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Kansas Zeitung from Atchison, Kansas • 3

Kansas Zeitung from Atchison, Kansas • 3

Kansas Zeitungi
Atchison, Kansas
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Hy Sir Allain MoNab. The Mayor and Curpunilion ol'Toionlii. The Mayor Col poratiou of lliiuiilu n. KANSAS ZEITUNG. PFEIFFNER.IdiFoV ii, or? TIKIS.

MURPHY, A Hdogatt Convention of tho Free State party Atchison will bo held" at Pardee, on Thus-day, the 23d of September, to nominate three candidates fur the Territorial Legislature. Each piccint is entitled to one delegate- for every twenty votes cast against the English Swindle'. CONVENTION OFfiQUAlS AT HJATT, KANS A meeting nfthocitii (i Anderson county, Kuusiis, was ln Hyatt on the 13lli Inst Tho iii09t ivns called to order by appointing i It. Cilpa-trick chairman, and 11, t'eudiet sccro. 'iy.

W. F. Amy Jailed i.pon to address tho convention, he did, and staled the object of the ijing. On mo-lion on committee, consfgef seven per-tons was appointed to jrt business for the net I of the coutimi. After a recess, the committee irtod as follows hereas, tho ptiMiamls of Kaunas tire being rapidly apniiitcd by aottlem who are mailing clii'iiu- their future THK POETS -CORNER.

TOUTHm DREAKS-NOT IMPOSSIBLE- HT IKOS Enthusiast dreamer fool call the world That lmpeful-benrtedrew. who see In nil The cravings, aspirations, nnd beliefs, Thai to form the leautyful creed of youth, flrcat truths, that in their wry being (jive A prescience of the soul's capacities Ad needs. Tim world the stuuy-hear- ted world I That never will endure within its roach A better thau itself; and when it fail To bring the pure, bright spirit to the dust, Vitheruel scorn and hatred drives it out, To dwell a hermit in the wilderness, Or send it to its native skies again. And is it Is I-ove au idle myth Justice impossible 1 Purity a dream 1 Christ unapproachablel -The voice that erica Forever, Farther higher! in our hearts, Must itbu atillsdl Must we grow, hard i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 sfiiiiiiiti ATCHIfSOM-, 07. I'uppy nan-nnw to mr friends nnd tho transient i uhlic gonerallv, that (hi MASSAStHT IV'I'SK is now av i vr i uf ,11 1 MCil u' ill, ievi.K lilllO lllll t'CCfn'CIl VlMitfou, iat eCFlflltkr im i SHiasM.i.v, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL anb iflij intbg Mlisiiiiirnt, Hiii.i 1, inaruitr ovtt unv.iunitioni:.

ATOIHSOJiTj T. to execute ovoru- HOOKS, 1 aiuls. 1' FA I'll birrs, 1 1 A 1 I'llUTLAtlS, HI T.AMDIIOAT LI'lTTKItrt. '(AIL KDA1 WOKV. NOTK.S, 11 ANl'ltlLLls, LAWVLK'j' PILLS OF LADJNfi, TICK L'Tf-i, LKCIAL HLAMCS, I'HtAFTS.

HALL TICK AND ALL KLNDrt ni' li II I "IS. A I'K I II The Nay or of Quebec, and all the5' men of the county. Ir is said that1 olr. Simotitnn, li terra-stiondent of tho New York Tlmn, and Mr, 1'iUmure, the correspondent of the Few York HirM, had a light tueentlv at Salt Lake City. Sinioiiton smashed Fillnor's lint over his eyes, ami Fillmore making hhort work of it, on tha Plimi (tut symcui, replied by a stab with his pocket-knife.

Simonlon gut a Ii 1 1 lu out, hut wnsu'tMari-oosly harmed. Kuch in the narrative brought from that dirtant region hy simo returning tenmsteis. How ue it js we can't saw lutiimt Xnu, The Alhanv Ftilanmi says If is curious fact tliat. every general of, the American army of tho lievoiitmu Freemason, except Hcnedict A rod). What a kind nnd considerable Govenur Torriory is blessed with just at p'es-cut With what kind and almost milei-ual solicitude ho watches over I and deluded creatures eoinpniii; the -I'eoplu ot Kansas.

Know ing their i- I i tu 'oven! t1 rinselves navels nit ul I i u-irow'" responsibility in urder to prevent the arch and coiiliisiuu which would nutiirilly result from the of the peoplmil solf-government. We iiiesinry lo percei however, that lie deluded ores Inm liM'cUlile bus taken under his chafe uue.r.'ilcli.l, and do ml appreciate hi cll'iOts in llieir liehalf. tut hoiir, however, that the governor till not heed their murmuring, but will lisi-ten the reins on them. Wo have hciid mouglinf tlii MtiiKelcw cry of li lie pen ilv Id rn.e, One slfin, at ring man will luakenc.oiiMilidnlcd t'overnmint which the Dime cululrs overlhnw, and which will keep them III proper mil-jeetion, A'w'i Vtrruim Kmitm Ai'i's. Wi: learn, from Mr.

J. Jknkink, while ha was in Shnwueo last week, lie village was thrown into great excileniejt nualirnv between an liHlian.named Jm Aleck, and a while man, hy the inuneol lluson, wlncli jmitialily intiilleil in ie death of tho former. Aleck, alter beiii; knocked down and beaten severely, hft the scene of trouble, and I un about thioe hundred yards ilislanl, tell Unci expii.d almosL inslaiitly. I'pon evaiuinatioii, uu bruise was found on his body, coroner's iury rendered a verdict of death frmn some cihiinO unknown lo tlieni. Itntli were' under the iiilluencu of liipior.

We are glad to learn that Mr. Jenkins, while in t-ihawnoo, ojganized a Lodge of goml Tcmplms; which, it, i.t hoped, will its influence to i id he town of the enrsu of iuteinpeiiincfl, lltrM uf Frud'On. A new flying niachiue has been invented in France by a privntu in the army. Il consists of a uf silk stretched over, to bo propelled by two gygan-lic winirs of the same lunlerial, placod on each side. The aerial is to be-Kuspentlotl lit a distance of abeul four feet from tho plat I'm m.

while his Ret lesion pedals by means of which the wings nie set in million, while his ai ins ret on a lever that imparls lo the platform Ihu direction he chooses to giu it. hmiMf ti'i'irt. ilia town has been enlivened during tho pa fortnight, by Ihe piisnuro lliioiii.di numbers ol Indians various tribes, returning from their annual llnlt'alo hunt. They reprci-nl Ihe game ns being iii.hsO-allv abuiiilunl, and from Hie tjuanlilie- ot hiiles ntiil dried ii.ea). wilhuhich their ponies were packed, we lake il that they have had umre than o.diuaiy success in the pursuit.

The first lame hand llmt croi-Kcd the Sun ky Hill fork at this place, were i the Hue Nation, lln'u came Kiek'i uoa, I'elnwai't tie. "I.o Ihe eor Indi and bathe them with philanthropic sympathy while at ilislnuce, but coiwu lo a rltwr inspect inn and view their happy and lonlented facts fiee nntl easy, devil-my-may-carc ai'timis nml hear ihcir ji.yi.iis laughter, nntl the ale-face, weaiy and fiigge'l, almoi en- vns lliein Uit'ir care-nee conoilion. v. aia incliiietl to believe the Indian Ihe happier individual. ttii ji" n' lu li.oi lio, le-'li Otl l'l MI'l "'I'll 1 1 ll''ll'H, If tin Unit ki i'ii Iiiini i- to rii-'li Knr tnr.

viil, inittiun, iel I'limthi jiitt Hut ttitnkt.niliuilt"! to lliat i''iti't All Iti'li) Hro lilro.un vt-ll iih lifletl Junii'um tiuifttit. Qir.itN A'ktoiiia ash )n. llefore Dr. Livingston left F.nglaiifl on his return In! Afrit be as honou tl ith a private interview by the IJueen, who conversed with him for half mi hour on tho subject of his travels. He told her Majesty thai he would now be able to nay to the natives Unit be had seen his chief, his not Imving (loiie su having constantly him.

He told her that the unlives were in li habit of if hid chief was wealthy ami (hat when he a-isutcd them she wim n-r wealthy, thev would ask "how many cows she had gm" a ipiestion at which the ipu en laughed heart ilv. Ax Kast Ixiiiaw F.iinon. During the trial of Ihe ev-Klngof 1 Villi, a i cimiii niiniid Chuiiee was 'examine who had Io ihu editor of a Unity paper called Ihe Delm New. It was conducted on nnvrl piiu-ciplc, the editor' duly being to wrile his paper (nil, and Ibeit carry it around and it to his subseribers. (iol.n.

The hole amount of gold produced from K1 to inclusive, was, from California tfi'IMS 7U, IIh, nntl from Australia $'2M The product ot California wan mado by a much smaller milling s.pnlation thau that of Australia. Tho eouibiued prndualion of the two num. trie for seven yearn was over si hundred and tight million dollars, and it is probable thai a) leaa! I wo hundred millions of dollars added to tho wealth of the world. There is at present great excitement in California, on account of the di-eovt ry gold in the Ibitisb jmrlh of the failed near Fraser's riverenfp-tving intn the Pacific atl'ugnt' souiuliiid riiultitutltnarc Ihs-king to that country. Alexander Dumas, wriling from semis a history of Hume, the medium, to his journal, the Mnutn Ciritlo.

is married to aft.rttineand to a lady of from the ragged boy a.f live yeaisago. who intngtietl Ins amiennjr dinner in the KtrccU 'Sew I'wk, lie now taken rank tbebu hestaristrncv of Emt.iHi. There ftt-c examples t.i raiini than this, aiel certainlv none where the promotion was obtained iu such au cMia- oi'lnmry liiann'T. ins suuik me c.ns, lii-mrv would form tho most meraoire ilat lias tU pren. I ATCIIiaOKT, It.

1. What a wicked nnd atheistic philosophy that is which makes color the tost of condition. It is not to he questioned that there aro colored men who manifest all tho qualities of humanity in a degree more exalted than nino out often white men, yet the philosophy which makes color the test, proclaims that they have no rights which white men are ixntnflto respect, and they must he fettered nnd enslaved. Frederick Douglass edits paper with more intelligence, more force, vigor, interest and usefulness than ninety-nine out of every hundred papers of the conducted hy white .1 iyiiilt'lHf 1. i.a.vd.

1 I till- I.i'Or'THVll i-1 a ol -tell-oiJmd' flesh. lie utters tho most elevated the nobby and most beneficial sentiments, and thousands nnd of thousands listen and feel themselves benefitted, but up jumps a bloated, ignorant, besotted bigoted member of the Democracy, who hiccups out, ''lie's only a nig ger he's got no rights a white man, lihe me, is bound to respect. Let him bo hurried off into slavery," and a great party nnllnis the sentiments of tie besotted loafer its creed, and labors to actualize it in the policy and institutions of tho country. Is this really the best we can do? Have wo really got a constitution and Union which require for their safety and preservation that the intelligence, morality, usefulness, of such men as Frederick Douglass, shall be crucified and enslaved? Is our constitution so frail, our Union so weak, that these men must be denied any rights or any opportunities of improving or using powers Lney do possess, to save and pro-serve them? Is it not barely possible hat a constitution and Union which grow out of the idea that all men, in virtue of the humanity they possess, were entitled to equal scope and equal rights, to, exercise and developo their God-given powers, would be strengthened rather than weakened by a policy which aimed to carry out that idea. Arc not these things worthy of consideration TU.

Dem. Fit AZ Kit UIVKH rOLDMINKS. The accounts from these mines by the latest California arrival aro rather discouraging. The sum and substance of them is, that the explorations of the emigrants coming in in such large numbers, prove at the accounts of the extent and richness of the mines to havo been grossly exaggerated. Tho miners aro doing little, and arc suffering badly fur want of tho necessaries of life.

Heal estate in some of the prospective cities which went up so high on the first rush of emigration has suddenly depreciated. These accounts come from California' sources, which of course are interested in putting the most discouraging face on the Frazcr River matters, and are therefore to be taken with allowance. "We hear of a largo amount of sickuoss throughout tho country, nioi-e especially along the water courses, where fever and ague is now prevailing. Tu river continues to fall and boats have now to ''look sharp" for the current, or they get a-ground. There are yet hut few boats running the regular Union Line.

There is a perceptible increase in the number of travelers and freights; but neither travelers nor freights are yet at all plenty, nor are they likely tobe this season. Last Tuesday we Lad a copious rain, sufficient, we think, to pretty thoroughly saturate the earth. Eetchn'ed. Mr. Jonv A.

Kinney has returned from the East with a new slock of goods. Call nnd examine his stocks and yon will find that Kinney sell the best anrtlhcapcst good fvrca-di in At Co. PBOPRBfOB ir mi; icili I in -i i.i- 7.1I1 U'CVblMI. mmfit, iiutbiiMtrr. l.iKl'l) rBKH't' lKll.

of ft 1'1 WAfEIIj wiioi.iwam: ami iiktaii. ukai.ih Aini'ilcan, Knutlsli Ocrninn nnit l-'i in nio.v, cLTMcnv TOOLS. ATCHISON, T. I lt A.VKLI J. I IMJS.

ATTOMNEV AT LAW, ATCHISON. K. T. My ofiicc of Probate Judge doej iit pro- bibit mo from practicing in case not com- ing in conflict with the jurisdiction of tha Pmbato Court. J.

A. JM. CARft. 1II1AULY 3c I'AKK, ATTORNEY" AT LAw, IIEAL.K A A X- A I'tnUSON, K. IV Hannibal iSt.

Joskpu Hail-uoad. Tho cars are now running forty on tho west end of this road, and eighty on the cast end, leaving a balanco of eighty miles yet to be built. Wyakdott. The last payment which the Wyandot tribe wore to recoivo, according to tho stipula tions of tho treaty of January 31. 1S55, will be made this fall.

The tribe now number about five hun- dred, onlv i ll I ol -It) voles. On Monday last an man named John Kingston has been biottght before Judge Adams, upon tie charge of having stabbed an man named Murphy. Kingston was admitted to bail in the sum of $250. GCID IN KANSAS TERRITORY. The Pikes Peak Mines Finl arrival' of Gold in 'Kansas City The Min es fulbj opened We were surprised this morning to meet Mons.

Bordeatt and company, old mountain traders just from Pike's Peak. They came for outfits, tools, etc. for working the newly discovered gold mines on 'Cherry Creek, a ributary of the South Platte. They bring several ounces of gold, dug up by the trappers of that region, in fineness, equal tho choicest of California specimens. Mr.

John Cantrell, an old citizens of Wcstport, has three ounces which he dug with a hatchet in Cherry Creek and washed out with a frying pan. Mons. Richard, an old French trapper, has several ounces of the precious dust, which he dug with an axo. Mons. Bocsinette hits several rich specimens.

The party consist of nine men, all of them old mountaineers, who have spent their lives in the mountains. Mons. Bordeatt has not been in the States for nine years, until tho present time. We have refrained from giving too great credence to these gold discoveries until assured of their truth, but it would be unjust to tho country longer to withhold the facts of which there tan no longer be a doubt. Kansas City is alive with eXjJ citement, and parties are already preparing for the diggins.

THE LOCALITY OF THE MINKS. In order to give a correct idea of the locality of these new mines, we will state that they arc on Cherry one of the most Southern branches of Ute Wuutl. Platte, in tho center of tho best hunting grounds of the Rocky Mountains. Game exists in great abundance, and plenty of timber, water and grass. They are in latitude '60, and doubtless extend j- all shrams of that region.

The ater's ot 'the Arkansas and South Fork of tho Platte riso together about the same parallel, and no doubt all partake of the same auriferous character. THE ROTTK OF THE MINKS. Tho best route for emigration to take is by the great Fe road to Council Grove, Walnut Creek, or the crossing of the Arkansas, by Beule, Fremont and unnison's route, to tho Huerfano, thence following tho Arkansas river, which will lead them into the heart of the mining region. Kan-ids Cilij Journal of Cum. It is reported that tho grass hoppers are eating up the provi sion3 on the Red river.

K.i f.cnprnl Superintendent of the Amcrivan T-eh'grayh Company, died at Burl 1 ington, Vermont. Aug. 22J. I henrt diseafr. of homes, under the piniion laws and, whereas, tho sale advertised by the disastrously to (he public lands ns .1 will result settler, arising fioni the jncsctij.

id money, the high rate of interest kin Jed by capital- ists on their invesliij'iitKid ihe nceessi ty of providing during the coming year," by. euljf alw much hind as ve-? iHr i jw- .1,... in 4-' Ktiuction of riiiladads, cannot ho built without au uf lands by Cimgress, accordin-lo preidents hoiehi. lore establiahed md vrrcas, il will more fully imil uTeelmtly I encitt the general government and aviincu tho interests of this Terribly to icrve tho lands lor settlement, prc-mipiiin, iiud aid in the construction ol rai oiils, instead of permitting them tohc Wen up or located hy speculators and lon-iLidcnts Therefore, I That F. 1J.

Amy, K. Oil-patrick, W. Spiirg. llohn I'atoii, It. I'urtor, CliniluH IUU md Isaac lliner benppoinfod to piiparu Lid forward a reinuiistiaiico to thei'rcMilut ngninst the sales of the public landsjniid to adopt such other measure, as mat ho necessary in order lo obtain a postpjucmcul of tho land sales, nnd te pi utectjset tiers in the us-csMoii in i ni'ii claims.

That we npproi of the sctinii of Ihe sijualter coirTiiticui ield at Topeka on the 8th of April last, (id thai W. F. Amy bo and isliuiehy npoiuted to co operate with the cuniiiiilti appointed at that convention, and lo pijuic land warrant to be loaned lo setiletof this county i on time, licmlvod, That lliu than of this Convention lie tendered to 0. Wattles, W. A.

Ela and W. F. M. iny for their efforts in behalf ofiSoiithoriiCansas, in the location of the. Jefferson and Neosho Vallev Knilroad, That the right, oway over our claims is hereby tendered tijaid railroad, and that we will nssint to thifxteut of our ability in the constreetion Jefferson City and Neosho Valy" and lliu "Loavenworth and Fort tiilmi" Hnilronds and the obtaining of a grantif land from Congress for a general ad eipiilalde system uf railroads in Kana After Ihe adoption of th report, the convention adjourned to nut at the call of Ihe committee appointed i the lirst resolution.

K. till.I'ATRfCK.'.'hainuau. B. I). Secretary QuKlIN VlcTOIlM I.WITKII VISIT C.l!-aha, The energetic eili.on of Torouli.

have made large prepaiatiniolor their exhibition of the products of he Canadian Provinces, and expect to hat their crystal palace opened of the fin, of October. Theyhave also prepared a portion, which was taken out in the John (I. Uurris, asking (JueenVictoiia personally, or through some leather of the royal family, to visit Toront and inaugurate the palace and the rxibition. The following is a copy of the mniorial To tlic Qtmm'i Mu4 EtvtUl Ayfy The humble petition of tin msrltrtii jr ied citizens of Toronto and generally, mo-it rc-pculfvdj slioclh. That your petitioners diire i approach your with an eiyiressin of their devoted loyalty nnd ntivlim your royal person and family.

That your petitioner beg reiectfnlly to inform your Majesty that a Crista Palace, Hiinilar in sign tu, but triallcr disRUhioHi, than tlm-i: ot I.undbi. and Talis, for the exhibition of Ihe products of Canadian industry and skill, tt tl)C course of erection in Toronto, will by completed about the first dny o' October next. That, your majesty been pa! imn-ly pleased lo honor the inaugiration of similar undctikiiig in Eglandjind else-wherJ ith your royal Your petitioners mot himbly oray that yonr mos' gracious majesty wll confer a mailfof fuvor and distinctioi) on vour h.yal in Canada, vt wiich they will always entertain the tiusi grateful remembrance, by conferring vour authority on his royal highncs tto Prince of Wales, or some other memltrof your majesty's royal family, to proccdi fo Cu.a-la, and to represent your rnajest; to ojieniug the Crystal Palace, this Ih, niest itu-purtant dependency of your niionty cm-pirg. And your pctitioncrst as in o)ty bwnd, will ever pray, A. F.llelleau, Speaker of the ('Itncii, and I all the members, Ky Hey Smith.

Speaker of she Legi-dativcAssewbly, anil ail tiie mcmtjcrs. Ttv the haivcelhir Wake, .1 I ail the 1 thd' I -f f-U s.A and l'iiiiop in was this rim li'v the are we ol by la of ALL ORDERS KXHOOTED IN Alt TIIE MODERN LANGUAGES Willi anil colli, all th iti-c i i ftJl, Of tU.I'.l id i.c I 'm And tunolv As tli angel at the With tlaniiug sword (hot lurned oii either hand, Cast nut tho devil of unholy thought, And keept your spirit young, and fresh, nnd pure a -uuny paradise from whence shall rise The of good deeds, whose gn.te- -ful breath filiall woo mankind to linger and to taste. HELP HOI BV HAMl-I. BIOKPTHiX. (iive of thy guld, )) 1 man of wealth (live us thy strength, thou man of health Stretch for.h thy hand, nnd do thy pail, Thou who art poor give thou thy heart! The slave is groaning in his chains, His blood has cursed our hills and plains; Our foes, regardless of his fate, Have basely wrecked the ship of Stale; Her mildew'd sail dmpp o'er her side, Her hull is drifting with the tide Ho to the holm, soma master bold Each gallant sailor seize his hld I llan every yard let hope prevail, And to the breeze net every sail I No lunger stand asida dismayed But let your valor bo displayed Shall that low, black, and blood-stained craft.

Which diio tornadoes hither waft, Our strong and ready crew appal Shall they to Slavery's dictates fall? A manly stand may i-ave us now, A shrinking fear must lay us luw. Come from your fining, ye yeomen brave! Come, as your fathers cite, to save The cause cf Liberty demands A nobler ionise at your hands. Old Nature, yielding to your toil The very incense of her soil, Through every dng valley round, Cries Freedom from the furrowed ground Cuwe from Ihe workshop and the mart! 'Tis Libeilj that claims youi heart! Xot only now the bleeding slave, But hearths and alta.B rouse to save, For now, within vour very homes. The tyrant with bis comes Ho to the rescue, eons and sires Arouse your strong ancestral fires! IHS ETAS OF HOME, Far trom home and nil its pleasures Here I stand fuilurn alone, Where are ye my heart's fond treasures List ye not my plaintive raiion. Brightly gleams tho star of Evtrii ARU my mail mm wnu (j.iiii, For mi yonder moonlit heaven 1 would gaze at home again.

None those, who have been ailed, Know the power of mighty lore, When forsaken, broken hearted. All our hopes are thron 'A above Sad regret and res'less longing Night and dny my bosom till. Dreary thoughts and fancies thronging Are the exile's portion still. Jxivcly Star, thou see'st me pining For jnys (f Fatherland 1 boC sweetly art thou shining O'er my heme's beloved strand Thy soft beam 1 1 me is dearer Than sun's meridian glare, por thou seem's to bring me To ray darlings all afar! MEN'S TEARS-raon His OKr.Mix or axabtasivs crux. Maiden, thou did'st se me weeping Ah niethiuks that woman's tear Is like the soft dew oot of Hearrn, That in the flower-cap fc-liltein clear.

If the troubtc Night hath went it. Or the smiling Morning shed, Stilfthe dew the flower refreshes. And, renewed, it lifts its head. $ut the tear of man resembles 1'recioviS gum from Eastern ce In the very heart deep bidden, Seldom starting quick and iree. Through the bark thou mast cut sharply, To the pith the steel must pi Then the pure and noble tuoistnre, Blight and golden, trickles slow.

Soon, indeed, is dried its fountain. And tht tree ficsb fnilage gains. And yet shall welcome many a dimmer; But the cnt, tho scar remain. Maiden, thiqV of that trw wotnded, Vhc-r. iiiTili tbf 9 rint rrars Slai'bjii, of ti at waa IiHlifnlc tkee Whom tliiac crei U.


Elgn of the Blue Mortar. Mm CI'LKIiHATKD IMfb'oVED ATI! NT COOK AND PARLOR STOVES! ii. ntJCK, WilOLKLALL AND RF.TA1L UUALKU LV STOVES, HOLLOW WARE, AND CASTINGS! AND MANUFACTURER OF Tin, Copper and Sheet Iroa "Woik rf'rifiillj- Invim iho sltpiilii.n of ilio of Kanms nn Missouri, who In lu cull ami rxcimlno, rniilltlinl llmt I ImTo tl. lri'fi ot nj hooiti on lh Mi-sui I I'mtiiie ing in iart, IliirU Inipruv-i) l'lnt fnnei 1 ir Slanitiri, Trinmpti, Tru-llux mil. ila.

Aim. lniyc nl aum tmi nt of tli iiailrms uf I'arlnr, llox. Sm ami NntxiiliiiJticlliiK tlm )in nt irlc rat of li iRlit, Ilia proprlutur Ivcla mi ll" mavsa'l a itrl IlinK rlir llian an) othT Ii-Iit in ll' W't for cnh. -ll- (lnltr an Spmltial! Ooppfr, I.i ail. Zitin or Tin i Tin, Irun nicl alt kiii'U Jl, tttirk la lie; InelD, ilmio illi imiictnluy am! tiy 0.

II. IIW'K. Pai mi Mii.i-s. 'I here arc in the t'niled iitates 7jU pry-cr mills in actual operation, having 3iHK) engines, and producilig in the year 250,000,001) of pouutls of paper, whitdi is woilh, say, ten per pound, or i To jirotiot this ipiamiiy of paper, over 001) iiiid ofrasare being necoaary to make one pound of paper. The value of these nigs, JwlimatiiiR them at four ccntapr.

pound), is overl 0,000,000. (in.M'KuiM it tiniTiiras Some ofonr tutcnirising Kctllers iu the vicinity of Fo awa that our soil andclim ate is o. uliarly suited In tho culture of th tripe, are piepaiing fur that business- found lhat the growih, so far, i luxunaul. It will ion imia own vine, whilst we can, hy way of cla'igi, smothered iu pc-acLw, and cream. Who nil Put like to live in Southern Ka Ik.nrrot..

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