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Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City, Kansas
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THROWN OFF TRACK. -''p'i f- 4 3 1 Arkansas City flour at J. G. Willis' Milt Stont was up from his claim yesterday. The Anthony band made their first appearance on the streets last Monday evening and treated our citizens to some good music.

The bojrs play well considering the fact that they have only been in organization a little over two months. The band is composed of young men of the city, and they should be encouraged in their efforts. Anthony Republican. IFor llairty days we will sell sir entire line of IRES O'Conneil Williams -DEALER JS enerai Merchandise GOODS at below coat. All wool 45 inch Henriettas all colors, regular price $1.1 0 at the low figure of 75c.

per yard. All wool 45 i nch hen rietta serge all colors, regular price $1.10, now 75 cents per yard. All wool 40 inch henrietta dressgoods all colors, regular price 60c. now 40c. per yard.

A nice line of changeable dressgoods .36 inch, regular price 35c. at the low figure of 22 cents per yard. All other dressgoods in proportion. Now is your chance to secure bargains for presents. Respectfully, ILUBIBIEIB AH DAH, LUMBER, LATH, SHINGLES W.

II. Cook moved W. T. Clark's barn yesterday. See that fine line of cigars at Coultas Sarver's C.

J. Ilulvey made a Hying trip to Anthony yesterday. Omer Coultas took in the couuty seat Monday evening. Born: Last Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs.

W. E. Long, a girl. C. S.

McClellan has plenty of corn now. Call and see him. Mose Ivauffmann went to Arkansas City Monday on business. Mrs. Berthie Canfield went to Anthony Monday on a visit, Don't fail to call on II.

F. Probst when you have any grain to chop. Miss Beryle Croft went to Anthony Monday evening, returning Tuesday. $9 (Z Will buy 100 Dounds deu barb wire at W. Vr.

Williams'. Miss Phenie McClellan returned from her visit to Darlington, O. Wednesday. Chas. Myers resigned his position as clerk in the store o2 S.

M. McCain's th first cf the week. Charley Halstead and bride left Wednesday morning for their home near Kingfisher, O. T. i The shooting match was a grand success last Saturday afternoon.

A good many turkeys were won. --Wm Funk and Clark Peacock left Tuesday for their claims after spend mg the holidays pleasantly here. O. B. Homo Patent flour is ac knowledged by all to be the best flour 1 on the market.

For sale by C. S. McC. Fred Glover has quit school this week and will assist W. V.

Williams in the store the remainder of the winter. W. T. Clark purchased the- brau back of W. A.

Miller's store building this week and moved it to his residence. Mr. Rogers, auditor for the Long-Bell Lumber called on manager Lewis Monday and found things correct as usual. A party of young folks gathered at the residence of Mrs. S.

M. McCain's and watched the Old Year out and the New Year in. Loyis McClellan accompanied Chas. Myers to Anthony Monday find took in the dance at the Pythian Ar mory while there. Just received at this office, a nice line of job stock such" as invitation cards and envelopes, business cards, paper, etc.

Give ns a call. D. B. Conns and family left Sunday morning for their home near Kingfisher, O. after a pleasant visit with relatives here and in Anthony.

Talk About Coal. P. P. Lewis will sell yon coal, as good coal as there is on the market and at prices that defy competition. Car genuine Canon City just received.

C. A. Clift says the fellow that took the lock off of his house north of town, can have the key that belongs to the lock by calling at the Liyery Barn. Chas Myers went to Anthony Monday evening to play cornet part in the orchestra which furnished the music for the ball given at the Pythian Armory at that place. Carl Johnson came up last Saturday from the strip and will assist W.

T. Clark in the bank during the vacation. Carl reports his school doing well and the attendance good. Subscriptions taken for any paper published in the United States at the postoffice. If you desire to renew, do so through the postmaster and save cost of remittance and postage.

James Bond came in from WinGeld where he had been under doctor's care for about three weeks. James is getting along DieeJy. It seerm very curious, as we used to see him in good health apparently, and now with only one leg. Mr. and Mrs.

James Coultas gave a Whist party at their home yesterday evening and was a most enjoyable affair. Popcorn and apples were served in ample style as the party sat down to enjoy the game. Those present were the Misses Ida and Maud Walker, Phenie and Jennie McClellan, and Cora Lewis, and Messrs. Will and Lou McClellan. Arthur Guthrie, Oscar Giifiin and C.

W. Myers. iNew Year's Resolution. Quite a number of our young men, who wish to rid themselves of the tobacco and cigar habit, have formed an association called "The Anti-Tobacco Association." Their resolutions are to be made good from January 2nd, 1895, until July 2nd, 1895. Any person, who is a member of the association, that is found guilty of using tobacco in any form shall pay to each member of the association tne sum of one dollar.

And his rep will stamped by the association and cast asunder. FRISCO TRAIN BADLY WRECKED. Fireman Aldridge Killed and Engineer Munroe Eadly Injured. IJine Cars Piled tip in a Heap. Last Saturday a fatal wreck occured on the Frisco road.

The freight train that is due here at Was from Beaumont at a good rate of speed and when it had run but a short time theie was a great crash and in no time the engine and nine cars were piled one upon the other in a ditch. The cars was badly wrecked, and everything they contained wa3 thrown about on the ground. The company will surely have heavy damages, a3 the cars were loaded with merchandise. The passenger coach that they carried was the only car remained on the track and hence none cf the passengers were hurt. The fireman, who is well known here, having resided in this city in its early days, was seriously injured and died in a short time, and engineer Munroe, also a former resident of this place, was badly injured and it is fear ed that he will not recover.

Mr. Ald- ridge leaves a wife and three children to mourn his sad fate. The remains were taken to Aikansas City Tuesday morning for burial. The cause of the wreck is unknown, but is supposed to have been a broken strap. Teachers' Association.

The Harper County Teachers' Asso ciation meets in Anthony, Saturday, Jan. 12th, 1S95. We -want a full at tendance of the teachers and others interested in the cause of education. There will be some special features, among which will be a reception to the new superintendent. Prog a sr.

10:10 M. 1. Music. 2. Opening Excercises.

3. Address by retiring superinten dent, John II. Fiudiy. 4. Address by superintendent-elect, I.

F. Swain. 1:30 P. M. 5.

Music. 6. Query )x. Lst each teacher prepare one or more questions. 7.

History How taught, Florerjcc- GoIIsdav. Discus? ion by Gretna Rodman and E. L. Pepper. S.

Music. 9. District Libraries and how to get them. Geo. L.

Williams, Leader, J. E. -Hutchinson. 1 Clara Pohl. I W.

E. Beeson. i John II. Findly. Com.

I). A. Tear. Jonas Cook. There have lately been placed upon the market several cheap reprints of an obsolete edition of "'Webster's Dictionary." These books aie given various names, Webster's Uuabridped," "The Great Webster's "Webster's Big Dictionary," "Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary," etc.

Many announcements concerning them are misleading. The Webster reprint portion of each from A to is the same, forty-six years behind the times, and printed from plates made by photographing the old pages. The old book lias been dadded out by various editions culled from various scources, but the body is the same that was published when Polk was president and duly buried at the incoming of Lincoln to Harrison, is the popular copy-righted "Unabridged" which has recently been superseded by Wkb-ster's International Dictionary. See advertisement in another column. Our Postmaster has Fled.

Last week we intimated that Postmaster Maddux had absconded but later developmenis leaves no possible room to doubt that he has gone never to return except by an official escort. After Maddux left, his bondsmen and others, who knew something of the condition of affairs at the postoffice, suspicioned that something as wrong and after finding that their suspicions were correct, the bondsmen proceeded to take possession of the office. An inspector was sent for and in answer to the summons, inspector Cochran came and at once began an investigation of the affairs at the office. In Hie course of the investigation which followed is wa3 ascertained that his stealing had been carried on in a systematic order and extended over a period of several months. In fact it appears that he secured the appointment for no other reason than "-to defraud the government and beat his bondsman.

The first irregularity noted as in the report of his cancellation, lie reported about double the cancellation each month that he actually p- rfromed, thus aimost doubling the r.moiMit of uarniugs to which he was emitted. The principal amount of the stealing was carried on iu the money order department and was very skillfully managed. The exact amount oc the shortage for which the bondsmen are responsible has not yet been ascertained but it is definitely known to reach 5774 and will reach over $SC0 when every thirg is checked up. It falls pretty heavy on his bondsmen who can ill afford to stand the loss. The bondsmen are James Farqnaharson.

John II. Smith and Geo. W. Chapman. They have placed Chas.

S. Sturtz in charge of the office and will retain hiai until everything is straightened out, after which the office ill probably be declared vacant and opened for applications. A petition is already being circulated ard largely signed to secure the appointment of Chas. Sturtz. Gueda Springs Herald.

Sash, Doors, IS I i mis, Lime, Hair, riastcr, Oalc, Locust and Cedar Posts, Paint, Oil, Cement, When a man gets too smart and lets his mouth work againstr his own town, the business men soon get onto him, and then he gtieraJy gets soaked wherever he goes and he ought to be. He may ceange and go away off to another town, but it is only a question of time until his mouth Avill work the same way about that town and he will get soaked again. Conway Springs Star. A dasterdly attempt was made last Wednesday night to burn the small shack in which Ed. Biggers and Dug Kennedy baches.

About midnight they were aroused by the suffocating smoke and on rushing out of the house they discovered a part of a bale of hay against the north side of the house on fire, the flimes had commenced to burn the battings sn the side, but with a broom they swept sncw cn the tire and soon had it under control. The bale of hay had been stolen from Mr. J. Patterson's hay shed. Some one will be caught in this incendarism business and punishment too severe can not be administered.

Pond Creek News. List of Patents. Granted to Kansas inventors thisw-eek. Reported by C. A.

Snow solicitors of American and foreign patents, opp. U. S. Patent office, Washington, D. C.

L. T. Backus, Atchinson, Car-coupling; F. J. Brown and A.

and S. Allen, Halstead, Double-acting pump; F. Ebeling, Linn, Machine-gun; E. E. Frizell, Lamed, pump; W.

A. McCoy, Device for adjustably attaching weed board telegraph-key; J. F. Stafford, Wichita, Truss. Charlie Snmraerville, grandson of J.

Ti. Ileilig, was bitten by a dog Wednesday morning while playing in yard. The dog was supposed to have been mad and was killed at once. Dr. Arnold was immediately summoned and it is now believed that he will get all riht.

TC i Tne Jeweler WMBSTMR'S INTERNA TIONAL DICTION AR Grand ZUHtator. Tea veara wero spent revising, 109 etiitora employed, and over $300,000 expended before the first copy wa3 printed. Everybody should own thi3 Dictionary. It an-bwch quickly and correctly tho questions so constantly arising concermns the history, spelling, pronunciation, r.nd meaning of vrords. A library in Itself, it also given in a form convenient for ready reference 5 the facia of cen wanted concerning eminent pGror3, ancient and inoOcrn; noted ficti- tious persons and places; the countries, citie3, towns, and natural features of tho globe; translation of foreign quotations, words, phrases, and proverbs; etc.

This Worlc is Invaluable in the household, and to tne teacner, scnoiur, man, and self-educator. rrrX savins of three eeiits vcr day for a year will provide more than enough money to purcnaso a copy oi ice Can you aHord to be without it? Have your Bookseller show It toyon. G. C.

3ferriazn fiprlnjfieM-, Mas3. Co. r.ot bnr chcr1 photo-S Jrrnphiii reprints of ancient for ren i-oniaininaspeciuienpages, ir iliv.vtrMMim. etc i fa I Caveats, and Trade-Marlcs obtained and all Patient business conducted for Mnni'am FCES. Ouh Office is Opposite U.

S. patent Office fana we can secure paieut ui icas muc iuuu Wichinrrtnf, ji.vwwj., v. A tion. We advise, it patentable or not, iree oii 1 A 3 ciiarg'e. uur lec not cue li.i paicm wscuuiu.

t-trwm into in rar.nrs wiuii cost of same in the U. b. and foreign countries! 1 3 2 I sent iree. C.A.SRIOW&CO. I VICTIONSKry I 3 frf js Building etc.


WEIR tTTtTTP- -U .1 JLUFF Gity Independent. GEO- II. UDLYEY, Editor aitd Publisher. UBSC1UPTI0K PRICE $1.00 per Year in Advance. CITY DIRECTORY.


G. Willis, W. T. Clark. Jas.

H. Cotjltas. COUNCILS! EN W. A. Miller President of Council.

1. P. Lewis. C. JIcClellan.

SIose-Kauffmak. ime of meeting: First Wednesday of at 7:30 P.M. I risco Time Card. Santa Fe Route, Effective April 13tb 1893. EAST BOUND Ko.i Passenger.

..7:05 A.M. No. 30 Freight 1:15 p-M "WEST BOUND No.3 M. No. 29 .5:13 P.M.

All East bound trains make connection nt Beaumont for St. Louis and all points East. Trains No. 3 and 4 hive free recliiug chair curs to and from St.Loui3. I.

C. Joses, Agent. Secret Societies. cf 'Bluff Gift Ledge jYc, OOT meets Thursday evening of each Zoi week. Visitiua brothers invited.

Bailie Blakesley, C.C. L. I. JOYJiER, K. It, S.

K. cf C. J'c. 94, day night Meets every Fri- J. G.

Willis Rec. W. H. Cook, S. K.

C. rr TV LODGE AO. 220. Jm Um li meets every Tuesday night. Visitinp brothr arc cordially welcome J.

CA.Clift, Wm Moore, Rkc. M. rt nr BLUFF CITY LODGE di. r. 4 AL NO.

313. Meets the second and fourth Saturday evenings of each month. Visiting brother cordially invited to attend. O. C.

ILLIAM3, J. M. Martin, Sec. W. M.

O. O. F. JVc 335 Monday niyht in theirhailat 7:30. Visiting brothers cordially to meet with us.

J. G. Willis, J. H. Cotjltas.

Cor. Sec't. N.G. O.F. muff Gify nst An Oflf Meets every Wednesday JuCuOe, 6V night, Visiting brothers and sisters cordially invited to attend.

Mrs. C. J. Hclvet, Mrs. W.

E. Bundy, Cor. Sec'y. N. G.

'Bacon G. It. Xc. 451. meets on 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month Visiting Brothers iyited to attend.

I. 0. O. F. Uall James Glover, Com, W.

II. Cook, Adj. LODGE NO. 88. Tee OJ tl CllCr Meets every riday evening at 7:30 o'clock in A.O.

U. W. Uall. Mrs. Minnie Williams 0.

of II. Miss Rosa Willis, Sec. Church. Directory. IT Cfiii- Servicesevery Sun- 'a jd, day at p.

in. Every other Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 10, a. m.

Epworth League at p. in. Junior League at 3, p. m. every Sunday.

Regular Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. every Thursday. E. Williams Pastor.

Christian Church, tunioao'cihock A. M. every Sunday. J. G.

Willie, PALA0E DRUG STORE SPfl AT TT? at prices to the times iWVijd at W. V. Williams'. Mart Quillin was up Wednesday from the strip. See those fine shoes at Willis'.

Every pair warranted. Mose Kauffman made a business trip to Anthony j'esterday. Buy your coal of C. S. McC.

Just received two cars this week. When you want fresh candies and raits go to Coultas Saryer's, Billy JToresman and Claud Mayo was up from their claims 3resterday. II. Probst just received a car load of corn. Call and get prices.

Chas. Guthrie returned to his home at Medford, O. Wednesday Ed. Howard came up from the strip Tuesday and reported Mrs. May toble very low.

John Dillon, deputy Sheriff of Anthony, transacted legal business in town Wednesday. Do not buy any flour until you have tried the Vinrield flour, every sack warranted. For sale at C. S. McC.

I have some as fine R. cockrpls as can be found in this part of the state which I will sell at reasonable prices. W. W. Bird.

Several of our citizens witnessed a dog fight yesterday. There came very near being another, had it not been for the lack of courage. Mrs. B. II.

Dillingham left Tuesday evening for the Strip in answer to a call that her daughter, Mrs. May Goble was very low and not expected to live. All the members of the M. E. Aid Society, who can, are requested to be present at Mrs.

Geo. Xillgore's next Wednesday afternoon as the election of officers will occur at that time. Mrs. Jas. Glover, Sec.

C. S. McClellan has purchased a large double 12 inch burr feed mill and can grind about 200 bushels of wheat in an hourand has a crusher attachment for corn. This is the largest mill in the coun ty and Charley will now put more feed on the market as a result. Council Proceedings.

City council met in regular session at the store of J. G. Willis' on Wednesday, January 2nd, 1895. The following members answered to roll call, Mayor James Glover and councilmen W. A.

Miller, P. P. Lewis. T. O'Connell, C.

S. McClellan and Mose Kauffmann. Minutes of last session read and approved. The following bills were presented, allowed and orders ordered drawn for same: Jas. Downs, labor in Park, 14 hr.

$2.10 J. Li. Hutchinson, cleaning .75 fees as Mar. Nov. 6 "94 1.50 Total bills allowed, S4.35 There being no further business the council adjourned to meet the first Wednesday in February 1895.

J. G. Willis, City Clerk. Keeps a full stock of drugs, etc 1 A wall rs Bell Iumber Company. P.

P. Lewis, Manager. DRUGS. I I IZ etc. Peremptions filled at all Leers.

W. Bundy. F. PKOB ST, STORE i Stationery, Perfume, Toilet articles, Dr, AN dealer in --'FlourFeedHayGoal. You will find everything usually kept in a first class fiour and EED best grades of.

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