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The Atchison Daily Free Press from Atchison, Kansas • 4

The Atchison Daily Free Press from Atchison, Kansas • 4

Atchison, Kansas
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7 Wood for Sale! "White Oak Wood in any quantity at per cord. Join; J. Ingalls. P. T.

Barnnm ha3 written a latter pro n0uncing Col Wood's Museum, Chicago, decidedly the neatest and best conducted 1 Tfcose housekeepers who want nice fresh meat and who dont? will do well to call at Bracke Wetzel's, Atchison Meat A G. J1 DOCTOR. JAMES, Formerly of Junes' Lock Hospital, Custom House street, N.w Orleans, est in 1S.V), and located in Chicaso for the lit six years, lias removed to iTJ itaudolfh street, coruer of opposite his old oftice, Chicago, 111., where he may It consulted upon the treatment 4f i4 Cimute. Mercurial, ttlou, and all kinds of iHit auJ Zkiit JJrxiAt tier' t'f a ConUigitm IV- rr'tl Chusuct't: Cures them without to Mercury, ittdiii. Arseuk-, or any poijmn, but with a Jitutraliser, a joiiir care for all Uuuiors and blood poisons.

Ok3asic such as tVexkness, Nocturnal aud nl Emissions, broiifrhtoii ly abm of the system, early imliscre' ions, excesses, or entailed hereditarily, causing loss i-t uicuiory, coufufion, depression, dimness, au.l insanity, with oilier deploraMe train of symptoms, treated and radically cured with an infallible method, savins muchtime aud Dr. Easterly's Medic'iis SYPHILITIC CUKE This Celebrated Remedy Is an Infallible Cure to S1PUIL1S In the Primary, Secondary and Teruuary Stages. FX all large cities thor exists a containoai Sexnal 1 Disease called S-'vphilis, which is capalde of trana- inission by inoculation. Dr. Mart's SypMliUe Core -i, is the only remedy that will cure Syphilis in all its various and complicated forms, and thoroughly eradicate the syphilitic ioison or vims from the system.

Symptoms ff the First or Primary Stage. This is known by chaudres or ulcers appearing soe after an exposurJ. To cure the first stajre ne Dr. Mari'sSvphiiisirt Cure Pills and Uasl, wluch ne er fails cure Syphilis in a few five to fifteen davs fnithful treatment usually suflices to cure first stjige. One or two packages never fails lo cure the 6rt btage.

Cir-Price per package, fl2S. Symptoms of the Secemdjrg Stage of Syphili This is known bv the HW'n; riconin the Month, Xose, Throat, Glaiids. Skin, Head, Nails, Mucous Membranes, Cancerous Sors on the Arms and Legs, Eruptions on th Skin. Scrofula, i tc. To cure tha second stage, use Pr.

Mark's Syphilitic Cure Pills and Tbroa Wash, if the thrnat is ulcerared if not omit the wash. These are an infallible cure for this sS if usd a svflicient Icneh of time to eraIieate the poison from the svMem. JTr- Price rer package lt including Th: Wa'h if omitted, vn per package. cf cr TfrtUiry Stey Sjfj'kilis. This stage is known by ihe following symptoms- Nodes or hard and painful Tumors on Uie iiones.

En Ureiieots of the Joints, Caries, t-r lreay of th Uonrs, Svphilitic Kbeuuntlism, Alteration of the Parts, eto. To cure the Third or Tertiary Wage, use lr. Mark's Ss-phihtic Cure and Pills. These medicines wiil curs the longest standing and wetst cases. They wiii car the UHist excruciating uiu in tue Hines aad Jwiuts in a few days.

Price per package Advice to the Afilicted Rend the symptoms above described of each stags sf Syphilis, and in -cure at once th? for tha stage with which you Tliey will effectually cure yoii. A Treatise on Syphilitic Oiscascs. giving plain rl- r.Tt"pi;s tn care the stages, each tage of the meoicine. Ir. M.irk's Syphiliiic Cure and Pill srs an cure for no m.iiK-r how long standing or how bad.

They remove the cause, and tha cure is certain aud pcruiauriit. P' ice 9 ftrt jer packag-. The Medicines wft be ser.t by Expres-? to a'l parts of the country, -n redij of the money, aud S3 to pay lnxiic and Prepared atidjld by Pr. E. Easterly A No.

Xortli Fifth streel. St. auu at tiieir lirauch Store, No. 9s Madion street, Chicago, Illinois. For ale by alt dee26dlm Skates.

'Now is the time to procure skates. C. J. Smith has just received a fresh installment of fine ones. His adver tf.ement to-day, will explain the matter.

Fixe Engraving. Geo. W. Willis, Jew-e'er, Commercial-lit, North tide, between Sd 4th, is prepared to do engraving of all kinds in a neat and beautiful style. Give him a calL Dec21dlw Bonds.

Wo will issue no more bonds for tho 4j improvement tax until January 2d, 18G7. JOHN M. CROWELL, Mayor. II. Clay Pabk, Register.

Atchison, Kansas, DecJ 2ith, 1835. dtd Gooo and Ciip.ap. We aro very glad to know that the new boot and shoe store of Clark north side of Commercial street, tho room formerly occupied by Nathan Anspacker, is doing a very fin business. Oar people have found out that tho goods offered by Messrs. Clark Co.

aro not only cheap but good also, and they work to teir own" advantage when they visit this store. AxoTnnii Fair and Festival. The Catholics will hold a Fair at M. J. Doyla's new building, on Commercial street, on the evening of Dec.

2Cth and Tho ladies, are making extensive preparations and will spare no pains to make it agreeable and interesting to all. The proceeds will be appwid to building the new Church, which will be one of tha finest edifices on the Missouri River when finished. We hope this Fair will ba liberal' patronized, as tho object is one worthy of a generous public. dec24dd The Christmas Tress. -Wo are happy to chronicle the very gratifying success of the Christmas Trees in the city.

Besides those open to the public, the expected occurrence of which ed in our Monday's issue, there were several had at private houses, for the especial entertain ment of the families end their friends. The Tree of the Episcopal SabbatirSchool was success and passed off to the satisfaction of the entire company in attendance. The hall was well filled and the arrangements were such that every child connected with the school rSceived a book, and most of them olhor gifts Uesidas. The German School was very well favored by tho provision made for them. The Tree was abundantly loaded with good things, and the quantity beneath it showed that the fruitage had been more than the tree could well bear.

It wa3 beautiful as well as fruitful, and when tho numerous candles were lighted the scene was rich and chaste. The entire German school under the care of Mr. J. J. Dangle was present, and also a large number "of parents and visitors.

The presents were previded from a general fund raised by subscription, and tho distribution was mado by numbers. The Tree was beautifully illuminated at abouf six o'clock and the ex-cxercises soon after began with a song by the children, Mrs. Bradford presiding at tli melodeon. Following this came' the distribution of numbers. xhese were taken through the room by Messrs.

Brad ford an-dDengle, and each child selected one which entitled him or her to the present bearing the corresponding number; After the numbers were distributed the German club sang Tag des Herm (The Day of the Lord.) Then came th distri bution of the presents, which was generally very satisfactory though the manner of! distribution made some curious assign ments of articles. A gold pen in eiire i 5 1 .1. establishment of the kind he has ever seen. A Pleasant Time 1 Ckl that a company of tho friends of Rav. S.

D. Stcrrs met at his house last evening, and, after erjoving a pleasant time took their 'parture, leaving behind them several line tokens of regard for their pastor and also a purse of greenbacks. Cabeless. A very careless shot was made on Christmas eve at just about mid- The ball from a rifle passed com pletely through the side wall of the hsuse of one of our citizens, and scattered the plaster over the bed in which three persons were sleeping, filling their eyes and hair with the dust. The heads of the sleeping occupants were exactly in range of tho ball, but its force was nearly ppentj when it entered the room, and its only ef fect was to arouse them by the shower of' plaster dust "accompanying tho noise.

Somebody should be more careful. Genuine Buck Gloves, Fur Caps, 'Chicago Custom mado Boots Shoes, and Gents furnishing goods of every description at W. F. Bailey' Co. tf Indigestion and innutrition, is the foundation of Consumption.

All scientific phy-s'cians admit this, and nearly all are becoming convinced that puro liquor, combined with vegetable remedies, which act directly on the digestive orgaas, are the remedies indicated. It is admitted by our nnst learned physicians that Roback's Bitters combine the properties of a gentle laxUive, an efilcient antibilious ngent, and ths best stomnchine known to the world. It is also acknowledged by Tractical chemists to be the safest and surest preventative to Bilious derangement -regulating the system, and giving tone to thp digestive organs. Ladies in dalicate health will find it suited to their use it is also highly recommended to mothers while nursing. It contains invigorating power for enervated systems.

Convalescents should use the-Bitters to strengthen the prostration which always follows acute 'disease. Gents. if you want a nice suit- of clothes for Christmas call on Win. M. Davies and you can have any style cn short notice, as he is prepared to manufacture all styles, and on reasonable terms.

Do you want a hat or cap Win. M. Davies has the best assortment in the city consisting, in part, of the Fashionable Silk and Cassimere, Driving Hat, Park, London Scotch cap, Glazed- Cassimere. TIr also has tho genuine Plymouth Buck, French Calf, and Cassimere Gloves. In fact at hisem-porium of fashion on the corner of 4th and Commercial you will find the most stock of furnishing goods in tho city and of a qaality not to be excelled am'wherc, east or West.

Give him a call and take a look at his goods whether you buy or not, as he charges nothing for showing them. Dec. 14th, 1SGG. dlf. and Soovili ha ve the largest variety and best-selected stock of lumber ever brought to Atchison.

Yard near Dixon's d-tf Tho best and cheapest stock of Dry Goods in tho city at -AW Bailey Co. Ottawa Starch, Silver. Gloss Starch, and Corn Starch, at Sect. 29. Dolan O'Meara's.

ust received at J. AYi Truetdell a large supply of Family Groceries. utf Gcod Beds arc the most arli aI1 tbo olber appointmehts-inay be if the j.j, rp ih Wni. O. lligjinsoh-', at his manufactory south side of Commercial-street, between Will I1UU XjKliy iO dvuiu LiiC- UvCt mattresses? of husk, moss "and hair, that have over been in this city.

He also does ns of upholsterir.g. Givehun a call. JlCVrtf Fo3 Tl3E LadVesJ Jut received by 'Ev. cr.1n.i;f1 i ru-tmpnt rf i g00j3f consisting; of Iks. merinos, orien-! (al brocades, oriental lusters, alpacas, For- sian twills, See.

Also, shawls, breakfast shawls, and other articles too numerous to mention, at tho new store cf W.t F. Ilailv Ut Co. tf Nice soods are alwa3s attractive, but whon they are being sold at New York 1000 pounds choice Lard and a ton of Butter afc-Covalt WhUe's. dtf Goods received every day, at "0: ft O'Meaba's. It ig easy cnough when you know bow Just so.

Anything is easy enough t0 do when you know how to it. But some thngs are mucV ra0re difficult to do than others. It is quite a scientific matter to make good photojrraphs or tmbrotvpes. i every time. An ignoramus blunder into a good picture occasionally, but it takes an experienced artist to always make good pictures.

Messrs. Munn Faul have established, and they continue to maintain, the5r reputation as superior photographers, 0ur peopie who want good pictures go to their gallery. "Secure the shadow ere the substance fades." If you want good Teas go to oclGdtf J. W. Truesdell's Thirty' cars of lumber, sash, doors, blinds just received at J.

S. Hoke's. He de- es competition both in price and quality. J. Clothing Hall, where-they mean what they cost they are much in ore so; this ex pi tins! why there is such a rush at II.

Frieden-I berg Co8. i' "-1 the i all by tice, r.fter and least shall and by IV fin'1 I Ill week cloths to the I rs I the piIE 1 1 1 Market. Besides having always the very best quality of steak, chop, roast and corned meats, they have the neatest and venient shop in the city. Fresli Smoked Hams and Shoulders at Sept. 20.

Dolan Meaea's. A Chance fob Good Bread. Why will you use old musty flour, when you can get a choice article manufactured from nice, new wheat, by Woodard Bowman, at the Ferry Mills. dtf- For choice Flour fro to oclCdtf J. W.

Truesdell's. At the cheap grocery house of J. C. Peters may be found at all times everything in their line at the very lowest prices. Their goods were ail bought for cash, at ow rates, and can be sold as cheap as at any house in the city.

dtf Just received a choice lot of White Fish, Codfish and Mackeral, at i Sept. 2y. Dolan O'Meara's. Sugar Loaf Syrup, the finest ever brought to this market, at Covalt Whita's. dtf Fresh Citron, at Sept.

29. Dolan O'Mkaba's. Go to J. W. Truesdell's for gcod White.

Fish, Mackerel, Trout, Codh and Smoked oclCdtf A fresh supply of dried fruit just received at Covalt White's. dtf CLOTHING CLOTHING ST. JLOTJIS. TSACY Clothiers ami Tailors, "110 North Fourth Street, opposite main entrance to i Planter's Gentlemen selecting goods at this establishment can rely cn obtaining pond poods at the lnwest possible prices. Kemem- te place, 110 N.

4th street, opposite main entrance to Planter's House. The latest style Empress Reversible Hoods at W. F. Bailey Co. tf Just received at J.

W. Truesdell on thousand pounds of nice fresh lard, dtf TWO! j. 3EF3L 2. I HI IE5 Oa Chrtstmas eve. the 14th by J.

O. Dimicfc, Cardinal Williams to Miss Mary E. Bret, of the city of Atchison. On the 22d inst. at the Planters House in this city, Rev.

W. K. Sir. Asduew Anderson to "llcsra Dotn New Advertisements. tor Kent! TIir.EE HOUSES for rent or "sale in Smh Atchison.

duc20d2w JOHN J. 1NGALLS. Skates, Skates. IAJI jdst in receipt of a fresh supply of SKATES. tec2odtf C.

J. SMITH. NOXICJE. Office of the Atcbisf Pike's Peak .1 lecernber 17th, 1S6G. Cliacge of Kauie.

that at a duly f.The Atchison i PUBLICS NOTICK is hereby giren cnticu medullar ot the fctockliol lers liaiirojid Company held pursuant to no at the Oiliceof the Company in the city of Atchison. Kansas, on the 20th Nor. liG6, the following resolution was adopied: i Revolted, That the name of this Company, on and the first day of January next, shall. le, avrt be changed to, the following name, viz Central Branch Union Pacific linil lload Compa-ny," that said name shall thereafter be used in all acta, instruments, contracts of said Company, and tiiat tiie Treasurer be and hereby ii instructed to cause to be prepared a neT common Seal of said Company with that name thereon, instead of the present -name, and to cause notice to be friven of such change to the Government of the United States, and by advertisement in it one newspaper in each of the cities of Topeka, ne newspaper in pacn or trie cities ot Topeka, New York atid Uoton, and otherwise as be eem expedient, arwl to do such other acts in re-i thereto as may be required by law. i Atcinso deem lation thereto as may be required by IT.

NICHOLS, dec. 22. Treasurer. CIsms's. WE Just aMarpe inrplce of Cigars avorua I.SDaniola." other choice brauds, which we are selline at very ru JlBTL-r I Ji.

1 rt. Sago, Summer Savorv and weet Marjoram, for pale decTd.f" McPIKE i ALLEN. TIicfc ca2i Ec Foisisil tit SmitK Gash Store, FINE lot of ADIES' CLOTH CLOAKS of latest styles, also a fine-lot -of Ladies' FURS, NUBIAS, (JLOVfcS, The paople are benning ont Cash-tore is, the place to buy fi CHRISTIE HOUSE, Si GIT, Ornamental Painters, 8tl ffoor above I. N. Hockaday', Barnes' Boarding Hous 3.

Fifth let. Kansas Ate. Santa Fe ATCHISON. KANSAS. i AVE fitted up my Louse in fine style and am now prepared to accommodate tJw public with day or board (with or without lodjring) at the -very lowest prices.

I have good and STABLE ad-joiain for Farmers. II. C. CAUXES. 0z Tiie City mills.

1 1 ffllE uniersijnf.1 having purchased the ''u I Mills kn in now bnltinp- and fully refitted the same, and is now prepared maaufcctnre as good fiour as can be had in this or St. Louis market. GRISTS GROUND "WITHOUT DELAY -ray- The highiit market price paid for pood wheat'. THOMAS BUTCHEU, Proprietor. Atchison, ith, 1S6C.

A. DEVI BLACK prepared to da all kinds of Blactsmithing, Horse and Male Shoeing, Eepairing, in best styles, with despatch and on reasoname itrmj Shop on 4tii Street, opposite Dickson's Mill. jan.SO '1' dtxnw. FRANCIS S. AUSTIN, Farrier and Cattle Oottor.

Residence en Kanw Avenue, bet. 3d 4th, ATCH1SOX, Subscnjet nas nap Jr P.f offers his services to ins friends Atchison and ad- (JllllUg cvuuim A 1 ueou jaw3-tv- i Ijgp-Advertise in Tee Fkee PbesC' auziiuti 1 I I I 0 of same, 4 J- future will 9-20 cloth for ready Delivered In tle City br tli Carrier ror 23 per Week. Jt of nil EC I Billheads, Cards, Hall Tickets. Show Cards, W'eddinir and Visiting Cards, Posters, Hand-Bills, Circulars, Hills of Lading, Way-MlIi, Theatre Programmes, done at the k'nhM an' Job Oflric ia the best ttyle and at low prices. ATCHISON, KANSAS, DKCEMBER 26.

ISGC. Local Matters. At Cost At Cost Cloaks, cloaks, cloaks, at Gard Ncwcomb's. This is no butabug can sec their bills, You will find a larger stock to select from find can pet more goods for less money at Card Novrcomb's than elsewhere. Go aud'ne.

Something Every Gzkt Snorr.D Know. Gard Nevrcomb have just received a lot of Fin heavy Cassimcres for suits, etc. Go aod see them. niiB--0'B Gonuine Alexander Kid Gloves, from A. T.

Stewart's, New Yolk, just received at W. T. Bailey Cos. Foit Sale or Rest. The advertisement of J.

J. Ingalla-found, in another column sets forth the particulars. Tnn BAtt. Tickets for the Fireman's Ball bo had cf the Firemen, at the Drug stores and at Helm's Book store. Be suro and get one.

The laij posters about the city are attracting the attention of the public. The Firemen aro, determined to have a grand time at their ball next Monday night. Accident. -i-Art Indian yesterday fell down Clio stair leading to W. F.

Down's office in Parker's building, and very seriously hurt himself about the head. The TurntfV have a ball to night and they will, of-coursc, have a very fine time. Those wlw utrip the. fantastic toe. and arc can enjoy themselves on" the' occasion.

ThV rails arc now beitiR laid on the fifty- fifth. jjiile of the B. U. P. lload.

The work has been delayed recently by the lm possibility of getting the necessary iron over the rivor. the St. JWph Herald, of tho 25th says that tha mrs of tho. City Passenger Rail way made. regular trips j'esterdaj-.

This inrwning the city authorities and many of our -prominent citizens will formally open tho road. Foa Sale ok Rent. My residence in fiouth Atchison. House contains ton rooms, with cistern and well under roof. There id a stable and ice-house ou the prcinisos fruit trees, shrubbery, 1 1 J.

SiiiTii. Buffalo. A man was in toxn to-day from tho Saline, with a load of Buffalo Va do not know what patronage he received from our citizens. The meat certainly looked dirty and grimy enough to pass for buffalo or any The cold snap has caused tho people to make raid on H. Fricdenburg Co's but his.

stock is, not yet exhausted.1 Don't shiver in sura-rncr while overcoats are being sold at cost, at the Union Clothing Hail. i It is really gratifying lo drop into Ileim's Bookstore and sea -tho immense tock-' of? Holiday goods that he on hand. Splendid Bagster Bibles, Diaries for 1807, nil cf the Poets, Albums, Gold Pens, Fine etc. 'dtf -k' Something nice fr Christmas Gift, just rceivcd at the Variety Store, eomo splendid Valencennes and Cluny Lttce Collars; also a nide- ptock" frf Velvet Ribbens-j SteaJ SAkIss Ladies -KAd- Gloves, with fur tops, Sc. GuknxAr.ACM it Store.

lihVo been discarded by the proprietor of PkctotiAt, Balji, preferring to refjr to undoubted witnesses. Titousands community willing aye, their 'testimony to the eilk-acy of this preparation, which has proved so successful jiutbo treatment all Bronchial Complans. For sale by J. A. Gould.

WhaVsTthe 'MATTku. We to-day recci- red -tho Leavenworth Daily Times which i bears date in one place cn the outside1 "Saturday morning, Dec. 27th, 1SGG," and in morning, Dtc-22d," on-lh inside in two places it reads, "Sun day morning, Dec. 23d." When did yea print that paper, Mr. Times Since Chnstrna "Trn Gnw." This -is the titla of the paper rea-b-at the School Exhibition on Friday last." We were intending to make ome-xtracts from it, on Monday, but havfn- overlooked it, wc will now simply say that the paper was a neatly written and contained some vry good original matter.

Miss Ella Auld was the editress. Christmas'. Tho day. came and went as other days come and go; but the people took pains to enjoy themselves, and apparently succeeded well. The evening of Monday was rendered boislcrousjby.the frequent firing of guns, which at midnight, and thcncoTiU morning, become more frequent anil almost continous in the different parts of tho city.

A portion of our citizens seem unable to- ba happy unless the air is filled with a sulpurous tlavor. All the inhabitants ef the city appeared to enjoy to suit his taste, displayed in phases enjoyment ranging down from sacredly observing the day with religious forms, to getting beastly drunk and being carried homVon a "Titter. "There Is no accounting for tabtes." i of to to of 1 fmSSi8 JLi-L i JL JUL. WHOLESALE 'AND 'RETAIL -v DEALER in Foreign and Domes tic II A II A AND CUTL EEY, Mechanics' Tools, Agricultural Implements, Iron, Steel, Glass, Sash Doors, Belting, and Packing, Plaster of Paris and Cement, Hubs, Spokes, and Felloes. AGENT FOR Ohio Chief Mower and Reaper, -Balls' Champion Pitts' Celebrated Threshing Machines, Fields' Corn and Cotton Cultivator, Waterman's Sucker State Lanum Pavey's Corn Planter, Eclipse Drag Saws and Horse Powers, Buckeye Grain Di'ills, Portable Cider Mills, Sprouts' 'Spring Tooth Horse-Rakes, Ohio and Iilinois Sugar-Cane if ills, Evaporators, Bat tell Boyd's Quincy Plows, Harvey Day's Burlington Putnam's Clothe' Wringer, Union Soap Stone Factory, WOULD respectfully announce that I am now permanently located in my New Building ON COMMERCIAL STREET, Between Second and Third, where I have just opened A Large and well-selected Stock of ARB A E.

Having purchased exclusively of first hands in the Atlantic Cities, I claim to be enabled to duplicate St. Louis and Chicago bills, and to compete with any C. J. SMITH. Atchison, June 21, 1863 tf.

CI A EX Wholesal and Retail Dealers in i BOOTS. SHOES RUBBERS, Xorthf 131 tla -Commercial Between Third Fourth Wo have just Openc ri i Aesl the Largest and cted stock of EVER BKOUG HT TO TI3 13 IT Comprising all the various styles and crrades of MENS," BOYS, Youtiis Children's Wear. Which wc are offsiing at the VERY LOWEST PHIOES I N. BTIie highest pr5ce paid for IIides Pelts, etc. decl2 dCui ANDREWS CARRIAGE xsv a me II a 1 1 Pa in GLizieri Pejer Jletngera, Commercial next door to Planter's House ATCHISON KANSAS.

Particular attention given to Graining and Figti Psintinsr. Thankful to the citizens of Atchison for the patronage the ast, we respectfully solicit it.ontionance of the a nd shall endeavor to mcr it. jeTidly A Complete Pictorial History of tiie Times." The best, cheapest, and most successful Family Paper in the Union." WEEKLY, BpkBJidly-. 4 This Taper fnruishes the best illustrations. Our historians will enrich themselves out of Harper's eetly long after writers, and painters, and publishers turned to duct-" New York EvaageKst.

It is at once a leading? political and historical annalist of the nation." Press. TscuscBimosrs ISCT. Terms Haefeb's year; CO An Extra Copy of either the Weekly or Magazine be supplied pratis for every Club of Five Subscribers at i each, in one remittance, or Six Copies for UO. Back Numbers can be supplied at any time. The Annual Volumes of HinrM's Webklt, in neat binding, will be sent by express, free of experse, each.

A complete Set1, comprising- Nine Volumes, sent on receipt of cash at the rate cf $5 25 pr freight at expense of purchaser. Volume January 1st, ISO. The pogta on Haefeb's Weeklt is 20 eenr a year, j' Mid at the post-office, HARPER BROTHERS, XranVlia Square, Tor "expense. Stricture, and all diseases peculiar to the sexes, of jinvaM nature, rdically cured. Old ofPieMOST 1IORRIDLE CLASS, where the Hdwd- luiiK-cume producing blotches ou the face, small watery blisters, pains in the head and bones, ulcerated throat.

iosei limits and body, scrofula, together with an endless number of sufiVrinirs- Ur. Jiiiii is -rrcouiiunded H- eurrally, the raediciil faculty, and prole-rs of medical colleges, etc. Thosj ai3ctel rl.ould apply immediately, and be cured of these terrible diseases. Dr. James has issued a revist-d, improved and frreatly enlarged edition of The Jnwfcr on Venereal Disease aDd Diseases peculiar to the stxirs, ailh directions and prescriptions for self treatment.

Sjternutta-rhea, cause! by self-abuse, sexual excess, Ac, is fully treated and will not fail to arrest Uie at.ention of tr.e An feature of the Is a treaties foncejitwa hon- avniited--and the rnt cessity and propriety of so The various diseases peculiar to females are fuiiy treated, and their retnerties jfircu. The Monit Is p. inted upon f.n paper, neatly and substantially bound, containing 2rt jiaes, and it is intended as a book to be kept for private reference and consultation. It is mult tun in jmrvtt much in tiie small et Buy it Kead it 1 he hook will injure none, but benefit all the old aud young of both sexes married and single.

I'rioe ef 50 ceill. wmi FuracTS. Postagk. Address Dr. James, P.

O. HoxG-Jti, Cl.icago, 111. Dr. James titliii-- and parlors are at 03 Randclj-h Street, Chicago, where he n.iy be consulted or by letter upon all dis-jnees pertaining in his Office huurs from A. si.

to P. M. 'Consiiltatioiis confidential. di-wlv. m9B PILLS KJ CURE sick.

HEADACHE, Cosliveness, find nil ili-senses of thtf liowels." ROBACK'S JJLOOD UR1FIER! CURES SCROFDTaA nn'l all disease" arising from impure blood. -V ARE SOLD X3Y ALL and Dealers in Patent 3IcIiciucs IE VERYWH ERE PRINCE, WALTON (Successors to Dr. C. W. Hoback.) SOLE PROPRIETORS, 53, 58, CO 62 East Third St.

CINCIXXATI. OHIO. J-tM4is-i i i COSyCR TIT JXf STUB'S 7 Wholesale aiiu Iletul" iiealtr ia A lt.E', Iron, Stoel, ITailc, Mechanic's Tools, Farruing Iiapleiaenti, ccc. ACCJiT rog Buckeye MoTzer Heaper, SWEEPSTAKES' and J. I.

CASES Threshing Machines. JirencrCs Corn Planters, ZlcndenltalF Patent Hand Loom, And many others. ATCHISON, mhlOd KANSAS. SEW I MACH I HIKES FCra DISTIXCT STITCHES i one and the same Machine, and the Only On at has THE itE YER.Smi.I2 FEED. Its stitches are the wonder of all.

The work will feed either to the rigid, or left. Call and examine. WH. E. PLANT, Gea'l 508 Oiestnnt, between Vlftli and Sixth, ST.

LOUIS. MISSOURI. t3T- AGENTS- WASTE f. ect2Td2m BITTERS im0(- ROBACK'S J3" ST03UCH -V BITTERS xSX- CUKE 2 DYSPEPSLl, '''SL aud are the Tonic atf in the world. HOBACK'S BLOOD -o 1 1 ll as i -I A) i I t.

-1 noiuer was given i-ioi. in a However fine jTi CT 1 J. a A-1 i Fever Agais Killer Will ciir Agu an-l Fever. Chills and Fever.

Puma Ague, and ivemitt-nt r'evers, and every form nf Fever incid.tit to the West. This celebrated an! i'ifailibl remedy has fifteen rears esiailis)ied iu ft- U'lii. aud is universally known throughout the friat Valley, a the only reliable medicine fur the of Ague Fever in ail its forms. Ague and Fever au infallible pre-scrij iuii is here presented you. TO CURE AGUE AND FEVER! Take a doseot Dr.

Easterly Fitmily Pills, and when done operating, take lr. Easleriy's Fever and Agua Killer, as directed on the Imttle, which mill Mop th Ague and Fever tire Jfrxt rlnv. Then to prevent Us return. the Ague Killer three time a day, on tha seventh, and tweuty-ichth days, dating from the last chill and fever, and wiil ba Permanently Cured! Let man; woman ars.1 child try it, and If yoa find it to be true, tell it to vonr flieiid. Kif-Pries of Ague Kiiler 4 per bottle.

Pills 10 ci-its per ixtx 40 pills in a box. Prepared and sold by Ir. E. Dasfcrly No. 7 North Fifth street, St.

Louis, Mo. Sold at teeir ttrancn Family Medicine Store, No. Madison street, Chicago, ill- GBIDLEY'S SALT dim! AND TEfTEil 0IXTMEXT Will cnr Ttter, liad. Prairie and JSarbers' Itch. Illinois Mauge, Missouri S-ratehc, Scrofula, Obtiuntc Old Sores, Pimples on tit Face, and all liiseascs and Eruptions mi the Skin.

to effect a K-riuaucnt and radical euro of Scraf-ulous ond;- of every kind wv recommend DU. EASTERLY'S Iodine Sarsajwritta To be used in'ernnlly, width purifies the blood, and removes tiie mul tiien iy plyl'ig the Oint- mtiit to the rs or purt. a and cure r-'ll le ir. cted. iioth are advUcd lo be used iu ihr-il c.iiipi:ii!its.

Price the (odine "id per Price t.rniley's alt Klieutu and Tetter OiKtuiei.t, 75 cents vr Imltle. Prepared and sidi! by Pr. E. No. T'i North Fifth reet, St.

Louis. ole Projirietors. Sold at their Itranrii Faultily Meilkiiie Store, No. 99 Madiou Chicago, Ills. F-jr an Drugisu.

LA DIES, 'HEAD THIS! Dr. Hooper's Female Cordial This elegant and popular tatdicine will cor all Femal Complaii.ts, such a Excessive, Paiii.iJ. or Suppressed Lucorlura, or Whites, tho womb, and rM cf the moutldy perieds. It will siso bring on whon checked by Colds, and all unnatural causes. A -iriVring llli.h any of th ii3icul(ies ahsrs should not LCI lo use Dr.

Hooper's Female. Cordial. It Is th-J roort pi. infallilde remedy ever I ii- i v-rnted furthe eure'of feiualecnuiplaints. Iadies, try it.

Price .) p-T H-ttle. Prepared and sold by Dr. Eaterly So. Nortii St. I.n:s, Mo.

Sold at their branch Family Medicine StoreNo. 9S street, Chica- For tale by all Drni-gTsJs. If Ii "CO MAGIC HAIR i Is the most p-rfect and admirable article ever discovered for the Preservation, I5euty, Res- tor.iiioji of the Hair; IT Rt-niitifics. snd Strchzthrnt the pre-J vents it froiij ul and becoming pertnaiieutlr gray, removes th- iu-lruif, and tirrus ha: sh nnruly liir inio tint fehicii smooth, lively and beau- tiful. Dr.

CwISs JIngL? Hail Oil Is the best T-ui'e kno-xn, aid will ro luce a growth new on bald heads In all cass where any artificial mmni run be nf anv mot in llig-ntanl b. a i ir-d lidi.snnd (ivnllomen in St. Louis u-e it, and r-srd it an iudisnal.le tap the toilet. CT" Pric 7A v' pr Prpsred aud w4- by ir. il.

Easterly No. 7J North Fifth stre-t, ft.; f.J.- ifrir s-il r.t their Iiranch Family Mi-IWn. Hire. No.

t9 Madtnon Cliicago, III. rr.r ssle by all gists. Dr. Easterly's American Lihiments Will cure Cn(. tVoatxts, Rhuma-Omio, Contracted 'leit ionf.

Swelled Jon.t-, Lauihago, ail LochI aud healed Paiiis, and all (i incase wiire an exterual rente i required. dr-ald. the mot eff ra-cious remedy er onvred to the Its vela-tif, penetra'tng, awlMng and healing- properties -hemsi lve to the. very bones, and give uf. ferer aiuioet itant relief.

Such powerful curat! are coubiaed in Dr. Easterly's American that it readily cure the worst wounds on Man or Bet. Every family tboiiid keep it ouusUntly on baad. Price 15 cents per botO. Prepared and sold by Dr.

E. EASTE7ILT CO No. 7( North Fifth street, St. Louis, Mo. Sold at their P.rtrnch ramily Medicine tore, No.

9 Madison street. Chicago, Illinois. For sole by all Druggists. nich20dA wly DU. EASTERLY'S Vegetable Pain Killer wni cure Bruises, Sprains, Headache, Toothache.

Sore cramps or pasm, Cholera, Cholera Dysentery or Bowel Complaint. Nervous Affections, Pain in the Face, Pain in the Back and Limbs, and, in fact, wherever it is applied PAIN" CANNOT EXIST. rpiH3 is the most speedy and efficacious Medicine ever" discovered, to relieve nersons suffering. Pain n. used ioWnelly and extemallv, with never-failing success.

As a Family Medicine it is invaluable. DR. EASTERLY'S PAIN KILLER th t1 remedy known lor the cure of Cholera. Should tuat awful scourge again visit the United States, it is feared it will, everv i seWea with this Medicine, to use "in the early iunof i trie disease. fSr" Price 73 cents rer bcttle SVm an'1 br E- Easterly Xo.

70 i1 treet-St- L5-. -'o. Sold at their Br.ncli Medicine Store, No. SJ Madison street, Chicago. IiL For sale by all Druggists.

Dr. Kastrly Medicines are for sale at Pn' dmgton Oould, and McPike Aliens of A Ichiro- and Ortitsts gcnerar.y. mchJialy. 7K are pkepared ti execute ail jobs of House, Ornamental Giaziiand MCU UijJji iiunginc, on notice in the bet ftyic of inanship. We s-iiicit a continuance of the patronage of TTOTTs" citizens of Atchison and viciuitv.

U.ULvJj, uerman ocuooi viiii.te, as a. wwu uLj tfeCif appreciation. Ot bis labors. lr. A.

Ahlerson made the presentatih' speech in behalf of Mr. as Mr. Aldcrson said, "that gentleman was too H.r. TJengle made a response for tho gut, ia German, hi3 tuanus for it and reception. expressing his pleasure at its 2.1r.

Alderson also mado5oma statements in regard to the origin of the German School, but as What he Said was I substantially the same as tha account we published in the Daily Fkee Pbess cf Dec. J-Ltrt, me eeKiy oi ine loin, we wni- not repeat it, Mr. Alderson paid a deserved compliment to Prof. Dengle the efiicicnt teaehcr of the School. Tho Club, sang "Der (The Wood,) and tho happy company dispersed at an early hour.

The Tree at. the M. E. Church was a One affair. Although gotten up on short notice, it was very satisfactory to all concerned.

The a cedar, Wsv bounti-fullv loaded with "all manner cf fruits," and shone with multitude' burning tapers, that mado it- look really like a growth of the fairy" land, 1 I singing, led by a of young folks, Rev. Mr- at tha melodeon. Kcfreshrsents in the shapo of apples and caR(3 wer distributed, and then ensued a short season of social enjoyment But. all the little eyes were intent on the beautiful Tree, and eager to partake of its fruitage. They were soon gratified, and each little pair ef h3ids held tTso fine things that fell its lot.

And among the names called, were tnosc ot oisr cnuoren, wfto seemed enjoy their portions with a pleasant rel- ish. We have not space to particularize. XJre were many fins presents bestowed, and some quite valuable ones. The portion the audience who became recipients, without doing much of the work, we are sure feel under obligations to those who labored so faithfully for the general com-1 fort. JT A large supply of staple and fancy Gro-j ceries, canned fruits of all kinds, wooden I canned fruits of all kinds, wooden I Gentlemen, don't be humbugged bybuy-llow ware, and in fact, everything to ing your goods at a store that hanjrs out a and wi bo found in a first class grocery house al-jsign to sell olF at cost, but ro to the Union ways on hand Covalt White's aud delivered free of charge tf tt -I i i.

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