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The Howard Daily Traveler from Howard, Kansas • 4

The Howard Daily Traveler from Howard, Kansas • 4

Howard, Kansas
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iHE HOWARD DAILY TRAVELER. dis 'ere nigger, and1 you don't ketch d'K chile in a freater ag'in." Dick took his leave, and never made another appearance on any stage. IO THE ITROIsrT! Jjkfres Cartkb Editor. Many a good story might be told of occurences that have taken place at the old Newark Theater, or, as it was commonly called the "Old Trap." We have one now in oar mind, and bv your good patience, ret der, we will endeavor to relate it. -With the best stock of- Arrlrnl and Departure of Train.

p. m. Kmnnrfit l'KRSOXAL F. A. Adams is on the sick list to cly.

Maj. Chapman in the city to-day on business. Mrs. J. I).

Dunlap, of Moline, is in the tiity to-day. Win! Sooter, of Moline, is in town to-day on business. J. L. Baker left on the morning train for Kansas City.

Mr. Sparks says he did not want It was during one the lirst en KrJil p. in. in. i.

n. a. in. a. m.

n. m. ra-renieutsoi Mr. Eddy that the oc- ri irt it Howard mvc Hqwsrt rrlvec rt Moline nt Howard 1 Ilrmnnl rrivr at curivnce which we are about to re late took place. 111.

Mail anil Arrnrnmoiliitimi Daily. Escort 8nnlav. Mr. Eddy was stopping at one of In ooutiieru luiareprpscntatlon of poods to effect sales.

11 repairing department I complete. Patronize Cofjiii, the Jeweler, Howard, Kansas. I ravea Kmrxiria tirM n. in. Howard m.

J.ea-e Howard p. m. ArriTen at Emjioria p. lu. the uptown hotels, which had in its employ an old-fashioned genuine to serve on the jury anyhow.

B. F. Harper took a drive out in to thecountry this morning. Abe Swisher, of near Grenola was in the city yesterday. A.

M. Jackson has returned from WE DON'T WANT THE DEARTH! The following is a list of the real estate transfer! in Elk county for the 24 hours ending to-day at noon as reported by Campbell Barr, Abstracters and Real estate Brokers office over First National Bank: II Downing -Hanson to Charles Allen w'ty Deed lot 11 Block 40 Moiine $35 00 Charles Allen and wf to William A Gibson w'tv Deed lot 1 1 block 4G Moline" 500 00 Frank Osboru to Chas. Osborn w'ty Deed ne 20-30 10 3000 00 Cora Drake and bus to Thomas Ray w'ty Deed si se and ue se 25-28-8 100 00 Parsons A bus to Robert Boyd w'tv Deed se C-31-10 2500 00 Charles Gildart and wf Frank M. Young vtj- Deed se aud ne sec 33 sw I 34-31-11 and lots I and 2 4-32-11 10000 00 Eureka Springs and looks much im ITowHril lotnir. OUrehonrnfromB-tSa.

t' m. fft-Icru and roonev oriirt iinr'l n. m. tn 5 :00 p. rxrrpt while distribiiHvff am! jiirk'n" nn tnnilK.

Offlrcopi'nonSiiin'iiv from 9:00 io a. m. J. K. P.M.

Ten Cents per wo'k. delivered to any hnsinena lioiipe in town. Pctvnii not rereivine their paper reirnarly aud promptly, will please roportto tlii nfflee. irrhfer month Lorala. 5 rent per line for first insert! and 2 I centa per line for each mbeiieiit inwrtion.

proved. Bert. Baker and John Hayes, of Elk Falls, are in the city to-day on But will toll you where to get the MOST GOODS or YOUR MONEf business. ClavKush is not with Kirby at Moline now, but has returned to How ard to stay B. B.

Parsons and W. II. McNeal Virginia darkey, called Hick, whos business was to do chores of the iouse black boots, et( Mr. Eddy engaged Dick to carry his wardrolu to Uu theater. Dick had never seen the inside of a temple of Muses, and to get behind the scenes was indeed a rich tre it of which he really availed himself.

Dick soon became a favorite among the stage hands, and his appearance was always hailed with laughter. Among the "properties" of the theater was a life-sizad effigy of a man which had been used iu one of the pieces. Under the stage was the hydrant, and only a dim light was kept burning sufficient to see, it. The elligy was laid al the foot of the stairs, and one of tho hands got a pot of vermillion, and filling a brush with the same he drew it across the throat of the figure, and the floor being freely sprinkled with paint, i presented a ghostly sight indeed. Dick was in the green room, totally unconscious of tho plot, was re BOS TON STOEB of the Wild Car Valley, are taking in inci VKTHODTST EPISfOPAL: Services every nuduy at 11 a.

m. anil 7 n. m. Jirv.S. S.

MAt-riy, Pnetor. yi. SCHOOL: Every Sumlny nt a.m.iu tin il.K. -r- h. Ci.

II. IIINTJS. Pnper'ntemVnt. PRKSBYTERIANV V-v. MK niie.

Piu- tor. 8ervirea everv Sund'iv at 1. anil 7 p.n:. Prayer meetinir due.dity cveninH at. the city to-day.

Wells is assisting T). Lighter in the City Grocery store, lie PRRSBYTERI Sundav S-hoot: Wm. Unrr. commenced this morning. Rnnerintendci'L Servirps virv Snml'iv at G.

W. McKev returned from his UNION SCHOOL: Every Kuuday al western trip, and looks as though he Total amount 00 a.m. in 'he Lentcnnrv i niirrn. A. K.

EHY.Pnpf rintctlilent. was glad to get, back to Howard. RATTT rU'RCIT: uervlrea on U'p fiinrtli I ahhath of eich month. Prwrlilnsr at 11 n. i.

Capt. M. Walker looks quite tnd-30 p. ui. Prayer meetii -r i'vi- We natural, and somewhat improved in health, since his sojourn at Eureka vcn.j(T.

1 AY. 1'iistor. Rrv. T. Jlunlinin.

Pax- takes the le ail in LOW PRICES- Ft'H'ng our goods for CASH wc give you the bemfit by giving the BEST GOODS at LOWEST PRICES-Our stock is full of BARGAINS 'ia Dress Goods, Lawns, Sateens a a White Goods, Boncle and Jersey Waists, Embroidered Capes anal Scarfs, Hosiery Gloves Etc. The BOSTON STORE SHOES are the best FITT1SG, st WEARING aud CHEAPEST SHOES iu Ice cream at Edwards'. Instructions given in Short-hand during th'13 term of court. Inquire of F. K.

Raymond, 2Sth Court Stenographer tor. Services every Sahhiith at 3 p. t'e Opera House. PreacM'ig services and Snhhath Springs. Eld.

J. V. Beekman will preach in Pfhool are eombinert. Pruver moetinif every Wed jnday attheCeiiteniiry church. the Opera hctise Sunday morning R.

M. STWT'W Post. 'n. jft. Onml rmv of quested to go down stain and get a and ni'dit.

May 20. All are invited the Republic, assembles on the first Saturday In each month at 2 p. and on the tliird Saturday nt 7 p.m. All nnd visitini; cnipii(los lire requested to lie ut tie Poet rooms promptly nt the to attend. furnished sleeping rooms to let by the day or week.

Enquire first door north ol t'ne iiadcer I umber yard. pail of wat-jr. Dick seized the pail and soon disappeared among the labyrinth of old Among the Moline citizens on our streets to-day we noticed W. II. II.

flours neaiifnnten. II. HAYSEH, J. C. STFET.E.

Adjutant. Poat Commander, S. DonTinfT. How- scenery under the stage." 39-nni. Office, rooms 8 and -i, over M.

STANTON, RePef Corps, No. SC. meets on Lamb, J. W. Hanson, and W.

II Downing. the First National Hank. "Suddenly an awful yell was heard accompanied by theclampingof Dick's the third Saturday of each month nt So eloeK p. in. Mrs, Jessie Baldwin, of Kinsly, All members are requested to oe ai ine pin priniu nt the appointed hour.

Mrs, L. LEWIS Pres't-ALBINA LAHRANT. Soc'y. big feet ascending soon but a former resident of Howard Dick himself appeared, shaking in HOWARD LODOE. No.

134. T. O. of mectf is in the city visiting with her moth every limb, and as blue as indigo. er.

Mrs. Duscnberre. On Fridoy erpniwr of each week. lreth renin rood standing eordiillv to attend. J.

H. TURNER, N.O. Sec'y. Harry Boutell went to Moline last One Pries and Square Dealing at the BOSTON STORE. TANCRED LODGE.

No. K. meets in Odd Fellows Hull, Howard, Kansas, every Thursday evening and returned this morn Howard Demogat. Published Every Wednesday Tip Oqly paPer in ELK COUNTY ives all the locr.l and general news. The oflkial paper of tho county J.

K. HALL Publisher ing. Barry now holds a position in J. A. THOMPSON, K.

R. ft- S. ITOPELODGK. No. 1W F.

ft A. M. mrets In retrnlar commtinioation Tuesday on or before the V. A. Adams' grocery store.

llcv.W. C. Long'i of Stansburg, fnll moon of each monui. N. MOMMA, fee, B.

L. BRUSH. W. M. will commence series of meetings, under the auspices of the church HOWARD CHAPTER.

No. 40, Tt. A. M. meets tlOh Heavings!" he gasped.

"Oh, boss, sich a sight! Froat cut from to ear! "What's the matter?" inquired one of the stage hands, who was in the plot. "Oil, sich a sight! M-tn-mau killed! Froat cut from car!" "Where, Dick?" "Down de cellar down de foot ob de stairs! Blood ober him! Oh boss I want to go home!" Dick's terror was so great that it was feared serious results might follow, and ho was p.t once assured that of God, at Cresco chnrch, next in day evening. A general invitation is extended to all to attend. 9n the second Thursday in each month. A.

O. TT. W. Meets at Howard the second an fourth Monday of eaeh month. J.

F. LEWIS M. V. SIMONS see. COMPANY 3d Retfment, K.

N. meets foi drill on the first Wednesday and third Saturdayof eauh month at 1 o'clock p. m. JACOB AM'lEUO. Captain Commanding.

T. P. CAMPBELL list Sergeant. There will be a meeting of the A SPLENDID OFFEIt. TnK WEEKLY Cal'ILtr.

AM) FAIi.VEIl'i JOURNAL anil the weekly for Sl.GO. We oil'iT the Weekly Capital and Fanner's coniiiid and the Weekly Thavki.kk for 1.G0. Till splendid oiler is for cash, and enables every citizen of our county to se- ure r. paper from the ciipitiil ot ftate, and his own local paper nt the pruu ol one subscription. Subscribe at nee.

it was no man only an effigy. $10,000 TO LOAN ON IMPROVED FARMS, AT THE ELK COUNTY STATE BANK. LEADS citizens of Howard and the vicinity in the Opera House on Thursday eve "A what, boss?" "An effigy a stuffed figure covered nihg, May 2li, at 8 o'clock, for the LOC.Vl, NEWS ITEMS with paint." purpose of making necessary ar "Look a here, boss, 1 sick. Do Ifyouscca stray parrot, catch it rangcmc.its to hold a celebration on the 4th day of July, 18S7. It is sight ob dat ebbigee am to much for and return it to Kozell ana got a re Store Elk County ward.

earnestly requested that all interest ed attend. L. Scott. Those of Qiir business men who KSrAB'LISII'KD. IXCORHORATED 18SS have not taken an interest in the Again Decoration day ia at hand -KEKl'8 CONSTANTLY OX HAND- the day when we meet to scatter Board of Trade, can do so atany timu Wanted.

Four or five boarders rord State flowers over the graves of our sol AR8ST AHD BEST SELEC dier dead. Thanking all who have first door south of the boarding house in McLean's building, which has just so liberally donated flowers in the TED STOCK OF GENERAL Howard. Kansas. past, we bespeak the same f.ivors at been cleaned up and newly furnished. We leat that some of those who 825,000.00.

Paid Up Capital, were out hunting for the "birds" yes tneir hands, by requesting all who can to send in flowers in bulk or boquet, to tho i'ost Hall as early as possible en the morning of the 30th. where a will receive them. Girls and boys are especially terday, tracked a party of fishermen up and made them hold up thinking that they were the prisoners. Much sickness prevails nmoiv; requested to bring flowers in baskets MEMAIMSE, or boquets to be carried by tacin the small children of this Vicinity for the past few days. The very selves.

Wild flowers will ba as warm weather no doubt the cause. The ailment is mostly summer Tn Elk Comity. acceptable as tame ones. Mauv L. Turn no.

J. C. Steele, CoipsPici. I'ootCom. A few riuc tickings.

'iM an: roii'iKsi'ovpjs-N-rs First, Nutioiml Rnb of -Emporia. Firs TitS'iiu! iii.nk of Sow l'orK. National of Iuiihhs City. Mo. EDWARDS' BAKERY Keeps a full supply of Orangey Lemons, Bananas, Candies, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NUTS, And everything to bo found in a first-class restaurant and Tables arc supplied with the very best the markets afford.

East Side Wabash Kansas. There will be a meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance Un ion next Thursday at 2:30 clock p. Wamkuo, May Robert Beattie, of the well known firm of Beattie con traders and build m. Business 'of importance will be transacted and it is requested thai IcKey, Eby ers of this city, died at his home Sat all will attend. urday evening from the eflccta of blood poisoning.

Mr. Beattie uis Tt occurs to us that a boll at the court house woul 1 be very lvenient 39 year of age. and was born in Scot land. Me was one of the best known to call the people together upon any occasion. It could also be used for S.

KIIUTZ. I'rpsirtent. W. If. GIBSON.

Vice-President. T. S. FULLEli, Cashier. W.

II. INGEI1MANN, Assistant Cashier. contractors in the state and at the time of his death they had large contracts at Junction City, Levenworth Various such as sounding and Atchison. He will be buned to L00K SHARtPI- day ut 3 p. m.

In tho' death of Robert Benttie, Wamego, loses one of a liifliflftg her most enterprising citizens, and his family a kind and loving father. Wu SI ii The reception Saturday evening to Hon. J. J. Ingalls and wife given by Paid Up Capital; Jo 0,000.00.

6,000,00. Mrs. J. S. Merritt, was a' very pleas surplus ant one.

Many of our prominent cit I am still liere r6 expact to continue toj sep on yprte a faqdsorrj3, good and cleap or Jewelry of all kiqds, Will repair watches, decks andewelrij on short notico aqdjat satisfactory prices, izens met the distinguished guests HOWARD, and spent an hour or two at the pleasant and hospitable home of Mrs, Merritt. INCOIU'OIJATKD 18S0 Notice: All persons indebted to F. A. BUTLER, Moline, Kan. WW to to ItinWiiJ J.

K. Kobel will find their accounts with Judge Douthitt for collection. They must be paid ut once if you wish to avoid having costs added to them. fire alarm, etc. Several errors in spelling the names in the list of real estate transfers yesterday, which was no fault of Messrs' Campbell Barr who furnished them, but were typographical errors of this olllce.

Some trouble was experienced this morning to find men to serve on the Jury. Why not mako tip a jury of ladies, now that women snffraire is one of the laws of the land, wc believe they arc just as competent to nerve as jurors. A green colored parrot belonging to W. W. Kozell t-scuped last evening and has not been found yet Any information in regard to it will be thankfully received by him at Cheney's furniture store, and a suitable reward will be paid for its return.

We sec that the Board of Trade in many cf the Kansas towns send from 1000 to 5000 copies of their city papers to persons in various portion's of the United States each waek. The attention of Howard Bourd of Trade is respectfully called to this fact, with the request to do likewise. Mrs. Fannie Bryan, of Missouri, who is visiting nt the home of Mr. and Mrs.

1). M. Lighter, will, during her stay, canvass Howard and solicit subscriptions to tho book entitled "Tokology." Tho book is almost equal to a physician, and is particularly an ulmost indispousiblc book Ltx ladies. GROSE HOWAIfD, KANSAS. Capital, 1 Surplus ami Gj.COO Ann (

U. Olom and F. Kby. 'Oi-tickhmG. W.

K.y, "rrexldmitt X. Aloiumn, Viuo lVoUlent A. i r.Dj, Cn'hliT Noves r.nrhcr, Ciihler. Nm'onal Unk.X'V York; of hnsl Havo 3oii had tho children's picture tiken, if not don't wait but get them now at Ong's. For He xv.

Good residence house, with three rooms. Call on C2-3d Z. T. I) kan City ninl Hunk of Oiiiiihtch. Kntisi t'ltv, Aiisour full fee tlin bnriminR in ni cy and studio groceries nl McCLAMROCK LONGFELLOW, At Cost: Two organs, one Kstoy and one Kimball, also one second hand organ, very cheap, Terms easy.

J. L. B.i"i:ii, With It. V. Glenn ovi Kill Co.

store. "CITY GROCERY." -I'BOl'KIETORS OP TIIK- FRESH constantly on hnnd nt Thomas Cassil's. The famous "Fnnev." "Topckn." fPntenV nnd "Englo" Flour. I Knsclul bni villus in country produce. I Kvcrytlilni? periling ton flrst duel meat niflrliot conlimtlj kept on h.ind.

Notice: All perons indebted (o Crooks Mcllee nic requested to callund settle at oiko, tf Kansas, D. m. LIGHTER, HOWARD, KANG..

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