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Normal Register from Salina, Kansas • 1

Normal Register from Salina, Kansas • 1

Normal Registeri
Salina, Kansas
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APRIL. 1890. Varemt if the common gender, leaur LITERATURE IN TJIECOMMON SCHOOLS. applicable In reference to cither male or If Friday afternoon arc made literary by custom, make the one at ihU lime a IongfcIJow lilerarv. Iati the selection Ik from the poet.

Let the Utile female Yr of the common gender because applicable both male a in! female. From like reasoning wouKl ay that conclusion that I'ucUd hi been hadlc rated. He hould pay a liule reverence at the lirine of ArisHttle and not allow of tli4t decrlpUm to get the better of If lu vet fait hi understand the simplicity and beauty of those solution ask more questions a we are always dark and obscure to iIhhc ho desire in learn. PATRIOTISM.

Ait her iof ihc masculine gender, lHeaue applicable In reference to an object of the male irlnt the feminine gen one give ome lining quota ion. Let the older one read a biography, paraphrase a poem not in the hook. readaneay on a quotation from Ixmgfcllow or tell 'he story of one of hi longer Hiem aMlvaiu geline" or Mile "Standisi.M If no pupil I able to read ami relate the torv let the teacher do it. I am sure there will he a sense of a study of the poet and a taste for hi ong. A love for one author will awaken interest in another.

A taste for der, leeautf applicable- in reference to an object of the female of the JKVSV MIKM. It wire Klic to emphale the Import-anee of a laste for reading, lis atlmit that cvcrvlxnlv should learn to read, the work of standard author. I say tate rather than knowledge U'cause no school inn give a knowledge of any ubject that will serve the man for nil time. Much le can the common school thu endow'it pupil. The one tiling essential i the formation of a taste for higher reading.

What can he done by the teacher with hi- many clase ami scant resource? Anwer might he a varied a the possibilities A teacher who neuter gender, Ihhmum applicable in ref erence to an object having no ex. There seem then to Ik. no valid ohjee tlon to the use of the four genders ma culine, feminine, neuter and common. one, to Mudy of other. On the other hand it i preferable to any The old Hermans those quaint old chaps have a word that mi descriptive, mi adapted to mi many things I hat every one should know It.

It i the it iUt or Time Spirit. It may be said to lake the place of people, or rather, it i a con-ditlon of people, respective to some thing which I taken a a change. The educational people have their other classification. GRAMMAR. delight- in the beauty of poetry and the A REPLY.

fi. W. I.KKK. Thk Normal Kfciktkk, published under the auspice of the Normal school, Grists. Not long ago it wa pvehologv.

GKXOKR. A great deal of diiliculty seem to arise to the student in the study of thi topic in grammar. No better reason can he It shook the whole pedagogic structure at contain the following in what it call "model "In what time will $500 produce $77.0 from foundation to steeple, or r.ither from the Maid old college professor to the meek eved school ma'am of the western given for perhaps than the diversity of opinion among grammarian regard ing thi subject. It seem to me, how interest, at per 1. Principal $500.

2. prairies. Now it ha broken out anew, wiilom of philosophy can use the resource at hand. The ordinary school reader m.n serve hi purpose. Here I a suggestion.

Al way assign for successive lesson the selection from one author. If "The Rarcfoot Roy" he one lesson a- sign all the poem from Whittier hefore any tiling else in the book. If it will do nothing more it will destrov the idea of learning to read by getting through the book. It will fix-the idea of authorship and foster a spirit of investigation about the live of men. There! a gain in knowing that a pure minded, good-hearted old man who was once a barefoot boy made this tribute to free mischievous boyhood.

and where, evervhodv know where. ever, that there should not be so much difficulty appertaining to thi property of Patriotism the one thing needful. It Interest $77.50. Time what. i(jo; $510.

has been discovered that the great Ameri noun and pronoun when we understand 3. 6. can flag ha been trailing in the dust, that clearly what it i and what its use I. Gender is that property of nouns ami the stars and stripes sunk into oblivion. Hut now thev wave, on pronoun which distinguishes objects with 7.

$30. interest for one year. 8. $30 1 year. everv school house.

Acsthctictsin de regard to sex. mands that the school house itself should Now, there i a diversity of opinion as to classification of gender. Some give only two genders, and" felninine; others give three, taste 'or "die author which is the main object of the teacher. I have before me Appleton's Fourth Reader. I shall use it to illustrate my point.

Any book may be so used. masculine, feminine and neuter; while others still, give four, masculine, femi This book contains six selections from Does that journal teach that item eight iV How "does it prove that $30 equals one or that money is convertible into time? In another problem it slates that 360 days equals $4.56. Here the standard by which time is converted into monev is evidently changed. Then in another solution, 300 days equals $12.5041. How-can the editorof The Normal Rkgistkr prove fco his classes that 360 days are convertible into money and that they are at the same time equal to $4.56 and $12.5041 nine, neuter and common.

Longfellow. The first is that beautiful be red, white and blue. Well, weH "What fools we mortal be." Sograndlv the silken folds ill float in the breezes, but "vet few davs and thee, the all beholding sun shall see no. more." The deist wjll. Jiayefouodjsome other one thing needful.

The croaker will, perhaps, suggest that more patriotism could have been punched into the mullet heads of the rising generation bv the same amount of money invested in a librarv. Ah, it is the way of the world, and "ye pedagogue" is a part of the world, subject to the fluctuations thereof. These different classifications are made partly because of a wrong conception of the word gender. We must understand Psalm of Life. Let it be the first lesson.

What better place to learn about the poet's life. He mav be shown to be one of those first of all that gender is a property of words (nouns and pronouns). A great great men who "Leave behind them Footprints on the sands of time." many confound gender with the word sex that two things equal to the same thing His life so. pure will win the love of and use it as a mere substitute for j.y, while the truth is that sex is an attribute are not equal to each other, and that the principle laid down by Euclid, and accented bv mathematicians for two SALINA AS A SCHOOL TOWN. thousand years is, after all, incorrect?" The above appears in the educationa department of The Educator and Com of objects and gender a property, of words.

Those who make this mistake give the masculine and feminine genders because there are only the male and female sexes. Further, the use of gender is not to distinguish sex, as some would have it, for that would exclude such a thing as neuter gender; but gender is used to distinguish panion, conducted by the college at McPherson, Kansas. In order to save Euclid from annihilation and enlighten In addition to excellent public schools, Salina has four other schools Catholic school, Kansas Wesleyan John's School, and Salina Normal University. The Kansas Wesleyan University is controlled by the Northwest Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, and has an extended course of study and a strong faculty. St, John's School is a military school, for boys only, and is con the mathematician at McPherson, the questions will be answered in detail.

Item children, his songs so simple will catch their fancy. Then there are so many incidents in his life full of interest to children. The little ones of Cambridge were always doing kindness to him and he returning them in manifold love. The 'spreading chestnut" was a real tree, the smithy a real shop and the smith a live man. The children of Longfellow's had the tree made into a chair for a birthday present and he sitting in the arm chair wrote his thanks in a beautiful poem.

Why after this story every child that any blood, in him will want to read "The Village Blacksmith" in his next les-son. "The Old Clock on the Stairs" has interest other than its own intrinsic beauty. These and the other selections may be used for as many recitations as need be. Don't be in a hurry. Let the thought be well brought out, questioned objects with regard to sex.

eight is correct. Turn to the word "equal lie who understands that gender in grammar is a property of words rather in'vour Webster's Unabridged, find that it means correspond, then you will be than an attribute of objects, will perceive trolled by the Episcopal church. The able to understand that $30 interest cor Normal University is non-sectarian, and responds or is equal to one year's time. that the absence of sex in some things is as good a basis for grammatical distinction as the presence or difference of sex has courses of study suited to the needs of the great masses of sfudents. in others.

The people are generally educated and Some exclude the connion gender from the fact that there is no such thing as take an interest in all educational movements. Fifteen church organizations common sex. lnis is not a valid objec and a Y. M. C.

A. are sustained. Literary societies and lecture courses give the student advantages here that he would not have elsewhere. and discussed. Scanning may be introduced.

The sense of beauty may have a charm for the child. Beautiful expressions should be noticed. While the Fourth Reader class is reading Longfellow's poems it might be well that the Our friend evidently does not understand symbolization in mathematics. Money is not convertible into time, but a certain amount of money corresponds to a certain amount of time, just the same as when you spend twenty-five cents for three pounds of sugar, twenty-five cents corresponds to three pounds of sugar. It surely does not mean that sugar is convertible into money.

Our questioner has a peculiar reasoning faculty. If a pound of sugar costs five cents in one store and six in another, he draws the conclusion that five equals six. At least that is the kind of reasoning employed when he finds that the interest for 360 days on one principal is different from the interest for 360 days on a different principal, and draws the tion, because common gender does not imply common sex, being an entirely different thing from sex. Others object to common gender on the ground that its use does not distingush sex, but taking it as our definition uses the distinction of objects nit regard to sex, there is no valid objection. It distinguishes objects having sex from Besides these advantages the student las more than one school to select from.

If he is not accommodated at one school le can ro to another cost of travel. Try Salina and you are sure to conclude that no place can offer better advantages. Fifth Reader class be reading his selections in this book. More might yet be done. If general exercises are observed, the teacher might make each morning during the study of the poet an occasion for reading a poem, relating an incident or expanding a truth he has expressed or what would be better have some pupil those having no sex.

The fact that such nouns as parent, parents are masculine or feminine, or masculine and feminine, as some authors say they are, establishes our point, that there is a common gender. Thirty-five counties of Kansas are represented in the Normal this term..

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