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The Daily Beacon from Wichita, Kansas • 2

The Daily Beacon from Wichita, Kansas • 2

The Daily Beaconi
Wichita, Kansas
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UARftN, FHiLLIP Brazil has celebiated the fiftieth WICHITA DAILY BEACON. anniversary of her indepen denceby the unveiling of a statue of the man ATXIvLIHON- BOWKH8, who was mainly instrumental in achieving that independence, Aud'ada II NATIONAL BANE WICHITA, A A Sr No. 113, bU'ia Stret-t. Silva. Uolike most other American states, the separation, of Brazil from REAL ESTATE the mother country was acomplished almoBt without bloodshed.

She has since been an empire but in name, and WEDNESDAY, NOV. 6, 1872. Liberal and Democratic Ticket. NATIONAL FOR PRESIDENT, nOIMC'K CillKKI.EY, NEW YORK. FOR VICE PRESIDENT, OP MISSOURI.

SCIIWEITER DAVIDSON, Contractors Builders! DJSALBKl IU LUMBER SHINGLES, SASH, DOORS and BLINDS, Mar.ket Street tho people of lirazil have enjoyed more real Jreedomaud prosperity than the citizens of South America's b-called republics. Had not the imperial yoke weighed so lightly, it would doubtless have long ago been thrown And Insurance vnotr cai bi AL, $250,000. off. STATU N12WS. STATE I Electors FARDRK BUTLER, of Atchison.

WILLIAM PALMER, of Leavenworth. J. W. GILES, of Shawnoe. (' K.

A. ENGLISH, of Sedgwiokv A. KUCKER, of Cherokee." Capital VttA In nasi SiarjI $72,000.. Neodeeha is building a brick City WICHITA, KANSAS. Hall.

Apples are two dollars per bushel in Solomon City. The Iola coal shaft has struck a stratum, oFgas. KANSAS. wicniTA, WaterviUe has sold $10,000 worth HIS ECTORKt WVL GRIFFIN STEIN, THOMA 1 K. MSAD, A-3.

C. JFRAKKK. MERCHANT TAILORING of water power bonds. Coal is 89.00 a ton in Wichita; wood $5.00 a cord. The Kansas f'acifio is to build a de For Governor, TH-ADDEU8 H.

WALKER, of Shawnee. For Lieutenant Governor, JOHN WALRTJFF.of Franklia. For Secretary of State, 1.3. WASKEY, of LabeMa. For Treasurer, fl.

H. PRATT, of Allen. For T. B. OSBORN, of Ellsworth.

For Attorney General, B. WAGGENER, of Atohion. For Chief Justice, H. 0. McCOMAS, of Bourbon, JTer Superintendent of Publio Instruction, T.

J. BAWYJ5R, of Osage, For Congress, 6. A. RIG OS, of pouglat. r.

R. LAUQHL1N, of Cherokee. R. B. MITCHELL, of MiamL bar a )arp list of pot at Silver Lake.

ESTABLISHMENT, A hotel in 'Wichita boasts that it has printed bills of fare. Topeka has some very versatile home J. C. FRAKKR J. 11.MBAD.

Vice H. QOSSARD Awiiuat DOUGLAS AVJSNUB. talent in the way of juvenile burglars They have monthly musical rehear Desirable Lands! sals at the College of the Sisters of Bethany, Topeka.

Coal can be bought at the mine near Girard for from four to five cects a COUNII. tor Sttla Senator Capt D. L. PAYNB. for Representative N.

A. ENGLISH. Kur Distriot Judge JOHN M. ATWOOI). Will do agfceral bunling bnmnees.

60LB-AND SILVER, ORKI3N AND KA8TMX bushel, according to quality. HABHIS 8l CO. EXCnANGK BOUGUT AND SOL. Wi buy and fell COUNIY BCKIP anil Uer We regret to learn of the death of jrr Railroad Assessor lth Judicial! District, Both Improved and Unimproved. Hon.

William Whistler, Quenemo. He died Thursday morning, October local securities. Interest allowed on time depotitt 31st, of typhoid Uav. all the G. C.

Clemeus, of the Adams outfit, and Van Horn, the champion of his Collection promptly attendid Revenue itampt for tah, ample facilities for the atfrsa- cause, both Topeka politicians, aro li able to resort to the code, if we are to Latest New York believe the Ncma. tageous eouduot of oar buineis, we prwro The Chetopa Advance learns that a to all onr eastumers the must farorabu ihs We ptrtonaVy mmi'ki mmd trlaet land for par tin from a distance. and the promptest attention. dozen horses have died in Cherokee ouaty within the last week, from a and WM. McLEES.

II. W. VKiUS, Voe County Attorney B. II. FISHER.

For Probate JudgoL. E. VANCE. for Clerk of Dist. Court J.OUN MoIVOtt.

'-r Bupt. Tub. Ins. JOUN M. MARTIN.

County oomniissionor, Bt Judioial District H. C. RAM LOW, The president of the Kansas Pacific Mil road bus recently made a sale of a body of land covering twenty-four square miles of territory, lying con-ti-'uoua to the line of the Kansas Paci-tie road, in Ellis county, Kansas, to Mr. George Grant, an English capt The track extends thirteen miles aloug the railway, and on thi portion of the property it is proposed to lay out.

a new city to bo called Victoria. A large station house, with extensive Mock yards and a flue bold, are to be built there forthwith. Mr. Grant intends to subdivide hia purchase ii to farms of various sizes, and will scud over from England experienced f'arruerB with a fine eduction of N. McLKES.

KotMry l'sU. disease sinilar to that now raging iu the eastern states. Mr. Huflaker, of Quindaro, was shot Modes de Pari3 Fashions. laprored and Unimproved at while closing bis store ou Thursday evening, by a black negro, and very severely, though not fatally injured.

W. K. WcLEES, No arrest made yet. The Broadway Cuts, with Ihe newest The little daughter of M. II.

Bates, and most fashionable styles of English of Emporia, igcd six years, was left. ud French REAL ESTATE at home aloue ou Friday, with matches and shavings near at hand. Her par Town Property! CASIMERE3, blooded horses and cattle, iu order to jiive be agricultural interests of the AMD BROADCLOTHS, region a favorable start. A number of Americans in Paris is ents, in cousequonce, are almost inconsolable over their loss, II. C.

Beard, of Shawnee county, has no use for lightning rods. He was struck by the electric fluid on Monday, while on horseback, and had his clothes torn a good deal. Wearing a Steele trusts he was encircled by the electricity. Last Friday night, tho house on the farm of Boliver Beoler, ou Cedar Creek, about two miles from White very livery hotel in tho oty YELVKTS, ib full to overflowing, and tho majority IV ALL FAkTS 01 TIB tTT. Insurance of the guests are from the Unite Plates.

It in the same throughout SILKS, Etc. Kurope; wherever the tide of pleasure-travel lends, America is represented as it scarcely ever was represented before. Although this is generally the season cf return from European tours, there Cloud, occupied by Joseph Blatt, was The most Fashionable styles and goods of the season made up aod burned down. A portion of the household goods were saved. The fires Houses for Sale or Rent- supposed to have been caused by the Hpiwur lo bo as manjy Americans ar burning of a fluo- It was insured in tho Jitna, for $1,000.

riving abroad as there arc IcavtDg, and the American colony in Paris promises Warranted to Fit or No Sale. Atwifl roc tai Le larger tho coming winter thuu it DON'T READ- THIS ha been for many years. Many wealthy Americans also pass their Grouiils for Sale, Rest or Leise, Saddles and Harness The Louisville Exposition contains a lock of hair six feet long, cut frcm winters in southern France and Italy, ho head of a Swiss peasant girl. ind number of this a will be found in Nice and Naples lroni now until Ao undertaker's oiSce recently bore CHEAPER THAN EVER! C. M.

GARRISON, Manufacturer aud dealer in Triumph Insurance the following inscription Goae for a dead man back oon." An elderly geulleuiao, whose locks Harness, Saddlery, Collars, Plastering re silvered by the snows of many The refusal of her husband to wash the dish. is said to be sufficient cause for an Oregon woman to apply for a uair, uiues, urs, nuoi, Tallow, etc. 87 Street. Wichita, Kansas, appeared in Danbury recently s'roni a seedy chap on Main street he divorce. learned the fad, tad news.

"Not a Of Ciueinaati, and tb A cotemporary thinks that the roan crop?" he asked with touching anxie Wbfre I will kepp eonetantly on band a pood aesorttnent of Sad lien, Draft and Carriage Harnena, CoUaif, Whips, and every arricle belonging to the trade, which I will ell at the very lowest ratei for ensb, oreichinpe for who advertised a dog for sale, and des "Not a drop," gays the needy with unpleasant conhdencc. The cribed it as Al, should have described ereensackg, treaaurr note or fractional eur A large- andj varied toliectioa iaprsred an aniaiprcred Farms and Claims, all part of Eedgwick roonty, BOTTOM Ob Part Timi tod for Cats, rency. I am alto prepared to do all kinds of Jderly gentleman sadly returned to the beast as K'J. Dr. Still man, who testified to Mrs CONTINENTAL, Fair's insanity, was asked if he ever carriage trimming in nhort oraor.

promptly attended to fur half ensh in hand, the balance in twenty years time, without interest. N. B. Bear in mind I wilIDot he underbid. All work warranted to euit the purchaser.

Fie ape call and en mioe tyit (foods. C. HARRISON, ra 1 (7 Main street, Wichita, Km. depot, and thrusting a deeply af-f-tted face into the ticket office window ily inquired ''Where is our toast--1 emliia hem that is I mean -t fair to Bethel, it. read Stobel oa Insanity." lie said he had.

and was then told that there was do such author. or BW TC..

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