baptism I 06 Argument 70 Eternal Program For the Harper County Teachers' Association to be held at Anthony, Saturday March 3, 1888. Friday evening Lecture by Jonas Cook. Music. Opening exercise. Botanical Geography B.

T. Davis. Discussed by A. E. Chamberlain, Gret-ney Rodman.

Precentage W. H. Bird. Discussed by L. E.

Eddy, Minnie Held, Harry Baker. Alcohol and its effects on the system W. H. BrockwTay. Discussed by M.

S. LeHew, T. L. Shaffer, F. E.

Beach. How to teach beginners in grammar Mrs. F. C. Raney.

Discussed by Edith Kneeland, Xin Edmiston, H. B. Babcock. Civil government, what and how Rev. G.

L. Applegate. Discussed by F. M. Roberts, Mr.

Dockering, Hattie Burden. home in Colorado. The best wishes of the Advocate and many friends of the bride in this city and about Enon, where she was so highly respected, are extended to her. The bride will please accept our thanks for a bountiful supply of wedding cake, which was received yesterday evening. 3pPrintf 5 cents at the Hub.

33-tf The school board gives the teachers of our schools one day in each term to visit prominent schools in the county. Hav-ine visited the Anthony schools some Dr. Elerick reports several cases of The program consisted 1st. Congregational singing, 2d. Invocation, by Rev.

Lake. 3d. Congregational singing. 4th. Address of welcome, by Miss Hel-len Voorhes.

This was rendered in a clear, distinct voice and most creditable to one so young. 'Tis not far to by five girls from Miss Belle McDaniel's class. The little ones did finely and showed careful training. Oth.

Infant class exerces, Miss Myrtle Ellis teacher. The little ones in this class caused a roar of appiause as they filed on to the rostrum and more when they concluded. 7th. 66th psalm, Mrs. Tedford's class.

But here and there are visible the heads ol men who disentangle themselves from the J.rkness and who hurl darts of acquired knowledge at their oppressor's head. Highest inong them all stands man armed with the buw of Christianity he shoots the arrows of the teachings of that man, the splendor of whose life drowned the brightest of tropical rays by their superior brilllincy and also 6et the true ware ofmatciial going from which only could be built a perfect vi.iza'lon With ccrUiiilty of Hiauitha's bow of ash tree, Martin Luther's arrow pierces the vitals of every giant. They and every accessory of theirs tremble. Their vulnerable parts are discovered. Teu thousand wounds are now inflicted and a hundred champions of every line of knowledge, draw the string.

The blazing flame cf civilization now lights the world hike the first peep of the morning sen. Gallileo's drowned words are resuscitated and eoutunied as Magellan fol.ows the sun in his comph-te course. Newton discovers the "open sesame" that unlocks the innermost door of science, and whose chambers reveal the law that moves these bright lights that dots the firmament. A change with phoenix like transformation. The world purhes forward in its new realms of light.

Conflict, strife and bloodshed still existed and the thundering cannon sttll wared but the vibrations that it caused was but the oil that would eventually establish peace and tranquility. Tbe clanking printing press, in living colors, pictured the thoughts 'of men so all could see. Ignorance, your black veil which has so loDg iLadowed the world is now rent and the young but strong arm of education is plucking at your vitals. Superstition, and all your benighted may you tremble for your future existence. Thus from the intricate path of this world's destiny, there emerges the world as it now Is, The crowning acme of right, of reason, of religion, that our forefathers signed and labored for is fast traveling toward the summit of the best, and by their vicissitudes.t'ials and weaknesses we can juJge the future with better success.

Well may it be considered a legacy, Inherited hy all, but no one mau or any number of men can ere sever or destroy. He of whatever station is a rightful owner to all, that ho can grasp of any department of learning. Note the contrast between this inheritance and one received by some elder son of a wealthy baronet. The heir as he secures his untold wealth scatters it like feathers to the wind and the several generations fl his posterity oon find themselves at the bottom of tht financial ladder. While in this world the will that nature makes and our progenitors bequeath for the general good is not destroyed, but to its list is added a little here and a little there a single thought, perhaps, a little germ, that grows as it is thrown on the fertile soil of the human intellect, until its sequel pulls down the moon within our horizon or changes a substance into its elements.

From whence comes that fountain of living Faith 90 Self-sacririice 05 Works 80 Theory Having furnished satisfactory evidence of good moral character, he is hereby licensed to preach the gospel and advocate the principles of the Christian religion within the limits of the aforesaid county. This license to be valid two years from date, unless sooner revoked by the board of examiners. Given at Zionsville this 24th day of December, A. D. 1887.

Dn. Urieh Blowhard, Prof. Solomon Bigg, Board of Ex. Sapient Expert, attorney's license. The undersigned board of examiners, Jan.

30 This is quite an addition to the tirae sinee tbe teachers chose Wednesday Frisco line in this state pneumonia north of town, but most all nre now out of danger or recovering rapidly. Miss Maggie Holmes, of Rock, Kansas, arrived here Tuesday to visit for some time with her brother, E. J. Holmes, and family. The frost penetrated the earth to the depth of two feet this winter.

The farmer knows what that means bettor than any one else. JSTThe Hub Is selling the goods while others complain of hard times. 33-tf Mrs. W. II.

Hollis and daughter are here on a visit to relatives. Mr. Hollis talks of going to Washington territory hen be leaves Creensburg. to visit the Harper schools and the Normal. The teachers were accompanied by the class in physiology, who went to examine the French manikin at the college, after which they attended the lecture in the evening by Prof.

Hamill, of Chicago. R. S. Sullivan, near this city, who uses M. A.

Shoemaker has $100,000 to Loan on improved farms at 6 and 7 per cent interest. Come and get it quick. Under the frank of Hon. Jos. Wheeler of Florida, and with the compliments of The psalm was repeated verse at a time bjr a boy, concluding with the Lord's How to cultivate expression in L.

E. Eddy. Discussed by Ella prayer by Clydie Ellis. 8th. Class exercis, by Miss Brewer's Raney, Dora Wrilson, Anna Pennock, Mrs.

Davis. Order of development of faculties of the county of Posy, of the state of Geo. W. Childs, a member of the board madder for chicken cholera with success, class. Chorus, uReady to obey." Emma Brockway.

Discussed by Jonas 10th. "Something for children to do," thought it might operate as well in case of hog cholera, of which he had two or three genuine cases last summer, hence, as soon as discovered, he began feeding The Ladies Aid Society are preparing i of visitors to the West Point military academy, we are favored with a copy of the report of the board. It is a very interesting amount and contains several illustrations. by Miss Belle McDaniel's class. 11th.

23d psalm, Mrs. Harlan's class, Cook, Ella Shipley, Wrm. Duffy. School management J. H.

Findley. Discussed by Fannie Fisher, I.M.Couch, W. H. Grey. Life of Burns A.

K. Eakins. Life of Spencer F. R. Garver.

Blank, having examined Alaxender Hannibal Alltongue, hereby certify that he possesses the following knowledge and qualifications of Justice ...40 Arson 80 Assaultand Battery?) Felony .75 Criminal Libel 6,5 Eloquence ..72 Thelt Argument 65 Burglary 70 Theory Practice. ..90 Having furnished satisfactory evidence of good moral character, he is hereby licensed to practice law within the limits 12th. Chorus, by the little folks en madder, in milk, to hogs, and thus, We acknowledge the receipt of the lle is positive of, stopped the spread of first number of th aWppp Jnnrn.iL nnh- the cholera further among his swine. It masse. 13th.

The seasons. This was repre sentation of the four seasons by four ap would be wise for those who have hogs Quotations from Burns or Spencer by propriately dressed little girls from Miss teachers. Education of the will J. E. Hutchinson.

Music. lished by R. W. Ball, president of the Harper normal college. It is a very neat journal of 14 pages, filled with excellent matter pertaining to educational interests.

Our best wishes are extended to the new venture. Miss Lulu Youngblood was the recipient of a serenade from the K. of P. band. in this vicinity to consult Mr.

Sullivan and learn his mode of administering the remedy, as it will cost nothing. gSg-Read Burr's ad. and notice his system of carrying on the real estate business. Miss Josie Roberts, stepdaughter of Belle McDaniel's class, and was a very pleasant feature of the evening. 14th.

''God is in hy Mrs. D. R. Jones' class. 15th.

"My childhood." In this declamation Miss Bernice Pennock acquitted herself with credit. of the aforesaid county. This license to be valid two years from date, unless sooner revoked by the board of examiners. Given at Feesville this 24th day of December A. D.

1887. Michael Sharp, 1 Rev. Paul Wiseacre, Board of Ex. Dr. James Ventilator, "WE ARE HEIRS TO ALL THE AGES In the Foremost Files of Time." 16th.

"I wish my mamma were here," Last Saturday she showed her apprecia-! Daniel Idle'i the recipient of a tion of the compliment by presenting surprise Tuesday right by a number of the members of the band with a delicious her jonng companions. Miss Jossie is Oration Delivered in the Auditcricm of tfce Kansas by three girls from Miss Brewer's class 17th. Chorus, Temperance army. The temperance army consisted of a multi a pleasant, intelligent girl and the compliment was a deserved one. The following is a list of those present: Gertie Normal College.

March 23, 1887, by Harry Anderson, deceased, ts one cf the Contestants in the First Oratorical Contest of '87, of that Institution. Yes, "We are heir to all the ages In the foremost flies of time." cake and a supply of oranges. The band desire, by this means, to thank her for the appreciated gift. tudc of little boys and girls, most of them armed writh a white banner, emblemat i Bradley. Minnie Hadlej Alice Hanni- for a musical and literary entertainment to be given Wednesday evening, Feb.

22. Further notice next week. Henry Moore, who is orking with the bridge gang on a Santa Fe extension in the eastern part of Kansas, came in last week on a visit to his family. Jrr Men's, ladies' and children's un-derware at greatly reduced prices at the Eclipse. 40 Geo.

W. Trout came down from Wichita this week to see his family, one, the babe, being sick. He says smallpox prevails to a small extent in Wichita. Mamie Hoak. the little daughter of Noble Hoak.

northwest of town, is improving, after a severe attack of pneumonia, under the i are of Dr. Meranda. We arc glad to note the fact, as written us, that Mrs. Ed. Brewer, who has been sick for a long time and under treatment in the east, is improving rapidly.

The "Hub" is the cheapest House tn the Great Southwest. It sells for Cash or Country Produce. 33if In a long residence in Kansas we fail to call to mind a time when the weather remained such a number of days successively cloudy and foggy as has been the case lately. Paul Fisher, of Humbold, was in the city Wednesday. He had been to Lake City with a view of locating a bank at that place.

He one of Allen county's heav lest capitalists. mri m. jour property with B. A. ical of the purity of the cause.

Mrs. Lake and Mrs. Mann presided at the organ. man, Susie Drewer, Minnie Ellis, Sarah Wuner, Ethel Hofiman.Bernice Pennock, Lillie Ew ing, Willie Beeson, Claud Ted-ford. John Kille, Dow Anderson, Dell Outt, John Drewer, Austin Mckay, Hugh Sullivan and Fred Pope.

At the conclusion of the program each child present was presented with a sack of candies, nuts and apples. Taken as a whole the concert was not only a pleasant and successful affair, but a mentally profitable one. That little verse is but a gem, twinkling among the thousand brothers whose aggregate forms the brilliatit wreath cf poi try that today deck6 the world. 'Tis only one, but tbe importance of which encompasses humanity of ail time. Ushered into the world Is an infan with him knowledge is blank; he climbs the steps from childhood to youth and from thence to manhood.

Should his way he iu the "continuous woods" and always coiupjirioidcss, even if he lives, iDstinct would be his guiding star. But as it is now a charitable world feeds his brain and reason develupes as he grows. He touches the notes of the piano as he has been taught, and the music that issues forth surpasses nature's most beautiful melody. He severs the ropes of a bulloon and makes his temorary home amid the clouds. Denton Bror.

know ledge, as it flows through the priceless book, into the book of all who wiU? From where comes the brightest truths of science, here 1 ght penetrates the walls of the unknown and whose mysteries we are enabled to see' The voices of departed earthly beoef a tors-as they echo from the halls of dietanl or recent age will answer. The din of the increasing buzz of moving machinery. The melodious ha. mouy of the soul entrancing music. The ricg of etcel from the workshop of the world.

The glitter of reflecting metals from the humblest cottager's kitchen, to a king's im-per al bauquet, Ib the result of a growth. All the lavs make the most perfect government there is to-day. All the kindred feeling that sustains foreign and dome-tic peace; and all the material that composes the great gulf between civilization and savagery is the rising perfection of the past. To all those men who have willed to this Joppa Literary Society. The following program was carried out at the last meeting of the Joppa literary society Declamation Mable Hunter.

Song I. Hostetler. Declamation Bert McBride. Declamation Harry Hartzell. Select reading B.

Have short tim Money to loan on gilt-edged security only. Of fice with L. C. Elerick. Notice.

To Catholics of Sumner, Harper and Squires. Select reading P. Declamation Harrv Barber counties. His messages are carried lorwaru with a M. M.

Catholic services will be held as follows Burr for a quick sale. Attica should take steps to secure one or two of the excursions that will come into Southern Kansas the approaching spring. Xo section of Kansas can offer greater inducements to home-seekers than this, and we cannot afford to be idle while other towns are moving in their own interest. Be up, then, and at work. J.

A. McDaniel becomes absorbed to a greater extent in anything he is interested in than any one we know of. Monday night he attended the sugar meeting and on his way home was thinking about the mill so hard that he went a block or more past his house before he came to himself. He returned home all right. iBring a description of your land to B.

A. Burr. He will advertise it forsy.le without cost to you. n36tf A letter from Mrs. Eckart to relatives in this city states that Andrew Eckart, who was well known in this place, died at Canton.

January 27th. For several months prior to going to his former home Mr. Eckart had been prostrated by disease, which terminated fatally as stated. His family have our sincere sympathy in their loss. Itc Mange and Scratches of every kind on human or animal cu'ed in 30 minutes by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion.

Sold by M. A. liregsr. v3-4-ly After service were concluded at the every month: A SLED LIKE OTHER BOYS. "It is of no use," said papa, "that boy can never be made to behave in the house, he must have a sled, play out doors and work off some of his mischief." Charles tender hearted mother looked at the.

dangerous plaything with doubtful eyes. Charley thought it was a beauty red and blue and a golden bird to watch its Charley was warmly dressed, cap and earlaps ulster, red mittens and leggins. "And now, said his mother," you may go, Charley if you won't coast where it is steep, or icy or where there is anything in the way. Perhaps Charlie's ear-laps were to thick, or he may have thought that a coast that wasn't icy or steep was no fun at all, and that he would do as he pleased. However that may be, Charlie did not steer straight.

Halfway down a steep, icy hill, was an ugly tree. As Charlie and the "swallow" came flying down at a fearful speed, they struck against the tree. The doctor came every day for a week and while poor Charley lay with his bandaged arm, he had time for a good deal of thinking. He has learned to ask older people what he may do and to heed what they may say to him. But he is as full of fun as ever bonny, brown-eyed Charlie.

REPRODUCED. Charley's papa said that he must have a sled, that it was not good for him to stay in the house all tbe time. So when his father brought the sled there was little birds painted on it in red, yellow and gold. His mother bundled him up and told him not to go to any icy place or a hill too steep. He thought there was no fun if he didn't, so he went to a place where there was a tree, so he went down and struck against the tree and broke his arm.

The doctor had to come every day in the week. Cass Elerick. rapidity that rivals the lightning flash. But is the perfection of things In which he revels the product of a day? No; to these accomplishments he is indebted not alone to the presect, but to a legacy that he receives tlut 1st Sunday, Wellington, 10:30 o'clock a. Monday, Oxford.

Life Insnrauce at Actual Cost. Persons desirous of obtaining life insurance at actual cost, should write for circulars to the Security Mutual Benefit Society. No 233 Broadway. New York. This society claims that since its organization the cost to a member of middle age has been less than twelve dol 2nd Sunday.

Medicine Lodge; Monday, Tis is the growth of accumulated centuries world their lives, their who have Attica; Tuesday, Kiowa; Wednesday, scattered the seeds whose results we are reaping humanities' chord of recognition vfbra'es and we bow in gracious gratitude. Harper; Thursday, Anthony. 3rd Sunday, Danville. lars a year for each thousand dollars of 4th Sunday, Perth: Monday, Caldwell. insurance.

In months with five Sundays, 5th Sun day, Wellington. his inheritance and we are his brothers. Since time begau to a great extent the social and moral life of a nation depended upon the political. When the jarring discord of war was rife, bringing out the savage elements of man's nature, the noble inspirations and sentiments shone with a din uncertain light. That barbaric spirit still continued to exist In peoples minds by hereditary laws, but the revolutions of the sun looking down on this terrestrial orb saw a change, a wonderful change, and right, reason and justice supplanted the elements of barbarism.

Joppa Items. Ae it has been a long time since 1 have seen anything in your paper from this neighborhood, I will give you the latest news. The Joppa Literary Society is in good progress now, with J. Hoak as chairman. The qucetion debated Wednesday, Feb.

1, was, Necessity Compels the "Hub" to say No, From the Sunny South. A few days ago we received a card from our esteemed young friend, R. I. Mansfield, who has been spending the winter with his mother in Florida, stating that he had sent us a box of vegetables, flowers. by mail.

They arrived Wednesday, and upon investigation we found the box to contain two I Resolved, That man will do more for the love when you want Credit. rvmginaii cuuiuv lariuei irunt that ho can produce over 000 basnets of tomatoes to the at re. With a canning factory conveniently near such a crop is the best that can be raised. A beautiful oil painting to give with every half pound can of baking powder for 25o at Frank Robinson's. nl-t2 E.

Fawcett, who for several months has been in the western part of the state and Noman's Land, returned last Friday looking hearty. It is hoped he will be content to stay in somebody's land. it ting rates on railroads is an old thing, but the laundries of Springfield. are cutting on the price of ashing. They are washing collars for one cent a dozen and shirts for two cent each.

Terry it Baker have disposed of their meat market to Brown Mann of the Central. We are sorry they have made this move, as they ere a good firm, but the purchasers will do the right thing. JT Kansas is the grandest state in the union anil the Hub the ceutre of the untverse. The Ladies Aid Society will give a dime social, Friday evening, February 17th. at the residence of 1.

J. Morse. Refreshments wil be served. All are cordially invited. Isabkli-a Oi tt, Sec'y.

It looks as natural as life to see Charley Hancock in his old place as clerk of the National hotel. Mr. Hancock is a pleasant, accommodating1 gentleman at all times and popular with commercial men. In Brief, and to the Point Knowledge unfurled her flag over reason's of women than money. The judges decided in line aud tn her onward march history's favor of the negative.

I think it should have pages are unfolded to us. Its recent record been in favor of the affirmative. Hostetler clear, but as past recedes its backward quite a debater; he clung to the women like flight its events and octions became clouded glue. Well that's all right; stay with them M. E.

church last Sunday a wedding green tomatoes each measuring nearly br Dyspepsia is dreadful. Disordered took place, the contracting parties being quite seven inches in circumference; two liver is misery. Indigestion is a foe to good nature. with the same mist of uncertainly with which peaches each about as large as a philbert The human digestive apparatus is one of the most complicated and wonderful several large ripe strawberries; two radishes, each about six inches in length: and let the money go, you wUl come out ahead after all. Paul Cornelius is now the owner of a boggy and he takes Uis best girl out riding rain or no rain.

Paul says what is home without a woman. Well, Paul is a good fellow and our future Is hidden. Back to that time with a liberty that Gulliver would aspire to, I trace those sceiies from then tUl now. At first man ith just one step aboTe instinct James E. rabb and Miss Wilda Greenland of Crystal Springs, Rev.

J. A. Davis officiating. Several relatives accompanied the couple to witness the tying of the knot that bound two happy hearts in the silken bands. Last Sundav the sacrament of the several pods of string beans, green; sev eral specimens of roses almost ready to unfold, and orange blossoms.

Unfortu roam the land in search of food. His rise therefore deserves a good wif Charley's papa said he was too full of fun: he must have a sled to play out of nateiy the flowers and orange blossoms begins, we look, aDd cities greet our view Lord's supper was administered at the i were mult hated in coming, the box eon- things in existence. It i3 easily put out of order. Greasy food, tough food, sloppy food, bad cookery, mental worry, late hours, irregular habits, and many" other things which ought not to be. have made the American people a nation of dyspeptics.

But Green's August Flower has done a wonderful work in reforming this sad business and making the American people so healthy that they can enjoy their meals and be happy. Remember: No happiness without health. But Green's August Flower M. E. church.

At this service little Fred taining them being bady crushed in the There is some sparking going on out In the stilly night. Look out for a wedding, yum, yum, yum. Phil Young's motto is now "trade or bust." Last Friday was the tenth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Coruwalh Quite a number of their friends called on them by surprise.

At metals are formed into swords, and nature's accustomed stillness is disturbed by the clisb of contesting forces. The Medes and Persians march and Babylonia falls. Egypt constructs the pyramids whose tow- Pope was an interested spectator, and mail. To us ho live in a more rigid staying late his mother questioned him climate the sight presented upon open- doors, he made so much racket in tl house. His papa got him a sled.

It wa red, white and blue and part was gold. His mamma dressed him up warm and told him he could go, if he went where there was no stumps or trees. He said he was going to do as he pleased. So he to learn why. He replied that "he got ing the box and spreading the contents treated to wine and cake: but only got i upon a table was strange, and caused us ering height are but points of a crown that night a good dance was given and all enjoyed Mr.

Mansfield's lot in being one piece and a sup while the preachers to envy sits on her fertile valley as indicator to her it well. Mr. aud Mrs. Cornwall were the tccipieats of maDy valuable ptetrtite. went toasteephiil where there was a pretlge.

brings health and happiness to the dyspeptic. Ask your druggist for a bottle. Seventy-five cents. among crreen vegetables, orange blos-i som and flowers. got two.

He was innocent in the mat tor. jbig tree in the road and went bump Tbe years rod on ami an Aiexand-r, with.

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