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The Howard Courant from Howard, Kansas • 1

The Howard Courant from Howard, Kansas • 1

Howard, Kansas
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Ste mstr Societyt i I ill- 1 NO. 2. HOWARD. ELK COUNTY, KANSAS, THURSDAY, MAY 27. 1920 VOL.

L. making them for one's self, is a vast- -I- 'I1 -I1 'I1 '1' different thing, some countries: WRITTEN FOR WOMEN G. ZIRN, President A. T. AYRES, Vice-Prea't G.

L. MILLER, Cashier 1 possibly in any of With the rare, exception of the mere fashion chinquapin, tourists and curio seekers will buy almost anything at almost (MEN NOT BARRED) BT MBS. THOS. E. THOMPSON Qouubb Rcu: Let every tub stand on its ova bottom.

Tt Vma Von thf Tinman Catholic any price. And particularly if they happen to be'Americans, French, Japs and Chink, 'all testify abundantly to this. The Oldest National Bank in Elk County Surely a bran new thought in Social Pnnrph ARd vpfirs to inauire 'into and pass upon the qualifications of Joan ism: German Socialists have recently voted for longer hours! of Ark tor santincation, tne ceremony of which took place Korae iviay xo. PfrtKoKiir fh- "cnmmissioTis" were en Speaking of "direct action," a term so, often seen nowadays, to demote tirely composed of men. 'Snoughsaid.

force in compelling the desires of the First National Bank HOWARD, KANSAS Capital $50,000 Surplus $10,000 Presumably it is necessary in the proletariat a certain analogy is found in the religious in the time of Saint Louis, in rleifvine- of humans, that sufficient time must have elapsed for every which the direct action recommended frrrn pven. of nartisamsm to have consisted of "plunging nj sword into the defamer's belly, up to the hilt of become dead, dead, dead, before a "nnnnim" pan hp SPfMirpd. Were JeSUS possible," in case his bad judgment led himself not over a hundred years old, him to speak ill of Christian law. he would be practically Mobody tor a long time yet. This method became known in the A Bank of Strength and Character parlance of the day as Tlioro wp-tp fivp nr six fellows here even a more short, consice, and effec tive form than our modern term, "di last.

WppIc with the show who bad been rect action." Our authority states that some centuries later, a lay the printers a few years ago. Now who is the joke on, the print shop, or the show business Money to Loan at All Times ologian, of England, having political tastes, advocated this, method until a vigorous difference in public opinion If nnp livps in a town small enough denied him further activity. fni- nnvhnHv to care when he eats or Some day the Christian world will whether he eats at all, he is jeered at if he chances to call his evening meal dinner. Now if you are interested in expert testimony, we as one perfect Doing Absolutely a Safe General Banking Business understand that miracles meant mar vels; that instead of being sperriat ural, they are but divinely natural. ly familiar with the job, volunteer tne information that it deDends entirely Doubtless Woodrow must think that upon what the meal consists of wheth there simply is no way of pleasing the er it is dinner or supper; and not upon" the time of dav it is served Besides American people.

They were so dissat which, if anybody wants his dinner isfied in his keeping them out of War, that he next tried keeping them out Are Gbmi ior supper, wnai umercnve uvea i make, anyway? of Peace. And now they don't like that! The declaration of Fannie ITiirst A GOOD CITIZEN GONE John Summerf elt, who with his that her output is more than twice as much as before her tinkering with the good family has lived on the farm west marriage vow. is repeated so often as of Howard since lyuy, passed away WITHO tTT Chain Drive or Bevel Gears The difference between tractors is the difference between a pair of ponies and a good strong work team. Men of experience with tractors are wanting to trade their small tractors for larger ones. "PVi pTnVin riaavin People understand the needs of the farmer, IXIC UOxi" Lfeere andtheydonot put experimental machine ery in the field.

Ask us for Tractor Hitches for any kind of farm machinery. TOMLIlSrSON SH ACKLEFORD We Deliver the Goods, Call Phone Saturday night, following an Illness lastinsr several months. Mr. Summer- to impress one that the repeaters regard "it as something wonderful. We don't think.

There is perhaps no greater eye-opener or enlarger of the felt was a fine man, a good neighbor and a good citizen. He leaves vision, than that of matrimony, even a larsre amilv. His son Earl, who To make life miserable for you, unless you have your windows and porches screened to keep them out Right NoW is te Time of the trial docket variety. Conceiv ably, Fannie knows more than twice ffl was in the big war, has been looking after the farm since his father was unable to attend to his business be as much to write about. If not, her cause of his illness.

The funeral ser little motion picture bean is not likely to burst, judging by the prenuptial vices were held Monday, conducted by i output. Rev Willouehby of the Baptist church and interment was made in Grace Lawn cemetery. The family and other Recalling our own highly success COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES city. The audience was then delighted with a duet "A Rose Rondel," by relatives have the sincere sympathy ful Revolution doubtless nothing looks more appropriate or likely to revolt of this neighborhood in their sad We have the Screen Wire Cloth, the Mouldings, etc in fact everything to keep these little pests away. Come in and let us fit you out for summer comfort.

bereavement. ing countries than that the United States should makehasteto recognize The following obituary was hand whomsoever chances to attain to the ed us. the minute and firmly established Miss Smith's reputation as an able director. Mrs. Hunt superintended tho decorating for the occasion and great credit is due her for the artistic ef feet.

Very evidently, a tremendous amount of effort, had been expended upon this phase of the program. Mrs. F. A. McNeil.

top. But, as a matter of fact, it is a Fitting Close for Class of 1920 Dr. Burdick Delivers Splendid Address Midst Effective Setting of Floral Decorations BENSON "LUMBER HARD W. CO John Benton Summerfelt was born dangerous proceeding. Now there is June 18, 1867, at Valley Falls, Jeffer Mexico Besides the chance of sit Phone 1 7 1, Howard, Kansas; son county, Kansas and died at his uation changing over night, there home west of Howard, May 16, seems so much "force" of a kind be lyzU: age 52 years.

J.U months and zs Jt3E 3GJE 2BE 101 1131 3QE IE ing employed down there and force days after an illness of one after being confined to his bed for the past three and a half months. He was being a policy directly contrary to all our preaching that, we ask, how can our country be expected to do any married to Katie Love reeland, April 8, 1890. To this union was born elev thing but Watchfully Wait, till the safe thing for our folks to do turns en children: one dying In the spring the young man's fancy Lightly turns to tho'ts of love In the spring the white enamel Glistens like the stars above. la the Spring up In 1908 he moved with his family to 'Paris stoplcino-s at $90.0. np-r TPny southern Texas, where he lived for two years, then moved to Howard, Kansas, in 1911, where he has since the of oonrsp.

flirmmstnn ces have made the French to have a resided.4 little more sense. He was willing and ready to go when God called him. The children Americas mie-ht do worse than to were all at his" bed side when the end borrow the same stick with which to came, except Olo, of Independence, and Julia of Springfield, Colo. tar themselves, for a season: The French government has nrnhihiterl thp And in the Spring, the housewife automatically turns her thought toward SEWELL'S PAINTS for improving, repairing, cleaning and brightening up HER domain the HOMEr Sewell's Paints Valspar Varnish Alabastrine for sale by (j 1 BRON LUMBER COMPANY 'v. Everything in Building Material He was always loving and kind to importation into FVa his family and tried to live a chris luxury, their minister of commerce tian life.

He leaves to mourn his go saying in these days, "luxury ing, besides his wife, ten children and arucies are social error." three grand-children; Earl, Johnnie, Myrtle, Lela, Vernon, Floyd and Mil dred of Howard, Olo of Inde The shipping board nov evinces a Spross, sung by Mrs. A. T. Ayres and Miss Maurine Smith. Supt.

Hunt introduced me speaker of the hour. Dr. Burdick gave a powerful address on the subject, "Masters of Fate," showing forth the great fact that ia being recognized by the ages, that man is a wonderful creation who, rather than being dominated by so-called fate has intelligent dominion over conditions that, for so long, humanity has been pleased to term luck or superstition. He closed his very impressive talk by emphasizing the great truth that real success is not measured by acquiring wealth, power or fame, but by reaching the goal designed for each by his Creator. Then came "the thrill that comes once in a life time," as each 'Senior rose in turn in answer to the roll call and filed across the platform, receiving their diplomas from Dr.

R. C. Harner of the School Board, thus ending an enviable class career, in H. H. S.

While the graduates were still marveling over their newly acquired possessions, the Glee Club gave another Summer Night" by Moskowski. After Benediction was pronounecd by Rev. Crane of the Methodist church the Seniors received showers of congratulations and loving wishes from their many friends and relatives. An important feature of the program jKas the decorating of the stage. This had beeVi transformed into a veritable bower of spring beauty with the class colors brought into prominence by green ferns, baskets of white roses, bunches of snowballs, and a hugh arch covered with syringas.

On the back wall beneath tiis arch was a large floral reproduction of the class seal, an exquisite piece of work done in white roses with green lettering. A tribute is due Miss Maurine Smith and Mrs. R. C. Hunt for the success of the occasion.

The Girls' Glee Club showed' that it had been trained to pendence, Blanche Kling, of winingness to sen only three billion dollar's worth of shi Howard: and Julia Moore of Spring iViWIHOi from the war, of course. And, of held, Two sisters, Ellen Sharp, Oskaloosa, Bertha Tucking, of course, "at a loss," this beings America: not Bel nf Vfanna Tint- Valley Falls: and one brother, Roy IT KEPT HIM ON THE PAY ROLL G. C. James was Remarkably Built Up After taking Tanlac "Nothing kept me on the- payroll of the Illinois Meter Co. but Tanlac, for I had already made arrangements to give up my position when I began taking it," said C.

G. James, who lives at 1419 Franklin Springfield, 111. "I had suffered from rheumatism and stomach trouble fifteen years and got in such bad shape I could hardly get around. The rheumatism was especially bad in my legs and sometimes my left leg would swell to twice its normal size. My kidneys were also in such condition I could seldom get a good night's rest, and so far as eating was concerned well, before I began taking Tanlac I had not enjoyed a meal in years.

I suffered so from indigestion, and I had such dizzy spells'-Iwould have to lie down. I became so weak I often gave out completely and they would have to take me hoem in a car, so it is a wonder I held up at all. "One day one of the men I work with Suggested that I try Tanlac and as long as I live I will praise the day I bought it for I haven't a trace of rheumatism now and I eat everything set before me without any bad after effects. The dizzy spells are things of the past and my kidneys never bother me any more; every night I sleep like a log and I weight just 38 pounds more than I did when I began taking Tanlac. I feel twenty years younger and am in perfetc health and there is nothing in the world I would take for the good Tanlac has done me." Tanlai Is Is sold by.Wra.

E. Allen's Drug Store in Howard, R. C. Huche-son, Elk Falls, and by the leading druggists in every town. haDS thlS? IS hAttpr than Summerfelt, of Valley Falls, be side a host of friends and neighbors.

01 mem, or burn them, or use them I For All Table Supplies ior paving. Funeral at the home May 18, at 10 30 conducted by Rev. Willoughby, of THE CLASS OF 1920 Ruth Smith, Valedictorian. Phyllis DePew, Salutatorian. "Jessie Bacus.

Opal Barnaby. Gertrude Barnes. Ruth Campbell. Ethel Perkins. Gladys Thompson.

Dell Force. 1 Loren Forsythe. Dan Houser. Warren Patrick. Willis Mason.

Ernest Miller. Noel Mullendore. Will Russell. Miss Smith, as honor graduate will receive a scholarship of val- ue for one year in any Denomi- national College in the state. Faculty R.

C. Hunt, Superintendent of Schools F. A. McNeil Lillian Perry Edith Whitted Edna. Beckman Maurine Smith Bernice Griffith.

Board of Education J. W. Eby, Pres. Geo. K.

Reid, Clk. Dr. R. Harner, Treas Program Processional Priest's March from Atilla Mendelssohn Mrs. Fred Osborn Amaryllis Edmund Parlow H.

S. Girls' Glee Club Invocation Rev. N. A. Peck.

A Rose Rondel Spross Mrs. A. T. Ayres Maurine Smith Commence ment Address Dr. W.

L. Burdick, Kansas University Presentation of Diplomas Dr. R. C. Harner Venetian Summer Night H.

S. Girls' Glee Club Benediction Rev. Crane. Oft Friday evening, May 21, through The people were taught that saving the First Baptist church of Howard, and burial was made in Grace Lawn Try Barackmans' Grocery. was more important in wartime, than ever.

That, pprtnm cemetery. 4 preached and prescribed to them and aimosi wren one accord they accepted it OmV. it SPPms in twAa-v Mr. and Mrs. F.

A. McNeil left How i What shall we have for dinner ard on Saturday morning's train wiuw ljJ A. Ul llllL fuel for the government's great waste magnum. McNeil will spend the summer, at her Phone Barackmans No. 30, home in Kansas City, while Mr.

Mc- Neal will do library work at the Kan Recently a woman in her petition for divorce, set forth that her husband was a mamma's boy and thought sas State Normal at Emporia till the fall months, when they will go to St, wixeougni to pet him like his Louis, where Mr. McNeil will be teach I Best Flour 8t Meal inamma am. rrobably only to get him laughed at. For all men want petting. What's a wife for? er of English and Dramatics in the Principia Schools, Principia Park, St Louis, the coming year.

Jn Egypt, yellowish brown, the hue always found at Barackmans' icai, js cnosen tor mourn lnO C4 ITO A a ITf 1 "j-o mgunaut. Which is more oi a reason than most things xasmonaDie possess. I Everything good to, eat in iimm i milium i. v-'rr It is perhaps trite to say that justice is quite as often defeated as At Barackmans' Grocery. oy Process of law and the COUrtS It is? marvplnnc Plumbing, Heating nuai acts can be committed still keeping within the i rec.enx conclusion of the I Who always treats you right 7 9 ecoc j-rencn trial known as the Cail laux case, the Roofing, Iron Tinwork 9i Say it wilh Flowers CUT FLOWERS FOR Banquets, Funerals, Weddings or Paties No order too small or too large for us to fill.

Telegraph delivery everywhere. We Study to Please Lettuce and Radishes All Winter. EUREKA GREEN HOUSES, VANHAVERBEKE, Prop'r Phone 268 Eureka, Ks IS th! chare of treason, Tom Bill Barackman. iuuiiu grimly only of the lesser cnarere of cnmrmmiVoHn Furnaces, Pumps, Etc ponding with the enemy. And the v.xk, ifc acems, couia oe no way bure even that was criminal.

For a pathway of flowers, the Seniors of 1920 bowed their adieu to old H. H. S. in a Commencement featured by selected music and an address by Dr. W.

L. Burdick, Vice-Chancellor of Kansas University. The Auditorium Vvas thronged with, an appreciative audience of relatives and friends of the departing. Seniors. The Seniors, the fresh sweetness of their Youth far excelling the beauty and fragrance" of the flowers -each "lusinous prisoner was able throughout to leppn nr 1,.

4. t. 4. .1. 4- 1' t- S.

H. HOUGHTON Every thing in the line. Your orders solicited. Shop seuth of Met. Hotel.

B. Cogdal, expert mechanic in charge phere of doubt which he has always ln aineJ ffPm the very first. He Call Phone une prosecution every 1- mat he had relations With vnrinno Real Estate, Farm Loans, G. F. McKEY, Howard, ptiauns uear- i 104 nie ikuaraoi -me enemy," but would at once npfv thsm -r lr JBI tIEH I fTI gjrl carried, slowly and with pleas-ing relations were criminal And he eot See FRNK BOULTONi Office in Odd Fellows Bld'g "in! il.

oiuity or not guilty, he dignity, made their processional between thick ropes 'of white, syringas and erreen foliage, held nlnft. errant. was aDie to keep within the law. He was able to establish alsoall that he had declared with respect to the Howard, Kansas T. N.

DENMAN'S GARAGE 0 Fnr Farm Tynans' fully by Sub-Freshmen girls. Follow 1. A ing the Seniors came the faculty, who, cvuiiunut consequences ot the war and the present nositinn vf i WHEN YOU WANT Red Crown Gas Perfection Oil Polarine And Other Oils and Greases marching through the self-same isle of For Real Estate, For Insurance Against Fire, or Cyclone, or For Exchange Bargains. a j. iamc, wmcn he had claimed was the basis of the Krouna taken hv him of 4-; i.

Mv uic wine lie took up the alleged negotiations with Phone W7. notmo G. H. RANSOM, Funeral Director, Licensed Embalmer. HOWARD.

KANSAS. Ark Superior Gasolene Mobile Oils CulmerV Guaranteed Diamond and UV S. Tires and Tubes Mac-Lar Storage Batteries AUTOMOBILES REPAIRED FORDS FIXED 7 miere was such an adept with respect flowers, took their seats immediately behind the graduating class. The H. S.

Girls' Glee Club opened the program with "Amaryllis" by Edmund Parlow, greatly pleasing their listeners with a splendid rendition of the selection. Following this, Invoca STANDARD OIL CO cycij leai aspect mat arose, he was so clevpr. Office on Randolph West of City Bld'g, HOWARD, KANSAS. Office phone 214. Home 116.

Will be found at the office at all times during business hours. 7 vavv uiiu vviumi had so much of truth on his side that, guilty or liot. he has mVon fhc EARL C. BARNABY, Local Agft We operate 2 Delivery Trucks. 7 IllO accusers a great run for their money.

Dr. G. W. MOON Veterinary Surgeon. DtSF.ASES of Cattle and Swine a spe olalty.

Phone 63 HoVard.Kansas. tion was offered by Rev. Peck, pastor I Phone 285, Hortli Wabash, HOWARD, KAS. of -the Presbyterian church of 1 this it 1 Making things for the trade and 3GE 3Qls SEE.

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