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The Howard Daily Traveler from Howard, Kansas • 4

The Howard Daily Traveler from Howard, Kansas • 4

Howard, Kansas
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THE HOWARD DAILY TRAVELER. AS 1TB CARTliU KB') 4IOttIK "THCRSDAV A Pull? 18S7, Slightly Disfigured BUT STILL IN THE RING "With a full line of WATCHES CLOCKS JEWELRY SILVERWARE F. A. BUTLER, I invite the especial attention of tli3 paopb to my line of groceries consisting of plain and STAPLE GOODS! In fact anything the grocery line FOR Ml'ltRCRtPTIOX: Ten Cents per week, dc-liwred to any business house in town. Pi-rwnia lint receiving" their paper reKuarlysnd promptly.

ill pleas reportto this office. A UYKRTItK.M inrh per month Local. 5 cent- oer line for first inBerti n. cent )ur line for iusertion. Scents fur three inner tions.

and ten cent for fix. After locale hnve run wpi 1 cent per line will he rharced fur each insertion. These rates Include one insertion in the weekly edition, which now has acirculation almost t-qual to anv uewspnpir published in the cc.u.ity, uuti baa larffer circulation than any newspaper published in the county outside of How ard. MOline Miss Williams, who teaches the the grammar-school at Winfield came in last night in answer to a message sent by S. M.

Roborta, to see her sister, Mr. Roberts, who is quite sick. Jacob Bauer and Wash. Auldridge are putting up the awning which a runaway team tore down the other day, in front of Hubbell Ward livery barn. Geo.

Lee returned from his pleasure trip out west. He says that the other boys still hankered for more game, and consequently were not ready to return with him. The real estate boom has now struck Howard, and those new and beautiful additions recently laid out. are being sold to persons who are erecting on the lots beautiful and cosey houses. The electioji is now over and all disagreements should be cast aside, die tomahawk buried, and all join hands in a fpiendly, unprejudiced manner, and push onward the city TRICTIjY CAS Howard rostoflice.

Office hour? from fi-45 a. m. Letters registered and mom-v orders issued from 7:00 m. p. except while distributing nnd making np muil.

Office open on Sunday from lo 10:110 a. m. J. B- Hall, P.M. ELK COUNTY STORE, CARRIES COirLCTK STOCK OF GENERAL MERCHANDISE Arriral and Departure of Train.

Leaves Emporia 4 :30 p. ra. p. m. Arrives at Howard As quick sales and small profit will be my MOTTO.

Country Pioluce taken in exchange for goods. D. JVC- Lighter. 8:91 p. m.

8:41 p. m. 7:20 a.m. m. a.

m. Leacs Howurd Arrives at Molinc Leaves Moline Arrives ut Howard eaves Howard Arrives at Emporia 13:01 p. Mail and Accommodation Daily. Except 8nnday. leaves Emporia n.

at Howard 1 p. ni. Leaves Howard 2:45 p. m. Arrives at Emporia p.

ru. And sell at prices which defy competition. If you are In need of Groceries, ProTislons, Dry floods. Clothing, Bootv, Shoes, llata, caps Queensware, FU-nr, Salt, Carpets or rops, you should cell aud look through our M-iinoioth stuck of Goods, we guarantee satisfaction to oar customers. We buy in large quantities for Cash, and CAN SELL THEB1 VERY CHEAP! McKEY, EBY CO.

everybopv loves so well. SIRABLE PROPERTY! DE I'EKSOXAI. OTHKKWISE. K. 0.

Mote of Topeka, took in last evening. Grraiad Opportnnity G. W. MERRILL, Call at Topping Haines for clean millet seed. lit DEALER IK SS" J.

Thompson, of Moline, was registered at the Windsor yesterday. Kifer. of New was in town last evening. Staionery and Notions, Cigars, Tobacco, Candies, nts. Blank Books, and In fact I keep a central assortment eiefc goods as are kept in a rJrot class postofllce honk and notion store, and guarantee my prices to be us cheap as any other bouse in this port of the State Call and see I E.

It. Clove, of Lee's Sum mitt, took in the city last evening. Now that the election is over, lets all go to booming the town again. KANSAS. MOLINE, 8.

E. Chapman, the baggage rustler at xioline was in town this evening. G. P. Toinms, of Ottawa, Kansas, registered at the Windsor this a.

Howard is the home of the rich and the poor. Men of capital here live and enjoy life in a manner befitting their wealth, while the lalerer can fihd plenty to do at a fair compensation for his toil. The real estate boom is the principal theme of conversation upon our streets every day. Men who have lived here for years are awakening from trieir slumbers and are wild with wonder at the tremendious growth our city is making this spring. The blossoning fruit trees in almost every portion of our handsome city, now fill the air with thtir redolent aroma and instill into the mind a feeling of cheerfulness and pleasure, and lends enchantment to the picture which brilliantly looms np to view.

The weather is warm and pleasant and grass is growing finely. The farmers are busy planting and their busiest time of year has set m. There will be a la.ige acerageof corn planted and enough of it will be raised to supply all the wants of all and an abundance to spare. Greater abvantages and more of them are ottered here to the homeseek-ers than in any county west of the Mississippi river. The way land buyers are flocking in" from all diredtions is causing some of our people to invest more extensively in Howard propeety before the prices slide up to where they can't reach it.

Frank Osborn and J. W. Croker have returned from their extended hunt, and brought back with them a fine lot of geese, brants and ducks. They are going to distribute them around among the poor of our city, which is a very pious conclusion. We almost w'i3h that we were not so wealthy ourselves.

Read thu new advertisement to-day WITH THE BEST STOCK OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, AUD SILVERWARE In Southern Kansas. No misrepresentation of goods to effect sales. My REPAIRING DEPARTMENT is completa. patronize Coffin, the Jeweler. Howard, Kansas.

S. P. Payne, of Emporia, is in the city this afternoon. Capt. White came last eve, bringing good news for Howard.

C. W. 01as3 and wife went fishing this afternoon. When you want any kind of job "work, call at this otlice. Mrs.

Charley Class accompanied by Mary Powell are visiting fc. TO SECURE A HOME CHEAP. Dr. Lewis' addition will in the near future be the most desirable property in the County. It comprises over sixty acres regularly laid out in Blocks 300x400 feet.

The lots are 50x150. The streets are straight and wide, on each side of which there is a lawn that has over a thousand shade Trees already set, which will give the entire addition a pleasant and inviting appearance. These with the fact that the best of living water can be obtained from 18 to 20 feet below the surface is bound to make this addition the most desirable location in the city. Lots are being taken every day. Call at once.

For Sale by THE ELK COUNTY ABSTRACT LAND AND LOAN AGENCY OF R. F. Glenn Co. HOWARD, KANSAS. Mark Tully and James Nelson, of Ft.

Louis, was on our streets to da v. 0HARLES SLOGUM, 99 CENT STORE 99 Is prepare! It you bargains 1n al. lends of Notions, Tinware, Cutlery and evrrythitie pertii-hifr to the notion trade. A full line of Toys of every style and variety for the the Httli folki. When you need anything in this line call and see him and price bis goods.

First door The indications for a sood rain aro encouraging, aud the fanners say it is needed. Kanasi Howard, The justice courts of this city Lave been in session nearly all the time for the past few days. of D. M. Lighter, who succeeds S.

M. Roberts in the grocery busines. Mi. Lighter informs us that while he will We are Prepared to Cash All GOOD HEAL ESTATE WITHOUT THE "12 PER CENT," CLAUSE. do a strictly cash business he expect.

to sell his goods so low that persons will save money to purchase from hims Charlie Hurst gave a party at his home Tuesday evening. A pleasant time was had by all present Why is it we see so many ladies with sore eyes? Naw they have gold rimed spectacles. The familiar phiz, of F. L. Park-hurst, of Moline, was seen in town again to-day.

Mr. White, of Eureka, came down to-day and is looking at some town property expecting to purchase, II. B. Thompson is having a handsome porch made to the front of his residence. Give him a trial and be convince your selves.

Day by day bur city is advancing OSBORN BROS onward, and cannot fail to soon become one of the most important cities in the be rutif ul Southern Kan INCORPORATED 88. ESTABLISH J. W. Hall took the noon train today for Eureka, where he is with Osborn Bro's. sas.

Now is the time for a speculation in real estate, aud the fact that it is begining to change hands so lively, is evidence that people are cognizant of fact. Property which can be purchased here now for reasonable figures will sell twelve months hence for three times the amount asked for it now. It is something unusual for a person to look through Elk countc with a view L. SCOTT Attorney-at-law, Office on Enit Randolph street, near the New Court houKC, Howard Kuntaa. T.N.JONES, The Jeweler, Repair" Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, sntis faction guaranteed.

OIBce at Kirby's Drug store K. Hurst, Clerk, is enjoying a visit from his parents. Their home is in Lynn county, this state. The weather is so mild and pleasant hat all vegatation is springing up as if by magic. Mr.

Goepcl is moving his barn today from opposite the Badger Lumbei Yard, across tno street onto the east side. Elk County State Bank, HOWARD, KAHSAS-capital SURPLUS ANO PROFITS- 5IJ0OB DIRECTORS. G. W. McKey, N.

Momma, Aaron Clum, R. P. Glenn nnd A. P. Etyr OFFICERS.

G. W. McKey, President, A. vr, Cashier. N.

Momma, Vice President, Noyi Barber, Asst. Ch; National Bank, New Tork. NatloualBank of Kansai City. a4 of Commerce, Kansas City, Mo, of locating and go away without purchasing lands. J.

K. GLASSCOCK, A smooth tongucd fellow took in Howard yesterday in the interest of the Chicago Inter-Ocean, and succeeded in carrying away a number of Notary Tublic, Land, Loan, Insurance, and Collection agent. Deeds, mortgage and other lejrul documents executed on short notice and the moat reasonable terms. Ofllcc, East aide Main Street, R. R.

MULLAIN, Tuner of Pianos AND REPAIRER OF ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Residence, Howard, Kansas. twenty-five cent pieces, for which he agreed to furnish his paper three Kansas. Moline, months.

We have no particular ob Mr. Underwood has returned from his western trip, and wears a more contented look than he did bef oje starting- When in want of anything in the grocery line, call on I). M. Lighter, first door north of the Southern jection to the man or his paper, but as Chicago newspapers do not waste J. M.

WHITE ESTABLISHED 1879. INCORPORATED "Howard State Bank HOWARD, Kansas. Attorney at Law, J. F. COSTELLO, M.

D. Physician and Surgeon. Ofllcc first door west of Postofllce. Howard 2 I Kansas. BUSINESS CARDS, much of their time, nor devote any of their valuable space in trying to build up our town, we honestly and candidly believe that it would have been a wise plan for the people here to haue tuaned the cold shoulder to him and investing their sgarc change with the newspapers of Howard who word for the best interest of our town Make hay in fair weather, and buy property in Howard while you can procure it at fair prices.

Do you catch on? Office over the Elk County Bank, noward Kai PAID UP CAPITAL Rbffbrrncrs and Cor bkpondbnts: First National Bank of Emporia 5 Flril National Bank, of New York Merchanta National Bunk of Kansas City, UNDERWOOD LEE, Dcali In everything pertaining to a Unit-clad DPUG STORE Howard Kansas. T. S. FULLER, Chler. i 1 V.

II. INGEKMANN, Aiat. Cub. Howard Demoat. FnbllHlmd Every Wednesday Tle Orly Democratic Paper in ELK COUNTY Gives all the local and general news.

The official paper of the county J. It. HALL Publisher THOS. S. KKU'l'Z, PrwiUlent, W.

H.GIBSON, Vice Pics. F. A. Adams received his stock of to-day, and will open up at once for business in the room formerly occupied by F. D.

Curtis. I). L. Ward took out lumber today from the Badger Lumber Yard to build an addition to las elegant residence in the west part of town. Messrs K.

F. Glenn comes to the front to-day with a good display advertisement. They arc as reliable a firm as can be found west of the Mississippi river. Several strangers caino in on the noon train to-day, and arc looking at property in various parts of the We would advise the citizens of Howard to keep their eye on a certain soft-headed young business man of that place. As he seems to be, judging from hia actions last week when he attended the entertainment here, very badly mashed on some portio of the Ruby Lafayette company.

They will be at this place in the near future and he may conclude to rustic baggage for that company. Lmigtim Leader. We were misinformed about Woodson, lie as not down toLongton, but Johnny Thompson was. Wcsupposc ho is the soft-headed young man who is so badly mashed on Borne portion of the Ruby Lafayette Company. D.W.DUNNETT Attorney at law, COUNTY ATTORNEY, HOWARD, KAN8AS CHARLES DREWRY $50,000.00 $6000.00 Kansas.

PAID UP CAPITAL SUEPLUS HbwarcL PAINTINC. city tins iiHtoruoon wnh view to A tli law hnsincss not conflicting with the business of County Attorney, aud all collections en-tniKli'rt to mn will receive prompt, ami careful attention, OHVemcr Bruce'i More. piiroliiisiiiir. draining, Calsomtnlne and Paper Httiflng Ofllcc iu rear of Ueadiuattf griwry store..

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