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The Daily Beacon from Wichita, Kansas • 2

The Daily Beacon from Wichita, Kansas • 2

The Daily Beaconi
Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
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rjHKiiTOauswi8aaEu turn mar fib, Pilau? co 'WICHITA DAILY" IlEACOX. civilization then every una exjeets every man's hand raiu'd agaiint him, and is prepared at least for the FIRST NATIONAL BANK MIIiLIKON Ac BOVVKIW. stroke- We are in favor of hanging FRIDAY, NOV. 8, 1872. every man that does blood shed, save in the clearest proved sell protection, OF HEAL ESTATE be he maniac, lunatic, Jcibunan or drunkard such a law will deplete our WICHITA.

A AS, jails and asylums, will lesson the ex peases of the government one-half, No. 113, Mi'in Street. cause the majority of criminals feign itiM iTt.s. Tbe returns are still unofficial. The following are the states and majorities claimed for Grant: Kansas 30.000, Illinois 30,000, Iowa 50,000.

Wisconsin 20.000, Minn epota 20,000, Michigan 30,500, Ohio 25,000, California 10,000, Indiana 15,000, New York State is claimed by 60,000, Rhode Island 8,000, New WHITER DAVIDSON, Contractors Builders! PEALKKS Ih LUMBER SASH, DOORS and BLINDS, Market Street. madness, insanity beinj only the synonym of crime. A i Mr a a A mAvi Air The great work of boring through the Iloosac Mountain is steadily pro $250,000. grossing; the progress made in Sep tember was 310 feet. The total length Jersey 8,500, Massachusetts tiU.UUU, New Hampshire Connecticut 5,000, Maine 40,000, Vermont 20,000, of the tunnel now opened is Capital In and $72,000.

"WICHITA. KANSAS. feet, leaving 4,220 feet to be tunnelled. There is a central shaft from which workmen excavate toward the east aud west, while from the outuide parties are working from both direc tions toward the. centre.

The rock re KANSAS. WICHITA, maining to be bored is in two seperate ItIK 13 CT OK Sit WM. ORIFPIA'STKIN, W. A. THOMAS.

J. R. ilKAt), A. II. OS'S A lib.

J. C. FRAKKR. parts. Between the east end and the MERCHANT TAILORING central shaft only 660 feet remain, Virginia 10,000, Alabama 7,000, Mississippi 35,000, Florida 5,000.

WICHITA SCHOOLS. If there is one thing more than another that Wichita fathers and mothers take pride in, it is our etbgant graded school. It is Beldom that frontier towns dating their foun dations, oi chunks, back only three years, can develop bo rapidly, or get together the number of enterprising intelligent people, willing to build public schools of the class and stylo of ours Over 88,000 has been expended in the erection, arrangement and operation of Wichita schools. Our principal aad assistants receive salaiies equal to and at tho present rate of work this will be penetratod in less than six months, when but little moie than 3, We have a larga list of ESTABLISHMENT, 000 feet will have to be cut through to finish the undertaking. OFFICERS: J.

C. President. J. It. MEAD Vice Prefidenf.

i STATU KI3WS. Quails make a roost of Wamego. A. 11. GOSiiAKD Assistant Casbiar.

DOUGLAS AVENUE. Desirable Lands! Concordia justices take old ponies for bail. Apples ara selling for $2 50 per bushel in Cawker City. Will do a general baniiios bus'-nt-iv, Kalloch, the "sorrel snorter," goes AND SILVER, FOREIGN AN1 EASTEKV HAHEIS CO. Both Improved and Unimproved to the legislature from Lawrence.

Buffalo hunting is said to be excellent in the vicinity of Fort Lyon. Ten thousand bushels of corn is the product of one farm in Jackson county. Owing to hard times, billiards are put down to 15 cents a game at IIol- first class teachers of eastern high chools, from whence they came reco-mended as among the best. The most modern atd convenient school ture, and all the best educational appliances are at hand, with the most approved text books to give to Wichita children, every advantage claimed by older states a fair average eaglLsti ducation. Certainly such a people who iroin the very exigencies of their circumstances were driven so far to bet'in anew, to start with nothing and lift up eivilizatiou, so to speak, out of the wilderness, deserve and will huve pros-unrittf V'imt.

miinnT tha itiKtitutions Have all the EXCHANGE BOITQUTAND SOU. Will buy and sell COUNTY SCRIP and ctbor local securities. Interest allowed on time deposit. Colltctions promptly attended tv. AVifwue ktamps fvr Possessing ample facilities for the a'lran-tageoua coDduat of our business, we pV to all our customer the moat favorable rtaj ton.

Topeka polled 1.874 votes, and Latest New York claims a population of 10,000 for doing Wt pertonalfy and tettct lands fur par tit frorna distance. and the promptest it. The citizens of L.U are daily pick WM. McLEES. ing the bones -of.

Yhe Kotr; 1'ublia. catfish. Fifteen cent corn will fatten Modes do Paris Fashions. 000 head of cattle in Katies this Improved and Uuiut proved ft built with the foundations of their own houses, and upon the very blood of their toil was our excellent public school. What wonder that Wichita fathers and mothers indulge their pride in extalU ment of Wichita schools.

What wonder that complacent smiles aro given and good opiuious won for those who indulge them in their strong wcakucss the well spring of their local prido. W. K. McLEES, Jumping claims is a Western Kan sas pastime. It usually ends iu pistol Thfi F-roadwnv Cuts, with the newest und rnont fashionable styles of English mid Trench REAL ESTATE Tov7n Property! CASIMERK3, BROADCLOTHS, practice.

Northwestern Kansas is now surveyed to within about twenty-five miles of the West line. John llitchie's wife cast her firs' vote for Qrat, at Topeka, on Tuesday. She's happy as cabbage. The frontier is now over one hundred miles west of Cawker City, which was tfio outpost of Kansas last spring The Missouri, Kansas A Texus railroad is expected to reach Denison City, alias Red River City, on the 15th inst. Hoodlums and blacklegs disturb the quiet of Garnett 1GS hours of the week The lVuinJcaler threaten to maim them.

Tho earnings of tho Kansas. Pacific for the last week were $100,000. The VELVKTS, Dr. Samuel Ashmore a physician and druggest of Topeka, shot and killed his wife on the evoning of the 0th, between four and five o'clock. As site came in the room where he was sitting drunk, he pulled a revolver from hi.s pocket and shot her dead with her brains oozing out on tho floor, he shot her again in the body.

When parties from the street rushed in to his dwell, ing be was settiug unconcernedly near her on a chair counting out money on his knee. Now then the law will clear this in ill parts t-rrns citt. Insurance Agents. SILKS. Etc.

The most Fashionable styles and goods of the season made up aud Houses for Sale or Rent. black hearted murderer, he will of r(t rni earnings of the road during the month of tOctohnr. wnrn 8 Ul H'21 homer Warranted to Fit or No Sale. (ironndsfop Sale, Ewit or Lcao. DON'T READ THIS Saddles and Harness CHKAI'ER THAN KVER! course produce evidence not only to clean himself, but to di.fame the character of her whom ho fcVould have raised to his heart instead of nVioo ing dead at his feet, her whose prayers asking protection from him, sworn to protect, only courted tho fatal stroke.

If he don't do this he will be pronounced insane and bo put under survcilance, doetered, petted and pampered in a velvet farpi'ted asylum, until pronounce el cured, when he will again sail forth upon the jgUd air to hunt other vie tiles to thrill it once more with the Triumph Insurance A large ami varied mortj-4. the largest mouth's business ever ue on the road. J. W. Beldcn, who was charged with tilling one Roosa, near Baxter Springs, and who made confession to the charge of murder in the second degree, was on lasi.

Thursday, sentenced to twenty-two years imprisonment in the penitentiary. The Marion Ilevord says that while out fighting fire, Frank I'enlaud got surrounded by it so that in order to save himself, tie was obligtd to jump over a narrow strip of flame into the creek. Not being able to see where he was going to alight, be made plunge over the bank and struck against the stump of a tree, breaking two of bis ribs. He is able to be about but thioii.s it rather narrow escape. dytag screams of innocent women or Of Cineincati.

ud tba C. M. CARRISON, Manufacturer Jiu'l dealer in Harness. FauM'ery, Collars. I'lastoring Llair, Furs, Wool, Tallow, etc.

7 If ain Street. Wichita, Kansas, Where I will keep constantly on band pood assortment of Sid ties. lrait and Carriage Harness, Phijs, end 7cry article belonsinjr to the tra in, whieh I will roll at the very lowrst rates for cash, or exchange for Kreenbackg, treasury notes or fractional cur rency. I am ali-o prepared to do all kinds of carrin-io trimming in short order. Repair promptly attended to Cit half ca-ib.

in bund, the balance in twenty yearn' time, without interest. X. B. Bear in mind I wiHnotbennderpM. All work warranted tu suit the I'leae call and ex mine my goods.

C. M. UARRIPOX, 1 17 Main atreet, Wichita, Kai. i and aoiuiproTcd Farms and Claims, in all parti of Sedgwick caoniy, BOTTOM UPLAND, Od Purl Tim ini for CmIi, perhaps his next victim will be a little child. Shame on the laws, shame on the usages and barbarisms of American civilization.

If maniacs are to be clothed and fattened into assassins, il laws are made to protect vice and punish innocence, let ui go back into the state, which is true liberty ud jualke as compared to modern CONTINENTAL, OF Kl" TORE..

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