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The Cherokee County Republican from Columbus, Kansas • 4

The Cherokee County Republican from Columbus, Kansas • 4

Columbus, Kansas
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depot aal tho various stage ilaes center-! HARE THESE FACTS. DR. C. Cherokee County BivWMttier, BAXTER SPRINGS! 173 KEN I The proprietors take pleasar in caHiag The Leading Buwiccc Ho ice iu Baxter, ramilng a carriage anl alga paiat shop, and editing the Bax-XfUi Kzi ubucax. Thee thin-s ni)t occupying his tiaic, however, he has greut habit of holding receptions at his residence, probably for the purpose of preparing himself for 6uch duties after election to the presidency, lie alio takes a great inUtcst in natural history occasionally lecturing on the Cow," and expatiating on the grand parents But seriously, Mr.

Weldy ouii of theuiost promp, reliable and eneretii3 men of Baxter. Always courteous and affable, be has the rcepeet land good wishes of all who know him lie is making a good reputation fort himself throughout the state as a. local editor and he can teil you the rest. jl rresoytenanaunuer tne cnarge Itev. Warren Mayo, and tho Metho- dists, under the charge of Rev.

A. Ilartman. have each good and I r.i.U noT 13 a avi Jesuit. The'a Restaurant, ot Julius iJiscliofaberur, sl.v;iys gives a hearty German Welcome, ai.J a. -good square meal to guests at any hour.

Iu the way of flour-and feed, Arthur Daimler rule this roast. Recently, however, Allen Rakestraw, the chivalrous constable has opened a ranchc in Wise's old stand, where Le is cluing a first rate business. Cnpt. Blood flourishes in the w.igou train north of the postofSce, and spends intervals of trade in developing Bonanza. ULe Baxter Bank, whose japckholders embrace nearly all the responsible naea the city, is priucipally under the con- trol of II.

11. Croweil, cashier, who has been reccntjy elected Xo- the legislature. il.r. o. X.

Caiutli has recently bouut i stock, of Jeaeph Uenoist, aud carries 1 his immense business iu all its dc p.utments, dry go-jls, groceries, furniture and clothing. -But none of these men could do any business at all, did not William Stark transfer their merchandise from the do pot to their various places of business. Hb handles more gooda every year than either merehauf, and being never bar- rassed by falling markets, is probably the happiest of theui all. Tha principal carpenters and builders re Thomas Smith and Brst rate mechanics aud reliable menv valt.d by Mr. 3icCuu.bc his of is good audiences but we cannot give patient complains weariness and d-their numbers-; bility he is easily startled, bis feet art The real estate interests' are ill thelWrnrlit hue a firaf.

nA rpriifatinn nnd I ruuLic I We invited Prof. Smith, to give us a nqtice of. tho senools, but he plead Jack of lime and a visit home before opening his select 3chool upon his return. Thera I has.bccn a three months term, and we bel'ievo citizens art well pleased with the progress the pupils. The Baxter Mills, on the east side of the river, under tha management of Mr.

11 UUu rp.c.u.u H.j u. xxUU1. His "Gold. Dust" variety equals any in 1 Jthe.Btate or for that matter any in the Union. A Elldo to Columbus.

From the Oswego Independent. Wednesday evening at three o'clock, small party of ladies and gentlemen from this rdace, through the kindness ol Columbag to hear the ecture of uon ym. Ireland. Some inters was felt to hear the distinguished I orator ana more, pernaps, 10 iravei over falrer Coluujbu3. Grcat Burprise was e2prebsei at gne country between the two cities, and as much at the smooth and even condition ot the new road It is understood that the nnt nor nthor K-nrW 1 done the-wholc distance.

A storm ere- vailin" the trip was not as happy a one f. as 1110 auu nau ucuu uoiii uuiy iiuuj i the heavens. lhe party arrived at Co umbus in due time, and had time to UI IT Li 11 UUU V. Ml 1. tl VUV1.1 mM LaGonda house.

The depot at Colum- bus is a vcrv srjacious buildinsr. ncarlv ready for use, and situated very conven int to the city, A great deal of fixing 11: 3 ounces i coou neart is bbpb Uu every haud- Tte ecture was a verr B0Oj treat, delivered to a very iatelligcnt audience, a large portion of whom were intellectual appearing ladies. THe lec- Great credit is due to the manager from ll nf (UmnltiH fnr Jntrndnnv ing as worthy an entertainment as the lecture was, and the assembly owe them Jhanks for the order and gentility of the house. At 9 clock the lecture closed, arrived home at 10 o'clock without ac- eident. We understand other lecturers are to follow this one soon.

Mrs luc a auu X'1L" luc fnrijiia nf ha rt t7 worn iha fircf larliaa tQ oyer tho road from 0sw t0 (jolumbus, to xur knowledge. W. S. N. Oswego, Deo.

23, 1876. ROAXOAKE. A Visit to Joan Rannolph'i Old K'lantallou. John Randolph's old Roanoake plan- tation, says a correspondent ol the apnngnia nepuoucan, is now ownea oj Judge Bouldinsr, of the iupretue tench of the state. The residence is eitottet! in an oak crove.

with an excosure to the south and wtst, fronting and overlook i a ing the Valley. Ia 1810, when Ran dolph first eame there to live, he called it a savnge solitude but he hardly wearied of his beautiful oaks. He allowed the underbrush to grow at will, and never trimmed the trees, During his absence, an overseer cut away from ana, muui a tree before the house, a limb which brushed asainst a window. On his re turn he asked the rea.oa. and b.imr in- fnrmpd rnlicd Wli? di.ln't nn innvp 1 tj -v j-- tLe hovLS sir The EnKiish bar ons of feudal times were his ideals 1118 house.

however, was a low cottage ii uvuec. niiicu uaia uii ucaicu, iiiuuu.ii i i luer if rvi mar Ki mua nana hvr io Grill c-atirl. hB He dr0TC ia coaca and four. uta uuuauia I'uuou uvitl baa a i -kt n. meroas jonrocjs.

II slaves were al- WJB trl.ed- so.d from off Mr. Randolph land. He -x it, 1.1..1-0 wbat was neeied on the plantation, but no more- nHy, in bia will, lie made CSLSEKiTES LIVER PILLS, mi ecu Hepatitis or Liver Complains, CVtf ZTSIA AXD SICK FLEA SACK SylTiptoms cf Diseased Liver. PAIN in the right side, under the edge of the" ribs, increases an pressure; sometime the pain is io the leftside; the patient is rarely able ue a the left side Bometimec toe paw is telt vriaer the shoulder-blade, and it frequently ex tends to the top of the shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken for rheumatism ia the arm. The 6tomach is affected witk ioss cf appetite and sickness; thebowela in general are costive, sometimes aiterna- 7n tioa ia the back cart.

There aconsiderabielassafnienvary. accompanied with a painful sensation having left undone fcmethin wnica ougaito wve en cold or end he complains of a pricey sensauon oi we 1111, a yriai 1(i 1 him vet ie can sctrCely summon va fortituda enough to try it. In fact, Le distrust! every remedy. Several ol Uie above ymPtom8 hnvrnrrtiTren whr lfnr fit them PXISIM. yet examination of the body, after death.

has shown the liver to hava been e- tensively deranged. AGUE AND FEVER. DR. v- AlVLANE IjiVER ILLS, IJI Fcvib. when take: with Quinine, are productive of th most happy results.

No better cathartie can be used, preparatory to, or after taking Quinina. would advise aU who arc cfiheted wita tuia disease to cive them a fair trial. tor all Bilious derangements, and as a simple purgative, they are tinequaled. BKWAP.K OP IKITA1 IOX9 The genuine Dr. C.

Lives bo h-. rad wax seal on th lid, with the impression Da. MLamk's Liver Pills. mi rrv 1 ne genuine livtn nm Fleming Bros. on the tS Insist on your druggist or storekeeper giving you the genuine Dr.

MVLane Liver Tills, pre- pared by Meming i'lttsburgh, rx Snlrl hv all resnectable druppista and country storekeeriers senerally. wiWic C. MLAifs's Uvm nal, we will Bail pt vt to way pt iu Unitd fctstoc, ac box fUi Ic lity-fcv ri.ELUWa KAsburiih, KEARNEY'S FLUID EXTRA.CT IS TIIZ ONLY KNOWS BESIEDT FOB BRIGHT'S DISEASE ABB A F0S1T1T1 ESKIDT FOa GOUT, GRAYEL, STRICTURES, DIABE TES, 9TEPEPSIA, KERTOtTS DEBILITY, UR0P8I, PE MALE COMPLAINTS, Nea-retention or Insoatinenee of Urine Irritatioa, Iafiaraatien, er Ulceration ef th Bladderrand Kidneys Spermatorrhoea, Leucorahoea or Whites, Irregular or Painful Monies, Bearing Down, Chlorosis, Sterility aad All Complaintt incident te Females. Kcsirney'sExt. Bncku Eor Stone in the Bladder, Calculus Grave or Brickduat Deposit and Muous or Milky Dieehargei, and Diseases of th Prostate Gland.

Kearneys Ext. Buchu Cunt DUemset Ariiing ram Imjtru aencet, Jiabilt of Visapation, all their stage, at little expense, little or no change in diet, no inconvenience. ru- "3liro- "equent girei nrenpn to urinate, luerJ UDStruetions, venting and Curing Strictures ef the Urethra, Allaying Pain and Inflamatiea, ana expelling all roisoneus matter. Used by persons ia the decline oi change of life; after confinement or lab pains, beJ wetting in ehildrea, ete. "9" bo.Ml earcey extract nucha is worth Bore KFARNFY XT- THTPFTTT HiL AillMli 1 0 DUUllU rermanentiy tares all affectioas ef the Bladder, Kidneys, and Dropsieal Swellings Mn, women aad ChUdrea, a Atk for Ktaraey's.

Tak a other. Prlce 0HS Dollar per Eottlt, pBP8T, Cor. Maids, Lab 4 WiaiiAH siamp lor rampaiete rre For Sale by Druggists Everywhere 4 88-ly OPPEKIIAH wv.i wawwaia aiannraetarer and Dealer ia st rTflTTlP.QQ Sd rMltrmi wwav WWWUVUU1J ieep ea hand a fin asscrtmeat of SADDLES, HARNESS, BRIDLES COLLARS. WniP3 A gtreet, Baxter Springs. -21-ly A.

W.J.LEA, Baxter springs SSAL SST1TS AN2 AIs Agents for Sale of M. 4 6 R. R. Lands, in Cherokee County. Orrici ok Millitabt Street.

Bi6 T5 Ttiioa7 cf tt "Kaltnrftrla. HOLLOISTAY'S PILLS. Extract! aroi Tuiiti IVtti. "i had mouppeut; EtlUwaj't fiil tftT a hearty oat." "Tour Fills are aurTeltas." "I ient for aaotktr ai4 taa iatfce heM." Dr. Helloway bat tml my that was chroaie- "I giTe one af yaur ta My bait far cholera siarbag.

Xka Caar Ikiag gat wall ia. a day. "My aacsaa af a mjaraicf la aaw aurta." "Tour bcx af Ilalloway'a Oiutmeat aurcc or naisas in tee aead. 1 rubcaa itiaa af yoar Oiataieat hiad aara, 4 tka noise bai laft." Send ne twa bxti; I want Ia a aar family." "I eaalase a dallar jrmr ante ia 13 bat the anaicina to ana ii ireria a dallar." "Pexii Sto boxea af year Pilla." "Let ae have tkrte oxea af yaur PiUa return mail, for Ckilli aas Tever." I lave ver SOOsaea tcstiaioaiali at tkei but wast apaca Ntftli iia ta aaaalada for Guttmeowa Siaoretor, Ami all wuptiont af Ike ik'm, tkit Oiataeat it nBt iaavluakle. It acts att hatl extar-aally alone, but with tka atott searching aaeaU ta tka vary rest ef tha evil, HOLLO WATS FILLS Iavaria'bly tar tkt follewiag" titetata Dlae-rdar of th.

Xittaaya, la all diseases afectiar tka eraaas. whether tkey aecreie tea muck or tea little water wktthtr they ba sfiietad with fravtl, tr with atktt atd eiat settled ia the loins ever tka ragiaia ef tka kidaeyt, these Fills saeuld ka takea as-earding ta tha priateal direetioat, aad tka Ointaieat thauld ke well rabbed iate tkt wall af tha kaok at ked tiasa hit Uaat- eat will giTt alsaatt imasediat raliaf wkaa all atker taeaat kav failed. For CtCKiaeha Out of Otaar. Kt nelieint will te tffettoally iaareve the toae af the atom ash at tkest Pills; tkey remove all aeidity occasioned either by ia temperaaee ar diet. Tay teatk the liver and redaca it ta a kealtky aatiaa they art wonderfully etleaciovs ia catea af spasiu ia fact, they sever fail ia eoriag all dieordert ef tha liver ui stomach.

HOLLOWAT'i TILLS are the beat kteva in the world for th following diseases: Acne, Asthma, Eillieut Coiaplaiata.Bletak- es en the Skin, Rowels, Ceneumptiet, De- fcility, lropsy, Dysentary, firysipelas, Ja- ale Irregularities, Ferer of all kinds, ritt- Goat, Headache, Ladigestiea, Inflaatatiea, Jaundice, Liver Complaints, Lumbago, files, zvueumausm, neieattoa ar uriaa, Pcrerala, er King's EtiI, Soie Throats, 8 Use and Gravel, Tie-Deulocreax, Tumors, Clears, Worsss ef all kiads, wtakaest frta aay cause, ett. IMPORTAJTI CAUTIOJT. IVone are renuiae aalets the siraatare a. J. Hatdock, as sgeat far the United States turroundi each koxf Pills and Ointment, A handsome reward will ke givea te aay one rendering such iafratioas may lead to the detection of any party ar parties counterfeiting the aaediciaes ar veadiag tka same, knowing tkeat to ke spurious.

Sold at the manufaetery Professor Uollowat ft ZNew Tork, atd ky all re spectable druggists tad dealers ia atedioiae throughout tk eiyilised world, ia boxes at eentr, 6. teats and eack. JEtaT'Theie iteeaiideraklo taviag by tak ing larger sites. I- Directions for tkt guidsnee ef p-tieatt ai every ttUwrdev ar tAxtd to eaeh box, yfc 10.1 y. LAND! LAND! LAND! Homes for the People.

IN BOURBON, CRAWFORD CHEROKEE CdVHTIEg, KAKSAS. Still cwned and offeredfor sale ay-th M0. RIVER, PT. SC0T1 aad GULI RAILROAD on ore1, running through ta year a per oent. ajuinal iuttreat.

No part of principal da for three years, from January 1 following date of purchase, and afterwards only one seventh, aad Interest annually. 20 percent Discount lor Cash la fall at date ef purchase aad proportional diseeact en all adranot payment. other seetl cm of the Great West offers greater inducements to those seeking new heme and profitable investments. Tha Railroad cf the Company travereea tht land centrally from north to toath; tht M. K.

T. R. R-, south-westerly over tht nona-westera portion, aad the M. C. N.

W.K. K. from East td West; tha last connecting at Pierce City with the Atlaatio raeint Kailroad. The prices of the land vurr uiwriliii. the soil, location, water supply and otLar advantages- EUngiag from 4 00 to $12 per tore.

Csal of Superior Quality, aad Inexhanstlhle la quantity, is fonad on almost every ttotioa, prtdueiag cheap fuel, uaiaiunx resource for profitable la h. Lead. Ziao anl ether ali found aad mined la the nth eastern portion. Th climate te delightfuL There Is no natter rmit regwn in the United States. Winter wheat, corn and all other cerealt, tehacee, hemp, sweet and Irish potatoes, and at other roots and vegetables grown in uia inuiiai are produced cere.

ox farther information address, I0HIT A. CLASS. Land Commissioner, ORT SCOTr, KANSAS. 38 Iy. PLOTT3' STAR ORGANS Combine heaat-y, durability and worth.

Send for illustrated catalogue before buy. ing. Auare i me manu lacturer, bwkd rtons, 9 PLOTTS STAR ORGANS Are as perfect parlor organs as are manufactured. Correspondence solicited with organists, musicians and the trade. Ad.

dress. Eswiid Pi-oirs, Washington, N. J. 617 St, Charles St. Lcuis, Wo.

A replM tmdQat ef two Hctl has Irr-cr csgavi-d in tae special trentmeat of at Venoral, ScxupI ftnd Ci-rCTiio liaeosea ih.n any other iivgijaaaiaSr. Luia papers shew, aU.i sit oil tcet jecta k.i7. SyahiliH Ganorrhaa. G.cet. Striclum, Hernia, Bupture.ali Urinary Dt03se3 tnd Syphiiitio or mercurial tffections of tha throfit, skin or banes, st tmtad with cspLrsllelf4 aoceat, ea Utt ocientiSs praei; lei.

bztclr, privaulr Spsrmatorrhcca, Sexual Debility er.d Impel-ency, utbexwHtof 6sU-avbuc ia twrnal exccRflct Is xnstcrer ynr, or ether produce cm of xhm folic wing elTvo: eciwfior.t, defrur meicery, inipicn its facs, ptiTaicftldeeT.avri:oa of ideas, less er lest: si power, rerdtnee improperorccliappy.jkref-ertaancatij cured. Pniphel (i6 ris.Ut to uta sbore. ta eaTcl.s, torttro potK "ico er fcy mail free. anlcTiu, friendly taifc or hiaetiirica cas no'h eg. Wfcea it is iaeonrenicnt to tiait the city for trctriei.t tneuielan esa ba sent by express orrcntl everrwbr Core ebie oss tuarsBUet2, wliere doubt exist if- Irsnk'y ace twura: guadajs, 14 il-wl P.ii.

Pamphlet, any tddrcsa, fr Two Ctcrap3. MANHO OD SZSIP WOMANHOOD SKSSZig i esntsealsd.ellthrea.foraOCi'ats. Mcnhocd and Womanhood in Csrmsn, bath together, IS Cenis. Snepant cloth and pi't bindlnff. Bealod for 50a.

Over Eliy lrcudrful pa picturva, truto li-i antelrt ca tha fallow lug aubjecus ho mmy ruarrv. vUo not. h. Fraper se to xuarrj. Tho marry first, Matstsec-i.

Pcarc-hood, PhTticsl Tba eCT.ta ooeUt'scy aai ruarry HcUfeMdbpi'tae3naj be iaorevd. Tb rbysroiour of BcprouticUcti, aU rainy inortk, Som Hiarrted or oobtraiplauac; nisi tinpo abotUU read it. AfteraUfe-lcf pracuItrertfruia human 1 well at lcoral eosTktioa, ouj'ut to be red all acU persctf tben locked not laid of re-readiaj. It contains the Oream of ri5iaol in anext-awvc rrce.aciwcr.a to aay one wao itUl gT a caxeiui ceruaal tea Umca Cdi'Jon. saase as afcore.

not paper corer, Mft pap-. 85 oents by niL. Cbeapet; to Amfrifta. i ciUier aiilreas, eaolosiag aaiouiat, DR. WH1TT.SR, 617 St.

Charles street, St. Lcuis, Mo. DR. WHITTIER, 617 St. Charles Street, Treats all forms of Yeneral Diseases, Seminal Emissions and Sexual Debility, with unparalleled success.

No matter who failed, call or write; pamphlet or consultation free. Can refer to the medical profession in ail parts of the Country. Popular illustrated booliffopagcson Manhood! Woman i iood Marriage! Impediments to Marriage the cause and cure. Sent securely scaled, post paid for 50 cents, by Dr. C.

Whittier, 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, the great specialist. Read his works. To tho Afflicted and Unfortunato: de.

w. B. IIOTT can stil 6e confidently consulted, and his miraculous Polychrist Specific Kemedics procured for all forms of Chronic, scrofu lous and female diseases, at ins medical ve treat at Oaondaea Valley, three miles south ofSvracuse. X. i.

near the terminus of the street cars, or hv addrcssiujr bim through his P. O. Box 2.0. tvracuse. l.

fceetne letters the Doctor has ia his cCce from patient9 all over the United States for the cure lie nas periormeu oi tue louowmg uis-eases Syphillis, Vcav.ness. Debility, -Loss of Power. Iiupedinicnts to Marriage, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Less of Enersry and Appetite, Pain ia the Lack and Limbs. Tiniiditr. Self-distrust, Love of Solitude.

Groundless Fears, Pnlpi tation of the Heart, Noise in the Head and Ears, Dizziness, Indecision, Wretchedness, Impaired Siarht aud Memory, Indigestion and r.odily Prostration, Spermatorrhea or Self-abuse, Gleet, Piles, 1 emale Irrcguia tions, and all Female diseases of every nume or nature. So if you want pcraiancut relief and health, describe your case perfec ly and enclose the Doctor his consultation fee of five dollars, and the specific medicine for your disease will he sent you by re turn mail that the Doctor will warraut to perform a perfect cure in thirty days. GOD BLESS OUR the name of the most legant FrcncbJOil Motto Chromo ever issued. The motto is surrounded bv one of the most beautiful aad richly colored wreaths of beautiiul flowers tn dark background, and is beautiful in its details. It is 11 13.

Wc sen this motto chromo and the BOSTON WEEKLY GLOBE, a large, eight page family, story and news paper, with 1 1 11 agricultural, ches, puzzle, and all I .1 tar aopartmenis', inrce monies, wr ei.i O'J cents. tJhronio ami piper. li for 1. A beautiful holiday jiit- Agents wante( Address, WEEKY GLOBE, 'Z'lS Washington Streit. 22tf.J Boston, Mass.

THE COMHOXWEALTU. Prospectus for One year ao the CjM.MoswtAi.TU ispued a declaration of its and prBrosEs. This declaration embodied briefly the expression of a determination to stand by the Republican party; of a belief in "honest money" as distinguishable from an irredeemable paper currcnc3 nnd of a general conviction that the first duty of a newspaper is to TELL TUE SEWS, and of a Kansas newspaper to give Kansas I news the precedence, A year has passed and has shown that the Republican party than ever, ne cessary for the preservation of LIBERTT A5D LAW in thia country. In regard to the financial question this, if no more, has been decided at the polls, that the peoj le are opposed to the wild theories of the inflationists. The course of the Commoxwealtu, us a i political journal, has been ABUKDASTLT 6CSTAISED.

An enlargement of the daily has been found necessary, and the circulation of the paper has steadily increased. In view of these circumstances, the Commonwealth has so new rOLICT to announce, but will adhere to the course marked out iu the past. Kansas news will continue to be a specialty, and the three departments of Items," "Kansas Farm ing, and "Kansas Churches," will be dilli-gcnily collated from cur State crchanges, while by free use of the telegraph and SPECIAL COKRESl'ON every event of general interest which trans. pires in the stato will be laid before our readers. In the files of the Commonwealth may be lound a nisToar or tub-state GovEajtsiEST in every department, executive, legislative and judicial.

The Syllabi of decisions of the supreme court are published in the Commosweallh by authority. Tho LEGISLATIVE RErGItTS will, during the coming session, be made.a heretofore, full and complete. The "Legis lative Summary," which was generally com mended and freely used by the press of th State last winter, wU be made a regula feature. In submitting this brief statement it is dosired that it be distinctly understood that the Commonwealth sets up no claim to be the "leading State paper," nor assumes to be the "organ" of any man or set of men, save the editors and proprietors. It bases its c'aims for support on its merits alone, and the attention of people who wish a Re publican paper published at the State Cap-J ital is respectfully solicited, tspeciai alien, tion is directed to the WEEKLY COMMONWEALTH, a forty ealunin paper, with few advertisements, and containing all the reading matter that appears in six issues of the daily.

TEajts. Weekly, three ninths, 10 cents: bU months, $1.00, one It always stopped when the timo fur vhicii it is paid expires. Daily, $10 per year. Specimen copies sent free on application. Address.

P. Eakehk Kus. Topeka, Kansas. tention to the Believing it to he tho best Parlor and Orchestral Orffan manufactured. Thtlci- proved Heeds in this Orjran in conjunction with the Perfected Reed Boards produce sweet, pure and powerful tones.

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Address, yEOLlAN ORGAN Washington, Eew Jersey. i i TT7-E hava tha best JOB OFFICE in southern KanBas, aad are prepared to do all kinds of BOOK- Ai JOB MTIIiB la th neatest manner. We hov amount ef NEW MATERIAL, And our prices caunet be duplicated south of th Kaasas P.iver. keep constantly oa hand a full supply er DEEDS. MORTGAGES, 1 WAEBAHTS hlfrD AXiXi 2IHT? OS" BXJLI7KS Star Parlor Organ Surpasses in tone and power any Seed Organ heretofore manufactured in this ooua try.

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This Organ needs only to be seen to be appreciated, and is sold at extremely low prices for cash. Seoond hand instru ments taken in exchange. AGENTS WANTED, (Mai or Female), in every.county in the United States and Canada. A liberal discount made to teachers, ministers, churches, Schools, Lodges, where there is no agent for the "Star" Organ. Illustrated catalogue and price list free.

Correspon dence solicited. Address the manufacturer. EDWARD PLOTTS AVashington, N. j. J.

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Perfect Outfits for Sportsmen. Breech and Muzzle-Loading Gnat MADE TO ORDER and warranted superior te aay others. Particular atteatiea is called to GE0P.G1 SMITH'S ADJUSTABLE OCX STOCKi for which he has th right. They ar beyond all dispat better than aay etfcer. JSTBEASOyABLE BISC0UX1 T0 T2 TRADE.j SuRetaiI orders left at the Republic cfEce, witl receive prompt attention.

VoL 4 W-6m 1 I I OT I ES Vlt 3: EXT CIT- The "Republican'" New Year Present to old Frleru's and Patrons A Valuable Advertisement. There is probably no town in Kansas tliut hug a better or ui re reliable class i Lu.iiuts meti than Baxter pruij We intruded to spend a uiy or two thfn writing them up separately; but i its uuubio ilu fur want of liuie. therefore, thull notice such as we in with the d'stiuct assertion that those vh may not bo noticed will be omitted iliii unli iuadvertauce, and nut tLrou.h il wi.l. Mr. J.

Pulster i-, we believe, lLo nldcst utercbaut in town. IIo came there when Bjxter was growing rapidly, tud invested considerably in real estate, i4 well as opening as good a more as tu be found in the southwest Mr. 1 'ulster is emphatically a' business man," roi-ipt, reliable, energetic, aggressive lie has buik up a trade that would be hoiur tj any merchant. He has advantages in good, and is enabled to couipeto -successfully with a iy west of the Mississippi. We heiievo he carries the largest stock in Baxter, aiid probably tho heaviest one of Ft Scott.

Tn the same line (dry pood0 and vanking next to Mr. PoLter, is Mr. Swi hart. Mr. S.

opened iu Baxter about t-eveti yeirs a snnll fctock, which lias steadily grown, until tho present lie now has a Erst-rato trade, and is ime of the fixtures of the city M. T. IMcMickle has also a fine stock 'f dry goods and is doing a thriving business. He is one of the staunch and reliable men of the place always hon orable and fair in his dealings, he has the respect and confiJenca of all his ac ijuaintances. Jolin M.

Cooper, the oldest nnd heav iest merchant in tho city, has built tip a splendid trade and a considerable fortune on his corner of the trjuare. Mr Cooper is one of the most public spirited 1 men in tho city, taking a prominent part in all that concerns the public intcrost He lias for several years baen thea trou (iaint of the Spring River Valley Agricultural Society. S. Hendersoji, though having're ntly established a wholesale grocery use in Jopliu.huS still a good stock in Baxter. While his interests were en Baxter, he wns one of her most netire and successful business men and valuable citizens.

IIo is now doinj; a ood business in Joplin, as ho richly dc serves. Gio. Koontz. "on the corner," is also pioinincnt grocery man, whoso sales are always largo. Haley and Bnoch Wright have recent ly purehnsd the stock of Ambrose Ca ruth, deceased, and are doing a good business, 'llu-y are both reliable and cneretio youn men, and, having capital, enthusiasm and intelligence their success is assured, They are also amon the heaviest farmers and stock dealers in the county." John ill also has a first rata 6tock of groceries, iu the south end of town, and hra considerable Indian trade.

Uncle Billy Smith, as he is tmiliarly called, is also one of the well established instnutions" of the city. We do not know when he came there, or when he ii away but wo do know that he furnishes first class oysters, and all kiuds of groceries, strictly first class in the line of drugs Dr. G. G. Gregp; swinv out with the heaviest stock in the southwest He, too, is an old resident, au I has long becn'oue of the most in fluential citizens.

McCarty having recently pur cbaed the stock formerly'owned by Geo. I. Weaver, aro disputing with Dr. Gregg the duties of measuring quinine to the Texans and Arkansas travelers. They have a good stock nf drugs and aro do ing a good business.

They also have a hti'ck of books and stationery in the p-ffice building, and occasionally work at their trade of painting and carnage at their trade of paiuting and carriage trimming. Thus it occurs that while Lew" is master of only a few professions that "Tony" completely smashes the old proverb and makes it read, ''Master if all trades and jack of none." The only exclusive clothing house is presided over by Adam Bamberger, a representative of the triho of Judah. His store is always well filled, and is a goid place to get a good bargain. J. W.

Keenan occupies himself in the only cabiuet shop aud furniture store in the city, lie docs a good business and keeps a 6tock alwaj9 equal to the de' mand. In the realm of tobaccos and cigars Jack Garrett rules supreme. About as stationary as his sign, we expect his latest breath will be drawn in Baxter. John Opperman waxes the cuds of trte harness shop iu the city, and does it well, too, turning out some of the best, work ever done in thestate. TJie I'lanters House has long been the leading hotel, and its reputation has suffered under its present minaga ineot.

The Cnttaee Hons, under control of Mrs Kins, made an enviable reputation; which being Siiifaioid by the present proprietor. Mrs. Palmar. The city Hotel has locontly been ren- ihc of the ou nJ the last year, A. T.

J. Lea, who are i selling railroad land. Tom. Feuimore. now police judjre, is 1 the city tailor, and gives moVe men in better humor, than any other maa in Baxter Hungry folks go to Park Bush furl fresh meat; and always find a good sup--U ply.

Mr. r. est now owns me oiu market of Mr. Henry Franunfeldter. Mr.

Kellev takes care of the "soles of the people in his boot nnd fchoe shop, I north of the postofiice, on Military street, and "pegs away earnestly ana constancy as though this world would last" forcvei. at. a c.i I oi.up on ouc.uau Cw, makes horseshoes and money. T.i.ip.: tJ ouu ui viit has a custom extendinsr all over this country, lie has a splendid reputation hl3 hnc and 13 resPectcd as a man ana a citizen. PROFESSIONAL MEN.

The following centlemen hurl Black. oi tne populace Col. J. It. Hallowell, John Moss and W.

II. Horner. The Medical fraternity is represented by Drs. J. D.

McClure, Wm. Street, A. 3 J. McLlellan and d. 11.

StUmm. Amongst those whose business does not come under cither of the above heads we ou-ht 'to mention Mr. P.J. Pfenning, Mayor cf the city, just now i i in ti i I. out oi regular empioy, x.a.

iiou-mus, Justice of the Peace J. R.Faulkner, City JIarshal A. W. Stillwcll, Express Anrnnf ert nF lh Planters Maj. Crutcher, eapitalist inaj.

oupenntenueni or me Bonanza Lead Mine. Smith and Corcoran, two jolly knights of the anvil and bellows, hold forth on the southeast, corner. tcf the square, opposite John Cooper's and tarn out first class work. George Young, the irrepressible ton serial artist, still flourishes the blade on Military etreet, and takes off more scalp locks than all the filodoes com bined, Mr. N.

F. Rue presides, over a first class wagon shop, east of City Hotel, on Neosho street, and those who visit him never rue it. Henry Henckel presides over' the confectionery department of the city, and dishes out the toothsome sweets to the citizens. Mrs. Walker, proprietress the mil linery establishment, keeps up that part .1 ei.t.

oi u. u.i..uM. uas waiy room, aiid a good stock Mrs. Walton, dressmaker, has 'rooms i on the west side of Military street, and 1 keeps two or three laaehincs humming, r. keep pp splendid turaouu, and Stillmau Park3i aad Mr, Johnsoa also keep livery staDies.

The machine shop of F. Croweil is of creat benefit to tho adioinin- tl fj-r sninrT flirt rvnlv rliiift cniifh nf naireu or niaae. ana maa ufactures various farm implements. The lumber trade is represented by J. lest 1 i i i 1 I I I I I OFFICIAL PAPER -CF- Cherokee County.

Largest Circulation Of any Tiipcr ever published in the county O- I to ilia EDUCATIONAL, AND MORAL Interests County. of the SL'IISCRIDC AT OSCE. TERMS TWO DOLLARS A OKJCTLY LV ALYASCE 1 provisions for free ng them a 1, H. Smith and W. A.

J. A. Wheatley slaves their freedom, heartily regretting A rhytioiaa ia atteadanet ta answer rfT, cl.u'nr that I have beea the owner of one." 1 dTi" Krftlia- kundrnti in nnmrw-r I fa find Wn nn- a'ie'y opposed to me Missouri uom- icni-ricieu no nau upoeid me i mrougn ievn report ana geoa wordt: 1 give and beautath to qt rurtherthan this, he provided for the purchase of 4.000 acres of land, to be Rivea t0 these' freed slaves. Those who remember Randolph, say that he never I shaved. He had an eitrpmelv thin, hut "ry sweet and clear voice.

Once, uc ment ta-dine with a -fain n.Men,.. bnt subsequently, receiving ai iavitation for the same time from Mrs. Kdswor th, he accepted the latter, and afterwards apologized to the former by saying, "The ouin umpiea me, ana a aid eat." J. Pfenning. manufacturer and Wholesale Deal- er ia And all kinds of Manufactured Tobaccos also, all varieties of Smokers goods.

Military Street, Baxter Springs, Kanea. n341v. I I uvvu.v.., i.i i the square, and the latter the south side. Mr. Saiith has long had a branch yard in Jcplin.

Messrs. Wheatley have re mki! oafiMUliA.I si firsnMi vnn nt Whh City, whore they are having a tip-top trade. -Both these firms hava done done much towards drawing custom to Baxter. The cotton gin that has ena- oar cotton growers to market their crops is owned by the Wheatleys. P.

Wright, formerly an attache of this oSce, is now running a photograph gallery, and doing first-rate work. He is a young man of good premise, and bids fair to make a valuable man. But no review of Baxter would be at all complete without a notice of our own irrepressible Weldy first in first in peae, and first in the hearts of his countrywomen. His ostensible, business is transferring passengers between the.

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