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Galena Daily Post from Galena, Kansas • 3

Galena Daily Post from Galena, Kansas • 3

Galena Daily Posti
Galena, Kansas
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1 Always call for Coole Oat Meal TXT company's corn and oats chop It i clean, cheaper than bran and recommended highly as a healthy feed. A ROYAL RECEPTION. One of the most thoroughly successful and enjoyable receptions ever held in this city was that given by Mrs. L. C.

Anderson, Mrs. John J. Blan-chard and Mrs. V. L.

Patton yesterday afternoon at Mrs. Anderson's Work has begun on the three Rare Offerings store rooms to be erected by Dr. Arter on North Main street. While the boys were fi ing some large cannon crackers near Hoffman's IN The official board of the Christian church held a very hopeful and enthusiastic meeting last night at the home of J. W.

Baker. After the meeting had been called to order by ihsRev. Mr. South, the following business was transacted. That the contract for the carpenter work be let at the very earliest possible date; that the house be heated by hot air fur nace and that the windows be of the best quality of art glass.

An effort will be put forth to make the house an ornament to the city. The building committee think the house can be dedicated on the last Sunday in May. Are you feeding corn and oats chop? Try it. The Courier says Columbus is the bakery last night a barrel was placed over one, which (the barrel) was blown fey WHITE GOODS. Our assortment of white goods is immense India Linens, Dimities, Organdies, Swiss (plaid and dotted,) Nainsooks, Cambrics, etc.

The finest Edgings and Laces ever shown in the market. A beautiful line of Chiffon Edgings, Trimmings. Rufflings, etc. plain or colors. Roman Striped Ties, all of an excellent quality of silk, from 35c to $1.00 Wash silks 25c to 47c per yard.

Special shoe sale for 10 days from April 15. 1898. J. M. Cooper Opposite Postoffic.

Boys' Wear This week's special values in our boys' and children's suit department, where mothers' wants and boV desires are Inih met with all that is best in the clothine line, will Drove home in East Galena. About 200; ladies were invited, including a number in Carthage, Joplin and other neighboring towns. When the noses had all been counted and summed up it was found that 130 ladies were present. The hours were from 2 to 4 and 3 to 6 and the interior of the Anderson home presented a most inviting ap. pearance.

The visitors were received at the door by Miss Dot McPherson while Miss Effie Blair of Carthage, Misses Rose Lucky, May McCluDg. Irene Person, Ama Stone, Marguerite Withrow and Bess Fickett of this city looked after their wants on the in side. The refreshments were dainty and on top of the building where "Summer set" talking of the wonderful Summer-set." Mix bran with corn and oats chop and you nave a better and cheaper feed than bran alone. Columbus Courier: The city attorney of Galena is somewhat aesthetic. Instead of making his complaint to read that the defendant beat, pounded, injured, the complain ing witness, he charges "facial disfig L3 interesting to economical i i parents.

Step in today and se- them. LOS. 40c For Children's regular 75c Mothers' Friend Waists in sizes from 5 to 11 urement. in all the new For boys' knee pants suits, shades and patterns. 0 served in the most approved style.

best fixed town for war in Kansas as it is the only town in the state with a powder factory in full blast, As the powder factory is several miles from Colmbus in fact we are inclined to dispute the correctuess of the Courier's statement. But, if the Spaniards could be vanquished with wind we believe Columbus could easily furnish all the ammunition necessary. Corn and oats chop is a clean, healihv feed and is cheaper than A. WW and as the guests left the dining room Nicely For Children's 3.00 and $3.50 suits. trimmed swell clothes.

1 $2.00 1 $2.50 1 $3.00 a neat little consisting of a bow of burnt orange ribbon was No matter when you get hungry or what you wart to eat, you can find it and at any hour of day or night a the Blue Point Restaurant. The wife of J. H. Hamilton is seriously ill at home in Columbus. Weat's market for best meats.

RICKSECKER SHOES. Corner Third and flain. 1. For children's fancy suits in the newest and most pleasing patterns. Very strongly made, and sure to pledse all who see them.

THE LEAD AND ZINC. HUB A bran. Have you tried it? You pay $2.00 for the same quality shoe you buy for $1.50 at Leeman's. Warranted. The Galena remen'a band will Gill Building.

St. Louis, April 21. Lead-Higher and in bet er demand; the market was really the healthiest for accompany the I. O. O.

F. lodges of many weeks past. Sales GOO tons at Main between 7th and Sth. The Columbus Courier says: The Galena Times says that County Attorney Stevens will be re-elected next fall, that is to say all evidencs points to that fact. The editor of the Times should put his ear to the ground.

He may hear a rumbling that will dispel his mind on that point. You can fool some people, bu( you can't fool your stomach. Take your meals at the Blue Eoint Restaurant and don't try to cheat yourself. $3.421, 200 tons at $3.45, 1 car chemi presanted by one of the assistants. It was a royal reception throughout and thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated.

The Post would be pleased to publish a full list of th3 ladies present, which includes a very large proportion of the seciety wcmen of Galena, but the magnitude of the undertaking makes us short of breath. It is too much for us to tackle unless we were fortunate enough to have typesetting machines so we make our prettiest bow and ask excused. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are among the oldest residents of Galena and their daughter Nellie, now Mrs.

Blanchard, has for years been a prominent figure in society circles. The large number in attendance at the reception yesterday is but a forceful manifestation of the high esteem in this city and Empire on the excursion to Weir City next Tuesday to cele cal hard at $3 47i and that hid for Buy Leeman's $1.50 shoes and brate the 79th anniversaav of the 30 to 100 tons more of 'he latter. oxforJs for ladies and gents Spelter Whereas there was a seller bunding of the order. For oysters in any style or fine at $4.05 Thursday, that was bid for it 'T Senorets cure chronic constipa yesterday. flavored ice cream go to the Bon Ton tion.

kidney and liver complaint. Cafe. 25 all druggists. URIEL1 MENTION. When the measurements were Carthage is said to havea few Leeman will give you.a new pair cases of scarlet made for the Chas.

F. Thomas ware house on North Main street it was of shoes for every pair of $1.50 shoes and oxfords that are not solid. ound that the northeast corner of Bromoline will cure a cold while the proposed building would set ex which they are held by their hosts of you sleep. No cure no pay. 25 actly in the middle of the track of the mil all druggists.

Frisco switch which runs along the friends. Mrs. Blanchard will leave for Col orado in about ten days. south side of the depot. As this was It's a good time to look after your a little closer to the track than Mr.

insurance policies, bawyer repre Thomas wanted to get, negotiations sents the best companies. Office in BURGLARY. The house of Isaac Eakins in Em Unlimited are pending for the removal of a part Shomon building, over Enterkine pire was burglarized on Tuesday night of the switch. drug store. Who ia "Summer-set?" Attend Leemau's opening April 7 Weiler Bros, received another large invoice oi new and late style shoes and hats yesterday.

Ask a certain young lady clerk what "Summer set" means. Spring Slippers, all solid leather. City Shoe Store, Fifth and Main. sThe Courier says J. Norman Cook is again a resident of Columbus.

"Summer set" on going to war. See the little ballet dancer in Leeman's window April 27. A gentleman from "Summer-get" has been in the city for a few day3 looking after his miuing Go to the Bon Ton Cafe for first- Caples' Tonic Bitters, the best of this week between 2 and 3 o'clock. The robbers secured $4 50 from Mr. Eakins' clothes, and securing a key Dr.

G. H. Miller, late house surgeon of S. Mary's Infirmary, St. Louis.

Office Arthur building; hours 8-12 a. 2-4, 7-8 p. m. The Ladies' Aid society of the Presbvterian church will hold a Ladies' exchange Saturday afternoon and evening, in the Stevens' building on Fifth street between Joplin and Main. All sorts of good things for your Sunday dinner will be on sale; also fancy articles, sunbon-nets, etc.

Lunch will be served during the entire afternoon and evening. If you once buy Leeman's warranted shoe for $1.50 you will wear nothing cheaper. George Messenger and Wm. Billings of Fremont, Neb.t were in the city yesterday looking over the mines, class meals. The outlay will surprise spring medicine.

Only half price for a few days. Try a $1 bottle for 50 you since the change of owners. to the dresser went through it and got about $6 more. They also took cents. Go to Badgerow, corner Cornwall $2.50 from the pants pockets of Geo.

Senorets purify and beautify the and Seventh street, for milk shake, McDonald, a boarder. They got into lemonade and ice cold soda pop. complexion. Cure constipation. 50 all druggists.

the house by prying up a window. Mr. Eakins says they also got a email The biggest butchery of the best Caples' Cures Cure. four-bladed knife with a large gap and brightest stock of men's and boys' clothing that ever left the looms broken out of the large blade. He and workshops in this grent country will pay $1 reward for the return of of ours will begin at "The Leader" bright and early Saturday morning, Wolfdkill has an elegant line of the knife and the party in whose pos session it is found.

Parties were trying to enter the house again the fol when they will put on sale the entire CHAS. STEVENS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, COLUMBUS, KANSAS. Office in court house. numbers of fine Cattle, Hogs and Sheep are raised in this country for food, and some of the very best Beef, Mutton and Pork is offered you right in this town at reasonable prices. Wo sell prime Meats-and Poultry only and at a fair price.

Our idea is that two sales with a small profit on each is worth, more than one sale with larger profit and a dissatisfied customer. If you agree with us, the favor of your trade is asked. We also handle vegetables butter, eggs and other pro- duce. In fact you will find here an elaborate bill of fare of the best the markets afford in the line of eatables. bankrupt stock of Knowles Evans, lowing night, but did not succeed, pastry and fresh each day at the Bon Ton Cafe.

Call and be convinced. Probate Judge Sapp and wife of and it would not have been healthy Drs. Lanoix Earnhardt, office made in Frantz drug store. Calls Columbus were visiting with Galena day or night. for them if they had.

Wm. Leckie, the Joplin foundry man, had business in Galena yester day. friends yesterday. Dr. C.

C. Morrison. Office over The Columbus Courier bursts out with a great big gob of sympathy for PJttYour Oil Card. Galena pharmacy. Calls attended Haynes, the one-armed printer who is day and night.

Dr. Shelton, charged with pushing old man Trease "Remember the Maine" buttons Mrs. I. E. Stryker and Mrs.

C. H. were placed on sale in Galena yester off the Willow creek bridge, and says he should be turned loose. Haynes "Summer-set" on taking to the brush to evade going to war. The finest line of shoes ever shown in the city will be displayed at Leeman's April 27.

Nineteen merchants of Joplin have been pulled for refusing to pay occupation tax. They will have the pleasure of paying costs along with the tax. Sum sit, while sum sat, to see others "Summer-set." Grand musical concert at Leeman's from 1 p. m. to 11 p.

m. April 27. Pittsburg, Kansas, is making a strong pull for the populist state convention. The Tribune of that city advances a half column of good and surtlcient reasons why her claims should be heeded. What is "Summer-set?" Why can you wade Short creek all Shriner drove over from Baxter yester C.

M. PORTER WILL DO THE REST. day and went like hot cakes. day and attended the reception given is a notoriously mean bum and while the state may not be able to make a Take your prescriptions to Enter at Mrs. Anderson's.

kine Co. case against him, we shall hold to The true, cold facts about the great Klondike bugaboo are beginning to Mrs. L. Baum left last night for the opinion that he had a hand in the old man's downfall and we want to see him tried at least. St.

Louis response to a telegram crop out. Here is a headline in a daily paper: "It is a ghastly place announcing the 6erious illness of her KELLEY WINDLE, Livery and Feed State, West Seventh Street. mother, who is 84 years old. Lost Appetite Restored at Funk's Cold Storage Market for mortal man a poor show for W. P.

Koogle and E. J. Snider wealth." Leeman warrants his $1.50 thces dentists. Office over Haines, Loomis drug store. foi ladles and gents.

Buy pure drugs. Caplea tells 'em. Will Tutcher, a former Joplin boy, is aboard the battleship Indiana, 'fU 1 1 In. t. -Vrr one of Uncle Sam's first class fight in? vessels and will probably soon i have a chance to "touch 'er" a few rounds at the Spaniards.

and Saturday Friday Architect Bundy was entirely too busy to prepare the plans for the ad dition to be built to the third ward building and that work was Lonsdale Cambric. given to a Joplin man. ED West's market between 7th and Sth on Main is the best place to buy 89c The best. 10 yards for meits of all kinds. day in the shoes you get at the City Shoe store, corner Fifth and Main Sts? Because their shoes are made of solid leather.

Gordon and Frank Boughton, J. II. Jones, II, Weiler and others were doing the piscatorial act at Baxter Springs dam on Spring river Wednesdaybut that's all. Go to Voorse West's new meat market for the I est meats. Main street between 7th and Sth.

Congress was anxious for war before "Summer-set" in. You will always find a complete line of pure drugs at Enterkine fc Co's. The city hall at Joplin was decorated last night from top to bottom. On red, white and blue banners strung along the building were the words "To Hell with Spain; Ke member the Maine." Almost every business house in the city was flying thp. flag or wound with bunting, and while there wa3 considerable excite "Tiger Liz" entered a plea of not guilty in Judge Webb's court yester day and was returned to jail on fail ure to give a $200 bond, to await her preliminary hearing which is set for Special Summer Corset.

A 50 cent value. C)Cn At jtyc 6. AT April SO Money refunded by all druggists 3 for any case where Arthur's Vermi fuge Tea fails to remove worms Price 25c. Bromoline will positively cure All Our $1 Shirt Waists At cold in 24 hours. No cure no pay.

69 all druggists. ment, feeling did not run so high as SPECIALIST. Dr.J.D.PIFER,lR o1 i in Galena. aMTHoat Mm EYES TESTED AND GLASSES FITTED. Horiti: 10 to 12 A.

2 to 4 p. m. fourth and Main Streets, JOPLIN, MO. Entertine it Co. make a specialty of prescriptions.


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