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The Hill City Democrat from Hill City, Kansas • 4

The Hill City Democrat from Hill City, Kansas • 4

Hill City, Kansas
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THE DEMOCRAT. No. 18,013. What's the matter with Prev.itt? He's all right. i i iTllQ 0 S'H gffil I hH! i UU iik 11 HPi? fl lAfH I As VilUlillS NOTICEiTOH PUBLICATION.

-w No. 5Ai3 Lend oSiee at WaSeccev Kansas, Ort. 10, 153. Notice is hereby riven tbc ollovriiHrpaniea settler haa filed notice of uitcslioii to make fiaalvroof in support his rluiia. and thst proof will he matie bifore the fi'id Ke-ceiver ot WaKeeisey Esmsa.

onDe. is3 viz: EEXKYMEKAXDA. IL e. oiTS lor the 'i section T. 10 f.

SI We sell for cash and at L'ed-rock prices. All accounts must be settled without delay. Having procured a llrst class workman we are prepared to do all kinds of Tin work on ihort notice. I. Pipes Co.

ifj TO COIIN IIUSTvEPtS. The Corn Huscers Salve has been thor oughly testek and is guaranteed to keep the hinds from cracking or getting sore while husking corn. Only 23 cents per bottle. Sold by E. E.

Cfiifjiax. Fiinnerrr, Kansas. INCORPORATED AUG. S3, 1SSC- Capital $50,000. A General Banking Business Transacted.

Special facilities for making FARM LOANS. Taxes paid for S.y. CODER, 1'ieo J'restaonl. C. STURTm'AXT.

2roWnt. II. A. COFFIN, President. Treasurer Iowa Loan and Trcst Company, Dcs Mciucs.

Hill citv, Kansas. TRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS PROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO COLLECTIONS Correspondence Solicited. lie names tb witEesrs to prove cimstinoEs rdtnw nptn and caliivazion of, said land to: E'ias S. Oipps. and Cbristopter C.

Cox of r.l! Geori-e S. Eariv and i llTji, Fsro, W. c. L. EZAED, Ee-jUter.

No. 301 Ci Lsni OSca at Klrtsin Kjtna, Nov. 1. Notic berc-tT tiat tie f-'ilo'vinir-nanie'l eettier has Cled cot ce cl his to procf in eaprort cf cWm, and that tid proof vUl be intOc before th Ja-e cf the Difrrk Cocrt. or ia his absence eh-rk thereof at Kill CitT rn Pec.

El. 2S. viz. II LTMS. i).

.3 for tl tee 113 Tinmen the following vtot: hi? or.tSriTionB retidenoj and ccItivjiiioTi of, aii 'and. viz: Wiiiey to.tof, Shermaa Smith. R-S. Eaiiaons, and Smitn. 1S Hill Citr k.

II. A. Yongs. NOTICE. I wi3I be ready to dehorn cattle about October first.

Prices to suit Use times. Over fifteen hundred head bandied in the lastvear. Reference, C. Fountain, C. Terrell.

J. Gordon J. Byerts, G. W. Ciiiins end Martin Stevenson.

Leave all orders at this ouice, M. NqTIOE tax payees OF GRAHAM COUNTY, KANSAS. Notice is hereby jriven that I have receivod toe tax Toll of Orahaui c-omrty, lor he jtmr IH8), and am ready to reeeire tbo taxvs. Xiis I'otlawiiiff is tije amount of tmc-s cluirre.l ir State, County, Township, City, SehocL. Cuunt.y Honds ar.d heliool iJistrict tijv.o.

on caeii one hundred dollars valuation. Tax levy for year 1SS9, ou eaeli S1.C0 valuation. For interest on County Ikjnds Eor County General iit-vouue. Eor State Ueneral Ecvcuue For Allodium Township Tux For Uryaut Townshio Tax For Gettysburg' Township Tax For Gratia ra Township Tax For Happy Township T.ix For Indiana Townsnip Tkx For Millbrook Townsnip Tax For iorltn Townsb ip Tax For NicoflyTiius Towrisiiip T.ix For Pioneer Township Tax For Wild Horse Township Tax For otoiiivni Township iinr.d Tux For Wild iorse Township Tux For Hill City Towiisiiiy iiund Tax For Iliil City Township Bond Tax For City of Hill City fcond Tsix a 10 4 Wt 1 1 13 ia li DRU The'Porest'and Best Selected 9 If 1 ft Jr H. A.

COFFIN, Jr. Casuist Stock of Prugain the County is Vi (j 8 2 Thcie You Will find a Complete Stock of Drugs, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Perfumery and Notions. Best brands of Proprietary medicines kept constantly in stock. PURE LIQUORS FOR NEDICAL PURPOSES. Prescriptions Compounded by a Registered Pharmacist ALSO CARRIES A FULL STOCJTO? JawelryCiocks, atches Etc.

IvL" BLOCK, HILL CITY, AXO FREMONT, KANSAS. J.F.STEWART Ed. Pub. Entered in the Post OEca st Hit City, Kas as class matter. Official Paper for Graham County.

SUBSCRIPTION IN A VANCE Oae Gopv one year. $1.00 One copy six montha, 50 One copy threo. months. 22 Locals will l.e Inserted la these columns for 5 cents per line each Insertion, and will be nssrted fiutilorJcted out. Our Local Editor.

Croquet sets at Chiptaaii's. tf Wall Paper at Chipman's. tf Flower Pot3 at Chipman's. tf Try theDKMOcr.AT otrlce for job work The M1 winds of wmter draw apace. Now kuryiJyour ill feelings if you have any.

"Walnuts for TreeClaini3 at Carney Poston's W. R. Uill returned from Atchison last Monday. Evcrytlun? in the Hardware line at Carney i Poton's. Foii SaLe on Trade.

A new No. 9 cookies etovc. J. M.E0S2HT9. Don't freeze thl winter, but go to C'riT vi end buy a good stove Foit Trade A good gasoline stove to trade fora cow.

Enquire at the Demo ciut ohlce. Be sure and see G. B. 2Iechem at the Farmer Merohaatsbank, for FarcciLoar.s. The patrous of the Boston Cash Store are specially invited to examine our nsw stock now V.rriving.

Yon should 'seo those fine "Western Cot tage Organs sold by J. F. Stewart. -J They arc the driest toned organ in the market. Ult is plainly demonstrated that the gimlet headed editor that sneers at a people's oonvention, don't know much anyhow.

We had a bet of a $3. hat with Ottoson that he would not carry Allodium township against JTeberling 3 tq 1. won the bet. PiMn Facts" jras a boomerang of co small dimensions. We are happy to see that wc have a few personal friends in Hill City.

A couple of political gravc-3 were dug ia Graham connty last Tuesday and they were dug deeper than usual. They are occupied by the Mecaems. The talked cf abssncc of our probato Judge for a couple of months caused some of our young men to hasten to see Lim on "important" business. Do you want an Organ. Then see the Famous, Organoid by J.

F. Stewart. Every Organ warranted In workmanship and tone for five years. Bold on easy" terms. All goods at the Boston Cash Store are markcdMu'plaia'flguresand our 'friends ar inrited to cVd them whether they desire to buy or not.

We are always ready to show good3 If people would take the advice of E. E. Chipman the druggist they would never start on a journey without a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dir rhoea Remedy. It can always be dfpen ded upon and is pleasant to take. The'Boston'CashSStore by its system of spot each for all goods sold or bought ia enabled to quote prices which no other establishment in westere Kansa3 can offer.

Remember we buy and sell for cash only. Friend Mary's drear va nil right, r.U but the part relating to chiaf mourn, era. We would suggest that he substitute the names of Col. Wright and him pelf for chief mourners thephec of W. Collins and Win.

Roberts. Send two cents in stamps to E. L. Do max. General Passenger Union Pacific Railway, Omaha Neb.

and secure copy of our Sports and Pastimes, con taming complete rules for Lawn Tennis, By purchasing supplies direct from reporters and manufacturers for spot cash the Boston Cash Store is enabled to offer it3 good at lower figures' ban they ihavc ever been offemEby.any other establishment in tho state. The Boston Cab Store buys for cash only and tans is enabled to sell at lowei prices than any body. Then- ia nothing like money. If the people of Graham county desire to save money they sho.tld examine the stock of the Boston Cash Stare. Goods jare'arriving cf which have been bought for money down.

The election last Tuesday was something of a surprise to the ring republican of Graham county. They had so fondly counted on their majority in tha county carrying them through tiiac they were wholly unprepared for the result. The People's ticket succeeded in electing two of its candidates. Treasurer ar.d Register of deed. said came within less than twenty votes of electing coroner.

The vftin bv townships ia srivea elsewhere. I We want every mother to know tha croup can be prevented. True croup cever appears without a warning. The 3 e. s.

alvord: Iiiis. Mills. 1 0 io 3 3 3 15 6 i 15 5 35 3 ti 20 7 io 8 15 9 tO I 10 11 13 It li 14 lZt 1-3 2 18 10 17 0 lo 2J 19 -J) 20 t'O 21 "0 i 22 'S 2 i4 -24 i'j a 26 15 27 lo 28 2-J sa so r.i 2.i 33 20 3 3.1 34 20 15 ii 12 4 ST 20 S3 li 2 BO a 40 15 41 v-j a 13 jjj Hi ti 4i gn 2 4 20 4i i0 4 47 4S 40 12 60 51 30 10 2 20 'i 8 iV) 20 2 50 20 20 15 5i og f0 5 1 0 (2 18 It 3 PI 23 fl 5 at 7 20 as so po 20 TO '(J 5 2-1 T2 SO 3 21 i 5 20 T5 77 20 4 13 2 70 Land OSco at Oberlin, October 11th Xotlce is hereby given that the follow, iv-g named setiier h-s tiled notice of his mention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Register ar.d Receiver at ouewn jvans, on Dec. 12th 16-4, viz: JOHN H. PERCE LL.

-II. E. Xo. 1SS1 for the E. i Se.i sw i Se i Sei Sw i Sec 20 town 8, range 25.

He names the following witnesses te prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation cf said land, viz: Simeon True, Edward Atkin. and Ssm-uel Dearbolt of Fremont Kansaa, and James M. Torbert of Skeltoa Kansas Feask Bacon, Register. No. 13343.

051 oe at Ohcrlin Kan. October 4, 1889. Notice is hereby ran thai the following-nauit' settlor has filtd notice of Lis intention to nruke final proof in support of his that saitt proof will he made before the KetihU-r or Receiver at Kirwin Ka.u?ns on Nov. 9, viz: Robebt B. Catus, H.

E. lor the S. VT. Sc. 10 T.

7 R. 23. ITe names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence npen and cultivation of, eaid land viz: William Purh, Aliie Smith, Alix Martin and J. R. Catlin ail of Rtll City Kansas.

H. A. TOXGE, Register Lr.nd Office at Kirwin Kan. October 4, 1SS9. Notice is herohy piven that the following named settler has filed notice of hisiutention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof wii! lo made bosnro th irccate Judc-e Hill City Ksnss on Nov.

15 1 89. viz: Lekoy C. Cook, D. S. 23083 for the N.

W. Sec. 21 T. 7 X. 12.

He names the fcliowit-witnesses to prove hi pntintons residence upon, and cuitiv-ticnof sail hind viz: 11. B. Dltu-kLnrn W. L. Kobinson Robert Beewn tad Wm.

Kiotz, all cf liiil City Kansas II, YosGE.aejrister. TIMBER CULTURE, FINAL PROOF Land Office at Oberlin. Kansas. August, 17th 18S9. Notice is hereby given that Geokge B.

Baikd of Fremont, Kansas, has riled notice of intention to make final proof before the Register and Receiver at Ouerlin, Kansas on the 12th day of November, 18SS. on mber culturs application No. 4,109 for the southeast quarter of section in, town 7, range 25. He names as witnesses: J. Dalbey.

Joseph Anderson, William Anderson and Samuel -Anderson, all of Lenora, Kansas. SHRANK BACON, Register. Cehtificath AS roSTIKG OP NOTICE. U. K.

Land Office, Oberlin. Kansas. August 17th 1889. Frank Bacon, Register, do hereby certify that a notice, a printed copy of which is herto attached, wa3 by me posted in a conspicuous place in my office for a period ot thirty days, I having first posted said notice on the 17th day Angust 1839. Frank Bacon, Register.

No. 17,170. Laud Onlce at Oberliji Tvansaa. August 2D, 1S89. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final Lomeste'ic? proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Register or Receiver at Oberlin, Kansas, on November 10th 18F-S, viz: JOHN PKRSONETT li.

E. No. for the southwest sec. 1, town 7. range He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upoi? and cultivation of said land, viz: Geo.

Emmons, Ciarenco Garland, Z. P. Turner, and John II. Nicholson, all of Fremont, Kansas. s5 FRANK BACON.

Rrsiste NO i ICE. Aiir.s notice xo. S131. Kirwin Kansas Sept 23, Complaint having teen entered at this office by John iersonctt Isaac M. Jtiii t-tnan, for failure to comply with law 3 to Ti tabor Cultnre Entry Ivj, I'V-'Si, u-ttfj June 13S5, upon the yt i Ste.

li JJ 22, in Grsiliatn county Kansas, with a view to the caneollarion of said entry; contestant that Isaac M. llartmun hs net plowed or cr.nsod to ho plowed any jr round on'stilO tract of land nor planted or to be planted any iret-s seeOs or on saiil land since Jtme ISrfS to the present time; Tho sail parties arc hereby t' appi-ar at this Ofiice on tue IS, day of tfce. lS8y, at l'J o'clock A. 31., to respond untlfuraish tesdmony concerning said alleged tsilure. ti.

A. Yosos Isisfcr. A. J. KAiiiiis Kecoivcr.

NOTICE. (Firt rnV.Hiid October ITih 1330.) Ailcn Hartley, t-uhi O. JJartloy. Curtis il. Wiek.

The fttonchaui Co-ojxirative Phoe a corporal Ion, Tho Lunihurton Shoo Company a corporation, luuley M. Steel, San ford tV. A. Neils and .1. G.

Chnpman. partners (loiny as I). M. Pteel you will tske notice that you have been Kurd in the District co.irt of Untbaui county, Kansas in action -vvheroin Chi ranee A. parks, trustee, and II. are plaintiffs and yon are cefendants, and ap.wvr pluinti'irs peti-ticn Hied therein en or before the Hth day Beceinber A. li. 18H0, or sail petition will ta-cen as irne, and yndirenipnt will be rendered iijaini-t you intlie suja of Tive Hundred and I isevnty-fcvc ($075.) lioilarj. rith interest at 12 per per annum the 1st day of January and cf suit, that a deed cf trust or luortpaire executed by Alien Hartley and Ursula O. Uartiey and described in said petition be declared -foreclosed and a first iien to seeiu skM sum on the Nrth Eart Quarter C4) of section S2, town 10 of rane 24 west of the 6th p.

2i. in Grab em county, ICansas, ntid that said real estate be sold in satisfaction thereof, according to law without eppraisoment, and the proceeds he brought into court applied to the payment of l5t, the taxes due and payable on said premises; 2nd. the of suit; 3rd, the claim of plaintiff's with interest, and that cech and all cf of defendants and ail persons claiinia? urier them 1 forever barred and of ail interest, lien and equity of redemption in and to said real estate. li ay ward Griilin, Trewitt Frewitt, Attye. for riffs.

Attest: J. R. Hawkins. Clerk. HyJ.

B. Llat'k'oura, Deputy. In the District Court cf Graham Cotinty, Kaa. li. I.

Pcston, piaictiff. 1 vs. VXoticeof PheriCs eala. G. K.

dfin-iant. Notice is hereby piven that by -virtue of an order of pale isned ant the District Court of Graham count" favor of B. F. F'octon, and afiingt G. H.

ar.d to rrc ditecttd. I will on the 12. day os i-'ov. is-9 atthehovrof 2 o'clork V. hi.

te Jroi door of the Conrt House, in tby City of IIii City, i-eil at public uuc tion following descn-i ral property, tvwit: Lf.ts 9 and 11 in i. hi and Crawford addition to 11:11 City. Graham w.unty. liaises, said pmieriy ifin? npon by virtue of onler of attachcieijt as the property of G. II.

Martin. Dated this ICth day cf October fa. D.C. SI the District ccwrt of Graham County Kan W.J. Crawford Notice cf Sherirs Sale.

Geo. H. def. Sotics is het-el thf by vtriae sn freer of tle isn! oit of the Diftriet court ft crw.ty. in tETor ot VT.

J. f'rowforJ iid ta'nst (i. II. to me directed, I cti una Ciiy c.z Ji.f.i. st the Lour ef v'c rk P.

frot-t U-sor cf the Ctr.rt illiK itr, t'lMic ace-tioTi the foiiowio d--en'red real cronrt7 to-v. Lot 'J anu 11 ia Block in gaafori" anli Crnwritd's addition to liiil City, hi-t i by -irta of sn order of attachment 9 the property cf G. H. Mania, Dated this ICta day of 1 D. C.

ToTTS. SherifL Waatsd-Corn and oats at Gar- nett's. Best rates on Farm Loans see G. B-JtscrtEM. Heaters from S2.50 to $j0.

at Poston'e. W. II Hill is erecting a frame building in Fremont to be used a a hardware building. Go to Carney Poston's for repairs on stoves. Thanks, boys, you bet wc are glad to shake hands with you.

You done nobly each and all of you. L. K. Divi3 set up the cigars, a whole bos full, to the Demockat boys on his wedding. Our Jno.

Fisher and wife and Mrs. T. B. mother of L. arrived this morning from Atchison, and will remain several days.

For Sale. A political machine, pretty badly broken but believe it can be repaired with a iiberrl outlay of money. Mowry. Wright Co. Eors.

To Mr. and Mrs. II. p. Clay ton on Thursday.

Nov. 7th a ten pound boy. Mother and child doing well. 11. D.

is not yet considered out of danger. Martin Bettis, a coloied man and an old resident of Graham county was killed lastthursday by the roof of a sod houre falling in on him. We are usable t' learn the particulars. Owing to the lack of space we are compelled to lay over until nezt week an in-interesting article on the Farmers Alliance. The article i3 from an able pen and will be very interesting reading.

Mrs. C. B. Jones, of Spring Hill, Iowa, says: "I have used Chamberlain's Pain Balm for severe and painful burns with better effect than anything else I have ever triedr It relieves the pain instantly and cures without leaving a scar." Pain Balm is one of the most useful medicines that any family can be provided with, especially for rheumatism, lame back, sprains, bruises, tooth-ache, esr-achc and like ailments. One application will relieve the pain and affair trial insure a cure.

50 cent bottles for Bale by E. E. Chipman. The "Women's Missionary" Society of the Presbyterian church wiil meet at the home of Mrs. J.

S. Atkinson on Saturday, Nov. 9tb, at o'clock, p. m. Married.

Wednesday Nov. 6th at the home of the bride's parents in Hill City, by their pastor. Kev. J. A.

'Branch, lir. L. K. Davi3 and Miss Ruby Garnett. Mr.

and Mrs. Dvis sre known to the Democrat's readers. The bride has grown from eiukikood to womanhood in this place cnjjs an estimableyocng lady in all respects, She has hosts of friends in the county who extend her hearty congratulations. The groom has been a resident ofthe city for p. little more than a year, coming frcm Atchison to this place.

lie is an energetic young man of good habits and will doubtless make a model husband. Like sensible young pt ople that they are they went to house keeping at once. May all the good, and none ot the ills of married life befall them in their journey onward is the wish of the Democrat, in which wish hofcts of friends of the contracting couple joins. A'meeting of the Central Teachers As sociation will be he'd in the congregational church in Hill City Nov. 23, 'S3, commencing at 9, Provision has been made for the entertainment of twenty-five teachers.

The papers will be instructive, the discussions important, and the mectiiiQiiuwhich no teacher should uejrlect. we trust be carried out complete. Song. Invocation, Rev. Atkinson, Music.

Phisiology of the brain. Mr. Emmons. Dlsfr.ssion- Papor, J. W.

Gore. Discussion. music. Clinchers of history, A. R.

Bell. Discussion. Paper. Miss Blackburn. Discussion, Paper, J.

E. porter. Discussion. Orthography, Mis3 Binder. Music.

Address, llev. J. A. Branch. Miscellaneous business Organization.

Matiy Mhctiem MATiV MscnEM E. C. McG ehe Ex. ora. Fraxs Blackburx, EUPEPSY.

Tliis is what you ought to have, in fact you must have it, to fully enjoy life. Thousands are searching for it mourning because tiiey nd it not. Thousands upon thousands of deilars are spent annually by our people in the hope that they may attain this boon. And yet it may be had by all We gaaranty that Electric Bitters, if used according to directions and the cso persisted in, will bring yen good Digestion and oust the demon Dyspepsia and iustall instead Eupcpsy. We recommend Electric BClera for Dispepsia and ail diseases of the Liver Stomach and Kidneys.

Sold at 50c. and $1.00 per bottle by F. P. McGiix, Druggis at Hill Citv and Fremont, Kaas. 4 Holiday goods are fcegining to arrive i i rjTp We will exchange coal for corn ana Uct Hill City doai Co.

r-tr tti3 piila JL 1.1..1 9 eJ'A te Eye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Oil Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Soro Nipple3 and Piles. It 1 cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all ether treatment had failed. 25 snd SO cent boxes for sale by cr sale by E.

E. Chipman. we will trade all kinds of lumber for Corn and Oats. Hill City Lumber Company. J.W.COLE, Agent.

The Boston cash Store is selling more goods and for less money than any in tho northwest. HOW'S THIS? We will sell yon Colorado Coal Leavenworth 0oal, or Ilicii Hill Coal at $6. per ten provid- eel you buy within SO days. HillCit Coal Company. W.

COLE, Manager. If you want one of the "best pair of made shoes for yourself or wife just can on the Boston cash store and you will find them Just a few of those elegant cloaks left at the Boston cash store, come and get one only and they are daisy's. Attention Farmers I will sell yon soft coal for the next 80 days at $5.25 per ton. Jno W. cole Kill city coal co.

We dropped In the Boston cash store last Saturday and 4 clerks were on jump and 6 or customers waiting and the way the boys wrap goods up is -a cau; tion. They know how no ffet there. A SCRAP OF PAPER SATES HER LIFE. It was just an ordinary scrap of wrapping paper, but it saved her life-She was in the stages of consumption tol by phyFickas that she was incur lln able and ccrdJ 3: onsv a shr sac weighed Da a seventy potmda. On a of wrrpninz raor-r gha r.nd of Dr.

King's Sew Discovery, End got a sample fcottle; It helped her, she bought a largi bottle, it helped her more, bought another ami grevr better fast, continued its use tad is now strong healthy, rosy, plaaip, weighing 140 pounds For fuller riarticulars send stamp to W.H Cole, Druggist, Fort Smith. Tri al Settles of this wonderful Discovery Free F. P. Drugstore, Eill City and Fremont, Kansas. 4 0 AJSw i I 3.

Orders promptly filled day or night li Jiot in to at HACKLEY'S AKN. Shop Eesi of Chicago Lumber Yard, Hill City, Kan HARNESS MAKER, Harness, Saddles Whips, Saddlery hardware, curry combs, brushes, blankets, robes, etc. Repairing lieatly and promptly done. C. W.

LIGHTFOOi Beaters in FuriiitiiFe 80 15 n. G. wnsns Ccur.ty of Griihatn Orunty, Kanas, St V- ti We have just received one of the best lines of gents and Boys Clothing, Overcoats GaDS ever brought to Graham county, and will sell for the next 30 days at bedrock preces, we are compelled to reduce our stock. cash Stor Attention Farmers If you want the old reliable Rock Springs oal come Ito the Hill Gitv o-n TTrl i Woi. vVJ O.

C.a and try a load rock prices, good weight and prompt attention. J. W. COLE, Manager. UXDERTAKERS, FDXERAL DI1ECT0RS AND EMBALMERS.

A large stock of Black and White Cloth Caskets. Also Metallic and wood caskets and cases in all styles in white and dark finish. A full line Ladies1 and Gents' Burial Robes and Habits. POMEROY AVENUE, HILL CITY, KANSAS. first symptom is hoarseness; then the child ni "Rottoyi rHC2ll cpocars to have taken cold or a cold rr.av;;1 biltJ iDUbtUii CtKIi eppcars L.

C. SEECEEH, Register of Deeds of Graliam County, AND ABSTRACTER. living tbe County Records to work from, can; furnish absolutely Correct Official Abstract. HILL CITY KANSAS. have aecompaioed the hoarseness from developed, which is followed by the croup.

The time to act is when the child first becomes hoarse; a few doses of Chamberlain's Co'agh Remedy will prevent the at tack. Even after the rougo cough hasj appeared, the disease may be prevented by using this remedy as directed. For I ale by E. Chipman..

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