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Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City, Kansas
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Small in siz. creat in i Mr C. J. Hulvey left this morning I will give a lecture on my experience a3 a missionary to Africa, in the following places, Friday evening Jau. 20 for his olb home in Maryland.

He re The roads are getting in good shape again. Dr. W. E. Bundy was on the sick list this week.

J. S. Wells was down from Freeport Bluff- Gity Independent. J. W.

RANDALL, Editou and Proprietor. ceived word j-esterday that his father COME TO THE at 7 p. m. at the My rick school house; Saturday evening Jan. 21st at the Johnson or Grandview school house.

Wednesday. W. T. Clark was at the county seat Admission 15 cts. Come and be enter tained.

C. II. Westfall. Witt's Little Early Risers. Best pills for Constipation, best Sick Headache, best for sour Stomach.

They never griue. C. A. Dow. Success in everything depends argely upo-i good health De Witt's Little.

Early Risers are little health producing pills. See the point? Then take an "Early Riser." C. A. Dow. Headache is the direct result of indigestion and stomach disorders.

Remedy these by using De Witt's Lit-le Early Risers, and your heada- he ednesday, died last Monday and that his mother was quite sick. TAKEN UP. At ray farm, three, miles south and two east of Bluff City 14 head of Texas cattle on the 10th day of January, 1893 The brands can not be seen plain enough to described. Most of them are of a red color. Ed.

Walker. CITT IDR.XJO- STORE, SUBSCllIPTlUJSi' PRICE $1.00 per Yeir iu Advance. CITY DIRECTORY. C. Franke returned from his trip Two runaway boys were captured to Yukon Thursday.

1 near Anthony the fiist ol the week ahd taken home to Caldwell. One wa3 the Fresh bread, buns, pies and cakes at the Blue Front Bakery. son of deputy sheriff Williams of jjurn uer county aua me other was a boy bbeilhauiiuer alld Martin were both For Your IAIXT.S WALL PAPEK, James Glovkk. A. U.

Tucker. J. tf. VV IL LIS, W. T.


TREASURER, MARSHALL, cusy this week pulling up ice. staying there. They were bound for the Ionian couutiy, where they intended to acquire lame as Indian killers. disappears. The favorite pills everywhere.

C.A.Dow. Jim Hawley of WiuQeld was in the city this week visiliug. liiends. Fraudulent bonds to the am unt of $110,000 were burned by the county clerk at the court house last Saturday These are the bonds that were debated so much about a 3 ear ago and whic' were cancelled by a compromise with the commissioners. Bulletin.

A. little mure work and less time to Fr insta-ice, Mi. Chas. Rogers, of Call Saturday at the Blue Front Bak TOILI-' Bay City, accidentlv spilled read flashy novels is the best amiUott lor ihe poison already in their minds. ery and get your Sunday supplies.

COUNCILMEN. J. W. Arnold. Prteideul oi Council.

W. V. BiRi. C. E.

Mters. C. N. Ekmest. W.

A. MlLLXR. soaps, axd ever1v fsiist cxahs L. II. lilies and J.

W. Ilerlocker IX A were over from Widfield Thursday. .1 scalding water over her little Iniy. She promptly applied DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salye, giving instant relief. It's i wonderfully good salve for burns, brui es, sores, and .1 sure cure for piles.

C. A. Dow. AKI0N BAND CONCERT. The Arion Baud will uive a musical jluc luesciiw uuliook ior me opening Time of meeting: Wednesday of each ot the Cherokeee Strip this spring is The S.

of V. met Monday evening and elected the following officers for the term: Captain VVm. Babb. lst Sergeant Frank Kiilgore l. Lieut O.

Sii.uh. month at P. M. STORE. and literary entertainment Saturday good.

evening Jan 21st in Millers The Frank Killgore moved Hdnesda boys say ihis will eclipse any thing of the kind tver tiiveu in lie cirv. It- int. the, house recently occupied ill Tucker. JB risco Time Card. Effkctive April 13ih 1801.

EASI BOUND will consist of band, orchestra, and vo Lieut June Sodlh Serg't of the guard Oaier Giiffi i Quarter Master Serg't. lielii. The wind from the north blows sharp and keen, and bad "ftVets of colds are seen. One MimP Cough Cure so safe and sure, will quickly perform a ponderous cure. A.

Dow. cal music, also some choice recitations W. S. Biankenship takes advertising space in this weeks paper. See what OXLY THE ESPECTAI.

CARS T.UiEX TO PUEEST AXI BEST. No. 4 Passenger 7:25 A. i'hose interested in keeping our band Ump guard Will AlcOlelian. After the election the boys engaged Vn SO Freiictit P.

Al he has to s.y. together, will please rem mber the WEST BOUND Just received at the Blue Front date and give the bojs a good iu a. drill afier hich followed a gener No. nice line of books aid tablets. tii I "got id lime.

The installation' will Com. PS. Secure your tickets at once No.29 P. Ai and be tin m. Sweet breath, sweet stomach, sweet temper all result from the use of De Will's Utile Early Risers, the fam- us little pills.

C. A. w. iake place litrXL-Monduy All East bouun trams make couuuotum at or saie at jjov7s Drug Store: Beit Eastman returned Wedntsd-tj Beaumont for St, Louis and all points East. U.

fc. G. ULAKE, Ghas. r. Dow, Druggist, frm icniia where he has tpenl the Wellington will be "in it" when Agent.

last few mouths. the Cherokee Snip is opened lor Mr. A. Chance is reported so much Secret Societies. settlement.

A Company callrd the Iu better that he is talking of joining the KANSAS p. i BLUFF CITY LODGE rush to ihe Strip. diau Meridian Town Site Co. has been organized. The t-fficcrs are: Kev.

SI. X'. CJ- iTi. rx. NO.

313. J. Al. Collins is the latest victim ot Boikiu, president; Rev. John In Meets the second and fourth Saturday evenings K3f each mouth.

Visiting brethren cordially in gram, of Mead vide, Mo vice presides the Workman goat, he having tried to tame it last week. oun Bradhy, Secretary; -Rev. J. vited to attend. J.


M. Denivsm, trea uivr. Toe o'ojr el tut Mrs C. II. Westfall who has been Company is ioulu a town 10 the 7- meets every Careani Hair Dressing.

This Dressing excells all other preparations in use, for beautifying, enriching and restoring thtt hair to its original colorand freshness. Prepared and for sale by F. C. Nommsen at my barber shop in the Chillocco Hotel. Ulnff city, Kan.

A CURE FOR CROUP. If your children are subject to croup, always keep a bottle of Chamberlain's cough remedy at hand. It is a prompt and certain cure. If given as soon as the croupy cough appears it will prevent the attack. For sale by C.

A. druggist. quite sick is so raucn improved that s.e is aruid again. IS. J7.

V. UttU otrip, when that try is ujein it it is not opcutd in a ltasoiuilm The Latest Washington. In regard to the opening of the Strip We are requested to announce th tn their hall 7:30. Visiting brothers oxii.sib Invited to meet witli us. S.

M. Neal. Al. A. Clakk, Skc't. ei.gih of to found a towu iu the the Eadies Aid Society will meet next is, that the bill has passed the House Oklahoma Country There is no reason W-duesday at Airs. M. Neal's. and is now in ihe hands of the Senate vihy another Chicago cannot be founded Bluff City is one of of the best wheat by this company.

The capital stock is commission with a splendid show of jr" TV LODiE O. Si. ty. 1 meets every Tuesdav night. Visiting- brothers are cordially me t.

J. W. Ahnold, T. J. Kebwcod.

Uec" Al. mrkets in the county. Oar buyers al ways pay th highest market prices. bring passed at an early day. Persons.

$iU0 OoO. ditid iulo 2,000 shares 01 $-50 aoo. ail. contemplating going there to get J-ffN'Vins and family moved into A 0U3L3 town Monday, and are occupyinir' their house which they recently fitted up. claims, should go to S.

M. Neal's druy store get a b. ttl- of Warner' Saf. Cure for you; ki and liver, that American Scientific ftaccn G. si.

It. JS'c, 4oJ meets on 2nd and 4th Saturday of each umiitii Visiting Brothers invited to attend. I. O. O.

F. flail C. U. Eras ilk. Com, A.

B.Tucktcb, Aoj. O'Connell McCiellan keep the G. A d. V7. IKSTALL AFTSSlsCCN- The above oigaoiz itions met.

Agency fer finest line of dried fi nits and California canned gids of any storeiu the c-'Us-ty. may have 00 i ht-al'h hi ab to stand -l ds'i'p yo 1 must en- lure in a new coo try. Dealer In STAPLE FAlvCY GEOCEEIES. Specialities I Califorula Cauneil Oooils, Ladles blisses htztu aaJ Overalls, Jeans, and eollonadc pants. I always carry a lull line of FETJ TB, CANDY AND NUTS.

i- it. nan is.iiurd.iv atierno.iii at Tom Kerwood accoii.panied by his "clock to install their nIy eleci nrther Jim aud his brother-in-law Ike Jlnti-Ilorae Thief slaj'n. XO. 1 si. fi nieets ou Thursuay uijrlit 011 or before tee lull muuu of eaeU moiitb.

1. O. O. Hall. Tho3.

tvKKWf.OD, Pbks. C. A. Dow, Cob. Sec't.

'thoeis Itki-the eusnting erm. W. 11. Hat-rod left for the Territory. Catnerrtr act iS iosiada ioo flic CAVEATS, A score of people were over to An TRADE MARKS.

anu liiouced lnio tace llie loli.minii D-S1CN PATENTS. Tuesday attending court, they A mesobeis: wwr- 1 i-2in o. eM ing witnesses iu the EcLart Peters case. Commander. M.

Bat-b Ajiti'-flcrae Thief sIm'i- JS'c fQ meets at school tiouse No. i ou Satur-J UO clay nijiht before full tuoun. SI. PmMAN Cor. See.

It. Camkkeb, Pres. P. O. Biutt City, Ks.

Senior Vice Com J.sme IIuLbot Beach Foresman bought a hog this Jmior Vier. Corn E. S. WiPis For information and free Handbook write to MUN'X CO- Stil Buoadwat, Nw York. Oldest bureau for securin parents in America.

Every pntent taken out by us is bronplit beftire tbe public by a notice given tree oi chart in the Largest cTrenlation of any sciectiflc paper la tne world. Splendidly illustrated. Ko intellis-ent eek of Jos. Nulik f-r which tln-v rain Offioerof ihe tav Klligoir Quarter Master James Gh-vvt dm 31 15 and it wasu't much of a ho either. A SHARE OF TOTJB PATRONAGE SOLIC- vojutaut.

Henry Cook. Woolen and winter goods of all de Sergeant of the G. Holmes man snouiu De wunout it. weeiw. a 1 Trnnrk yer: La) six months.

Address Jc CO. 1 I TJi I 1 scriptions at greatly reduced prices. Sureou Dr. C. V.

Godricb. Call and exHtnine for yourselves before Quarter Master Sergeant. R. ileiiig. uying.

McClellan sergeant Major L. Johnson Trustees W. S. Kill J. a.

WILLIS. A CAR OF MILL FEED. Kiilgore Bros; have just received a J. Jolanslon. W.

EL Woods. gore and C- B. Franke. Comrade Camerrer also installed the cur load of mill fed from Caldwell and JV Itf T- ire ready to Gil all ofders for same. oiiicers or me v.xt.

u. v. no were as i be owners of the race track have Sen cf VeferanJrlZisilj 3rd Saturday i mii-h tt o'ciuefc. KlLGORK, F.L.CAVEKtK, Her n't. Capt.

Dows Cough Syrup is waranted to ure. A. L. "lljbsiia was ever to the county seat Monday. James-Glover spent Tuesday at Ar- Jauxs was over from Kiowa T-ucsday, Miss Cal'-ic PyK-3 spent "Sunday, at Mr.

commenced putting ice lasi Ed Wa -iici i-t a rur tnir -Ii. Sifui- ui had a good wire fence built around it, follows: President Mrs. Ella T. Willis Junior Vice Pres Mrs. Win.

Griffin Treasurer Miss Mabie Holmes Chaplain Mrs. Am Hutson which wiil prevent its use by those wishing to cut acrusa IjIs ou their way town. 8J The series of protracted meetings Miss Rosa Willis. Asst. Conductor Miss Kate Heilig.

which have been held here for a couple Guard Mary Burke Asst. Guard Mrs. M. Hulvey weeks past, closed Tuesday. They been the means of doing very much good.

Successors to Mrs. Ida Stafford elected Senior Vice President and Mrs. Alice Dow elected Secretary not being present not install Ts; ladies of the Aid Society have is had a substantial --walk laid ed with the other officers. A most enjoyable time was had, the greater part -m the steps or the church' to the of the afternoon being spent with the W. E.

Woods Co. installation ceremonies. QUAETESLY C0NFSEE17SE EEPCET. The following is a report of the WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LUMBER and COAL, WATCH THIS SPACE FOR ValCUCi; ii S. M.

Itrf! ws f.l il.e county seal 2Ionda or: busintto. Air. StfVeLSon went over to Geuda Springs-Tuesday. F. J.

Sydhl nd Mm Percy Siient Sun-day at Anthony vtsiiin. J. M-Col! ins wife has been ou the sick list for a few days past. Mr.Tanton Mason oi was in town the firsl of the week. tFrank Ciift and J.

C. Jackmau, were ryer to the county seat, Monday. James Brooks will occupy the house formerly occupied by E. Meyers. Jo Hutchinson spent a day the firsi of the week at ou bn-i-'itss.

Mrs. R. II. Echols, tins been spending the week visiting at Wellington. Ed Moon is trading again, this time a nice young team to w.

R. Cameirtr James Bond, the Blackstne merchant was iu town evening Mr. rei-ce Biargmier- spent last week at Joi-hn returning Satur street, which will be much appreciated by all attendants. A CARD. I have bought the entire stock of undertaking goods formerly owned by W.

W. Bird, I propose to increase my sts'ck and ill supply all demands al-reason-able rates. W. V. U'illiaais Simon Singer is on a visit to bis 'old neighborhood, at Streator.

Illinois, raving left for that place last week. We-understand that when he returns there will be two of him the other one being the better half at that. Dwight Beach, P. P. Lewis and Ch-s.

McClellan were given some uiore degrees in Masonry, Saturday evening. At the close of the ceremonies the members spread a neat lunch in the hall and a general good time as had by all. Mr. Sid Newton ot Udall, the euter-uetic general for the Wintield nurseries, was in town last Friday. J-p you intern, to build, you will find it to your terest to call upasi us before Siuyiug elsewlaere.

as te CAN aud WILL save you money. fourth quarterly conference of the Bluff C. ty ci rcuit held at Bluff City Jannar 9ih 1395 vvith prsi ling Eider, T. Hodgson in the chair. Alter prayer, D.

Beach was elected Secretary. Present, C. II. Wesrfall, pasior, James Glover, Dwiaht Beach. James Hutson.

Mrs. Pvra Bach, A- B. Tucker, Em-mett Holmes, James Peac ck, Frank Kiilgore and J. Brown. Sunday sclmoJ superintendents TVere confirmed as follows.

Chas. King, Bluff City, James Peacock, Burchfield, Airs. rn. Mopre Grandview. Chs.

King and James Peacock were approved as membprs of I the Quarterly conference. C. II. West-fall was confirmed as President, of Epworth League The following stewards were elected for the ensueing conference year. Mrs.

ADD NEXT WEEK. Manager. ICAXSAS. BLUFF CITY, Beach, Mrs. Moore, Emmett.

Holmes, John Brown, Jos Burchfield, and day. Mrs. C. F. Clark, of Anthony, was visiting her father, Allen Pyles, this James Peacock.

The committees appointed on Mis sions were Frank Kiilgore, Olin Slay baugb; Watkiu Renau; on Church extensions, Joseph Burchfield and Carl Johnson. Ou Sunday Schools C. King Wycoff The race track is getting dry enough so that the bo-s are trying it again lately. Mr. ai Mrs Fen have been visiting Leie this week, ai Mr.

James Coultas'. Mett and Alta Lewis went over to Renau. Oo Tracts Hattie Tucker, Laura GrifliM and Lillie Moore. On Temperance Frank Kiilgore, Besides representing a first class firm, Mr. New ton is an honorable, upright man, aud wed deserves the confidence of those who deal with him.

AT COST. We still have a nice line of overcoats and ladies cloaks that we have decided to sell at cost, cash only, for the next thirty days. Be sure and see them at once, for we can save you money. O'Conneix McClbllan. The Rebekahs cave a pop corn so-cia; Wednesday evening lo the Odd Fellows ai thei' families which was a very jcyahle affair.

Odd Fellows had wfs filled all the eveniug with a merry throng and the evening was a success ev ry way. The Otientals took five more candidates and elevated them Saturday evening, the five being, J. Roberts, Bailey Blakesley, Will McClellan, June Smith, and Fred Hutson. They are all begining to talk about their new masks, robes, so we can look for another Wellington Monday on a visit to C. King.

On Education P. P. Lewis, Ben Brown. On Free imn's Aid and Ed. So.

A. B. Tucker, W. R. Camerrer.

On Church Records Carl Johnson I will run no Butcher Shop for some time, but I shall continue to buy Hides and Furs and will pay the highest market prices. Come and see me before Oo Parsonage and Furniture Mrs. TO FARMERS. D. Beach, Mrs.

G- S. Kiilgore, Mrs. Dr-Bundv. v. On Church Mu-ic Dr.

Bundy, F. KillgoreandP.P Lewis. Estimating Pastors' Salary A. B. Tucker, W.

R. Chmmerrer, Mrs. Beach, James Peacock. It was decided that the nex quarterly Conference be held at Bluff City. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned to convene again at friends.

Another series of protracted meetings was betua at the chureh Monday evening. A. S. Hopkins, a railroad man of stopped with. Bro.

thU week. Mr. and Mrs. A. Herzberg of Anthony spent Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. C. B. Franke. I have for sale a fine lot of pure bred Black Langshan and Silver Laced Wyandotte fowls.

Mrs. C. A. Dow. Leo.

Schroeder of Anthony, ioremau for Chas. Hansel man of that place spent a day here this week. Use'F. C. Nommsen's hair dressing and dandruff cute.

For sale at the. barbershop and drug stores. O'Conuell are still on top with tho best gooda, for the ast money -of-auy house in the country. street parade soon. Tills Is a pleiidil I line to Ering your Iiarxicss Tor inc to oil aud repair.

Don't all come at once or drive olT till spring. I want Dr. W. Bundy, Permanently Located, PXiysiclan and Surgeon. Devotes his Time to tlie General Practice of Medicine and Surgery.

Chronic Diseases of Women and Children NOTICE. All persons are hereby notified not to furnish any merchandise or other gooas to any pauper in Stohrville township for which they expect the work, and ill iiialie prices to suit the times. vl nice line of hand made township to pay without a written order from me. the call of the pastor or presiding elder. The numbpr of members taken into full membership is 35.

The number taken on probation 20; additions '-during i'e protracted efforts included in above) 18. laMhammer. a Specialty. Office at Xeal A BrKbr's Drug Store. Bluff City "-Kansas.

C. n. Peter. Towtship Trustee. harness on hand- Come and see vie.

liarnegs Aiker..

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