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The Cherokee County Republican from Columbus, Kansas • 3

The Cherokee County Republican from Columbus, Kansas • 3

Columbus, Kansas
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

umii mmm Jin ui I i CHE KKPUBLICAN. BAXTER REPUBLIC 1 S5 KEARNEY'S-: r-rther, for the siffiir was otien thi ladies. tht the ob! to surprise us. fhir's ail the object ve ha 1 in ji-'ftit-g r.ner here." we sa d. as we pracel'uliy merged I'mtn our liidiuii plaee undi-r -ie bed.

Genii- ol it you ive seen the expression rf the fices ht-re ussei'ibleJ. yo't would hare said ve had the best of thai eitrpris Vie 1. tbe whole shin up, we cave or-b ig to "clar de kitchen," and two Se's it a time kept the musicians busy ai-til twelve o't-ltwk, when t-upper was called. Icrsonal. Rev.

Mayo and Col. March, of Baxter, honored the Republican with a call this wet k. Dad Varick and Bill Tenel-ze called oa the Republican one day this week. Walter Alloway, one of the bees dry goods clerks of Baxter, dropped into see us the other day. He was inquiring for a dentist, but we believe he meant the probate judge.

Come again, Walter. Geo. W. Tipton, of tne Girard Hews crave ua a call this week. GLd 80 ft.

span, total length, 155 fe. at a coat of $840. Mr. Ileudrickscr. ha the contract for building.

ITe a practical workman and is doing a splendid job. The bridge when completed will meet a long felt will turn travel from west of Lirrht uing to Columbus, which has hitherto been obstructed. Mr. Eli Beals, a well known citizen and old settler, has sold out and is making preparations to remove. ITe goes to Dayton, Mo.

We have a splendid country, alive, thorough-going community, Sunday schools, meetings, literaries, spelling bees, reading circles, kc for the training of our and better Our day school is largely attended and prosperous under the supervision ef Miss Ellen Coltrane. We are all anxiously awaiting the results from Louisiana. More anon. CO. BiiUCE.

C. fmi'vrsTimi 1- llHtit-r' It- BO'l nn intolu liY- oflifi Mt the Pl.tnl -i 1n At ilv rallH ii' 1. (1 .1 -v. t- fi, i iM llS'1 I 'i "I r. mil bi- i km i ll t-i tt i.

If y- w-mt t't bii; i.r.s.- 1 sav i.ii.j It' 'iU hav i iSt ir i If J'J Watit l'ie-. If tJJS cli stolen. If you want to ia any tint; tier. I't-eih-se cjionms at a Ct-st of cents a line. Are jotj busy, Jaek Chuck fall The J-plin staea.

Lots cf wjld gese just beh-w town. Some talk of having winter right here home. Tl.e rock on which drau'tard pplit quarts. Cocie rotne ia come on. No more wine, thank you.

James 31 cXeal came over to ee this week. Next YA. Zelleken's iee Ih usj goi-a down and over to Webb City. We are jrlad to learn that Col. Pjei's ehitd ia idunwt well It ras bei-u tick for a time.

Hon. J. R. Hallowell came home Wednesday evening lie lad been to Some turkeys hold their beads mighty higbDince thanksgiving, lhey loi-ei ubout LUnstinas. 7 7 iV.

ill i ii its fty- Mrs. Jjhn M. Ciipr Wt. do nt liaxt-r It ronaivtrd of wine Cakes tiJer inlf it cotiit. ted ot wine, CKeS.

tlder. app.e. nuts. candies, pop corn, ail of which wa contributed by the urp.iset A Her I supper, dyneing and general amuse- m-ut, until the clock one about twice, when lb Coupmy adjourned It was a affair and enj'd lT all. Scare attain, friends.

A Jolly' Good Time thanVa- Mviiiii cvi'inng a of ladies aad sn lletn (one'ol whom we ware which) ehaitvtid the 'bu for a trip into the Indian Territory. 1 1 the residence of Kd ward Black. 2d chief of the Teoriis, where we had been iuvited tu parlieipile in a thanksgiving dancft AH heinsr in readim-SM, we were nicely stored away in the 'bus. about four feet derp. including robes, blankets.

We n't think am body's 'bus eTer h-hl a livelier ptrty than its. Sii'g'int. laujiinp "'id lin; and -'every id ho'ler" was the order of the trip d-iwn! Upon our arrival we iuioI fptiie a p-iry already there The house beinjr called to the roll was called, the fiilowin- purs ma auswerifiu to their iiaao-s Residents the na tion Mrs Lab-nil and umhterr hn ny Aiusworth od wile, Mr. Ildjie- aim mi. tne toe, naries ami vViUia.n Harvey Blackwood T.inJii-v ra! others who Mrs.

Hen lerson, Mrs Heed. Mie Walton. Garrett, Mrs Walker, Miss Mt Q'iijru. Chan. E-ricksoa and viie.

eldy and wife. Mr. Attimr and Henry LnUi-hliii. Mrs arcnoun that the objeit in ii.vitin- us t.s .1 fur the Cr was l-il nini iiii3 Umea. we have had in the pist.

and to have aoother just like them This we proceeded to The music struck up a lively air and we nm lo the iir lively as we swnniT around the ctr elo" in i nlri'tles. waltzes, reels ibl- and I' wis kept up until about twe ve cl.iek rt hen Htipper was itii'iniiced, and sucii sopv-r Ou'y those who have eaten V.r-i. Ulaek's table can imagine bow uliviy t-vciy ll.iiiu Was pteparcU. will not iittets pt a UiS-rpti of the 1 111 01 imujis naa. oiaee t-' y.

yMy Mr.i er we amused ur-elvc3 tor a1 various ways nd then went llt tun ic un (ila rtr perched on h.dow warned us that it was tin to by sweetly -'Come. Darliu, the I) iyli-hi is We accepted the warn inir anI alt-r tu kih-t our irienos their kind iit. bo.ndel the a. ala'. 'bus and st -rtel for hornn.

arr-vin iii iuic lor breakfast and unanimously vot iii'' it ine Disc tune wj n.ive nw ior 1 1 I 1 A' years. liuiLiiiJiaaiiaarcBUft TjJ TC A 17 'Q CELEBRATED PIT Till Ci-XB Hepatitis or Liver Complaint, DYil'trilA AND SICK IIUADACKB. Symptoms of a Diseased Liver. 1 j. IAIN in the right side, under theedge I a.

t.u.ieiimos tne mill ii in it.e icliuie; in is rareiy able to lie on ti.e Lit Siai sonicinnes pain is kit tr.efc.tou.ucr-oiiu?, it iretiueuttyex ter.ils to n.e top me snomtie'r, st.r:cu;i:esir.uiaKCiiioraintu:iiau..mia hbe arm. Toe stoma, ii is ai'fcttcd with 1 .1:1 1 1 OJoSU. u.cuunui in pei.eral are alterna tive with lax; the bead is tio with pain, accoir.naiiid v. iiii a -H, htavy sjiiation in the back pari. There is generally a onsideraiie losso.

1 om'anicd v.itli a 'ensation of l.avii lei: Mi.icn ought to have been done. A slight, dry cough is sometimes an attendant. The latient complains of weariness and de- r-r. r.i- 1'irnirr Br1 tin 1 1 1-o 1 .1 a i nt a 7 'V i tint 11 sfievitui.i ol skim his STirKS 1 low and alti.orgli He wsattoiied tuat eXCr.lJC VOUlU Uw lJ CI he can start cly summon up fortitude enot.h to try it. In fact, he uistru-U cver' remedv.

Several of the above sYtiiplo iis atteivl the but cases iie.iri tint cl where f- oftliem existed, y.texa.dnatioaoltheboJy.atraeath. 1 i.a-j luc liilmu 11a, ia- i 1 1 KM AND FEVER. Pr. C. -MV Lane's Liver in CAES Atjc'E AND I' EVLR, taken witii Qui.

line, ate productive of the i i to Xr. I Poub.edi Echit BANKERS, coitsnrs, KAI Transact a Genera! Eanklrg Euir.csj. Gold. OoTerement Bond, Foreign en Domestic. FrehaTisie; Bought and Sold.

Hi' TjJceF-'iJ ''rCcti1yTowr hip Bonds, and County Warrant INTF-PrST allowed on lire mercial paper di-cc-iuiod at faror-ib rates, Collection if! Trfemlttaiices Promptly Ziale. To loan on in pro farm? at tlie Lowest With interest payable annually. py money as soon as the papers are igrod. vo-lo-ly. BAXTER BANK.

CAXTKRSrRIVGS. KN. Cnpitnl Doc Gn.r:l Hnnking'ness and Hjaanil Bella fcxcloinjre H. R. CKOWEf-L, Cashier.

bl) 1NESS PARAGRAPHS. Try IJanerof'ts eve salve. vDtilu 3: Fee l.ancro'i's l.ivr 1'ilU. thev are tin oi'y Lhrr U.atket. old by lihWi'! 5 15 3m I'irr Insurant.

Tns'iro your building witli A. Jy. Tteo.cilTner Whitcial't when you wan oh tup procerus. PLOTTS' ST A II ORGANS. TSrery instrument, ful' war'nnted Fl lory an I office.

Washington. N. Or reepondenee solicited If you wutrf to honew nion- eU on (ad. Man-It. He savs he h' S.uliO.ttOO which he wilt lot the iio-1-love nn pood real estate security.

Th (Jol mean business. PLOTTS' ST A OMAN'S rf, cel-lirate'l for tlieir pwrity of ton elfpiint ami tliorough cmiHtrni ti -i. Pnl for riitalojrue AJlrr Eiwabi l'LOTTf, Wafliinjrtnn. 4. IV Jay il-H- Cum ri.OTTS ST A it our.

AN Anr prrKon. im-li- oi fcmalo. wln lia tie i in. proonre a liri i htiuttciit sit a K-ittl ri'iiiurtv) pnc-. iv-ii" (or j.iiri a v.

Ail Ki-wm Pl.OTT. ll'iMi-r-'i II sii'i'ii rv i- ill" Ti-st tn iK tin dii-'ne in tbt wurM it is ji. t-piMUi 'i Irnist; ii r-iuves ull swelling an. i flMtnti' t) tit Miiv It will -ir nnv ra. of llie etom ith in filU-ni mjiit t'" Fi.M i 5 15"& Co.

ri.orrs's! mi oim.xxa. Agents siipjlii-vl nt tint' ilefy com pet. on tor tlie Mm clu?" of pniniit'iit-Try rnr. Audretis I'lott. asli iag on, S.

rr.oTTS' stau owa ans. Any person wiliui to purciiase a pavlm raii. where lJ)ere i no apenl fur 1 1 would well to wrife for upecial atf. to introdnoe lliis met! umeiit A'l tr. limAfD I'lot-is, YYitfbiugtou, N.

llnre i. e. Vfi.fiT Miifnc'f l'Mwanl Ftui 1 'luam. fr--li ficm ry N. .1.

1 lus liihtrii ft nt issuipasftl by tiutie in tltt tall at (Iiis ouit-e. FI.OTTS' STAR OROAX? Combine heanty. durability ani worth Fond for illtt-trBteil catnl(iirue before btty. ini. Ad ir thr t.

Enmnn li)TT-, on. N.J. Ii.i ul 1 -i li I I ru bi lb in. I 1 1 I. li.

V.tid Sin et.i i Si-will rl inns l-i I I- Ui.tV. IS lii i 'a, u- igne turc Is lar sup- ti .1 t-, ny i ei .1 pr o.v rati ev r-, th 1 rcuo'dv for t'biiU and -Cvr. It wi 1 is. 'I i .11. i I I'aV i'l'd i-il Tins ('iniU t.iot IVvi r.

iil'vr sm-ii r-n-vWs 1' p. il M. i-io Mala 1 I'ois .11, ir-ia tne i ti, vt hi It Is 1 at the vt ills. Ask nr isi CctiE, (p'ls nqi E. Hcbart.

a i family cauie heme edoes-jay 1 be have been visiting relatives in Illinois. New is otll time, sills. You can pet beau for twenty vs cents. The Mo docs sell th em. Yaab Fir The los have struck 1.

ar Uinta jvaa m.v frieuds, we are apt to fiud tluiu pretty 'ehse spirt." dm SoiaII ad family left for Ilii bois -on Friday last. John oeen with us formally imjous we bats to! lose him. We shall miss Inuij'wncti bai.d begins to play." I'roov. Tt n.ivs to advertise. Last week we the people to "wake up TTetore thi paper was out.

vie bad a le 'inji BCCiftJ. two dunces td a fi-ilrt o. two o'clock P. a S. was disc vcred .1 lh It was ouiy toy me exertion of th 3 fau.ily ai neiuhh-os tht the building was saved from utter Jesiruction; as it was, little nauia-e was lone.

We learn that it WiSCau-eJ by a defective flue. Don't you heardat ehoofn Ober in de holler Likeas if dy'igaine totakede town No, you is tniiakea, llem is only darkies Blastin' out de black jack from du gtouu'. Our Climate. Mr. have a al tj v'-- 5 7 I concluded to LcjU in Haxter.

Mr jiiuioci.ui'ji wuim was for th-j beocfit tt h's wite health. Stie nad been rjune sick ior some uuie aad when they started for this place had to be carried to the ears on a bed. They .11 rived here en the 9ih of Noven.ber She was taken to her sister's (Mrs Stillwel!) in "bus. beinir unable to walk. Iii tea days, she walked to the deput, and now.

altlo uih 11 fully re- covereJ. is able to iroun 1 at pleas ure. And yet some croakers say this i 1 i.i nor a iiea.n.y cnu.aic Honest Coca The Jopliu A' tat says Baxter li-s on In tJiS tu.t L'ULISIIEI) EVEKY FRIDAY TY AND COUNTRY. Salter The printers' devil 13 a pi ous -Ice is not as tard as it "used was." Notice to delinquent tax low do you like it. Ti mater is carce tltis wek.

be-- us- we tint h-d time to set it np The Girard 3cics says we are rick-topped. Pity but what jour op a3 as solid. Van Bennett had the fun of eatin the city on the Itabaes corpus use of city vs Thompson. The Girard Keics man is in a errible fix. lie is to far gone that ie thinks we are crazy, too.

Several articles are crowded out thin ek '1 hey be published ers lunyr. 'nut ribut-'M, be 9 We hare had more cold weather within the last mouth than we had all last winter. The Girard JVW'S man i9 80 obtuse that he couldu't see the point to lilitnin-rod. We understand that a shooting tournament is to be held in this city before long. -A fellow oyer in Missouri claims -to -be the boss skatht.

We suppose he is a mo-skceter. Lisle au Hide ate kept buy tal-inj; in iiioti'y over at the treasurer's tf-tiee We'd like of tbat snrt, our.elf A school teacher on being asked why Bummer was longer than winter, replied, ''because it's hotter -heat expands." Business in our justices' courts has been lively the past week C'ie topk Herald. It's been justice live- over here. We don't mind a fellow going to sleep in church, but we do object to his snoring so loud that he keeps everybody else awake. We see.

by the L'ommontceitlih th-it George Hiv-iu is a cand ite fur assist eiit a of the senate in and win. George. Yott 1 II dlow- el xh jr 1 nhin'iiii next wbi I A young fellow ikating on the pond the other day went through a As he disappeared under the ice he was heard to exelaim, "waiter fall, my countrymen The Girard Neics fcays wo are crazy. Uall us any Kina 01 a name you please, butjlou't, for goodness Sake, try to drag us down to a level with yourself. We notice Frank W.

Frye'i up at the Lead of the local of the Chetopa Herald, and, irom tho wav he shoves his Faber, we ju Ige he i. it j. ids to "push ti.i tzs." Shake, Frank. Possums arc of Irish descent. T.ieiror i al uauie w.wO' Possum," bur, ui.i ny foreig de nieil their country ani taougnt to Americanize themselves bv leaving off the -O." Thursclav evci ire the Gult tram came very iear running into some flat-cars to the M.

W. The cars had been switched off on to tho a id ihe brakes i.ot being4 set" they had Japped over 011 to the Gulf track. But the ever watchful Toohey sawi them and whistled down brakes in time to pre veiit an accident. the Leavenworth Times: "finely five percent of all thehous as that were vacant a year ago are fiilel now with people fro; abroad whs intei.d to make their home." Ninety nine and of all the houses that were va ii twreaeoa year ago are fi.led iiiw with people who intend to make Lawrence their home. -Laurence Journal.

An even on hundred per Scent, of 'ail the houses in Indcpen- at. occupied a al immigrants r.v i.iukr;. for more Luiidiniis. Jcj )iee Co trier. I on Scott b--tter tliaa that.

The house i'a'i a ul he calaboose iacrowd- t-d every irvht It. Monitor. That is to thecrowd I state of Our houses are all full, our calaboose full, and two or three roo on the saloon steps every night. JJiami liej'itblican. That's Loihis g.

Columbus is the fullest town you ever saw, the houses are all full, the 'boose got so full it bursted, aiid the otaer ight all the boys i.i town were full and are likely to co.itinue in that condition. I'af rti7ukc A'ofice. W. 11. Barnes, Secretary of the Patrons Commercial Agency, has respectfully requested me to give notice that he wiil comedown to Columbus on Tuesday, Dec.

10th, to ad dress the 1'atroas. en iiiasse about the wholesale agency business. hope every patron "who has anv faith whatever or hope for the luture 01 ouror.ier-tn.ivansaa mllb oa Laud rrosipt at 1 c-iojk p. 1 KALET. st a .) DICD.

Monday, Dec. 187C, Effie May, daughter of Alzena and M. F. religa, 8ged four years, eight monllis and fifteen days. LAND! LAND LAND Homes for tlie People.

35Q.0007'CR'ES CRAWFORD COl'ATIES, RAX8A1. Still Fwtied rod tfertrd fr m1 Wj th 310. RIVER. FT. SC0T1 and GULI RAILROAD COMPANY.

oreillt, rannipg tiirangh ten year a er oeul. annual ioteraat. Vo part of principal ilae fr tfcree Hr froci Jnnuary 1 fulluwii.g date of purchase, afterward only one itTeath, aad ibtar aciDiiallr. 20 per cp-fit. ai aa a iiMoaiior casn ia iuu at data of parchaaa nnx p- (U909XIB.

Ml aQTRBSr I No other aeto Iti (Irewt aTet offer? creater ia4NetneBa thaae seeking new n.oia aaa aroaiame WTesUaeuU. The Railroad the ConpanT traerse K. Jt Zeu; U. 11 I narth-weptera p.itien. and the M.

C. I w. K. R. from liutt.

West; the lt een- aectinr at Pifr.s Citjr with the Atlaaiia raeine BaiUreaa. Tfce price af fVa rr eerdiat m1, looMlioh. wAter eupplf aid atcer adrantaje- Kaagiug frm $13 -r acre. Coal cf Superior CUailiT, n1 la qwantitj, 1 faaaa aa niiaoel eTrji ertioa. pradiie ag cheap fuel.

nr aatailiai reaeurc fr jtrofitahl la nor. Leed. 2ia an a Biatrak al fa4 mI aaiatd la the tarieaterr pirlioa The ef rtichtfal. Thera la ne hMttr fruit rera in the "Jailed State Wiatnr wheat, eara a4 a wher lehaece, heirn. aweet ao lri.h aataiotl.

aad al lh-r rt and TpelahU arawaia Fi farther itferB4i addr, JOHN A. CLAR2. Lftni Cozaaltsloner. ort co rr, ka ksa m. Touns Men.

If want to learn teleerpy. fud lo-cotne a practical operator, or tn nM ter b.M.k-keepintr in li ita hranthes or business f-rms. l.or hand, in tlie shortest possible time reasonable prices, p. to Crawford' njIMEHClAL CoLLEGK. Fort Scott, rvan 1 niii'i in inr riair.ui inm II I 1 11 1 ntrolled by a full Hoard of Trustees 1.

r. the deoree of Maatcr of accounts, and 1 law. COIIICI Master of TelejrrapHy upon its 1 IT: V. I pupiis in me last six months, m-st ol --11. a 1 whom hare Graduated and a oc nnv 1 ars will piy all necessary expensea, in 1 j- 1 cniuiui acnoi irsniD.

stationerv sn A m. nu u.t.c ft cl uiiiiuii -f'hool ilietl.l ltil Arf Ia laa.n will complete the course in three months Xi vacations. Student can enter at my tima Thoe who enter for the fall course d'irintr the month of Septeui ber. will receive insti action in short hand Jret. Yf will find the institu- -I 11 ion uiei ems 111 ail na apariiiteion.

a a I I I I I 1 I 1 'MO'LIAW Th proprietors takt jl5are ia eaniai tteatwn tu the oe jrarior LT- eiegtral Oran manrattBred. Thelra- proved Reeda in this trpaa in eonjena- DelieTinr it to re tie het Parlor Or- th Keed Board! produce j-et, pare and powerful touea. Superb Cases Jfcvr and Elegant Designs. Miniatera. Churcke.

ienoi, une.gps, etc suou ia aLaiap fur 1 rice Lie is and uiseounts. Dealers will find it their advantate esaraiae this Imtrua.pfet. It hat im-proYement! found ia no other. Correopoa-Uence solicited. Adlrtm.

EOL1AN ORGAN "VTailiinsto-i, ITew Jors y. i i i'i I nSPU ELIGAH ta vt job office' fi-uihrrn Kanaas, abd are prepared iu all ktuda of BQQa JQ3 FiilSTIriE la tka neatest aafiur. TTa Lava a Urje amouat WEW mATERIAL, And our price) cannot be tliialirateJ tenia Of the Kansas Iiirer. We keep eaaatantly em haa a lull epfly of DEEDS. 1IORTGAGES, WARRANTS YNDALI.

KI27D3 OP BLANKS A T. W.J.LEA, Baxter Springs Kansas. E3AT, ESTAT2 A17D LCA1T ASSISTS; Also Agents for of 6 R. R. Lands, in Cherokee County.

Office ok Millitart SniEr-T. 5-15-'y HARK THESE PACTS. The Teetimcnjr of the WholefWorld. HOLLOYtTAY'S PILLS. Fit aeta From Vtrioua Xi tera.

-I hsd noapjietite: Ilolloway' Piila gTe me a liear'v one "Voitr Pills are nvirTp'om." I sen-l another box, and keea then 111 the lior.Be -Ir. Hollowav ha enred my headache that whs "I of your to tny for cholera nioibiis. The dear little got weil in a nay. My tiHiisea of a irornine is now cured Your box of llotlowsr'a Oiniment eared of noises in the heid I rtibhed eorai' of jimr Oin'ment behind the cars, and the noise los lift." "Send me two boxes; I want one for poor fMtni'iy." -I encio-e dollar; Tnnr price is 25 el but the nif iicir.e to is wonh a dollar tVtid fivi- l.rxtB of y. ur Le me hne three Ix.Xib of your Pills by return mail, for n'i I have over asthee but want of ace on i 1.

to conclude for Cutaneous Disorder, And ail eruption cf the ekin. Ihi Ointmrnl Is niO-t inaviuable It does not heal exter- naily alone, but pen- irf-t la i iietrK.e with the umst he Try root of the evil HOLLO WAY'S PI LIS Invariubljr cure the followia; diseases isor ior of tho Kidney In nil .1 ureases' afieetinf' llie tircim. whether th eertete too much or too cr tlo-y be afaicle with stone or grand, or with achc and pains aetiled in lh, l-jns eri-r the region of the kidneys, the la eliouid be lkn ae-crdiiig 10 the printed directions, and tin Ointiiifiii ahoul'l be. well rubbed into the firnalf cf the back at bed time Thi treatment wiil give almost immediate rtlief when all other means have failed. For Etorxachs Out of Order, No medicine will eo effectually i prove the tone of the etomach a these they i reme al! ci lily oc either by in A TI -P ZZ -iJ they are wonderfully efil'eius in caee of j-nm fact.

thy tuTer fail ia curing ail disord.ra of the iivtr ana etociaen. HOLI.OWAY'3 PU I rthebest known in the world lor 1I1 fl! wii.jt Ague. Aeibnia, Bi lb-j a i. ii. RbeuBiilietn, Ile-tiiion of urine, or King's Evil, Sie ThroaU.

ftune and Grarel, Tic Douloureux, Tumor. Ulcer. Worma of ad kinds, from any cauaa. etc. I1IPORTAITT CAUTION.

5ne are genuine cnlets th. elgnnture J. tl as g-nt for tha United surrounds each buof Piila and Uiiituic-ut, A fcsn-lsonie reward will to any one renderir.2 euch itifurmatiun may lead In the detection of any p.nty or parties counter etnng ine meoiemei Mai.j tne .1 i i i urae. Km win; iiiera io ne tSvl at the Bnntr.itactory ef Professor TIoilcwaf New York, ai all re- spectal-lc orufrgir-ta in tadiein ii.ioag.ioui tne ia oox ai 5 cente. C2 centa'alid $1.

rach. i JjThem iccoai Jerahle savirgby taking tae larger tizet. for th g-)tdfneee. pa- tUnU is wariw tr ta ipf-ir- "Eor ail and and hi i FLUID EXTR1CT la THE ONLY KNOWN REM St TOtt RIGHT'S DISEAS2. a roiirirc fti.t roa COCT, GRAVE.L.

STUICTURKt. L-f AI'S-TES, DYSi'Ll'SlA, NURVOL' BEK1L1TF, PROPSV, ii. MALE Non-retention or Incontinence of I'riaa Irritation, Inrlareaiion, or L'loora-tion of ihe I31adder anti ICidnc.jTa Spermatorrhoea I.eucrahoea or hi-ci. Irregular or I'aitful Down, CalorosU. aavl All incident to Fem.t't.

Kearney's Ext. Hsu-Im Stone in iht riaJJer, Calcalnw ijra or repcit an! Merita or Milky Uicl.vgf asea of tie Prostate Clit.A. i Cures Arising from Tmprik dfHCft. Jlitbit of Dix'tpatH'A. i'le it" their -MtaeSf at little ex no in diet, no no exposura.

It causes a desire, and pives strencth to Csitist-, thereby rftnovinir 01wtruc3ri, Cuiititr Sfiiemres if lha Urethra, Allayinar Pair, ar.d 1 1. Ha a.i cxpHlhng all Poison-ius luntier. Ued by persona in the deelin cJmnre of life; after coiiGie'iien-, or Lb-r pains liel wettinr in children etc. IVif. S'eele giys: -Om Kearney's Extract Kuchu ia than all other Buchus coiiibi.ied." KEARNEYS Permanently enrea all of DUdder, Kidnrvs.

and Dropsical exlating in Men. Women ana Children, matter what (b ag-. Auk for Kearney a. Take no Price, One Dollar per IlotJIc, or alx Itottlta for Si- Dbpot, Car. Maitm Lars am IS aw YoeK.

A rhysieian ia blted'nnco taauewer er- reepondenee and giva t-jclcii eiatU. tisol amp for Pamphlets free. For Sale by Eru foists 4 83-1 I LOTTS? ST A RG A Seud for price lift and list or Address Ejwab Pfcorrt, Wawuag ton. New Jereey, Attoriiey-sit-lLaiv, BAXTER SPF.IKG3. KAII A.

L. Y7ARRINGT0I.T. 1HT81CIa BCRGEON, COLC.MrT. Office at West "a rcj t.r, soothe! aorner of Public 5qnare. o-i 1 A.

J. McCLELLAir. II. D. PHYSIUAN EUKOF.OX, PAST Kit 8prirjc, Kautai.

0a March. 4 STltCCT, PIITBICIAN AND ECllGKOV, Parfrr UpriBfB. OKiee eo a dr aerth af th Chittjo iru BH. J. II.

8TUMT, PHTSICIAK SXr.GFON. tecder hiV prefresiotial aervie?) to the ciiltem ef Bax'er prinps and Ticir.ity. g.Obtttric. tiplhalmies. Fnrgery an i.

Venereal Uiseaii- n.ade a epecialiy. feAll diseaae of lh eye treated ia a leieotitie m.cner. eer Pout O.Tice. P.esidetca doors north of Cooper' ice try ttre. Id45j DR.

C. S. WlillilHAN. Ocntist, COLTJHBTJC, EAiKS AS. EAL ESTATK AOENT.Paxter Spr-rja Kan.

Pereor. dceiring to buy, 'li rent property will Ssd it to their lonsuit hit OSc east aide M-'li'ary nh tr GEOKGEW. -Y0UKO ii At re. BAXTER Srr.ING-'.KAN.

flnlOlT J. B. HOD GIN, Count .8 ur cyor AI Civile ESC.IXEER. colCm dls, r' LA CODA HOUSE. COLTJMBUSr KAN.SAm.

3. A.TEITl Proprietor. LARGE SAMPLE RCOVtJ fee. W. Zw.

t.r L.mmtrtial TrmAri. i i-th AGENTS WAKTKD EVEaT. foji our. NEW FICTOIIIAL, FAKILY TJIELE. The hest and ehenr.est in lh Wa t.

1800 P.ic ial liluslrat cr.a. I il at oa-mission allowed, frr terat snd lira write immediatelj liv.lhe ST. L0UI3 DI rLlU.rtIS". To 7-tf Z(ih Locust fc LOl nDQTAPI CC UD I rAULLCMen trn lie- eiVrts oi r.i-. TH mrsaiil A'Hivrs I Sj life.

M.ii.h-iO.i rr.t-.tiii. MARRI AGE.iS;-r,'!u treim.ut. New ai it" l(ok and similars seat 1 AiMn-e. IHHMMl AstHIMMX, NilitB strict Ptili-Iiihi. I'a.

An i-s-i'uti jjr inur-Lie .1.. alll skill IV. ftTiTITV uH "EtA' ioi Uu fi v. ii t-u TA rt A T7 vr TH iy iiVilt ii-leiest tiin T9r iLaig iu mis iin'e 3. B.

TTA7KIN St l.arrore, K', burtu Uimu al whuuv. IV WH IFF meet you, Tiptou. Come again. Iiamember I am selling goods 25 per cent, cheaper than they were ever sold before in Columbus. Give me a call.

Mrs. M.O.Turner.' Th tn hi Siii I i i in ve it-moved he i-u 1 tir.t l-i'r n.i.tii if b-ijk. no iTie i-;" sid Mj iare. Thev h. fi up their n.k with a -ri oent oi cheuiieii'y pure ilrii- and are leadv-t-treet ibeir tnrir tit-w "tj I.

AM illy ktpt in 6-t cl i-s 'Ui cmi be 'imuo cheaper thti uy place ill thi-coun'v. All jr-i-'ds eb-niiealiy pure and iirinnti as 15 tt For Sale. A printing pres-. together wirb 2 t'll't of bnuriieois rmirin tvp. a tunt of nonp ireil, s-w font'' of ti' 'e and other display lvp a ht ol ii-ij oases, a larjie iuip stmie finable).

ht-r with oihrr priutini; otbee KxfU-e. whieh S' fir ''ii-h. f.Mtii fiii'e or a rn'il iti iviti oil oi Miri'ltaSe ev tiV real es-ate tlinrtasj iNll 1 new. In U-e scnl Mi-sonn. Kr tieuiai in juire of the A T.

l.Et, i38 if. Springs, Ka. The L.c-ture Course. The efforts of Mr. Doubleday to obtain a number of eminent lecturers to appear in Columbus this writer have been gratifyingly successful, as will be seen by the lollowing list of speakers and subjects: 1 Hon.

Win. Parsons, Dec. 27th. Subject, "Geo. Stephenson; or, Triumph of Perseverance." 2 Hon.

Fred. Douglass, January 2oth. Subjact, "Composite Nation." 3 Mrs. loth. Subject, The New West and ita Problems." 4 Miss FhcEbe Couzine, March 6.

Subject, "A Woman Without a Country." William Pardons. I2ri7jHil7i's ilntjuziitr. lias the t' say of the popular that will be here en the twenty seventh of this nth "Indeed, he lias done more ti redVem the numerous failures whii-U linirl.nid has ii.flieteil on country than all the thetti. who have not Jailed, put -iretlier It I In siy that 'I the toreln Wc 'ureis whu came here with a reat repu tation. nine out uf every ttu lust it ii lie well kn as a rnsf elo.

ipu-nt pbit irm orator in Knirland bui h. was e'lt'reiy unkn-iwu here on lii first visit M'-ven yvara san. Tn day only U-iwiih and Mrs. Livermore n-c tve a in iny calls from lyfeu ns Hi i distinjiuiheij as in orator oid a sehobir. As a lecturer oo bi.inrapliie- Hllftjecfs.

there is lm orator ill Ameli ea wh is li i- peer. lie is no ipproach able in thin fluid. lie lias ii lii-Rtoii alone mie fiity times." Wonderful Succesi. It is that HOSCIIKE'S GKRMAN l-Ynri has. since its in irodiii-tion into the United States reached tlie immense sal of 40 000 dozen per vear Over sis driiji-Z'Sts have ordered this m-dicin-direct fro.

11 the Vmit ry, at iolhurv. X. nnd ne has ret-orted a failure but every onspeaks of its -astouishiim success in ctirios; t'otiLi'is CoUls setlb-d the Jr-ast. or any d-seas of th-Throat or Luns. We advisu any per-s that ia any pre l'sp isiti to weak li'ltiuS to ro to their drupits I'lKEflf.

(' liasier Springs, and ei this Medicine, or ituviire about it Uepnbir sizi 73 cents; sample botth-10 cents To d-ises will relieve auy cise. Dun neglect your iti. 5 15 eow-tf The' Iroii Tr.ill.' A cpicy sketch descriptive of a trip over the 'Atchison. Santa Fe r-iilr-'ad, the -beauti-a, seen -ry and pleasure rs rts of the Kocky Mountain- by -Xvui Ci the mnsi-al and dramatic critic of the New Yrk World -cut tree on -applicitioti together with the Sjh Juan Guide, maps tim- tables this new popular rout Irom Kansas (lity an Atehiaoti to ru-b Ijenver and all ii'S in Colorado. ew lexiii.

Ar'Z'ina. aud SanJum Mines. The finest line of I'ul'mai- SI epers on the continent. the Mia-ouu liivcr and U.ickv ointiif without chinr-. mini I trij titiists tickets Iii: the lA1is.oum Kiyer at fifty ill rs.

G-ml i stop st all pi-inta Address, 1. J. Anderson. Gen. Pass.

A-t Kansas Fiona Sberldan Tonsblp. T1 T. If -r x.a. Jifpuoiican: as 1 see no eommanitation from this part of the country, 1 take the liberty to send you a few items, which you may pub li if agreeable to Yourself. The farmers are principally engaged in gathering corn this beau tiful This crop is very jjood with us this, season, though it will not average with that of last year.

A bridga aerps3 Lightning Creek, at the ford just east of Shermaii city, Jwili soa be wsopletcd. Diuifagioa3: i aad et lh 1 I 1 i' .11.. i'a Xnrx has 1 her yards, twa butcher, four I. 1 li'OllS, OriOllOtUre two tiatbn olioos. four bb-ps.

'three wa; shops, three paint slo-ps. four bot. Uve liverv siaoico. rsi oc lio s. 3 tl.r-e I iwvera and tour coeais we dou't claim be do'u the exttm-iTi basiiit aat tw Ywk.

Ciucu i. Si I mil a and J-'plia are, but ve. claim mat our loercliaota u.d Ulechauua oli hi. 1 and fat. as ihoi-tr'i thev man" pet three siiutre u.ea a d-iy, that iro- ii.

1 1. i cn auu, uii.i'J) "'i I "US'1 t( A Prealaxt SuaPRisB. On day eveuiug. as wa were se ti by hearthstune. wcndflin- il the re.

td. Baxter wH heel pp. to a -11 1 v. 1 1 ui, i.c vj ius ial on tbe MAir fireuMT. at tlrst.

lion I louder a i I a ter, neartr na tiean-r. untd, ia alarm, we wite What can it-TeaaT fhe answered. What I raa.nj nav you at, now, tni 1 .1 aaou 1 tnug tha writhiT an md commiinlty d-'-wo on one beads? In hess a second we rrviewed r.ur Iii I i I for at least an hour batk, and Cvu I ok othln ha(1 ld that we were sorry "br. and were sb to snceat to rnr better half tht it was fcbs th; werd whpn A fc lhe 4r- 1 'a. U-ht seua t-i our nsnl n.tri: in cise ol danger, onr wife to say to th-callers that wefial gone to Louisiana to see ahou an CillT.t Sh c.l stood well, eTerybody and bis jirt.

thej fi'ed tu by two, we were ia- from our crunt the lo 1 but we eoonted feisty ieet. varying t- fc'M from caea to tens. "Aiier were all seated, the CRirman for I i I Koet liappy rculis. belter tatnartic EryaiVeUa. Fa ca Lo axd, or mairruUrities.

FeTer of all kind. Qui. line. We would advise alJ i Ilesdicbe. Indigestion.

Infiamation, Wt.O are alilkted With ti.Is diiCase tO Jaundice. LiTerfomplaims, ile. ana wen lurnisnea. llie 1' lnvlru Ala.

in tVrr-rttftt t. .1 rnr i. rr ficm, witn eery iacnoy ior actpiirint: th shorteat possible tim), a "una Mesa eaucatioa. Ml LI TART OEPARTMEN AH the onnr men. while students, are members of our Military Company, oraanixed ander ths laws tf the etate and turnisbea with arms aad acscutre uieiita.

Th-y are reauired to dress in a reat but intxpretjive uuif and are drilled oi hour each day iu the school of the aoldier ar the school of the company ror iee journal, ataloue. and specimens of petmiauship, address. wit stamp enclosed Crawford's CoMMERciAi.CoLt.rGT. Fort Scott Kan nive tliem a fair For ail Bilious derangement, and as a simple purgative, they are uncqualed. BElVAllK IXITATIO.VJ.

The genuine D.H. CM. Lane's Liver are never sugar coated. Every box has a red wax seal en ths wich tlie impression Dk. M.

Lane's yenmre MLanfs Liver the signaiures ot C. Fi.EMiNr. IV os. oa tlie Tappers.

Insist on your dmg'st or rivirtr rou1 fae DtC; Ts.vne's Livf.r Pisls, pre- Hanted everywhere forLt. .1. 1 our pot.ular subscdrlioa books. Our the Jo0r' tUre- Family Ilibles the finest in the United States ISOO pages lQO illus- irationsl Our lllsfories co-nprise some of the best in Am-rica. titra terms to first class a-ents.

A -ires. G. W. EOHLAXD 5-13-llw Periav pared by Fleub-jliro, lurfstargh, Foil "by all re-pectable druggists and cnuritrr storekeepers generally. Tt ibt to ln.

C. VSljt-TFE' Li'-ew ro.f, u--l, m.til pt jaid any ol iii. nt A ho oi f-ilw lot iraty-ft cev ixr r.r..? I.

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