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The Daily Critic from Topeka, Kansas • 4

The Daily Critic from Topeka, Kansas • 4

The Daily Critici
Topeka, Kansas
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JLOOAL NEWS. OKI lSIO Rt THE BOARD. 1 JV tr Deaths. Mrs. Geo.

Freeman died yesterday at 1 o'clock d. m. She had htmm nt- ferer of consumption for several months, aud leaves a hubnud and babe to mourn her death. The funer- al trxtk at -WITH 3 It I I II KO I. M9 Everyone is cleaning house.

Cleauing house at tliecapitol ng. Take down the stove pipe and look years ago at which time he was doing business in that State. He was not disposed to submit to the action and it was necessary to call in ftie police. Mr. Frank E.

Piper, proprietor and manager of Piper's ucie Tom's Cabin show was in he city to-day to arrange a date for his company. Good! It has been several weeks since manager Crawford has had an Uncle Tom show, aud no doubt he will snatch this chance. the residence ou between Fifth and Sixth streets. pleasant. The market was full of vegetables MAXWELL.

PERRY Anthony Overton, the old colored gentleman who was proprietor of the I Overton hotel, aged 60 years, died at this morning, The St. Quintet opera company are an early hour this morning. stopping at the Windsor, eu was a wen educated and respectable old gentleman and had been a The r-mscomil -cliurcn choir are their music tor Easter rehearsing GREGORY. Sunday. There seems to have been an influx member of the Louisiana legislature for two terms.

He was also a Mason, and will be buried under the auspices of that order at 2 p. to-morrow Funeral to take place from the of thus aad thieves lighted down the district court was in session to-day hearing the argument in the sewer case. The evidence is all in and a decision will probably be rendered by the court to-morrow. Mr. Field, agent at this city for the Graves Son Nursery Company, of Sandwich, is delivering the trees to-day that he has been selling all winter.

Numerous farmers were seen wending their way to their country homes with their wagons loaded down with trees. among us. "Peek's Bad Boy" has monopoliz el a street car and is attracting much UDLE Y'S BAJtK. attention to-day. Livou Uonweii win mow tne oase 'I'he iloardof Railroad vrs Decided To-day That a usscngrer Train shall be put On the T.

Ac S. R. In December last the Board ol Trade of Leaven worth complained to the railroad commissioners of the state of the fact that uo passenger train was being run on the Leavenworth, Topeka ft Southern railroad, which road is operated by Atchison Topeka Santa Fe road, aud asked them to create such a train, and complained severely of the inconvenience necessitated by passengers beiug hauled over said line at a slow rate in a coach simply coupled on to a freight train, which necessarily run very slow. The Board of commissioners at once began investigating the matter, and the estimated cost ol operating such a train, given to them by the Santa Fe road was $2,900 per mouth or $31,900 for the eleven months, and the receipts for the eleven mouths were estimated at $20,427.80. The board also presented an estimate (which is set forth in detail in the opinion) of the cost of operating a passenger train a like distance, from a competent and disinterested engineer, and he fixes the operating expenses at $1,500 per mouth or $16,500 for eleven mouths.

The company estimate the receipts at $20,437,80, and by the operating of such a train, it is plainly seen the margin for the company would be $3,927,80, consequently the board oj railroad commissioners recommeuder that said road put on a passenged train within reasonable time. drum in the overture of the company nigger show. Schroeder Surely insane. A pel it ion having been presented the Supreme Court of" the State, asking them to release one Vincent Schroeder, who is nDW in the insane asylum, on a writ of habeas corpus, the Court appointed Dr. D.

W. Stormout to visit the aslyum aud closely examine the mental condition of said man. The Mai. Shrives dancing academy will COMPANIES REPRESENTED. dames next introduce some new Wednesday evening.

The citv council will meet to-night doctor did so. and after a orivate in to canvass the vote ot the late elec In the city court this morning Jas. M. Brennon and James Broadwell, charged with selling liquor, were discharged. Two witnesses were lined $5 each for contempt of court.

Officer Jewell was sent over to Parkdale to-dav to arrest a drunken man, and on arriving at the scene of expected dissipation found the mail was only having one of his "regular" tits. terview of two hours length, rendered a verdict to the fact that the man was decidedly iusaue. Conseoueutlv he will be kept where he now is. A Nuisance. The alley back of the Topeka bank tion.

C. A. Alexander will be the "high kicker" in tbe company minstrel. The greatest "alee" in the world. lion.

James J. llitt delivered an eloquent address betore the jury in Justice llazeu's court to-day. dim Dustan has been hired at an enormous salary to deliver the stump speech at the company climax, Forty-five hundred and forty -eight insurance licenses have been issued from State insurance department since March 1st. seems to be the resort of all the hood Constable Hughes went out to Richland this morning to arrest Mr. Caldwell, who is charged with obstructing the public highway.

The gentleman will have a hearing before AMERICAN COMPANIES: -Etna Insurance Company Hartford Hartford American Philadelphia Germania New York New York Alliance 44 Orient Insurance Hartford California 44 San Francisco Traders' 44 44 Chicago FOREIGN COMPANIES: Liverpool London Globe Eng. Royal Insurance Company, Liverpool, 14 Imperial 44 44 44 Northern 44 44 44 Norwich Union 44 Norwich, Fire Insurance Association, London, 44 British America, Toronto, Canada lums of the town, who go there to play marbles. Now we don't object to that harmless amusement, but we Justice llazen to-morrow moruinr. do object to the profanity which can be heard by every one passing at all times of the day, and more than one lady has went out of her way just to avoid the swearing and noise. In The burglars that were going the In Justice Webb's court to-day, Win.

Scott was fined $1 and cost for assult and battery on James Kelley. The costs aggregated $24.20. About 2:30 this afternoon the corner of 8th and Kansas avenue was the scene of a runaway. A horse and buggy came tearing through Quincy street allev and on turning that cor- Company ''A'' Committees. justice to our mothers and sisters the rounds night before last didn't forget thi tne JNortn side, as several Houses were police would do well in looking matter up.

Tho St. Quinten Opera. Although the attendance at the ner the buggy was turned upside down. The horse a line larjre bav topped and proceeded to kick the Grand last eveuiug was much lighter than it should have been, the perform buggv into kindling wood, but before ance gave excellent satisfaction he could extricate himself from the wreck a blacksmith caught and held him. Happily there was no one hu rt.

Since Miss St. Quinten was iu our city lOO MIU.ION Dollars worth of property was destroyed hy lire last year in the State. To protect your If Iroiu Losses insure in the OLD AND STRONG FIRE PROOF COMPANIES. BY-MAXWELL, PERRY GREGORV 163 Kanai Ave. Dudley's Rank.

entered over there. Haverly's Mastodon minstrels are billed for the Grand on April lOUi. They have the original big four with them this season, and promises a perfect programme. The paper for "Peek's Bad Boy" reads grand matinee Saturday afternoon and evening performance by Atkinson's comedy company at the Topeka Opera house. The leap year mask ball giveti at Singer hall last evening1, was great success.

The music was furnished by Mohler's orchestra, which by the way is becoming quite popular. Mr. W'm. Lazalere, of Miueopolis, has been commissioned captain of company 1st regiment, K. S.

last, sue lias succeeded in securing At a meeting held at the armorv of company last night, rather a mixed programme was on the docket. One committee of three was appoint ed to council with the ministers of our city, and ask if the members of the company might not come to church once a week, uniformed and in a body, and another committee of three was appointed to report on their efforts to secure local talent enough to produce an ametuer negro minstrel show. It may pan out all right, if the members of the two committees don't get their missions mixed, and go and tackle some good minister to ''go on end" or do a "female impersonation song aud dance act" or something of that kind. The commute appointed on minstrel show were S. G.

Spencer, J. S. McCabe and N. L. Conwell, aud the committee to fix matters with the clerical power of our city are Capt.

Green and Lieut's. Nelson and some splendid support and flau-quette's beautiful opera "Bells of Corneyille" was rendered in a decid PERSONAL. Maj. John M. Crowell of Atchison is in the city.

Adjutant General Moonlight went edly pleasing manner last night. Miss St. Quinten as Serpolette, was encor over to Leavueworth to-dav. Mr. Geo, W.

Crane returned from ed time and again. Willie May Douglas as Germaiiie, and W. Kyle as Marquis, in their solos aud duetts LABAH COLLINS, his Trip to Santa Fe last evening. LT II i Mrs. M.

Fleischman of Junction were splendid. Win Wolfl as Gas- pard, seemed to catch everv one, and City, who has been visiting at the res Does work as it should he done. Leave orders at l'oliec idence of Mr. J. If B.

Ernstine North Topeka, left to-day for her home. J. S. Muzzy, formerly the genial grocery man on the corner of 6th and left the same good impression that he did at his last visit to our city. In fact all the characters were ably sustained, and the chourses full.

Judging from the applause that was kept up throughout the programme, the company made a clever hit. To-night thev will sing "Bohemian Girl." and Topeka avenue left for El Paso, HENRY PALMER. CISTERN REPAIRER. No eh urges until tested Hy holding AinvsuniENTs. ROLAND REED.

where he will probably locate in business. jxl. vice Jr. oimrnonus, wno resigned on account of leaving that place. Marshal Thompson broke up another key racket club room last evening and arrested Al.

Reed, charged with being the proprietor. The room was up stairs over 221 Kansas avenue. Another burglary was comrnited last night ut 90 Kansas avenue where T. J. llarndeu operate a shoe store.

Nothing was missing but one pair of shoes. The theives entered from the back windovvr. The Fort Scott Manufacturing and Lumber Bourbon comity, the Girard Building and Loan associ The popular Roland Reed presented water. Osterns hunt on moniniv Mtyinrbu Fred Jewell returned to-day to at the Opera House last night his play will most assuredlv receive a full La Junta, after having- spent a and work guaranteed. AddffeM, LaW-renee Street.

of "Cheek," which reallv deserves house. few days visiting friends and relations in Topeka. He is in the emplov of better name. The title would convey the idea that the piece is a mere hodge-podge, designed to bring in, by the Santa Fe railroad company at that place. ear and horn, Mr.

Reed's specialties, Mr. C. J. Patterson, of Boston, con but it is reallv a pla with a regular United States District Court. The United States district court for the State of Kansas will begin its April Session, Monday the 14th, inst.

The new building will be occupied, and several important cases are on the docket. The grand and petit jur tractor and builder of the Topeka, ation of Crawtord count and the and quiet interesting plot the untold A.T. RODGERS, inar of which the audience witnessed with much interest aud frequent ap Salina and Western railway arrived in the city on the noon train, and tomorrow morning, accompanied br his chief engineer will start on a train over the road. From now on, the plause, The piece is, altogether, one Church of Christ of Wellington, Sumner county tiled their charters with Secretary Smith to-day. On 15th, the young lady pupbils of the Topeka acadVmy of music, will give an exhibition at ors were drawn yesterday as follows: of the most agreeable entertainments of the season, so far.

The "electic light," as used in the Madison Square promises a rapid completion. GRAND JURORS. E. Sheppard, Eskridge; 13. If.

Arm ATI A A scene, was received witli applause. Library hall under the direction of ME P. I'H AiN 1 Iu fact, the laughter and applause was strong, Independence; O. M. While, almost continuous throughout the evening.

Muscotah; E. R. Smith, Mound Citv; D. T. Marshall.

Columbus; A. VV Hayes, North Topeka; P. J. Hearer, Independence; J. VV.

Dvke. Auburn: The "Critic's" Prediction. W. II. llolabird, special traveling-agent of the Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe railroad with headquarters at Topeka, Ivausas, has exchanged places with E.

F. Burnett, passenger agent at Peoria, 111. Mr. Burnett has made many friends in this section, who will be sorry to see him go away, but Mr. Holabird is recommended as a good railroad mau and plesant gentleman also.

Peoria National Dally Democrat. The Topeka Polo boys consisting of George K. Ratcliff, Parsons; E. Sch-mitzer, Parsons; C. E.

Tebbetts, Blue Rapids: A. Leeper, Lawrence: Henrv TAILOR, C. Wilson, Water ille; W. J. Birth.

John Harvey and John Jennings, Topeka; Wm. C. Walker, Rantoui; Ed. Nute Tincher, (Capt,) Harry Knox, Will Peasley, Joe Nicholson, Beecher Sterne, Harry Miller. Charlie Johnson and Geo.

Butts, with Ed. Johnson as T. P. C. P.

Topeka Polo club porter, loaded their goals and sticks and started for Lawrence yesterdav afternoon to plav a match game of polo. L. Jones, Holton; James Brewer, Gir ard; Jessie Williams. Wvaudotte: row, Wier City; A.J. Brown, Kiel- ville.

PETIT JURORS. W. EL Burke, Osborne, Frank M- Xulty, Stockton: T. C. McBreen.

Miss Bush. Miss Bush is a musician possessing considerable emmiuence and was for a considerable time connected with the Fhressa Darren concert company. lion. R. A.

Travillick, of delivered a very interesting lecture at the court house last night, and a large crowd was out to hear him. The principal topic of his talk was on the good and extensive work being done bv the Knights of Labor at the present time. The speaker was quite eloquent and held his listeners most attentively. A number of the friends of Dr. and Mrs.

A. M. Callaham tendered them a surprise party last evening, yesterday being the 19th anniversary of their wedding. Th eaftair was very skillfully planed and proved a most enjoyable one. A number of tine presents were given the doctor and his estatnable lady.

The Critic loins in wishing them many happy returns of the occasion. The business house of Mr. J. Sweezy at Xo. 105 East Sixth street, was closed by Deputy Marshall Geo.

Sharrit yesterday, to satisfy execution on a judgement obtained in the United States circuit court, by Buhl Sons com pan v. of Detroit Mich. The amount of the execution is $5,600. This debt is to have been incur-ed by Mr. Swoezv in Michigan some Stockton: Samuel N.

Coder, Roscoe: 112 FIFTH STREET, George E. Harris. W'ichita: Geo. Stein- rod, Wichita: Ed. Dorsev.

Wichita: Charles Reeder, Hayes City; D. S. ockwood, ludependance: VVm. Mad den, Wintield: H. C.

Sprengler. Wash Several Topeka boys accompanied them and all report a first class time. At the rink we almost blush for poor Lawrence to give the result. Through courtesy our boys gave them one goal out of six, the score stand Topeka Lawrence 1. This gives the Topeka club the championship of both Kansas and Missouri, which is quite a nice little name for the boys to have.

About the only thing that happened to mar the occasion in the least was the fact that two or three boot blacks in Lawrence took Ed. Johnson, the T. P. C. P.

for another kid and jumped on to him almost beating the last breath from his bodv. This morning Ed.snid "I am hunting the fellow that looks like me." Grand Spring' Opening, The vast crowd that was strolling out and ill at Stevenson aud Peck-ham's mammoth dry good house last evening was a pleasant one to behold. Heck's brass baud was there, and everything was bright and inviting as one could imagine. On inquiring, we learned that it was their grand spring opening-, aud the gentlemanly clerks were kept busy showing the guests through the various departments. In thebasemeut a promenade was arranged ou both sides of the brilliant display of velvets andcarpets.

and the house was packed from the hour of opening uutil as late as 10 o'clock. Judgiug from the unanimous commendation overheard by the Critic reporter, Messrs Stevenson and Peckham made a decidedly favorable'impressin among the citizens who strolled through their place of business Inst evening. ington; Samuel Johnson, Trov: John -OFFICE BLOCK. Wells. Barrett, John Severance.

Axtell: George W. Sweeze. Halstead: T. E. Gowling, Salina: Ed.

McGin- nis and Ed. McNeil, Holton: Theo. Shoemaker and M. P. M.

Cassidv. Wetmore: Henry Brown. Beulah: W. I TOPEKA, KANSAS A. Fallace, Stockton: H.W ade, Motor Chas Miller Hayes Citv.

for Subscribe for the Daily Critic Oue front room unfurnished rent at No. 2 Madison street. I Coin. and see me: no tit no pay. 214 Kansas avenue.


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