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Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City, Kansas
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School commences next Monday GBAND7IEW XTEKS. WHEAT CLDPPHTGS. Miss Callie Pyles and Mr. and Mrs. W.

E. Dudley went up to Anthony Bluff Gity Independent. ((D IIL Wall Paper I HAVE ADDED A STOCK OF JEWS A2VD Visible supply increased 2,456,000 bu last week, No abatement to the cholera and news still unsettling. Sowing wheat will commence in earnest next week. Indian shipments very small only 160,000 bushels against 520,000 week before.

A Paris cable says Russian wheat is offered to arrive at 1 franc under American same delivery. The imports of wheat into France during the past year were 65,400,000 bu of which 38,000,000 bu were from America, 12,600,000 bu from Russia, 9,800,000 from Turkey and Roumania, 5,000,000 bu from Algiers and Tunis. Beerbohm: "The crops in Bulgaria are unusually abundant this year partly owing to an increase of about acres in the area sown. A Sofia jour nal puts the yield this year at 6,072,000 qrs, against qrs last year; whilst in Roumania the crop is estimated at 6,500,000 qrs, against 6,000 OOOqrs last year. Thus it may be expected that these two couutries will expoi more than in the past season." Bradstreets -ot last Saturday says: "Combining American, Canadian, afloat and European supplies of wheat on the 1st inst.

an aggregate of D32 bu is found, or 24.162,197 bu more than on Sept. 1 1S91; bu more than on Sept. 1 1S) and 37,144,000 bu more than ou Sept. 1 1SS9. As compared with the total of Aug.

1 1892, the increase is bu while during 1891, the corresponding increase was only 716,862 bu. In the like month of 1S90 the increase was 300,998 bu, and in Aug. 1SS9, in America, Canada, and afloat for Europe the gain was 4,738,424 bu. For last month, therefore the increase in available stocks of wheat as described was more than two and one-half times as large as in Aug. 1889, and more than a dozen times in excess of the increases in Aug, in 1890 and 1891; in a short the heaviest gain in European.

American. Canadian and afloat for Europe wheat stocks during Aug. on record. It is worth noting in addition to the foregoing that the grand total of 111,014,032 bu of wheat available on Sept. 1892 was nearly equal to the aggregate reported by Oct.

1 in 1891 (when it equalled 111,413,574 bu), and in excess of the like total on Oct. 1 in 1890 and 1891, as well as on Nov. 1 in the years last referred to, and on Dec 1,1890." While in Wichita this week Neal Bundy bought the largest stock of wall paper and school supplies ever brought to the city. Don't fail to call on them if you want a bargain. O'Connell McClellan yesterday re ceived, a fine Stetson hat which they had specially ordered made for Mr.

Joel R. Goodley one of our prominent stock men. It is a beauty and cost the neat sum of 15 CO. Mr. James Glover went over to An thony Wednesday evening, being one of the reception committee to receive the republican speakers there.

Mr. W. V. Williams has made ar rangements with Mr. Croft to speed his driving mare for a short time.

Mr. Chris Myers has the foundation for his dwelling completed and is dig ging a well this week. Richard Bybee i3 having his wheat just north of the threshed to-day, depot. gejXts FimmsmxG goods, Men, -Women, I kave Almost Any tiling: in the Notion line you morning. G.

Corbett has been on the sick list the past week. Go to O'Connell McClellan's for Campaign hats. Quite a number of farmers are sow ing their fall wheat. The gram buyers are beginning to load cars with corn SO and 32cts Earl McGregor of Winfield, a friend of R. E.

Sydal spent a few days in the city last week. Eldred Elson arrived home Saturday from his trip to Caldwell with his shooting gallery. Buy your cotton flannels, dres3 flan uels, and woolen goods of O'Connell McClellan. H. T.

McDonell and lady and Mr, and Mrs. A. T. Raymond came over Saturday from Anthony. Henry Tucker son of C.

M. Tucker, arrived here Monday moruing from trip to Trinidad Colorado. Born: Last Friday morning to Mr and Mrs. Herbert Walker, a son of the regulation size and beauty. It you want a tailor made suit of clothes go to O'Connell McClell an's and leave your order air.

Air Howe is enjoying a visit from his mother, who arrived last week from Streator 111. x. iiiiuey roue oyer xuesaay in company with W. L. McClure who came to attend the contest.

Price Jovner is enjoying a visit this week from his uncle Mr. Bardsley who lives in south-west Missouri. Mrs, E. G. McCraty, mother of Mrs.

E. S. Willis left Tuesday for a visit with relatives at Blair Nebraska. The band boys spent a good portion of Friday evening last serenading the two newly married couple at Frank Millspaugh an old time rien of the writer was over from Attica last Tuesday attending to some business for his company. Mr.

J. J. Morford this week traded for lots in the south-eastern part of the city upon which he will immediately erect a house. Jas. E.

Osbourne and Lula Osbourne of Dowagic Michigan accompanied F. C. Weideuback of Danville in a visit to this city last Friday. Superintendents Findly and Mcf 4r-rah were accompanied by their wrves when they came down Tuesday to the Demorest contest. Al Clift came in Saturday from his visit to Champaign Illinois where he went in response to the word thathi3 father was very sick.

Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Hess who have been visiting their brothers, Frank and Simon Singer, left Thursday for their eastern homes. There will be a prohibiten picnic at Heilig's to-morrow. He has tendered the use of his mammoth new barn to the picnicers for the day.

TAKE NOTICE. Clift Bros, will ship a car of hogs next Tuesday. Everyone having hogs to sell leave word at the barn. Clift Bros The ladies had three more of those handsome lamps placed in the church last Saturday. They add much to the convenience of those who siDg.

Plowing for wheat has about finished and harrowing beine pushed rapidly to prepare t-ji the seeding which will be upon us in a very few days now. Messrs Smith and Munhall left Sun day morning for Illinois. We under stand Mr. Munhall will have charge of the Rose "Tarm recently purchased by Mr. Smith.

C. A. Clift went up to Anthony Wednesday, and while there purchased a fine Hen ney carriage, which will hereafter be used by them in their liv ery business. Mrs. Flo.

Weston after several day's visit with her mother, Mrs. Day Wheeler left Monday for a visit to a brother in Oklahoma, before returning to her home at Grenola. Mrs. E. E.

Blakesley has our thanks for a fine lot of choice peaches which she brought us last Saturday. They were unusually fine for this year, and were greatly appreciated. If you are wanting coal call upon W. E. Woods as we keep as good coal as you will get anywhere.

4t. J. G. Reynols left Wednesday for Millersville Illinois where he goes with a view to close up business prepartory to coming to this county to make his home. Jerrall Corbett are fully prepared to repair all kinds of drills.

Don't take your drills to Anthony, as they can repair them quickly and thoroughly. Also all kinds of new work promptly done and guaranteed. I would call the attention of the ladies of Bluff City and vicinity to the fact that I have selected mj stock of fall and winter goods from an elegant line of samples and think I shall be able to please the most fastitudious. Watch for further announcement and date of opening. Mrs.

Dora Murray. Rev. C. C. Woods will deliver the address at the prohibtion picnic at J.

R. Heilig's new bam to-morrow. Did you eyer see a genuine Pennsylvania barn? If you have not, some and see one Saturday. The first picnic of the season will be held in it. The new barn that is to be dedicated to-morrow is 50 feet wide by 100 feet long and something less than that many feet high.

if you don't believe it come and see for A. T. Goodrich expects to start next Sunday for a visit to Athens county, Ohio, the place of his birth. It has been about 23 years since he left those parts and the hills of that section are apt to look big to him. S.

C. Rose and son Albert, have sold their farm of 320 acres in this neighbor hood to an Illinois man named Smith The farm is well improved, haying good wells, with wind mills and tanks for house and stock, a young orchard, fenced and cross fenced. The price paid was $7,000. How is this for land that cost $1.25 cents per acre 12 or 13 years ago. We are sorry to lose such enterprising citizens from our midst, but hope that our loss will be their good, and are glad that they are not lost to the county.

G. W. C. Last Monday being the 16th birthday of Gordon Goodrich, he was the victim of a surprise. lie had, after a bard day at the plow, just settled down to quiet bis mind with the Youths Com panion when a supposed call for the doctor aroused him, but the noise of many vehicles soon dispelled all doubts as to what was meaut and a general attack all along the line was followed by a complete surrender on the part of Gordon, he acknowledging the super ior generalship of his sinter Abbie who had planned everything tor the sur prise.

The evening was spent in play ing games, charades and finished with a bountiful repast of ice cream fresh oysters The guests consisted of about twenty of Gordon's young friends and both be and they will long remem ber the pleasant eyening. ELTJFF SSEEZZS. Mr. A. S.

McClellan went to Cald well last Monday. Rev. Lowry preached to a large con gregation last Sunday. Farmers are putting in the first of another large crop of wheat. Mr.

W. Elson and family were visiting at E. Grove's last Sunday. Mrs. Phebe Brown has been on the sick list but is convalesing.

Mr. Will McClellan says he made twenty-five dollars in five.days and a half, plowing. Miss Florence Corn took dinner at Mr. Brown's last Sabbath. We did not learn whether it was Mr.

B. F. or A. Brown. Miss Cretenden of Pennsylvania is is visiting her sister Mrs.

J. Copeland. Mr. Clark Peacock disapeared last Sunday in the direction of Caldwell This is a new beat for Clark but we wish him all the good luck possible. Mr.

"Willis Brown received a kick from a vicious horse one day last week which laid him up for a few da3Ts. It seems that Willis ha3 had bad luck with horses. Eversole. There is no use talking, neither Harrison or Cleveland will be elected unless they take De Witt's Little Early Risers. They have a "get there" quality possessed by no other pill.

C. A. Dow. Sunday Excursion to Geuia Springs. I will sell for Sunday morning trains only, excursion tickets from JJluH City to Geuda Springs and for $1.30 for round trip from May 1st to October 30th.

V. j. DUDLEY, Agt. Goods White Ooods, Embroid is to ma.iL room for of Fall and Winter Thursday evening; R. II.

Echols has been having his home newly painted throughout and a neat veranda built. The Ladies Aid Society will meet in extra session at the parsonage to-mor row (Saturday) afternoon. Jim Gruben of Blackstone was here Thursday trying to sell copies of a book which he is canvassing for. Frank Clift informs us that his fam ily will arrive about the first of next month to reside permanently with us C. W.

King has moyed into the house belonging to W. E. Wood Lumber Co. and is now very convenient to his business. We still have a number of those advertizing circulars left.

Those wishing to send some of them to their friends should call soon and get them. The republicans of this city went up to Anthony yesterday to hear Ex-Gov. Anthony speak. They were accom panied by the Arion band who went to enliven the day with their music. A gentleman of this county who has excellent judgement remarked to us the other day that he knew of no other pill so good for constipation, dyspepsia and liyer complaint as De Witt's Little Early Risers.

C. A. Dow. Monday was the first day of the sea son that grain shippers had more cars than they could use. Some twelve or fifteen empties were on the tracks that day, and but little yrain came in to fill them with.

Miss Flora Bunker left Wednesday for her home at Topeka, after a visit of several weeks with her sister Mrs. Dr. Arnold. Miss Bunker has for vears been a teacher in the schools of Topeka and will enter upon her term's work in a few days. Frank Clift came in Wednesday evening from his trip to Illinois, bring ing with him his little daughter Fannie.

He reports the excursion of the 2Sth excellent hands at that end of the line, and predicts a great crowd for Bluff City as a result. j.ue worK on tne school house is about completed. The plasterers mve made the inside very presentable, iiaving gone over both rooms and given them a general retouching. The work will be greatly appreciated by both teachers and the pupils. School begins next Mondav.

The men who have been at work on the iouse are about done, and the rooms inside have a neat fresh look as a re suit. j. ne scuooi uias rair to ne verv full, and all who can Bhould start at once, in order to get all the good possi ble from the work. Married: At Anthony, Sunday, September 11th, by Judge McKay, Jep Hatfield and Fannie Robinson, also Charles Robinson and Mary Hamilton. All of the people above named live i north of Blackstone wheie they have a circle of friends who wish them much joy in their new relations.

A girl ball team was the attraction in Wellington yesterday. Wellington morality has been getting a wonderful shaking up lately, but we venture the assertion that there were more people on the ball grounds yesterday to see girls play ball than were at all the churches last Sunday morning. The team team, was advertized as a "lady' Conway Springs Star. ball Mr. I-', i'.

biuger was a happy man this week. His family of nine child ren were all at-home with him last Tuesday and enjoyed a family re-union They drove over to Harper and had a family group picture taken, it being perhaps the last time they will all be to-gether. Mr. Singer was one of the first settlers in this county, settling about five miles north-east of this city some fifteen years ago, and no man in the county has more friends or a large number of acquaintances in the coun ty. The contest Tuesday evening at the M.

E. church passed off very pleasan tly. Some two hundred were present and listeued to the program. Selections were given by the following young people of our city; Jennie Will is, Stella McCain, Frank Echols, Rosa Willis, Nina Miller, Delia Brown, Pearl i- i jm -r. Stout.

The last named person having been decided the best speaker, was pre sented with a silver medal, the pre sentation being made by Supt. Findly in a neat speech. County superintend ent Findly, superintendent McGarrah of the Anthony schools and F. C. Raney were the judges.

The program was interspersed with music, and at the close F. C. Raney gave an interesting talk of five minutes. S. C.

Rose and son G. A. Rose to gether sold a half section of land Sat urday to Mirve Smith, C. A. Cliffs brother-in-law.

The property was the home place some five miles north-east, and sold for $7,000.00 spot cash. Mr. Rose says in his statement, in the cir cular which was gotten out a few days since, that be came to this county in 1878 with $1,000.00. In addition to this place which was sold Saturday, Mr. Rose has a fine quarter near An thony which he has also made since coming to this county, besides a great many head of stock of all kinds.

What commentary on hard work and com mon sense when expended on Kansas soil! A saving of between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00 in fourteen years, besides the keeping of a family. Mr. Rose certainly has enough to "pay the interest on his mortgages." And still they claim we lie about Kansas. The truth as shown in the above is surely good enough to show what a wealth producing country is near us, and such sales conyince us that outsiders realize it fully. J.W.RANDALL, Editor aud Proprietor.


A. B.Tucker. J. G. Willis, T.

Clark. W. A. Tucker. COUXCILMEN.

J. W. Arnolds Presideut of Council. WYW.BlRD. C.

E. Myers C. N. Ernest. W.

A. Miller. Time of meeting: month at 7 :30 P. M. First Wednesday of each I rise Time Effkctiyk April 13th 1891.

EAST ROUND No. 4 7:25 A.M. No.30 Freight ...........1:16 P. WEST BOUND No. 3 Passenger.

.7:14 P. M. No. 29 All East bound traius mate connection at eaumout for St. Louis and all points East.

W. E. Dudley, Agent. Secret Societies. ri p.

rt BLUFF CITY LODGE ff si. jIJ. NO. 313. Meets the second and fourth Saturday evenings of each month.

Visiting brethren cordially in vited to attend. A. Dow C.B. Fbanke Skc. W.M.

ry r- meets every 1, IS, J. Jy OOO Monday night In their hall at 7:30. Visiting brothers eodially Invited to meet with us. S. M.

Neal. M. A. Clark, SEtfT. SO.

1. U. U. IV. meets every Tuesday night.

Visiting brothers are cordially welcomed. J. W. Arnold, I. J.

Kkrwcod, Rec. M. Bacon G. A. ft.

Jvo; 4B1 meets ou 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month Tirothers invited to attend. I. 0. 0. F.

Hall C. B. Franke. Com, A. B.

Tucker, Adj. Jlnfi-crAe Thief Add'n. J'0. 4 4 meets on Thursday night on or before frj. the lull moon of eacn montn.

i. u. u. F. HalL Thos.

Kerwood, Pres. A. Do-w, Anti-Ucrte Thief AWn- meets at school house No. 7 on Satur- iO day night before full moon. H.

Pitthan uor. bee. P. O. Bluff City, Ks.

W.R. Camkrer, Pres. SonA of Veteran CAMP No. 7, Meets un 1st and 3ra Saturday oi eaco moaia -o Fbaxe Kilgore, F.L.Cajieber, Serg'L Capt. Dotvs Cough Syrup is waranted to cure.

M. Fox of Anthony, was in the city Tuesday. Fire Insurance WSSLE M. D. Leeof.Anthony,rgot over one day this week.

Row's Poultry Powder is guaranteed to cure Cholera. Mrs. W. W. Bird has'Sagain been seriously sick this week.

Just received at the City Drug Store a ton of strictly pure white lead. M. V. and E.O. Harlan of Harper spent Saturday in the.

city. Do not buy a bicycle until you get our prices. Myers McClellan. W. E.

Crooker of Anthony registered at the Chilloeco Saturday. You can buy Summer goods at cost of O'Costneli. McClellan. E. L.

Herrington of El Reno was in town again the last of the week. "OTTnTrXlVD TVDTT for KJ i -L JLi AyXbAAJAJU sale by W. Y.Williams. B. S.

McKee a harness man of Harper was over the last of the week. Hot and cold baths at the Hotel Barber shop. Tuesdays and Fridays special days for ladies. TT Tinrlovra of Kansas Citv. checked up Manager Lewis books this week.

Midget Fanning Mill, the best grader and cleaner in the market. For sale by Killgore Bros. S. M. INeal and Dr.

Bundy took a business trip to Wichita: the first of the week. 1 have just received a choice line of men's boots. Come and see them before buying. J. G.

Willis. Frosty Benner, an old resident of Bluff City was in town Wednesday looking us over. Don't forget that J. G. Willis has a full line of childrens school shoes warranted not to rip.

Try a pair. Mrs. W. A. Miller took Miss Flora Bunker to Anthony Wednesday where Miss Bunker took the train for Topeka.

W. A. Hering, dentist of Anthonyt will make you a full set of the best teeth for only $7.50. This is for a limited time only. Chas.

Ernest is very busy putting a coat of paint on the store room of John Hybsba. It gives the store a very neat appearance indeed. Use F. C. Nommsen's hair dressing and dandruff cure.

For sale at the barber shop and drug stores. on Wednesday shook the soil of Harper county off his feet, and took his way to Wichita where he expects tomake arrangements for future work. Just received a large and complete supply of tablets, slates, pencils, school books and fact every thing for pupils in schools. Come" and examine our supply. We have what you want.

C.A.Dow. want. The most complete Pf-PP. in the City Fresh Meat MEAT -AT- PAXTS, JA6KETS, and Children's slock of J. G.

WILLIS. RKET. for Sale at of the city Leave your or LUMBER CO. iD RETAIL IN f.lfl All Times If You Have any fat Beeves to sell Come and See mo I Want Them. Cash paid forHides and furs.

Shop open on Sunday from 5 to 7 A. 31. and from 4 lo 7 P. M. Only.

KAUFEMANN BROS. Co. Still maintain their former Prices in Grocer- Ice delivered to any part ders at lie shop. M. Shellhammer.

nnri nffpT'flll Summer COST. LONG BELL WHOLESALE DEALERS Including Zephyr Ginghams, ered Goods, India Uncus, also Ladies Vests Etc. Xon We mean Business, and when we say at Cost, we mean at COST. Come and price the goods and examine them for IiUMBER COAL: I.ath, Shingles, Ilnilding Paper, Lime, Hair Cement, Plaster, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Fence Posts etc. t- Wllhe cfleoratedKaw Valley Paint in all Colors Also, PURE Linseed OilGlasa and Patty.

Special prices on Lumber, Poste and Coal in Car Lots. We carry the largest and best selected stock in Harper County and solicit your trade. LOW PRICES. 3P- IE3. LEWIS, Yoursein Tiiis Out in Prices our ImmEnse Stools, Goods.

The excursion which starts from Illinois on the 27th for this point promises to be the best thing that so happened to Bluif City. A gentleman from those parts says that there will be several coaches of people eager to see our country and ready to purchase if it appears right to them. To Farmers, Teamsters, and all Users of Horses, You don't have to buy factory or machine made harness now, but come to me and see for yourself. I have a nice line of hand made goods on hand and make any kind of harness to order. R.

E. Sydal, Bluff City, Ks. BROS. 00..

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