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Chautauqua News from Peru, Kansas • 3

Chautauqua News from Peru, Kansas • 3

Chautauqua Newsi
Peru, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE TVEVN. II II. DIANT, Prop'. 1 Pr. ached Independence, kavsas Pern, Kaii.

Jan. 12, 8T8. 7 UIh i d.iVL'0 Whirl, hi C10 U'i i ,1.. 1 1 i iJ.v) 11 oVIm-k in popular house bag r(lfilf unit A it 4 County Directory. e.iror, (w SITTON IIOUSR A MS AS civon iU T(l Ji'hiih 15 a yard worth 20 iumiU 20- 3l) 80 r.n lurmture, and is ihe Largest sanudo-ronms iQ the.

city, and tlie only flrat-oluM e-iOFatreeh, Washington, D. J.m.rl" Porel? jN iM.piuat.(,(ii,,i;(. h(iil 4 ls-8 Ad 'inn ox ml oa. Htthe Dry-Goodn ludrpu. doi in.

i E. M. Ihwhis W. II. Guy VT, Jonet T.

X. King. E. 11 Ililbard Kmnty HI Lrtnmnn. b.

f.ji th- RopreacDtatiTe Treasurer, District Clerk, County Clerk, County Attorney, Register of Peed Sheriff, l'rohnta ml it a I'Vativnl I I (Opposite Court Junuury 22. the fit 7 Ivi.i iuo! 11 j. I tho 8 liool. Let nil -l "i iuu. u.

a i ro J. L. Mnttinqlu 'r it lJm I I'D 1 I) it It'll ,) ,1,. jVi) 100 Chnrecs Co. Supt.

Instruction R. O. Ward Ce. Surveyor uvuuoil Willi IJ0UH4. ami Ijtflj) gond caua.

Lost. hy Mrs. K.mpp the P.tii Sohnol IIoush on ChriViiias Ki blove. Tho finder will ooi.fVr a 1 Ha Of hixtv U1" MI'lllT BailesBtaw, Court, nu ihioi ,.7 if H1 a n. 1, will yn f.i, 1 "flr flSyT A f.ri..,, Kol.trt OS Chairman.

J. DoMauah. Ml tVX a.nd "c' -I. hy leavinn- it at thin oiFi-o. AUr.l,a!gl.r.9,s.

jj 'j (5 9.) Cm- S. (' W. P. CamvleU Diitnel Judge, Siatt Senttur, J. W.

Sitton, of ill- "J1 in Dealer in "i cr, ion 100 Hum lodian KilM eight months dd hoy hal.y, the rSBMIl 01 6HTJL1CT OODRT looking Ivlluw in tliu Tobnccos, Clgnru, Ktaple and 1 bird MonJay. in Mar. act! 2d in Oct tIKMI Of PROBATE cnDST would take the pninium uriywhore. k-h. mo 07 Ali- 1H DanhdnO.) li Fl," 10 I Cirocerics, West siJo Square Ilea.hiuiti-trra, Pamoiia (iruonrw Firat Monday, in January, April, July Qneenswaie hM just teci-ivyj another cur of best on PERU, CHAUTAUQUA KAN Maff 100 Puion, oi.

,1, iuit i.i'ii.i,ii,k r. ny "uw rv'H'r' rr 1 ttr.M-- A charm no fvtf nMB 1 ror.nlr,h- Old IBM8 0 COUBT 'Hit' Larsfst uC Dm 'I'- A. Stkvkns, 'IVaeln-r First Monday in January, Monday tvaneas Uonio and hp. mowing in. nut i ueday in April, and "IJi.

rtvc Puul Ji Leonard, lud-pnidonce, Kana Sedan Chip. wears dm rii.i TYr-r? i-t, See tow neat, and tidv 10. Lodge Notice. A. I ll IT Vii i 7 V9 i salesman Ur Dye of lurfepun- u.

I hour ounce icoks, trip. lie is doinir hhuIi 1. 1 R.i,j Tl. Cor- Mala oad Pennsylvania 'C a floe outness v-dn Lff.rii to Liukao. '-J VTUIIIIIV.

Mil W. hall. All traveling Brothera are b. IJrown's, Old Stai.d. eordlallv iavitaii t.i roll We wondered why P.

Douglas a l.iweo-p.rtm;,,, Judjje Mount Was in Mundiy i line- V. II. UIa8 tm.L i.r IiC UiEia, R. S. AU Guod8 Sold at Kanaaj City ht and upon mp found Uut he had "us week.

I na I fFQE ai i nil I i i. M. tuoKCH Services will he held' H. II. pmki-'um m.

ICINK.S. SCHOOL r.i,,ifj this A LMOUCU, J.K. TjiIob Sedan nelii ..) KcfSSr OILM9aE i ik si. i. ol vuy.

IlLMOKa I it. ll wiiit' Peru, by the Paator P8di Sabbath in rin the Menth as follows: lat Salbath 7.30 L10m27d-tf The oJd UaarH f' XUesniail. liqUori or mcdioiul purposes of ali kinds P. Sod 11 a n. Sri 1 1 hits Has ply tb 7 80 p.

m. 1 Jxo. A. N'OWIEK. for 2Ted ical pufposca out aiso uarutvare and Cutlery, Coal Oil at the lowt-H prices.

Uivn him mo uew Board moti. next Monday. The Murphy mm-euient was set in A I 1T Pastor. call. .,,,,1 LOCAL ITE3IS.

Blue ribSon all the go. The school bell is ngoiu heard. Ca.l and see. 1. a riauoand Parlor Or-au I will pay you to read this TAMES MePHEHON, M.

D. Practicing Physician, UJBee at lUaidenea South of Town. rnnts yardd for SI no We aro having beautiful weather. Flannel 10 nents a yard worth 20 ceuts Cash. Carefu'ly Ca-j 'AUMUJ, Sheriff Lystor ls boeu hnvin the rt-Bidenou part of the juil PERU, KANSAS.

Jo 25 Bring in that wood you promised us. InstrKcJor! Containing tbo of musio. witH and progressive eje.eis.., to perfeot plsyer in the art of music, (either' ottio or Organ) to which js addel over PolbvMareW UiW. 'peratio 11... tST Thankful to the people of Peru 'M on t.

p-mcaea. muu i icinuy mr past ravora, would -jieuVto pi, Shoe at B.shops cash store Independence. in the future. l0 moving ins fa my lore titxt wej. We are tliaf n.

What is home wii (hu Xbws?" F. Waal.ingtou, N. mYe Ladies, look at those Hat. "eU.D' 01 13 one of I Howden's. D.

8TEVEN8 M. D. GEXBIAL fRACTITIOKBR. lui-iuiiauts oi mat place, and conteuiplates moving to this place. The Lr.

has the renutur.inn THE SUN. 1 CrO XT Ii In nnrui ii.ut j' "efcl i Hind ever iniro- 1'itJcd, slnniM be tends of every tano and O.gan player Sent pst paid any nart of tlm KnliJ St.i..- i. e-w (jiuhho everyone. It you Wallt a Suit of clothA. nn t.n When vnn an tn RnA Office it Iiesidenoe, PERU KANSAS., and he has tho ol a gentliMnan. We liopo he mil become one of our citizens. a j- ii iiuuu ne sure Howdcns, he sells cheap. and call on him and vou will eet the I ur OHn ida for only seventy fivi cents. Address; SarWill attend all proniDtlv Tbomae baa a lara (nt wortbofyour monov.

As the nine hppmhpIips for li.o ofsiil.Henpi.oiis. rilK SUN would re mi'id its friends and welKvihrrs even-hre, it js in nnir r.Ai, ,1 JiAXIEL BEATTV, Wash i tin ght or day. n24-tf fie gloves, for sale cheap. i liun. At.

ii. iiifnn nr n.n- I 1 i'ftllff JMJU Howdea keeps Gales W. W. Jnnes Scientific American. ThiKv-Thii-ii MILTON.

2al3-ly J. S.A made Boots and Shoos. Try them. Ward. Eube Heimbaugh, and others, of Hiifl Hllpport.

Uinv its record lor the ten vears it relie- lor a rcntiiMMiice ofri n1 fo.o,i.r.nio Wl fttV' THE MOoT PUPULAll SCIENl'IFIC tJ Attomey-at-Law and Mtary mV, CHAUTAUQUA KAN. 1 APE It is THE WOULD PAPER The WMte- IS Uncle Billy Stearns and wife. lnsUliatl0u3 of officers Only S3 20 a OI mo l. U. V.

i Miss. Flora 8nhor of ma fJ1' Numbkks a ma oauoorn. Ot UMlien. Blin m'e" "xteinled to it Iron, ever, of the Union. The Daily f'u iit a fm)r coluiuns.

priee ps(. pM fi5 oenis a mom h. nr Si! fin JKeRol Estate Agent. Taxes paid KhS-KiibI A "6ot. i.Arn uaiu I wnncu, lillUIJ.

i IfiAK. 4 000 Book Pages. I for Pensions and Uounty 18 'icre kr friend Mrs. Cloeson. Ail those knwing themselves indebted lirfis pro.eouted.

to the undersigned fcr medical serviues. Tim n.TTTuT 7, 10 in uunersignet lue ureal vvpsturn t. j. mi, 1 tour, i ho Mi.ul jy edition of ThhSon wa e'CUt-piigH of )H colniniis Scientific luerimn a Jal.r. i-irat Class Newspaper of JiiiipiL ww np linn I Til still leading tho Hot.l biness 7 wH1 that city.

00,00 fnrward and " we are very TOHVC. CANNON, SlDAIf, KANSAS n-w. of the -day, al.o eontaius large amount of miellaneoii. matter -pe-ially prepared fur it Tilt: ujucu in ncea oi same. tn pages, prilJteiJ jJiBf Ulutrat.eU with splewlid rmnti tliu I.

Venn.Mis mid the recent J. D. Stevkxs. 6 ana I'quors for y.r "us with great succrss OSC paid 20 venr yrw oy permission, to Hood purposes, go to J. Tullos Aincaid, Bankers.

Pleasanton Ut ics ana iri If you want the best and mast. Earraers' Savings Baok. IC.n Itailwav, Mniintr. i I. ho does not know Tub Wkkki.y Son o-, and ny.

OTaUliu ii.i, ii? i Kineaid ii Rou Independence, Kan. Best, cheapest and largest stock of political news paper; as well as the greatest amount of the best and most interesting, reading matter to IIP fnnnd iiirongliont the United St utaa I it v. ft' oik, iron, and Metal Work: an.) B. LIGHT. i in; vif ri.i(fn4.;iiiii oarnwarein the west, sold by Tullos, Sedan.

thousand faunhes its welcome for the same money anvwhero. 7T leirit.y. Light, eat' bouml: Technology, PhoiojV J'rmtit'ff. New lit iia-l'IT' HIV t. UV 'uni in the liL'ht of irillIil 1 Men's whole stock boots 82 ner SEDAN, KANSAS.

for tho Globe Democrat, St. Louis, Mo or, ana irien.i. Its news editorial. HL'rieiilf nn.l Ses, New fiCeiiiM. and everything else at bed mot see prospectus an other column.

Lmr iniiiiry no- rur it ft journal -i llflHHll- ing to W.aving, Dye-iig. Colon, is. E. J. KENNEY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, a ijisnop Independence, Kans.

.,1.7 i if nr i i ti, 'P Don't neglect your Cold. Go to your di-Mlo. Alilllirtl. m. L.

C. Wait, of Elitin. ourworthv ii.a. i erins 'HC Lfollttr a year, post paid. This THE EASIEST mm Kel a nott a of Mnvch I a' mineral: Aeiv contractor, returned nnnn r.

i- eonsnieren, it the HE BEST SATISFYING Golden Balsam, the great Throat snd UoitSul 11 'mT; Lunff medioino Medical i.esnp,.rpIID ishcd. Forcluu. relieves ana social Natural Hik Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. J.

D. Stevens wna nn viu easti, wo will send an lory, ueolocv.Asfrmuu,,, uurcs severe Unuirh. SEDAN, KANSAS. R. J.

HILL, Attorney at Law. INDEPENDENCE, KANSAS. T. KING, Croup, Bronchitis, and all diwaan. J.

eAua copy Afldr-M tUDLISIlER OF TIIK SU.V, New i oik I'iiy night last presented bv his 1 be moat Valuable praetieal paimr-hy eminent wri, era in all departments oi bcenee. wi! bo found n. the SeientiQ. i feeling the Bronchial and Pulmoniry an 8 pounder a Girl. Its Introduction snd World-renowned ui iu-i ciiuwiie.j rpnutntinn wnn tha it.

cents; m. '-J OOU10 IU Abe 1 reguiar sizs, 50 cent, and 81 00 "giua. iry sample betilo 10 prlced maohmcs. ARE K3 SEC0HD-HAHD WHITE MACHINES IN THE MARKHT. Thl.

I. a ua.u I I III Dilljll- larlanguagH, free teehnieal terL illustrated wiiii engravings, and so arranged 3 to mt.proo, r-. me best rena 'o their satisfaction. era Mills are in tbe best repair, nnins oonstantlw i iii.piir.Bi.i mairer, is a well Tbe Exhibition of the Peru S.ih ool on tho evening of the 2d was a com-plete success, sS a rille finhnloro i.u inionn mii classes cil readers, old and y. The ISnil! attend to paying taxes for on-residents and general conveyancing.

Thore will be a Festival at tfewlon on ii inai many of eo. ftrsl-elass machines Rr0 offered so AnnAn nnu. ai iu muilimiuo American is promotive of If hi, I .1 1 Down With High possessed (that l. taken back from tier UftAi sinrf .1. vmce in House, Sedan, Kan.

ine evening of January 22, 1878 Everv- played their pinCCs well. The au i prngres in every com. t.l tody is invited to be present. 11 it sliould of the sfhool, and popl, generally, were NDEPENDENCE HOUSE, J.

Corner Laurol and Sixth 0frntn -ave a place in every miiy I'll ICES. ii.ii J.J. Stearns and family have movd 1 well filled i- at an earlv hour r'Jer XOUGHRIDGE NICKEL, town. We are dad to Dnaber and tTifLf 60 oh.m tha i.

oosr.i ir. Independence, Kansas. them as citizens of our little city. ci.i a- i of nearly four 1 "Cises hours Mr. "IT ($1,00 per day.) Mr Btm vuun ins niarittjl THE WHITE IS THE PEER OF ANY SEWINQ MACHINE NOW UPON THS MAHKET MAkI 8IN0EB, HOWE AND WEED COSTS MORS TO THAri El.TTHcEJ?n2THe MACHINES.

DURABLE 'S S'MPLE' K0 IIS WORKMANSHIP IS UNSURPASSED. Do not Euy any oilier before try-inj tho WHITS. Prices and Terms Mails Satisfactory. AGENTS "WANTZD White Sewing Hachina A iui, eents. bv ll Vnura deserve, niscb credit tho labor and -lors tt uas me reu riubcn on lias latelv AhanoaJ -i.

27 Pal thoroughly enovated refitted I ign-no tobacco t0 by him upon his seholars. renttea. be nsed in snd shnnt He is the New or i i'ii i. tv ru Where you ct sivc money hU getting goods at reduced rates. I receiving a Stock, aud compote with any in JWS-uood stabling attached to the iaAT3xts Jn fl uwuae.

Mr. Charles Hatch, of York Sut The Murphy movement C' Peru, r. "UI brother to our energetic faimerF. 0. Hatcb, is here visiting and looking at CLEVELAND, a m.r-j iijvb me largest establ ly to take the town for the Temperanco wyr'd.

Paiemaare onta.u. oause. The movements of the uast in Models of New oause. 1 ho movement heK terms. DRY-GOODS, NOTIONS, I BROOK'S HOTEL, NICHOLAS BROOK, Proprietor- FE3.Ft.TT, hon8e cs- bote of Pern.

The best of attention will be paid to commercial runners, and On account of the difficulty in obtain- direction been manv 'ltt exmniued. HATS AND CAPS. GROCERIES, U0fN3aia3W 1S3M ngoiirds for pledges, the meeting for more local than genera, in the TLTl! 1 night was postponed until the first and 'ffeets. Any effort '0s Patented A.r of next week. tUs direction, so universal aud wide- 'ho Uml -Ji'lence of s.oya mm QUE ENS WARE, AND GLASSWARE.

nne sample-room furnished. Charges reasonable. bvinomobojdwvi.s atus spread, formed and carried forward on a wi, -Jts -ov. I ur can aaee, 1,.,,.. BIGGEST TIIiXG OUT.

"iiionu L'uOil Wl mm nnl CALL ANi) SEE. A. HO WD EN. Peru, Kanna. 7u.28d-tf If you want Dry-goods.

Chothing. Boots, Shoes, Groceries or any thing tbsi is kept io first-class store ge to Howifla'i, tnerrehirtoTr ,0 b0 wf'- Farmer in UniteTLtl GreTsf 18 bvre' l- CrioMty in feeed seen. mujr tue p.edg,, and "'g 1 S. Y. Haines Co 18

Success BraiJ1.u 0lB iS Sweetwater, TenD. to wearers of tbe blue bade. Cor. 7m W.j0, Nn3U3)iaVd3HX.

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