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The Argonia Argosy from Argonia, Kansas • 8

The Argonia Argosy from Argonia, Kansas • 8

Argonia, Kansas
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The Argosy 8 FRED SCOTT, Owner and Editor Fall Neces sities Published Every Thursday. Aboisl now Entortd Mcond-clui BittUr at the pout office it Argonia. Kinui, under Act of March 1, 1879. Coming To Wellington Anthony DR DORAN. A Specialist, Not in Name Only, but by Experience of Almost a Quarter of a Century DOES NOT USE THE KNIFE Will Give Frea Consultation on Tuesday, November 15 in Wellington at ANTLERS HOTEL and Wednesday, November 16 in Anthony at the BENNET HOTEL from 9 a.

to 4 m. One Day Only They come many miles to see Him Dr. Doran in a regular graduate in medicine and surgery and is licensed by the State of Kansas. He visits pro That We have a full line of stoves in all sizes and prices. In the cook stove line we have the Great Western Banquet Ranges in several different styles and sizes.

This is a Kansas product that has stood the test of time. Our heater line is complete from the smallest wood or coal heater to the large base burn er and furnace. We have the Riverside Base Burner, Riverside Aer-duct, Ideal Heater, the old German heater in different sizes ready for your inspection. In the wood heater we have all sizes including the Great Western Dup lex, a corrtbination wood or coal heater by reversing the grate. Just the stove where you have a partial supply of wood.

Garland furnaces in different sizes, both pipe ai.d pipeless. Perfection oil stoves and heaters a greatly reduced prices. New Rug Subscription Rates: One Year $1.50 Six Months .75 Three Months .40 Advertising Rates Display ads 20 cents per column inch each issue. Locals, 10 cents per line. Locals set in black face type, 15 cents per line.

Cards of thanks 25 cents. Cash with copy unless you have a regular account with this Fall House Cleaning office. If you have been waiting for a decline in price, it is not necessary to wait longer. We have just received a large shipment in the vari ous grades, ranging in from 6x9' to IV The prices will remind you of the "Good old days." A call will convince you. Fnmicn AHvurtlaina ReDrftientatfv THE AMERICAN PKESS ASSOCIATION fessionally the more important towns and cities, and offers to all who call on this trip consultation and examination free, except the expense of treatment when desired.

According to his met PERSONAL MENTION WANTED-NEWS ITEMS. Mrs. E. T. Mount is in Miss ouri visiting with relatives.

Fall house cleaning time is here again. Possibly will buy that new rug or piece of furniture since the prices are all lower that you have been wanting for some time. stock is complete with a fine assortment of Hoosier Cab-bients, Twin Pedestral tables, Duofolds, Dresses, Beds all kinds of Axminis-ter, Congoleum, and linoleum rugs with a wide range in price. A full line of linoleum in the roll to choose from. Use our Royal Vacum Cleaner to clean your rugs this fall.

In fact we are ready to to serve you with anything that is found in the Hardware, Implement, Harness and Furniture store of today. Whenever in need of anything in our line give us a call. Your patronage is appreciated. hod of coming to your nearest city to see patients he gives all the sick people an opportunity to obtain the best that S' 8 Badger Lumber Coal Company FOR SALE-50 Elm trees. John medical science can offer right at home.

He does not operate for chronic appendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of stomach, Boyd, Argonia. 61tp tonsils or adenoids. He has to his cre Mr. and Mrs. W.

B. Ruse of Wichita visited here Sunday ,000000000000000000000 with relatives and friends. Our meat market will be clos I F. A. RUSE, dit many wonderful results in diseases of the utomach, liver, bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart, kidneys, bladder, bed wetting, catarrah, leg ulcers and rectal ailments.

If you have been ailing for any leng thof lime and do not get any better, do not fail to call, as improper measures rather than disease are yeiy of ed Sundays commencing Sunday November 13. Wagoner Bros. 61tc Russell Hollowell and Oren Les "Get Acquainted" With your churches, for you don't know what you are miss ing and now is the best time during the revivals at the Baptist and Methodist Churches. SO-LETS-GO! And We want your poultry, eggs and cream SWIFT COMPANY Argonia, Kansas ten the cause of your long standing lie of Wichita visited herewith trouble, Remember above date, that examina- homefolks Sunday. tion on this trip will be free and that Mrs.

Aaron Cook left last OOOOOOOOOOCOOCOOOOCOOO his treatment is different. week for Springfield, to Married ladies must come with their BATTERY visit with relatives and friends. Frog Pond Miss Ruth Isgrigg entertained her Sunday School class and a Thonc No. WO. Guy D.

Gould, Mgr. huabunda, and children with their parents. Address: Medical Laboratory of Dr. The Weather Man Says OCXX)O0COCXXXXXXXX FORSALE-S, C. White Leg- SERVICE Dornn, 335-33G Boston Block, Minnea few visitors at her home Friday horn cockerels.

Wm. F. Pribb-i enow. 62tc polis, Minn. evening.

A very pleasant evening was spent in playing games and contests lod by Miss Lock- 0. J. Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. FOR YOUR CAR'S SAKES USE 8 8 I Beatty of Garber, are visiting at the Homer Thompson home.

Snow and freezing temperature. Is your Storage Battery ready to stand the cold weather? Don't forget the Exide Service Station. We will help you to make your old battery last as long as possible. Then when you need a new one buy an Exide. JACK KNUDSEN, Prop.

FiECORD II I MOTOR OILS ft 'il ft Dixon Center Mr. Warner from Ccrwin is visiting at the home of Frank Walker. Marie Kinney came over from Winfield to spend a few days with homefolks. Sam Jeffries and Perry Kinney helped Chas Jeffries thresh Mon day. School was dismissed Thursday and Friday giving Miss Ran dall a chance to attend Teachers Meetirrg in Wichita.

Roy McClure is visiting in this neighborhood this week. Ask Perry Kinney how he likes to be tickled under the chin. What two little boys were dis FOR SALE -Popcorn and sweet potatoes, phone in your order be fore it is all gone. D. F.

Crites, R. 2. phone 1310. K4tp Mr. and Mrs.

Sam Scott and children of Conway Springs visit ed here Sunday at the H. A. Westrup home. LOST-A pair of glasses between Milan and Argonia, finder please return to the Argosy office. 61 tp Mrs.

Mrytle'whipple of Well-, ington was here the first of the week visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ralph Moore and husband. Pie Supper at the Ryan Center The Best Engine Insurance Your J) Can Buy. Once Tried, Always Us- ed Because Quality Tells. TheyW ni a j.

Your Eyes My Business Have many years experience and Thousands of Satisfied Customers PERRY MILLER Optometrist WELLINGTON, KANSAS. Flow At Zero. AND COC XXXXX3CO00COCOC)00C)00000CXX)00 rX5000C)00OCOO000000COC 8 8 appointed because they did not get to go after walnuts last School house, 1 mile north and 2 Western Trail Gasoline 1-2 east of Milan on Friday even Overcoat Season Is Here Why not have that old faded, streaky suit dyed? ing, November 11. Mrs. W.

A. Schreierand daug Garden Prairie and Mt. Pleasant Items. We got the co'd wave alright 8 8 hter, Josephine visited in Sedan, We gt you first class work and dt a reasonable prices. Try our dye works, you will be pleased.

8 with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. 8 Tuesday, but the moisture was Sperry latter part of last week.

First class Cleaning and Pressing. missing. Carbon-less and Service-more The Gas That Gels You There FOll SALE DY B. E. Phillippi was a Welling a I J.

W. Hetrick ton visitors last Saturday. ft HI to OOOOOOOOCCOOOOOOOO Kansas Gas Petroleum Company WELLINGTON tii ARGONIA a R.W. KARNAHAN MISS LOU E. HARTLEY KANSAS wood.

Delicious refreshments were served to about thirty guests. J. D. Pearce and family spent Sunday at the home "of Harvey Fortner. Rev.

Watterworth of Harper preached at this place Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. J. C.

Martin of Wichita were here last week visiting with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. E. L.

Harlan spent Sunday p. m. at the John Dyer home. W. H.

Pearce and wife, Fred Haskell, Mrs. H. L. McCracken and daughter were Wellington visitors Friday. Albert Stephens left Saturday for Enid, for a visit with relatives.

Harvey Fortner, Wiilard Stop-hens and families spent Friday-evening at the home of. Pearce. Williard Stephens, Clyde Wat-kins and families spent Sunday at the home of John Kenton. JohnieJohn and mother were Wellington visitors Thursday. Mrs.

II. L. McCracken and Anna Belle spent Wednesday with Mrs. G. II.

Pearce. Mrs. Ed. Hayne and daughter Ruth of Wellington spent Sunday at the home of Taylor John. J.

T. Baird and family were Wellington visitors Friday. Mr. Lockwood and family of Kinsley spent the week end with J. E.

Isgrigg and family. Willie Pearce and wife and Fred Haskell spent Sunday p. with Victor Muhlenbruch. Social Helpers Club The S. H.

C. met on Nov. 8 at the home of Taylor John: The business meeting was called to order by each one answer-irg therollcall by giving a thanks giving suggestion. The date voted to entertain the husbands and families is to ba Djcsmbor 3 at the homo of Mrs. Clyde Watkins.

Other business was discussed, and as a way to raise more money in treasure was decided at last meeting each one was to bring a package valued at 25c and each one to put 25c in treasure box. Ruth Isgrij also joined the club. Mrs. Johns was assisted by Mrs. Edd Snodgrass.

Here's to Ada and Nita Who entertained us we all know May our thanks be voted to our hostesses so goad. And may they long bo remembered as Social Helpers in our neighborhood. Reporter. LUNGARDIA is "without a rival" in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs and Colds, difficult breathing, and for the relief of Whooping Cough. The wonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its life-long friend.

Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there is a Cough or Cold: Conquer it quickly with LUNGARDIA. Safe for all ages. GOc and $1.20 per bottle, Manufactured bv Lungardia Co. Dallas, Texas.

Farris Drug Co. Several from this vicinity marketed their turkeys this week. There was a community dinner at the Dixon Church Wednes day, every one had a cordial invitation to bring well filled baskets and have a good time. John Holland has been husk ing his corn down by Blackstone. Mrs.

Springston of Wellington was in this vacinity visiting 0000XOOCK.KXWXXK Argonia Undertaking Co. 2 Licensed Embalming Motor Hearse Every attention given to all the details of the occasion. Calls attended day or night. All in full charge of 8 R. W.

KARNAHAN Call Thone No. 79 Cher. HarDer bought some cows from Mr. Logue and Mr, fNt ff this week. MICKIE SAYS Plenty of carbon paper in large sheets for sale at the Argosy Office.

tf Several cf the farmers went down south of Mt. Pleasant last and had a wolf chase Anker Ilolth Cream Separator The great feature of the Anker Ilolth Cream Separator is the self balancing bowl. Discs are interchangeable, ro numbers. if put to togat-her, can be cleaned in a moment's time. Get a Djmcnbtration at Newby's.

vr fcN Tvwtf at tW CAYAtL tWfcftC? KViECS IS YlWtU and succeeded in killing one. CREAM Wood For Sale cords, stove length, in blocks, $2. CO per cord. See Noah Iloshstettler. 5 miles 1 Mile or Homer Thompson, Argonia, Kas.

5-ltc FOR SALE -100 White Leghorn Single Comb cockerels, will trade for White Leghorn Pullets. Chris Jurgens. 52tp Wid Robinettand family spent 1 I 1VV We are in the market for your Cream, and will pay the tcp price at Westrup's old stand in Argonia. Sedgwick Creamery Co. JOHN B.

COOK, Agent fVlHTR ftt-Jf FlVtf rsf Sunday Mr. Freeman's and in the afternoon all drove over and spent a few hours Ira Geo rge and wife, Mr. and Mrs. We-dell of Bluff City and Charlie Culp and tamily of near Caldwell. C.

A. Archer from Wichita was in this neighborhood Tuesday on his way back from his other farm in Okla. Got Lewis Thomas Real Estate Loans Insurance and Collections XW00CXX)00CXXXXX)00OO0OOCX' E. J. Newby KANSAS ARGONIA I JohnO.Ebersole Undertaker All Calls Attended Promptly Day or Night.

5 Best of Service Wednesday was turkey day at 'It Will Pay You Our meat market will be closed Sundays, commencing Sunday November 13. Wagoner Bros. 61tc JR. S. Hammond, daughter, Alice, Mrs.

F. M. Sumpter, Mrs. Swift Co. Froduce House.

Guy D. Gould, manager paying out over $400 that day for tur keys. I to become a advertiser in DR. MILO M. VOSIIELL Dental Surgeon Bell Phone 1 27 Fuitm Thont Rooms 9 and 10 Stewart Building Wellington, Kansas Ray Beals and M.

W. Wagoner Office rhone Residence Phone No. 4 No. 202 Conwav Snrincs. KnnRns.

FOR SALE-Recfers More Egg were in Rosehill, attend ing the Friends Quarterly Meet ing the first of the week. tablets, 35c pr box. D. F. Crites R.

2. phone 1310. 64tp 2OO0000000000O00000000000O.

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