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Santa Fe Monitor from Santa Fe, Kansas • 2

Santa Fe Monitor from Santa Fe, Kansas • 2

Santa Fe Monitori
Santa Fe, Kansas
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I Examiner. G. T. Bii.vTTr,Tr. J.

F. Keex, Fres. J. Io.nt;ij First Published 3Iay 2, 1S90. PUBLICATION SUMMONS.

First published April 11, 1S90. KOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. PROCEEDINGS OF THE The State cf Kansas, to Ernest G. Walker, Land Office at Garden City. April 8, 1S90.

i.1 Notice to Tax Payers. The Bard of County Commissioners will sit as a Board of Equalization of taxes on the 1st Monday of June, at the office cf the County Clerk. All persons feeling themselves aggriev JNotice is hereby given that the following Board of County Commissioners of defendant, greeting: You are hereby notified that you have SANTA EE. MOXITOB. PrBLISIIED EVERY FPwIDAY.

ATLANTA FE, KANSAS. named settler has filed notice of his inten been sued by John H. Williams, plaintiff, in tion to make final proof in support of his Haskell County, for the April Term. The Eern-Rosenthal Invostment Ci, the district court of Kansas, in and claim, and that said proof will be made be ed by reason of the assessment or valuation of their property as returned by the Assessor, can appear before said Board of county of Haskell, and that unless you answer or otherwise plead to the petition filed in said court by said plaintiff, on or before the 13th day of June, 1890, said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered against you accordingly for 100.00 and in JOHN J. MILLER, Editor.

Special Session. Equalization and have a hearing npon guch grievance at that time. fore Kegister or Keceiver, at Garden City. Kansas, on June 20th, 18U0, viz: James B. Male, for the ne Section 35, Town.

27, range 34, Final El. E. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: J. M.Winegar and Louis Payne of Ivanhoe, F. E.

Stone, of Garden City, R. E. Oliver, of Oliver. D. M.

Fkort. Register. -OF SANTA FE, KANSAS. STATE OF KANSAS, IIASHELL ViOUJiT. terest thereon at 12 per cent from Jan.

1st, 1888, and foreclosing a mortgage executed and delivered by you to E. Heliker, trustee H- Httsset, 46-3w- County Clerk. To the Honorable Board of County Com OFFICAL PAPER OF THE COUNTY AND CITY. missioners of Haskell County, State of Kansas: etc. for A.

C. ilcox, for said amount, dated January 1, 18S8, on the following described real property, in Haskell county, Kansas, to To Whom it May Concern. Capital Stock, Gentlemen: that John A. First published Apil 18, 18i0. SHERIFF'S SALE, wit: Lots 3 and i and 14 quarter of Jtl V.V U.

Ax insane asjlum near Montreal burned Tuesday, and about 100 of the inmates lost their lives. We hereby respectfully ask yon that the Miller has filed his application for a per section 31 in township 28 south, of range 34 dier's grave in the county the G. A. feel it to be a sacred duty to strew that one grave with flowers and observe the 30th day of May, to them one of the mott sacred holidays. The following committees have been appointed: On general arrangements, H.

Hussey, W. P. Claybourn, P. H. Hill, H.

Stone and J. L. Snavely. On speaker, A. P.

Heminger, W. V. Marshall and J. M. Baker.

On decoration of graves, P. H. Hill, H. Stone, Z. Roberts and James Ellison.

On music, A. P. Heminger, W.H. Hussey and V. P.

Claybourn. On securing flowers and decorating and arranging hall, J. C. Buster, W. S.

Brackney, P. J. Wasson, Mes-dames Rose Crist, Ella Michaels J. A. Miller, Misses Minnie and May Fallon, Fannie Brackney, Delia "Wasson, Ollie Piinehart, Ella Chaplin, Laura Cannon, Minnie Marlow and Nettie Cunningham.

Marshall, J. C. Buster. Meet at Ivanhoe cemetery at 9 In the Pistriet Court of the 32nd Judicial Pis triet, sitting ia and for the Couuty of Haskell mit to sell intoxicating liquors for medi Hie rMULt ill AHUMiS Milton Brown and A. U.

C. Bierer, naintffs. vs. term during which this bank shall act as an official depository of Haskell county be extended to May 15, 1891 and that in consideration of the bond already given by in All Classes of cal, mechanical and scientific purposes only, at Santa Fe, Kansas. Said applica alter I.

I.srkm and Kale E. Larkin. DefTts.n Bv virtue of au order of sale issued to me. out tion was sisrned bv the requisite number of said district court, in the ahove entitled ac ua and the farther consideration of pay- of householders and will be heard June west of the 6th priucipal menaian, and for th? sale of said real t.roperiy, without ap-praisment, to pay the debt secured by said mortgage, with interest and costs. Witness my hand and seal cf said court, which I have affixed at my office in said county, this 2Sth day of April, 1890.

(Seal.) W. F. Faiaon, Clerk of the District Court. L. K.

Soper, Dodge City, and C. W. Wadsworth, Attorneys for Plaintiff. The Singer Sewing Machine works at Elizabeth, N. burned Tuesday morning.

The concern employed 3,300 people. The weekly pay roll tion. I will, on Tuesday, the 20th day of May, A. D. 1X, at one o'clock p.m.

of said i ay, at the east trout door of the court house, in the ments by us of three per cent, interest per 1Rfln 1n vwlr Atf mv office Warrants and Bonds. city of Santa Fe. in the county of Haskell, in the in Santa Fe, Kansas. annum on daily balance to be computed and credited monthly, our bank be desig state ot Kansas, oner at pblie sale, and sell to P. Heuikoes, Probate Judge.

me highest ana best imiuer, lor cash in hauu, all the following described real estate, to-wit Lot So. seven (7) in block fortv-six (4) in nated as the sole and exclusive depository 4fi-4w. the town of Santa Fe, Kansas, as shown by the recorded plat thereof, lying and situate in the of all public moneys coming into the hands of the Treasurer of Haskell connty county of Haskell in the state of Kansas. The above described real estate is taken as the QUARTERLY STATEMENT daring that portion of the unexpired term nropertv of said defendants, and is directed by Dr. MaryWalkeb is said to be in such straitened circumstances that she is compelled to to wear trousers which bag at the knees.

Emporia Republican. beginning May 15, 1800, and ending Janu said order of sale to be sold, smd will be without appraisement, to satisfy said order of -OF- Choice Farm Moriiwes, ary 15, 1891, and the extended term beginning January 15 and ending May 15 saie. u. bustkii. Sheriff of Haskell County, Kansas.

Brown, Bierer Cotteral, Attorneys. J. G-. MICHAELS, County Treasurer of Haskell County, First Published May 2, 1S90. PUBLICATION SUMMONS.

The State of Kansas, To J. P. Rice, Thomas Mills, and Mrs. Mills, his wite, whose given name is to plaintiff unknown, Hugh T. Bowers and Mrs.

Bowers, his wife, whose given name is to plaintiff unknown, defendants, you will take notice that William T. Tinsley, as plaintiff, did, on the 11th day of April, 1890, file his petition in the district court of Haskell county, Kansas, agxinst you, as defendants, and join with you as your co-defendants William II. Craig, E. Craig and T. D.

Craig, setting forth that said Win. E. and Emma E. Craig, two of said 1891. Respectfully submitted, Tub Haskell Cotjntt Bank, By J.

Rosenthall, Secretary. The Kansas Pharmaceutical Association will meet at Topeka, May 20, a. decorate grave, thence go to Santa Fe where the speaking and published April 18, 'IK)." NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Office at Garden City, Kans-, April 15, ISiK). Kansas, Snowing Balance in His Hands for the Quarter Ending April 1st, 1890.

VI Upon motion of D. P. Johnson the Other exercises will be had. All to bring their baskets filled. Programme next week.

JLiCtii iV i Notice thereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support Stocks. Kind of proposition of the Haskell County Bank was accepted and the motion being put by the chairman, the following vote was defendants, under date of the 1st day of of his claim, and that said proof will be Farmers, when you go to Garden male before the Probate Judjje of Haskell FTJXD. had: Commissioner D. P. Johnson, aye, and continue in session several days.

A good program has been prepared and a good time is expected. The papers are now explaining that Kansas wants another insane asylum. No cause is given for the increase of demented people, but prevalence is noticed to be principally among those who have tried to make estimates of the coming crop in City call at the old and well estab couuty, at Santa Fe, on June 20th, February, 1S8S, made their mortgage to E. Heliker, trustee for A. C.

Wilcox, which said mortgage is now owned by plainilS on the following 'described lands in Jiaslcell Our -TiXtK1 commissioner J. W. Swartz, nay, commis ISaO, viz: John Franklin Final II. E. lished hardware store of F.

Finnup No. 2074, for the S. W. quarter of Sec. 25, sioner J.

E. Marlow, ays. and examine his stock of McGorraick county, Kansas, to-v'it: Tho SiV quarter of i And thereupon the following resolution Business Criianmlc Iwp. 27 32 w. He names the follow ing witnesses to prove his continuous res Reii- and Champion mowers and binders section 3, ia township 27, south 'of range 31 aiu west of the sixth pi incipal meridian, to se idence, and cultivation ot said, land, viz was passed: RESOLUTION'.

These machines are hrst-ciass ana have a world-wide reputation for Debit. Credit. State General Revenue 40 W) County General Revenue 2,972 55 County Bond Fund 25i 70 Finney County 49 rierceville Bridge bond l-B oo Stenographer 8 40 00 County School fund. it Oo Normal fund 9 20 "School Land principal 2 45 Sehol Ianl interest cs 58 M. Scagondollar, of Santai'e, Kans-, A.

A cure the payment of certain uotos now due to the amount of six hundred doilard as ability to In E. Shepk-r and D. J. Shepler, of Be it resolved by the Board of County their excellency of work, and parties who contemplate purchasincr a ma shown by said notes now owned Commissioners of Haskell County, Kansas Ivanhoe, Kansas. D.

M. Fnosx, Register. by plaintnt and referred to in said mortttasie, in a special session assembled, a full quo chine should call on Mr. Finnup and and prayiug judgment against said William Senator Evaets has at last intro- inspect them thoroughly before pur- Jl ft vu rum being present, that the Haskell Connty Bank, of Santa Fe, Kansas, in consideration of payment to be made by it of (First published April 11, 18S0.) SHERIFFS SALE. js i .1 chasing eisewnere.

L. Craig, imma h. Craig, T. D. Craig and J.

1. Rice, in the sum of $000.00 now claimed to be due and unpaid, with interest thereon at 12 per cent from the 1st day of February, 1888, and lhat said premises mav be sold to US bu: --i i- Vllt.l. n- i When General Jatayette came to TO FARMERS! TOWNSHIP. GEXKKAL BEVKXl'E. three per cent, interest per annnm on dai In the District of the 32nd Judicial District, sitting in and for the connty of this county 182-t he was brought S.

lvinehart, of Santa Fe, submit p.y the judgment on smd notes and mort ly balances, to be computed and credited iaskell the state of Kansas: over in the shin Canuis. The descen- ted to the township board of Haskell monthly, and in further consideration of it gage, baid petition furiiier alleges that the claim of each of the defendants i). rl 1 The Abernaihy Furniture Company, pl'ffs. a ioiafa tofioo. tittt FmTrter.

T- i -1 -r. iztu of hmnn f-, 1 ttuueft t--i Mitel, Fa. lioone township, a proposition to furnish free giving a good and sufficient bond to be P. luce, Thirnas 1'. his said Hid ley vs.

A. D.Taff and Laisa A. Taff, def'ts. t'i' JUiid. of charge, the best standard ever wife, and Hugh T.

How en and Lis said wife, approved by the Board is hereby desig- Kxarr.ple 79 41 L'i 'J9 20 28 77 08 125 32 00 09 33 97 70 05 li vr virtue of an order of sale issued to green broom-corn seed to all persons nated and shall be the sole and exclusive Haskell dants of the then owners want the United States to pay Lafayette's fare and they charge the modest sum of 9,371.57. is junior and inferiorto that of pbduliif in said mortgaged premises. Now said de in Haskell county wishing it to plant, Ijoeo depository of all public moneys coming into the hands of the Treasurer of Haskell and contracts to buy- the broom corn Lovkwort. me, oat of said district court, in the above entitled action, I will, on Saturday, the 17 day of May A. D.

189(5, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at the east front- door.t the court house, iu the city of Santa FeiM- the couuty of Haskell in the state cf Kansas. crop of the county at the market County during that portion of the unex fendants J. V.

llice, Thomas P. Mills and his said wife, and Hugh T. Bowers and his said wife are hereby ni'ink'd that they must appear and answer said petition on or before the 13th day of Juue, IsyO, or said petition iil' Review Kansas leads every State in tli price. UliAS. uissos, pired term for which it, the said Haskell 40-it.

Clerk Haskell Township. 9 Union in condition of winter wheat, will be taken as true ss-amsi them and each CiTY. IIEXKIIAL FUSi). County Bank, had heretofore to-wit: On the 15th day of January, A. D.

1890, been designated as a depository of such public as reported in the Farmers Jlcvie'w of them; and a judgment for said amount against said Win. 12. and Emma E. Craig, T. First published April 25, 1890.

NOTICE FOR rriJLIOATIOX. (Chicago) under date of April 15th. 22 im 27 City of Santa Fe City of Santa Fc bond moneys which unexpired portion begins on the 15th day of May, A. D. 1890 and In the District Court of Haskell County, Witness the following: "We summarize the reports of our correspondents StatcSof Kansas.

at a public sale, and to the bidder, for cash in hand, all the following described real estate, to-wit: The undivided oiis hall of lot 3, blok 55. in the city of Santa Fc, Kansas, lying and situate in the county of Ilasliell in the stats of Kansas. The above described real estr.te is taken p.3 the property of defendants, and is directed by said ordar of sale to be sold, and "srill bo sold without appraisement, to satisfy said order of sale. ends on the loth day of January, A. D.

V. Pingree, Plaintiff, PISTkICT. 1891, and also for the further and extend vs. School relative to tne condition of winter wheat as follows: Kansas, 1)3 per Jason P. Pence.

Kosetta Pence and Her Credit. ed term beginning on said 15th day of Junnary, A. D. 18S)1 and ending on the bert E. Ball, Trustee, defendants.

State of Kansas to Jason P. Pence and D. Craig and J. V. Kice, and a decree forever bariing all defendants of any right, title or iuterest in and to said lands, after the sale thereof, will be rendered against them, and ordering said lands to be sold to satisfy any sum found to be due plaintiff upon said notes and mortgage.

Witness my hand and official seal this day of April, 1800. (Seal.) W. F. Fai.lox, Clerk of the District Court ia and for Haskell County, Kansas. L.

K. Soper, JJodgo City, and C. Wadsworth, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Ifi 12 loth day of May A. D.

1891. Rosetta Pence, greeting: 141 44 73 60 21 cent; Ohio, SO; Kentucky, 88; Missouri 80; Wisconsin, 79; Illinois, 77: Indiana, 72; "Washington, 70." John C. Bustsk. Sheriff of Haskell Co. You and each of you.

will take notice And the County Treasurer of Haskell IdiLLXON UiiOTs, Attorney. that you hav been sued in the district coart of Haskell county in the state of 37 20 County j' Kansas, is hereby instructed and directed that he shall, for a term begin- ft? ill 51 51 Kansas and that vou must answer the ne ilist. 1 2 4 5 6 6 boud 7 8 9 9 bond 10...... li Times are iniprovinsr. thinjrs are a tition in said cause on or before the 10th ning on the 15th day of Mav, A.

1890, 39 G3 t'i a i I First published April 18, r-UBLICATION NOTICE. May. moving, business no lon.rer is dead; ot June or laKcu as irun auu a juuijiiieui reuueieu -i n. 40o 40 erain is advancing-, values Saul action against you for the foreclos- 1 tr i -i i nre of a certain mortsase bv 102 83 13 xvausas is iostuijx aneau. interest is ii i ionn i u- i i you upon the 4th day of May, 1887, on the I loth, 1890 and which may thereafter, dur- SO 36 stopping, mortgages dropping, mon- following described real estate, to-wit: jng ggi term, come into his hands or un- 20 11 ine nortnwest quaner oi section iwenty- ey more easily touna iiara times 1 A i -o seven (271 in townshin fwenrv-sfiTfin 171 85 IS SS 89 1 I -r-r A- i i i i are iroinjr confidence ffrowinor, feel- in range thirty-vwo (o2) west in the conn- I Haskell County Bank.

auu iue uumy i is ino- i Kpftpr nil 'roimrl otvp ff ty of Haskell, state of Kansas, and for the Clerk of HaskeU County is hereby direct- OFFICE at 'itt, Kansas, April 9th, Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make finpl proof in Fnpport of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Probate Jude of Haskell county, Kansas, at Santa Fe, on May 21th. 1SHU, vis: William H. Bark, Final H. E. No.

1.5.131 for the southwest quarter of section 28, townsliip 30 south, range 33 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence, and cultivation of said land, viz: John M. Dennis, Springfield, V. Li. Bethel.

S. R. Hutchinson anu A. Titus, of Loco, Kansas. D.

M. Fnosr, Register. sale of said premises to pay the debt se-I m.torcinn nil io 101 84 70 03 so 1 3 i i 1. i i jour growling, snuc up your nowmig, cured by cam mortgage ana sis 01 suii, regeuted to him bv said county Treasur ana iorever oarrmg aiiu lurt-uiusmg iu i 15 10 17 17 21 21 bond banish that "hark from the tomb," defendants and each of them of and from er for the purpose of carrying this rcsoln 21 60 2: all right, title, interest, property, or equi- I tion into effect limoer your muscie.wake up ana tins- ty of redemption or to said premises And resolved farther, that this reslution tle Kansas is sniffino- a boom J'Jai- -2 53 260 1(5 43 35 or any part thereof. First rubli ihed May 2, NOTICE TO XON-ELSI DiiNT I )BFliNI ANT'S.

In the district court of Haskell county in the thiriy-seeond judicial district of the state of George V. Webster, plaintiff, vs. John V'. Wilharasou, Florida E. 51.

M. Williamson.U. G. Rogers and Adrian Sautter, defenvtantg. John Vvr.

Vuliiiuiison, Florida- E. Williamson, M. M. Williamson, U. G.

Ilogers and Adrian Sautter defendants in the above entitled cause: You are hereby notified that you have been sued dy the piaintiif in the district court of Haskell county, ia the state of Kansas, and that on or bet'-re the. 14th dny of June, A. D. you must answer the petition of the plaintiff, now on file in the office of the clerk of sai .1 district court, in which the plaiutitf asks that a judgment be rendered by he- court foreclosing a mortgage given by the defendants John W. Williamson and riorida Williamson to the Walton Loan company, and now owned by the plaintiff upon the follcwiug described real property, situate ia the couuty of Haskell and state of Kansas, to-wit: The narlhwest quarter of section fifteen (15), township W.

E. Hutchison fc Uennett K. heeler, poria Itepublican. be spread upon the Commissioners Journal, and the. same shall constitute a binding 23 21 07 SI SOuT.

COUKSK OF StUTV Attorneys for Plaintiff. contract between Haskell county, a party 21 bond Attest; W. F. Fallon, Clerk. S3 04 132 47 47 13 ADDITIONAL LOCAL.

cal. of the first part and the Haskell County jNormal, lousiness, Bank, of Santa Fe, Kansas, as a party of 102 -1! AY. R. C. i JtKM.

First published April 25, 1890. NOTICE FOll Ui 'UU Sept. io, 1889. Spring Terms, 79 94 the second part. 29 so 30 bond 36 30 37 begins Tr Winter Term 18 47 1 J.

E. Marlow, Chairman. In the District Court of Haskell County' As per announcement, Mrs. Clara Junkermann, of Wichita, department State of Kansas: April i8co. I D.

P. Johnson, Com'rs. 63-63 90 18 02 W. C. Parker, plaintiff, J.

W. Swartz. inter term, president of the Kansas W. R. 0.

vs -I 'nil Spring JiXPENsns: 12 weeks, to. 39 1 nil, Attest: 10 90 Ao jnci- arrived in the city Tuesday for the James McCaskey and Sarah A. McCaskey, W. H. Hussey, County Clerk.

60 21 I aerenaants. irrivate families. 39 40 dents. Board, to 42 ifui ifvoc a i Lilian I State of Kansas to James AlcCaskey and Relief Corps. Early in the day the Sarah A.

McCaskey. greeting: md board in 134 01 to Day board, iii! Thereupon the Bank of Santa Fe, by its 134 0 Ton and each of ycu will take notice twenty-nine '29), south rsngc hi r.y-one (31) west Glh r. lying t.nd situate ia the cashier, J. Ii. Kennard, offered a new bond UGi oiieee 11 10 that you have been sued in the district 43 4T 45 bond 53 54 arrivinsr, and bv noon they were 100 mnrf of H.nskell conntv in the State of which the Hoard accepted as good and The Scliool is Practical, Hco- 1 1 1 county of Haskell, in the state of that the equity of redemption cf each.

and ail of the defendants named in the titl of said cause in and to said mortgaged premises be sufficient and tho same was approved. about all present and ready for or- fc 54 'ooiul nomicai. Send for circulai on There being no further business, 10 53 forever tarred and foreclosed; that any motion the board adjourned. ganization. The ladies met in the day of June, 1890, or said petition will be afternoon in K.

of P. hall and organ- taken as true and a Judgment rendered 58 bond Fn published April NOTICE VOW I'l'KLICATIOX. In the District Court of Hasktli county, State of Kansas. W. C.

Parker, plaintiff, V3. lames Kite, Tdary Ki'e, L. XlcCar-thv, George A. Eayres, 11. E.

Peck and Herbert E. EaU, Trustee, defendants. of Kansas to James Kite, Slary C. Kits and George A. Eayres, greeting: You f-nd each of you will take notice that you have been eued in the district of connty in the state of Kansas and that yon nvuoi answer the petition in said cause on or before the 10th f'ay of or said petition vrill be taken S3 true and a judgment rendered iii said action against yoa for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage executed by James Kits rnd Mary V.

Kite upon the Vth day of May, 1883 on the following de scribed real estate, to-wit: Lots three and four p.viil tho south half of the northwest quarter of section live (5) in township twenty-eight (-8) south of range thirty-two the tith principal meridian county of Haskell, state cf and jr the sale of said premises to pay the debt i-fccured by mortgage and costs ot f.ait, and forever and foreclosing Faid defendants and each of them of and from ail right, title, estate, interest, property, or equity of redemption in or to said premises or any pari thereof. IV. E. Hutchison Sr. Bennett H.

heeler. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Attest: W. F. Fallon, tlerk.

right, title, lien or interest owned or claimed 0 00 31 03 Ti 6'J 1 13 1 -17 35 50 Z0 31 72) 21 63 President, nitv, Kansas. i in (llu nUbiuu ami? i' xjt. iuo rr lock Box ized, and did their preliminary work, nre of a certain mortgage executed by you 59 bond t0 upon tne uist aay or june. iocs, on me J. E.

Marlow, Chairman D. P. Johnson, I Com J. Swartz. W.

H. Hussey, County Clerk by you, or enner or ycu, in or to sum premises, be adjudged to be junior and inferior to the plaintiff's mortgage lien and that said lands be sold to pay the iadebtedness secured said mortgage. You are hereby after which they adjourned to the Attest; HO bond 04 following described real estate, to-wit: Lots three (3) and four (4) and the south half of the northwest quarter of section Grand Army hall, where a bountiful Total amount on hand further notified that if you fail to answer said -7 three (3) in township thirtv (30) south in supper awaited them. Members of the G. A.

R. Post had immediate "3 range thirty-one (31) west in the county of petition on or betore tne aay liei-embefore stated, the f.iats and allegations contained in Haskell, state of Kansas, and for the sale QUARTERLY REPORT OF TIIK charge of the supper and did the po- of said premises to pay the debt secured lite in eleuant style. The tables I by said mortgage and costs of suit, and vrrrr. csr.trr I .1 trrrACQUAnfTED with xtSGc; County superintendent of Fublio STATE OF KANSAS, llASKEbl. t'OI NTV, .1.

Mich Treasurer lias'-cll county,, do solemnly swear that the above -itatc-mont is true and correct, to best of my knowledge and belief. J. ft. Hlt'HAEW, i iorever uanmg anu loreciosiny sum uc-fendants and each of them of and from all said petition will oe taken as true and judgment rendered as therein prayed for. Witness my hand and the seal of my office in said Haskell couuty, Kansas, thii 3Uth day of April, A.

D. 1S90. (Seal.) W. F. Faixos, Clerk of District Court.

James Washbou. I'laiutiiTs Attorney. Instruction. and still more were compelled to oj right, title, estate, interest, property, or 1 i equny oi reuempuvu in or iu tiu premi- oJn t. away hungry, as DCS VI J'niu I 11 I Quarter beirins December, tSSfi.

Ends March a Bnenett R. Wheeler and J. F. Switzer, greater than the supply. County Treasurer.

I hereby certify that the foregoing statement 31, 1890, Haskell County, Kansas. Attorneys of Plaintiff. I. Visitation: After the repast the people were Attest: W. F.

Fallon, Clerk. was subscribed and sworn to before mo in invited to the K. of P. hall to witness SUC 1 tLjU jf-- ''2, a public installation of the newJy my ppesence. by the above named, this 2iud day of April, fSeal.l AV.

H. JItjsskv, county Cinrk. First published April 25, 1K. PUBLICATION" NOTICE. 1.

District Schools visited this quarter, jiving number of each district: 58. 4o. 2. Total number of visits, 2. 3.

Average length of time spent In actunl school inspection, hours. 4 "No. of writlen reports of such visits made to the District Board, one. elected officers. The installation The State of Kansas to John Loy, Anna ceremonies were conducted bv Mrs Loy, Nellie Fallon, heir at law of -or.

H. Fallon, deceased, and Selvia Fallon, min Junkermann, and were very impress II. No- of consultations with District First rublished May 2, XOTICE TO JJOX-KKSIDENT DEFENDANTS. In the uistriet court of Haskell county, in the' 32 judical district of the slate of Kansas, The Walton Loan Conjtny, plaintiff. vs.

JUthan Hall, E. Hall and the Board of County of Has-, kell To.Ruhan A. IlsiUaSraU E. Hall, defendants in the abae'cnUiied cause: You are hereby noiified Jou nAve by court of Haskell tlie of Kansas, aud that on or btfore.the. -liihtday cf June, A.

I). First Piiblbhud April -LlSfO: Sheriff's Sals Under Jilxecution. or child and heir at law of W. H. ration.

rs I i I I i ive and nicely carried out deceased, erecting: j. 20. 1. At the time the district was visited, 6. 2.

In my office, 14. Yon are hereby notified that you have STATE OF KAXS.1M, The following were the officers -r At tj ii 1- llASKECL. I'OUSTV, been sued with J. C. ISewmau, li.

a. Aianu- 111. Number of days office has been kept oien 3 VXCTI Bianvu. iraiui-iii, xx. a.xu- el and Tho Kansaa Loan and Trust com- at counto seat, 2.

The of Santa a coritoration, vs. I. sev; Senior Vice-President, Mrs. Sue I pany, trnstee, as co-defendants, ly the 1- v. -1 i-r -J i IV.

Number examinations ot District Clerk it i- i I Monipeliar Savinis Bank and Trust Com- llareholl llltllf-hl 1 I'til ibni Aire I 1 Byvirtuottf ecc'Jiiiin to me and 1 111., Jehvtred. issued out of the count dist pany, plaintiff. rict court' of the State of sitlins and W. F. Treasurer, Mrs.

J. M. lor Haskell county, in said I will, on This summons is to require you to the petition filed by the said plain Wednesday. April 10, A. I.

IhtiO. between tiie hours of 1 o'clock a. m. and 4 clock t. m.

of records, 2, 1. No. found kept as required by l.iw, 2. 2. Jo found iucorrectly kepl- V.

No. of examinations of District Treasurers' records, 5, 1. No. found kep; as required by law, 3. 2.

No. found iucorrectly kept, 2- tiffs in the clerk's office of the Haskell 23 man eruarey. Baker; Conductor, Fannie Brackney; Assistant Conductor, Delia Wasson; an said dav. at ihe court house door ia of OALLASTtX. ET.LCUi5.Wa Santa Fe ia the connty and state aforesaid, offer at unbSic sale and sell lo hiirliest bidder.

county district court in the state of Kansas, on or before the 6th day of June.1800, or said petition will be taken as true and Chaplain, Mrs. It. L. McConaughey 2 VI. No.

ot Teachers meetings attended, 3, as '--1 of5 2 i s.hs irii 1800, voa nsast anjwtj the retifion of the plaintiff, cowa office of the clerk cf lid 'HsU-ics ittHiriia which the plajntiil' asks that a jiidsmeat be rendered l.j the court foreclosing a. -EMM-tgags given by the defendants EutLtm Hull and Sarah to The Walton Loan coaipany, plaintiff, upon the following described real property, titaate in ihi county of L'askeli and state of Kansas, to-wit: The northwest quarter of section twelve township twenty-nine (20), south range thirty-four (31) west 0th P- lying and in the for wish in liand.all the and inle-est of the above-named defeadaot in ami to the following personal propcrtv. to-wit; line Hack about six vears old. weight Secretary, Minnie Fallon Assistant judgment rendered for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage executed December 1, follows: l. Where held, Santa Fe.

lil Ctlava, anuiit 1.1O0 v'ued at SlOsr. One bay inure, about lour years iht, vieijrtt about 1,000 Decreiary, v. ij. ooumsiij Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. C.

K. 2. Date each, January 15, February March 22. 1887, by the said John Loy and Anna Loy on the following lands and tenements situated in said connty of Haskell, and re t- 3 i t- valued at Sio-J. aid crorrfiriv on.

aau lo be as the rroneriy of the Alme-named de Wf VII. No. of lectures delivered, it. corded in the office of the Register of fendant. John C.

IJustkr, office, Fe, Haskell County. Kan Cannon; Inside Guard, Mrs. J. C. JBuster; Outside Guard, Minnie Deeds of said county, in at page jj ,11 If.

kn, ir.i TiS Sri'fiVs in the dig if a Graduate in HeiUrne. Cver J3 gear s' 11 active, 12 yi.rg in Ckicuzj. and described as follows; The south west quarter of section No. fifteen, town- 1. Before Teachers' Associations, 2, In School District meet iujrs, 11.

VIII, Is the office supplied with suitable record books, as required by existing law? Yes. IX. No. of certificates granted, fi. 1st tirade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade.

Temporary, 2- TAZ LIZ2H IS After the installation ceremonies I ship No. twenty-seven south, of range No. 11. ireJc, E.iTiraci&r, ovt -K IZ'VIAI? sect CoIcraOo Sr.rin?, I'C-nve-r, I-n' iZu. in Ci.sdr Cara to waaa of He fcrou'' r.r c-.

tl- -3 tf'. vratt, -ucttiwesc (3 "f-frini a r.rhfi-; T.f. lr the Nwvoasr: tiTTi. Sfniinr.l were over short speeches were made the of said petition is that said County of Ilaskeli, in the state of Kausas; and that the equity of redemption of each and al! of the defendants nainei the title of said cause in and to said mortgaged premises be barred and forever foreclosed; that any right, title, lien' or interest owned er clainje i by you or either cf you, ia or lo said premises, be adjudged to be junior and inferior to the plaintiffs mortgage lien thereon and that said lands be sold to pay the indebtedness secured by eaid mortgage. You by a large number of those plaintiff may have judgment against the ana a general gooa time mauigea in.

f0r lhe sxim oi 5450 with interest thereon To the State Superintendent of Public fce's omen's Kelief Corps at the rate of 12 per cent- from the nrst instruction. Topeka, Kansas: starts out under most .11 S-5j2 jj fi ri. rrvou inltjiity, f'oiMJHnl r- rinpry in trr-nilt-3 iu -itlifr or iirt-nt nr niorpr iiarr-s Ur. TIiuusunt ea rJr''l. in inniCi-lrtiit.

Ail rjUr art Eticiaiml he f-uiV nl 7f ta t-ave n-Taln '-'-f S'i or inlurio-- i.ii-fiieise? i.4:-.l. s'rom ni.i r.fTK. i i.r px. f.rr. ri'- i-'-tr cv( i.i rH ftw from law r.r lrr.

Ftzla ff-ne snd srnd frtc end coaiidemial. are hereby further notified that, if you foil circumstances, and has the largest claiming "nnder them, be forever barred i w-." i i-- -f TsfsC-r-vrM crr-srt cf i-io irwa' caftf 'Cos K'U-njc i''i-i: rms'r Jv-3. Cr.vs -vrj-ftaCieo, ras i-f CStir Cac to liorta -3, u-lC p.najfi-cVw. -ta i z. or- 7 ts ScVjnoia v.

OK- SOU IT-3 4in-l Iron Salt LINJj to fror. -j-Kiia Ci Lao Lao oaiilarl-unis. ar-d Scsaio '-rar ciaurs cr Cclorauo. to answer said petition on or before the day I hereby certify the above to be a correct statement of the work of this office in the matters herein reported for the quarter ending tliis day. Dated at Santa Fe.

tlds 31 day of March, 1890. I.IXCOI.X JIcKislav, "County Superintendent, County. ana lorectosa pt an interest, rignt, uen Charter membership of any corps or- and equity ef redemption jn, to or on said ganized in the stats this year, it be- land, and that said be sold ac- hereinbefore stated, the facts sad allegations contained in said will be taken as true and iudrrmeEt rendered as therein First published April 11, 18S0. SUEHirF-S SALS-In the Bistriet Court of the 22nd Judicial --l-'istrict, sitting in and for the County of Haskell in the State cf Kansas: F. M.

Mohler, plaintiff, vs. A. D. T.iff and Ionisa A. Taff, defendants.

By virtue of an order of sale issued to me, out of said district coart, in the above entitled action, 1 will, on Saturday, the 17 day of -Vay, A. D. 1S90, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at the east front door of the court house in the city of Santa Fe, in the county of Haskell in the the state of Kansas, offer at, public sale and sell to the highest and best bidder, for cash, in hand, all the following described Teal estate to 5-jt: The undivided one half of lot 3.

block the city of Santa Fe, Kansas, lying and sitsat iii the fprr.y of Ttaskell in the state of N- The above described real estate is taken ns ihe property of said defendants, and is directed by said order of sale to be sold, and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said order of sale. Johx Busteb. Sheriff of Haskell Co. 1). 1, Temple, Attorney.

lng thirty. It undoubtedly will be proceeds brought into court and appUea a prayed for. "Witness mv hand and the seal of my Oi- the means of accontplishinxr o-fentlto the payment of: 1st, The taxes due fice in said Haskell county, Eansas, thisSOth Soil? flail -1 1 and payable on said premises; 2nd, The good ia the community, and has the costs 114 acprning costs of this action; First published May 9, 1890.) XOTiClE r.QB PUBLICATION. TJ. 3.

Lasd OrncK, j4.bbe CiTT, May 14Q Notice is berebv sriven that the following nam i- i thefisi ol'its -ii. liould read tfci.1 lioo. relr wishes of a 11 our citizens. 1 3rd The fhe plaintiffs witn accru eritl Sioux falls, liois: I.jla tvt: U-s to i-ipcsic-tie. Tttsr- aay cf April A.

D. lb0. VT. F. Falms, Clerk of district Court.

Jarces G. VTasbboD, llainfiffs Attorney. tovm. rs-iis. ad ing lnieresi ineren, jr jutu umci ed settler has fllea notice of his intention to r.iz cr.rAT cit.e.

Memorial Day. ana reiiei us may no u.s ajiu rHfr.r r.UFT mr-rK, T-'V I able. make final proof in spiort of his claim, and that said proof will Iks made beiore Itegister lia and Receiver at garden ity. Juue -JO, iiw, Jl-ijASCZI-j cCsr3 faciliti-ej to, ar.J Co-oncil St. I'-ui.

Urovi.r.03 or tea ticrKV THE GHOET LINS VfA 2CA travel berarcen Inci.s.y.--,c-u:, -iijf Joseph; Atctiinr-r L.e-.-v.?i cri, k-iwaiiCrr, ii'-For ricfes-3 Sifps, K-idcr, ii 5ajata i.ost io, assisted bv i "iveeK! 3 the Sons of Veterans and W.omensJ rt, at my office in thecity of Santa Fe, JtfatrU'tmp The per yc nv, Xti yZi S.1.1R SS and tiie Si 1.50, 4 in yne county or tiasKeu tms na nay oi i ranjre 34. He nanies tiie following witnesses Kelief Uorps, are maklJiOf arrauge-l April. A. D. 1890.

to prove his continuous residence upon aud cijlr both "papers for 2.00 to all who pay E. ST. JOHN, 2Ia6r. ments to observe Memorial day. al Xiciei Tasa.

Agtat. CHICAGO, ILL. one vtar ui advuuee. Rossmgton, Smith PauaSj Attornejs I Oliver, F. E.

StooOjOf Garden City. for plaintiff, IJ. M. Fbost, JSegister. is but one ex-sol-.

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