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The Silver Lake Echo from Silver Lake, Kansas • 1

The Silver Lake Echo from Silver Lake, Kansas • 1

Silver Lake, Kansas
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ff mlm am "That is the most perfect government in which an injury to one is the concern of all." SILVER LAKE, KANSAS, SATURDAY, XE 17, 1SS2. VOL. 1-XO. 10. 81.25 l'Ell YEAH IN ADVANCE.

SKW TORK'8 nia I'OUB." STATE iWS. THE LATEST NEWS. LAIJ0R X0TRS. had in their possession a horse pio'en from Jesse ('roll, of Atchison, two from Isaac Shields, of Bourbon county, one (toli-ii from a colored man of Hour-bon county, and a wagon stolen from a man county. At Lawreneci' on the night of lat Vi riday.

the tub, a mob of about lifiy eitlyns broke luio the tad and took out Die King, Uohcrlsand Pete Vino- jenr, the hree colored murderers of liatis- i others, tonl hung thoiil to the Knn-as liver bridge. The prisoners had a. I coiil'i s-id their guilt, and eye witness FA new opera Louse at Hutchinson If "dead sure" thing. Chautauqua county has one dog for 'fach acre of wheat. Tho musical voice of 1 ho harvester is heard all over Kansas, Early cut grass makes better h.iy thiin that which is cut late.

The tiniothr and clover fields will yield criormously this year. Manhattan lias one of the largest (louring mills in the Stale, Corn fields are clear of weeds! and are making a rapid growth. Sumner county is proposing a county at one time, and 15,000 for aeehhrntion then' in I1-'! centennial of the declaration of pence. How much of the it vr ill be Conrresstoiuii wines, und 'art is yet It has been proven that the Vounliu feil U.

S. bond for which l'. iyle, of Chicago, is in custody for circulating were printed from the original government plates, which were given out by sonic employee of the treasury, li'l no wonder Ihoe i oualerfeit weie so well executed as deceive evea eiiisils. AJlAwing twenty feet to each building tin; city td Boston has eight mih of saloons; Cincinnati, twelve; Brooklyn, N. eleven; Cily of New York, thirty-tlmv; ('hieagii, fourteen.

saloons of out country, if placed in one unbroken 1 no. would hireieh from Mew York to Chicago. Allowing" ivo men tor caidi faloim a attendants, we hive a grand total of over oiHI.uiul per-ons ho lku oil' tin! earainrs taken from the pockets of tlieir improvident patrons. 1'olllM-al AhmIjkU. Thivsubj lined is too good to ho lost.

The man ho invented it must havj been ed Isan to ellig King ami murder Uuus nan. cmhuii mr vuu nuuu run. Kansas is shipping new potatoes to Mr, (larficl l's income is about $23,000 per year. The b'id of Criribahli hi been placed in the municipal hall it Home. The round house and nine locomotives nt Kaign's Point, were burned; loss SflOH.IWil.

Si'crelary Polger savs he will make no in the chief of the buicau of cu-giaving and pi iiiiiug. The Japanese Indemnity bill bus passed the Senate. Tinware charges of jobbery in connection with it. Timothy Uujotte, a wealthy resident of Ottawa, Canada, has been arrested foria-suing conn U'rlcit bills. European are leaving Alexandria, Egypt a fast as possible, fearing a general mas.

acre by Ainbs. Francis P. Weed, of New York, brings suit to recover 150,0 ip lost by betting on nc hand of poker. Mrs. Seoville reports the receipt of Oi'O signature per tiny, by mail, to her petition fortiuitcuu's pardon.

The evidence adduced in the star r.eife trials this week is verv damaging to thy defendants ami high oflicials. A meeting of Italians was held nt Garibaldi's old iiuine on Stnten Island, here bis fornur parlnet still lives. A cloud burst near Orena, Xevada. and washed out tin L'. P.

railroad track, de-la3 ing trains for twelve hours. Secretary Folgcr has directed a nolle-proseipiie ill the case of lirockway, the government bond counterfeiter. Waller M. Bourke, a landlord of Cal- Colorado and iuexieo. O.

C. Fulton, an attorney of Marion, has pulled out for Colorado. The old soldiers of Allen county ill celehrate the lih at Humboldt. lii Chautauqua a couple were manied thoroughly disappointed politician who after an hours acquaintance. iSnmtcil Workmen.

Ono of the most significant signs in the present labor movement is the eiorinous increase in the membership of (in Knight of The jfowlh i-; 'J coiillncd lo one sect ion of 'the country, but is noticeable in every district where large numbers of workiiieineu ale employed. lii Philadelphia, according to the TLiu of that city, V' i lintnes have hcitii added to the rolls of the organization within the pat ten days. This, if true, will make tin; aggregate membership of Philadelphia (ig'ure up lo.ODO. and that of the Mate will he swelled to io.dilO, This nr-Luiiization is chiefly of intelli-feilt, thrifty mechanics. Such a body, if pjverucd wisely in the interests of wiirk-iugnien, cannoi fail to benelit the class.

IJhiaiji i ijrall. The Knights of Labor have placed their condemnation upon all strikes, as fraught ith evil of various kind to the working-men. Vhicxi'ji) Tvibuno. The Tribune uses too strong terms. The Knight of Labor have not "placed their condemnation upon all siiilies." Or.

the contrary they are in favor of and will sustain a strike when one becomes necessary. But of its necessity the central as aemblv will Judge. Whi r.nv trade or A. H. Dillon, Greenback candidate for wuy, lrclaii.j, uno a soldier escorting him occupation find that an increase of wages were shot iluad on the highway Ocorgit Beckett, colored, was lynched tit Jackson, for attempting to outrage a htven year old while girl.

General IgnatieiV has been relieved as Hussiau minister bf war, but ains The K. of L. is growing rapidly in Canada. The ICnights of Labor arc extending muting the farmer) of Indiana and Illinois. There are over thirty iis einldies of K.

of L. Iu Bochcstcr, thiee of which ate of women. There are thirty-six asein'ilics of the Knights of Labor in Chicago und a district as.scnihiy. The amalgamated iron mxl steel workers association have over a half million dollars in their treasury. The painters' union of Chicago, strong, recently joined tfie K.

ot L. iu a not one of the union dissenting. The working girls assemblies of Chicago "give a social cnlcriainmciit at their hall on the last Thursday of each mouth. The next regular annual session of the general a-iseiubly of the Knights of Labor will be held iu Mew York city, Sept. fitli.

The striking workmen of McCnmtnon's piano factory, at Albany, M. have returned to work at ten lo hfteeu per cent advance. Pivi' weavers have returned to workjit the Cohors. M. V.

mills, ut the leu per cent reduction'. They are guarded by the police force. John 1'. Young, of Scranton, Osage county, ii of Ihe Knights of Labor for Kansas, to whom all enquiries should hi'-addressed. Co iipni.iiiiiu iu both production mid di.tiibuliou is one ol the ciuilitinl points in tiie ultimate ami of Ihe K.

of L. Only iu this way eaii the evils of wugo slavery be obviated. The iron milh of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport have all resumed operations, Pre sklent Ju'ivlt. of the amalgamated iron and steel workers ass-u inlioit. having pronounced the strike unjii.tiliable and houl Niiilieicnt cau-e.

John Pre i'leiit of I lie amalgamated iron andsH'el workers, hat rri ed in St. Louis, arid say if he tinds the men there had been working under the Cincinnati schedule of prices he ill advise and ui go them to return to wink, or lo robuuic if they arc now given these prices. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Twelve to fourteen hours work for Il'lt) ilay in the year, with no time lor mental improvement or social rci'ieaiioii, iluils all the filler qualities of men and women, hem merely animal in their natures and lives. This should not be in this day of steam and machinery when two bourn work each div will' supply all the necessities td lile. There are I'lepiiriiis from many places in Ihii Stale how to proceed lo organize an assembly of the Knighlsof Labor, All that is iieccs-my is to secure at least tei persons, excluding lawyers, doctors, bankers and liquor sellers, and send for the nearest commissioned organizer.

The order is ulrictly nun political, has provisions for insurance, sick bcncHls and co operative features, and is largely devoted to educating people up to" a just appreciation of the dignity and rights of labor. If all worked, iu the present era of steam uud improved machinery, none net work more than two to four hours per tlay to produce all the comforts of life'. As il is, purl work from ten to lifted! hours per day, often for a buro existence, and huge portion do not woik at all. Soine of this latter class are idle involuntarily beenuse others work too long hours. Another portion ift idit: il.

will not ork hen il should, and the largest part is idle because it is aide to live units property. The great, prooleui to be solved Is imw to give all persons woik and none to In: overworked, how to till the demand for labor without glutting it, how to coimli.e hours, of toil mj there shall be no drones and no slaves. I member of the Empcrora Council. is uccc-isary, me maiicr is nrsi, laui ueioic the assembly to which they belong, nml, if the assembly the demand, ihen tin? mutter is laid before the higher body, and a committee is sent to confer with the employers on- the justice of tin; raise, or the injustice of a reduction, as the case may be; and if no satisfactory arbitration can be agreed on a strike is ordered (which simply means "ipiit and the men go out of the shops, and continue to receive wages from the assemblies throughout tholaml until their Senator two years ago, in lluller county, is dead. An Emporia pear tree has pear on it as large as walnuts atd yet it is In full bloom.

Tlio Sedgwick county horticultural society meets at Wichita on the lSuli day of June. Forty thousand pounds of butter were shipped from Garnett to Kansas City in one day. Having let her newspaper die Anvncus has organized a baseball club and danc-iug school. 0 A bliad fiddler saws strains from an old liddle for the edification of Pcnbodyitos. J.

D. W. Jones, of Arvonia, rc ently sold 200 head of fine steers for tut) s'nug sum of 1 It is some consolation to know that good blackberry crops are insured for the present season. A fourteen -year-old girl has been working in the Carbondale coal mines, Jieing dressed In boy's clothing. Mr.

Henry O. Bholes, nn old citiz'ti of Kansas and for several years city el rk of Lawrence, died recently nt Wyandotte. A district meeting of the Christian church held nt Oneida resolved that with honest ollicials prohibition would prohibit. There promises to be the largest crop of wild grapes in Southern. Kansas this year that was ever known in this section before The old veterans will celebrate the 10th of August, the anniversary of the battle of Wilson Creek, in grand style in Leavenworth.

Halstead Independent: Wheal is forward at nn astonishing rate; "plenty of fields promise a yield of forty The Senate voted down Van Wycks resolution in consider the tariff cmnmis-fciou nominations in open session. Heavy forest fires near Millvillo, have caused great damage and that plaor and 1 low it 1 mills were burned up. The Cleveland rolling mills are ondi av- demands are acceded to. The Knights of bailor are opposed to strikes until every I ad been' a member of all parties and finally, in gave up all parli-au combination. It is pungent, humorous and philosophic' We commend it to the parlies it so happily dissect: Is that a Stalwart? Thai is a Stnlw art.

Why is he called a Stalwart? Because he is made up of two words stall, ti feed at the public crib, and wai a h.ird tumor mi thehkin. It was a torn invented by Blaine to dt-iagnalc men iu olliee who iu a war ol races sided lae blacks against their own race i 1 cr iud cd negroes liowu tie thnmls ot while people. Now Jl is Used to whti would crowd tliirdtcriu ilown the throat, of I he. an party. Is a Slul-wart a religious my child.

He believes in nut, (loi.kling uud olllce. That is his trinity. Ib-Ma-icvs of his trinity wrth bau-ii lircaln, and when in its pieicnce prodntt's himself and bumps bis head on the Jlu would rather be kicked by tha, I complimented by (Jueen Islu-a sincere nun? my child, lit. is a great rogue lie has fatili only iu him-sell, and his only hope is another, man's pocket This is Half breed. He looks as if he had a pain, i le says his conscience hurt i him and be wi.l.ts reioiin.

His doctor says ll is the piles. Is lie good man? Oli, he it a very uoud can. tic II (old called called Juggernaut, only it ihies not. tun over tin- oi shippers, bill over me people, ami these take all the money the people run over bae about them. Ainnc'ciy is -i win ui I hid to il-t -wor-hip-pew.

's hoy ml wear pui pic and lini- linen and an: cu'icd tile Jli.g.i and Holy l.der of Ehs.tcd I iondholdei 1 seem to have seen tha I befole? Vf my child, and bnhind, loo. he is a carpei. bugger and souielinies a Christian statesman; s.imetimes a rcfiiiiueri and all the I line, he is la tter than the other lnei' -in his own estimation. Why does he scratch so much? Because he has an itch for office. When hi-, na ie- is lint on the ticket he scratches; the nut voles nil the same.

A ill Brei is humbug and a iiuisaie-e. Lie, u.s Kill him. 'i his is a Democrat. How Mupid he looks, lie lines not liclic his looks. lie is the thing ever set on end.

What him a Democrat. L'nforlu-naiu man, he. was born so. Is he a religious man? Ves, my child; he worships Jackson and Has he any view-V Yes my sou; he gets them from a jiie-. lie I hem constitutional law.

Milit we always hue Dciii nerals? Yes, my son, for they make the organied ignoiaiice of the kuid, and ignorance i immortal. Vt'hal bee of a Democrat when he dies? The Loid, if lie can lind his soul wirlr powcUul micro-coiie, puts it. in a dim hoop poie region where Ihe owls lly about, at ail hours arid the livers run whisky, and then 1 ic Democrat voles the ticket, the whole tic! el, mid nothing but the ticket, for orieg to li'l the places of the sinking woiknnn with nun from a A very disastrous fire occurred last night iu Canada, and the loss will probably a million The l'nglish man-of-war Superb, at-U i-. Irtini mariiu'S ivt but was prevented -by Egyjitiau troojis.

It is stated the riots at Egvpt, were for plunder and not of a political cieractcr, but this is again denied. proper measure has been taken to adju-t the differences between employers and workmen. But. if 'the central assembly thinks the demand of tiie workmen a j.i.-t one, and no satisfactory adjustment ui he made, then there ill be "a strike, as is a. strike." Workingincn will thus sen hat.

if they are members of the Knights ot Labor, their rights will be and preserved, as the order has suiiicietit power to enforce Arbitration is the first move. If -that cannot arrange matters fairly, then the workmen will (iiit or, as some call it, "strike." Sefl VNiulerlillt; 8nge, Ganltl and Kfn. Until, CiirrecKinilfiil 1'lnclmiatl Kmiatrvr. "Recurring acatn, Mr. Hatch, ti llici three or four rich men name them, if you please." "Well, theroaro jtmt four of them la tlio first class.

First. Vanderhilt and hia sons; second, Itussell Sago; third. Jay Could; ami fourth, James Keeno. I Bun-pose you refer to men who liavo been directly connected with stock operations. Yanderhilt and his sons, who are all together, have got I am wire that this i net overstated; for the or $70,000,000 they have in" the government loans representii their inter est as it has accumulated.

Tin) next man is Itussell SasrtYwho is richer than (lould. lie Is worth from to Could is worth from to 0 Mi, Ohil, I llii Mid Keeno from to jll 1,000,000. These are prodigious figures. Sett what they represent of other men's when you look at the present state of the stock market and what it is tumbling lo. There is alwiut lot), OIK), -1)00 to in the lunula of four men, ho have made it all around this stock exchange out of tho gambling propensities and the credulity of tho people" "You.

mtrpriso me," said "lu rating Uilssell Sage so high." "Well, il w. a fact. Hehishecn acool, steady, silting man, playing no tricks, 1-ul scooping it in all the time. 1 may say for him that if you get his name to a piece of paper, it is Just as good as uny obligation iu the world. Gould has beau the most dexterous of this lot.

Keeno represents his nanm. In character lie is certainly a wonderfully keen man. Tho history of his operations in Luke Shro and Northwestern would bo a great subject for one of your letters. Ho took bake Shore at (it) ami got rid of most it at. a profit of loo per and iu the same way ho took Morthwestern when it was about '10 and sold most of it at about ilOOl per cent, prolit, foi it went up to Vii lust year, and stands now at about 1110.

Van' derbill, now owns the railroad." Yon surprise me," said 1. "Is the pub-lie generally aware that Vandcrbilt owns the Chicago and Morthwestern road?" "They may not said Mr. Hatch, "but he docs possess It. I went to him with a statement of the condition of that property, and told him it was Agouti pur-i-hu-e, and he has found il so; hut I think lie kept, all the commissions In lliofam- ily, for I never got any of them." "lias Vunderbilt's purchase, tif Michigan Central been a lucky one?" "Yes, 1 think it has. lie is ono of tho men ho has made money right along, ami Ilm ctTcct of boom, which is now played out, has merely been to transfer ihe wealth of a great many people to a lew who are all tho time getting richer." "Are you awai'o of any other fortunea to compare to those you havo named?" ")o you mean in other association I han stock scheming? "Yes; thero ia Commodore (lurrison, who deals iu railroad property but not nint around tho Stock exchange.

He has no-particular broker, and no ofllce right about he exchange. He is worth to SUV Wi.WO. Muses Taylor, who died a day or two ago, has left they any, mo it makes his legacy of ftifiLOtiO to tailroad hospital look pretty small." I Ml WOM KN. The newspapers of Oregon stand on Iho pending sulfragi! amendment twenty-three favor, live opposed and four neutral. Mrs.

L. 11. Klliot is a young widow left with two children to sMiiporland educate, ami instead of filling down anil tuning at her fate, she has bravely stepped forward and opened a ladies' fancy shoe store in Dayton, Ky. Mrs. Nellie Grace edits the largoHt paper in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Sha issues a daily anil a double weekly. Another lady owns and condiiwts the largest saw mill, and another is developing lead 'mine besides superintending a largo fat in. A mass convention of tlio woman suffragists of Indiana, and all others interested in tha cause, was held at the Oranil Opera House, Indianapolis, Friday, May 10, in the presence of a large audience of representative men and women of tlio Suite. In 1H)0 eighteen young women wera graduated from ft School of Technology iu lloslon. Of these, eight found ut once steady employment as designers In print factories; one in pottery warks; two in an oil cloth manufactory, and one in a carpel mill.

About fifty women graduates of vari oils colleges met. at lioston to discuss tho higher education of women. It was da-eided that physical culture is the great necessity far American women, ami tho establishment of department of physical education in the schools was urged. Tlio MLruiiK llnlp the Wnnk, "What is the outlook for labor at the present lime?" was asked of a German citizen who for over twenty years has been prominently identified with every movement in Chicago having for its ob-ject'the improvement of the condition of wotkingmcn, "There has never been a time," was the reply, "when the workingmeu were so thoroughly organized and able to guard their rights as the present. The ainitlga-niatcd labor movement, inaugurated by the Knights of Labor, is tlio most powerful ever organized, because, as the term implies, ull the dill'erent trades work together iu the interests of each ami all.

Imtead of separate unions, acting independently ot each other, hero wo havo separate unions working in harmony to Condi; ion of crops in France, Holland Heat nutl l.isht in the hick r.oiiin. Each person in a room should be and is very lavoruble, la It tsia tpitegncd and in England only tolerable. One hundred houses were burned on 1he P2ih at Moscow, Hussiii, nml tiie exposition building damaged by a plied with cubic feet of air per hour, and this should be done, v.lieie possible, without creating a liercentibie draught, for the n.rvous irritation induced by draughts is liable to produce internal in II am mat ions. I At four o'clock on Thursday evening of last, wi't-k, thf last spike was driven on The temperature of the sick room should be kept at a uniform height, 1 he best average being from C5 to TO2 except for infants or very old people, who require a tempcratuie from 15 to W) and for these it is especially im portant to guard against changes, mid to keep it as uniform as possible. All Vaes of lever require a temperature lower than the average, as from 00 to assist in reducing the high temneratuic of the body; but when the fever subsides, and there is much debility remaining, the temperature should be somewhat above the averaae.

the Denver division of the B. ilc '2 railroad. Tiie Governor of Iowu declares himself in favor of the proposed Prohibitory Amendment to be voted on in that Stale iu June. Senator Brown has introduce-' adesoUi-ti-m giving each Senator a cieik nt f.100 per month, to be paid out of the contingent fund. The Grecnbucke.

of Delaware, last week, nominated John Jackson, a nephew of ex-1'residoiit Jackson, lor (inventor of that Stale. The heavy rains of last Saturday night caused HoOiU at Denver, Colorado, that washed away i.evcrid houses and cuuteil the loss of live iiys. Tha Bayviesv mills near Milwaukee. will soon resume work, fatisfaclorv arrangements having been made between the owners and the workmen. (Iiiiie-iu rcfu-M.

to see the saying he knows more about religioi i I ban any of them and that he is cert am 'if going straight to heaven when he (lies. As a patient can endure a greater de gree of cold when in bed than out of it. convalescents from severe diseases, fevers especially, should have the tempera ture ot their rooms higher than tout bushels per acre. Maddogism seems to be on the rampage throughout the country. A dog in Doniphan county bit twenty-three hogs and a horse for one man.

Burglars raided the jewelry ptore of Wesley, Garnett, Kansas, and broke open the safe. They took about ifo'M, includins $-15 in money. C. B. Kelmer, living eight miles northeast of Topeka, was thrown from his wagon and seriously injured internally, but will probably recover.

A tree overloaded with fruit can neither perfect the fruit nor ripen its wood properly. A great many trees are anuu-1 ally mined by too much cropping. Wellington Press; The cattle market has taken a tumble and cattle shipping will not likely be so brisk for a few days, from llunnewell and Caldwell. -Winficld Courant: The wheat harvest commenced in this county last week, and now many fields of the best wheat Cowley ever produced are in the shock. The proposition to vote aid of the Fort Scott Topeka road was defeated in Williamsburg township, Franklin county, "by 07 votes out of a total of 315.

The rain Wednesday put an everlasting quietus on what chinch bugs remained in the fields of Chautauqua county. Farmers clown there are in good spirits over the prospects. Peabody Post From 100 ewes Mr. E. E.

Grinnell has raised this season 1)7 lambs, and from the same number of ewes Mr. Bacon has raised 110 lambs. A showing for increase in both instances. The remains of S. R.

Price were found 11. .1 i ve' ii'id ever. Who i i i his poor IIIU'I lie backer, vlry i'. he so iron bled? he is i-i tlebl dou'l. like it.

and bondholders ami a l.ireen-ih cause He sees railroad maintained during the height of the attack. Disoiisas of the air passages, as croup and require a high temperature (HU to and a moist atmosphere. The best method for heat ing the sick room is yet a proper subject for study and for inventors. iiM-u gelling rich mi their debts, while he and lo- family are starving on his. He c.uitiol understand A man who cannot Midi island is a fool.

You uni tut up your nose and look -sarea-tic when iH see a (ireenbaekei, or you be coiiMd'-red respectable. The sick room should not be darkvned by blinds, except where there is a di of the eyes, with photophobia, or when the-patient is very restless and cannot slecn; then a strong light must he ex bavs iii'ty The House committee, on jc-n uoiis agreed to recommend a petition of cluded, otherwise the sunlight should be toe dollars per month to 1 laiidrn.lgi daughter of President Taylor. allowed enter and act chemically, by 1 decomposing the noxious gases, and thus Senator Uluir, of New Hampshire iu a purity Uie air. ut course ii is not advisable to place the patient under a strong, uncomfortable glare of sunlight, nor iu sunnper to allow the sun rays to shine into the room and raise the temperature too high. Artificial light has no good hygienic effect, but does harm by burning up the oxygen.

A TcMiiersuiu' l.vetiira. A Ki-irn ifporier heard a novel and clleolivc ti inper nice lecture in i rortaiu fimnii ward saloon last, evening. The reporter doesn't drink, but he happened to be there on "biiMiii. and while how a- 1. ilking with a man at one of (lie la'Jes fellows entered and approach ed the bar.

Oneof them greeted him us a frit-in! and calico! for the whisky. "Mo, Tom, you'd heller have beer," replied the man behind the bar, "it's time, left, whisky alone. Then) isn't a worse drink you could put into your Moiiuich. S-c her. and then spilling quarter of a gi.i-s of whisky on the bar the saiiee lighted a match lire toil The liquor buric-d with a sPady bine Ihtme, and "Tom" and his friend ied nt.

r.tih'T stupidly. 'ne of theur held iii hand ovt the flame, and remarked: "it's something like Bob An extensive iron manufacturing firm I. I(iinhrin, The sheer wool good i are fine and fash Hunting jg ki-1 il.h narrow jlcuts, will remain iu favor. Ecru batiste neckerchiefs have polka dots and scalloped Waists of Spaiii di lace lined with satin are worn with mlin surah skirts.

The ticv.est dresses have numerous bows of ribbon or velvet on them. Blai.Tscl wrappers, colored or while, are used for invalids and bathing gowns. The Lauglry belled waist is used for bile lawn and print dresses. Salines, with rich, glossy grounds, come in varieties this season. This goods can be lauudried.

In many of the best materials there can be traced the lesthetic yellow; this is noticeable in the outlining of he designs. The Knights of Labor is one of the greatest organizations ever established iu this country. It is the grandest eo operative organization devised. Jt is a bond of common brotherhood, where by tin; entire laboring interests of the country cemented together in sympathy. The interests of one nil: the interests of nil.

Heretofore he 'iiiiercn I unions have been distinctive or ganialions each work i for its own inieicsls, independ cut, of all others. In the Knights of La bor. the farmer, 'he miner, and the mechanic are united iu one common cause. Tin: inti of all are so clo'ely allied, hat one cannot miller without tilo-eling the in' crests of the The farmer can not suy the mechanic, "lam huh pendent of you." Tim miner aifd the mechanic cannot be unmiudl id of tin: of Ihe fanner. Labor is the source of all wealth, mid should be fill iy protectt'd from tin: encroiichmeiitHof capital, and this can tody be accomplished by co operation.

('ijl'im-bHK The men employed in; the Leavenworth i'c Topeka road struck Tucday against a reduction oi wages from to -V per day. speech in the U. S. Senate called attention to tli; rapid increase of illiteracy and urged Congressional aid-to ccun.rioii Th': efforts of President Jarrett, of t'e; amalgamated iron and steel worker to arrange mutter at St. Louis seem have failed for the the men islanding linn iu their demands.

The Senate Finance committee Iiavr-amended tin; House bill extending bau'V charters by Inverting the amendments Senators Shcrinau and Alii -on, which, provides for three ji'-r cent fifty year bond.) and gold rliiii-ates. There is a bitter contest between the. merchants exchange of St. 1oiiis avl lhc East St. Jouis Board of Trade over the.

of Pittsburg has opened a new Held of labor for women, and will soon turn out female blacksmiths and iron workers by the hundreds. Two or three huidred girls are a i ready eiunloyed, ranging in age from fifteen to twenty years. The labor performed by them, it said, is not heavy, and they can earn from 75 cents to per day, each. The astronomical observations in Egypt lately of the sol! eclipse liasdeiuotistr.ttt ed the fact that the moon has an utiuo-phere; that it a frozen ball d'-stif ute of animal or vegetable life. Tliis upsets oid theories pointedly as OalilJeo did it when he announced that it was the earth and not the sun that movtd.

Uiii it I mI the nil' 'iii-kecp "you've hit it ju -t rigut I hat Mull i.i h'-il it burns ju.jt like that, until even ei, iron, copper fas'ened Mouiai i-. eaten and destroyed. 1 tell you, boys, you can ilo better than leave alone. That's my cxpciicuee. bdriili in a well, near uumuoiai, a tew uuys ago.

The man had been murdered and thrown in three years ago, the family using the water all that lime. Owen Ingraham and Lester Croaker were convicted this week at Olathc ol placing obstructions on' the Lawrence. K. C. S.

K. road, and will be sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. A denizen of a Barbour county dug out was awakened the other morning sudden ly by having a 1700 pound bull that had been pawing the earth on the roof of his house fall through into his bed room, lie thought it was a cyclone. i John Cleminshire, a fanner living near Silver Lake, was arreted yesterday for cruelty to animals, he having driven to death a valuable horse hired from Mr Bloomer of this city, after promising to only drive three and a half oiiles and back. It is astonishing how cattle arc gaining flesh this spring.

Some of the oldest etock men in the country inform iim Medicine Lodge Jn'lct that tiny never paw cattle prow fat so rapidly as they have this season, and be will be on the market remarkably early. Sheriff Asher, of Douglas county, arrested two horse at Tonganoxie, who i i right, to im ped grain received at East St. 1 Loui each claiming the right to appoint, tiie ncd fix the giades. The situation in Egypt is still very I critical and the Khedive has lost I prestige is unable to preserve r. English and French fleets aie seeking a.

pretext, to ii.nd troojis. which will result in these countries taking permum-nt, possession of the country. A great, riot took place at Alexandria, E'ypt. on the and one rcjioiX cay ty Eiiroj.eanm T.ire killi-d. i Tl.f rio.ers were by the jnlii-I tary.

report says only a few I licglisiiiiiCii were killed, tii lighting be Within months the men of arc to vote on an amendment which ives full suffrage to women. The success of the measure then will li.tve a great the same enu, io secure nviujj; wages and just treatment in every department of production. Only the printers' and masons' unions have ever been strong enough, working by themselves, to accomplish their object. The amalgamated trade unions are leveling up the wages and condit ions of help those who cannot help themselves. Tho movement had its origin In the fact that skilled workiugnien realized that they mud.

either elevate the ignorant and cheap laborers or be dragged down to ihcir level. The tanners strike is found- ed on this principle. Men who receivo 15, fix, i'l and $i- are striking for tho benefit of others who get hut 411. Tho brick-makers strike is also for the beucflt of unskilled labor." ion iailnr i and fivorable effect on the qu everywhere States have a si pending arj Indiana, and Oregon. Trti'li se.ys "When the vole-' of laber are so a-! ihat they uk ef'cclive after a-, mi day; when working ji-cm forget 'h'y fi'ive bf'-ii Democrat; or that, a the pi'i fjf -A-ea'lh.

tji-'rV have propel t.y 'igiii:) iu prelect, they can. if they act tu'si the nti'l energy which i 'i' teri.cs ti-ctii, be. the inns-1 if that ll.t ir nuuibri, their patriot i the firodr-ietivencw of their Jabor and tiie right of mn ihood suffrage en titles them." i i Geo. Wiggins, a.n.d eleven, of county was dragged a 'tarter of a mile by thi foot, which was taught in a cultiva ing between Arabs ami lum apjiropriutcd tJIO.OO't for inonunicnt at IVewburgh, N.

The Kf.ii,,e ceuHiii Hgiicui.iiral so' icty will hold its seve.e'h annual fair it Junction City, Oct. -1th, oih and dth. tor from which he had lalien, the hordes running away, Ho was severely injured. were' ioctlcd.

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