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Attica Independent from Attica, Kansas • 4

Attica Independent from Attica, Kansas • 4

Attica, Kansas
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COOL DRINKS for HOT DAYS. County Treasurer's Report for Quarter Ending July 31,1116: We should do good and not Fpend our lives in intending to do good. Miss lierfiice Mccks returned Saturday from Nashville where she visited a month with the Mease girls. A Few of 'em: WALK IN And These: IcoCit-ain Stxbis, anj ('arj-liis. Lemonades.

Cinis, MilkShakes. SIT DOWN L.iii.hes. i 37 Z'i 27 til vc7 A. S4. i.

J4. -J JA. Want Ads. Go to the Cottage Studio for kodak finishing. Films, cards, paper, kodak finishing at the Cottage Studio.

For Sale Some choice building lots. Inquire of T.L. Day. Seed Rye for sale. J.

H. Iloyt, phone 9F21. 14 tf. For Sale Good cushion tire bug Quite a number from here attended the Chautauqua at Harper ladt wtek. STAR RESTAURANT "Where It', Cool" Walter Ceorge of Manchester, is v.siting at the Covey home K4 Oil mi X7t) (Kl I Sewer Hood iiii.

wk 63 0" lionila 7 a I I 8ut of Kiniu County KwlvniptHHts Owiily I'orauiMil Anihmy City City I.lhmry. AnihunyCily Vrk. Curb and Altlr City iilulf City r'rtN'iort IUrT City Hurler City weed Hurler t'ily Sink. 1HH0 HmTerC'ity Htrtids A HuriKTCiiy Uoniis it WnWron City 1 1 I'imit Frnt Anthony Townnhlp Knnner Township Township Illnine Township Ihic-ssk In Township KhkId Township Empire Township tiaruVn Township (rnm Irani Township Harper Township l.ake Township jwn Township o.lvll Tuwntihip I'ilot Knob Townnhlp Ktiella Township S.lver Crock Townnhip Township Slohrvillo Township Liberty Township 42 61 119 IX' VIA NI I1M on i.i 17 5KJ 9 74 45 Ul, 1 1.1 HO (Xi Mi III gy, inquire (J. K.bhannon.

1M For Sale One set of work harness, new. 15-tf Maiion Oldfather. Have your kniver sharpened-Quick work. See me Saturday. 15 2t Win.

Iloyt For Sale Seed Rye. Inquire of W. C. Simpson. 14 2t.

Rooms for rent. Inquire of Mrs. U. W. Brown.

Phone 31. 14 tf. For Sale A practically new surrey. Worth the money. 15-tf.

A. Terrell Sons. Full and complete line of school ufi 73 27 Zll People who live In glass houses should not throw stones. School will begin Sept. 4 with Chas.

Schoeneman as teacher. Miss Covey will teach at Silver Creek again, while Miss Meeks will teach east of Spivey. Stop and listen. I can hear the school bell toling, the sewing machines hum and the "poor boys" are discussing whether they should start to school the first day or go on that other fishing trip. Go to school boys, if it is possible, you need knowledge worse than you need fish.

John Covey, wife and three younger children and Mrs. C. H. Sanders left Thursday for Ford and Meade counties where they will visit relatives. The trip was made in John Coveys Maxwell car.

This community has had several 7b ul: a OUR CHIEF AIM has always been to do the very best repair work at reasonable prices. If you're in need of an 'expert mechanic make it Your Chief Aim to come to us ATTICA AUTO SUPPLY CO. books and school supplies, at 15 3t. McCaddon's. For Sale Grapes, 3c a lb.

The old Peterson place. Phone 183. 15-lt. Arthur A. Hedges.

For Sale A Ilarley-Davidson good showers since last writing but not enough for good plowing. But some fellows imagine there has to be a flood before they can go back to work. Get up a little "pep" fellows and work if you can, because it has to be dome sometime. SIMMONS 8c HOSTETLER GARAGE Agency For Studebaker, Grant Six and Ford Cars motorcycle, good as new. Would also trade for stock.

D. E. Gill. 4f. Strayed Yearling heifer.

Light red, short horns, marked by 2 notches underside right ear. Phone 124r2. S. B. Reed.

15tf Notice: The Cottage Studio closes Monday, Aug. 21, and reopens Mouday, Sept. 4. M. D.

Clark 4-2 For Sale A gas lighting system with two lamps. Inquire at Independent office. 13 tf. For Sale Cheapest four room house in town for the money, on installment. Inquire of T.

L. Day. For Sale one extra good brood mare with colt by side. Guaran CALL ANY TIME FOR A DEMONSTRATION Joppa. Lonnie Allen is working for A.

Hilliard. Mrs. Mary Blasdel returned from Wichita Tuesday. D. B.

Heacock and family spent Sunday at A. Miller's. Ed Harrell and wife spent Sunday at M. M. Allen's.

C. E. Squire and family called at We do a General Auto Livery Business and our prices are reasonable Our Repair Department is in charge of an expert Auto Mechanic. We carry a full line of supplies and can repair your car while you wait. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Simmons Hostetler Phone 80 Hl'IIOOI. 8TATIS. HI IN I). WIHMil. IIHT.

NO. HOtlKK MITK 1 402 (H) Y.Y.Y.Y. W. 6(i 77 23 5 2M ti fil 11 tA 71 66U 7 y.y.y. y.y.y.y.

1U IW 14 Y. 22 011 12 til 71 24 2ii 15 127 48 40 1 70 4 IV Kl IKI I'll 'l 23 10 21 I75 JJ2 7'l 211 31 2 7'l 1 ll 4H 30 3J 25 2rt 1 27 14 Wl 2H H' 79 15 40 til 1 70 31 4S 1M 13 75 2 70 35 1H 50 37 4.1 14 85 in 17 05 39 VI 6 fill 40 11 55( 172 36 41 Tl 19 25i 42 20 43 44 1 14 30 46 4ti 47 13 7.1 47 14 if. 4H V'i 20 18 70 49 47 7 15 60 T. 7 1166 51 233 43 46 361 52 74 16 6i 63 3H 15 17 05 64 60 23 10 65 I'M Ml 19 R0 57 278 71 Kt 87 68 10 60 til 1 (WD 163 18 fii 2 llil 37 IB 60 64 49 7 15 65 211 19 80 Uli 94 17 60 67 21H P2 4 95 68 69 2n 20 35 69 77 41 70 93 17 6o 73 19 35 8li 74 75 79 7 15 76 65 13 76 77 77 12 66 79 232 32 45 72 31 80 HI 27 23 65:::::: 15 60 84 98 14 85 85 85 hi I 86 611 3 86 87 48 8 25 89 73 13 20 233 34 HI 69 45 2 65 93 69 9 35 23 4 78 13 75 43 20 6 79 12 65 204 32 131 18 15 180 Id 4 00 Union District No. 1 27 05 Spring Township Hiirh School 648 1 126 68 General Tax 8 813 48 Delinquent Pergonal Suspense 258 16 K.

C. M. O. Ry 16104 Choctow Northern Ry 21 00 Santa FeRy 50 00 Normal Institute 24 54 School Land Interest 63 28 Srhoul Land Principal Schoul Land Improvement 11 00 State Co. School Fund 31 95 Hunters License Fund 2 00 County Surveyor.

2 00 Motor Tax 4 625 00 Lateral Sewer Bonds 1 172 16 Disposal Works Bonds 1 48 70 Amount Awarded for Disposal Wks. 350 00 Overdrawn Fiscal 1115 38 County Farm 867 Coiinty Road 8 028 96 School District No. 1 1 34 R. E. Morse's Sunday afternoon.

D. S. Sloan and family called at H. F. Sassaman's Sunday evening.

Floyd Eisenman and and Jessie Blasdel motored to Anthony Sun day afternoon. U. S. Williams and family, of the Cottonwood valley, visited with E. L.

Williams and wife Tuesday. John Irion and family, of Harper, and Miss Smith, of Peoria, 111., were guests at the A. Miller home, Monday evening. Add Another Enjoyment to Your Summer Build a roomy sleeping porch. Sleep out doors this summer.

Sleeping out in the freedom of the open and breathing that clear, cold air fills your cup of summer pleasure to overflowing. It builds you strong in mind and body. You tingle, you feel good all over. INEXPENSIVE PLEASURE. The construction of a sleeping porch is plain and simple.

You will be surprised to ffnd how little it costs, particularly as compared to the benefit. Let us plan a sleeping porch with you and the carpenter. We have the best of materials. We guarantee the quality. The reasonable cost will suiprise you.

Pretty near building time. Miss Ida Bradshaw entertained Miss Lynn Morris of Winfield, Saturday and Monday. R. E. Wilson of Topeka, now visiting in Colorado Springs, is expected to visit his uncle and aunt, Mr.

and Mrs. O. C. Bradshaw, at this place next week. teed to work anywhere Simmons Hostetler.

Bring in your produce. We can pay you as much as any firm. Cream tested every day. Call 65. 13tf Trotter Cushenbery.

Standard binding twine for sale at $10.75 per hundred. Call and see our corn binders before buying. Keith. 13 tf. applying a attachment which I carry in stock, to the new Edison Diamond Disc Machine, any make of disc record may be played.

R. 0. Williamson. Lost At Harper Chautauqua Sunday evening, a black collie pup. Breast and neck white, ears erect, one white and one black.

Fond of automobile riding. Reward. Call 14F32. Harper. Kansas.

W. P. Elliot. Call and see the new Super Diesel type heavy oil engine. Starts instantly in any kind of weather, on the same crude oil it burns.

No preparation for starting necessary. Remember, there is no electrical equipment, no spark trouble. At Campbell farm, 4 miles north of-Attica; 14 tf. Strayed One yearling ilolstein heifer. Notify S.

F. Bowman, 15 2t Harper, Kansas. For Sale Choice thoroughbred Crystal Woite Orpington and Single Comb Rhode Island Red Cockerels $1 to $5 each. Also a few pullets each $1 to $3. 15 tf Arthur A.

Hedges, Kansas. Colon 0 I hereby certify the above to be the balance to the credit of the dilTurent funds, as appears by the records in this office, at the close of business July 31, 1916. A.G. JOH1IAN, Count) Tri iiMurer. GEO.

F. CROW ELL, Mgr. Attica, Kans. Edith and Jessie Benton spent Sunday afternoon at the Hadsall home. Mr.

and Mrs. M. A. Benton visited Sunday" afternoon with 0. Benton in town.

Mr. Dennis Chaspin and sons have moved on the Roderick farm north of Attica. Hnbert and Ted Hadsall, and Ed Chapin visited with Earl Hopkins Sunday afternoon. For Sale A Royal Typewriter in good condition. Inquire a this office.

PLEASANT VALLEY. By Floy Hdall School starts Sept. 4. Will Carr is filling his silo. Clyde Drake is visiting with his home fulks.

Mabel Wyrick spentSunday with Martha Wilson. A good rain fell in this vicinity Sunday morning. Bethel Hadsall is helping Mrs. Carr cook for silo men. Will Corser and family visited with Will Carr's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Howard have movee to Fairview, Okla. Ask for it Bemand it Atizonu mid Modem Tourist Sleepers and free reclining chair cars on fast trains to California take you through in comfort via the Santa Te. Personally conducted Tourist sleepers three times a weeh.

Fred Warvey meals. Liberal stop-overs. Tickets on sale From ATTICA S32 50 to $34 00 For partrculars ca'J or write J. I. LAMBERT.

Agent. Attica, Kansas J. E. Cook, and Dave Williamson leave tomorrow for Stafford County for a few days hunting and fishing. J.

C. McCaddon, the furniture man, is storing several loads of furniture in the Brown building awaiting delivery to out of town customers. 15-lt M. E. Hostetler of Harper called at this office yesterday and left a bottle of sweet csder for the office force.

Thanks! He is proprietor We want your milling wheat Patronize home industries Will Carr and family called at the Beulah By, Ruth Covey- As it is a little cooler and the correspondent don't feel so lazy, we will send some "squibbles" from Beulah land once more. If car riding made people rich we would certainly have a "bunch of Hadsall home Sunday evening. Lee Gilbert and family have moved to the Dave Mackey place. Miss Eva Pease, of Manhattan, is visiting at the J. W.

Campbell home. III ATTIG1 i7ILL! is paved with The way to hell good intenrions. of the Harper steam cider works..

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