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The New-York Evangelist from New York, New York • 1

The New-York Evangelist from New York, New York • 1

New York, New York
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XXVII. NO. 17. fBro CorrqKDd.U,tothU country and Kurope. 50, 2 Slivered byW tion or me r.eri.

are inserted for 10 cents flrtt Insertion, and 7 eepta a line for each sub-, lir.e Mr from the oouutry must WHOLE NO. 1361. NEW-YORK, THURSDAY! IIORNING, APRIL 24, 1856. the gate of the old Genoese wall, for Pera was once aginations unsound, and forsaking; be foundations Lnriil with th. hare I cannot forbear an acknowledgment of fidelirv to his nromise- in immediately loving, it is heaven.

Its stars are the gleamings, and its winds the breath its sounds the voice, aad its beauties the vestures of a spirit one with a Uenoese Colony, and descending to the water's edge, cross to Golden Horn In a on one of tputh and soberness. UHrorldinir in the boeom of a warm-hearted Chris- As I draw this to a close, the case goes to the Jury not in the schooL The expenses of the conviction of one child, and her term in the House of Refuge, is 8500. Our school of 270 children costs but 400. Can we suppose that these children are to be left in this fearful state of destitution, when we know that there are in this city so niany sworn servants of Christ As aerranta the life of their Master must be their modal that life which was spent in seeking and saving those who were lost and though there is so mnek to be done in this great city, and the mrtifieial life which we 2nd it necessary to load, separates as far from this life, yet we may make great efforts to claim the only mode of comfort for hearts overburdened with a sense of their debt to their Redeemer. Inasmuch as ye have done it onto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me." We well know how much lie has valued the souls and happiness of thee children, and will allow us to help to save them for Him.

Some will give time, labor and effort, and others will certainly give of their means. It is better that the school should have certain fund to depend upon this must be done by subscriptions, or donations may bo sent to, or information obtained from either of the following ladies Mrs. Eliza Peck, 10 Waverly Place; Mrs, E.D. Morgan, Lafayette Place Miss S. Haven, Brevort House Miss Livingston, 179 East 14th oi me two onages cennecting Galata with Stam cue nearr.

1 tian family a home for the little lamb. May the O.H w'lts. without argument. The jury have now brought vi In tayment lor papers may oe aero ny mau. bonl.

We enter the city near the wall of the Se blessing of heaven rest npon her who received it hea registered at the Poat i. IMP llliuiinu, v- in a verdict of acquittal. The prisoners have been returned to their cells, and may be sent by the raglio. The Dayoman procures horses at the gate, which we mount for our first stroll in Stamboul, but where will be allowed to Clergymen, SrS i na nhm ii -r Un-: Court to the Insane Retreat "at Hartford. i th payment ol me mine, "ta- Tl' E'fitora canDot undertake to return Commnnl- mi Yours, una so inactive mat a propelling force Is required In the rear In the shape of Turkish boys, with enormous cudgels, the power behind the throne being of many centuries, but still employed for its original purpose.

It is less extensive than similer works in Italy, but suggests several points of resemblance between the ancient capitals of the Eastern and Western Empires. The old Rome was built on seven hills along the Tiber; the new Rome on seven hills along the Bosphorus. The City of Romulus had its Circus Maxinus; the City of Constantine its Hippodrome; Rome boasts of her seven imperial Basilicas and the Church of St. Peter Constantinople of her seven imperial Mosques and Santa Sophia. Here, save in power and perpetuity, the resemblance ends, for as the Romans multiplied basilicas and baths, the Turks build largely in kiosks and konaks, cupolas and khans.

The aqueducts supplying Constantinople with fresh water, have their beginnings among the hills a "I'Jr Hnaniew and other letters to be addressed to BRADFORD 4. FIELD, PaorBiiTOas. greater man the throne Itself! Correspondence of the New-York XvanfaUat EDUCATION IHf MASSACHUSETTS. BOSTOH, April 16, 1866 Occular deception and Oriental exaggeration to what crnel surprises do they not the trav The Old Bay State holds well her eminence in the eler In the East! When viewed at a distance Con matter of taking tare of common school educattoa. The recent report shows the ship has been well stantinople had appeared to me a thine of incom parable, of ravishing beauty, but when I was fairly manned, and has made a prosperous voyage for the the name and for the sake ol Uhnst.

Allen. For the New York EvanceUst. PORTRAITS OP OLD DIVHTKS. Thomaa Oouge. If the Protestant Church canonized her saints, the 'name of Thomas Gouge would deserve a plaee in her calendar.

He was a saintly man. Hfs life was one of the best of hnman commentaries on the spirit of the Gospel. His beneficence embalmed his memory, and a thousand hearts guarded not vainly emulous a treasure which all might share. About his grave, calumny dared not speak above a whisper. Though a Non -Conformist, Archbishop Tillotson preached his funeral sermon.

Though a preacher of the Gospel, no political economist ever studied more closely, no matter of fact philanthropist ever within her walls the hallucination vanished like a period which those reports embrace. Frtr Csrresseoosoea ef the Nnr-Terk Braacellet. lMPHHS8IONB INC01f8TAWTINOPLE. i i.iT scaaies ma ottomi sbtic. PR.

Oct. 1, l5ft. dream, and I wondered how a labyrinth of Indes More money was expended last year for schools few miles distant, where cool streams are wholly or In part diverted into them, and reach the city after many doublings and windings. The Aqueduct of Yalaus is essentially a Roman work, but I was sur Street; Mrs. Willard Tarter, 37 East 12th Street, or at the School 22 Oliver Street.

cribable streets and rows of tumble-do to houses eould have produced such a marvellous occular delusion. A few gorgeous structures, with a multitude of hovels have ever been the type of the Oriental than in any previous year. The sum, raised by taxes for the support of the public schools, including only the wages of teachers, board, and fuel, amounted to 11,137.494. This is in advance of tie Tie steamer hardly casts anchor at the opening nf the Golden Horn before she Is surrounded by a are nourished unto everlasting life. The bread on your tables should mind yon of Jesus Christ, who is the bread of life that came down from heaven to quicken your dead souls," Again when thou art laying thyself down in thy bed, let thy bed mind thee ol thy grave, thy sheet mind thee of thy winding sheet, an-thy sleep mind thee of death for death is but a kind of sleep; sleep is a Bhort death, and death a short sleep." "Thus from everything should you labor to draw matter of spiritual and heavenly meditation." Sometimes, in the earnestness of familiar address, we have a form of dialogue Whither art thou bound, believing soul for Canaan, for Jerusalem which is above 7 I am bound for heaven But art thou sure that there is such a place as heaven and such blessedness there 1 So sure I am, that I will adventure all upon it- But who is it shall bring thee to heaven 1 Jesus of Nazareth who suffered the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God.

But God is angry with thee thou art a guilty creature, and by thy sins hast fallen under his wrath and displeasure how wilt thou do for that? Why I will trust Christ for that, he shall be my propitiation he shall make peace for me, and he will do so. Oh but thou art an unclean and polluted creature, and there is ns unefcan thing can enter that holy land how wilt thou do for that 1 I will trust Christ for that also, he shall be my tanctifioaUon, and he will be so." There is a concise energy of expression, and not rarely a quaint wit in his illustrations which might well serve to stamp them on tbe memory. Of the danger of temptation, he says, Every man, by nature, is like dry wood, which is apt to kindle so soon as fire is put to it. There wt of taiqvn, light boats of one or more sets of prised to learn that the modern structures conveyin lastyear $123,935. A verybandsomeadvancesurer.

nar" ami which not less than 21,000 are said to ulrin? on the waters of Constantinople. The water into Constantinople and even some of the most ancient had been built not by foreign engineers, but city, and remain so to this day. The pious Moslems of Stamboul, like the ancient Egyptians, reserve marble and granite for the habitations of God, by rude Amauts from Epirns and Albania. These mountaineers, who can neither read nor write, nor The people have imposed upon themselves this nolie appropriation, and we have never heard the fiist word of complaint. Our schools are regarded as an indispensable element of the public prosperity, and as affecting, in a most important degree, all the THE NOBLE Such are to be found in almost every com have any idea of scientific engineering, relate that for tbe Kew-Tork STanashat.

ABIDING I1VT CHRIST. What is this abiding in Christ 1. It is to abide in his love. And this is to be understood in a two-fold sense. First, the love with which he cherishes us, and, secondly, the love which we cherish for Lira.

Thus we seek to commend ourselves to his love and favor, by cultivating an increasing degree of love for his name and character. Hence the declaration of Christ, in the voice of Wisdom, I love them that love me, and those that seek me early shall find me." 2. It is to abide in faith. The confidence with which the sinner comes to Christ, remains. It abides.

It is, in the heart of the Christian, a permanent influence. It is the golden link which makes the disciple one with his Lord, and binds heart to heart, and life to life, in all that pertains to the kingdom of Christ on tbe earth, and the glory of that kingdom in tbe world to come. 3. It is to abide in duty. In coming to Christ, the sinner makes the path of duty his choice.

The idea of duty now governs him. He is ready to inquire, "Lord, what wilt thou Lave me to do To the discharge of his duty, he addresses himself with an untiring devotion. In this he abides. Day by day, and year by year, bis duty absorbs his time, calls forth his energies, employs his talent, and developes his power in the vineyard of the Lord. Like Christ, he seeks to do good, and that continually.

4. It is to abide in patience. If the world have hated me, they will hate you also." In the Christian life, we meet with trials from the Providence of God trials from a tempting world, and trials from the hand of persecution. All these we are to bear in the meekness and pal ience of Christ- The wave, of affliction may run high, and the storm of insult and abuse may and leave to mortal men mere cabins of wood and clay, no more enduring than themselves. There is no "distressing regularity of streets.

The narrow, crooked ways are paved with boulders, and judg their ancestors, the Macedonians, learned the art of promoted more earnestly the social welfare of great interests of our ancient Commonwealth. Hydraulics from the Persians, during the conquest lihe neglected poor. Baxter says, that he nev The whole amount expended in the State the last by Alexander the Great. munity and then by way oT contrast some are seen who are not noble. The difference very great.

Beside, every state of society has its peculiar temptations. A prosperous community has those which are peculiar to prosperity an er heard any one person, of what rank, sort, or sect soever, speak one word to his dishonor, or year for public and private schools, exclusive of buildings, Normal schools, was the handsome ing from their present condition have not been repaired since the days of Justinian. The Mosques, baths, and other public edifices are in a few instances Imposing, but nineteen-twentieths of the buildings in Constant! bW--" Oh-istlan irme any fault that they charged on his life or Correspondence or the New-York Evangelist. THE WAKEMASITE3. Mw-IUts, Apriinh 181C.

sum of $1,620,222. And the little folks, for wham Slain has cored after this nrrxAifitcd to Messrs. Editbs. One of the most singnlar trials city. The je'Vew marble palace of the Sultan scMrigan, near Top- Our Normal Schools are doing a most important for murder that I have ever attended is just now be Hane, the first of the kind ever erected, and the work in giving us a large body of able and accomplished teachers.

We have four of them in active operation. About 850 young men and young women fore the Superior Court now sitting in this city, Judges Heniman and Waldo presiding. It is the trial of Rhoda Wakeman, Thankful S. Hersey, and stone buildings in the Greek quarter of Phanar are also exceptions to the general rule. doctnne not the highest prelatists them-, selves, save only that he conformed not to their impositions." Thomas Gouge, son of the celebrated Dr.

William Gouge, a member of the Westminster Assembly, and on several occasions its presiding officer, was a native of the County of Middlesex, and was born in 1605. His whole life shows how deep and lasting were the impress ions of parental piety and faithfulness. From old decaying community has those which are peculiar to a state of decline and decay. In which sort of community the temptations to meanneast, selfishness and littleness are greatest, it may bo difficult to tell. If every thing is on the decline around, a man may be tempted to grasp the more eagerly and get what he can.

He says to himself, I must grasp or I get nothing. He holds fast what he has he gets what he can. He has no public spirit, ne is not ready for public improvements. In a stagnant or declining com Samuel Sly, for the murder of Justus Mathews, last Turkish Houses. Turkish houses are generally built of wood, or as December.

The chief point of interest and of sinu- larity In the trial, is the religious character of the Is often the case, stone work is carried up a few feet, and a wooden super-structure then erected. Most of them are so built as to incline over the homicide. It occurred in the night, at the house of Mrs. Wakeman the prophetess, a messenger of the Lord as she was called, where were assembled sev his earliest years his father cherished the hope needs not any devils to tempt us. Dry stubble will take fire without any bellows to blow it.

Let the least occasion, that is, be offered unto us, how easily doth it take 1 Every spark will eral of her disciples, and among them the sister of munity this temptation is fearfully powerful. It makes many a mean and contemptible character. ef seeing him a fellow laborer in the ministry of Christ. In his Christian home a model for mifii stalwart Greeks, with brawny nrm, and attired in a picturesque costume, are jmpirtnnate to set us ashore. Their frail barks mie of the Gondolas of Venice, but are so Uiarp ati'l liuht that the passenger Is obliged to sit immovably on the bottom to avoid being capsized.

IYm lower part of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn are crowded with vessels of every kind, and henring tin fla? of every nation. I noticed many mi boat coming In loaded with fish, especially the HipMas. or Sword Fish, which Is here wiry luanriant. Another species reminded me of a Comoro saying among the Greeks, to the effect that no ne person would carry Tunny Fish to Byzance or owls to Athens, as rarities. The great number of rivers flowing into the Euxine have from time immemorial rendered its waters as famous for as its shores have been celebrated for their in corals.

Ancient Associations. Jason, according to the poetic fables of the an-nents, ascribing heroic motives to all adventurers, the Euxine to capture the golden fleece, or rather, making a considerable allowanco fur the ftHilimtoring character of his expedition, to obtain 'tie superior wool of Colchis. And while the lofty argosies, freighted with the luxuries of Corinth and Athens, visited the Euxine fur the same object that has. within tlio last fifty years, directed innumerable English prows to Odessa, namely, the substantial realities of grain and tallow, fleets of hardy fisliemien bent their way thither for the treasures of Neptune, less valuable indeed than those of reran, but still greatly songht after. The exports of jrain and fish from tlio coasts of the Euxine to the ciliux of Owe, are mentioned by both Herodotus and Demosthenes.

After the development of the maritime power of Athens, Byzance became her tributary. To pay tlio sum annually demanded, ttie Byzantines In turn lovled a tribute upon every vessel entering or leaving the Euxine and to show the extent of the commerce floating through the Bmphorus I may state that the distant Rhodians demanded an exemption from the payment of the Bosphorus Duos," and finally obtained such an Mathews and her husband, all of whom passed much of the night in prayer. The burden of their catch upon our tinder hearts." But in a thriving community, prosperity, on universal imitation where harsh words were street, and thus partially shut out the rays of the sun. At first I was afraid to venture beneath these dilapidated structures, apparently leaning toward each other for mutual support, but when I remembered how slow everything moves in Tnrkey, I entertained no further fears of being buried under a mass of rubbish. The windows are provided with flUagree work, through which pretty eyes, whether Of the danger of public sins, he remarks, prayers seems to-have been for tho deliverance of the other hand, often closes the heart.

Money is made easily money-making becomes a mania. To get, to hoard, to be very rich, is the chief end of man. No matter what school-houses ought Mathews from the power of the man of sin," and the protection of Mrs. Wakeman from the sufferings which he, Mathews, could, and actually did, cause her, as she affirmed. Private men's sins are but like the errors of a pocket watch, which usually misleads only the keeper of it but the sins of a master of a family are like the errors of an house clock, which is apt to mislead the whole family." never heard, and where the gentlest charities andTdndliest sympathies graced religious principles with more than golden ornaments, the boy grew up, his early training rich with the promise that manhood fulfilled.

He went to Eaton, thence to Cambridge, and after completing his studies, was settled for two or three to le built no matter what other public insti belonging to the odalisques of a wealthy grandee, or to the wives and daughters of the humblo, look beat with pitiless fury upon us hopes may die, and bright prospects may be buried in the darkness of endless night, still, we are to abide in patience, without a word of complaint, a murmur or a sigh. Thus may we abide in Christ, forgetting the things that are behind, and looking forward to those which are before, we press towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Mrs. Wakeman's religious tenets seem to be a tutions call for aid. Some will do just so much in the way of public improvements, as they are down unobserved upon all that Is passing below.

are enjoying the eminent advantages of these schools. Ninety-two graduated at them in 1855. Teachers' Institutes, held for a week at a time, In different parts of the State, in which the most accomplished teachers and lecturers are esgaged, are doing a great work for education. Mora than thirteen hundred persons enjoyed their privileges the past year. These Institutes are not oriy attended by those who are enrolled as pupils, but by goodly numbers from the vicinity where they are held, and they exert great power in stirring Bp the public mind, and interesting it in education.

Rev. B. Sears, D.D., who has been the Secretary of our Board of Education for the lait seven years, has accepted the Presidency of Brovn University, and the State has lost the services of one of the most able and efficient of all her frieads of education. His Reports, as they have been made from year to year, have been rich in important facts, reasonings and suggestions, respecting the great cause of education. The State is under great obligations to him for his able and faithful services.

He has been succeeded by Ex-Gcv. George W. Boutwell, who has shown great vigor and energy in carrying on the work committed to his hands. It is no trifling comment upon our system of training teachers, that so many are applied for, to go to other States to engage in Instructicn. These demands are larger every year, which, with the wants so much felt in our own State for ablo teachers, will give our Normal Schools all the work they can well nis puritan dislike for the theatre breaks out Many of the Turkish restrictions of former times compelled to do and no more.

Tho main thing in a single sentence, that might serve as a text years near uroyaen, in ourrey. Jtrom inis medley of the doctrine of Perfection, Millerism, Psychology or animal magnetism, and Spiritualism. She seems to possess considerable mental strength, and to have been successful in acquiring great influence over her followers and not only over them, is personal acquisition. for volumes, The stage is a decoy for the stews." And these who are naturally avaricious are In reply to some who allege that oaths are have lost their force, but according to the Moslem law the dwellings of the faithful should be white, yellow, blue or rose-color, and those of the Armenians and Jews, black or brown. The Greeks were formerly required to paint their dwellings red.

The place, he was removed to take charge of the large and populous parish of St. Sepulchre's, London. For twenty-four years, this was the Very precious are the fruits of this abiding. a grace to their speech," he replies, with the keen retort, "just such a grace, as a blister or a cart ar.cle is to the face." but some of the witnesses on the stand who were persons of character, affirmed that they always re quick to find out where money is to be made. Their scent for coin is keen.

Where the carcass is, there the eagles will be, with their sharp beaks. Hence many mere selfish, avaricious, money-grinders are to be in a thriving place. garded her as an extraordinary Christian woman. Her immediate disciples appear to have been per Tho liar fares hard at his hands When thou scene of his vigilant and faithful ministry. With unremitted toil and solicitude he discharged its duties, till silenced by that tyrannic Act of Conformity, which in ono day deprived the English Church of the services of two thousand pastors.

sons of weak and very credulous minds. Samuel speakest a lie, whose language is this 1 It is the devil's mother tongue. When thou hast a Turks leave whole provinces depopulated, but almost pile dwelling upon dwelling in their walled elties, so fond are they of the social life of the city, so parsimonious are they, there, of space. The genius of decay has taken up its home among the dwellings of the Turks. The tottering edifice is propped up to the last, and when it falls its ruins are When the Church of Christ backslides, and the love of many waxes cold, then our love glows with increasing warmth, and our devotion to the kingdom of Christ is more zealous and untiring.

When darkness lowers, and the prospects of earth arc overshadowed with doubt and fear, the soul clings the more firmly to the cross, and seeks more earnestly the covert which is found in the fold of Christ. When the trials of this life come rushing upon us like a mighty But not these alone. The power to be gener lie in thy mouth, it is a sign the devil is in thy Sly, who actually took the life of Mathews, ia represented as an inoffensive, weak minded, old man, who had from principle a horror of killing any While the name of Thomas Gouge is found ous, public spirited, noble-hearted seems almost heart. But whose child art thou tho while 1 friend is it nothing to be the devil's scarcely removed for the almost ephemeral structure to be reared in its stead. These wooden walls are the cause of evils innumerable to the Turks.

Con child, and to have thy own tongue proclaiming of it?" thing. He has been known to attack, and even to kill a snake, but he would not kill a fowl, for bis own dinner. Death, he said, proceeded from the Devil, and Life from God. Yet this man, under the influence of his religious aeal, could take, and actu among them, let no man call them fools or fanatics. He shared with them their devotion to a sacred principle.

What must be the iniquity of an enactment that countermanded Christ's commission to such men to preach the Gospel, and overwhelmed their unresisting submission flood, we wait with patience until he who gov do. to mrikt some persons so. At all events there are some where noble natures rejoice in noble opportunities. They improve them and expand by them. They study the public welfare.

Their minds are not always revolving around their own petty interests. They make money, not for themselves alone, but for the community in Sometimes his sentences combine the wisdom erns the storms shall say to the raging elements, peace be still f. a. s. ally did take the life of a fellow man, bound with a cord and bandaged to render him harmless.

with the most cruel hardships 1 Mrs. Wakeman's followers believed her to stand But though silenced Gouge would still be use which they dwell. Tbey have an eye constantly and conciseness of proverbs, now aptly are tho treasures of humility illustrated Men usually lay up their richest wines in the lowest cellars and God lays up his choicest mercies in the lowest hearts." "God has but two thrones the highest heavens and lowest hearts." ful. His moderate income was nearly all con For the New York Eraimllst. SCHOOL FOR THE POOR.

It is not perhaps known to the readers of this to its peace, comfort, prosperity. Those are tho sumed in deeds of charity. While a London men whose influence is felt. Tbey ore beloved Our Board of Education occupies most important position in regard to our educatinnal interests. The members serve eight years, are appointed by the Governor and Council, and one goes out, and a new one comes in every year.

These gentlemen come from various parts of the State, represent the various religious denominations, and learned professions. They meet twice a year, and are called often on special occasions superintend and visit the Normal Schools, consult upon the best manner for promoting education, disburse certain funds committed te their care, Human foresight can scarcely devise a way of organizing a board of edu Journal, that there is in this city a Ward where and honored. Even base and selfish men may between the world, and the judgment All the happiness of the whole world the future happiness of all the dead, and of all the living, seems to have beon regarded as at her disposal, or in some way associated with her. Accordingly it was of the utmost consequence that her life should be spared. If flagrations occur which sweep away thousands of houses at a time.

Byzantine writers speak of a soa of flie which consumed 20,000 dwellings in a single day, and from this fact, as well as from others, we infer that the Stamboul of to-day does not differ materially in the cltaracter of its plebeian dwellings from the City of Constantine," in the days of the Emperors. Solemn Stillness of the Place. What most strikes the attention of the traveler, on entering Constantinople, is the stillness that everywhere prevails, stillness that is startling and terrible amid the throbbing life of myriads npon myriads of human beings. The leaden silence is unbroken save by the cries of the water-carrier, and of the itinerant trader disposing of his pretty fabrics in the tho inhabitants, not perhaps so entirely crashed get place, but they are not honored For the most part, the style of Gouge is char by poverty, are even more steeped in vice, and crime, than in the famed Five Points, where the PROHIBITORY LAW IN IOWA. pastor he had studied the condition of the poor around him.

Instead of an indiscriminate charity, he devised moans for their employment and self-support. At his own expense, he made large provision of materials for their industry. He bought flax and hemp for them to spin, and what they spun he took off their hands and paid them for their work. The result to them was his rewcffd. poer regarded lim Our readers will rejoice to learn that our Iowa vicinity to the docks and the sailors' dance houses, and boarding houses, affords opportunity for more employment and for greater she should die, the judgment would immediately sit and the world be condemned.

If she should live, and the power of the man of sin broken, then the millenium would come, and all but the incorrigibly wicked enjoy, at least, a thousand years Prohibitory Liquor Law has been sustained as cation, and of appointing its members, ana tne Constitutional. On Tuesday, April 8th, Justice acterized by a plain and homely vigor. His words are simple yet forcible. He is too earnest in his purpose, for tedious circumlocutions. What he has to say, is said in the most direct and emphatic manner.

He tells us, for instance, It is to no purpose to begin the day with God, and to keep the devil company all the day after to be a saint in the morning, aud a swine all the day following. Having prayed for officers and agents employed In its in Woodward, in behalf of himself and Justice which the liabilities to abuse shall be less and The Fourth Ward is well known in the Polico of happiness on the earth. Tf.bellrad a very clear and full argument, in certainty of usefulness greater." as a father. It seems that this power of sin," has been com view of three cases appealed, in which all the reports as furnishing more convicts than any in the city, and being infested with more vagrant With a million and a half of dollars for annual ex But when ejected from his parish, he turned exemption, on the ground that they were exclusively a maritime people. The Modern City.

Yon land at a low, fllthy wharf, crowded with Greek and Turkish idlers, and if initiated into the ways of the Orientals, avoid the ordeals of the Custom House by slipping a few piastres slyly into the hand of tho officer. Your baggage, it matters little how heavy or voluminous, is piled upon the back of a ffiimal, who can walk easily under a burden of .100 pounds, and having traversed the muddy lanes nf Oalata, yon begin to toil up the steep eminence of Pera. No one demands yonr passport no one Inquires after you you are In fact unnoticed, save hy some cunning Greek, already it, iportunate to become yonr cicrrone, and the troops of half starved dogs wandering in the streets. Yoa behold little or none of the pnmn with which governmental authority is maintained In the cities of Western Europe witness but few military preparations for the pnrpose of preventing popular outbreaks or drying up individual drops of disaffection. No ponderous heels of government are to be seen, nor is the Hash of its operations to be heard.

Like the stranger who lands upon our own shores, where man can restrain and rule himself, the first impression Is that you are among a people without government. Contract is the law and mystery of the East. Under an absolute form of government yon are snrprised to find the enjoyment of almost unlimited freedom. Pera is the French suburb of Constantinople and the urban residence of the foreign ambassadors. The principal hotels were crowded with English and French officers, and rather than take up with indifferent quarters at a fabulous price, I obtained private lodgings, with the privilege of taking my meals at an Italian restaurant near by.

Overlooking Constantinople. Following the Europeanlzed street on the crest objections to its constitutionality, under tho laws penditure with an efficient Board of Education his eyes to the spiritual and religious destitution streets, or by the fends of the canine population, Sir more cunning and sagacious in their way than the lean and learned pigs which a celebrated novelist dwelt upon so largely In his description of New-York. Or an awkward Araba, gilded without and ornamented within, with violet beauties, comes rolling and thumpingMown some stony lane, drawn by holiness, labor to live holily. Having prayed an able Secretary ana aivers emcieni. traveling children.

The church is powerless to affect these people, the Tract Distributor's and Missionary's of Wales. Joining with others, he directed their of the United States and of this State, as well as the exceptions to its provisions, seizure clause and all, were ably discussed. Chief Justice agents with 200,000 young minds to work upon, for humility, labor to live humbly. Having prayed in the spirit, labor to walk in the spirit liberality and his own into channels designed to visits are too rare to have an influence; the Sun and with near 3000 teachers to work with with a day school is open to the same objection even if Wright dissented from this decision, as to tbe Legislature ever ready to meet every judicious ap for to pray in the spirit and to walk in the flesh a pair or small grey- oxen, or sorry horses. The they could be induced to attend, and the Ward clause of submission to a vote of the people, be Turkish ladies are taking air and exercise; and school does not reach them at all.

It was thought peal for help, surely the Old Bay State Educational system ought to make another good voyage the present year. as we see every sail spread and is a contradiction. The whole course of a Christian's life should savor of his prayers. He who hath all his religion in his prayers, hath indeed should you wish to see them unveiled, so as to disclose a moment the luscious tints and outlines of instruct, reform and convert. He set up schools, circulated religious books, and shared his purse with the poor, persecuted ministers who were fellow sufferers in the same cause.

He travelled himself, in his advanced years, from place to place throughout Wales, preaching as opportunity offered, till, even there, he was by those who had studied ho subject, that an Industrial school was the only means to be tried, fore the law went into effect, considering tha point vital and unconstitutional but nevertheless concurring in all the provisions of the Law, and in the principle of prohibition involved. every banner to the breeze, we joyfully believe she no religion at all." Eastern beauty, make a stand by one of the deep ruts or chasms, for not even the charm-concealing will. x. Sometimes, however, Gouge displays a power and one was therefore established some two years since, and has done a great deal of good. This decision will have its influence in re yarmah is proof against the badness of Constan of imagination and beauty of thought, which The children brought there at first by the straining and suppressing the sale and use of in municated one to another from the fall of our first parents, and recently lodged in Justus Mathews (It was once in her own husband, and very likely, for he was an intemperate, crnel man, and often threatened her life.) To dispossess him, and to save themselves, the Wakemanites, and Mathews with tbera, labored long and faithfuliy.

Once, Mathews consented to a fast at Mrs. Wakeman's, which continued, save a little food now and then, for six days. And during this time his hands were bound behind him aud his eyes bandaged. Much prayer was made for him, and made by him. He possessed a strong desire to be fairly and forever delivered from his evil genius, the man of sin for this he was willing to do and suffer everything in his power, even as some of the witnesses testified, to suffer death Itself, especially if by this means he might save the life of the prophetess.

Mrs. Wakeman claimed, and her followers seem to have believed her, that Mathews, possessed of the power of sin," actually had an enchantment about him which by the media of his hands and his eyes, could be communicated to whomsoever he would, and as it was an evil enchantment, the prophetess stood in great fear of him. In fact her sufferings, which are represented as very great most of the For the New-York ETanselist. DEATH OP UBS. HEV.

8. H. BAHTEAU. She died on the 14th day of March, at Oconc- prospect of a warm mora during part of the day, toxicating drinks in onr State. Otherwise, Nor did he forget his own flock, from whose suggest what he might have accomplished if he had cultivated his latent capacity.

A believer," he says, is like a die that hath four squares, throw it which way you will, it falls upon a bot dinner and such clothes as they could earn, liquor might have gone free and unretricted. tinople roads. As the summer day advances, the heat becomes intolerable, the silence more intense. The sun whose morning glories purpled the East when his golden tresses were still bathed In the limpid waves of the Marmora, now blazes like a burning meteor. His A new impulse will now tie given to.

tbe enforce pastoral care he had been ejected. Most of his works that remain were written for their benefit. Though I cease to be your minister," he have been kept thore by tbe kindness of the ladies who have volunteered to teach them, and mowra, at the age of 29 years, full of faith and hope. Her life and her death were such as to magnify the grace of Christ to all beholders, which leads me to believe that a brief sketch of them may be of interest and profit to your ment of our Law, which, if not free from imperfections, is yet declared to bs Constitutional. tom." Of the promises of God in his word, he re have learned habits of cleanliness, order and discipline, have left off the use of profane and inde readers.

cent language, have been taught in some measure Mrs. Jane L. Barteau was born in Clinton, says in his dedieation, yet I shall not cease to do what in me lieth for your eternal happiness." A precious hope cheered him as he wrote not to secure a transient fame, I may still speak to you, even when dead." ITEMS. Chicago Acebcy or the Amehc Taci marks, They are the Christian's cordials, to cheer up his fainting spirits when he is ready to sink. They are his aqua vilte to revive him blistering rays, falling directly upon the city or reflected by the sea and strait, penetrate everywhere penetrate tho slimy depths of mud, the twin sister of yesterday's choking and blinding dust, penetrates the heaps of offal left to rot and breed all manner to support themselves.

Oneida County, N. where she resided until her marriage to Rev. S. II. Barteau, in 1850.

Sotietv, for the Nohthwmt. This agency The teachings of religion, which their very when ho is ready to Fwoon. Tliey are breasts She was born again" some ten or twelve years since in connection with the labors of Rev. quick intelligence enables them readily to im Rarely have the doctrines of the Gospel been of consolation, full of sweet nourishment for the derstand, have been fastened in their hearts by Wayne Gridley. She anticipated entering upon was established about three years since, for the purpose of conducting Colportago, and all other departments of tbe Tract Society's work, in the Northwest.

The Office and Depository is at of creeping and sickening things almost on the f.teps of the holy Mosques penetrate the pools of liquid corruption into which the last night's rain has washed the gentle persuasions, and kind looks of those. faint and weak. They are sacred and sure anchors, in the tempestuous seasons of affliction and trouble, to stay and fix believers amid all to whom they are bound by tics of gratitude, tho self-denying work of an assistant missionary in heathen lands, but an all-wise Providence marked out for her and her husband another sphere of usefulness. Her husband having ac time, and particularly in the night, seem to have arisen from some such instrumentality. which they are quick to feel No.

50 La Salle street, Chicago, where all tho publications of tbe Society can lie obtained on tbe Mathews then was the subject of great and con To understand the real neeessifyof this school cepted a call to the pastorate of the Presbyte embodied in a more effective or practical form than as contained in his writings. Every sentence breathes with sincerity, or glows with an earnest fervor. I have not made it," he says, my business to mint new notions, but to press upon you old truths and known duties. I have drawn them up in a plain and familiar style and method, studying rather to be profitable than accurate. They are of daily use to an holy life.

the vilest garbage, the bones of annimals that have died in the streets and had their carcases consumed by dogs and flesh-eating birds, with all the indescribable filth that accumulate In a Turkish city penetrate decaying and fetid piles of rubbish, which like offal-heaps, liquid corruption, and carrion de same terms as in New-York. we must go to the homes where the children Some important changv have just been made tossings whatsoever. They are roses that blow in the winter, which with their fragrancy revive drooping and dejected souls in the sad winter of their desertion, when the verdure of all other comforts wither and droop like leaves that are bitten with the frost." ive these are in cellars, in tenement houses, where tbe inhabitants are crowded one upon an stant alarm to the body. Sunday evening Dec. 24, he came by invitation to Mrs.

Wakeman's to attend a meeting of the order. His sister was there before him, and admitted him to the house. He was put in the enchanted room, his hands bound, his eyes covered with a silk handkerchief, and then left to other in an atmosphere of vice, and poisoned by composing in the open street, or floating in the Golden Horn, send forth fever-breeding miasmas and in the Agency, in order to gain a better working arrangement, and add to its strength and efficiency. Rev. Yates Hickey, far three years connected with tbe Rochester Agency, for New-York and Canada, is transferred hero to manage the very air they breathe.

Most of the parents I hope you will daily peruse them." All this Gouge himself had found true in his are drunkards, and the children are sent into himself. The rest of the company retired to Mrs. The writings of Gouge combine the fervor and plague-procuring exhalations, and load and poison with intolerable stenches, the gently stealing air charged with the aroma of the grass and the breath own experience, ull oi years, and attended rian churcu erona, is i sue removea tnitner in August 1850. During the second year of that pastorate, there came from the Armenian field an earnest cry for helpers, and after prayer and council, our brother and his wife offered themselves to the American Board as missionaries, and were accepted, and designated to go to the Armenians in Turkey. The pastoral relation with the church in Verona, was accordingly dissolved.

But before the time of sailing arrived, Mrs. health had become so seriously impaired that it was evidently duty not to attempt the mission. Their attention was then turned to Wisconsin as a noble field of labor, and.they entored npon the toilsome life of the home mission in the village the 'street's, to pick up a livelihood for which Wakeman's upper room and prayed. Twice they often the pungency of Baxter, with the quaintly by happy memories, the promises were his rod they will not work. and staff as he drew rear to the shadows of the illustrative and emblematic suggestiveness of Flavel.

In direct address he is sometimes sol of flower. It is hot, sweltering, melting hot The filthy dogs lie down In the street to be trodden upon To some of the houses we cannot take our dark valley. His life had illustrated every the Depository and act as Oeneral Agent and Superintendent of Colportage. Rev. Alexander Montgomery, late Gen.

Agent for this whole field, takes Northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota as his field for collections, and is as readers, wo will not use the words which de or slink away into secret places, sheep and goats emnly earnest, and at others familiarly collo came down and exhorted Mathews to give up the evil spirit, but he seems not to have succeeded if he made the attempt. The deluded zealots then charged him with wilfulness, and asserted that he ought to die if he would not comply. Jackson, the colored man, said he would as soon let a mad dog Into his house, as Mathews with his evil spirit in him. Christian virtue his death was a Christian's triumph. Calamy, Owen and Manton bore no dirt-besmeaied and covered with vermin, the shad quial.

The most minute duties and obligations scribe them. Many children have been sent from them to homes in the country, and to those ows of lean kioe and cast-off donkeys no longer dis sociated with Rev. Mr. Mickey. Mr.

W. Y. of a Christian life are not overlooked. He would have a genuine devotion infused into all the de ble testimonials to his excellence, volumes would be needed to record the acts of his char- pute the way with men and dogs, but pant and who remain the school has proved a blessing. of Oconomowra.

And in relation to their labors Johnson, late Supt. of Colportage and Deposit there, it is sufficient to say that the wilderness ty and beneficence. Even when the great fire Finally as Mrs. Wakeman continued to groan and vi ura TTim rers is tmilt, we came to the ancient tower of Galata. It is several hundred feet above tho Bophorus, and fnrnishes from its top the finest view to be had in Constantinople a vie I may add, second in interest to none in the world.

Li us ascend this ancient Genoese structure, now nsed for a Are telegraph, and from the scroll spread out at our feet obtain an idea of the topography of Constantinople. We are on the Wesiern or European side of the Bosphorus. East from ns and on the opposite side is Scutari, the only Asiatic suburb. At the South, separated from us by the harbor, Is Stamboul, seated proudly on her "even low hills. The Bosphoms, whose general oourse is from North to South, deflects bore somewhat to the East, but just before it flows Into the Marmora, a bay is given off on the European side.

This bay, which forms the harbor Golden Horn, is about half a mile in width, where it communicates with the Bosphorus, and sweeps round some four niles Into the country, to terminate near the sweet waters of Europe, in the little river Lycees. The Oolden Horn derives the latter part of it name from i's shape, while the epithet Golden Is expressive of the riches-wafted by every wind from the most distant countries into a harbor secure from storms, and, thongh capable of being locked with a chain, larse enough to float the combined navies of the world. We are on the Northern side ef the harbor. Pent crowns the summit of the promontory, 'whilst its hase is skirted by three other suburbs, Top-Hane beginning with the Northernmost, Galata, and Kas-im Pacha. Stamboul itself is of triangular shape, and built npon the tongue of land South of the Golden Tlorn, the Seraglio being at the spex of the the triangle, and opposite Scutari, on the Asiatic le.

While standing on the Tower of Galata I Erst nalired why Constantino pre fe red Byzance to Rome Nlcomedia, and made it the Capital of his em-i'lre. Before me was that two-fold river and trip-l'le sea," immortalized by classic story and the vents of modorn times. It was Constantinople that Fourier proposed for the Capital of his harmonian Ommarchat. A few years ago, Constantine, the brother of the present Czar, and the most ambitious aspirant for the mantle of the Greek Emperors, visited Stamboul, and for the enjoyment of the magnificent prospect before ns ascended to the spot ory, becomes Assistant Supt. in the field, and it tails of life.

He would have no act without its significance; no scheme of business or recreation that was not prosecuted in prayerful trust of London had deprived him of a large share of One of our children, a girl of thirteen, who has been with us some time, whose face is that of a vicious woman, and whose habits and temper were such, that It appeared impossible ever to and solitary place have, through their instrumentality in a large degree, been made to bud and blossom as the rose. As an affectionate daughter a devoted mother and a loving sister, her heart had been made to bleed in anguish over is hoped that the number of efficient Colporteurs will be rapidly increased, and a-new impulse given to the whole work. The address of Rev. drowse in the shade of tottering walls and hoases. Hamals and water carriers, contented with the few paras earned in the cool of the day, hide themselves from the sun, and repose around the fountains or Ue undisturbed on the cool marble of the Mosques.

Idlers and the effeminate repair to the bath. There are no customers save under the cool arches of the bazaars. Traders sleep over their pipes or drawing God. The lines of Herbert express the his wealth, he gave two thirds of the income that still remained, to objects of philanthropy and religion. It is said of him, and with reason, benefit ber, for the last few months has tried Yates nicker asd W.

Y. Johnson is 50 Salle spirit which he cherished in himself and inculcated on others steadily to improve, and has made rapid advances the graves of mother, sister and boy all removed from her sight and affections within a few shot suffer, it was supposed in consequence of the proximity of Mathews, and as prayer did no good, and exhortation failed to drive out the evil one suddenly Sly disappears groans are soon heard in Mathew's room; his sister and brother endeavor to open the doors, but they are fastened. "He is killing himself! they say with much excitement and earnestness. If he kills himself he will be raised again," said Jackson and Miss Hersey; "let him alone." 'wsHttnral intelligence and strength of street, CbK-ago tnai o. nev.

A.oxanaor aioni- that like David, after he had served his generation according to the will of God, he fell on months. These afflictions, combined with the Having been absent a few days, her fernery is Beloit, is. thread before the entrance to their little shops, leep." Sudden but gentle was his departure Teach me. say God arid King, In all thincs, thee to see. And what I do in anything, To do tt as for thee." He makes the most common objects suggest to see her, she found her in amis- I Roceford resiAtE bemikart.

lae Spring power of protracted disease, made serious inroads upon her health, until at length a rapid consumption of the lungs superinduced upon a flocks to the kahve to enjoy in Oriental quietude, the Oct. 29, 1681, in the seventy-seventh year of -oom. her father lying upon the bed dead I examination of this institution recently occurred ducart jueunda cblivia vitae of Horace, over his age. drunk, and several intoxicated women dancing I The examination evinced tne most tnoroogti Mocha and Sherbert. ive of a spiritual significance.

How startling is his apostrophe: "Ah, Sinner! sinner! When At twelve o'clock, Sly appears again with blood and singing obscene songs around mm. vt hen I training in me more soiia urancuoa, wiae was THE ONLY HEAL JOY. Nature has three kinds of pleasure to impart on his hands and garments, and Is washed up and t1. saw her teacher, she came up to btr. I evident that the ornamoniai were nor negieciea.

weakened body from recent confinement, removed her from us suddenly. Sie was a very great sufferer, but in it all exhibited such patience and calm resignation as to compel assent to the wonderful power of the grace Christ to sustain in the hour of agony. IS ever saw never felt a calm so deep! The river glideth at its own sweet will; Dear God! the very henses seem asleep And all that mighty heart Is lying 't One feels as if wandering in the silent city of I. si 1 i4l. v.nrstin? into passion ot tears, said, Un I A most aeciaea ana nappy religious iuuumc thou art bathing thy soul by the fire of lust, consider how for the same thou roayest burn in the everlasting flames of hell.

When thou art the sensuous, intellectual, and spiritual. The nature and relative worth of these are deter exerted on tho pupils, and is attended by a mined bv the correponding acuities ot enjoy why did you come to see my home, I did not want von to see it, why did yon crime 7 Wo assisted by Miss Hersey. These deluded people remain together praying and meditating till eight o'clock Monday morning, when the police of the city find Mathews lying in his own blood cold and dead, in the room where he was bound, his throat Our sister was preeminently a woman of drenching thyself with the voluptuous draughts special divine blessing. During the past term twenty of the pupils have been hopefully con ment. The first is the lowest in the scale, anrf is confined entirely to the animal sensibilities.

prayer, and as such had power with God, and in eannot send this child away, her parents will not The senses measure at once its variety and ex of thy carmal pleasure, think what a drench, what a poisonous and bitter cup is prepared for thee below Repeatedly does he teach us to allow it, the school is her only refuge. her daily me, xne grace oi jurist was nmuicu in its power to render the soul unselfish, enabling conscience ever to triumph, while it made hy- cut with a penknife, his chest wounded with a fork, and his head bruised with a witch hazel stick. Sly verted. The examination evinced the most thorough instruction on the part of the teachers, and diligent application on th part of th scho tent sound, sight, taste, smell, touch. Ail is contained in one of these earthen, shallow, fragile Another little girl of fourteen, lives with her Eastern fiction, whose throbbing multitudes wore in an instant converted by magic into cold, pulseless stone.

The Muezzim announce the hour of the mid-day prayer, and call the faithful to the Invocation of Allah. Then merchant and artisan, idler and beggar hasten to the Mosque or make the ablution at the nearest fountain. Then all Islam, inspired by one common motive, bows toward Mecea, all Islam pronounces the names of Allah and the nncrisv seem to her hateful as well as wickea, draw spiritual wisdom from food, raiment, and cisterns." The second is higher, and springs from the discovery and contemplation of the and stamped her whole character as eminently sincere. is acensed of the murder, and Mrs. Wakeman and Miss Hersey as immediate accessories.

These are the persons on trial. i the converse of daily employments. How beau grandparents, whe have one large room and support themselves by taking lodgers. The men sleep in beds around the room, and the grandmother lars. Tho institution is beautifully located on a bluff of Rock river, in the midst of community errand intellectual scheme on which the universe 1 1-1 .1 a nrvr' tifully and aptly does he inculcate the art of Her death was in harmony with such a life.

ia constructea ana wnicn me ni miuuwpiv The parties are all weak minded, religious fanat nr. tbe floor in the midst. She is an Her house was in order, and she could die calmly, drawing honey from the most common flowers well as the most massive portions develope. of churches. Its grounds bsautifuL Ow four story edifice is completed, and another or.

iimiHar dimentions will soon be completed prophet, and again is lost In the utter absorption ef For the right improvement of the Sabbath, he yea triumphantly. With her reason unclouded amiable, pretty, intelligent little girl we can The intellectual pleasures of nature, though vast ics. They have met and prayed together, and discoursed on enchantment, evil spirits, the mflleninai wiwe we now stand. When the flattering Greeks around him pointed out how nature had destined to the last, sne was enaoiea to give sue a uvuig Eastern worship. Grand idea, that thus arrests and says, when yon are rising out of your beds, nH vmpd are but Tjarlianv eniovea iuiui'K not take ber away yet, for the grandmother ay Funds are needed to accomplish this, and fe and spiritualism, until completely deluded and loet directs for a time the whole life-current of millions von should think, as of the resurrection of onstantinopie to be a center of civilization and She is all I have in life." counsel to those about her as was best fitted to the demands of each.

Her little one she committed to the Lord, remarking: that He had to all rational sense of the truth. They have com objects are moro worthy. Our branch of Um is necessary to tneir parucipauon uicj from nature only when it is turned into a Aa in the rock at Horeb refreshing waters or Empire, he remarked: "Ah! what would Christ's body out of his grave early on that and with the Moslems it is complete, exchanging, as if by magic, repose for the bustle of religious pre Instances of this kind might bo multiplied to nmmised to care for the fatherless, and she be mitted a murder, and supposed, (as it appears,) the murder absolutely necessary to preserve a life al day, so likewise of the resurrection of your Church has an interest in this institution, wnici shomld deepen and widen. Tho rext term com mo become were this descendant of a barbaric Xomad to be driven from the throne of the Caesars. any extent.

This school was first estaDiisnea paration, and the din of traffic for the silence of de lieved that the promise was as good for the mo own souls here, out of the death of sin to the lay hid from the eye of thirsty Israel Ull aioses struck its flinty bosom with his rod, so in na-tnr fountains of mental pleasure are concealed dnrinz the excitement in favor ot jnausinai votion. The joy of the joyful, and the sorrow pf nd the favored land of your ancestors revert to its mences, after a vacation of two weeks, on nday most as important as that of the Savior of the world And yet the individual prophetess, whose life of holiness and of your bodies at the last therless. Said one who stood by her death-bed, the sorrowing, the toil of the laboring, and the the 18th inst- until bv the rod of philosophic thought its mat- day, out of the grave of the earth to the life of "antral owners! Before ma are the snow-capped Olympus of Bithy schools, and was well supported, and there were sufficient volunteer teachers to do the work. This excitement has now passed away, and with never before witnessed anvthing like such an ex ennui of the indolent, the playful sport of children is rot en mroujrn. xuc wuu Thc New Psesetteeiax Chcbch.

Thj glory in heaven. In your apparelling your is the highest, and arises from a warm and living hibition of Divine grace, and of the sustaining power of our holy religion. Just at the last she life is so precious, is an old woman without character, a believer In enchantments, a strange old persen pretending that she has been once dead, but returned again to life, and has often suffered with evil pos new Presbyterial church recently organized i hills softened with verdure, beautiful islands, ith Greek names, looking np smilingly from the aft aV ai i. ssiTsasT filing selves, yon should then think of the long white it onr means ot seppwi. pvtl steadr croerosi exclaimed, while her whole soul seemed to flash and the apathy of age, the curiosity of the curious the anxious care of the statesman, the eager haste of the courier, the greedy covetonsness of the miser, and even the anguish of the culprit led forth to exe sympathy with the being, cnaracier, ana purpose of the Creator of all.

It is nature looked 1 the senses, nor throueh the rea- robe of a Saviour's righteousness, and of the Parkling Marmora, and a great city, boasting of UTion us throush her eves. All is well." sessions of departed neighbors, hardly keeping her the utmost conomy, are about J- "pea with their cburc'h odi Warm weather and Summer are spprohing I JjlTrTZn. They hav. proi memorloa and nrnnntiumtn nf the nsst happiness of those who have an interest therein. When yon are washing your hands and Thus she lived thus she died.

In view of it we are inclined to inquire "who shall separate self from the hands of the evil one i son, but througn tne neaix, lorougn mc way. unatWin. but insniration not philosophy, cution, all these are momentarily forgotten in when Doonle do not five, and nnioss someuuB shores of Europe and Asia, rivalling each other beauty, and loosin themselves In the rrarrde dls- Do not suppose she has had many actual follow warm feeling of devotion and entire reliance upon us from the love of Twuti-v not the letter of a science, but the -be done, we must contemplate faces, then from the cleansing virtue of the water, von should take occasion to meditate en era. The whole body must have been less than1 a Her funeral was attended on the Sabbath, and the will of Allah. My first morning In Stamboul was spent inj WW aww ss spirit of life.

Nature is felt to be not merely a divan for the animal, nor a problem for the Ktit. si enmmrmial medium for earnest over her coffin the little one was given anew to dozen, although beside them a few believed her and terrible phantom," of giving up our scnooi. i Tr4 W. retimes fancy that people hav. forgotten, Ret.

Dr. SMattwoon, 'Miee, the soft sky and balmy air of the Orient, the minarets and domes, the towers and crumbling Hs, monuments of Grecian, Byzantine and Tartar the cleansing virtue of Christ's blood, which. her disciples heneat, well-meaniag persons. 1 the Lord by its heart-broken father, and the seal of the Covenant applied to it in the name of the alone washeth your soels from the filthy stains leisurely ride through the principal streets, and the examination of such objects as, by accident, fell in that there is in the midst of them, under in cusrcn, T7J' friendship loving home for the filial child-- tom nle for the adorinz saint. These rising out of groves of cypress, and In fact, all Father and of the Son and of the Holy unos.

and spots of your sin. When yoa go to yomr "1 nappy accident that arise front a marvellous Rev. E. J. Montague, of Summit preached the tables to partake of God's good creatures, your shadow of their church steeples, a people to tHuimng whom the gospel is an unknown sound, a f-ter- an action from hi.

church, sore upSTtbe prosperity of our people ing it -ow iJlL A strange fanaticism indeed, existing in the heart of this city It shows in the murder committed by them, for he whole company may almost be charged with the crime, how absurd and wicked, aad fatally delusive are the errors of the day in which are the higher joys of nature, and the only real fof man as man. To impart these is nature our way. After a visit to the Atmaidan or Hippodrome which, with its ancient monuments and modern surroundings, will be described hereafter, sermon, full of consolation from the words of uuion or nature, history, and art, formed a pano- corporal food for the nourishment of your bodies, should minister occasion of meditating on iTi-i Amrfimi To the sensuaL nature is erat- Matthew 14 13 And tus disciples came, ana took up the body and buried it, and went and -mic picture which I can never forget. Rids Thronsrh tfca Citv. who most bo paid for in tie prison, I our desultory course brought us under the arches of ifiemtkm; to the thinker, it is theory; to the told Jemu." his spiritual food for yonr souls whereby they thousands indulge themselves, giving heed to im- the Aquaduct of Valens, a work bearing the marks Wring the Tower of Galata let us pass through.

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