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The Argonia Argosy from Argonia, Kansas • 1

The Argonia Argosy from Argonia, Kansas • 1

Argonia, Kansas
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1T Vol. 11 ARGONIA, KANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1921 NUMBER 46 1 Community Picture Co. Saturday, August 20 BRYANT WASHBURN in The Six Best Cellars Frog Pond Mr. Fortner and family spent the week end at the home near Wellington. Mrs.

H. L. McCracken, and family, Ada and Leonard Heath and Bertha Pearce were in Wellington Saturday. Rev. Howard Beecher spent Sun day here with friends.

He is on. his way to Greenfield, where he will have charge of the the mark- Let Uo! rut her in hign and let go. we nave Dcen scouring Library Association The regular meeting of the Argonia Library Association was held July 29th, at the home of Mrs. Axtell. There were 21 members and 10 visitors present.

The Librarian reported 21G free books and 6 pay books taken out during month and $1.16 receiyed for fines and pay books. The folloming program was given. Character Sketches of Alice Hegan Rice and Belle K. Maniates by Mrs. Watson and Mrs.

Mary Lee Hutchinson. A reading by Miss Lou Hartley and a musical number. Roll call was responded to by giving the church there this year. Rev. W.

J. Webster and wife spent a few days last week here with friends. Blanche Pearce spent several days last week with her grandma Mrs. G. H.

Pearce, Mrs. R. L. Bandy and children This receipt for zippy home-brew: Disolve one pound of sugar in a gallon of grape juice then go to the fruit store and Stop on the way and see "The Six Best Cellars." You'll laugh till you're weak. Admission 10 and 20 cents ets and will have the best selected stock in the county this fall.

Our car of flour and feed should be here any day. Off the car Bran 70c, Shorts 85c. Best high patent flour, no better flour in sacks, $1.75 per sack of 48 lbs. Now will you be good? Large can tomatoes 2 for 25c, why pay more? Star and Horseshoe tobacco 75c Finest 8c cigars 5c. 50c Teaberry coffee cut in half 25c 25c bulk coffee 15c Tall can milk 10c, baby size 5c, best milk on the market.

Red salmon 25c Can rubbers 3 boxes 25c Mason jar lids 30c Mason jars 1-2 gal $1.25, Quarts $1.15, Pints $1.10 Quart tin cans for tomatoes 65c doz. Watch for big ad of Sodate and save coupons DRY GOODS Some real values in childrens school dresses and suits for the boys for school Get in touch with us or we both lose. Bring us jour poultry and eggs as well as your other produce J. W. Achelpohl name of a new book.

The social hour followed, including a clever guessing contest and refreshments of ice cream and cake. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Kittv Smith Friday, August 26. spent Friday night with her mother. Miss Lucille Isgrigg has been helping Alta Summers with her We Will Pay $5.00 Cash Reward work.

Rev. Young and family had a Albert Stephens spent Sunday with Fred Haskill. very pleasant surprise awaiting them when they returned Saturday night from their trip in eastern Kansas. On entering the house they found the dining table filled and surrounded with John summers dead A spirit of sadness is inevit and replace FREE of CHARGE to the wearer, any pair of "Star Brand Shoes" with this Star stamped on the heel, containing Leather-Board, Paper or Fiber Board (substitutes for leather) in the outsoles, insoles, heels or counters. able when a young person is call Tha Hoover la Kunrnn-UhmI to rolonir tha Ufa at rum.

ed upon to make the supreme sacrifice and depart from the Miian Items The many friends of Miss Kat- many good things to eat. They appreciate the kindness of their many friends in remembering tnem thus. stage of nerve driven action. 1 hryn Walker were surprised John Summers was in his early when she and Mr. Will Mosby of Wellington went to Wichita Wed nesday 17th.

and were married. They will go to house keeping in The Chautauqua committee have billed the town this week. Everybody knows that the local guarantors only get credit on "Star Brand Shoes are Better" Our Stock of Groceries is complete with fresh stock priced to sell Bring us your poultry and eggs, top price cash or trade HOFF MAIN twenties, bright and filled with ambitious desires his life was opening upon young manhood. But the grim reaper demanded it's toll and hi3 life went out to pay the forfeit exacted of all humanfolks, Tuesday, August 16, 1921. A victum of typhoid, he hadiieen sick only a short time.

His body will be taken to Drum-mohd, tor 1 burial. The the sale of season tickets, bo buy your tickets of the ticket sellers early, thus you will re gister your support of the home i HOOVER It ultSwup iltCleini Only The Hoover does these three things. Gently it lifts your rugs and flutters them on a cushion of air, dislodging every particle of destructive, embedded grit -briskly it sweeps up lint and stubborn litter-completely it carries off all surface dirt and loosened grit by powerful air suction. Only The Hoover combines these three essentials of thorough cleaning. Let us demonstrate.

Terms, if desired. enterprise. The urogram is com plete and you will be entertained from the very beginning. Tic friends of the grciving relatives will, so far as kindly words can kets on sale at the usual places. do so, relieve the poignancy of the great loss which has entered their hearts.

Phone 3 hi if: Jaife Wellington soon. Mrs. DoraEaldwin of Missouri is here for a visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. H.

C. Johnson's Sunday School class of the K. church met at her home last Thursday and organized their class Miss Alma Greer as President, Miss Alma Shore Vice President, Miss Ruby Warner as Sec. they also planned a social for Wednesday night at the church. Charley Benedict of Oklahoma spent Saturday and Sun.

lay here with his brother, John. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hebbard Wednesday 10th, a fine baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker are the proud parents of a baby girl born Monday, 15, to whom they have given the name Vivian. Mr. and Mrs.

John Moore of Perth announce the birth of a baby trirl. Mrs. Moore was formerly Miss Alice Shaffer of Volney Wagoner, Wm. Bink started Anthony last Thursday evening on Wagoner's motorcycle and sidcar. They had no light on the motorcycle and when abouc five miles east of Anthony they ran into the banister of a bridge, which wrecked the machine and threw W-S Supply Co.

Conway Springs. them to the bottom of the creek. The creek was dry and they fell on the hard ground iff iM CREAM Dixon Center Mr. and Mrs. Thos Jeffries of Hennessey, are visiting with relatives and friends.

Clyde Staley was kicked by a horse last Wednesday while wokihg in the field. He was not seriously injured and is able to be at work again. Miss Daisy Venis spent Friday at the Carpenter home. Loyd Boatright is visiting at the home of his uncle Sam Jeffrie's. Roy Koch moved on the Fisher farm last week.

H. L. Fisher and family moved to Argonia last week. J. B.

Koch left for New Mar-tinville, W. Wednesday, Mrs. Koch and children will visit for a few weeks with rela We are in the market for your Cream, and will pay the top price at Westrup's old stand in Argonia. bruising them up considerable, Wm' Bink was hurt the worst and has been going on crutches ever since. Pumpkin Valley Mr.

and Mrs. Hie Schon and family spent Sunday with J. E. Muhlenbruch's. Co.

Creamery Several from Milan attended 908 Central Ave, JOHN B. COOK, Agent the picture show in Argonia Sat- rday night and had to runt atch the train. Mrs. Ruby Johnson and children returned to their home in Louisiana after spending a few mmrWJMM- ill Joint Recital The music pupils of Mm. Flor DR.

MIL0 M. V0SHELL Dental Surgeon Bell l'hoiw 127 Firmer! Phon Rooms 9 and 10 Stewart Building Wellington, Kansas See "Nothing Ouch! Hob has lust told her the truth about her voice. But tho Truth" at Chautauqua. ence Holland and the expression days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

J. F. Moore. Oma Basinger is staying with pupils of Miss Vera Hamilton tives. will give joint recitals at the her sister, Mrs.

Victor Muhlen- township Hall at 8 o'clock, on bruch. Saturday, Sept. 3 'Yiday, August 20, and Tuesday Mrs. August Fitts and little Lutheran Church Sunday we shall celebrate our Lewis Thomas Ileal Estate Loans Insurance and Collections daughter spent Tuesday with August 30. These entertainments are free and everybody is invited to attend.

Mrs. John Jurgens, annual Mission-festival. The Let Us Print Your Sale Bills ev. W. C.

Droegemueller of wssxSBmBSBtsei Mrs. Chas. Bland and Mrs. Newton will preach at 10:30 a. if, 3 Now is the time to pay your Wempen spent Friday with Mrs.

Lloyd Bland. KANSAS while the Rev. Theo. II Ros- ARGONIA chke of Wichita will deliver the Mr. and Mrs.

John Freeman BULK to NET telephone rcyit. Those paying monthly must pay by the 20th. Those paying quarterly by the sermon at 3:00. The afternoon rxjooooooocoooooo spent Sunday with her parents, services will be conducted in the Mr. and Mrs.

Oscar Jones of end of this month, lest your nu Entdish language. A cordial in Danville. mber will be placed on the "Non vitation is extended to all. The Drugs You Buy RineLiBt." 45-2tc Hugo J. Mueller, pastor.

6ri3 J)oc 6V3 The Argonia Undertaking Mrs. 'Alex Hanna enjoyed a visit from her neice of Wichita. Mr. and Mrs.Wm. Young.

Mr. purchased, the past week, a motor hearse. Mr. Karnahan went Methodist Church "A Cordial Welcome" and Mrs. Geo.

Wempen motored to Wichita driving it home last 6h3 Iin3 Of, 1 Wi i cm 03 up near Duquoin and spent Sun day with friends. Thursday. This now gives the 11 a. m. Morning Sermon by company a complete equipment A carefully kept growing bank account will naturally shift one's thoughts from "bulk" income to "net" profit or savings.

And, it is the "net" savings that really count and add to your yearly accumulation. pastor tnd llo3 tin -3 CJgfo Or, 3 K'ifl. 3 i-0 6n3 PV9 Wo; 3 fi 3 to care for anything in this line. Earl Love and family spent Wednesday and Thursday with 6 p. m.

Union Service at Baptist churehSSubfect: ''Get on the Job The new quarters north of the Mrs. Young. Oil Station is equipped with all with God." Should be pure Should be fresh Should be of right potency Should be dispensed carefully Should cost you but a fair price Should be bought amid clean surroundings Everything in our store is as it should be. You can place utmost confidence in the quality of our goods, the superiority of our service and the fairness of our prices. Let us serve you when in need of anything in our line.

Farris Drug Co. W. Chamberlain and daughter the conveninces. A garage is 7 p. m.

Ep worth Legue: "Power of a Lovable Personality" leader of Wichita snent the week end being equipped in the rear of an Hiram Schon's. Margaret Axtell. the building large enouge to hold both hearse and other equip Those not attending elsewhere Misses Troyer and Stutzman ment. Mr. Karnahan having are cordially invited to all ser TA rnA nassed the State Board is now Farmers Merchants State Bank returned to their home near Crystal after spending the summer cooking for Hiram Schon's threshing crew.

vices. Berrard F. Young. pastor. equipped to care for, any cmer gency.


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