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Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 2

Bluff City Independent from Bluff City, Kansas • 2

Bluff City, Kansas
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Bluff Gity Independent. will do what they can to assist these people. knglewood A striking illustra tion of the value of alfalfa AND FUEM mEEB J. W. RANDALL, Editor and Pkopkietor.

O'Conneli McClellan have secured the agency for the Celebrated Davis Sewing Machine. Don't fail to sea it before buying. tf It has been decided to have a grand Fourth of July celebration in this city. More particulars next week. ed by the fact that Colonel Perry has had a thousand head of steers grazing A public meeting is called by the mayor of this city for to-morrow afternoon to see what can be done for the relief of the needy ones, and comtnit-ties will be appointed to receive con-tributations and for ward the same to on a held of 140 acres for over two PUBLISHED ON FRIDAY OP EACH WEEK risco Time Card.

weens, and tbe alfalfa is still six or A3n TIOST STOCK, MOSTLY eight inches high. The majority the proper relief committees. oi the steers are three or four years You can buy 1 pound pure Java for 15 cents at O'CONNELX, MCCLELLAN'S. tf Mr. Wm.

Hhoades of Anthony has oia. OXIOX fPD TIIIS IJMATE AXI SOUL. SETS IJY THE QUART OR BCSHEJ. For Boilo, Pimplco carbunclco, ecrofulouo cores. ccicma, and all ether blood diseases, tako Aycr'oSarcaparllla It will relievo and euro dyspepsia, nervous debility, and that tired feellnrj.

Has Cured Others tvill cure you. Decoration Decoration Day dawned a little cloudy, but at an early hour the clouds been spending several days in our city yD il visiting old friends. ifcfO, JJ. Effectitr April 13th 1S91. EAST B0U2flT Ko.

4 7:25 A.M. No. 30 Freight. Ida P. WEST BOUND No.

3 Passenger. 7:14 P. M. No. 29 .5:13 P.M.

All East bound trains make connection at eanmont for St. Louis and all points East. W. E. Dudley, Agent.

The finest line of straw hats in Har- broke away and the weathei the remainder of the day was everything that could be desired. About nine o'clock the people from the country began to arrive and an hour later the town was packed, a larger crowd being in attendance than JACK ATI BIT ItRFiTrrnK Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women. per county at O'COXKELL MCCLELLAN'S, tf Lost: One 7 inch Calsomine brush somewhere between Bluff City and Freeport on Saturday evening May 2Sth 1892, Finder will please leave it at the Independent office, and wiil be liberally rewarded. Chas. Uartgrove.

'i ius ana to 8 p. IBBfO PMWS, UTTIE XAE SOT PloV cons rllxTE i ROOMS 4 ASO 5 Wmfield, Kansas. H'K. Secret Societies. ifj BLUFF CITY LODGE "rLt 9 NO.313.

Sleets the second and fourth Saturday evenings of each month. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. C.A.DOW C.B. Fbakkb Sec. W.M.

O.O. F. No. 335 4S in their hall at 7:30. Visiting brothers codially ever before, on a similar occasion.

At eleven o'clock the procession formed on Main street, headed by the Arion Hand of this city; following came Bacon Post, Sons of Yetrans, I. O. O. P. and A.

O. U. W. lo ges, Womens Relief Corps, and citizens in carriages. The line of march was taken up to the Having purchased M.

A. Clark is laying the foundation for C. A. Streators' new residence. the J.W.ARNOLD M.

D. If you want to buy where you get the I livery Barn and livery STAPLE GOODSOFAIL TCVn PIIYSICIAXaxd suhgeox. cemetery where the exercises were con OF BED ROOM SUITS. DHFSn ducted according to the ritual of the. uesfc quaiuy ana most goods for one dollar go to O'CONNELL MCCLBLLAN'S.

tf Fred Beach a nephew of Mr. and Mrs.Dwight Beach came down from SAFES, EXTESIO TAMES. HOC r. invited to meet with us. S.

M. Nkal. ALA. Clark, N.Q. irJ Tf LODGE AO.

rw meets every Tuesday Cure of Piles warranted with GOODS, MATHESSES, SPK1XGS. IVTCnnw vn business in the rear of the Cliillocco Hotel we will be pleased to furnish teams and rigs to everyone need- Grand Army. Not only was the graves of the soldiers decorated, but everyone without regard to race, color, or previous condition of servitude, received a liberal allowance of flowers PICTUItE JIOULDOG. Etc. McC'racken, Rice county Wednesday for a weeks visit.

He is engaged in out use of tlie knife. uie grain business at McCracken. HOI THEBEII night. Visiting brothers are cordially welcomed. J.

W. Ahnold, T. J. Kkewcod. Rgc- M.

Bacon G. It. No. 45 f. If you are going to paint.

Call on Neal ing tlie same. and there seemed to be no end to them. The Womens Ilelief Corps took an active part in decorating the graves. The" exercises at the cemetery being 3IOST COMPLETE STOCK TX TIT.wtto xc meets on 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month Visiting Brothers Invited to attend. L.

O. O. F. Dr. J.

B. ZIcKEE, HAGIWG, UBRAHY, IIAXQUET. STAn ivn tuo uruggist ior ine very best Southern white lead and pure Kansas boiled Linseed oil, will meet any prices in Harper S.M.Keax. Sanday Excursion to Spzlnn. PRICED GEASS IA3IPS 1YITII CETXCTW oir Hall C.B, Feakke.Com, A.

B. Tucxkb, Adj. Thief AWn. NO. completed, the line of march was again taken up to the citv where the crowd dispersed to eatdioner.

At two o'clock the crowd re-assembled at the taberna- r14 LlMJlXMuXB, BERBERS. 1VICKS. DBDTIST SHADES a nn ThtiilavnWIit AWD GLOBES. f40. I will sell for Sunday morning trains ue iuu moon or each month.

1. 0. 0. 1 ti0 wiucu. uau ueeu ereuieu ior me pur F.

Hall. Thos. Kerwood, Pass, pose by Bacon Tost and the exercises only' excursIon tickets from Bluff City Harper Kans A. Dow, Cor. Sec't.

iu ueuaa springs and return for si an IV. 11 proper of the day besran. After a piece BIRD. Thief 'n- No- for round trip from May 1st to October SOth. W.

E. Dudley, Agt. nrti -fQr meets at school house No. 7 on Satur- of music by the band and a vocal quartette Fost Commander W. L.

Johnson introduced T. A. of Anthony who delivered the oration of the For Bluff City dates, See Iiocals. uay msrni oetore tuu moon. xub vocai organs are strengthened Vi7.

R. Cameheb, Pres. n. riTTSTAX vor. sec.

P. O. Bluff City, Ks. Dy tne use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral "II At 5yU vieigymen, lawyers, singers, actors day. Mr.

Nof tzger's address was full good sound logic and practical thought, and was well liked. Follow and public speakers find this preparer I SonJof Veferand. 3rd Saturday of each month at 70 o'clock. TjLASK KlLGOHE, T.L.CAMERER, Ser8't- Capt. ttLiun me most effrtivft rpmoHv W.

Wv MILLER AVI ing the oration came recitations inter irritation and weakness of the throat We have shipped in from Illinois ana lungs, and all affections of the vo cal organs. Wants Your four extra good spersed with vocal and instrumental music, after which the exercises closed all feeling that the day had been well and pleasantly spent. The Elmer Grove picked a hundred quarts of strawberries from his patch last I handle the celebrated Uyers panps, Great Western Stores and Ranges, Run Easy Washers, Anti-Friction rolfer-bearfng wringers, Keen Kutter Cutlery, Oupnnt aj Dead Scat Powder. STALL 10 IT WHEAT, CORN and OATS CHUECH 2T0TES. xuesday.

James Copeland can vouch for the fine quality of about ten quarts or mem. which El. presented to him which we will take Dieasnrfl in ahnw. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening at S. S.

hall. Look out for camp meeting this For which he will Pay the Highest jyir. urove thinks he will have about fifty bushels in all. Yum, yum; don't ing to any one wishing to see them. On Friday night of last week between 7 and 8 o'clock the northern part of this county was visited by a teriffic 'cyclone.

Killing five persons and seriously injuring a large number of others. The storm was supposed to 'originate near Medicine iodge, and moved in an easterly direction. In places the storm was from 4 to 5 miles we wisn we were a ueighbor of Els Market Price. 1st. Is a fine Arabian and Suffolk we would be in the strawberries up to The memorial service by Rev.

on Sunday morning was largely our eyes, it must be a great satisfac Punch, weight 1650 pounds, six years lion to Air. Grove to have an abund DJ YOU WANT old: As (rood a horsa ance of such fine fruit, when it takes so iitue iator to get it. Many others ALL FIRST CLASS GOODS, Kansas, and considered as good ahorse services on bunday evening at the S. S. hall by Hev Westfad.

The sewing circle met at Mrs. Lane's yesterday atternoon and will meet next Thursday afternoon at the same place. couia nave just as good if they would any fresh bread, a good as they have in Illinnia. umy puc rorin a little effort. in width and destroyed nearly every-thing'in its path, it is estimated that fully one half million dollars worth of property was destroyed in this county -alone.

After nearly demolishing Har- per City it seemed to raise until near Wellington where it again come down We will have a big stock of lumber JJucnman horse. Mrs. Westfall left yesterday moraine mnch, or sooa staple at prices that will meet anv 2nd wo urst or tne wees; and it will ror a few weeks visit in her old home Is a fine Belgian horse, weighs pay an wno contemplate building tn ir in Chicago. Her many friends wish her a happy visit and a pleasant return us figure on your bills before you buy aDout 1550 pounds; a half brother to STocenes, call and see me. COMPETION IN HARPER COUNTY.

ciaewiiere. we expect to keeD in Lu.i, stock evervthm fonrf iSP-, the horse 1 owned three years ago that with full force almost entirely destroying that city and killing ten persons there. At Harper City no one killed. Below we give the names of the people killed and seriously injured this My stock is all fresh. See my goods, Get my prices and be convinced.

yard. Call and see what we can do for I has some of the best colts here. The sewing circle which met at Mrs Lane's last week report an unusually pleasant time. The hostess served ice cream and fresh strawberries. Any one who has ever partafeen of Mrs.

you- W. E. Wnnn x- n. 'A i 3rd Is a fine Clyde and Belgian 1 9 John Hybsha. uuumy as given Dy the Wichita Eaele uave jusc received a nic line of V.

WILLIAMS. horse, weighs 1S0O pounds, a perfect wane's nospitality knows without telling that it is par excellence. The horse. Fine style and action. iacies and chiidrens shoes.

Come in and see them before purchasing. J.G. Willis. NOTICE TO BREEDERS. Old Seal, the great fireneral nnrnnea i Come and see us, we ladies voted the cream and berries delicious and all agreed it was the plesant j.uesaay wmcn was compiled sby Colonel 'Hoffman of Harper who went 'Over the ground covered by the storm: UST OF IXJUKED.

W. li. Stranahan, killed. -w 4th Is a two year old trottin stal est surprise of the season. lion that we expect to beat all records want your oats, corn and what.

here with. bone head; uoward Tomlin, collar I broken and bruised about the vChild killed. keep for sale Coal, The Ladies Aid Society will give an ice cream social next Tuesday evening at the Sunday school hall. Let every one attend. Dorothy.

The following named gentlemen of this city visited Harper last Sundav to horse, can be found at my farm four miles north-west of Bluff City on tm days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and at Bluff City on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of each week. Terms: $10.00 to insure mare to be with foal. 15-2l0 Jnsamr Our Terms will be reasonable. Call and see us at tbe barn. Hillct seed, Flour, audi Mr.

and Mrs. iFelrath, three miles north-west of both badly bruised. that by trading uiih me We also have a good JACK at the can view the ruins by the cyclone. barn. u.

H. Peter, Joe Zea, oEft Bros. Kill gore Co. Hodge, S. M.

Neal, M. A. Clark, C. WW timvey, i. n.

Hutchinson, C. E. save vou A. Freys wife seriously injured and child hurt. Willard Nance, eleyen miles northwest, ribs broken, his father and ter baaly bruised.

fS. E. Cole, ankle sprained badly. Bobert Leibright, leg broken. Peter Corby, ribs broken and otherwise injured.

Myers, H. is. Whitmore, A. L. Hyb- Ordinance Jfo.

22. An ordinance to prohibit the stacking of hay and other combustible material on certain Blocks designated therein. Be it ordained by the Mayor and the Common Council of Bluff City, Kansas: SEc. 1. Any person ornerRnnn tiA sna, j.

it. Downs, Fred Davis, John on Dry Shoes, money Boots, nyosna, and M. Shellhammer. They Goods, report the storm fully as bad as the accounts given by the Wichita Eagle. 8iaay' Etraw op fodder on blocks number- NOTICE.

i -irty-six (36). Forty-five (45), Forty-six (46), Thirty-five (S5 and Thirty-six (38), In the city of Bluff City, Kansas, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and unon convention persons wanting to sell cattle and hogs of all descriptions are requested mereor, snail be fined in anv sum nnt iea fh.n Five 5 nor more than Fifty 50 dollars. James Dickerson, badly hurt about head. A. E.

Mallory apd wife both have arms. -Mrs. Minor, collar bone broken. S. Challis, fracture of the ulna and injuries; Mrs.

Challis, scalp wound, fracture of forearm and internal injuries, and her babe injured Hats, Notions, Groceries, Meats, and Flour. TlianlElngyoulbr your past patronaee bfcC. Z. This oi-dinance shall take effiw to call at Clift Bros, livery barn and we will go and see your stock. Highest tcash prices paid for all kinds of fat and be in force from and after its mi hi if ior.

In the Bluff City Independent. Attest: J. G. Wixis. Ja stock to ship.

Clift Bros. City Clerk. Mayor. 'PhD VtlOf- nMMjwMMM. aoiiuicm, ut ciocks ever brought to Bluff City, and at prices to and hopelns: Car a.

continuance of the It is a truth in medicine that the smallest dose that performs the cure is TB aaa se tnem and get our prices. Remember also that you can get anything you want in the Jewelry line. If we haven't it in stock we can get it subject to your inspection and approval on very short notice. same. the best.

De Witt's Little Early Risers Mr. J. W. Snodgrass. of VVinfield, of whom we made mention some two weeks ago as yisiting in our city, returned Wednesday evening and is erecting a lumber office.

He has a large stock of lumber on the road here and will be ready for business in a short time. are the smallest pills, will perform tne auuut tne neaa. Mrs. Thomas Gallager, dead also her .4 year old child. Mr.

Gallagher' injured internally. Ezra Evans, scalp wounds. Mrs. Baker, back injured. Winn Baker, dislocated hip joint.

Man at Maher's, eight miles northwest, badly injured. RESPECTFULLY, A TRIAL is all we ask, cure and are the best. C. A. Dow.

Early Risers, Early Risers. Earlv Risers, the famous little pills for con stipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and Mr. TV. E. Woods of Kansas City was here thf first of th woot an Peter Girard, seriously in ured.

nervousness. C. A. Dow. T.nnlo TT.

I JUTS oaaiy oruised ciaea to put a lumber yard at this Bright people are the quickest to rec on lower limbs and abdomen. place. lie has been spending some FARMERS ATTEMTIOKL time looking up a location and thinks we i ognize a good thing and buy it. We sell lots of bright people the Little Early Risers. If your not bright these pills will make you so.

C. A. Dow. ell mm go. this point most favorable.

Bluff Citv Xiouis Harrison, dead. Mrs. Mathews, injured. H. Girard's two children hurt.

severely is located in onejof the best agricultur ai sections of the state and the pres and S. depot W. Li. L.ind, agent at Injured about hip. enc prospect of large crops is bound to WE HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK onng more business enterprises.

Li. R. Patton, Rockford, 111., writes; "From personal experience I can recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility. C. A.

Dow. of SHELF and HEAVY Hardware, and all kinds WHOLESALE AsD BETAIL Two young men in Garden township were carried about 200 yards, one hurt seriously, the other escaped. NOTICE. As is well known our sister Citv of -airs, layers, badly injured. it is a axed and immutable law that of Farming Implements, Wanrons BuerrHnn to have good, sound health nnmn0fl i 4t5U Mrs.

F.A. Keatv.tWhr,v "rtl wf? destroyed by a cy- little daughter a oainf uT clone. lasc and ses of people OSALEas IS Themavor anH r. are lu neeay circumstances. It be have pure, rich and abundant blood.

There is no shorter nor surer route Carts, Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, Harvest- per met on Saturdav an7.Zy.7 comes our duty to lend our aid in their than by a course of De Witt's SarsaDa- lowing: sore distress, and, I hereby invite all ors, AND EST FACT A NYTTTTMn tat rilla. C.A.Dow. fill r- IiUMBER A COAL: call fob Am: our citizens town and country, to xxUBi XiU.t'.L.ili MOUNT LINE. vvE! ATSO If dull, spritless and stunid: if vour Friday May 27th I jip a.i? blood is thick and sluggish; if vour xiarper ana vicmitv was dpvantat y. uest ana Have a COmBlete Stoeb of harness, anfl UJ mosr Rnpprtv mputio ypeute is capricious and uncertain.

a cycione. Hundreds af v. Lam ii til ana you need a Sarsaparilla. For the beat iwwaramg supplies and money to re take De Witt's. C.

A. Dow. uuujcmawj neeas or our JaM Cinslcs, Calldlng: Paper, Lime, Hair Cciacnt, Plaster, Casb, Ooors, I2Unds, Fence Posts etc. We handle the celebrated Kaw ValTpv Late to bed and early to rise will can furnish you anything you want neignbors. James Glover.

Mayor. shorten the road to your home in the in need of aid, being left homeless and without the necessaries of life. Those more fortunate, who feel in any way able to assist in the work of relief, will please call at the relief committee's office, just east of the Patterson House. All contributions will be gratefully received and everv care will skies." But early to bed and a "Littla Died: Little Eva, dauahterof Mr. Early Riser," the pill that makes life in this line.

Call and see us Linseed OiUJIass and Putty. Special prices on Lumber, Pcts'an? Coal in Car Lots. We carry the largest and best selected stock in Harper County and solicit your trade. LOW PRICES. oaniy onger and better and wiser.

C. A. and Mrs. Wm. Moore, on Saturday evening, Mav 28thi aged eleven mouths.

She was buried in the Pleasant Hill grave yard Sunday afternoon. Th Dow. and get our prices before I7n hnun llf vy truly believe De Witt's Little MMMETG IWEfE of all Mate and prleTs aa low as tbe any Risers to be the most natural. LEWIS, be taken in the distribution of funds that they be placed to tbe best advantage. By order of relief committee.

John Watts, Ch'm. We kDow the people of this vicinity lowest. most enecuve, most prompt and econ funeral was conducted by Rev. West-fall of the M. E.

church. Mr. and Mrs. Moore have the sympathy of the entire community. omical pUI for billiousness.

indigestion I ooiu uuuitiye uver. o. A. Dow. it.

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