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Attica Independent from Attica, Kansas • 1

Attica Independent from Attica, Kansas • 1

Attica, Kansas
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AT Louis Meyer N. McBRIDE. Cashier. A. MILLIARD, Aw't Cunhiort V.

B. BALLARD. President. R. O.

WILLIAMSON. Vice Pre. 'IT mi Have You Read the Pamphlet? We mean the pamphlet put out by Lester Combs a candidate for county printer. Mr. Combs claims to own 25 per cent of the stock of The Anthony Republican Publishing company.

If he docs, which THE FIRST NATIONAL MM 1 i READ BELOW HOW AN OLD GENTLEMAN WHO HID HIS MONEY OVER, THE! CLOCK NEARLY LOST 000 After an inlrlligrnt oKl ft-nllrnun it lite age of found over TWO I I IOUSAND DOLLARS on the wooden mantle, turiouiuling an open crackling fire. Not even HIS OWN WIFE knew that much money was there The old gentleman wal u'mply CARELESS. I lit ton had married the town banker! daughter, and the hank and LIFE were in dan8er, for BURGLARS have a way of LEARNING where monryis H1 Irn, and FIRE at any time might have burned the house. Are you careless? Make our bank your bank Interest paid on time deposits The Atlica State Bank OF ATTICA. Capital, Surplus ami Pro! its Member Federal Card of Thanks We desite to take this method of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to the many friends who so kindly assisted us in our recent great bereavement.

We also deeply appreciate the many beautiful floral tributes to our departed husband and father. Mrs. Louis Meyer and family. M. E.

Church Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Epworth League at 7: 15 p. m. Mrs.

Hobbs. Leader. Preaching by pastor at 11 a. m. and following league in evening.

The Epworth League is planning to send two or more delegates to the League Institute at Great Bend the last week of this month, and in order to provide funds, and also have a good mid summer social occasion, the young folks of the church will have an ice cream supper in the basement and on the lawn Saturday evening, July 15th. Everybody welcome. Pastor. Subscribe for the Independent. Go to the Cottage Studio for Kodak finishing.

Look up the new ad of H. Huston in this issue. C. R. Shannon transacted business at Danville Friday, C.

W. Meyer left yesterday for his home at St. Joseph, Mo. For Sale Two horse power gasoline engine. Phone 82.

Films, cards, paper, kodak finishing at theCDttage Studio. Wilbur Bateman and Earl Shannon spent Saturday in Wichita. TSA, PICKING ItT JATAH mm Louis Meyer was born in the Kingdom of Wuatemburg, Germany, February 3rd, 1817. He emigrated to the United States in 1856, settling near Cincinnati, Ohio. He was married to Anna Rosenbaum, Dec, 23, 1873, at Mt Carmel, Ohio.

To this union were born five children, who together with the widow survive him. These children are Charles W. and William II. Meyer; Mrs. M.

M. Allen, Mrs. Val Shannon, and Mrs. Clara Sympson. He leaves also seven grandchildren: also a sister Mrs.

Rose Anderson, of Westminister, Ohio, and a brother, Charles, of Mt. Carmel, Ohio. In 1886 the deceased removed with his family to Harper county Kansas, settling on a farm five miles southeast of Attica, where he resided until 1901 at which time he took ud his residence in Attica, where his death took place July 7, 1916, at the age of 69 years, 5 months, and 4 days, after several weeks of painful and in tense suffering, which he bore bravely and patiently. While still a young man he be came a member of the berman Reform church, but after his removal to Harper county he united with the Methodist Episcopal church in which he continued until his passing to the church tri umphant. He was also a member of the M.

VV. and of the I. O. 0. having joined the latter organization in 1871.

He was cheerful and kindly in manner, and leaves to his widow and children the blessed memory of these traits, showing themselves ways. All these bereaved ones have the tender sympathy of every friend and neighbor in the community. The funeral was held at the Methodist church at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon, Rev. Albert E. Ayers conducting the services.

The remains were interred in the Attica cemetary whither they were followed by a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends. Needlecraft Club Wednesday afternoon, July 5th, the Needlecraft Club met with Mrs. John Driskell. Members present were Mrs. Dan Naftzger, Mrs.

Jesse Saunders, Mrs. Dave Reber, Mrs. Perry Crabb, Mrs. Edd Crabb, Mrs. Jake Reber, Mrs.

Sam Reber, Mrs. Ura Detweiler, Mrs. John Driskell. The new members were Mrs. C.

Mrs. J. E. Arnold, Mrs. Harry Kaufman, Mrs.

John Naftzger, and Mrs. Crabb. The afternoon was spent in visiting, crocheting and listening to music. Ice cream and cake were served. A few business matters were attended to after which the club adjourned to meet with Mrs.

Jake Reber, July 19th, 1916. Quickedge Knife and Shear Sharpener Will Hoy is selling a very handy little household devise that should be in the kitchen of every housewife in the county. It is a devise for sharpening shears and knives and the cost is so small that it should keep no one from investing Mr. Hoyt has sold quite a number in this immediate vicinity and those who have used them say they would not do without them. The price is only $1 50 and Mr.

Hoyt will be glad to deliver one to you if you will call him up on the phone, No. 160, or stop him on the street and give him an order The company manufacturing this article absolutely guarantees it to give perfect results if directions are followed, Wanted Someone list stubble ground. Gerdes, phone 186. to plow or See Mrs. B.

KANSAS. $31,000.00. ReserOe Bank. Golden Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Adams cele brated their fiftieth anniversary at the home of their son, C. P. Adams, in the Valley last Saturday. This was an unusually pleasant eccasion. as all the children were present, seven, with eighteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.

An elaborate three course dinner was served, to which all did ample justice. Those present were: Rev." and Mrs. Robert Adams, Virgil; C. L. Adams and family of Black well, Okla 0.

J. Adams and family of Hardtner, R. C. Adams of Blaine, 0. M.

Adams and family of Salina, Mrs. II. P. Orr.of Highland, Rev. W.

P. Adams and family of Smith Center, and C. P. Adams and family of Nine Cottonwood Valley. The visitors all left for their various homes the forepart of ths week, having had the time of their lives.

Rev. Robert-Adams has been a pastor in the United Brethren church for 36 years. He has two sons and one son-in-law wno are ministers. The children presented their parents with two large rockers as a memento of the occasion- It was 102 in the shade at Jones Stith's corner Monday about 11 o'clock. Some warm.

The Attica Mills are running night and day now and things look quite lively on elevator row. Born July 7, 1916, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M.

Clark, a daughter. All parties reported getting along nicely. T1JJL 'iAV'Wcn I Japan and China introduced the world to tea, and its delightful flavor and soothing qualities have made it the universally popular beverage. E2 we doubt, he bought the stock at from 30 to 50 cents on the dollar. He wants the taxpayers of Harper county to furnish the money for him to buy the remainder of the stock, claiming that he has an Op tion on the stock for a year.

And if he should be elected county printer, the conclusion is that by reason of his Option he will get the remainder of the stock of the company at a discount. In other words, he asks the people of the county to elect him county printer that he may buy a News paper Plant at a discount, and pay for it out of the money of the Taxpayers. Now is that not a modest re quest for a young man in the county just long enough to be a candidate and who is so modest that he advocates the re-election of all the county officers save the County Printer, wanting that office for himself by the votes and money of the taxpayers. Now editor-manager of The Republican Publishing Company, drawing a good salary, he wants the taxpayers to put more money into the corporation treasury or buy the plant that he may play with it. Other candidates for the office, other publishers of the county, invested their own money in their plants and buildings, having faith in the people and the county.

What do you think ok Mr. Combs' proposition to the tax-payers of Harper county? R. P. McCollocii. Dist.

S. S. Convention The northwest district Sunday school convention was held at the Keystone church Sunday. Regular S. S.

and preaching in the morning followed by an excellent basket dinner in the basement which everybody enjoyed. The convention commenced at two o'clock with a very interesting program. Everybody said at the close they had enjoyed a good dinner, a good program and many good helps. We were sorry our Co. Pres.

R. S. McGowen was not with us but our Co. Sec. Miss Florence Hudson of Runnymede was present with many good suggestions and helps.

The Kingman Co. Sec, and Temperence Supt. were present and took an active part. All present will agree with us that these conventions are certainly a great benefit to S. S.

work. The next convention will be held at the U. church at Attica sometime in October. Watch the papers for the date, and plan to be there to do good and get good. Roll Of Honor.

The following have our thanks for cash advanced on subscription to the Independent this week: W. E. Collins, City. G. F.

Doolittle, Zenda, Kas. Mrs. Caroline Eisenman, Harper, Mrs. Leota Jansen, Crisfield, Ks W. J.

Carmean, City. Leo Ryan, Zenda. Kans. C. T.

Bonham, 2 YV. A. Leader, Norwich, Kas. Ruby Gordan, Augusta, Kas. Henry Shannon, City.

E. Allenbaugh, Midas, Nev. A. E. Burgess, Harper, Kas.

Mas. Harrel, Rt. 1. New subscriber. The editor of this paper was in Wichita Saturday on business in connection with the' printing of the primary election ballots.

This is a big job and we expect to begin work on them next week. WW Kr yfi ievmly-ix dropped dead in hit home. Kit ion in PAPER MONEY ov the old dock which wa trusted, Both the old aenlleman'i MONEY J. kii.i.k. Cashier.

CEO. K1MIVSON Asa's Cannier THE STATE GUARANTY LAW. Farm Loans 1 curt liuiko litem at the lowest Rules, with Partial Payment Privileges, money ready when in icrfN'UJ. See me when- you are In need of a Loan, 11. SHANNON ATTICA STATU BANK BLDQ, IMPROVING SIGHT Relieving Nerve Strain That's what our glasses are doing.

If you have reason to believe that there is anything wrong with your eyes at all, you should have them examined at once, Small Charge For Proper Glasses -fiX- tSK J. L. KirkpatrJck Jeweler and optometrist Our Hobby Is Good Printing Ask to see samples of our business cards, visiting cards, wedding and other invitations, pamphlets, folders, letter heads, statements, shipping tags, envelopes, constandy carried in stock for your accommodation. Get our figures on that printing you have ben thinking of. New Type, Latest Style Faces -vJi'U nr 'Ttrs U.

SHANNON Prtwdent. P. It. ZACHAKtAS. Vica l't'iHifInt.


West Hound TIMU TAliLIS. EhhI Hound No. 117. I No. it p.

ni. No. 81. No. 111.

ft lOu, m. No. Mil, a.m. I No. KWi, a.

in. WKI'Kliffa I.OIMIK KKANI II. No. 544, p.m. I No.

fcfil, a.ou t. m. MH, No. Wtf. VI i.

rn it. in A I A-lort to 1H Mr A. i rihti oortni.ty, (vu'ti eaoh nionlh, ViHilintr brethren ifien a rordifil welcome. It. I) KI.Y.


aw. 10. Met'ls on I he Sefond and Fourth Friilny of each month. Visitinjr iiii'inUTs iiKvhvs wHromu, MAIIIIK STITII, W. M.

MAKY JONKS, Secretary ATTICA LnilOK, NO. I. I). P. Meets: at K.

V. Hall, every Saturday niKht. Visitinir Brethren always weli'omp. JOS. (iooDNICR.

N. CJ. A. MAKTIN. Secretary.

Ollicial Statement of tin; Finuiiclnl Condition of THE ATTICA STATE DANK at Attica, state of Kantian, at the close of buHlncss on the With day of June RESOURCES: Loans and discounts Loans on real estate Overdrafts, 715. iw Hank liuililiiiK Furniture and fixture l.uoo.ou Bonds to secure stale deposits (ill Other bondsand warrants l.tHKUW (iuaranly fund with bonds or cash l.rsm.nn ('ash itmis and clearinir house items. 275. 7H Cash and sirrht exchange. IcKal reserve.

4.ri,fii.'t.:u Total lS.667.8i! LIABILITIES Capital stuck paid In fcjn.OtKUio Surplus fund 4.4XJ.OO Undivided Interest l.Biy.SI Exchanire ti.0H.22 Less current expenses and taxes paid Rxl.75 J.M9.47 Individual deposits IWviK4.Hr Certiticates of deposits A2AMSAI Certilied chocks 2.VM.I) 1 in.ftif.lfi Total STATE OF KANSAS, COUNTY OK HAKI'KH I J. J. Kille, cashier of said bank do solemnly swear that the aliove statement is true; that said hank has no liabilities, and is not endorser on any noUj or obi unit ion, ot her than shown on the above statement, the best of my knowludne and belief. So heip me G'id. J.

G. KII.I.E. Cahhikk. Subscriled anil sworn to me, this 8th day of Julv, JOHN M. GARRISON.

Notaiiv (Commission expires on the 21ind day of February, RECT A TTEST: C. R. SHANNON. J.


To W. F. Ilenson, Hank Commissioner, Tojieka, Kansas. In this issue will be found the sale ad of F. E.

Murray and John McKaig. U. Kemp of Sharon is buying grain for the Aetna Milling at this place. For Sale Good washing machine and wringer. Inquire at this office.

Quite a number of Anthony and Harper people were in attendance at the funeral of Louis Meyers last Sunday. Some of the boys got the hose out Tuesday morning and wet down Main street for several blocks, which greatly cooled the air laying the dust and was greatly appreciated by suffering humanity. Buy Your Tea at Our Store and from our wide range of stock choose the leaf most suited to your taste. Keep in mind, too, that our supply of staple and fancy groceries is the best to be had. We assure Courtesy Cleanliness Honesty Service mm a mi DEPARTMENT STORE.

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