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Oak Hill Echo from Oak Hill, Kansas • 5

Oak Hill Echo from Oak Hill, Kansas • 5

Oak Hill Echoi
Oak Hill, Kansas
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i IP mm ii Kansas ortnes TSie nit air 11 Siggest OAVILTL BE HELD ATC- OLAY CENTER, OCTOBER 1, 2, 3, 4, 1889. Ci'p'-- There will be Fine Racing. A Fine Stock Show and an interesting display of Silk Worms and Cocoons. Reduced arcs on all roads. Admission Adults 23 cents, Children under 12 yours 13 cents.

Hon. Ford looks much ram Report, LOCAL NEWS. Improved by his sojourn among the Report of City Treasurer of Milton-vale, Kansas from May 1st, 1889 to III II Chas. Davis' race track is about fflillllp1 illlijiilil isles of the north. We hope his excellent wife shared fully in this gieut blessing, health.

Mrs. McDanlels 1 completed. Hank Maupiu August 1st, 1SS9 inclusive. RECEIPTS. May 1st to June 1st.

drove into tow speaks of the pleasures of her long visit to these most beautiful and ro i Sunday alternoon. May 1, to balance on hand $232.73 rs?" Chickens Wanted at Wiedman man tic health and pleasure resort, nevertheless she doubtless finds a 4, to License L. M. "WAGONS, New Cash Grocrry. Trudell's Livery Barn 5.00.

greater pleasure in being at home Read Clay Center Fair ad. in News 11, to License John Wil this week without fail son's Restaurant 8.00, jaiu among friends and loved ones. A Big Tomato. John Lovelaud brought a tomato to 27, to License 11. T.

The boys serenaded A. Rice and Grey Restaurant 3.00 wife Saturday evening. this office on last Monday which 27, to License Cole's weighed two pounds. Who can beat J. E.

Jones went up to Cortland Show 10.00. BUGGIES, FARM MACHINERY, AND FIXTURES. Also Coal of all kinds at the old stand opposite Commercial Houso. Terms reasonable JOHN SQUIltES, it? Saturday of last week. 27, to Fine, Wyman 6.00.

Read about the Fair at Clay Cen 27, to License Ford Lottery Condition of Trade, 3.00. ter in this week's News. RagFlcker (to undertaker) How's trade A. S. Green of the Manchester Sun $203.75.

Undertaker Dead. How's yours? was in our city this week. Read Clav Center ad. relative to 12.30. EXPENDITURES.

May 16, By warrant No. 135 157 no i3 tht Fair, in this week's News. 2.00. Rag Picker Picking up. Very True.

Lives of poor men oft remind ua llonest toil dou't stand a chanoe; if ore we work wo wear behind us Bijrg-er patches ou our pants. Club dance at Kulinle opera bouse 10.75. 2.00. MR, MR, oft- JL Go to Charles Noyes for Best, Brands of Flour that cornea to this town. Friday Sept.

27. Everybody invited Rev. Robert Wilson of Aurora was 81, To Bal. rsignedj $203.75, Edward Weck, Belleville (Kus.) PrcB a caller at this office on last Monday Ed. Rice went up to Concordia the Mis Cariosity roused.

City Treasurer, RECEIPTS. June 1st to July 1st. first of the week to "serve" on the jury, "What's that tram, mister?" he asked o3 Misses Cora and Maud Wilson of as an express shot past the station. $230.50. That's the famous "cannon ball." June 1, to balance 1, License E.

A. Kice Insurance "Gosh! Id like to see the cannon 10.00. what lired it." Corn Meul, Graham and Feed, ilespoctfully, CHAS. NOYBS. Miltonvale, Kansas.

mm Our Neio Butcher. 5.00. Aurora were visiting in town Monday. Geo. Chaplin of Concordia passed through this city one day lust week, A.

A. Bogart raised some of the finest watermelons we have seen this season, If anybody canlieat Rev. Col. Flsk talking we hope he will call on Milton- J. 0.

Maurer our new butcher began 6.00. business Monday morning of this week. eg V't'l i 1 wo nope ne may ao well his new calling. He has moved into the Tate 4, License T. J.

Francis Dray 5, License J. M. Moss Dray 17, License L. M. Trudell Dray 18, License Phil Young Furniture 19, License Mrs.

C. E. Pye, Peddler License W. R. Davis 3.00.

building a lew doors south of the M. church. yale at once. 5.00. Gasoline Dr.

Reittv has been attending the family of A. 15. Arnold of Oak 3.00. Well Done Boys. The boys got.

well on to Ed. Rice this time, and they rent the air and Hill of late. Bank 10.00. Hon. J.

C. Burkhart ot Oakland License J. W. Mat made the Mews a pleasant call Wed nesday of this week. thews Groceries 20, 22.

5.00. several of their throats in expressing their appreciation of that gentleman and his excellent wife. Edward set up the cigars and the boys went home Loomis' License T. C. Bond Dr Fairchilds is bavinir a nice Son ONE PRICE HOUSE.

Now Arriving 5.00. happy. 25, License W. S. Phelps Insurance 10.00.

Drugstore. A New Furniture Sto re Coming. The editor of the News was shown a lettr on Saturday evening last from B.2Tiiacon at Wiedmana is'ew Cash $300.30. $51.00. 3.50.

DISBURSEMENTS. June 8, By warrant No. 173 J. L. Miller of Vining Kansas, saying Grocery.

he had shipped a car load of furniture office fitted up in the first door south of Wideman's cash store. Mr3. Jake Miller and daughter Kose went down to Oak Hill to visit Mrs Miller's parents last Sunday. The editor and his wife vLilted Mr and Mrs- A. Bogart last Sunday and enjoyed their hospitality to repletion.

T. C. Bond presented to bis wife Mrs. T. C.

Bond an elegant 850.00 satin lined silk valvet cloak on Monday of this week. (Jo to Loom is drutr store, for all to Miltonvale, and asking that the Dry goods, Boots and Shoes. 3.50, kinds of rubber croods. such as trusses. Mrs.

M. Phelps building be put in abdominal svpporters etc. order to receive the goods. 21.50. 3.50.

4. 174 a 17- 7, J77 I3 178 i4i j79 29, to balance (0 to McDanifd's Imv a Married. We have he best can of Baking Powder and In Lenoardville Kansas Sept. 24 1889, 1.50. 15.00.

195.05. $300.50. Newt Van Pelt to Miss Annie Wimer. 110 will give you a wagon for the littio folks. $2.50 LADIES SHOE Bal.

on hands July 1, 188, 105.05. Mr and Mrs. Van Pelt arrived In this city Tuesday of this week and will make this their future home. The News extend best wishes to the happy couple. 'Tis A Faot.

That the service on the Union Tacific. Signedl Edward Weck. City Treasurer. RECEIPTS. 'The Overland Itoute," is becoming 1 1ST TjETHi better every day.

The latest addition July 1st, to August 1st. the already excellent equipment, is a line of through Pullman sleepers be 1T tween Cheyenne Chicago, via Denver, 1 Kansas City and Chicago Alton It. S. S. Convention.

We are under obligations to Mr. J. W. Tayloe for a synopsis of the S. S.

convention which was held in Concordia last week. The convention will be held in Miltonvale next year. The following are the oflicers for next year: President J. W. Tayloe, Vice President J.

Woods, Secretary C. P. P. Fox Treasurer G. tf Palmer.

I Ja These cars are of the most Improved pattern, and this additional service will be appreciated by the patrons of the Union Pacific. Harvest Excursions. Low Hates The sauta Fe Iloute will sell, on Au We can sell you more goods for a dollar than any other house in the city. COME AND SEE AND DE CONVINCED. To balance July 1st.

$105.05. July 2, License Babbitt Johnson c.00. 10, Interest fund llOoO. Fund cj.oo. $402.65.

EXPENDITURES. July 2, By order No. 180 CO. 181 $1.00. i82 63ua 183 2.00.

7. 183 8.50. 180 3.25. 187 47u 188 8.05, 180 25. 11, 100 2.13.00.

20, Express on coupons, 23. Aug. 1, to balance 127.40. $102.05. Bal.

on hand Aug 1. 1889. $127.40. gust 6 and 20, September 10 and 24, and October 8, 1880, round-trip excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates about one fair for the round trip from Oak Hill to all points in Kansas west of a Yours Itcsp. C.

E. McDaniel. Mrs. Mary Wilkins and Mrs. Anna Studivaut were callers at this office Saturday last.

Mrs. S. Brought in the touching poem on Mrs. Eliva Jeffs death. W.

Compton one of the News' oldest subscribers called on us Wednesday and left two dollars on subscription. Mr. Compton is an industrious Ottawa County farmer. L. B.

Hakes a son-in-law of Rev. John Boggs of Clyde called on us AVed-nesday. Mr. Hakes is a prominent member of the Christian church and an excellent man. David Terhune of Morrill Kansas has been in town during the past week negotiating a sale of his valuable farm which is six miles west of this city.

We did not learn whether Mr Terhune closed the sale or not. 'Dick' Weils, one of Cloud countes most industrious farmers called on us Monday and subscribed for the News. Mr. W. was selling apples raised on his farm.

Some of tham weighing as much as a pound. Go into Wideman's and look at some of "Dick's" fine apples, VT. L. Johnson who "figgered" prominently in our courts a year or so ago and was daily and lovingly caressed with smoothin' irons, frying pans and stale cabbage by hin irate spouse, and who came out of the battle second best, has been heard from. He and his wife No.

3 a Miss Raymond are living in the romantic section of the United States known as "Arkansas. Iter. M. A. Wixon united Mr.

Johnson' and Miss Raymond in marriage" a few months ago. We understand Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will shortly return to Cloud County to live. Delegates.

The following delegates and alternates were elected to the convention to-morrow; DELEGATES J. Neill, A. B. Fry. M.

Lathrop, O. A. Loomis, W. J. Hayes J.

W. Matthews, F. O. Scarr. ALTERNATES L.

Wideman, J. Wooaworth, -W. W. Bright, C. E.

McDaniel, John Good-reau J. C. Cline, Del. Barber. line drawn through Albert station, (IJarton County,) Lamed, (Pawnee County,) Macksville, (Stafford County,) and Spnngvale, (i'ratt County,) and to 11 all points in the Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle of Texas, I mmm i tT j.s 5 g'S-j trs hi ass ifiiH immm(4 Signed Edwaiid Weck.

City Treasurre. Phil Yonng Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Tickets are gojd for thirty days from dat of sale, with siop-overs allowed at pleasure on return trip. Parties desiring to mane a thirty days trip to any of the western mountain resorts, Including Las Vegas Hot (Springs, Colorado Springs, Cascade Canon, Manitou, (Jrten Mountain Falls, Can save money by taking advantyge of the low rates on Uit Harvest Excursion dates. For ticket rates and other information, rail on Ii.

M. Hailey, A-cent A. T. s. F.

It. or address GEO. T. NrcHoLso.v O. F.

X. A. T. S. F.

K. K. Topeka, Kansas. has a beautiful The Ant and the Grasshopper. 'How do you expect to live next winter without anythinar to eat? asked the busy art of a lazy grasshopper.

"I expect to pass in my checks before that time," was the answer. "But suppose you don't?" "Then," said the grasshopper, as he winked his eye, "I will board with you; so, for fear I may be with you all winter, you had better hustle around and lay in a big supply of grub." MORAL. There are lots of grasshoppers. H-'ItsbHc. line of carpeting.

a 4. a. ,3 DC 5 1 s.s djfr3rK -55, Prices way do wn..

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