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The Burdett Bugle from Burdett, Kansas • 8

The Burdett Bugle from Burdett, Kansas • 8

The Burdett Buglei
Burdett, Kansas
Issue Date:
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The Burden Bugle. The follow 1111! 1- 1 report of the meat mmm HJBLlSafl) Br THS OPTIC STEAM PRINTING CO BKuflNt, Manager. Bl'RDKTT. KANSAS pried, $1.50 per Year. Advertising Rates, made known ujion Ap plication.

Address all correspondence to the BrRDfcTT Biui-E, Burdttt, Pawnee county, Kansas. -I3ST- held at the school house, last Saturday after noon i The meeting was organized with Mr J. F. Van Meter in the chair, and A. Cox, secretary The object of the meeting was stated as follows That arrangements be perfected by which we can purchase and improve ground to te used as a cemetery.

At the request of Mr. N. O. Mather, Mr. 11 1,:.

il. 1 tl he lid deed to the people of Burdett and vicinity, sufficient ground for the use ol a cemetery, stipulating that said people fence the same, and keep uch fence as they may erect in good repair. Also reserving a lot, at least twenty feet in length and two lots wide. Mr. Blossom suggested that, we, on behalf of the people, accept the offer, and will fence the ground with a tasty endurable Fall and Winter Goods CHUKCH 8EKVICE8 CATHOLIC.

Catholic service will le held at Burdct every Wednesday and Thursday following the first Sunday of each month. Rkv. J. B. Dissici.i amp, Pastor.

eTHE NEW PENNSYLVANIA STORE; Yarns, We will sell, at prison to suit the times, our complete stock of Dress-Goods, Clothing Underwear, Blankets, Comforts, IFIILIISriLSraiLS, HOSIERY, GLOYE3. 5cO. We ask for a careful inspection of our goods and comparison of prices. Bring with you if you please, your price from any other reliable retail house in Western Kansas, and we will duplicate it and allow you a discount of five per cent on all bills exceeding $10.00. Remember our motto is Underbuy, Undersell and, never be Undersold Call in and see us.

No trouble to show goods. Thanking you for past favors, we are, as ever, your obedient fence. On motion ot Mr. Blossom, a cemetery association was formed A motion prevailed, that the association select the ground tendered them by Mr. Brown.

It was moved and carried that the name of "(frown's Grove Cemetery," be the name of the association. A motion that the organization or corporation exist for ninety-nine years, was also carried. On motion, the chair was authorized to appoint live members to act as trustees of the association. The persons constituting the board of trustees are, Messrs. Almond Brown, N.

O. Mather, C. R. Case, C. R.

Dill and E. Blossom. On motion, Messrs. A. G.

Provine, Geo. A. Cox and R. M. Norris, were constituted a committee of three to solicit subscriptions for the purpose of defraying the cost of sur veying and fencing the grounds selected.

Th.i committee were ordered to report at the next meeting to be held Saturday, October 15th at the school house, at 2 o'clock o. m. Adjourned. CMMMMMI A. Cox, Secretary.

servant, G-BUBBi Mr. F. D. Tay lor, of l.arned, is in town lo-dav. C.

F. Wads worth was up from Lamed yesterday. Will Twist and wife were visitors in the city, Monday. H. Balu, of Carrollton, Illinois, is here visiting frit lids.

Mr. John Johnson visited friends in Garfield, Tuesday. Mr. A. J.

Alexander, of Lamed, visited Burdett, Tuesday. Mr. I). Armstrong our popular tree agent, in Burdett again. Attend the meeting at the school house next Saturday afternoon.

A corps of surveyors laid out a fresh batch of town lots yesterday. Mr. Adam Williams returned from a trip to Great Bend, Monday. We were agre-ablv surprised By a call from two local bells this afternoon. Mr.

Fred Duniond is erecting a residence on his farm in this vicinity. The smiling countenance of Mr. N. Creps was conspicuous on our streets yesterday. Mr.

lohn Wolf, of Ellinwood, paid Uui-dett another visit this week. He is buying cattle. Mr. J. R.

Mann of the Mann Hill loan agency, of Larned, was in town yesterday. Mr. S. L. Palmer returned from a visit to St.

Louis, Chicago and other points east, Tuesday evening. NEW GOODS! NEW ROOMS! NEW STOCK! 1 Brick Breeze. The herald of melancholy winter has come. Mr. Martin Wren, of Larned, spent the fore part of the week visiting friends along the Saw Mill.

Master Harry Friend has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, but wt are glad to learn that he is improving. The patron of the muse, who Is to write We have just opened one of the Finest lines of Furniture ever brought to Larned, consisting of the following -CHAMBEB STJITS UsT Walnut, Ash, CI13 rry, Mahogany, Antique Oak and Antiqne Asli. Parlor Suits in tie Latest Styes and teips. Also Library and Dinning-Room Sets in all styles and patterns. A complete line of Staple Furniture such as Rockers, Cane, Perforated and Wood Seated Chairs, Beds, Sofas, Tabes.

Lounges, Stands, Mirrors, Bureaus, Springs, doggerel on "The Verdant Valley of the Saw Mill," will have to hustle. Mr. N. Creps has been absent for the Matresses and Pillows. Are we to have a literary society this winter If so, who will take the initial step towards organizing Mr.

W. I. Crumpton, a school teacher and a very agreeable young gentleman, was a welcome caller, just before going to press. We are pleased to learn that Mr. J.

M. Cox has decided to locate in Burdett. Mr. Cox will be a valuable acquisition to our town. Messrs.

C. M. C. Houck and A. L.

Richmond, who are now in the emoloy of the UNDERTAKING. past week purchasing grain in the vicinity of of Newton, for fattening a large number of hogs. Mr. A. J.

Notestine is suffering from hypochondriacal derangement contracted while at Larned a few days ago, from irregular meals and too much night air. The matrimonial contagion still per This depart will be under the personal supervision of Mr. O'Dowd, who has had a life-long experience in under taking, and who guarantees univeral satisfaction. Our stock consists of everything pertaining to the line, such as cof- fins in plain, Burle, cloth and Metallic of every description, Shrouds robes and burial suits. A cooling board furnished vades the elements.

Two victims within one month and not a tin pan or cow bell has been heard. Boys, this is not paying proper K. and W. at Jetmore, paid Burdett a visit yesterday. A petition asking that Mr.

A. G. Pro-vine be appointed clerk of this school dis free of charge. Also a hearse run in connection. respect to the departed.

Worse and more of it. Another victim to Cupid's fatal arrow. A single moon had not yet waned, nor scarce had the aerial tides that kiss the face of Saw Mill Valley Everybody is cordially invited to call and inspect our new and elegant stock and get our prices, which we guarantee to be the lowest. Vours Very Respectfully, Peter, Rooms in City Building, one door west of Postoffice, Lamed, Kansas, trict to till the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. C.

R. Case, is now being cit-culated. Died On Friday, October 7th, Agness, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers.

A large circle of friends sympathize with the bereaved parents in their deep affliction. Mr. Abraham Jones, of Kinsley, was in ceased to vibrate to the peals of marriage bells from the time "Our Jack" smitten fell from cur ranks, until there again came tid ings of a like fate of another comrade. Alas, when will the temerity of rash youth cease? When will he truly appreciate the this vicinity during the fore part of the week looking for a lost hotse. It is a black filly, awfulness of that turning point in life where the prospective ends and the retrospective three years old and lias a white spot on the emptions in the Bitter Root Valley, Mon- tana.

They say their claims will make a million feet each, of logs. The land is level without stones and very productive. The oats this year averaging 70 bushels per acre, other crops in proportion. Rcfus. forehead.

begins? When will the fact that the joys and freedom of celibacy surrendered at the G. W. Ludimjtoii AGENT FOR Keith's Adjustable Bed-Spring. The acme of perfection Unequaled by any for durability elasticity, cleanliness, comfort and price. State and county rights for sale.

Handled only through agents. For private terms and particulars apply to W. Ludington Brown's Grove. Kas. The alarm, "lire started a crowd of U.

S. LAND OFFICE, Larnkd. September 10, 1887. Notice is hereby given that the following-named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before the Register or Receiver, at Larned, Kansas, on Tuesday, October 25th, 1887, viz Zachariah T. Shuck, Declaratory Statement No.

7,328 for the lots 1 and 2, and the south half of the northeast quarter of section 6, township 21 south of range 20 west. He names the following witnesses to prove hvmeneal altar are forever in the past, im men and boys in the direction of C. R. Case's store last Monday eve, where, it was soon press itself upon him? To such perplexing thoughts the following brings no favorable discovered, the ceiling had ignited from a defective lamp. The Haines were speedily ''Jones, he keeps a blacksmith shop, His wife a poultry pen Jones, he sho the horses.

And his wife, she shoos" the hen." The Manhattan Mercury hears that, extinguished. light: Married, at the residenceof the bride's parents, October 5th, Mr. John Williams and Miss Eva Patterson. While we recognize in this the loss of a friend and comrade, we can do naught but brush away the fast falling tears with our coat sleeve, and sav, At the meeting held at the school house the way to boom a river is to dam it last Saturday to discuss the cemetery ques tion, the Brown's Grove Cemetery Associa tion was organized. A charter will be ftp and then break the dam and the way to dam a town is to boom it and then break the boom.

his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of said land, viz Frank Mvers, G. W. Ludington, L. S. Wilson and A.

H. Mervvin, all of Burdett post office, Pawnee county, Kansas. 9 W. R. BROWNLEE, Register.

U. S. LAND OFFICE, Larnkd, October, 1st, 1887. Notice is hereby given that the following-named settler has filed notice of her inten BUSINESS LOCALS. U.

S. LAND OFFICE, Larnicd. Sept. 24th, 1887. Notice is hereby given tnat the following-named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before the Clerk of the District Court at Jet-more, Hodgeman count Kansas, on Tuesday, December 6th, 1887, viz John W.

Simons. Declaratory Statement No. 7225. for the southeast quarter of section 19, township, 21 south of range 21 west. Me names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz Henry C.

Quance, James W. Robinson, Hazen M. Waterljpuse, and Charles Ruff, all of Hodgeman postoffice, Hodgeman county, Kansas. 11 W. R.

BROWNLEE, Register. goodbye John. X. Rozel Bipplei John Holland was over from Bazinelast week. Will DeMoss, of Larned was up last Wednesday.

Lew Selig has a new cook-stove. Next comes the cook. The Keyesville Sabbath school was well attended last Sunday. tion to mike final commutation proof in support of her claim and that said proof will Barb wire cheap at Roetzel's. J.

A. Grubb sells a splendid overall for plied for, and the grounds donated by Mr. H. R. Brown will be fenced and platted.

Another meeting will be held at the school house next Saturday afternoon All those who feel interested in the cause should be present. Dr. M. W. Brack and family left for Phcenix, Arizona, this morning.

They will be joined at Larned by Mr. and Mrs. W. H. South, who will accompany them to Phoenix.

Will, it appears, had left for Sterling a lew days ago, where, on October I2lh, he bid adieu to the bachelor lraternity and joined 65Cts. Call at Carr's coal yard for plows. be made before the Register or Receiver at Larned, Kansas, on December 23d, 1887, viz: Emma S. Perrv, (nee Andress,) Home stead Entry No. 10,333, for the southeast quarter of section 10, township 22, south of range 21 west.

She names the following witnesses to prove her continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: William McAnulty, Edward Ellis, John Lenox, L. A. Choat, all of Burdett postoffice Pawnee county, Kansas. 13 Corn harvest has not begun yet and is Trees! Trees'. Call at Roetzel's for tree seeds.

A uood. fine, all wool suit of clothing, not likely to this year, so I guess we will at have to skip Thanksgiving. J. A. Grubb's, for Jio.oo.

G. Woodward went east last Sabbath. You can always tell which course the bird ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. State of Kansas, Pawnee Countv, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said county.

In the matter of the estate of Daniel Y. Sa- bin, deceased. Notice is hereby given that Letters of Administration have been granted to the undersigned on the estate of Daniel Y. Sabin, late of said County, deceased, by the Honorable, the Probate Court of the county and has llown from the trail Gib takes. W.

R. BROWNLEE, Register. U. S. LAND OFFICE, Larned, September 21, 1887.

Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his Mrs. Tuttle celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary of her birth, last Saturday. She For Sale. A number one span of mules at Carr coal yard. Domestic sewing machines, best in the world at Roetze's.

J. A. Grubb sells Clark O. N. T.

thread four cents a spool. was not forgotten by her many friends. Mr. D. M.

Camp, our genial postmaster, the benedicts. A host of warm persona) friends, who will always be ready to welcome them back to Burdett, send congratulations for Will and their best wishes for the entire party. Last Sunday we visited the claim of Mr. Geo. W.

Ludington, located about live miles north of town. His claim Is nicecly situated, and parts of it that are not especially adapt ed to agriculture abound with a good quality of building stone. Mr. Ludington has quite a large area of his claim under cultivation. His fruit trees exhibit a healthy growth, he has fully an acre literally covered with the finest water melons we have seen this season, and everything else in and about "the little old sod shanty" bears a like semblence of prosperity.

has gone to St. Louis to attend the encamp' metu, and more especially to give Grover warm grip. Lizzie, next time you and Flora go plum Carr's coal yard if you want Call at State aforesaid, dated me om nay 01 ucto-ber, A. D. 1887.

Now, all persons having claims against the said estate, are hereby notified that they must present the same to the undersigned for allowance within one vear from the date of said letters, or they mav be precluded from anv benefit of such estate and that if such claims be not exhibited within three years after the date of said letters, they shall be forever birred. F. D. TAYLOR, Administrator of the estate of Daniel Y. Sabin, deceased.

Larned, October 6th, 1887. 13-41 claim and that said prool will be made before the Register or Receiver at Larned Kansas, on January sth, 188S, viz William Hingston, Homestead Entry No. 6,515 for the west half of the southwest quarter of section 26, township 22 south of range 19 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz George Mc Cormack, C. L.

Couchman and Mathew Wilson, of George, postoffice. Pawnee county, Kansas, and P.J. Hecox, of Lar ned oostoffice, Pawnee county. Kansas. 11 W.

R. BROWNLEE, Register. A. Grubb's, for four farm tools, Standard Prints cents per yard. gathering, wait for the wagon and do not get lost.

Did you hear the bark of the hun gry coyote Recent letters received from the Monta Farm tools cheap at Carr's coal yard Great bargains in groceries, at A. Grubb' New Pennsylvania Store. na boys state that Will and Bink Byland Frank and Henry Shivell, have taken pre.

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