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The Atchison Daily Free Press from Atchison, Kansas • 3

The Atchison Daily Free Press from Atchison, Kansas • 3

Atchison, Kansas
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J. E. WAGNER HOTELS. Advertis'iiita Qiiincj, Advertise nVts l-. Chicago Advcrtiscnrls COBSXR TJI AXD COMMEllCIAH STREET.

febc pnm IJrrsG. V. Vholeaale and Retail Dealer la i8 'sa1 is Ail!) WAR ATCHISON, KANSAS. "Planter's House. X.

eTKWAUT, I'ltOIMHTOIt. Cor. of Cth A Couuuc rclul Atchison, Kan. a frilIS House lis been recently furulalied and rfitt-1 by th Proritor. No lrhle or exen fpajred inako guenta comfortable.

Tlw table will supplied with tho very tn-rt th- market can Overland and other atage tou at Ui Ptentvr's. Chicago Advcrtiscm'ts. CTiA TtiXa "A i ii. i ii i Mantifactarcn t( iiili 'I Old English. German.

andT AmWicaaCastilo '111 Ironr Steel, Ifails, Importer and Manufacturer of Heading Matter on. every Paje. Mechaulcs ToolaFanninj: Iinplethents, II. K. PACKET LIKE, RARE A jv WacluntH, A.C., GILBERT HU3BARD SHIP CMOLimS, WncLBiL as Rr.riL ptctxiaa Twines and- 205 a-207 South Water Cor.

of Wells, CHICAGO, Appearanre or Jriu. -AGIST roa- A WXIXGS; Buckeye "Mower Reaper, -Tho iiciioveii Gazetu possession of UPIIOLSTEUY GOODS, DAMASKS, SWEEPSTAKES ar.J J. I. CASES very ancient wort called the Irora lt-t -iiiericaii Hotel. Having retaken my Hotel at the Atchison Kail Kooad Depot, I am now prepared to accommodate, the travelling public, as in fonner' days, and f.hall fepare no painn ll 1l i Wry HT 11 SyS WIN SUA DES, sozps; HAIR, SPRING MOSS, AND SHUCK III fl nni'nriiTiffl riT Snwrnr fir innnl-inil i and IS Canal Street, Jan 31 P4-1r.

Written hv finwmar CHICAGO. i it i A tut tnini init I JuJca. arm Kfnt to the Roman Senate, when ATCHISON, mhlOdJ JlAjl oAS. I the fame of th Xf(ssinh lirxran tn cnrrml i MATTRESSES, On hand and made to order at no. iasi Arviiris htukkt, Wol call particular attention the "Trade to ar Stokr a at all tlui liava the largest audi bent aaurtuiciil lu Ilia Weal ut Manila and Tarred Rtfft to muKc guests leel at home.

i N. K. WAKEFIELD. Dec. 1, tf.

DUEKEE H0USE I nuotctl by tho py" in a letter to "llcdro- AMERICAN CLOCK moLm roa ma jl If. WCLCH Cotnpatjr, 1 tTnitoa States drin, superior of tho DerviiCR of the Con QUIXCY, Illinois. vent of Cogui in Natolia Corner of 2'io Jtutnjmkir and PRIZE CONCERT, aprllidly. "There lives at this tim in Judea. a lunn Uu Trl-WeeU bf t.

St. Louis and St. Joseph. 1 it-i i ONK OK THE FOLLOWING', JElegant Steamers WILL leave ft. Lout cvety Thursday and taturday, at 6 o'clock P.

and pass Atchison going up, every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday A. M. RETURNING Leave Ft. Joaeph every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at Noon; and pass Atchison, going down, same May at 8 o'clock 1. M.

St'r HENRY TURNER James A. Yore, Master, St'r CLARA, El. Spencer, PARAGON, John McCloy, l.u NED TRACY, Duncan jS. Carter, PEORIA CITY, Jud. Cartwright, POST ROY, Saml.

Rider, 1 THE AHOVK STEAMERS will run promptly a i) i 31 Throughout the Entire Season. Thankful for pant favors, the Proprietor ask for a Ditching hfpf9, Utg, lZtggi.ig and ttrla, I Cunrat Oakum, Tar, ritch and Chain, Ami TacUe DlocU LAWRENCE, KANSAS. i I of singular virtue, whoso Name is Jesus TO CIVEN whom the I'arbanans esteem a SKINNER, PnOPIilETOR. E. M.

MILLER Prophet but, his own Followers adore him CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, NEW HAVEN Clock Company Ba SETU THOMAS Clock CompanA Teatcra la i- Clocks, Regulators, 11 mo nit Clock Material of tvy dcacrlpttoB. No. 115 Lake I'. Tompkins, Agetit. r- jan2T 'Ct ly.

1 aa the Olfriprin of the Immoital God. lie CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS rjUIIS J.iHt been re-fiUed and furi.Ll.ed In PeI Cords, ClotltfM Lint. Promn Tltinra, I Hie beft inui.iii r. and the l.n Hotel in the city. i nuntitL Wrntit.lna Ttrinrt Conrxnlent to tl.

Poat OUicc. 4c. DoMly Ml quaittH, II rappin tcine ll mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i or calls back the Dead from their and cay III i pi heals all sorts of Diseases with a word or a Comtantly on hand a large assortment of Saih Cord, Nt tt MAY 28th, 18GG. Touch. He is tall and well shaped; of an CoaeJies, Family IiocliwayH Phatone, WJ'UUU iutM6 i-ruen, raiaea at Colour that can hardly be matched.

fllin and St tncf, COTTOIT, FXAr AND HEMP TWINES of Every EPVE fl IT -a 1. OiD aa, uc presented, to tcket JJol- into graceful Curls below his ears, and very JOHN M. PRICE, iTinee Albert ShtJUng Top Bufjg'u, Standing-Toji jPfuelons, Pony I'talvru), Park Pfuvtonf, OPEN AND TOP SIDE AND END dcrt. including SltO.OOO in Greenbacks, ngrccaoly toucbing on his Miouluers, part ed fin th thrown of h5 llnnil iIia Var. ATTORNEY." AT; LAV; TEXTS of EVEilYrKIND.

WUmDer Tickets Issued 500.000. arites. His Fore-IIead is very smooth an. Oriental Powder Coinpanjv Chicago, Illinois. Offcra fur Sal.

i f.9 11 aV cl oL? ofaupcrlur quality, lo and 1 and 21 lb. A 10, extra quality Dlamund Grain or-der lu 1 can. fcbl 6 Sk! eorriloQatioeor the same. Mrtct ana careful attention large, his Cheeks without other JSpot i-ave Spring Buggies of all Styles, AuiAii. r.uv,- am -nr.

-i a. ktaie axiiwau ci-tiM acevi, Awhingsi Wagon CovCfST, rrioo Jftl.OO "iat of lovely Ited. His Nose and Mouth I 'il a 4s rf UI be given to WAY BUSINESS. Thl. I.

the Kreafent Inducement ever ofTer.d to th. exquisite oymmciry. 1 IS public, me tkket of every four draainra iri. Heard thick and of a Colour suitable to the FIlllIGUl and FA 88 AG 11, The followiiiK Prixea a fir amonjj the many to he IIir 0f tijq Head an Inch hflnw drawn (ror full tint see circular) i T.t riuCliin an IllCIi UelOW tic; Loan Money; Make Investment Huy and TARPAULIMi? FLflilS DIMMERS Sell KcnlKmatej procure all klildf Military tjolma, LI fl fLHaO, UHHilLnO, nd pay tae fr i.t. Deed and other Innti um.

iit rawn with accuracy, t.Slar Hunting pi nnlatl.Mii-, ciUuitly 1t llraod Priar In l.KUMiO wo wiauic inus a SULKIES, SKELETON WAGONS, CALIFORNIA WAGONS, lljrpresti Wagons, Ke. E.M. MILLER Sixth Street uciy Main" rtri it jersey, in rear 'id Orand I'rlae in Grecnlmka i Ol k. Jim hyto briehL cluar.aiid 0i eil WALStt. Tiioait ur-rcnmitrs and acknowledgment and leiolt ion taken.

on hand aud iade to ord-r. i may be engaged on lytpiicatlou JT. Agents, J. II." WIITELAW, Gcn'I Agent, I 37 South Levee, tt Loulx, Mo. O.

J. B. Ttasa. II. CaapcatER.

Vot He rebukes with Majesty, Counsels with rand ivize of House and Mildness; his whole jAdaress, whether in ci in (ireenhac k- 8 con Word or Deed, hcinz Elctrant and (Jrave. WALsir nuTCHiNSoir, KHULItSALa sl nrilcular attention given to lucurtng and col-ertlirjj dcht.a'3 Dllice In Price Ulock, on fourth Street. Animt luarohldJm tlitlrnnd In 1 reepbaeks ajMMM i. i. i of City Hall, Prize In Ureenlmcka 1.U0U ims wil niui iau)-u, uui lie lias aprllCdly GEO.

1. SSAIili, FUIIST BRADLEY'S Jrillinery Straw Goods wtiit Ho is verv nn a a. II. GLENN, lo uram, rriae ureciiuacu. wo Modest KOd Wise.

A Man. for his Excel Nos. 53 i CO Lake up stairs, tA A-i, r.rand ibuiie ami Lot. mhni lent Hentitv and Divine 1 Perfection), sur SLIGO IRON STOHL, AttorncY and Counsellor S. E.

SEGER, WHOLESALE GltOClill, innim ornnn rrnes, uousc ana i.ot. paMns; the Children Ol AICI1." oiTqsiTK city hotel, 'F lllll. 111 I IVI I VVH A -ext. jatrji 'to ly CUt lo (irund Prize, CottMircs and Lot. AT LAW, A TllISOX, 7.

KA KSAS. tKAI.KK IX KDsraan scaxtiai. vju-ii CTd to lirand Pria4, Tlty Lola, If each to lUlh in ml Prize. (iro'iitaekM 100 each j'Hix r. ct.

No. 263, North Second 8AIXT LOUt8, May, ISfil.lyrt. i villi to ii.iui i. mini rrlze, 1. recnUii'M, 00 Men scorn to kiss among Ami fjca-ce will kiss a brother, Women oft want (o kiss so bad, They smack and kiss each other.

8CA3TLAX II II O.J each 1,000 tv. u'. (LATB ATTOUXtV or KAXStAS.) i lijin to i imii uruno rr-cs, iiouhc ami Lois, ni ion ii iiTunniirii eeh 9,1100 oliuu, u. u. n.

06 i 1 nuiic 4 ril.Hoi Priae valued at from 3 lu 1 LtfVttoi'iiey nt Law jIITjV1 i-'v At 1 Manufacturer and WbolesaU Dealrrt la mkmm- --i3rr" V0. 133 South 7ter Ktrr-et rillHAfir No. 133 South 7aler Street, CHICAGO each 25 Drawing a-'ll tnke iilace after the Concert, on the xtaire The -ItuBletin Iron Wines and Liquors, 127 Hampshire Street, QUINCY, Illinois. Agency of SAND'S XXX CREAM ALE and DUPONT POWDER COMPANY. 1 aprilfidly of the t)vra lfotie.

lu-re 10,000 piTriom can wltnt si A oiiniilitee will lie aiolnted ly the audience to 117 ILL attend to buln' a lu-rcti fore. In Itroa Nenwilin ami Marshall ly superintend the mime. All purcliiKor and aiieiit "A Tl E-c I Tl li 1TT aa luibllHlied. Ticket for al at the principal Hotel, Jt It i- JLJLL VX. JL Dook mid stores In the city, niul ut our ollicc.

BOUNTIES tNI) PENSIONS Manuietura our osm Good. Jan30 '661 f. .1.1 lcarbrii NlroolS prlcu fl.oo each. S.nt ALL KINDS of MHIl.Tiy cfuhn enBeCtcil from, the by mail ou receipt uf price and ftaiup for return CCT illustrate our Sulky uJllsia. Oiwraat.

I O. LavKLt. ToUdo. 0. Uoveriiiuelit with dlnpatch.

Apply to posiHKe. f. 4. iNW ineirriir. Fyraeniw.

W. y. A. ooiI and reliable nircfii wauled In everv citv. town T.v-- AN I) BLANK BOOK MANUFACTORY, C2 I) EL A WARE STREET, J.

1 U.J 1 nil, .11 Al XJAVt. I a I a vu M', 1, fi iKrkATsa, ciiicago, Illinois. i and village In the Vnit-d State, to whom great in- over all other, fl I bo will kluiwn tliriHighuut tli KaHan. IVrst, anil It StlNrlrlf over ether acknolcdjf CIIA 11. ALL11JV, WUolesalu Dealer In Foreign Domestic Hardware GUNS AND PISTOLS, ucemetit are oiiereil.

llererenee required. Special Terms or C'ln'j Itafrs. nov.2Utli.Bfil. I ed, that we rrm NmiecfMuir)' to ay anything OUASTED, JONES- t1T Partlci wanting our brand of Iron will bear In mind that we have no ni'ticir, but online sa'ea In HI. IOtili to our own hoime, CONSTANTLY O.f IIASC A Wthl.

HVYttt Or ULACKSMITIIS', PLOW MAKERS' and Wagon Makers', Merchandise. MITCHELL, FELLOWS Sacceisor to McELIIANT FELLOWS, Vh olesale Staple and Fancy Grocers, T' No. 116 Second LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. I further In favor. Any party procmhiK a club of Ave or innro naiiic 'mm (iray, ticket ainl forwnr.liii' us the mi ney fur the same Klf Full particular Wi nlsned on apjilieaton.

We have In connection wfth the ItrM-HTiM Job Print I TTOItNKV AT ATCHISON. ill be allowed the following coiTiii Wion, vl "V3'1 WILL' s-SKTC 1 Saddlery Hardware, Carriage Materiah A1 Ollice In Dli old near IJuuiiltuti't Miuufaeturers and Dealer la a Coiieh 5c Saddlery Sffardvare9 ing t)tl'ici oiuof Hie bet liiiKli-lh vret of New York City, iimr unllclt the ratroniiKe ol any having work in our line. LA NIC HOOKS FOR C0VNTIES, More, tl.a M. Garden City Clipper Plow. 1 rtmming, Leather India Jiubher MACHINE RKLTING, i i Ticket to one aildre for ft 10 do da i 20 do- do 17 Ml OTIS CLICK, 'M tin do Falrbnrilc Hay, Platform arct Coufifor Scale, Ma-cliinlatH' Field, Uarden and flower rcud.

SADDLES District Court 1 Books, 1 1 TTOUNEY8 AT LAW, "ATCHISON, KANSAS. 40 do dT 00 do do 4't r.0 No. Ill Maine south tide the Square, Ollied over, Km ltange Hunk, Street. And 100 do do sr. no 179 LAKE STREET, I iy, l-ni.

ft QUIXCY, ILLINOIS. In every case send the name and postofflco arldrent' Count it Treasurers' Hooks i CHICAGO, ILL, UXIC W. KlTfnr.LI., rci.Luws, rfoify hull. oi eacu separate auuNcriitcr. ST.

LOUIS, MO. Money by drnft, V. O. order, rspres. or In reel REGISTERS, tereil letters, may he cent ut our risk.

Huh, Spi.k, Bent r-llo Seat Balls, and all Ui -i B. V. Harrison, VTTOItXEV AT LAW, Atchison, Kansas. OITici in Prices' Building. Feb.

Vth, 1S. ly. ,3 FLACHS Wholesale Dealer lu rpr- Th for ale bv AT1S AVUIIV. Iter.1 RECORDS, K.ttate and Insurance Agent, AtchiMou, Kiinsis. SAWYER, A TYLER All communications should be udilrexsvil to Articles oi Bent CarrW Work.

fflarch2S dly 0E0EGE SUGQS Maoufacturera of -t TAX HOOKS- tVe keep a full stock ct llvern Kind and -Style Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals WISG.HS, BEDFORD oftheee IM.OVVS on band. Also, a Crest Variety Dye IVooil and Dve-StuffM, Vanillic. Oil. Putty. 133 Dearborn Chicago, Illinois, of other I-MrmliitC I IHlolii'lll.

ALSO ALL KINDS OF Books of Public Record, riilut anjt I'nlnter a Article, mdow tllnst and leds(eads, Cribs, LouiigesV, Pfy- Pos-toraca Drawer Every artlclo WARUAXTED give satisfaction. Hydraulic Cement and Planter I'urm; Paint, Hair, Tooth, Shoe and other llruahes; Spice, W. II. GUIMKS, 31. PII YS ICIA AND Wholesale Dealers will find It tin Ir Interest Cohniiision Forwarding 1 73 N.

Levfe 150 Commercial ST. LOUIS, MO. attention fllllnif orders for FLOUR, 7.MArand ALL KI.ST'S of XEKCHAS- The proprietor will donats to the Lincoln nnd Don Ktnreli, and nil kind of tiiocei' nil Patent iflit'1nf(M of th tin Itlnl ('Mini Itiirfkota Ac, le, Ac, keep constantly on band a Kin Monument fund hUo, thwre will Ix; Manufuclured from the best of stock, and lo lh high- to buy of us. For full particulars and d-crfptlve alngtie, address lurat A. ltudintin Co.

I .1 i.iu. OFFICE at the Dm Store of (J. V. Itesidt'iice South Atcliisou. tit style of the art i.

e. pine A i very Xarye Assortment decldtf iriiiM iio ii if ji uinuju, i tuna, uir mo purpose JanSI '60 Cino. CHICAGO, ILL. are j.rtpared to till Order promptly, liKFKKKXCKH Hon. M.

S. ex-Senator of And Agent for baton's Refined Coal Oil. a Mln. lion, t.eo V. Laurence, M.

of 1'i nii. Hon. No. 333 Srtiith Canal CHICACp Alex. Hanilnll, ex.Oovcriior of Wis.

lion. Win Mont- DISK. fcl2S10iiiiioy MERCANTILE BOOKS. IIoiiteoullle IIi'hl'lan 3c Nurgeon, ce. No.

110 Maine Street, QUTXCY, ILL. Uoniery. IVnn. Ma x-M. 0.

Iiul. Ira J. Lacock, of Kansas; lb in Wn. Ledlnirnrll, of Lvon. Iowa; Knox Jan.81 '66 ly.

1 a MULLEN i D1ETERICHS. Sfcasseitt OFFICE over Union Clothing Halt, Commercial Atchison, KaiiHu. Ollice hour Iroiu'tj toll A. M. We Invite the attention of Merchant Bankers, OLIVE STREET HOTEL.

of Chicso Hon. C. Crave S.iiith, of Minn. Jacob inarch 2V lir. to 3 and 7 to 6 r.

m. Manufacturers, Hotel Keeper, Ac, to our facilities Forsyth, Apent M. 8. It It. Chicar, M.

Kron BOOTS SHOES for the manufacture of the best kinds of berg InrportiTS of Watclies, ClilcBgo Mansell, E. Proprietors Weslerii Tobacco jlgeiicy Manufacturtr and wholesale In DR. J. F. MARTIN, Atchison, "Kaniai.

LEDGERS, AT WII OLI1HA 111. iiiip a. i xew uneans, i.n. nprll.Sdlm New Stovo and Tin Store. No.


Jtil ASA Jy INVOICE IWJI'3, SHIPPING RECEIPTS, 1 of HOOTS AND S1IOKS ever brought to the West, c. w. DiKttaicirs. merclal Street, next door to tscliange Bauk.i May, 1SCL ly.l, Axuititw Wtl.TR, IIowahd Gbiuks. Consignments respectful! solicited.

ty-The Hotel 'acli will be at the Depot on Having enlarged our preml', I Nos: 29 31 LAiTJJ STH2ET," V.U.4SII AVUNtl', LAWYERS' DOCKETS, Rlt YNIN'G, AV GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, Will be found at t17dly 7- J. llie arrival o( all Train, march'idly IT AVE just opened a NEW STOVK and TIN STOUE HOTEL REGISTERS, l)HirATE MATTLIlS. Late it Toronto. Canada "West, and 11 one dour west of Uudinglou Co. Drug ftorc, Graduate of a Britiidi College of Medicine, Surgery, e.

To nirrl li of onr Trade, SANFORD G. 8CARRITT, TO Till! tvn III vile I Iipm I trillion ol' (AMI tJli V- now pi'nimneutly located in ComSiercial-st, Atchison, Kansas, SALE BOOKS, DAY HOOKS, dec, tf'C, Ac, varciiic)ivr, kankas. Dlt. the moat succesful and oulv rrfla ICIIM lonnr lare sloi of Flrl t'laf-a Work, of lh" brat IContrrn and Santfaeturer of and Wholesale arorl ltctall Dealer In ble Physician and furreon in Chlcairo. (MirirrJ n.

And are penare.l to furnish ANY KIND Can be found dtirlnft the day at hi office tn Horn Co' Drug Store, and at night at his residence lu South rUX T.Tn I ctuj.ively In ll. tiseaiM-f of a prt rate mui NO. 00 HAMPSHIRE STREET, North Side of the Square, of IUV or anything our lino on tlio flRII till AID BEDDING. UUl UWIIVUIUIJ'U HaUUiaiiti confidential nuturr.) at Ids e.t.l.ll.lrd Private stmrfTiT NtiTrnt: Atchison. May lith lfiit.

iy. Mrdlcal inp. y. HI i'lark atrot. ho.

Lannm NOW RKAOVFOIt FALL TIUDE. OUINOY, Illinois. MAGAZINE BINDING. We are both practlcat workmen, have i VMiad loujr experience. In the businc, and D0GGETT, UASSEIT, lUfXS, Ar.

Merchant will find It to their Interest to pive a feel warranted In sajliijt that we can give entire sat- NO. 41 MARKET Iletween Second and Third Bit, 'k sa stl Louis, Magazine bound In plain or fancy binding, at the call before purchanlng elsewhere, as we will duplicate sfuetlon to our customer, I VXU II.I.IMI. March24 Cm. si. IaOuis or unicano prices.

apr-iiiom RESIDEN TDENTIST, lowest flgure. Qt all kuida ana styles at shortest notice. tT" Particular attention paid to block, ri.i.liimi-. to cure all others fall,) every o.iHlit on rf a.s which patients si.n.lty kepi' sret' t. llii I.

oily to lie rrsat aueceaspf IT In the trt-HttiH ,4 Oonorrtxra, Gleet, Wrlcture DiM-nsrs of lbs BivdiUr and KJdueya, id.mis, in eVJ Its liorril.Ie furms, ld, llnirrriii; c.ik-s of the most ilwun, wluu the blood baa Income producing lfitch of the Face, small watery I leers, I'ain In the Head and Bones, Clcn-stew Hor Tf.rost and Nose, F.riiptbns fit the I'calp, Nileoftb ll.aies, fcu. bl the Grom, Cai is it.p-Houy, SypliilHic oiiiHtim, Dis of tha Hijo," IjoWnf the Hair, are snott eared Pt is 4 2 7 Solicits a call be for purchasing elsewhere. i HENRY RIDDER, Jobbing of All Kinds, OJfic on Commercial Strut, Xurth SUle, Eat Fourth and Fifth Street. a- b2(id0in Importer and Wholesale Dealer In I vcm Aa Saling of all Kinds Promptly Dono Orders respectfully solicited. Addre, ftbl7dCin.

Leavenworth, Katrsa. Tin Roofing, Guttering, Piping, MllYER lillOTIIllItSS; CO, Crockery, China, Glass on fl7 (live us a aprlltditwly DARTICHLAR ATTENTION GIVFN TO SETTING I Teeth In VULCAXITE. OH HARD HCIiHER JlASK. Tills style of Dentistry, for cleanliness ud lit fisr famed Bbfid for the coto-I pb te eraditrtln of every eetirf Venereal Disease) siand alone ns the only potent and eiual reujed, J. 0.

McOULLY. AND Successor to J. Matthews' Sons, Wholesale 3" '4 Inr Ibf uiilortorni -i'l si.ll.rer. T1u-m durability, is unexeclied. Teeth filled with Gold In the most superior manner.

In Kxtvsc.linit Teeth, 1 acknowledge no superior. Chargi'S t. -it- 0 TT AT AV A IJ Ti1 ROBERT M'CRIE, -J -L t-U? I EUOIANT TAILOn. Next door to Bank of the PACTCUER, lPOV" 0 I- CAKItlAOE MAXU-Flflh Street, near A slay, IMit. liy- And Dealers tn Commercial, ft I I tne'liclnei ran only Ire had" of Ir CUrke (price pt Uilr) at IT: Private Hospital, where ever specie cf crl di-sar.

are treated. JlnnMSnlx the D.icfor 1. an rducated riyurin. uie no nv-rcury, and, b.vli (f nit family, baa adojKd an frac. tice, all acciiirnta rrsuitlun from lnprud'jic in Ix.lh wit.

i-l Ihriu 1.1. stt'iitioo. TTtin a rw I Stt of Kansas, Commercial Street, Atchison, Kan. ATCniSOX, Jl'AXSAS. dIt.V.U lliA 1 IjIJ, l' I i iaj -f.

rr! VLL kinds of Wagons and Carriage built to 'order and warranted. I'artieular attention paid to job- Keeps on hand Late and Fashtonabit SmiXO fi SUMMER STYLES Britania and Japan Wares, A. DURKEE XMt I TJ Oil. work and repairing. All order promptly executed al reasonable rate and on short notice.

Connected with the factory I a Tf) r. "wiT 2 5 Kr'' ry VOATIXOS AKD CASSlMEIlS, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, i T. French and American Window Class, I)ye-Stuffi, Brushes, Spices, 10? t'otfa fceond street, ET. LOUIS, otvfcef gj, 1C3 jr Goodwin, Behr Co. TACLE AM) POCKirr CITLKRV, COMMISSION MEfiCHMTS.

TTAtTOH AnAT0 VESTIXGS, DOESKINS, TWEEDS, ic. I nrenared to make up to order In the Latent and where Iron-work of every description Is done at price. cnstouiers. The patronay of the public Is so Depot for all Kinds Lamps, most Fashionable Htyle. He guarantee to furnish to suit ited.

May. 14. Bluitary Cooua, Lamp Goods, and Kerosinc and Coal Oil, 2 fie. jr Cnstirpassed for cut and quality. OKALEBS IH 1, FiOUR, GRAIN, (i HighinCs anl Broom Corn, Ko, 13 Wliltchall Si.

FltfilQIITERS IC MA Ar UFA Tf'P EPS 'pf 'ST 4 May, 1964. lyd. Exclusive Agent for the 0V3 Coadextsisg no Chimney Burner, 1 a jp MCIIOUS JOHNSTON, THE INDIANA CENTRAL Manufactures 11 Light House Hinge and Filler Burntr, 3. A. Diukce, i i Win.

1X8 UnAXCll COM FAX I J. W. Moore. fl. A.

fOTTER. Whips and Lashes, OP ALL KIXDS and sells them at Wholesale and w. o. linn Tba Keroene' Burner In Va. Ill Hampshire next Tremont, Candles Xard Oil, Fancy anil Toilet Soaps, -Dealers In rr-P.

O. BOX 32 ll.dJ CHICAGO mg7dly Western Branch Ojjice, Ss. Joseph, Mo. Retail. He bus been thirteen year In th bun'oe In Miswiurl and Kansas, and now supplies a birv TO THE LADII.rf Dr Clarke i ef tbwf LWa-e of Frmales, and can be consult ed on all private and ri Lcate arrangements, whli the a-Mui-anc 'o ehnuld te without a of 4r Clarkr'.

celebraf-d inslo Pills, ifre.h from the lafarafovy, safe and effrcloal remedy for i rref-u I sr'itis anl tructii im, matter frii what rane. HeitM-niber hat I'ilisare repaef Pit bt1nat cs-a, nil the common mate el K' dru(f stores failed to rvll.rr. Iwilps, a bo wutti, caU have board In the city durljp treatment. ty F'-nd wv tamMi Private letter Marr(e. Ladiei; also, for a description the hrt-Yi nwt certain, durnl le, ar.1 only rlntlfltf ever invented.

If not a represented, money r-fui)d-4' of 'eturn by mall. Of Uie many Id Iik- flr.t In-' trodue'-d not one ba been returned, price flW each, ith printed dlri-ctWm. Kent to any part of the country nn receipt prke. Married ple sboiild esarn. inethiepreat blriMin'.

and ee at tiee lis Fetuale rUi'ca 1 2 and I each. Fr Eafe. preventative to dls.ase and pregnancy (Inr.l made,) 1 1 each, by iwail. Vori Mf. Tase Xonrt Ton who by ind-iVin? In certain obtsry prsetic (r from any thf fminej l.srf enntrarted that mindharrowins; iuf b.cly d- diwase, futinal Weakn'M, can stored tt tMalih by appltlng either in iktm) er by b-ttcr.

Bend two stamp for work riving ft't in formation and undoubted testimonial. In sealed en. r-lop Itlwr Clilcaro, and who are in need of a snrdieai and have 110 tiate stav In the cltv to lw enrrd, can have to takf wltbthria. fate snd peedy cures Kuaranteed. Per-' son llvirr at a dii-taoee ran be cured by ad irerirfai, Dr statlnjr the saw, symptom, Ac.

Medh in m-ut ectir ly packed and free frwi ol sr-rvaiiutii touit 1 QUINCY, Illinois. $000,000 00. of the Trade from Omaha to Kansas City. every ox nn the plains and In the mountains know prll4'Cd5m-roy M'holesitle Dialers In I mil OFFICERS: the p. war of mm johstos a PAXIEL IBlt tWLEY, President.

Garret er. Ptste" Randolph ''-callOAOO. Order promptly llllen at my sianuraciory on i om-uercial street, t-etween and 8d, Atchison, Kansas, lune Mh. 18(Vt I E. p.

Vice rreulent. N. C. HILDEBHAXD Secretary. MAI LAND BOON, Whole saje Manufacturer fit K.

R. OAMItl.K, General Agent. Feathers, Curled Hair, Mosss, And of all kinds of, Manufacturer of Hntlm ICmrrnLi t'otlnrm, Cvffs, CALIFORNIA JOHN," rpiIE Cliainpion Blacksmith, having climbed Vliampion liiiic.iniin, iiav.iiik ciiiiiim LARD, TALLOW, PALM OIL, SODA Asr, ca rsTie soda ac, i IVo. 10 Tine Street, A. a.

w. fldfiwris, PRO. J. CIK)IWI. ST.

LOUIS, 110. tBTFor prices, see market iuhl-UlCiu r. 1 1 JsUXUH Jf. CRAWlOItn, MTiotesaLs and tteUil Dealer in Xw.fiUefJical, Sohool Miscellaneous Harness, Saddles, Collars, V. A.

DODuK, Aetuary, Western Utpurtment. -A. N. SIK VGt Aseut, 1 1 AlchfMB, Kansas. 4 RefirtneriSt.Joph, Mo.

C. Orllliu I as far up the Mountaius as Fremoi.t did, he can see as far in a bujiy wheel or horses foot as any man 1 gjry wtieel or iiorscs loot as any man nto Mattrasse, I'tKMinjr, Bedsteads, Cots, Ac, 4 on P. L. McLaughlin. PreVt Bank; John Col i.

and Dealer In aH kind of COLLARS FOR TIIK TRADE. -Paper Envelopes at Wholecale. Also.tgnt for Cellar Matiufart'iry of Trfi3f, New Voik. P. O.

Jlox, 1U.J janST'SC ly. HARNFSS BRIDLE AKH i top of proun who inly two eyes, and to prore I his fact iU't pnlrof the l.irjrest wheels houn A Banker Exchange Dealer; A. Sax-toft. Cashier ttate Bank Tootle Jt Farleigh, Wbohw.1. i '5 1G9 Chnthfini HlreU,lsKi ly.

SKIRTING LEATHER jr-Goods Merehant; l. f-iamtatde. wnoiesaie Iron Hardware; Save, McCord Whole- ale Grocer. loocti-xlly A. V.

ever made In Kansa they are so large fiat he eoubl not urt them In lilj shop and was -blied to lease a UM con'alnlntr two acre of ground to turn them over. It take twonty mm to lift one whe-l, and It I supposed they will carry one million Jionnds with eaae. CALTFOHXIA'JOHX. iij.ia i it J. E.

IXCERSOI.Ia. i b. KATOW. part of the country, with full and plain directions fur use. 4 A BOOKS, At the office (entrance Clark and Washing W.

M. DA VIES strwt it i t-i arranged taat pat irot never come ta Saddleiy Hardware, SADDLE TREES, ilNGEBSOLl EATON, A. Mi CHRISTIE. MERCHANT TAILOR, ceita'-t Mt ooe another, and see no one but Urn Doe. tor; Ut-reCore no fiinp of false modesty or ba.b' fulnens dter you frr makins; Immediate appPcathm feitbfr In irn or by aud to not ri.k you' lu-slih and bai pinss for a Uflime.

but so at once Id SHOE LEATHER AND FINDINGS, house, sign, 1 2 a 1 1 HlfiS ON HiND THE LxKGEST iXD BEST tfek-ctiooof' yip- AGEKGy 1 irn. i i Cor. Fifth and Hampshire St ll.e PrystcUns and turreoa whose business is, and he wll re-tire yoe. 1 .3 FREXCn. RXGLISIT 4 A ME RICA CLOTHS rv All OA'S strictly confidential.

Office hour AXD CASSIMEUS AXD VESTIXGS 0TJIX0Y Illinois. Sver brought to this market." All ordet promptly Aprljtdly GENERAL OFFICE NO. 13 ST ATI; STREET," -1 Oliloaed. irooi" a. m.

fi r. w. Address DR CLARKE, JTo. 4 La rmon filer. ftbl'oC ly 1 MS'-- Stationery, Periodicals Papers, jSTo.

54 Fourth Street, ST of WIIITTLEiUY'S MO. F0UM BOOK, BARCLAY'S DIGEST OP MO. REPORTS, Jk FIALA'S SECTIONAL TOWXSJIIP MAPS OF, MO, KCIIOOL, HOOKS furnWjed to the Trad and Larg Pehools, at Eastern Wholesale prices. -i foct. 2S.1S05 dly.

y. wo ju Imperter and Dealers In FANCY GOODS, NOTIONS, TOYS, ti fltnta' lrurnlNlif iif Goods, CSrloTros, filled, and good and Tashionatle HI alway guarantee-. CVTTIXG, CLEAXIXQ RE PAIR 1X0 in tjie TJJ S. Lvand Office Ornamonal Painter, Third betwee Main an Commercial. Atchison, Kanaan.

I AM PREPABED execute all Joba of House. and Ornamental Faintinif. GUxiugand Pafier on short notice and In the bet style of workmanship. I solicit a continuance of the patronage of the citizen of Atchison and vicinity. juty Ct.

.11 j- i I A. C. HARRISON, A. DEVI Nf- TOREK KANSAS Done on short notice. Prices moderate Terms Cash IL 33 a.

Xji 33 13 1 A 33 Gent's Purnkhing Goods, and Hats and Cap ItTE'buy and sell Rial Etitate and transact all biful- of the best quality and toost Pardonable Styles. lies in relation to title to lauds in all part Tf tl BLACK pL SMITH. And Collecting Agent, Store on Corner of Commerlcsl and Fourth, Kansa. We Uave unuaual faciUti. for tracing onRl- j.

v. ismx nal titles. Any business s-trusted to us will rec.ive i-' Atrlitoon, I.aiika, Office riee's Cuildlag, Atchison, Kansa. To Business Men prompt mVJwtr j-- ve riT attention to the seJIInfr of Wool May, 154. ly Is prepaei to do all kind or Horse and Mule iUpairlog, 4tc, in' ttMr and Hides.

Our in the? pecialtire are u- i ri. I with desj atcb aod on res enable tenor. LETTERHEADS IF you want to Reach fhc People of All kinds of Pbixtixg done at th Free plain and ornamenUl Printing go to oa 4th Street, rrTit l'lekw, Mai nrintcd in the neatest Prrior-- Order tor good of all kinds meet prompt t- ie tenfioa. rr-hrpt e. Jttl (he best style, No.

104 N. Main Street, St. Louis, Mo, styles st the "Free Prei I APVEKTISE IN THE FREE PRESS. the Pke5s effice. -1 Press office.

Mt: 27, 1M dl A.

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