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The Silver Lake Echo from Silver Lake, Kansas • 2

The Silver Lake Echo from Silver Lake, Kansas • 2

Silver Lake, Kansas
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A Llttla Nonneune, W00LVERT0N BRO'S What has. heretofore been co slavish an occupation to the house -wifus is Ihc scrubbing of the floors, etc," iu'uhilii the Hind the (crub'bruikh and Thft Loan and TruHt Having bank of Concord of N. II. has foreclosed mortgage on over 1,700 Improved farms in Kansas. Thus Jt will boscn that tho mortgage xyhlom Is Hie medium through which of population.

Out 'of its seven candidates for congress tho west half of tho hlute takes not one. Its men wore ignored and hugheil out of tho convention. Tho Topoka nnd r.iil-ro id rings had things their own way A cooking club The rolling pin. A weather report A clap of Pall green is the fashionable color (or buckets. Cyrus Corning, ICditor 1cle' v.ji brought, into play betn provided lor nicely by something new, and our valuablo property i passed from our hands into the hand of a landed DRUG EMPORIUM Tvrinai per nsimiiii In Atlvuiirp.

A cablegram gays: "The bulk of the Zulu warriors, having married; desire and chose their own men. Not only this, but tho productive indnstrirfl of tlio stnto wei given tho go by and Wiiich proven gril labor institution, that cyuiya house where cleanii he 15 the order, hluiuhtiiXt' fail to have oncr-tWl 4 t- AU- Col. Snm Wood attended the coimress petit Just the same with Zit'u a.i with lAMnOMWKUMI O.N TAItllf. ional convention of tho First district and other folks. liotfon Bin, uiiiisi-u endorsed.

At tlio proper lOU.Lfi City 1)ilu Ktihik. Hibernian, after attentively Tho Commonwealth, an iwlulu and iu'iloDondunt thinker, declares tourist a bicycle: Arrah, find sure HKVUS I.AWVMW AND BJlKKKhH WKKK chosen to represent nn agricultural state. Shall tho tnn who handle tho Hero wo nro right on top with a full time the Col. will inform the people In some of his carefully prepared speeches that he known those resolutions aro good that tiuitV is not a tax, that it does that littlo wheel will nevcrktrjiemp'ld liuo.of nig me oiu syman house, about four the big wan at all" Londm not coinu out of the conNunicr, that miles east, as burned to-i t)ld itmind Dccauso lie wrote them himself." the reduction of tariff on "truer never nght under cover. Bays won couu nis.

lie fain wim Farmer Lamar. Evidently this able ag cliuiiin" will not luHscn thoir cost to Cause offfYd uulai'6h'. Among tlio Candidates for Congress in the second Congressional district aro Hon riciilturist has never stayed all night a Druss, Patent Medicines, piano and chisel, who inuho music at tho anvil and forgo, tho spindlo and loom, who rear magnificent structures und make tho improvements of tho ago, who brings to light tho treasure of the earth and by their sweat and toil feed the nations, a summer resort hotel. AUiiuta'Coiit'tltu cumpbeir will preach Sidney Cltrko. Hon.

Alfred Taylor. Ex. lion. 1 nexi, un ay at the M. E.

church, morn. oov. l. Eider. J.

M. Voss Jud 'ill ini? aiid eveuinL'." All are Home scientist now observes that even gaMcplicns of I'aola, Hon. 8. F. Green.

the clam has parasites, lie would have Judge Hadlcyaiid others whose names Col.Abf.I)ortsey taught a littlo gaiter tho furinor. To prove thin propo-mtion, in every tho Commonwealth puis Dudley HuHkell upon tho stand and quotes from hi Hpowh of April 7th in which lit-nuikcs tho Riiinodixluriition. Dudl ey, to provo tho truth of hit UHHorlion, wtyH: "Thoro is not 10 pur cent, of nil tho submit to such unjust treatment? we fail to remember. All aro good men observed as much before if he had noticed the crowd around a free chowder. siiaKoiuins garden yesterday, and after Perfumer, and well worthy of support if nomiuated Have tlioy no right to assist in mak connning the reptile iu a box, handed it lAtweu vaiun.

tea' well-known treutuuiiuu a i- t.n.. i Tlio convention meets at Iola, Aug.2d. ing the laws whicn they must obey nw.n Little Miss Innocent (seated at dinner, und which affect their interests? TO I LIST upon opening AltTICLIW, Tho wrongs to workingmen which grow me oox two party threw it on the ouve- you drink?" 8 "Yes. my dear, certainly'. But why?" Miss I.

"because mamma out or uiul or umjucal Jaws can only tie Laboring men aro begiuing to think that tliey should bo hoard in tho rigiiicu uy tin Intelligent, unprejudiced meni, swearing it was a 'shake; hut the bystanders diwialvd that it, a a head of I says you drink like a fish and I want to use of the bullet Class legislation lu Soaps, see how fishes drink." S. I Colum wheat, 4ipd picking un. his finaktbhia the result of Ignorance, indifference or bia Spectator. it. iivcu or me u-owii that such was thu prejudice on the part of voters, a major councils of the nation and their thoughts will now bo put into action.

Tho legal profession and tho banking monopoly slfMl no longer form tho case. remarkc-d Dm viciim u.iii. nrtidos that tho workinniiin ol America buys that aro not cheaper in liin market than in any other market in tho world." TIhh is tho burden of Dudley's proof which tho Commonwealth IioMh hh su-red. Admit that this is ho and it does not provo tho pronoHilion Brashes, "Isifctiuc, Harry, that you havo brok- ity or winch arc workingmcn. Do Congressmen ana legislators know that to shutlrtcf, "1 don't want 'to dispute tour en off witn Harkaway's daughter?" "Alas, woru, -gentlemen, but I fed It is about aid in passing such laws was sure politl yes I win forced to, although' she is a charming woman." "Why?" Y'Inconipal-; tiinoformo to swear We cat death none would bo passed, but ourfriemlilaler iu tho ovenimr with when politicians betrays their trust with Ibility of complexion.

She does not suit blue ribbon, pinned on thojappel of hia my furniture." Impunity euch time gives licence to go sun runner next tune. Oils, And we have tlio finest lino of com. AUtens (Gu.) Han-ner. An Italian boy, arrested as a vagrant bulk of congress. Let nil classes, trades and occupations bo equitably represented.

Until this shall bo dono tliore is nn irresistiblo conflict. Tho forces are gathering and in tho iHMir future victory shall perch upon tho banners of labor and it pnrtako of the fruits of its toil. in New York, had a basket half ol There la a rumor current that John disgusting cigar stumps picked up in the CorUia Reason Why Women Ku-ji loci lie I'ltUnl. intends to announce himself as an hide that tariff is not ft tax upon tho consumer of tho articles to which tho tariff attaches. Before tho proof can apjly it must bo Hhown that foreign goods aro put upon tho foreign market ns low as is consistent with tho cost of their manufacture.

This bo-ing true, then it follows that if the gutters. He told the oillcers that a to pendent candidate for governor upon a CIGARS and TOBACCO bacco dealer bought all ho could get and prohibition and Anti-monopoly platform, nindo them into fine cigarettes, In case he fails to receive tho nomination tSi'linor Max.) 'for niaiiy rcAsona'woincn'are entitled pitied; but mainly (from my point of view) because they are -women': I do pot sry that the nbstrifce "sexual fact is Bishop Gilmour has prohibited the Tho majority for tho constitutional for that olllce in his party convention IS THE CITY. Catholic ladies of Ohio from joining the prohibitory amendment In Iowa was 20, in mat case, Wood will cease, for the female Land League because it iaasearct Don't time being, to muke war upon prohibition Forget the Place. an especially pitiful thing, but I cannot uhut my eyes to the long procession' of organization. A'i.

i How the mischief 438, or about 20,000 more than was given for tho same amendment in Kansas. Tho assessment by tlio republican and St. John will hide his hatred for the Anti-monopoly element, and unite thoir cost of our manufactured goods is as cheap as thoso of foreign make, they can bo put upon tho market at the sanio price with tho same margin of can it be a secret organization if there are women in -Teta Sifting. WOOLVE11TON BROS 'SILVER LAKE, KANSAS. forces to secure ofllee.

The State Journal will, of course, fuvorthe unholy alliance, but gentlemen, tliejjjbemi will' miscary. "Yes, Judge;" said the prisoner, "I ad physical aud social oisorders which begins and, iAia in woman. Thoce. peculiar penalties, which is forged to pay for being a woman and from which nature has fprever, exempted man need not enter tliis inquiry; AVe all1" know what mit thut the back' of 'my trousers' was tangled in the dog's and that' I campaign commltteo of from 40 to $500 each on the oilice holders and government employees is a democrntic measure, as It is a "tariff for revenue only." dragged the animal away, but if you call profit. margin of profit of foreign goods must first bo established as fair and just beforo tho effect of tariff on our goods can bo shown by a comparison of ours with foreign markets.

There aro twenty-live men in the Eastern Hatea who have accumulated seven hundred and fifty million dollars between that stealing a dog no man iiicy arts. iui on ine uroaa ground of safe from Ztosfort Tok. In Kansas the republican lion and the them within the last seven years. This An old Scotchman attributes 'the dis- fact needs no comment, and only a fool uewls he told that euch accumulation is numan sj-mpatny i regret that Creation's scheme had not been a little less that Hie chief distinction of "Voman were not than suffering. 1 Woman's social infirmities are wholly sexual.

-By. a --kind of patronizing sufferance she occupies theoflinfi nf ALL AND NEE appearance of ghosts from the' Scotfisl moors to the Custom of tea drinking at social gatherings. If requires Scott'b whiskey on the top of old ale io enable' only rendered postible by obtaining con democratic lamb ore lying down together the liunb Inside the lion, and when the anti monopoly tiger comes frisking around the lion exclaims in pleading "For goodness sake go away and don't scare this poor innocent lamb to death." trol of the law making power, go as to I. CRAYCRAFT'S, enable them to levy a tax, tribute on the Industry of a vast number of people. We Will tho Conimonwoalth, Dudley Haskell, or any other ltepublican humbug, tell us tho object of tiuilT and from whom it conies, if it does not como from tho consumer? It is certain tho Belling price of foreign goods in our market must consist of cost, profit and tariff.

The selling authority in the social domestic kingdom; but I rhave observed that whenever great questions are in issue her sceptre is disregarded. It will do widl a man to see a ghost leally worth talking about. Virginia drinks up her entire wheat crop annually, and it'is stated that the liquor drank in Louisiaua costs $47,000. talk of "the royal papers of Europe but tamely submit to laws giving sharpers and rascals a larger income out of our industry than any living or dead Euro-pead monarch has dared tax out of his The vast preparations nindo by Eu-glaud for war with the few barbarous Fcllaclihi of Egypt, (whom the ling already reduced to starvation by compelling tliein to pay interest on her frandu lent bonds,) is really intended for Ireland. England is simply using Egypt us a pretext to get reudy to crush Ire- more than its combined cotton, sugar and rice The people; of Virniniu and Louisiana must all be "sniilers." mibjet'ts.

enough as a toy, but- when she holds it aloft as the symbol of command we good-naturedly laugh- at her and march right 'i io While I am not ambitious to pose as a plumed champion of womankind, I nevertheless believe that in many respect the social statutes by which prico of our own goods consist of cost and profit. Is it true that foreign goods nro excluded from our market by tho operations of tho tariff law? If not, their soiling price. ine party present to the American peoplo the broad platform of The composer Helmsbcrgcr, of Vienna, IiiiiiiniMe Murk -BOOTS and. i Two doors west of Thompson's Grocery Store. Ijake, Kas.

laid. once noticed a well known dramatic author laughing during ono of his perform juMiee io an, ana asKs every man to consider the enunciation of principles contained in its declartions as found in tho platform adopted by tho party at its National Convention. Imlil t. Judge Joul Holt has shiod his castor in ances. After the concert ho met him and asked: "Why did you laugh when I play the gul crnatorinl ring.

The Judge evi woman js bound are inequitable. I object to all laws of custom, or of fact, which declare that one-half of the human race shall be humiliatingly dependent on the other half. It does not feed my man's vanitv to know that I represent, in part. the independent half. Under the present disnpnsni.inn wnmJ dently don't like the way ho was traded ed? Did you ever sec me laugh at your comedies?" Boerten Courier.

must consist of cost, profit and tariff or thero in a loss to foreign Tho only question remaining is, aro our goods selling in our market Iobn than foreign goods of tho namo kind, by tho amount of tariff on tho name? Tho answer to this question settles tho problem. Will the oil in tho congressional convention, nnd in after scalps. As Topeka has two candidates for congress and several for June UHi, 1830. Head tLis platform calmly ami without predjudice, accept no secondary interpretation of tho demands there set forh, but study it well, and let the evidence of investigation be the guidance to a judgment of its merits. Do tins, and wo Lave no fear of tho result as we are convinced that the great mass She was "sorry she epokel" Young farmer (surveying the stock:) "A pretty atrtte ofllces it will be hard sledding for tidy lot, Maria." Wife (considerably the an's irresponsibility' Is iu proportion to her dependence.

I should like to hold her to a larger ''practical responsibility; but how can I dos that, and tliA seuior)-'Aye, but they would na be Cuptain Johnson to give her and himself the candidate for governor also. 1 ui our puopio are nonest, ami ueed only to be taught that the saf ty of this republic Conimonwoalth again call Dudley to tho stand? lies in disarming the corrupt political "Gath" says Governor Cornell of New York is a far better politician than either uy uuiiuuinuung mem at the poll Sentry. President Arthur is the most princelv there, meybe, wern'it no for brass Husband nettled) "Whoy, lass, gin it be coom to that wi' ye, if it had no' been for your money, may hap ye-wid na been here The old United States Bank, with ft canitalof only thirty five millions dollar, was denounced by Jackson 'as- "the scourge of the people." Were he alive to day, to behold 2000 national banks in semblance of fairness and without a readjustment of -the conditions? 'If' Any such reaidjuirtment is to be Accomplished we must first root out the1 'delusive' sen timentalism in Which man has always cradled' woman as' in a bed of thornlesa roses. Its qdoria enfeebling," it woman owes in great part her present helpless state. Give i her i.

A chance to breathe the bracing atr of equality, so far as those and luminous in his habits of any of the Arthur or Conkling and tho only match in tho republican party for Sam lie Is a tireless work, knows what is being; aaid who is running things in every township and village of tho state and the bent docunionts to be sont to each. He an excellent record as governor, and, American presidents. His dress is al T1IK WEST Tho Republican party is now, and has always been, profuse in its profession!) of lovo for juslico and equity, nn unihtimidatod ballot, a fair count and just representation. It is un doniably true that undor the cover of ways tho very mould of fashion, his car nnge and horses aro tho nest in tho coun try, his table is loaded with every delica Remember he now offers extra inducements to tho citizens of Silver Lake and vicinity, and wjll compote with Topeka, both in prices and quality of goods. EXAMINE MY STOCK Before going elflowhero, and you will existence with an ainrrcirate carjital in tho opinion of the shrewdest politicians in almost sure of a re-nomination.

The cy money can purchase and glistens with gold, silver and out glass, and his bed twenty times as large as that of the Unii ted States Bank, his indignation ould (UlTcrcncc between him and Arthur, is, moxoraoio, laws ot creation which were made exclusively for her will permit. Insist that she exercise her faculties at the cost, if need be, of her complexion. Give her every "right" that man enjoys yea, even the right to discard French heels and the other hair. room furniture is costly and magnificent that while Arthur is Coukling's tool, even be fatigued in finding suitable phrases of Uo is of a jovial disposition and goes to bed at one or two in the morning, rising denunciation for the as president, Cornell is his equal as i manager, and Ii is superior as a statesman From the New York Heruld. There are two things this country can ..1 atti ready and anxious to make these Hut they nro both rascals, and equally at twelve the next day.

Ilia friends Bay the company kept In these late hours of ana many more concessions. Rh may not afford and will not have," and the these professions tho Republican party has built up and legalized gigantic monopolies that now control the life energies of tho nation, that it has built rings within rings, lint hotter to enable it to plunder the people, that all manner of fraud and corruption have entered into its nmk-up until it is now tho droaded prst-houso of the nation. We foarlossly the night is not the best kind for him miller the dominion of the monopolists, and should therefore be emphatically repudiated by the people. take ajl my. traditional privileges (though 1 1 do not know exactly what they are) if sooner the "railroad barons" understand and that his natural indolence is in A uSI EY.

creasing. it the better. They are these: First, Workingmen must not be starved, and wie wuir simpiy agree to share the partnership responsibilities. If it is equal NATIONAL LA1IOI ity sne wants, sne shall have it" in all TltAOli AND UNIONS. second, railroad coporntlons will not be permitted with impunity to double their THIS UKKAT MONOPOLY.

The Manhattan Nationalist thinks that No Clonals should say less about tho cur but she must consent to" go ciotned that no white frost shall witl 0 LAKE HOUSE' stock in a night, to cover excessivb earn FEDERATION OF UNIONS. ings, and then pretend that they eahnbt pay their laborers. Vev.te annually, third Tuesday la November. 1 hat is my proposal, you like the and thor- oxt Beexlon to bo hvi at Clevclmirt. Ohio, Iconoclasm The old proverbs'are great' Having purchased oughly refitted the terms i am ready to sign the contract 4 Rellgluu ittid TJualursa.

Nov; President, Richard Powers, Nu, 09 W. Randolph Chicago, Secretary, 14 Knstbourno Tarrace, Clue In things. At least some folks think they aro One of them says: "A man cannot jA Southern paper tells ns1 this story q' natl, a man belonging to the Baa bite the bottom out of a frying 'pan without smutting his nose." Now, what 1s tista, denomination that hiakes it a rule AMALGAMATED ASSOCIATION OF IRON AND 8TKBL announce, and will be able to defend our position, that it is tho most dangerously corrupt political party that ever sprung into existance in the history of this country. European serfdom is inscribod upon its banners rand the toars of our down trodden and plunderod prouductivo energies water its pathway. Its edict has now gone forth to the nboring men and women of this great productive country that they SILVER LAKE HOUSE, I offer First Class accommodiiUons Jnnd inducements to tho trav- elirjg public.

WOltltKllH. to expel any one who can pay a debt but rency and moro about the railroad monopoliesthat the former is of littlo and the latter ef great importance. It is astonishing that the Rationalist cannot see that tho National bank monopoly is greater and more daugcrous than all others combined, and in comparison to it the mil rond monopoly is insignificant. Tlio railroads are simply a business monopoly, but the National banks arc a government monopoly, and for the past fifteen yeurs have largely monopolized the business of governing the United States. They also have control o.

the railroads to a great extent and all other classes of business, and is a tribute on all classes of citizens. there clever or remarkable about that? If it had said that a man cannot bite tlie President, John J. Jarrett, Pittxbiirg, Sec refuses to do ao; retary, Win. Martin, 118 Smltlitlcld Pittsburg, Aewmonths'since, one of this class bottom out of his nose without smutting the frying-pan, or that a man cannot bite Pa. pretty rough-lookingcman outside- cAurENTEua and joiners interna entered an.

Athens, store and wanted credit for a few goods tilLlie could sell COMMERCIAL SAMPLE ROOMS. the smut off the pan without fry frig his nose, or something like that, there would be something to it to interest and in tional BROTUERHOOD. President, G. Edmonds, Washington, D. uio uuluiii.

i.ofc Knowing a is customer, the merchant but about this time' a well known elder entered, and, Secretary, J. Wagulre, New York City. struct. INTERNATIONAL TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION. A drcnkard'8 will: leave to so tapping the farmer on the shoulder FcmI nnd Male Nlnlilr in CchiiiooIIihi.

ttr TEKMS lilCASONABLE. A. A. LI LEY. Shveb Lake, Kass.

President, Ova'. Clark, 19H Riddle St. ciety a ruined character, a wretched example, and a memory that will soon rot. Louis, Mo. Secretary, Mark h.

Crawford, Chi asked "How are you, Brothei-Blank?" "Is that gentleman a member of your church, uncle" asked the tradesman. cago, Ills. I leave to my parents during tho rest of their lives as much sorrow as humanity IlUICKL.VfERS NATIONAL UNION. President, Henry Cole, New York; vice presi yes, and a god one was his AtTI.Y TIIK RKMKOY. "We do not any workingmen should vote with any particular party, but they should scan the past records of all the parties to see who is responsible for their wrongs and cease to vote for the ones that aro.

A Qupulion or Goil llreodlngt. The classification of the people as re in a feeble and declining state can contain. I leave to my brothers and sisters dent, Daniel O'Keeffe, Omaha secretary, Lewis Carpenter, Cincinnati; treasurer, Patrick Mnr- t.t, "Well, my" friend," continued the dealer, "go thAitish this' house froni must henceforth raako brick without straw. The railroad combination has endorsed that command, ami thronghits power to regulate tho tariff, will soo that it is enforcod. The banking monopoly is so using its power to regulate the volumo of currency and the terms of credit that it is rapidly pauperizing the masses through the mortgngo system the only means employed which induces bank issue to enter the field of circulation.

The Republican party ported by the census office, shows that in twenty years the whites have increased 61.3 Per cent: colored 48.1 rjer ay, Albany, N. Y. as much mortihcation and injury as I could bring on them. I leave to mv wife IRON MOVLDRRS' INTERNATIONAL t'NTON, President, P. F.

Fitxpatrlek. lai Walnut t. cent; native 59.2 per cent; foreign C1.4; broken heart, a life of wretchedness and shame, to weep over mv premature males oo.b, ana females 0U.3 per cent. The increase in population of foreien 1'lnctnnatt, O. secretary, Peter Meanv, 80 To do this intelligently they should know just what laws beflr most heavily on them by what party they were passed, should notice the tone of the public press and speakers of each party to Bee if they are friendly or unfriendly to their demands, and 8(0 which pai ties support and are ath.

I uive and bequeath to each of birth was much greater than the increase of native population durintr the war de my children poverty, ignorance and low character, and the remembrance that their father was a monster." cade, but has been in much smaller ratio during the past ten years. tiellar to and out what you want. I will sell' you the Whole establishment, clerks and all, on credit, with only your religion as security." It is noble testimony. And it was different from that of the gentleman, undtr -some losses occasioned by a religiouti defaulter, said, "If a man were to come into my store and tell me he was WPITiXief of the Church and a Sunday school "Superintendent, it would not give me any more confidence in his integrity." I in- iM a luniiifcstntion of the cciet law of nature, which, but for this jipearance, had been forever concealed u. us.

i nave a purpose and stick to it. rrr- Several of our leadinsr men were seen ratic Enrique. Jsever heard lamn-nfwi Thirl st, Bn-ooklyo, N. Y. INTERNATIONAL CIO ARM A KERB UNION.

President, A. Strasser, p. o. box 3,137 New York City. Oi.

KNIGHTS OF LABOR. Grand M. T. N. Powderly, box 415 Scran-ton.

Grand Secretary, Robert T. Layton, box 870 Plltsburg, Pa. LOCOMOTIVE FIREMEN. Grand Master. T.

W. Arnold, Columbns, O. Organieer and Instructor, 8. M. Steven, Lowtll, Muae, on the streets of the Capitol during tho week, prominent amonir whom was ppelled that wav before.

rWhitpWl emphatically enuorss thoso frauds and gives birth to the villians that perpetuate the same. As an illustration of its lovo of fairness, it. will be observed that in its recent state convention it entirely Times. supported by the great monoplies of the country. Do not wait until just before election but examine the records of a long series of years, and do it when cool and free from the excitement of a campaign.

It is only in this way that a cor rect conclusion can be reached and the proper course pursued. James Ileslct, late of the.AVtr, but now prominently connected with the Silver Lake City Mill, the hum of whose ma '1 here is nn msji farth to whom we ve so much, yet whciii wo pay uiiginplv, the schoolmaster. 0'-i-town ilcrald. chinery would startle our city like the ignored the state west of the center crack of doom..

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