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The Atchison Daily Free Press from Atchison, Kansas • 3

The Atchison Daily Free Press from Atchison, Kansas • 3

Atchison, Kansas
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SbiLouis Advertis'm'ts Quincy Advertisem'ts, Chicago Adrertisem'ts Chicago Advertisem'ts. id 1 -i 1866 1866 ATCHISON KANSAS. -Ts House. it. STEWART, PROPRIETOR.

Cor. of 6th Commercial Atchison, Kan." THIS House has been recently furnished an refitfe by the Proprietor. Ko trouble or -expense will-spared to make guests comfortable. The table wilr applied with the very best the market-can and other stages atop at the Planter's May43.lS65.-dtf J-STV LOaSi -4. river a Reading Matter on every Page.

J.TE. WAGNER COKSER 4 TIT.AXD COMJIERpiAZ. STREET. --Wholesale and Retail DeaJe la ''jf A ARE, Iron, Steel, Nails, Mechanic's TooEs. Firming Implements, Machines, 4c, xazst FOR Buckeye Mower SWEEPSTAKES and J.

I. CASES Threshing Machines BrourCt Corn Planters, MeTidenhaW Patent Hand Loom, And many -I rJlmhlOd KAXSAS. American HoteL Importer and Manufacturer of PAPER: Hangings Venetian A1VXIJSGS, UPHOLSTERY OD AM A wind sha des, spring moss, ani shuck "Mattresses," On hand and made to order at ro. 12a ArAiasrE strket, Junction City Items. The following wo clip from that wide awake paper, the Junction Union of the 5th: "Major General "William T.

Sherman, one of the world's heroes, arrived at Fort Riley late last evening. He is od a tour of inspection across the plains. The people on Lyon's Creek, are building, near their church, a parsonage. The pubiic spirit, and the educational and relig e. ct-BBK.

ct-ABS. wjieaiiv. CLCLABK 11 5 JUasfisetrs Old English, Genxutn Mottled, nd American Castile 14 and 16 Canal Street, CHICAGO. ian.81 ly. .1 n.

1. 1. .1 i. pi AMERICAN CLOCK COlttAHT.1 sols acEjrrt bob tbb -K. N.

WELCH MannfartariBg Csipasy, NEW HAVEN Clock Company "and EETU THOMAS Clock Company. leilers in Clocks, Eegnlators, Time Pieces, aad Cltok Materials of every description. NoV. GILBERT HUBBARD CO. SHIP CHANDLERS, WEOI.BSM.S AXV RXTATC DEitiaS IB Twines and Cordage, 205 207 South Water Cor.

of Wells, CHICAGO, Woald call particular attention of the Trade to ear Stock, as we at all times hare the largest and best assortment in the West of Manila and Tarred Rope, Ditching Rope, Bags, Baggi.ig and Burlaps, Canvas Oakum, Tar, Pitch and Chains, And Tackle Blocks. Bed Cords, Clothes Lines, Broom Ticines, all qualities. Wrapping Ttcines, in bundle or barrels. Bell and Sash, Cords, Nets and Seine, COTTON, FLAX JLKD HEMP of Every Description. Having retaken my Hotel at tee Atchf-son Rail Rooad Depot, I am now prepared te accommodate the travelling public, as in former days, and shall spare no -pains to make guests feel at home.

N. K. WAKEFIELD. Dec. 1, 1864.

tt DTJElWlfSEV Corner of Xeta Uanrpsliir and Finctney Sireti, LAWRENCE, KANSAS. Illinois. QTJIXCY, apriUdly. ious interests manifested by that community, are very commendable. The entire force of Railroad hands have PROPRIETOR.

A. SKINNER, It, II. PACKET LINE, 'Tri-Weetly St. Loni? u4 St. Josrplu i one or THE foixowixo Elegant Passenger Steamers WILL leave St.

tmi ev6ty Taesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at o'clock P. and pass Atehison going vtn, every 8uady, Tuesday anil Thursday A. M. setcrxing: i Inrt 'St. B-oweitk.

wety Monday, Wednesday and IFrldav, at No; and p.aAteiiion, going down, game tlays at 'clock E. r. JIEXRY TURNER, James Al Yore, Master, SCr CLARA; Spencer, PARAXON, John UcCloy, X2p TRACY, Duncan S. Carter, evj PEORIA CITY, Jud. Cart wright, VOST BOY, Saml.

Rider, V'V. THE ABOVE STEAMERS, nL UN PROMPTL 1- OK CARD. TIME, Throughout the Entire Season. for past favors, the Proprietors ask for a continuance of the same. Strict and careful attention will be given to 1 i THROUGH BUSINESS.

EilEIGJIl and PASSAGE, may be engaged on application to GARSIDE Agent, Atchison. been taken off the Union Pacific and placed upon the Leavenworth Branch. THIS HOUSEJias just been re-fitted and furnished tn the best manner, and is the largest Hotel la the city. Convenient to the Depot, Post Office, Ac. no4dly In a week or ten dava that will be comple ted to Leavenworth, when the tjntiro force of the company will be put upon the main trunk.

IT. F. XotnpkltM, Agent. jkaWes XTxiltoci States lA-: PRIZE TO BE GIVES AT CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, Chicago, ''III inoi M-AY 28th, 1866. 125,000 Valuable Prizes, valued at 25, trill be presented to Ticket Holder, including $100, COO in Greenbacks.

Number Tickets issued 500,000. IPrico ,21.00 Z2c.c32. This is the greatest inducement ever offered to the public, otie ticket out of every four drawing a Prize. The following Prizes re a few among the many to be drawn (for full list see circulars). 1st Grand Prize in Greenbacks 30, 000 24 Grand Prize in Greenbaks 10.000 A very important mail contract has been JOHN M.

PRICE, Oriental Powder Company, let, to go in operation July 1st, 186G, from this point to fort Kearney. We have not Chicagr; ATTORNEY AT LAW, learned the' successful bidder. TVe learn TEXTS of EVERY KIND. Offers for Sale E. M.

MILLER, CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS Constantly on hand a large assortment of CoaeJu8, 'Family PocJcavrays, Prince Albert's Slide-Seats Shifting Top Buggies, Standing-Top Pluxtons, Pony Pistons, Park PhatoriSy OPEN AND TOP SIDE ND END Spring Buggies of all Styles, SULKIES, SKELETON WAGONS, CALIFORNIA WAGONS, Express Wagons, E. M. MILLEE Quincy, 111., Sixth Street, let. Maine and Jersey, in rear of City Hall. aprilCdly it is probable that it will be carried by a two.

horse This being a fact but of superior quality, la Kegs, and Canisters, of 1 and 0. Also, extra quality DUsaood Grata Pow- it's no matter whether it is or not there are a few gullies on the road lately surveyed from here to Buffalo creek, on the south side of the Republican, that we have been der in 1 Jt cans. febl 3mo. .1 Awnings, Wagon Covers, TARPAULINS, FLAGS, BANKERS, Of Silk or Bunting, as per Army Regulations, constantly on hand and made ts order. G.

Hubs abb. J. S. Tcbkbb. O.

B. abf Bam a. tnarcbldm informed ncd bridging. It is to the inter JAMES WALSH. TWOSUS BTTCBtXaoX.

ests this town that the mail conveyance. WALSH HTJTCHISSiy. J. H. WHTELAW, Ocn'l Agent, 27 South Levee, St Louis, Mo.

tnarcb26d3m X0TARY rCULIC, AND REAL AXD CLAIM AGEM, 1 TYTILL practice Law in Atchison and adjoining coun-Y ties; Loan Money Make Investments Buy and Sell Real Estate procure all kinds of Military claims, and pay taxes for non-residents. Deeds and ether Instruments drawn with, accuracy, and acknowledgements and Depositions taken. "Particular attention given to securing and selecting debts.3 Ollice in Price's Block, on Fourth Streets. Antrust9, 'fi4. diy.

II. GLENN, Attorney; and Counsellor AT LAW, A TRJSOX, EA XSAS. May, 1664. lyd. WnoLtSALB FUR3T BRADLEX'a GEO.

D. HALL, Millinery Straw Goods Nos. 58 CO Iike np iyITY II0TEL Chicago S. Et WHOLESALE GROCER; 3d Grand Prize, House and lOJfhi 4th Grand Prize in Greenbacks 5,000 5th Grand Prize of House and Lot 5,000 6th Giand Prize in Greenbacks 3.000 7th Grand Prise in Greenbacks. 2,000 8th to 83d Grand Prize in Greenbacks 1,000 each 25,000 33d to 55th Grand Prize in Greenbacks $500 each 10,000 55th Grand Prize, House and Lot 5,000 5Ct Ut Grand Prices, Ileuaes 12,000 61st to 63d Grand Prizes, Cottages and Lots, each 6,000 63d to 73d Grand Prizes, City Lots, $500 each 5,000 73d to 94th Grand Prizes.Greenbacks $100 each 2i0 94th to 115th Grand Prizes, Greenbacks, $50 each 1,000 115th to 1 1Sth Grand Prizes, Houses and tots, $3,000.

each 9,000 124,832 other Prizes valued at from $3 to $1 each 854,575 25 Drawing will take place after the Concert, on the stage of fthe Opera House, where parsons can witness iD. A Committee will bti Jtppolnterf by the. audifcace to superintend the same. All purchasers- and agents EDWAKB SCAXLAX. JOHS r.

CIM. Dealer rx and all other travel in that direction, should go over that "road, and we trust the matter will looked after. The Holladay coaches are now running every other day, in consequence of some lack of accommodations for passengers on the Sscond Division, Over half that division of the road has- been provided with comfortable stopping places, and but a week or ten days will elapse before the remainder of it is also provided, after which the coaches will run learn that ten coaches are engaged ahead, and that the excitement is getting high among the travellers to try the Smoky Hill. The company are building a fine stable in town, near GafFney Sanderson Ts, and also one at Chapman's Creek, Abeline Solomon City and Salina An express wagon passed through Thursday morning the entire contents of which were Billed to Salt Lake. Wines and Liquors, 127 Hampsliire Street, W.

W. GUTHRIE, (LATB ATTOBXET CBSEBAL Or KAXSAS.) ttoxiiey at Law Atchfiton, Annwi. ILL attend to basinets as heretofore, in Doniphan, SCHtt.A2T ct- i Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers CONFECTIONERY- Xo. 138 Socta Water Street, CIllCAGOi fjg We Manufacture etrr own GooSd. i- jan30 'to ly.

II. R. OijiStbad, O. Latcllb, Toledo, O. R.

W. Joses, Syraewss, N. .1 C. U. CAarEKTEB, Chicago, Illinois.

Brown, emaha and Marshall will be supplied with correct Ksts- of drawings as- soon- 8lky Cultivator, OUNTIES AND PENSIONS Agency' of SARDIS XXX CUE AM. AL and UPONTl: POWDER COMPANY. --i aprilCdly SLIGO IRON No. 263 North Second SAtXT IOUIS, "tyrone" Iron. Parties wantlng our brands of Iron will bear In tnind that ire have agencies, but confine sales in Pt.

Louis to our own house. COSSTAKTLT OM HA A VfLI. BCPPLT OF BLACKSMITHS', PLOW MAKERS' and Wagon Makers' Merchandise. nteh2dly. MITCHELL.

FELLOWS EO-f Successors to McELIIANT FELLOWS, olesale Staple and Fancy Grocers, No. 116 N. Second 7s JVC. McCULLY. as published.

Tickets for sale at the principal Hotel, Dook and Music Stores in the city, and at our office. 133 Dearborn Street; price $1.00 each. Sent by mail on receipt of price and stamp for return postage. Good and reliable agents wanted- in every city, town and village in the United States, to whom great inducements are offered. References- required.

Special Terms or CIhd Bates. Any party procuring a club of five or more names for tickets and forwarding us the moneyfer (he same will be allowed the following commission, viz rjiHE ABOVE CUT Ulustrates our Sulky Cultivator; for which we claim MAXY ADYAXTAGES over all others. It Is so well known throughout the West, and its Superiority over others acknowledged, that we deem it nnnrcenMrr to say anytliing further In its favor. i. fTsT" Pull particulars fmnisned on spplicatuo.

CARRIAGE TSAXTJr ALL KINDS of Military claims collected from the Government with dispatch. Apply to G. Attorney at Law. Kansas. nov.29th,lSfti.

GRAY, Attorney at atchison, kansas. Oilice in Diesbacli's old Building, near llamilton's WAG03 AND FACTCREK, Commercial, fifth Street, near Manuraeturers asd Dealers In WE AVIILi SEN" 5 Tickets to one address for fcvure, (Jommcrcial at Garden City Clipper. Plow A TCEISOX, KANSAS. ALL Wagoaa and Xarrias built to order and warranted. Particular attention paid to job-work and repairiiig.

All orders promptly executed at reasonaM rates and on short notice. Connected with the factory is a r.LACKSMITH SHOP, where iron-work of every description is done at prices to suit customers. The jiatronaga of the putlic is so licited. 1yd. May.

V. 5 do do do $4 50 9 i'0 T7 50 26 25 35 00 43 50 85 00 10 20 30 40 50 And 100 do do do do do do fir OTIS GLICK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATCHISON, KANSAS. Office over Exchange Dank, Commercial Street. 1SC4. Uyd- i i no do QIIAJIIjJSS 11.

ATjLUJST, Wholesale Dealer in. Foreign Domestic 11(1 re GUNS AUD PISTOLS, Saddlery Carriage Materials Trimmings, Leather India Rubber MACHINE BELTING, Fairbanks Hay, Platform and Counter Scales, Machinists' Goods, Field, Garden and Flower Seeds. No. Ill Maine south side the Square, QUINCY, ILLINOIS. F.

FLACHS Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals Dye Woods and Dye-Stuffs, Varnishes, Potty, Paints and Painter's Articles, Window Glass an- Glassware, Hydraulic Cement and Plaster Paris; Paint, Hair, Tooth, Shoe and other Brushes; Spices, Ftarch, and all kinds of Grocers' Drns; all Patent Medicines of the day Bird Cages, Baskets, Child-Tens' Wagons, Fancy Goods A Notions, ISAAC W. MITCHK h. r. rkLLowa. 'r' ST.

LOUIS, MO. JOlIlt DKLL. 1 B. F. Harrison, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Atchison, Kansas.

Office In Prices' Building. Feb. 7th, 1SG5. ly. We keep a full stock of Every Kind and Style MEDIC Pi TYLER So SAWYER, GENERAL Gominission Forwarding MEH.CH3XrTiS, 73 N.

Levee 150 Commekcial IC EIGIITERS XICB0LAS.J0KVST0S, ilaaufactures- andLashes, Or ALL KINDS ant! sells them at Wholesale and RetalK He has been thirteen years in the business in Missouri and Kansas, and now supplies a lar" part efthe Trade from Omaha to Kansas City. Anost every ox on the plains and in the mountains knows the wer ofXics Johnston's LASHES. Orders promptly filled at my Manufactory on Commercial street, between- 3d, Atchison, Kansas. June Sth, 1364. of these PLOWS on hand.

Also, a Great Variety of otlier tramline: IiupIeuieutM. Every article WARRAXTED to give satisfaction. 0 VVhoCesaSe Dealers will find it to their Interest Coacli Saddlery SADDLES LEATHER. VtiLAKE STREET, 5: 1 CHICAGO, Hubs, Spokes, Bent Felloes. Seat Hails, and all otho Articles of Bent Carriage Work.

fCarchSGdly 1 1 m. GE0EGE SUGGS Manuf-cturera Bedsteads, Cribs, Lounges, Ac, Ac, Ac, Weep constantly on band" A very large Assortment We are prepared to fill No. 335 Smith Canal St, sftj'LLO Western' Tobacco No. 47 Water-it. Cor.

Wabash A rej c. v. distbbicws. VAAl.VsvA-iM vVs Consignments respectfully solicited. janlldl-jp W.

H. GRIMES, M. PH YSICIA AND UR GE rVFVICE at the Drug Stope of G. E. Budington.

A Co. Residence South AtchUon. dec4dtf In every case send the name and postoffice address of each separate subscriber. Money by P. O.

order, express, or Inr regis tered letters, may be sent at our risk. fjr Tickets for" sale" by AjTIOS AVERT, Real Estate and Insurance Agent, Atchison, Kansas. AH communications should be addressed to WIGGINS, BRADFORD 133 Dearborn Chicago, Illinois, Postoffice Drawer 5,913. The proprietors will donate to the Lincoln and Douglas Monument Fund $2,000 also, there will be reserved from the person drawing the $30,000 prize for tha same purpose. fj 3 Referesces non-.

M. Wilkinson, ex-Senator of Min. Hon. Geo V. Lawrence, M.

of Penn. Hon. Alex. Randall, ex. Governor of Wis.

Hon. Wm. Montgomery, ex-M. of Penn. Hon.

Major Dan. Mace, of Ira'J. Lacock, of Kansas Hon W-n. Leffingwell, of Lyons, Iowa; lion. Joseph Knox, of Chicago Hon.

C. Graves Smith, of Minn. Jacob Forsyth, Apent M. S. R.

Chicago, 111. M. Kron berg Importers of Watches, Chicago; Maxell, White New Orleans, La. aprllvMdlm New Stove and Tin Store to buy of us. For full particulars and descriptive Catalogues, address l'urst Ac Bradley, jan3l'66 6mo.

CHICAGO, ILL. ST. LOUIS, MO. t3T" Particular attention given to filling orders for FL 0 UIit GRAIX and ALL EJXDS of Jf ER CHAS-IHSE. feb28dCrapoy And Agents for Paton's Kefined Coal OiL.

CALIFOEITIA JOHN," THE Champion Blacksmith, having climbed as far up the Rocky Mountains as John C. Fremont did, he thinks he can see as far into a bugjry wheel or horses foot as any man on OLIVE STREET HOTEL. DR. J. A.

RUBICON, Ilouieopatblc Physician Surgeon, OFFICE over Union Clothing Hall, Commercial Atchison, Kansas. Office hours from 8 to 9 a. M. to 3 and 7 to 8 r. m.

inarch 25 In. DPu J. F. MARTIN, V. Kansas.

OFFERS HIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TO THE citisens of the City and Vicinity. Office on Cow. mercial Street, next door to Exchange Dank. May, 1S6. lyd.

B. P. YO0S1IIES 4 Proprietors. top of ground, who has only two eyes and to prove this fact ha has just finished a pair of the largest wheels ever made in Kansas they are so large that he could not get them in his shop and was obliged to lease a lot containing two acres of ground to turn them over. It takes twenty men to lift one wheel, and it is supposed they will carry one million pounds with ease.

nov.14 tf. CALIFORNIA JOHN. Cov. Second 0 0-? SAINT LOUIS. Howard Grimes.

A5DREW WELTE, No. 110 Maine Street, QUINCY, ILL. BOOTS SHOES AT II A IE. THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE STOCK of BOOTS AND SHOES ever brought to the West, AT GEE A TL RED UCED PRICES, Will be found at i SOHULTHEIS' NO. 90 HAMPSHIRE STREET, 'it North Side of the Square, QUINOY, Illinois.

Doggett, Basset j. 1 Manufacturers and wholesale dealers la BOOTS SHOES, Having enlarged our premises, Nos. 29 31 LAKE STREET, CORNEB XV BASH AVE.N IE, Xo meet the requlreuientn of onr Trade, we invite tbe attention of C'AMI BL Kits to on large frtock of Kirwl Cla Work, of the best Iiatern and Our o-wti Chicago Mariufactnre NOW READY FOR FALL TRADE. D0GGETT, BASSETT, i HILLS, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Mareh24 Oca.

IT i -WELTE CRiiViES, HAVE just opened a NEW STOVE and TIN STORE one door west of Budington Drug Store, -'Commercial-st', AtehiienF Kansas, 1ST" The Hotel t'oacli will be at the Dt pot on the arrival of all Trains. niarch'Jdly SANFORD G. SCARRITT, Vanufactarer of and Vholeile and Retail Dealer iu FURNITURE All BEDBUG. NO. 44 XIARIvET Detween Second and Tliird St.

Louis, Mo. call before purchasing feb2CdCni And are prepared to furnish ANY KIND of STOVE or anything in our line on the SHORTEST NOTICE. We are both nracticat workmen, have a I ai Third bet wee. -ilain and Commercial, -A tt hison, i. Kansas.

I AM PREPARED ti execute all jobs of House, Sig and Ornamental Painting, Glazing and Paper Hanging, on short notice and in the best style of I solicit a continuance of the patronage of the citisena Atehison and vicinity. July 13 6t. hail Inuir exnerience. in the business, and pEIYATE TO THE rxrORTOATE. DTt.

CLARKE, the snort succeful sad oaly reliable Physician and tornnn fn Chieairo. (engaged ri-cluKirely In the diseases of a private and confidential nature,) at bis old established rrirato-' Medical binpearary, 7 t'Urfc trr-t. 4 Larvon block, continuea to cure (slH-n all others fail.) every condition of dl which patieuts usually ixh kept secret. Thousands can testify to tb rresA succtss of Dr C. 1b the treatment of Gonorrhoea.

Gleet, Wricture, Diseases of the Bladder aad Kldaeys, Pyptnllla, in all its horrible forms, old, lingerins; cases of too SBost horrible disease, when the blood has become fMrfsoned, producing of the Face, small watery Blisters, Llcers, Pains in tbo 11 sad and Bones, tlceratdl rWrw Throat and Nose, Eruptions of the ncalp. Node of too Bones, Scrofula, Swellings In the Groin, Caries of ths-Bones. Syprtilitic rUteasnaUsat, Diiea-s of the I kin, Ls the Hair, are soon cured by Dr Clarke. Dr Clarke's far famed Blood Medirlaes. for tbceotn- MrrTi.Tit irill find tn ihpir intarJlt to irfve US a feel warranted in saying that we can give entire sat- V.

BR YNING, M. Lat Toronto, Canada West, and a Graduate of a British College of Medicine, Surgery, now permanently located in ATCHISON, Can be found during the day at his office to Tiara Co's Drug Store, and at night at his residence in South Atchison. May lith, 1S64. ly. W.

VANDERV00RT, RESIDEN DENTIST, Oflet on Commercial Street, Xorth Side, East Fourth and Fifth Street, ATCHIS0IT, KAUSAS. i PARTICULAR ATTENTION GIVEN TO ETTINO Teeth in VULCANITE, OR HARD KVBBER ASK. This style of Dentistry, for cleanllnem aad durability. Is anexeeUed. Teeth filled with Gold in the most superior manner.

Is Extracting Teeth, I acknowledge no superior. Charges moderate. May, 164. I1- can oeiore purt-nasmg eiswuere, we wm uupiiciw i St. Louis Chicago pricea.

Pr4d6m ft' A Wm. Jackson. NOTART PCBLIA.f IS. 7fl. 2Itfffhr.

at Law. 1 4'; i 9. 1 4 A I Jobbing of All Kinds, ECCH A3 HUGHES JACKSON, HEN RID DE Importer and Wholesale Dealer in Crockery, China, Glass Real Estate Agents, AtrHieri, Kan. Tin Roofing, Guttering; Piping; XST" Give us a call. april4d4wly 1 AND LAND and LOTSsoMamf pwrehased, propery leased, rents collected, and particular attention paid to payment of taxes for non-residents.

Collections made throughout Kansas. aug. SO tf. 01 fermi plete eradication of every vestige of Venereal Diseases, stand alone as the only pot rot and eflctoal remedy for ttte nnfnrtonat and misguided sufferer. These medicines can ouiy be I tad of Dr Clarke (price 9 per bottle) at his Private Hospital, where every species of secret diseases ere s-ieeMnsfuJly treated.

atesber the Doctor is an educated Physician, uses no mercury, and, having quit family, has adopted an office prac ROBERT M'CRIE, jyERClIANT TAILOR. Seit-iobr io-' Bank of the State of Kansas, Commercial Street, Atchison, Kan. Keeps on hand Late and Fashionable JIEYEJl BEOTirEItS 0 CO, iSuceessors to J. Matthews' Sons, Wholesale Druggists, And, Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Paints Oils, Frerif and imcrlcaa Window Chiss, Dye-StuEfs, Brushes, Spices, 102 North Second Street, ST. LOCIS, MO-.

oetober 23, 1SC5 ly From WlfXTAMS ADVERTISING AND AffENC.Y, 91 Chestnut St, St. Leaf. 4 tice, treatiug all accidents resulting from imprudence la iMth sexes, riving tbem bis afcote ntteaUt-n. iu. rsT- a' earaf i TO THE LADltg.

Ir Clarke is of the Liseases Pemales, and can be eonsnlted est aH rl-- rate and delicate vith the aosaran-e'-rf J. A. DTJB.KEE CflMMISsfoijERBEJIU relief. No lady ehnuld be withont a box of Dr Clarke's celebrated Female Pills. (freh frvm the laharatory.) i SPRlXG'Jt jSrOfMER STYLES qfcojTiXGWAAr'CAg5ijrERsJ, VOTINGS, DOESKINS, TWEEDS, 4c.

Is prepared to make order Lt and most Fasluonable Style. guarantees. to furnish Military K-, QUEERS WARE, SILVER PLATED, Britania and Japan Wares, TABLE 1XD POCKET CrTLESY, KOTSE FT7BNI5HIITG GOODS Generally, Depot for all Kinds Lamp Goods, and Kerosine and Coal Oil, Exclusive Agent for the Ga3 Condensing no Chimney Burner, Light House Hinge and Filler '-Burner, The Kerosene Burner In Use. Ill Hampshire next Tremont, -DKALEBS IX- sate ana cueciuai remeoy lor irregujartues and obstruction, no matter from what cuk. Besw-aaber that these Pills are prepared expressly for obstinate cases, which all the common remedies made to sell In Goodwin, Behr Co.

1 t- i drug stores failed to relieve. Ladies, who wisli, can have board in the city during treatment. FIiOTJR, GRAIN, rHigMnes anl Broom Corn, i Ko. 13 TVIilteliaH St. DR.

JACKSON'S BLOOD HUMOR Unsurpassed for cat-arid, quality May. MA XV FA CTVRERS -OF- lyd. rw Send two stamps for Private Letter ttr VirrrlrA Ladies: also, for desctsrtffesfr tiie Doctar'a tiw THE INDIANA CENTRA! certain, durable, and only gefentific PrevenUaivs J. A. Dnrkee, 1 Wm.

McGregor, i. W. Moore. r. r-P.

O. BOX ever Jo rate. If not as represented, money refunded on its return by mail. Of the many avid since flr.l Ut- troduced not oe has been returned. Price 19 each" VOIPAKX.

W. B. JtATBAX. m. a.

roTTiR. ugTdly CHICAGO JPajter Collar JIanufactur- UlinoisJ -A. Candles Lard Oil, Fancy and Toilet Soaps, Dealers in LARD, TALLOW, PALM OIL, SODA JLSIT, CAUSTIC SODA, JtC. No. 10 Pine Street, A.


prices, see market Buhl4d6m april4G5di5iiv-poy WlU " cure ERTSTPELAS, DYSPEPSIA. INDIGESTION, HEARTBURN, or any HUMOR in the BLOOD or STOMACH, and for PURIFYING the SYSTEM and ERADICATING all TRACES of DISEASE this remedy has no equal, and for BUILDING up the SYSMEM, and giving new Strength an4 TIG Its unparalelled success since its introduction," and the wonderful cures it haa" and Is daily performing are Us best guarantee and we earnestly desire that every sufferer shall give it a trial. Sold by all Druggists. Price one dollar a bottle. COLLINS BROTHERS, ST.

LO HIS, MO. Proprietors. Western-, Branch OJice, Ss. Joseph, Mo. CAHTAL71 -7 :icur.O F'FI C.XJtS: DANIEL President.

E. D. Vic President. N. C.

HILDEBRAND, Secretary- --General Agent. D. A. DODGEv Actuary, Western Department. A- SPB4GUB, Asent," -i rAtchison, Kansas.

P.I.. McLaaghlin, Prest Western Bank John Col bono A Bankera A Exchange Dealers; A. M. Sax-ton. Cashier State Bank Tootle A Farltish, Wholesale D-y Goods Merchants; D.

A. Constable. Wholesale Iron A hrvy Hardware i Nave, McCord A Wholesale Grocer) 4... 16octC5dly O. K.

MAIili RYOIV, Wholesale Dealers in Feathers, Curled Hair, Mosss, CORN HUSKS, And Manufacture of all kinds of Mattxasses, Bedding, Bedsteads, Cots, 3c 169 Chatham Strrrt, NEW YORK. aug. 84, 1S65 ly. ing Company, Garret Clock cor. State A Randolph CHICAGO.

Manufacturers of Satin EmrraM Collar Cuffs, aud Dealer in sJl kinds of COLLARS FOR THE TRADE. Paper Envelopes at Wholesale. Also Agents for Washington Collar Manufactory of Troy, New York. P. O.

Box, 1440. jn276 ly. MALTLAND BOON, Wholesale Manufacturer of XI Harness, Saddles, HAUNESS DRTDLE AND sffiTINfr LE ATlM JAMES a M. CMA WEOUD, wo pruiuru ujrcciious. rent io any part ot ui country on receipt of price.

Married people shouM examine this great bleating, aud see at nce its efficacy. Female rip jes t2 end tl each. FreccM Safes, preventative to'dlKase and pregnancy (best snad,) each, by mall. Torxo Me Taxi Pactx.ab Koticb Too. who- by indulging in certain solitary practice (or front any other cause) hare contracted that mindharrowing aod body destroying disease, rjioinal Weakness, can be re-' stored to health by applying either lo persso or by" letter.

Iff Bend two stamps for work la," formatioa. and undoubted testimonials, in sealed envelope. Strangers (of titber sex) risiilag ClJcago, and who are in need of a medical and have no time to stay in the cit to be cared, can have ssediciaes to take with them. Safe and speedy cures guaranteed. sons living at a distance can- be cured by addrerstng C.

stating the ease, symptoms, Ac. Uedictses sen' (securely packed and free from observation) to any part of the conctry, with full and plain directions for use. At the office feet ranee on Clark, and Washington streets) it is so arranged that patirds never come in contact with one another, and nee no one bat the Doctor therefore let bo reelings of false modesty or basn-fulness deter yon from making immediate application (either la person or by letter,) and do not risk your health and happiness fur lifetime, but go at once to the lihysicians and Surgeonwhose fcusuiess Is, and' he will reicore yea. t5? AH eases strictly Office' hours' from a. to s.

Addre DH CLARKE, So. A Larmna febl 'C ly i Wholesale and Retail Dealer In i Xw, Medical, School MisceUaaeoas ITCH! IT CHI! DtiLBft ni S. EATO.V. J. E.


AU oiie; promptly ifasnioiiaie fX always -CuTTISra, 'GLEASLXQ; 4 REFALRIXG Done on short notice. Prices a oderate Terms Cash i ii a i ApriUdly in the U. S. Tand Office Will cure Oie ITCH 8AXX JinUM. In a few applications.

It also cures Prairie Scratches, Chilblains, Ulcers and Eruptions of the skin where other remedies have been triedln vain, cures speedily 4nd, thoroughly. Price 50 eents a box. Sold by all druggists. Byseodiog 60 ents in a lcttar to COLLINS BROTHERS, 8.. W.

cor. and Vine St. Louis, it win be sent by mail free of postage. april-tdly i ML 1: Stationery Periodicals Papers, No. 54 Fourtli Street, fT-gfs PuWisLer of WHITTLESAY'S MO.

FORM BOOK. BARCLAY'S DIGEST OS MO- Rt POUTS, A FI A LA'S SECTIONAL TOWNSHIP. MAPS OF MO. SCIIOOI BOOKS furnished to the Trad and Larf BcbooU, at Eastern Wholesale prices. i 'r oct.

28, JSftsWdly. 7V; TT Irnperters and Wholesale Dealer In 'iroTioirs, toys, Gent FurnlshlBff Good- No. 104 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo. ct: 1S65 dl TOPEIIA, KANSAS A.

CnHARRISONj VI COMMISSIO 3ST MERCHANTS, OFFICE NO, 13 STATE STREET, Ohloaeo, Xlltnoisi P. O. DRA WER, 6072. 139" We give special attention to the selMog of Wool and Hides. Onr facilities in these specialties are superior.

Orders for goods of all kinds meet prompt t-tention. Marcb31 d6m. Ij HOT -V 33 itje buy and sell Eeal Estate and transact all bud- ay Gent's Furnishing Goodt, and TIats and Capt bcaVquaJity and most Fashionable Styles. Store 611 Corner of Commeriel and Fourth, Atchison -r'-KaaiM, nesa in relation to titles io unai in mxi psi- wi Kansas. We have unusual facilities for tracing original titles.

Any business entrusted to us will receive prompt attention. may9dAwtf BLACK gat SMITH. 18 prepared" to da ktnifs rf norse aod MJe fhoeinj, 4c, Fn the best despatch and tm terras. t3T Shopon 4U Etieet, r-ppwtts Dickson's jbb.SO'M 'And Collectingi Agent; Offic' rfce'i Buildiap. Atchison," Jan.

23th, 1865. ly All kinds of Pbiktiko. dene at the Free rress To Business -lien I IF you want to Reach the People of Kansas? ADVERTISE IN TE FREE PRESS. LETTER IIEADS printed in the neatest at.the. For plain and ornamectal Printing go to the Fbite Fbess office.


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