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Normal Register from Salina, Kansas • 4

Normal Register from Salina, Kansas • 4

Normal Registeri
Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
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Irfwt, In M4 tlr(Yn, In hr Ttu IcMir IrftMtf. MHM, ff HMttrf rttM, llrdf if liiiraturtl, full -f IT. Mw1 tvu; Mllili, Uki. rtnn I I anl b-l. -r r.n.

fuj tMj fHitHOM-rirftM. ikIV for lour ImJ IrflM. Ttc. atil V. T'5 l-r4, at i ttirg uUU it -k, i kr4 in fl4! rm.jw- i iranl rtTl H.r.

anl fVf tn In rli aiuM, li Ut, ltlit iM all tun UMng iw-II ImmiN ti Mil al a rjr Uh T4l bair4 III lr rH(. CALENDAR. N'Mrtitiirrii. Hri Wlnirr Trrm oj-nd II, atHl rlix I Kl. twttHi Uinirr Trnn arn J41HM17 3ri, ami cu M4rrti Mil.

lrlti Trnii tim Mrrh .11, ll, ami cWr jut 1, Mimrnrr Trrm aii Jan 9. Ii, nul rlr Julf 31.11. jftnih Anuunl rtnimriirrmrnt, July 2, ana H'l. O. TtttlftOffAy, ivaiiir rtars hrjrui ifir IMItl.t Atart'f.

Alill.mtlJr. TrArhrft' 6 tl lltil riiftrrriltf, Ca. II. IIAItM; ilftrl4l AtiflitiHijc, Iviiiii4ti(il, i.t VUmth I Mi. W.

I'MMi Ciatrtuar, Up. IVui Anil) I'l atol WI w. ii. law, Mttt 1.iim ati. T)MviltJnj( W.

I.CK,(, Otsnii, I'uhil ami lr rlntral InMntmcnl. MIM Art I. Aitnr a. w.ii.i,-Herman. ii ii ii i a yviL -i Tins School was organized seven years ago in accordance with the laws of Kansas, and works under a charter from the State, which empowers it to pant decrees.

While it pays special attention to preparing teachers for their work, it meets the needs of ALL CLASSES OF STUDENTS. It is Christian, but non-sectarian, and the teachers arc selected on account of their "peculiar fitness for the work assigned them. The latest and most approved methods of instruction arc used. The Courses of Study are the best possible for the great mass of students, and a foundation is laid for a Hocral education. Students can enter at any time without examination, and select their own studies.

A first-class 3DEFJLR.Tlwfl:Ei3SrT Is sustained. Diplomas arc given those who complete the regular courses. We take pleasure in answering questions regarding the school. No stamps needed for reply. Catalogues containing courses of study and full information, sent FREE OF CHARGE.

Address, L. O. THORQMAN, Salina, Kansas. John Mishler, has a position in a unua. iveiiv in 1 av Yinntv mmno 1, 1 xuuuma liuuo wei liUBlLJUU iili success to youunarleson yourhrst trip.

Short-Hand and Type-Writing in the H. grocery in sauna. J. W. Priser sends regards from Fre donia.

lie teaches. tf Tf 1 1 f1 1 u. ijee wnoiesale nouse, salina. Will S. icanunil has a nnsitinn with a Chas.

W. Stall a graduate of our Com rMill and Elevator Co. at Kansas Citv. mercial Course has a nosit.inn asi hnnlr- Itj. ii.

Miller is principal of schools at rums. keeper at Port Townsend, Wash. Ada Richardson has a nine months' PERSONALS. Geo. Abel is studying Jaw in Salina.

J. P. Taggart teaches in Saline County. C. P.

Lowe has a school in Dickinson County. Rebecca and J. T. Oliver are in school again. Thos.

McKay has a school in Ottawa County. Bertha A. Miller is teaching in Russell County. Gypsum City. Anna Thoroman teaches her third year Frank A.

McCartv. R. W. Powftrs. C.

school at per month in Saline Uounty. Wall, C. H. Baumbaugh, and Lillie Urey all teach in McPherson County. U.

E. Smlman now 1i-ah in R.ilinn A NyU41UU Henry and Jas. Norrish are with us JXlS fOlkS have moved hfirA to rwt. near (5 "Vtl again. VV m.

Hill and J. D. Hockfirsmith in oanne uouniy. Francis Piatt of Greenwood county has a brother in school. Fannie Struble is teaching her first school in Ottawa County.

Delia Smith writes a good letter from her home Riley County. scnool. are here also from Graham County. lorence Ross tfarh Zoe Plasket and Mav Wiard fpanh in AVUUUVIA SCnOOlS at CrOOU VVno-os. fth haa a.

oiefoii village schools. McPhfirsnn Cnnntv. fww wiguui in scnool. I The Sutcliff brothers are teanhinff in Zoe at Galva and May at Moundridge. Villia Munn wrntA lorence Rodman is teaching in Clay County.

0 A. L. Tenney is at La unta Col. in business. J.

S. Henderson is studying law at Newton. Ethel Workman tfiaohfis in Jewell County. JV-fiUW UilxlV "K'-' I WV WM Lnomas county. She J.

F. Wilcox writes from Little River, H. M. Eaton teaches in the Davenport; ieo. scnoois again.

Kans. He says his mother's family will J-hps. Kearse is holding up the work of mve to Salina soon and his brothers iU. and Uertha McPherson, live at come a lavvver. Oklahoma.

Effie Stumbo teaches in Govo Hnimfv E. E. Morrison is wrfisflinrr tliA Scientific Course. He and C. H.

Luce wvuiiwu 1U rill County. R. L. Steen has a good school in Jewell County. Jas.

Welch teaches at Elmo, Dickinson County. She will return to school soon. office unction City. She has a broth are room-mates again. There is a good delegation here from Barton County.

year is er in scnool. F. J. Maier Scientific of last practicing law in Salina, ITT --v W. H.

Oliver who left school in March w. Li. writes from Marion. has experienced getting a school and also take a Pce in an Engineering Corps nno in Woolen i. .1 a teaching one.

IU hast hflAn nrnmnffld tn The schools of Assaria are manned by J. A. Ward and Amanda Martin. A. J.

Myers has a position in Anoka Oscar and Charles Niloa am raoniin V. rt i 11 -I 1 1 Ol liusmess Uollege, Anoka, Minn. II. V. Hilton holds a position in the mvvvuu XTO public County.

Clyde Quincy is in charge of a grocery in Salina. Ada and Blanche Wells are teaching' in Smith County. W. J. Wright is still leader of the S.

U. orchestra. Clara I. Vaudrey writes from Alta Vista, Kans. I.

A. Toevs writes from Alta. He sends good reports. irsc iNationai Uank of salina. transit man, salary $90 and expenses per month.

He has a sister in school. Among Normalites who teach in Saline County are Ida and Nellie Wheeler, Libbie Wheaton, Arthur McHaffie, C. D. Vermillion, Lizzie Threldkeld, Jennie McCarty, Laura Swallow, Will Abel, Jas. T.

and Ida Keith. Addio Parsons. Hor- j. u. simonton is at work in the Margaret Martin is doing Short-Hand ana lype-writing work at York, Neb.

John Duerksen has ohart? nf a ciar. iouisviue schools. Prof. Thoroman met him at the State Fair. Frank Urmey and Jos.

L. Anderson are seeking their fortune in the west. They are at Pomeroy, Wash. J. C.

Runnenthal mnrla tha xiut. man Burkwall. I. N. Cnx.

KU. T)nn Wm. Henderson. J. A.

KtnnA. V. M. man school in McPherson County. II.

B. Wright has a position with the Rock Island Road in Brown County. It. S. Welch, a scientific of last year is teaching in a college at Buffalo Gap, Tex.

Hattie Remely has a position in the Glasco schools. Cleland Randall is clerking in a store at Davenport, Neb. Anthony, Morris Berg, Lydia I. Dodds, A. W.

Frederickson. MaWiA TTflarl. grade at the Anomsf: ornminnfmn Majzeie Ali Russel County. He teaches. Walberg and Ella Whitney..

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