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Bluff City Tribune from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City Tribune from Bluff City, Kansas • 3

Bluff City, Kansas
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The Little -White School Ifouse. HISSORl PACIFIC RAHWAL For 1- i Jpe tribune. Ve have a dare sum Good three room house, 13x21, with i twelve foot kitchen, nieeiy nnisnea, ot money owino- us on buI )scriptioii, and need it a-thed, and papered, good THE P0PULA1! LINE. TO $1.00 per Year in Advance. In the little white sehool-houe just under the Half hid bv the maples, and close to the pi ill.

Whose wide spreading1 branches auorueu sv.eet shade As we listened to the music the old mul vhee With its buzz and whirr, it clatter awl dm. It marshalled us out and ushered us in. A pTeasanter renting- place could ne'er have been found. Than this rooniy and airy old pleasure cellar, two lots of ground, and in good -1 mdl for reasons which location in Bluff, for sale- at about halt fonsaa. Saturday, Sept.

8, 1S8- Kansas City, Atchison, St. Joseph, tUUlI eili. we have explained in former is- rrv the original cost. Inquire at this oftice. Omaha, and all points north.

Sedalia, sues. soiutj owintr us we A bargain for some one. Hannibal, St. Louis, and the east. RAILROAD TIME TABLE.

Ybl. S. F. It. R.

Fiasco Line Charlie Lester and Miss Maggie IIul- With it carpet of preen and walls of old trees. And p-liinpses of eky 8hiinnfe' blue through have sent bills, yet cannot do this with all. In order to sim- Denison, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, ilveston Austin. Sanhutouhi, and LS i a vey visited Anthony Monda3'.

Passengers East Bouiui. i ior-oa 6:40 a. ik .11 Makincr picture fo pieasnijr on ntfiHiiij wim. plltV matters Ave Will mark the That the stoutest heart softens us those duys 1 tt they recall. Makiii'x -picture so on memory's walL Tilt; they 6:20 p.

ni the southwe-st. C.J. Ilulvcy was in town Wednes- Hound. nnwi's or our ninnf.its WITH 1 aitrp. a- 11 duo, having eorne out Irom omu na- P- 1 11 ,1 The Piirnal for entering noiv falls on the ear, an- X.

It the behina Tis the old school bell rinsjinjf. tones loud ven to visit his family. riTMirT JTOTT BissssBBmMssar.wE'HsaHacBH Solid daily trains between St. Louis, Kansas City, Pueblo and Denver, with -Si -a and clear, two vearS AAe Will Use hVO OI Tn hnstpn Hie loiterer that hisrii by the way. "Next Frithvy evening, September 21st, Tfo.Wa Ives lfflVfS.

1 -1 -1 tt- 1 And tiiiiii thp biiv onrs oonse jrom tlie lint)', Frank Kilgore will give another enjoya tuese letters. We llOVie thOSe Itetrnm from theirmii chief, lausrhtcrand tun. Arrival and Departure of Mails. Ufa il from the east. 1 -n .1 ll Be earnest and studious for school earnest and studious lor scuoot uas ucun.

ble dance in Bluff City. 7 Tims lioiiueti 111 promptly seuu. On through, the entrance that leads to th A number of the 'Frisco boys are ex 7-'0a. the amount to the office by nlmiin to Hcli ton th.e irloom. pected down from Anthony to-night, to Pullman ButVett Sleeping mail, or it themselves, as Wf ontor the school-room so narrow and low work with their Masonic brethren.

A ....9.05 a. 6:20 Pv jjpa- yz nthonv Through the wide open windows tho summet VIA THE we are in sore need. Acd the murmur of voices floats out on the Arrives i tv Go to K. I.L ECIIOLS' GO'S departs C.X. Eusest, P.

M. Conductor Fletcher, one of the most popular men on the Frisco, has return-Hi from his visit, and was in Bluff yester- As they answer the roll-call, or join In the List of Letters COLORADO SHOUT LINE. prayer. Remaining uncalled for in the post- On ther Dk. W.

A.HERIKCr, All Rons of Veterans should be sure office at lilult, Sept. loth, 1883. It jrlow, 5 Daily Trains 5 to meet at the lodge room next Wednes not called for in thirty days they will while an occasiouaf urclun on mischief ie lay night, for the purpose of orgamza- LILT. STOKE be sent to the Head letter oluee at asli- FeaHn the penalty of being- detained after DENTIST. tion.

Kansas Qiy to "lgtf Or commuting to memory some unpleasant tieru iijinson, xx. iiuiues, rule. Don't buy groceries till yon consult Michael J.Kennedy, Alfred Coulthrope, V. McCain. lie can and will fur VTe eaze at the old desks primy and Idack.

And a host of fond memories carry us tiacK ANTHONY, KAS. W. S. Hutchinson, J. B.

Daughater. nish vou with the best at very low To the bright days oi eiuutnoou to u.uiiy Parties callinsr. for the above will H. C. Townsexd, Genl Passenger and Ticket Agent, St.

Bonis, Mo. figures. Fer sorrow or trouble could drive tl.em away; pNitrous Oxide Gas for 'painless ex- please sajT "advertised" and give date. Brown has been busily ensrasred Reluctant to leave it, 1 pause ou imr e.m. School Books.

Perfumes; C. N. Ehxest, P. M. Breathe a praj er for trie traction of teeth.

weev in making a new wagonbox under tnen.u. iiTitnirs. north side Main street I tor J. Kirwood. Mr.

B. is one ot I i i Vv J. B. Adkinson visited at South Ha iil If 7 between Bluff and Jennings avenues, i our best workmen ven on Sunday last i Why go to other places to get your M- VL DUNCAN, Attorney at Law, Notary Public and Collector of Accounts, ANTHONY, KANSAS. Mrs.

W. V. Williams isvisiting with fST "nirwtnrv groceries when xs McCain is selling her parents in Floral, this'state. Cauglit at. Uapt.

"It must be very lonesome sitting all by yourself in your ollice balancing ycurbooks at night, John1 an af fectionate wife. "It is ni' "I have been thinking about it fn 7 Tr li trnp nscprtion. ms be proven STA IJ. liennelt is away tms wees, on a iw A MUNICH Al ui i ut" r.i;-,i-m 1 ir o-illiTiop nn that business visit to Winlield and Elk conn Mayor V. i Vi JJ imce Aonsei A social lion will be given next I n- some time, ami now I have ot a de- A- -Miiii'i A Hot Campaign j.j.

McMiiiar i day evening, Septempber 21, by Frank 2s. V. McCain was a oleasant eallr lightful surprise for you Marsual w. wrd. p.

p. i.ewi8;j. this week. He reports business excel- "A tleliglittul surprise my dear. 1 sent lor my lent.

1 t-s, mother yesterday, and 1 expect her Aukhison, C. E. Myers, Will Hendricks. SCHOOL HOARD. D.

Frntehey, director; P- r.rLewis treasurer; W. T. Clark, clerk. OltPEKS. Rlutr Citv I.ode (V.

A. F. and A. M. everv minute.

I mean to have her A light shower fell yesterday after Ivilgorge, the jolly violinist. Every oody come out, and bring your girls, ind and enjoy the evening. The new Masonic hall is just about completed, and will be one of the handsomest and most commodious in the CIGARS, TOBACCt AND All honed for a good, soaking stay Avith us quite a while. Hio wil. C3 "1.1 A I.

1. i.tri'I.f onil Tlie National Contest noon, rain. veninfr in the hal taKe care oi me mnu look after the children and I can go Meets every gatra)ay brethren are coi wll il IIS. li W'11 Lafe Merritt and II. Straw were down down-town and sit in your office with date for a small town.

The Masons of dial 1111 Hi" AV. M-; E. J.lyers. bee. Vppt.

T. O. MIL from Anthony beween trains Friday you while you "The dev that is to sav, I could The Only Reliable and Official State Bank building night. Bluff are a progressive body. W.

V. Willir.gham and family left his week for a home in Arkansas. -V'istriPt- bwthrcn are always welcome. 11 -Vs W. A.

5iiller, ti VAt Kn. 220 A. O. I. W.

Meett TV campaign Look published, ill Kta cf KMs, Oik feSk think of your going down-town "It is inv duty, dear John. I ought to have thought of it before, but it Sidney L. Smith, one of Anthony's prominent attornej-s, was -in Bluff yes With the most authentic and complete biog ere rv Tesdav evening- in State Bank butla fro- Workmen invited to meet wit: S. Dor.nell. M.

C. 1.. Mjcrs, Kt never came to my mind till yesterday. raphies ot are sorry to loose the popular tamily from Bluff, but trust they may Forgive n.e John, forgive me Clevebmd and Thurman, tinff Titv T.odae A. ii.

1- A. on th for not thinking of vour comfort soon A. Mur ie successful in their new home. Frier on or belere the full noon. W.

t-ec. But I will go with vou to-night. er. Harrison and Morton, Totrei her with the platforms of both par "'V-1 Tt a. a.

Jl. Meets th ti.i Kiin-th Thursnay liiS'nls ot eatt County Superintendent Hutchinson vas in the city a short time last Satur- terday. The grocer, N. V. McCain, invites all to call and get his prices.

Buy your groceries of N. V. MeCain. He can and will save you money on whatever you buy of him. N.

V. MeCain, the popular grocer, BLUFF CITV. i.onth in hall in State bank A iit-Irsr comrades invited to meet with us. U. Kilsrore, V.

W. Li. Camever, Aujutant. CHVKCHES. ties: Tariff by -ivellev anu carusie; i rtM-lents Message; Blaine's review of President, Message: Election Statistics, etc.

agents wanted to supply the millions Uiy night, on official business. The jrentleman tells us he will bring some "To-night? Why, I I the tact is, I got through mv books last '-0, you did! IIow delightful! And you can now stay at home every evening! I'm so And' the delighted wife ran off to make preparation for the reception of her mother, while hel huband with sombre brow sat staring at the coals ine specimens for exhibition at our fair E. Church. Ke.srular services alternat with the hristian church. U.

a nn. Pastor. I'hristinn servieos altei of intelli'-rent readers. Ti'ee is short! Strike nuK-iily: Show the book "and it s'l)s itself. Write at once lor Illustrated Circular and Terms, free.

Audics. jjicKEKSOX. Publisher, St. Louis, Mo. Don't forget to leave your orders at El dei svwrwhivs with the l.

E. church. the European Restarant for any kind of has a choice lot of grocerios which he will dispose of cheap for eash. Wallinjr. Pastor.

Union' Sundar school every n. in. C. W. Fisk, Superintendent.

neat that you might want, beaf, veal, nuttou, pork, sausage and bologna. in the grate, in which he could see the picture of a mother-in-law's reproving face and a poker-party with a vacant chair. Boslo'i Courier. We furnish in large or small quantities. Dr.

J. H. CALLESDER, DENTIST, 25 Years1 Experience. From tins date until October olst. Social IiiFe Iff Ienver.

ISSS, the 'Frisco wijl furnish tickets Ee'ht years in Anthony. Kleetric appara-iw extraction ot teeth wit hout The editor has been quite ill this week, with a severe attack of flux. In consequence, the paper is a little late. "We understand there have been transactions in livery rigs in Bluff this week, the consideration being a kiss. If paid in advance, subscriptions to the Tkibune are only one dollar.

If at any time during the year, one dollar rom Bluff to Geuda Springs and re- Socially, Denver may be failed a charming place. The security afforded bv the active of good extraction of teeth, danger, juhce over McD.miel's hardware, store, Anthony. Office hours vein 'J a. m. to a p.

m- urn at -1. 30 to parties numbering ten more, tickets good for one day only, rf L. D. Davis, Agent. laws has drawn together a class of peo ple, such as is for in towns of a much D.

Bennett, more prosaic origin and greater age. Society, in tlie truest sense of the word, Fou SAi.ii. One eight-year-old mule, Detween lo- and 16 hands high a new and fifty cents. City and Country Cuts. Subscribe for the Tkikcnk.

Go to C. E. Myers for barbed wire. Sons of Veterans next Wednesday Blight. Headlight coal oil, at R.

1L -Echols drug store. "Machine oils in any quantity at R. J2chols For bed-rock prices on hardware, go to C. E. Myers.

Lost A kiss. For particulars apply to a Bluff City beau. is cosmopolitan. acre are Mitchell wagon, and one good set of arrivals and departures. tided foreigner feels he hasseenth' "States louble harness', will be sold cheap for if he omits Denver, and our own Transfer Line.

City countrymen en '-eavor to tne city cash, or good bankable by Geo. Sinclair or J. G. Cline, Bluff City post-office. SBtf during toi.r-of the est.

leople of refinement make Denver their home for a season, and often adopt it for a The 'Frisco line will have excursion ifetime. It is astonishing at times -to tickets to St. Bonis and return, on ac notice the effect of Western life upon We have an article in this issue to which we invite the attention of our readers. There is information for many of our subscribers contained therein. The work of tearing down the round house was finished yesterday forenoon, and the frame work was loaded on the cars, preparatory to removal to Antho ay.

James Bond, one of the moet progressive farmers in the count3 called to see us Wednesda3'. He tells us his corn is estimated to make from 4t to 00 bushels to the acre. Attention is called to the advertise natures long accustomed to self contemplation and esteem. It, is the air of '-Sweet Puffs," the best cigar in town, In Hauling of all kinds promptly done. F.

J. Justice Peace. i iit H. Echols Colorado, perhaps. that so otten changes the Eastern man.

and leads I) lit 5 Charlie Hellar. living cast of Bluff, iim to appreciate the truth of the count of the exposition and fair, on sale as follows One and one third fare September 0, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24 and 27; limit tive days from date of sale. One fare, for round trip September 29 to October inclusive; limit October 8. One and one-third fare October 8, 11, 15 and 18; limit five days from date of sale. One fare is $15.

L. D. Davis, Agent. Work commenced on the removal of Is the proud father of a boy. Dr.

Ar p.old says the boy is a fine one. phrase regard general equality which the signers of the Declaration framed. Or, if not this, then some Parties engaged in threshing are in Bluff city, kan. All work coming before a properly accredited justice, or anything in the notarial line, prompsly attended to. GpocerA thing1 else works the transformation, and gives us most fortunately, a whole-souled being who is glad to see you when you pay him a visit, and who vited to call and purchase their ma chine oils of 11.

H. Echols Co. CMcago AjSTTFLOiSr does all in his power to rentier your V. H. vIIOADES, Sons of Veterans, meet Wednesday night of next week, September 19, in stay delighttul.

KANSAS. It must not be imagined, however ment of theEldred sewing maehine-whieh appears in this issue. This machine posesses qualities which are not posessed by any other. Write for a catalogue and get their prices. A.

J. Hauser, the liveryman burned out in Anthony last night, that, with all the guod-feliowship, the hall in State Bank building, for or ganization. LAUNDRY the round house last Monday, a large force of men at that time being engaged in tearing off the roof of that building. The contract, as w-e stated last week, was let for the tearing down of the entire and for its renewal at Anthony, although we were told after the paper was out such a contract could not exist. We have heard from rail Desires a sl.are of tlie patronage of the citizens of Stohrvllh township; and guarantees there is not the proper amount ot con servatism.

One is not waylaid upon the street and presented wit tlie freedom of the house he sees. Sboddyism E. S. Uonnell, Bluff's popular furniture dealer, enjoyed a recreat'on witl Stone house iust east ami sou in oi i.iy was in Bluff yesterday, looking after exists as where does it not: aim denot west side of the street. Antnonj ivan-utpot, the tv irimranteed.

his friends in Winfield, his brother Fred running the business during his some accounts here. Mr. II. tells us, there is a manifest delight in certain i The patronage of readers of the Tkibuke tfoiicited. ater ins ueots are paia, nis insurance money will dwindle down to nothing.

quarters to make a lavisli display ji newly acquired wealth. But eiren" within Lhe circle may be found, and absence. The Anthony running team took lirs road sources that this round house will be re-erected in Anthony, and that three More Goods For Cash. Than any other house in the county. Call and be of the truthfulness of tltis adverti-eiuent.

Geo. E. lIoilAnox, money in the firemen's tournament at The Anthony running team, in their contest at Kansas City this week, were attorney at Law, victorious over eight other teams, and those with the shortest diameter ar the most agreeable as well as less conspicuous. "Proper presentation means as much in Denver as it does in New York or Boston. Edwards Bobte, in Uwpc fs Mt'jtnine made the fastest run and coupling ever ASTHOXV, KANSAS.

made in the west, running two hundred Practices -in all the courts of the county. I busine rransacUd and clients assur yards to hjulrant, lajiug three hundred The Heart's Action. and tifty feet of hose and throwing wa ed satisiaction. Bit. J.

W. ARNOLD, ter in 41 seconds. This not onlj" pro a im si. claims the Anthony champions of additional stalls will be built thereto. The removal of the round houso from Bluff' is regretted by all our citizens.

A jolly parly of excursionists left last Saturday night over tho 'Frisco. That the excursion party were well cared for is evidenced by having the popular conductor, Muri ay Moore, as their escort, with Irs crew. We were able to get a number of their names, as follows: A Martin, Bluff City; L. C. El-rick, Attick; Mrs.

Ezra Maple and Mrs. G. A. Barton, of Harper; Mr. Hadall, Mrs.

Brown, Will and Nettie Moore, Miss Lizzie Baughman, Mrs. J. A. Dubois, 11 Fox; Mr and Mrs EG fen tn pi Kansas, but of Missouri as well, and their cit3' feels justty proud of them. Kansas Cit3, beating some of the bes; teams in the west, and making for itself a national refutation.

If j-ou want a new plow shear made at and a plow pointed and sharpened for fifty cents, or wagon' wood work, go to Baskins Son. All work warranted as good as th.e best made in this county. Mrs. W. S.

Howard and her two youngest daughters, started, last Wednesday for the old home in Illinois, where they anticipate a pleasant visit with their friends and relatives. Thev will be absent for a month or more. John Martin, the ice dealer, daily makes his rounds delivering crystal iee in whatever quantity is desired. Our citizens should accord t'is gentleman a In the. human subject, says a writer in the Medical World, the average rapidity of the cardiac pulsation of an adult male is about seventy beats rer minute.

These beats are more frequent, as a rrde, in-youngehildren and in women, and there are variations within certain limits in particular persons owing to peculiarities or organization. It won id not necessarily be an abnormal sign to lind In particular individuals the frequency Last Tuesday night the old "Pioneer'' in Anthony, owned by A. Pysician Surgeon, BiAlFF CITY, KAMS." J. Kensley, and occupied b3T the livery stock of A. J.

Hauser, caught lire from a horse kicking a lamp over, and in a few minutes the entire building was in of the heart1 action from sixty to It can be furnished by us. soon as the papers are complete to persons having llrst-chis security. Gii Land fc Loax Company, flames. Great danger to the adjacent sixtv-llve, or seventy-five to buildings was threatened, but the hero As a rule tne Merrell and daughter Maude; Carroll Hoyt; Max Tandier, Tamller, Mrs. Abe Tandier.

Frank Haig, 11. I. Ream, W. Wood worth, Miss Effie Smith, O. S.

Northrop and family, S. ic work of the tire department prevent birt's slower and more pow- and residence first stairway south of Bird Williams hardware store. hours. Tuesday, Tbursiiay mil Saturday afternoons. ASK FOR IT I THE SELF-THREADING in and muscular nil Bank Building, Axtiwnv, Ka.nas.

OSlee lht Mai: el a general conflagration. A feed store was also burned. There were nine head of horses burned, together with seven carriages and an amount of grain and hav. The loss to Mr. Hauser liberal patronage, as he is not only ac-1 II.

Ne-nbitt, F. M. Stearns: J. II. Davis, commodating and obliging, but the I of Anthony, and Bussed Wiggins, of more iee he delivers the less will be the A large number also went out cost to consumers.

i Sunday morning on the "Frisco, a well severe, as about all his mom whs orgauixKti'-'Us, m.U'e input auu ftu-bler in those form. In anir.ials th; j-ange is from twenty five to forty-five in the and fifty in the animals, exv'Ct iu a norse, which has a v'ery -art ieat, jslroks The pulsation oi men and alt r.uimals uhler with the sea-level also. The work a healthy human heart has been shown to equal as on the Missouri Pacific." -tt'CK. Frank McWhorter this week C. CLKNUKMN.

ritvvt. I. nm pi- tgiLy Iralsiyilalba i it 99 There is great talk of Bluff losing tracks, eic, by the railroad business Nation? being taken away, and in a measure this ons tour hun- In it are com City Hotel I tlie feat of 0 t'cil V( hunting, and wmle rut aJiempteo to iorce a shell into his gun. The shell exploded, the butt striking the unfortunate J'oung man in the right eye, entirely destroying the sight ef ihat member. The ciseharged shell also 'one of of the young man's hands brtdly.

Dr. Fisk is ir. ntteiulanee. is true. However the town is now at a b-tl rock basis, where we must rise.

'KG foot p- jioiir, or i' h.o'.irs. The excess t. us tweu The magnificent country around us is d'T T. KANN1XG, oi this i CAPITAL. bound to up a good town, and we bined the est mechanie- al Ekill.

the most useful and practical I elements, and AS due as to i nil's sneec are liner fan nig couutr3r on Rest -il per day 1iojso in the The pat-rr to of City and Stohrrilie township vc sj-ec-tf uliy solielt-d. Anthonv, oue.ntilies is vorv great. A curious circulation has made by Dr. Itielr.trdson, giving the work of the heart in mileage. i -running that the blood was thrown out of the Iwart at each pulsation in the oronortion of sixty-nine strokes Last Thursday night the Odd Feb Ull ivuunu Hie face ot the glooe than that sur-) ivuiiuling us, and ve can dtqH iidon it Lilt ii'.

I 11:111 l.tli; 1 (inferred the Rebceknh degree on nui1e4 tial buildiitg us up to a good substac is--umeti t-e ocr iii'nute and at tia vantages that make a sewing machine desirable to sell or ue. We believe there is a the blood feet, the oA T-. Bidwell, C. Tandier, 2 3 for Bintr, b-odv 1 1 ughf be taken at liU I ti trading point, great outcome ing the rounding it, a v. number of th.e wives and daughters of the members.

After the exercises the assemblage en joyed a treat of oysters, with our friend Frank Kilgore in charge tlie CHlinary department. All testify that the oysters were delicious, and tiremm-taiices now sur it VMi-ns niiunte, seven mues per the Triki-nt. will be i- miles r.irc. co. ELD illliU, praises of -j-iPj-vear, tn 1 miles a liio Geo.

Y. Prop. sounding Vivf i always found jLDllST 1- if eais. xne iiumort i i me to-wn-liip in which ii i 205 Wabash Chicago. 39 Jirtrad Street Acr Tw fc.

that the occasion was one of the pleas- ANTHONY, cutest in the history of BhifiV of heats of ine lit in the same long reaeh the total of he. tov and icedted. i .1 KANSAS in every partii iilar. IX A i.

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