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The Cherokee County Republican from Columbus, Kansas • 3

The Cherokee County Republican from Columbus, Kansas • 3

Columbus, Kansas
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BAXTER REPUBLICAN Pay your subscription iriuisdiatel, not sooner, Cast c-ff clothing, rgir'alp-s rf size, ndr. age, 'vr previous taken Monday we observed a good many hats flying down the streets through the mud and the owners standing cn the sidewalks saying Godelmity." Chetopa Htraid. That won't do. It is a physical impossibility for a hat to fly through an owner, and you should not try to make your readers believe such a thing. A cood and proStable way to spend an evenieg is to organise a reading circle, whose members select some standard wsrk, each reading in his or her turn.

Soma ladie3 in front of our office observing cn iaebrhtcd individual stumbling over those bad sidewalks on South Main street the other day, pun gently interrogated "Did you ever see a fellow whisky Dout so mh It is decidedly discouraging to a youth, jast enteringthe arena of society, after he has poured out his love iu tender, pathetic, appealing aesents, to have the object of his adoration, as he for a reply, place her tiny hands on her The Kansas Chip is hating some vigorous articles in favor of the herd-law" for Donlphoa county. State Item. So we ''herd." The County Superintendent Tilahes us to say that he will be in his office on Saturday cf each week to attend to any business connected therewith. If the woman make3 the man, the man the money, end "the money makes the mare go," who, in the name of all that is wonderful provides the mare The young man who epent all his works they read, but benefits them jrreatl in reatly ia learnins them to converse learnedly cn the authors, and read any kind of matter with an ease acquired inot13 mind weperused after completion, PhUHsy Articles. Some cf cur intimate friends, and especially those who are most interested in the welfare of tha Repcblican, ask why we don't emulate the example of Bob.

Burdette, the Danbury Ar man, or some other humorist, and make f. ourself national reputation. We were very much flattered by this, and determined to take advantage of the hint, and "do our endeavors" ia this direction. Accordingly repaired to the office, chopped ap three qtires of newspaper, iharpened a dote of pcacila and set work. Thefirst production of our humors and concluded it was not such aa article wc wanteJ- We perseTereJ, however, and Bior.

had oar table covered with attempts at wit, which would have made, oar opinion, the inoet aged specimen crabbed antiquity in existence, shako the remaining flesh off his bones. We aelected from this what we thought would make an immense article, and nearly laughed ourself sick over our own fanniness, scattering buttons ia every direction from the intensity of our mirth. Not content with this, wo dctemined give our associate a chance to laugh, and showed him bur manuscript. After placing it in his haads, we stood up ia a corner, placed our hands at our sides, and prepared for some more button- busting. Imagine our ehagrin, when he drew down his brows, and cave us the followinir advice: "Look here, vountr e.

man There is do uso of you trying to make a second G. Childs of your self. You will never mnke an obituary writer, and you had better confine your- self to itemizing." Of course this was encouraeinir. and determined to try another tack Approaching a "comp" at the case, we handod him tha copy, and seated ourself, where we could see him fall off hi3 stool from laughing so. Again we had the wind taken out of our sails by Ma i this to make We have tsrie more chance left, and will try this.

Perhaps on th principle that "the third time is the charm." We shall wait until Weldy comes up, and show him mir MS anil a Htna nnt taugn, we win De oongea to conciuae i mi i- we do'ct want to ba funny editor. article will io for nothing else, we are satisfied that it is voluminous enough to kindle a nre, and thon we wil De satisiiea that it has accomplished some good, though net in the manner intended. Splendid Farm For Sale Kc- Euarkably Cheap. We have for sale one of the best farms in this county. It is located six! miles northeast of Columbus, 160 acres, 80 acres plowed prairie land, constan- watery a good frame house! small fruits.

Will be sold at "reat sac rifice. For terms and particulars en quire of or address the Republican of fice. II03 1 Klelnfleltf. Now is your chance to get the biggest kind of bargain, at the old stand of 'the boys on the For Sale or Exchange Tor Farm. The Vincent House, southwest cor ner square.

Uall on or address, J. S. Vincent, Columbus, Kas. TELEGRAPH OPERATOR. By 3.T.C., Author of "Poor Me." Those telegraph wires are a very fine thing For every gent and waiter But the gayas: little ehap that in town Is the telegraph operator; Choc Be merry, merry girls, and inata youvaelTea at horn' He's such a lovely cretur'.

The gayest little, chap in town, is tha telegraph operator. Tora'll find him not a chrocodile. Kor yet an alligator But a lively chap to sport the gtrla. Is the tclegrapH oycrator. dro it makes no difference where he g-oas He is the ladies' waiter.

And oft I thought I'd wring tha nose Of the telegraph oparator. Cmo When they peep at him through the window pane Tfce'ir hearts jo o-p-pity-patterk-kies And 'oft thy wish that uiey might iaeteiSrapn operate. Cao rr mnA fr i or nnnr.h ae lMt slight partaker. O-a-o-o-o-o woulln' I give thia world to 1w COI.UMBU8 MASKET3. wheat 00 21 28 $120 25 sa 110 0ti 1 25 potatees 1 00 Potatoea, aweet uutier T.

Chtckens, per doiea 1 60 Applei 1 75 Beana DIED. At skernisn. City, last Tfcnrtiay, Mr. Wm. Saortea.

LitrHtainr. Creek. Tan. 17. Mr.

Briden stein. Oa January 2ai. at same place. i.iirbtiiine- Crerk. Jan.

1. of brain fe- Ter, Mr. John Farlow. In this eonnty, at the tesidenee of Dr. a una cuuuvj, Earle, Jan.

17, Mr. P. S. Cocketon, aged At Coalfield. Jan.

18, Mrs. Lyons, wife Oa the engineer of Ecammond Erothere. lftth of Asthma, 31r. wm. si.

Jay, fathar of A. W. Jay, ef this city. Age, 70 years and 6 months. At Louisville, Denton county, Texas, on me 20th of Typhoid-pneumonia, a.

u. lathed and nlnsfprpil IZrtn a 2 20 of 1j Doubleday '3 COLUill! T73, Transact a Sonera! Banking Bus! Cold, Government Bonds, Foroffcn and Domestic Exehargo Bought and; Sole). Highest Price Paid for County and Toira hip Bomda, and County arrant a. INTEREST alio wd ims Com 'mercial paperc discouatoi.ftt ro sontle rates, Collectiona'and Rcxaittanco Promptly Made. To loan on'improved farni3 at the HLowest Rate, Wuii interest payable annually.

We pay money a soon as thtTpapers arc signed. fv5-15-ly. BfiXTSE BATIK. BAXTER SPRINGS, AN. Cn pi till 0,000 Does a General Banking Business and DwjsauJ uells Exchange.

II. U. CSOWELL, Casliier. BUSINESS PARAGRAPH 0 Uso B.incroft'si Liver Tills, Really they are the o-nJy Liver Pills in ths taarket. Sold by GstKorj Co.

Tnsuro your build iug with A. Remember WLitcraft wlicn you want cheup tf TLOTTS' STAR ORGANS. Every instrument foil 7 warranted. Fae Ury and Washington, li. raspondenco solicited.

J- Cor IF you want to borrow money he has cciiotj Uoi. Piarcii. lie sa which ho will let the needy have on good real estate security, i Col. means business. PLOTTS' STAR ORGANS Are celebrated for their parity of tone, tlegnnt design and thorough const rticiiju.

Fend for catalogue. Address Eswaeu PlOTTS, Wanning! on, N. J. A. W.

Jay Represents the leading Insurance; Companies. PLOTTS' STAR ORGANS. Any person, male or female, who has a HIES leiaurc time, can procure a firm-class in-trUmcht at a greatly reduced pric. Send vtaaip for particulars. Address Eowabd I'iotts, Washington, N.

J. PLOTTS' STAR ORGANS. Agents supplied at figures that defy com-fetitton for the same class of instruments ffry one. Address Edttaud Piotts, Wash teuton, N. J.

riiOTTS' STAR ORG ANS. Any person wishing to purchase s. parlor trgan, where there is no agent for the Star," would do well to write for special mtea, to introduce this instrument. Address, Ebward Plotts, Washington, H. J.

We ofi'er, tot sate one of YA war Plotts' Parlor Ornm, fresh from his fac tory at Washington, N. J. Thia'instru inent is surpassed by none in the market Sail at this office. E2ellmay'a and G5h- rnrnJ. Scrofula was considered until the great discovery of "Ilolloway's 1 ills and Ointment Unshed upon the world.

Diseases which baf3j the skill of the medical schools, readily yield to peerless 1 remedies. Scurvy, Lry eipelas, Saltrheum, Itch, and all ruin iiv. cents per box cr pot. rill I will mail (Free) the receipt" for pre paring a simple Ymietabt.e Balm that will remove TAN, FRECKLES, PIM- 1LE and I.LOTcnrs.leavicg the skin tsidc, dear and beautiful: also iustruc tious for producing a luxuriant graw th cf hair on a bald head or f-tnoethe. taea.

Addro5-s ox5I21, 0. 5 oester street, N. 1 20-0ui TO CONSUMPTIVES TheVd vert User, having been perma-aently "cured 0 that dread disease. Con-sunintion, by'a simple remedy, is anxiuiis to iv.aWa know'a to his fellow sufferers the niean-xSf cure. To ull who desire it, he will send a copy of the prescription Used, (free of charge.) with the di-rectkns for preparing using the same, which they will find a sure cure for CoxsvMFTiojf, Asthma, Bkont-cniTis, Parties wishing the prescriptiou will jlease address, Rev.

E. A. WILSON, lOlPenn Williamsburff, N. Y. 26-Gat A GENTLEMAN who suffered for years from Nervous Debility, Prematura I)ecay, and all the effects of youthful iudiscretkm will, for tha 'sake'of aaScr-ing hHuiauity.send free to all who need it, the reeeipe and direction for making tha simple romi-dj by which he was cur cd.

Sufferers wisuintr to profit bv the gJWriisv's can do so by cadres-sing, perl'eot conhaence, JOHN H. OGDEN, i B.S. Hobart Habit i .1 PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. CITY AND COUNTRY, 23 OBIS-SON BLACSMAB, LOCAL SIjITOES. Theatrical.

"Montgomery." Good bye Charlie. Whifeman has left us. Fred. Douglass to-night. Are you going to Topeka King Coal is a grate fellow.

Court adjourned until next Monday. i No wrmder a drunkard is cf a rje-tou3 disposition. The great colored orator at the M. E. Church-to-night.

This is very cold weather, but our coal bouse is not coal ed. Clothing at your own price, cne door north of the bank building. The Paolo Spirit man 13 said to be a first-class Perry-graphist. Is it wrong to run foot race3 on Saturday night Quicn sale, Be careful of ytur coal piles. Cows are said to eat it this cold weather.

Extra copies of the Republican at Branin's book aDd news depot. tf. Tf a fellow waars tight boots he will have to acknowledge the "com." Sewing machine needles and sewing uiachina oil at Branin boot store 2ff. Go to the great slaughter sale of clothing, one door north of the bank building. lion.

J. K. Ilallowel! has been appoint ed Regent cf the Agricultural Col-lego at Manhattan. Webb City feels awful big over its recent riot. Ye-ye think you are mighty smart, so you do.

John Wait is 19 yours old and only 75 pounds. Ex. He is what we would call a "liht Wait." If you want clothing at half price, don't fail to call at the slaughter sale, one door north of the bank building. The abenee of the editor-in chief accounts tor the extraordinary briuiancv a the local department this week. A series of special meetings injr held around at the M.

E. church. We don't know with what success. Strange how fashionable some folks ire. f'en tue weeding services ot the eastern cvistocrats are Cardinal read.

Mr. J. S. Lawver says that the but ter powders sold by Dr. Cassleniaa work lo a chartii.

lie has trLd them several tiiaes U6tt. One uian was shot in the heel dur ing mc thcVis at rtct-o city. It is thought ''heel be all right iu a few days. We read an account, few days ago, of a man being Bcaldei to death with boiiing milk. Wonder if he wasn't cieani-ated.

What is the matter with the Webb City JSeio Century? We do not get copy of it froDi the office for some unexplained reasoa. If you want the greatest bargain ever offered to you, din't fail to call at the slaughter sale, one door north of the bank building. The wife of John Swearers a pre sented hiui with afine tea-pound gir! on Satuidiy night. C. Journal.

Good enough Sweare-agen. We unlerstand that Louis Lowe'n, formerly of this city, but now of Webb City, was wounded during the riot, buti we are glad to learn, not seriously The laiest style cf ladies' belt is to belt" vour husband over the head with the broomstick. Some of the benedicts are forming "clubs" to discourage this fashion. Fred. Douglass wiil be here to-night, and deliver bis lecture, 'Composite Nat- lion," in the M.

E. Church. Let every one attend, as it is a chance to be bad but, once ia a lifetime. The diys are lengthening with such rapidity that it is discernable to the most obtuse, and much to the ehajrrin of those who never havo a coal pile "Deeds of darkness," etc. The Rock Island (III.) Cnion is much pleased because Gov.

Beveridga steps iown and out. We suppose the Illinois folks won't indulge iu that sort of a Beveridge any more. If Prof. Ticc had one drop of the mus 0: uuman Kindness in ms compo bition he would change the weather. We are besinnius to tamk he does not control the whole business.

Frof. Ticc said that the 21st inst would be the coldest day that Missouri ever saw. v. cuess trjere was more 01 it than Missouri could hold, and itsorte slipped over onto us Kansasitcs. There is no doubt but that tlie Re publican could get out on time if they had three orjfour mora Courier.

If wa had as little to do as the Couru folks, one "coaip" would be sufficient. "Cold, ain't it?" aiks a lunatic as he rushes frantically towards our mlnia turo stove.and leaves the office door open Don't know 'weather it is or not," an swers a facetioua as he shivers over his case. "Ladies and gentlemc-ij lend me your ears," ghouted a lyceuni orator "Never iniad about our ears," responde one of bis hearers. -Yours are bi enu 'h use Profound Eilenc in exchange tor work at Weldy 's puiafi hop, Homer's block. A lady caught her dress on a dry goods box while walking along Main.

treet, and tre it badly. Merchants should ti'it leave Ihx. a on the walk. x. Stew bad! Ft.uff to make any woman mad.

Sn.t right fir merchants to do so. We notie- that the Peireo City Empire copies some our lucals, and credits thest Ex. Nw, considering thatwo spent hours up'ii Lours of hard study" upon those same locals, we think it buo just that he should isention which one of the ha gets it from. Play friend Empire. To illustrate that the most trivial cause may sometimes destroy the closest friendship, we mention that Wui.

Spencer, a gay and dashing youth cf some five summers', formed a most ar dent attachment for a young lady some fifteehcars his senior, and asked he she would "do to de ties show wif him." She promised to do so, but when the show came, a month later, the ac cepted the escort of another, haying for gotten her promise to him. Not so with young unaui, however. lie bad not forgotten it, and, ahhough three or four moons have como and gone since then. he yet refuses to recogniae her, or iiste'u to any compromise whatever. Personal.

Maggie Sherod is visiting her sister. MeNeal and Davis were in the city, this week. Miss Mollie Matheny was ia the city, this week. "Gypsy Gee Gee" has gone with Car- liue to bring back the old folks." Tony McCarty has gone to Joplin for a few day'B relief frota the uoiso aud bustle of city life. McMickle's birthday was on Thurs day last.

Libbie tried to get a turkey the same age for his dinner, but failed. A child of Asa Turtle, aged three was badly scalded, 011 Saturday last, by faUiu into a boiler of hot water. Judge McKenney came down on the freight, Tuesday afternoon. He didn't go back on the frtbjht, about 300 yards. "Dad" Yarick says the Repcblicah has more than twice as many subscribers as any other paper that comes to his office, and "DadYJ right.

Miss Maggie herself ths great fire king, picked up a red -hot skillet, and, in confequance, wears her hand in a sling. P. S. No one told her to lav it do'vn. Bills amounting to about $2,000 were allowed at the last meeting of the Commissioners of Ellis county.

The Wellington I'ress says that four citizens of the western part of Sumner county left for Barbour county, on the 2nd and have not been heard from. Fears are expressed that they have been murdered by Indians. A Montpelier (Vt newspaper relates the following "Two little 1 cys going along, looking at a copy of the Argus. First utile boy 'What mates the Argus havr so tamy Sec ond ditto Oh! thero many of the Democrats rcd, and if prit the roosters as a sign that they've be it' "My s-m," aid Mr. Marrowfat to Artaxerxes, are tld cu-mgh now tn choose a vocation in life: what pursuit 1) you think you Qvould prefer?" lather, said Artaxerxes.

"you know that I cannot tell a lie; if Tilden 1.1 elected, I want to be a railroad The fun still keeps up about the great exhibition. One man says he thought of goir.5 up to the top of George's Hill but previously be went mini the Vienna bakery, where they charged him 50 ceuts ior a cup of coffee, and that was as high as he wanted to go. Toon? Men- board. Those who Lave a common school education and are apt to learn, will complete the course in three ninntlis No vacations. Students can enter at any 1 nose ano enter lor mo tall course curing the month of September, will receive inst 1 actions in short hand Jrrs.

Ycu will find the institu tion bret class in all Ks apartments, its rooms, large and well iurnithed, the coarse of instruction thorough 8drcrc- tical, with every facility for acquiring in the shortest possible time, a good sound nsss education. MILITARY DEPARTMENT. All the young men, while are members of our Military Company, organized under ths laws of tie statef ai.d furnished with arms and accoutred If you waafto learn telegraphy, and become a practical operator, cr to mas- ter Look-keeping ia all its branches, or business forms, peousuship asd short hand, ia the shortest possible I 'tue, and at reasonable prices, go ta Crawford's Commercial Collsoe, Fort Scott Kaa. This is the only incorporated institute of the kind in the state, or that is coatrolled by a full Board of Trustee who are authorised by law, to confer the degree of Master of accounts, and Master if Telegraphy upon ita graduates. Second year.

Eighty pupils ia the last sir months, most of whom have graduated and now occupy good positioas. Sixty or six'y Eve doh iars will pay all necessary expenses, ia-eluding scholarship, stationery and mcnts. They are required to dress in a uea6 but inexpressive uniform and are drilled one hour each day in the school of theT soldier and the school cf the company; For College Journal, Catalogue, and specimens of penmanship, address, with stamp enclosed. CoAwroxD'a Com vbrctal Colliok, Fort Soett half frame stable and granery 200 day la8fc. They went west to grow-up wages last suKimer ia taking his girl now wishes he had saved it to buy a suit of underclothes with.

Mrs. Libby EI. Mitchell was ap pointed First Assistant Engrossing Cle-rk, by the President of the Senate, on January 17. Mrs. M.

is an Oswego lady. "Old Probabilities" ha3 succeeded by Indications. Ex. We thought some lellow who didn't understand his had been running the weather business lately. The girl of the jpenod is Election Bet Ex.

We thought her name was Louisia Anna. Norristown IlerahJ Wnre is Liz Pinkston? Holly Springs Reporter. All wrong it fs Flori Da. We see it advertised thrft pumpkin-pie Sunday school festivals are becoming very popular in the east. Festivals of this description always have been popular.

Even we could be induced to attend. "In addition to the four editors, it takes an attorney (colored) to keep the thing on its feet." Courier That means us, and we acknowledge the corn, feeling that we are just four editors ahead of the Courier. Prof Church will be in the city, twice- a week, to give instruction in thorough base. No one wishing Buch instruction ehould fail to attend, as such an opportunity seldom offers. lie teaches Ludden's celebrated method, Bob.

Bardette, the funny man of the Burlington Ilaieli-Eye, has commenced lecturing. Ilia first subject, The rise and fall of a Mustache," is, no doubt, jut like Bob, himself ehuek full of keen wit, sound sense and cutting garcastii. The force of this office lias unanimously decided that an outward applica tion of when aiministeredjin co-i pious quantities, is very efficacious in certain diseases, natural to a printing oSco. For further particulars, Bee ii.Ti-- 1 ,1 I Kverrhodv is in want of clothni'? should call at the frrand opening of Sin MM worth nf fine elofliin- that wi'l be sold at auction and private sale without reserve. Commencing on January 29, 1877.

One door north of the bank One of Shakespeare's p'aje says ii vr ir. .1 Jtf aiuyv ia me muni ia uul and he must haye had this one in his mind's eye, when he wrote it for a more discontented populace we have never seen than our ciiiiens, during this rotracte cold spell we have been ex periencing. The young man who scratches his ead so often had better buy a comb of West. Rejmhlican. Why don't you urchase, then, and stop your scrateh- Courier.

'Cause we've struck a heaper plan. We'll take one good combing, and stay away from the Cour ier ofEee. li a irsnf lrrn I flrrD-Twinnrtr. in I every township th the. county.

iwo- lu-an. Typographical error. It should read local editor. Courier. Wrong, as usual.

Me. We didn't mean editor. Wc oujrht to be content with the few we have, when the Courier worries through with. none stall. To go, or not to go, That is the qnesuvv ther 'lis better in the mind to suffer, The jeers and derision of outrageous rivals, Or, to take up arms againsta eea of troubles, And, by going in a spring wagon, end them.

The above is a change from Hamlet's Soliloquy changed to suit the occasion Those iaterested will know what it means. We heard a fellow remark last summer that if buck-wheat was a failure, people would have hard scratching to get along. Buck wheat was not a failure; and we want to wacer a bushel of coal promished us on subscription, that they will have harder scratching in the spring, than if thero hadn't been any buckwheat at all. A lady writer, in en eastern ex- chanire. dispairir.irlv asks: "Whatshal' we do to improve -our husband's temper?" Don't know my dear unless you proceed on the principle of.

render ing an anaconda harmless, by stnffin; him full of eatables. Work on the pria ciplo of "approaching a man's heart through his stomach," and, our word for it, you will be successful. We feel it our duty to warn our mnrAhnntann hiisinos inn in pnera that there are S1.000 counterfeit ereea- backs in circulation. We have not been t.ikn innn them vet. but are loosinsr i IUUCU aictrp 1U1 icai, uauuuu iAi hurriedlv.

we will have four or five bills of this description forced upon us. Be ,1 1 1 uu jut uuiUj auu i.c viciiA auxjl uui take any ef them. We arfe lonesome All the week wa Wa Wn lookinrr for our affinitv. no other way. I No more poetry like that Keep away from us, young man.

If you have no regard for frozen fingers, shivering forms and benumbed feet, we have, and will not tolerate any poems on "Spring" for some months to come. We shall lay trap maie of steel, for all such "musei will spring a job on yon that will not soon bo forgotten. D'ye moitid that The 14th proximo will be St. Val entine's day, and numerous hearts will palpitate with expectency as they reflect that softie one will send them a proof of their affection in the shape of a beautiful piece or nanaiwortc, or t-icc rersu, a huge imitation, in flaming colors, of some ot your weaknesses. We expect to cet the usual basket full of printers staaaing I at a case, and editors going for an ex- 1 change with a pair of immense shears.

on Monday last, we wondered at the depressed looks of the numerous bene- diets we encountered. Elongated visages were rule, and some bore traces ot acute anguish on their countenances. ondenng. we observed A Ust we were enlightened, However, by hearing loquacious individual assert that if four tubs, a pile of dirty clothes, a boiler full of suds, seven crying babies, and an irate mamma, constituted wedded happiness, he was lie had made I the venture. Alien we remembered it was "wash day," and lighting our pipe, placiug our heels higher than our head, and calmly picking up a late exchange, thanked our stars that were' still a bachelor, and were not subject to such attacks.

I (joai, i "lie ha3 gonc.and we shall miss We shall miss him when the balance of the boys connected with the Republi- can office gather around the store in the evening to recount adventures.tell stones, read the exchanges and discuss the political issues of the day. We shall miss him when we want somebody to set up "pi." We shall mi3 him when we want somebody to make up the miil. We shall miss him'in many ways. We shall miss hiui in a way that he seldom missed is when hethrsw a sponge filled with dirty water at our cranium and "douccd our glim." He an can cau3e one ot the tew oasis on the tJreat baha- rah of our heart, but nGw the poor boy is gone ana we ars disconsolate. shall miss him when the time comes for him to pay those cigars we wagered on the scnatoral election.

He haseBneto -Winneld, where he has formed a co partnership with Dr. Houx, formerly of this city, for the practice of dentistry, under the firm name of Houx Whrteman. Dr. Whitoman is a first- class behtist, find we heartily recommend him to the citizens of Winfield and Cowky county, and hope he will recieve a liberal portion of their patronage. We "ive him up for the present, but hope that the city of hia first love will, at some early day, reclaim him.

Charley, old boy, tata. "WEBB CITY. Mora "War Hews From tlie Front- The fight at Webb City left Thursday was decidedly business-like, and, from what we can learn, was something similar to a "cow boy'1 battle in the iollv days of Baxter. The names of the individuals who did the work, are, Bud Blunt, John Blunt, Jim. Powell and Mdssic.

They were armed'with Winchester rifles and, it is said, knew exactly how to use them. Tbey were from the Cartervillc mines, and got "on their ear" because a asan from that burg ad been arrested and lodged In the Webb City calabooie, and ewsre they lot- it seems that they fucceeded in doing both irt 1. it 1 J. ney roae up ana uo me street, yelling and swearing, and brandishing their weapons in a dangerous tsanaer. and drove even body from the treete iato tVia.

linnw: ni1 f.irmpil it rfttlar Vr-w 1 t- A P- srV.AT left and went to Ctrterrille. Tbe citizens anticipating rumans. organizaa ior tueir eieitBe. They were not mistaken in their calcu- lations, for the rowdies returned, even vmr rhifi PTneeted. and a regular 1 iv.11 iT- lse cake liic iiuu liow wvw ca Mr.

Thso. Weaver had a close call a ball crazed his upper lip, and cut his! mustacbs off as closely as though is had bee shaven with a razor. Mr. Lrtnis Lowen was shot in the lee.l near the ankle. we shall him No one else a 111.

the vacancy lett in our little -mob, a t.y ms exit. 111s inendship was 89 in of to we 1 If .4. 1 I 1 I I I I 1 I IS COne I Omnibus Time Table. Omnibus leev Planters' House and all th ho eis, as follows Omnibus leave ooice at the Planters' flouse 't A.M. do do do do P.

M. Citv calls must be left at the oiliec In the Planters' House, at lease one hour belorc ti? te-parturt- of all trains, to receive romt attention for iiasitengers ami baggage, omnibus wiil be for hire, lor exclusions and 1'utierais. Hay 54 per tim. up ycur skat? Kxcuso nic if I More weather this week. Spring We say it easy.

Ani stiHthe ties come ia. Corn 30 cents per buthel. Three times for yes, twice for no. For sale picket fence. Inquire of Jack Caruth.

Trains 13 and 14 make twelve miles per hour between stations. Farmers along the line of the Gulf road regulate their clocks by the trains. The Gulf road ship on an average two car loads of lead per day from this place. Somebody loan our rooster a watch, lie commancedjerowing, Sunday night, at 10 o'ebci. During the Webb City riot Louie Lowen was shot ia the heel.

He'll look little out next time. Notice the Republican this week. If if isn't a credit to the county, better move tha feouuty that's how. We stated, last week that our nigs ger show was under way. it got so far under that we shall be unable to get it out.

Col. Pratt is our landlord while Tommy is absent. He ills the position, as well as the guests to tht entire satisfaction of everyone. Why should the colored people patronize tha Repcblican? Answer Baca use they've got a "rattling" good Black-man on the editorial staff. Tj ladies desiring" anything in the hair line, weaving curls, switches, etc we would recommend Mrs.

George Young, who not only does it well, but at prices within reach of all. I. T. McMickle is the owner of a yearling heifer that, on Tuesday, gave tjjfth to a bouncing bull calf. For oae g0 voun we consider this "buliy," and would like to bear of some country what could beat dot, The tjaality of the "spice" furnish ed by the Chetopa Herald seems te us to have the flavor of "Cayenne pepper." It has so much sting to it.

Courier That's because it emanateft from the sting end of the local. Four hundred head of Arkansas some place and grow up. The friends of the local of the Che topa Herald are in hopes he wt 11 with draw from the fire company, because he might get burnt. Cherohee County Republican Well, suppose he did it would only be a small Frye, "WieR a has reached the age fifty-five," said Mr. Beecher, "he doesn't want to run after a hoop; tt least ni ordinary hoop.

Rochester Chronicle No, it must be a "Tilter," and he'll never eease ruuning while its Tiiton Lew Dicaous A druggist and good templar, whose name" we withhold. came near breaking the few days since, iu attoaipting to draw liquor from I barrel with a rubber siphon. It re quired a heap of hard suekin' to start the old thing, so he says. One or two spicy and origintl arti cles are omitted, this week, on account of lack of brtljn to Originate them. Baxter Republican.

And, therefore, he copied one or two spiey ad original articles from the Herald to supply the deficiency. CJielopa Herald. And failed. Shot A woman named Smith, but better known as Mollie Walker, shot herself, on Friday last, while confined in jail on a eharge of drunkenneFs. The jj entered her ri'ht bretst, penet rat ing the lung.

She was taken to her home in Joplin, 'on Saturday, and at last accounts, waa in a dangerous condition The mail was all uj when ae stepped in the door A letter expecting, ao doubt His eyeetruek a tpot all over tat floor, 'Twas a womaa's bustle rf real out. I He raised it ep carefully, it with care, And thought of the looser so ead I Then, tarnicr away, whh a sigh and a tear, I IUII M.O Tafft. Quite a large party of young folks assembled at Mws Libbie Me Mieklc'e house oa Wednesday evening to enjoy a regular, old time taffy puliing, As we gtfcei upon the merry scene, our mind waadered back to the many happy times we'd had on occasions of that kind, aud we could hardly resist the temptation to take just oae pull in our old age. The "enoozers" gave their regular Sundav eveninc entertainment, last 4 Sunday. Kicking boxes into the street throwing over water barrels, tieaking open doors, were among the fea eTcnjnsr.

would SUg- a. gesi. vi tuosc nuu ic uu I ,,,1 for these ghowmen, that 1 scout tue nuie iurj 1 l- tsrre, would be about the time -j if appl0 trees, four years old Seventy whh the country. Fr0Ul thiu aps peach trees, same age good variety of thmht it liev no sides, part those cherry Ips about six' 1 luetics duu i iiiiiit a 1 it must be 1 1 cloct I out late last night vou F. H.

Bay, of the Commercia1 House, is just as happy as any fellow you ever saw. It's a boy, and will soon be big enough to run for the hotel. As Mr. Bay tac'sles a pissenger in the interest of his house, he heard to sing: "By 0 baby by 0 buby Say, Mister, do you want a hotel? By baby, by ba If you do, go to the Commercial. Run byby, 0 baby Bay." Mother and child are doing very well.

Teacber'g A GSrae Examination. There will be a public examination of teachers on Saturday, January 27th, 1877, at the school house in Columbus Examination to embrace all the branches required for A grade certificates. E. M. MAsto.f, County Supt.

Certainly. The Pella (Iowa) Blade finds its way to our table marked P. X. The Blade is a first r3te paper, nine column folio, splendidly'prihted, ably edited and mag nificently supported. Will we exchange Certainly.

It has done us mere than two dollars worth of good already. Our eye3 fairly feasted on tha four column ad. of Snow Huber, and our heart beat proudly as we noted the displayed line "Kansas Flour." Yes, send along tha Blade, and may it never lose its point or dull its edge in other than legitimate work. Masquerade. I LastjWednesday'evening a number of gentlemen of this city met at Hunt's'drug store, and completed ar-rangeinentsTcr the masquerade ball.

The time was changed from the 22nd to the and ths ball will be on the evening of St. Valentine's Day, iiistead of Washington's birthday, as nrst luiea'ieu- vounaiiieea ncic ay "ivlll" Pdh-u, ments are complete A lady from Ft Scott will be here with euit3 fur all who desire them. Now everybody should take good care of themselves, and we wiil have a dance that will be reraein bered after it has passed. Personal. James Archer, of Lowell, waa in the city Monday.

Alex. Imhoff gave the Republican a friendiv call last Monday. John N. Riltcr has als geme to the capital for the purpose of seeing the cl itJ M. V.

B. Bennett left Saturday lest, for indulge in the luxuries of the senatorial combat. Green Standley, of called on us last Monday. He came up to at tend court, but there wasn't any, 4 rni-uTTr 1 a .1. Tnf-cilaw mnrn.

0 holler for Sears. Judge CD. Nichols, we learn, is con fined to his room wi'h sicsness. are sorry to note this for wd 'miss the Judge's genial couuterlaoce ia the throng on the street. S.

O. McDowell, of the Courier started for Topeka Monday morning for the purpose of swelling the Harvey ranks. 0. O. Stockslager accompanied him.

Don't know what Charley went for, unless it was to soe the show. Mr. Joa. E. Shoenberg, of" is in the city today, making ar rangements to open a branch clothing house in this city.

lie will occupy the Ujg fovllierly occupied by Thomp son's drugstore, one door north of the bank. DantV Wright, the Baxter pho tographer, whilom typographer, came up to Columbus last Monday, and gave the Repuelican a call. It looks natural to see Dan. monkeying around a print shop. You see he is cne of the boys.

himself. B. F. Koon, one of the best farmers in Cherokee county, or iu ke.nsaS for that matter, gave us a call Thursday last. He has just returned from Man- nington, W.

has been visit- ing since Sep tember last. He is look- ing splendidly, and we are glad to see him back aSala Mr. liObert liaxter, OI ejauweii, I a -r- TV Wisconsin, called on the Republican on Monday afternoon, and left liis name on our subscription list, accompanied by 8-2 bill. He is interested in the I Coalfield mines and expect to out here next year. He is a very pleasant 1 trpntleman.

and we are dad to see oar 1 c. cantJ filling up with such men. Dad" Varick, the Sew P. at Baxter, dropped into the REPUBLICAN been appointed postmaster at Baxter and the office runs along just as though change had been made. Mr Varick has beta office there for 1 0 years sad knows all about it.

We are a.ways to see his stalling "phiz." a a Tnnpa wa ahot in the left lee 1 ais wire, Mrs. Bridcnateia. lorn Jones was shot tne leit leg Lightning Creek, Jaa. 17, of tne thigh. u.

Pennibaker. and still 've don'dfc vas happy." We sanctum Monday morning. Since have received letters, to be sure, but the Coulter has take possession of the dis-derelieiness of our Baxter editor is trict clerk's office, Mr. Varick has Mr. Fishburn, wounded in the elbew; his arm badly Shattered.

Mr TioaAor an pHctW man. received a deep flesh wound in his thign Mr. McCulloush, who was standing! near Mr Weaver, was struck by splinters torn from the door jam by the ball that grazed Weaver's lip. The splinters; came ia contact with Mr. McCullough's cheek, cutiicg it fearful'y.

Another shot passed through his veat, just erazin? his side. It was a close call fcr I proverbial. He has. from some unac countable reason, kept himself "alooP torn. Come up, Weldy, and bring enough copy to fill that copi ous hookl you brcusht.

Hunt, arother of Dr. i., of our 26-Gm 42 Cedar ct York.

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