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Oak Hill Echo from Oak Hill, Kansas • 5

Oak Hill Echo from Oak Hill, Kansas • 5

Oak Hill Echoi
Oak Hill, Kansas
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3. LOCAL DOINGS. BARGAINS EVERYBODY. THE- John Willcy took in work done iu his ehop lust Saturday over seven dollars. There are no "Hies" on this kind of business.

John take good caro of your cash, get you a cage ami then capture the Le happy the reniaiuder of your djs. Phil Young's little girl, Winnie, has a very bad throat. We hope nothing fatal will result from it, Should such be the case, it would be a bad day for ilr. and Mrs. Young.

Take good care of all tho little folks. They are the llowers of the heart. Philander Matson on last Friday while holding a fractious horse at Alex. Young's was severely hurt by the horse falling on him aud knocking his shoulder out of place. Drs.

Fairchild and Bardnck went out aud adjusted the limb, and Mr. M. is walking round all right again. Milestone 25, Our fellow citizen Mr. John JSuehe and his excellent wife held their Silver wedding on last Sunday tit Mr.

cozy resilience just vast of the' city. Twenty-live years of married life was reviewed by Mr. and Ruche. A large number of friends were present to make merry with the gentleman and his excellent wife. They came from the city, surrounding neighborhood and distant towns.

norsK lTi.i.. Tlie parlor, sitting-room and dining-room were filled, a goodly number lingered under the friendly shades outdoors. We Inspected Mr. line stock, his farm, barns, etc. We can say John Ruche has the most interesting barn a regular Dutch barn too, and we have eeen in Kansas.

All tho visitors of the mule gender looked over Mr. barn and pronounced it. tip-top, and wanted to STAR OR DOOR NORTH OF LOTOY'S. 1 have just returned from Chicago where I bought a fine stock of poods suit able for this market. Come and see me before buying.

It will pay you to do so. I bought my goods for cash, and selected them with great care. I hey are new fresh and good. NOTHING SHODDY AND PRICES TO SUIT EVERYONE. 1 have an elegant line of hats of the latest style, trimmed and untnmmed.

Also bounet and toque franif s. Hats from 25 cents up. I bought these direct from the manufacturer, and therefore can sell them very low. I have a lull line of beautiful velvets, satins, silks, felts, etc, of different grades, colors and prices. Come in and see them.

trouble to show my goous. I KEEP Fishing arty-r- A gay party of Miltonvale folks went on a fishing excursion a few days ago. The party consisted of the following Mrs. Jolm Squires as matron to the party, Misses Cora Squires, Belle Hose, Gracio Cline, Eva Lisenbry and Kinina Weaver, Messrs. Chas.

Davis, Prof. Leroy Ousley, Sam Emory Squires, Chas. Brooks and Asa Buck. The party went in wagons and took a full lino of camp equipage along. Tho objective point was found four miles west of Clay Center near the mouth of Five creeks.

The nartv caught a nice lot of fish. Some', of them were so long J3T JB and others longer. The party had plenty to eat and drink, however there was nothing stronger than good Mocha cptTee and Oolong tea. The boys sat rotyid the camp tires all night, telling wfld western stories, and every now- and then shivering as they heard the innocent bark of a belated prairie dog which they took to be vicious wolves and Jackals ready to devour them, while the ladies in their cozy tents slept the sleep of peaco. The party all got back safely and reported a good time.

Mrs. Squires says the boys acted real nice, and the young ladies were perfection itself. A3 the News reporter writes those lines he sets near a handsome Hose which graced the party, aud re-mainsthe same beautiful Rose. P. S.

Will Sam Tayloe and. Emory Squires please tell where they got the milk for the coffee? We are sorry we haven't the cut of the good natured cow, who supplied the lacteal lluld for the occasion, for some how we incline to the opinion that those same young men robbed gentle mild-eyed "bossy" of the milk that made the coffee palatable. How is it, gentlemen? Come, boys, "fess up." tftring Mound, Oats will soon do to harvest. We are having plenty of waim weather. The Spring Mound Sunday school is well attended.

The roses have come again, and, alas, have almost gone. Grandma Clement, Mrs. Cronkite'fl mother, is visiting at J. T. Brooks'.

Misses Dora and Ollio Woodworth entertained callers Thursday afternoon. Frank Stanton had a new 1. X. L. windmill erected on his farm lust week.

John S. Parks of Clay Center was in the neighborhood this week calling on friends. M. F. Austin and wife entertained company from Clay Center Sunday the oth Inst.

We understand there was a boclal dance at Mr. Kllner's on the evening of th inst. We understand that Miss Ella Dawes ill attend the last two weeks of the Teachers Normal Institute in Clay Co. which begins next Monday. Miss Ella is one of Cloud county's best teachers.

We are pleased to learn that "Amer ica" and "Germany" are on amtcanie terms again, but was somewhat surprised to learn that the mail route had been changed from a semi-daily to tri-wcekly. mi Scarr, Lester Murdock and Ed Townsend returned home last Saturday from Emporia where they have been attending tho state normal. We are pleased to recognize their pleasant countenances again in our midst aud would say, welcome home boys. Milton Conlin, the reliable and effi cient engineer on the U. P.

railroad and brother,) fireman on the same road, and Walter Wilson, the polite and accomo dating pharmacist of Dr. A. K. Bard- rick's drug store, were pleasant callers at Major Brooks' last Sunday. On last Monday afternoon a fishing party drove passed J.

T. Brooks' place enrouto for the Kepublicau river. They stopped and took Charlie with them for their guide. They camped on Five creeks, just above where it empties into the river, where they fished and picniced till Tuesday afternoon. Following are the names of the excursionists: Mrs.

Squires aud daughter Miss CoraJrflssesGraceCline, Eaim'a Weaver, Belle Rose, and another young lady I did not learn her name. Gentlemen: Prof. Ousley, Sam Tay- loo, Emery Squires, Chas. Da via, Ace Buck and Chas. Brooks.

They all report a jolly time. Charlie B. says he will go "Whcu tbo rose come agaiu." Leah. A Sound Legal Opinion. E.

Bainbridge, Munday County Clay Texas says: "Have used Electric Hitters witn most nappy results. My brother also was very low with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but was cured by timely use of this medicine. Am satisfied Electric Bitters saved his life." Mr. D. I.

Wilcoxson, of Horse Caret adds a like testimony, saying: He positively believes he would have died had it not been for Electric Bitters. This great remedy will Ward off, as well as cure all Malarial Diseases, aud for all Kidney, Liver and Stomach Disorders stands uuequaled. Price GOc. and $1. at O.

A. Loomis' Drug store. tGood lunches at Shannons. Harvest has begun. Ei.1.

Davis visited Clay Center Monday. Plenty of now potatoes in the markets. Head G. C. Buche's ad.

iu the News this week. Mrs. l'eeken was in town collecting rents Saturday. Children's Day in the M. E.

church on last Sunday. Frank Scarr was 'round among old friends Saturday. Misses Cora and Mamie Week went to Concordia Tuesday. David Furguson says his wife is well. All right, Dave.

Frank McGee has been work! tig over his garden of late. Wils Matthews went to Concordia Tuesday to see a dentist. II. M. Cronkito is back from Oklahoma looking well and happy.

G. C. Buehe Is to the front with au "ad" this week. Read it. Victor Matthews returned from Lawrence Monday of this week.

Charlie Chartier and Joe Benoit expect to start to Leadville soon. We hear that Will Morrison intends starting for Colorado after harvest. Uro. Drake, of Sulphur springs, was in town on business last IJ. T.

Olm stead has returned trom Oklahoma looking none the worse of wear. R. W. Stoops, of Sulphur Springs, was in town Monday talking with friends. Friend Cowan says he has a license to run a dra7.

Say, Mr. who issued your license? Misses liirdio Buck and Pbenia Buehe called on the Mews editor Mon day morning. B. F. Rose, of Pipe creek, an old soldier and prosperous farmer, was in town Saturday.

Miss Rosa Nimerick closed a suc cessful term of school at the heeler school house last week. The News received fourteen new subscribers last week. Ed. Marshall hasn't killed us to date. Misses Belle Howe and Belle Fowl-! er visited Concordia Saturday last, returning Sunday evening.

"Willie Lowry has been sick with chicken-pox. Ho is about well again however, and round the store. Rev. Boyd of Idana delivered an excellent sermon at the Pleasant View school house hut Sabbath evening. A number of our city people visited the cemetery Sunday and looked upon the last resting place of dear ones.

It was J. A. Carouthers who went to Concordia last week instead of his wife. The editor made the mistake. Rev.

Henry Slater will preach in the Christian church Saturday evening and 29 days. A. B. Fry "A little more milk, madam, please." W. J.

Hayes says Bro. Fry is awful fond of milk in his coffee. Miss l'henia louche left ior a two weeks visit to Morganville on Tuesday of this week. She went with her sister, Mrs. Mary Cook.

Mrs. J. B. Stoctdill has gone back to her home on Pipe Creek. She has been under Dr.

Henry's care at Idana 10 weeks. Mrs. S. is much better. The Rev.

Mr. Hindman pastor of the I'resbyterian church of this city will preach next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Every one invited to attend the services. Mrs. James Mc Arthur celebrated her birthday on last Friday.

Her mother, brother and friends came over from Clyde last Friday to make Joy over the occasion. We neglected to state in the News of last week Mr. and Mrs. C. W.

Jordan's visit to this city. They were the guests of Mr. aud airs. C. E.

McDaniel while in town. David Woodruff, ore of Cloud county's best Republicans, and a prosperous farmer living four miles north of the city, was in town talking politics with his many friends. Mrs. C. E.

McDaniel and little girl expect to leave text week for a visit to the northern lakes. We presume Mrs. M. will there join her parents, Mr. Nicholas Ford and wife.

Go to dowry's store and ask him to show you "Grandpa's the best soap ever made. The editor of the News never used a butter quality of soap. Just try it and be convinced. II. (.

McDonald, former editor of the old reliable Miltonvale News, is in luck. He has been appointed to the position of postal clerk on the Rock Island railway. Mr. McDonald is capable man and will handle the Laces, Ribbons, Flowers, Tips and Plumes, Ituching, ladies collars, arasene, em-broidery silks, chenilles, tinsel, handerchiefs, kid silk and thread gloves. W.A.

my goods. I will take pleasure shewing let live 32 Doctor lieatty, Frank McUee, and Dr. Realty, droyo over to Pipe creek last Thursday and thence on within six niiks of Ottawa court house. The gang captured a big lot of fish, about perhaps less than three thousand, consumed a tub of victuals and drank one prong of Pipe creek dry. They had a dorsum time, and their eyes stuck out with fun next day.

We want to exonerate Charles L. Wilson from any intention of doing the editor of tho News any wrong in regard to the stories alloat about our trying to get the postollico at Miltonvale. Had it not been for Mr. Wilson, we would not have knowlt ot the matter as soon as we did. lie, Wilson, sent for the editor of tho News and told him who brought the story to this city and who told him.

Mr. Wilson has acted the man in this matter as he has always done in every tiling else so far as we have ever known. Charles L. Wilson and J. C.

Cline have been the suffering parties at the hands of tho malevolent party who conceded and peddled out these venomous falsehoods. This party may as well climb down off his roost for we are on his track and mean business. Failed to Show Up. open-eared public are anxious to have the gentleman who left his bed and board in Concordia and came to Miltonvale under the pretense of friendship and told certain parties that C. Cline was trying to get the Milton vale postollice, either for himself or his son, make his statements true or acknowledge he has lied.

The parties into whose ears that cruel talo of wrong-doing was poured, should nave come to the editor. I his would have been the proper way, the manly way, and one miht be led to think the christian way. Now where are the parties, or party, who started this lie Echo answers where 1 Where i3 that "letter'' that was to make it plain Yes, where is it, gentlemen You have charged J. C. Cliun with having made application for the Mil tonvale postollice.

I know who the party is. so do the people of Miltonvale know You must come forward with your proof or stand out like Ananias of old. It don't amount to anything to certain ones how much they besmirch the editor's character. Poor old Tray suffered for getting into bad company. If our Miltonvale friends had closed their ears to the mangy whelp from Concordia, there would had been no cause for complaint.

We do not think any man in this eity intended to do us any harm. They were mislead by a man they trusted. The editor of the News has only good will for those who, perhaps, uninten tionally injured him. Life is too short for indulgence of strife. The man who brought about all this trouble wo are glad to say is not a citizen of jmUIou-vale.

Zahnville Items. Frank Gilchrist has traded for a span of mules. Is Charley Kuhnle trying to buy a farm in Zahnville F. B. Stowe and wife started for Trego county last week.

J. L. Hubbard and wife and daughter Louie took a trip to Clay Center Monday. Some of tho Zahnville boys visited the Spring Mound Sunday school last Sunday. They are very thorough in their teaching, and when we were there thev read their lesson from the bible.

Some folks went a fishing over here, and right on Sunday too, and got to quarreling about the size of the linn thpy had caught, but agreed to settle it by weight. A. claimed to have the largest fish, but B. did not want to lie about a little cat-fish, so he put a stone in its mouth on the sly which got him into trouble. Moral: It is very wrong to lie about the size of a fish, S.

W. Mannox Horn. To Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, in the city of Miltonvale, Kansas, June ICth, at the hour of 9 o'clock p.

son. Dr. S. V. Fairchild attending physician.

fess Shannon soils 2 loaves of bread for a nickle. Call on him at the city, call often and see it more. TI11J WNNKll was tho acme of the cooks greatest effort. Everything the best markets could afford was there turkey.chicken, ham, given peas, pies, cake of many kindH, 'quality and ll ivois, coffee, tea, water, fruit, confectionery, cheese, bon-moti, ami a great many things the reporter could not name without calling up the cook. Everybody was happy nnd hungry.

Jim Neill, V. L. Babbitt, Mayor Siarpe, M. F. Austin, A.

B. Fry, Jim Burbank, Ed. Towns-end, Charlie Stock and several others gave a practical evidence of their ability to. get food out of sight without putting it iu a cellar. A Kansas grasshopper would have turned pale with envy and cut his throat at tho sight.

Mrs. Bucho and her amiable daughters, assisted by Mrs. F. E. Buck and Mi33 Birdie, saw that everyone was helped to tho best.

CltE.VM. A huge freezer of ice cream smiled frigidly upon this festive occasion and everybody found it like unto the "land of promise," free to all. Tho ladies who understand such all'airs pronounced tho dinner, ico cream and social menu par excellent. After dinner the organ was brought into requisition and music, instrumental and vocal, helped along tho wheels of time. Messrs.

Fry, Burbank, Towns-end and others "Marched again through Gcorgie," and "Tramped, tramped," and closed with "Beulah Laud" aud sweet pia and pie. The following is a partial list of those present and gifts from friends Tea spoons Kd. Townsend and wife. Tablo spoons V. L.

Babbitt and wife. Butter knife John Shay and wife. Two dollars Wm. Sharpe and wife. Silver salt and pepper dish James Burbank and wife.

Three dollars Mr. Haas and wife, of Vining, Kas. Table spoons Mr. Colin and wife, of Viuiug, Kas. Pickle castor Mr.

Webber and of Vining, Kas. Two dollars Mr. VanCampen and wife, of Vining, Kas. Two dollars Mr. Rusco and wife, of Vini nil, Kill'.

Tea spoons Mr. Eye and wife, of Clay Center. Sugar spoons- Mrs. F. A.

Buck. Butter-knife Miss Birdie Buck. Two dollars Mr. Cook and wife, of Morganville. Tea spoons Miss Saraphena Buehe.

One dollar Joseph Buehe. One dollar J. C. Buehe. Silver castor G.

Kuhnle, A. B. Fry, M. Austin, James Neill aud Chas. Stock.

Silver stand Mesdamcs (. A. B. Fry, M. Austin, Janus Neill and W.Zahn.

Pickle castor Charles Noyes wife. Silver thimble and hair ornament C. Cline and wife. Mr. CronKite and wife, Misses Alice Diller, Clertie and Nellie Burbank, Florence Sommers, Ulysess Bower of Vining, Wm.

Veidt. Fred Kuhnle, Asa Buck, J.G. Cush- man. will Aicunwcti. and mere were doubtless others present whom the re porter failed to see.

Among tho youngsters present were Misses Gertie Babbitt, Eilia Buck aud master Carl Cline. These young people sang some pretty songs and otherwise made themselves agreeable to their friends. As the phades of evening drew near the friends departed, wishing Mr. aud Mrs. Buehe many days of happiness and prosperity.

The Jew Discovery. You have heard your friends and neighbors talking about it. Y'ou may yourself be one of the many who know from personal experience just how good a thing it is. If you have ever tried it you are one of its staunch friends, because the wonderful thing about it, that when once given a trial, VI. King's New Discovery ever after holds a place in the house.

If you have never used it and should be afllicted with a coueh, cold cr any Throat, Lung or Chest trou ble, secure a bottle at once and give it a fair trial It is guaranteed every time, or money refunded Trial Bottles Free at O. A Loomis Drug store. tSPBest tobacco and cigais at Banner rods and rings, thimbles, corsets, hair goods and bustles, fans, face powders of different kinds, ladies and children's hose, hair pins, fancy and common, elastic webbing, hook and eyes, pins, and needles, featherbone, steel springs for ladies dresses, zephyrs, saxony, braid, knitting silk, crochet needles and an almost endless variety of notions too numerous to mention. I ask you to come In aud look throngh them at all times. W3m WILb in reference to my goods, prices etc I endeavor to sell on the principle "Live and QOME EST AND SEE ME BEFORE AKLNG YOUR PURCHASES.

Etespeotfully- Hilton vale MRS. A. L. GLINE, business successfully. bakery..

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