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Kansas Greenbacker from Emporia, Kansas • 3

Kansas Greenbacker from Emporia, Kansas • 3

Emporia, Kansas
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would like you to remit. XX means you must pay up. The bridge across the Cotton at Soden's mill is in a very bad condition. The Narrow Gauge have laid track 118 far as the river, and are pushing tings along lively. S.

N. Wood has been retained to def nd Eastley in the Brown libel ease at Hutchinson. Kansas Greenbacker. EMPORIA, KANSAS. FRIDAY, APRIL.


2 2:2 smi2 40pin 6 10am mouth 10:50 4:72 1.30 6:34 5:42 Suiterd 4:14 1.45 6:39 5.47 5: 2:24 7 02 6:08 Eindale 12:51 um 6: 3:00 7:20 6:24 2.14 1:00 4:04 7.52 6.58 Florence 2:50 44 4 5:01 8:40 7:30 LEAVE GOING LAST They Night STATIONS. 3 4. day Florence 2:50 2 5pm 9.00a1n Cedar Grove 3.30 12.58 3:01 9:18 44 Eimdule 4:29 1.52 4:05 12:51 44 9 52 Cetton wood 5:00 2:24 4:50 1:19 10:10 Safford 6:00 3:3 5:30 1:44 44 10.33 Piymouth 6:34 3 43 4 5:42 46 1.52 44 10:39 Kinpor.a 7:25 4.30 44 6.30 2.30 11:05 Empor 7:30 44 2:50 11:20 Con No: 12; leaver Emporia Junction 7:00 am. No 3 runs through to Dodge City Sundays but net Mondays. No.

4 arrives at Emporia and runs through to Topeka Sundays but not A. DICKINSON, Agent Cottouwood, K. T. R. R.

NEW TIME CARD. Passenger South leaves at 8:49 A.M. Freight 7:24 A. M. Passenger North leaves at 7:20 P.

1 Freight 3.30 M. Tickets at lowest rates to all points east and south. Por particulars apply to J. 0. Richard-, city office, or J.

A. Bennett, depot office. EMPORIA LODGE NO. 2, Ancient Order United Workmen meet every Monday evening at Ruggles Plumb's Hall. L.

C. PAGE, M. W. J. C.

BURNETT, Rec. THE EMPORIA MUSICAL UNION meet every Friday evening at Ruggles Piumb's Hall. J. SPOTTLER. President.

This sign, at the end of a mans name. is a polite notice that we would like you to remit. XX A new business house is being erected on Commercial street, just south of Bragunier'a stand. Messrs. Taylor and Griffith viewed the different places proposed for the bridge across the Cottonwood last week.

The stock yards, round house. of the T. 8 S. F. R.

R. company, are to be built soon. The location is West of the citv. A painful accident occurred at the Constitution street school house last Friday, whereby Mrs. A.

P. Morse received a severe sprain. Judge Ruggles' condition is reported no better, and it is yet a question as to weather his leg will have to be amputated or not. Reports from nearly all sections of the State are to the effect that rains have fallen, and a good wheat crop is now almost assured. Among the now advertisements this week, appears that of D.

Thomas Co. It is a live firm, and they understand the value of a good ad. in a live paper. Mra. A.

F. Freeman and Mrs. H. Malone were thrown from their baggy, while driving on fifth avenue, last Friday afternoon. Both ladies received painful but not serious injury.

A couple more fellows got mellow last Tuesday night and the police gathered them in. The next morning they were taken to Judge Bacheller's office and squeezed for the neeessary amount of cider. Col R. C. Bates, of Marion Center, showed us a bunch of wheat Wednesday twenty inches high, a fair average of a field of ten acres.

Col. Bates is one of the best farmes in Marion county, and of course a good Greenbacker. Mrs. S. E.

Broadwell died at her residence, in this city, Friday last at 10:45 p. m. and a little infant she had left behind only tarried a few longer, dying during the afternoon of Saturday. The funeral services of mother and child took place at 1 p. In.

Sunday, conducted by Dr Cordley. Mrs Mary P. Beazell, M. D. will soon visit Emporia.

She makes the "culture of the hair a specialty." Warrants a good head of hair on the baldest of scalps, or no pay. We Bal her the other day at Topeka, rubbing her medicine on a bald head, and we have been wishing ourself bald ever since. We would let her rub until the hair grew. We saw a gentleman standing very still on the sidewalk last Friday evening. and upon approaching him, found that his foot had slipped through in the sidewalk, aud he was unable to extricate himself without assistance.

The city had better fix up the sidewalks a little, or goine one may brake a leg. and it will cost the city a few hundred dollars. We have the largest circulation of any paper in Lyon county. It has the largest in Emporia the largest in the the other papers in Emporia. It is county and larger in the State than all increasing right along.

It is just the paper to advertise in, provided always, that advertisers want their advertisements read, and want them read by men and women who buy goods from those who advertise. The County Commissioners procedings are crowded out this week. Susan B. Anthony will lecture In this city on the 24th inst. Subject: wants bread, not the ballot." Mrs.

Ann E. Tillotson died at her residence in this city on Wednesday, the 16th aged sixty-six years. A GOOD The street commissioner says that if people on Commercial al street will clean up in front of their respectiye places on Monday mornings he will have the city team remove the garbage. We called on Mr. Page, the artist, Wednesday, and found him quite busy He reports a splendid trade, which is constantly increasing.

He says that the next two months is the best time of the whole year to have pictures taken, especially of children, as the light is more brilliant and works quicker, and the temperature is more comfortable than at any other time. 36-lt A fight oscurred on the incoming K. T. train Monday evening last. It seems that as the train was passing Shaw's Grove, three miles distant, the fireman assaulted the engineer with a large hammer, inflictserious and painful wounds on the nead.

As soon as the train arrived at the depot in this city, Haley, the fireman, caine up town and delivered himself to the authorities. Dunham, the engineer, was taken to Dr. Jacob's house where his wounds received the necessary attention. THE COLORADO TOURIST. We are in receipt of this valuable and handsome book, with the compliments of P.

B. Groat, General Passenger and Ticket Agent of the Kan998 Pacific Railroad Company. person, intending to visit Colorado; can afford to do so without first reading the Tourist. It gives a vivid. and yet truthful, description, with numerous illustrations, of the scenery along the K.

P. road, together with a vast of information pertaining to I amount Kausas and Colorado. Price, fifty cents. IMPROVEMENTS IN EMPORIA -We counted the other day over one hundred houses built in Emporia this spring. The building of the Eureka road and the certainty of the rebuilding of the Normal school has stimulated the building of houses and houses are springing up in all directions.

There is 8. large demand for small houses, from persons who desire to rent; we have applications nearly erery dav. and find upon inquiry that there is hardly an empty house in the city. This shows a good healthy growth on the part of the city, and really flattering prospects for the fu- ture. RAMBLES.

We ran down on the T. S. F. railroad last Saturday to Raymond, Rice county, and spent an hour, Raymond now boasts two hotels and several stores, and a large business is being transacted at that place. Dropping down in the evening we spent an hour in Sterling, and visited the post oflice.

Gazette and Bulletin offices, and enjoyed a very pleasant hour. Our thanks are specially due Chas. W. Boger, dealer in agricultural implements, for favors. We left home at 7 a.m., added forty to our list of subscribers, and got back at midnight.

PERSONAL. Elder D. P. Mitchell gave us a call day. HARTFORD ITEMS.

Wednesday. Mr. Fred Shipman and Mr. J. C.

Hilderbrand, of Elmdale was in the city last Sunday. J. C. Hume, of Lyon county gave as a call, Monday. Pat Lawless of Diamond creek Chase county, called on us last Thurs- William Brogan is married again.

requests' your correspondent to change this notice from the former one. This time he married a colored Woman. Mr. Charles. Shaver has at last last inade a succeeded in raising one of his feet with a "block and N.

This is a joke on Shavers big feet. Campbell Brogan are nicely situated now on Commercial street, aud are doing a thriving business. Asa Ruly, is following the ancient Egyptian plan of tinding the origin of nature, through decomposition. He has'nt washed nis feet since 1876. Mr.

Felix Samuelson lias had a severe spell of sea sickness from rocking to and fro in an out building, shaken by the wind. Esq. will soon have a large stock of ready made farmiture in DIS new etore room. James Evans will 90011 have his new house under headway. Mr.

Thomas Campbell's new house will soon be completed. Mr. Jacob Pruitt is building a large barn and will soon have a first class livery stable. T. A.

Rogan will be ready to move in his new house in about a month. Look out for bells and horse tiddies. Attorney Sedgwick of Emporia, was down again this week attending law suits. He is puite a frequent visitor of late. Rev.

Mr. Barker, of the M. church, has been apponited pastor at this place. I. A.

Taylor has recovered his guu from the river. He finds that its long rest under water has sprouted the bair. T. B. Nees has commenced his nual tramp as township ascessor.

George Heutice will soon start for Colorado. Mr. William Holt, lately lost a Valuable colt. Quite a number of strangers in town lately seeking houses. Dr.

Sutton will soon erect a large new house. Dr. Maxson is enjoying a large in practice the and doing a thriving business drug line. SHINER. small house, 2 or rooms.

in central part of citv. Enquire at thisoffice. 36-2t. FOR SALE -Fifty head of two year old steer. Hess BRO.

6 miles north of Emporia. Call on Robert Knittel if you want a first class shave or hair cut. Rob't is a first ciass barber. Give him a call. 36-tf want 100 teams, to Work on the K.

C. E. S. R. R.

near Madison. $2,50 per day. 36-2t ROBERTS BOSWELL. For good fresh bread, cakes, pies, call on T. H.

Emerson, proprietor of the Star Bakery. Orders delivered part of the city. Satisfaction guaranteed. 18-tf The cheapest groceries and provisions in Chase county, can always be found at C. Maule's new grocery store, at Cottonwood, Chase county.

Kansas. 36tf Any one in Emporia having cattle to herd, and wish them driven to and from the townsite each day, can have them herded cheaply by undersigned. Leave orders at the GREENBACKER Office. 39-4 CURTIS ROBINSON. Eighty acres of land four miles north of Sweriing, Rice county, on the road to Lyons, for ale.

$10 an acre. S. N. WOOD, JAMES McCAMMANT, Sterling, Kanass. One handred and ninety acres of good land, three mites east of Raymond, Rice county, for sale at five dollars an acre.

S. N. WooD, Agent. or, C. D.

STEVENS, Raymond, Kans. O. Pfefferle, keeps St Louis, Milwankee and Emporia beer on draught, all that like the brverage should call land see him. He also keeps choice wines and liquers wholesale and retail. 36-tf Sherman Richardson have opened a branch store in Americus, for the accomodation of those living in that vicinity.

One price to all -for cash, is their motto there as it is at their store next to the post office, Emporia, Kansas. 36 1-t NOTICE When assumed the liabilities of Spangler Wood Trask did not assume the debts of Spangler Trask before I became 2 member of the nor of either of them individually. The public will govern themselves accordingly. 36-3t S. N.

WooD. the neck. Any one giving information of the whereabonts of the above discribed stock will he rewarded for their trouble. ROBERT CLARK. 36-tf Aunes City.

Ryan Conner. Maunfacturers of Carriages, Buggies, Platform Wagons and Spring Wagons. Also maunfacturers of the celebrated Emporia wagon. All work warranted. repairing done to order on reasonable terms.

RYAN CONNER, 26-tf Emporia, Kansas. NOTICE--My son. Alfred W. Rvan. aged 14 vears.

left home on Friday morning 11th inst. He rode a bay horse colt three vear: ol.1. Any information of his whereabouts will be very thankfully received by his father. R. M.

RYAN. 36-1t Cottonwood Falls. In SMOOTHING HARROW, AND BROADCAST WEEDER, with 48, 72 and 96 round, slanting teeth of tempered steel. The best harrow in us: for all purposes, especially for harrowing young corn and other crops Correspondence and orders solicited. J.

M. MILLER, Agt. 33tf Emporia, Kansas, READ THIS.are getting letters and notices most every day from subcriber3 saying they paid their subcriptions to Mr Spangler or Mr. Track. We can not Calls recognize any such payments since the dissolution of partnership Neither is authorized to make any contracts or receive any money for this paper.

S. N. WooD. 36 Publisher. STRAY -Strayed from the undersigned on the inst, one four rear old light sorrel poney mare.

white face and glass eyes, thin in flesh. And one dark bay yearling filley, with a bell on. and straptwice around This will notify the people who desire to buy lumber, that the Chicago Lumber Co. are not particular about increasing their trade as it is now very large, and the clerks are kept busy waiting on the customers. However if any one desires a bill of lumber of any kind and wants it at bottom prices, he might do well to call on us, as we always carry a very large stock lumber and shingles of all grades.

as well as windows, doors, paints, moulding and every thing else found in a first class lumber vard. 26-tf 2.500 LARGER THAN receipt of $2.00 we will send to any address an imported French Microscope that will magnify over 2500 times any small object. A very useful and instructive instrument, brass mounted, and put up in a neat case. warranted as recommended or the money refunded Its inagnifying power is so great that living objects can be readily dis covered in a drop of water and small objects, all manner of insects, the texture of cloths, detecting foreign matter in sugar, flour and other articles of diet. for detecting counterfeit money, and a hundred other useful purposes, it will be found invaluable.

An endless source of amusement and instruction. Sent by mail on receipt of price. Address M. E. Allen 733 Broadway.

N. Y. 36-tf IN ABUNDANCE! IN ABUNDANCE! IN ABUNDANCE! CHEAP FOR CASH! CHEAP FOR CASH! AT SHERMAN RICHARDSON'S at their CHEAP STORES, at EMPORIA and AMERICOS. 36-1 Laircos Join Prothere ion Pony Book tar books and agency of 1. vies.

Terms lib mission. Salary or Con Office Commercial stree Emporia, Kan Cincinnati Clothing House SPRING AND SUMMER STOCK NOW DAILY ARRIVING FROM THE FACTORY. Retailing Goods at Wholesale Prices. A sure Cara for HARD TIMES! Among our shipments lately received from the Factory at Cincinnati, we call attention to our Cassimere Suits! Which in quality, style and general make-up will be appreciated by every one in want of a good and substantial garment. A variety of English Worsted Suits! COATS AND VESTS, surpassing anything in beauty of pattern, cut and artistic 1 workmanship shown in Emporia.

An exhibition in itself is our stock of Boys' Clothing I Embracing everything, from the finest to medium grades. HATS In Best endless hat made, variety Stetson and IX, latest tile: Fine Broadcloth and Wedding Suits! A specialty. Sole Agent for the STAR SHIRT! Made of New York Mills Muslin and 2100 Linen. Best shirt made and warrated to fit. GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, IN QUANTITY AND QUALITY THAT CANNOT FAIL, TO PLEASE THE MOST FASTIDEOUS.

OUR SYSTEM OF DOING BUSINESS. Retailing goods direct from the Factory will be sufficient to guarantee every unprejudiced and fair minded person of our superiority over all competitors, to make our prices lower than any of these general stores. Our steadily increasing trade assures us that our effort to place before the public a superior stock of clothing at lower prices is being appreciated. J. HESS.

Cincinnati Clothing House. The only Exclusive Clothing House in Emporia. 33-45 D. C. McMURTRIE, In the old Stand of P.

Hallburg, 156, Commercial street, Emporia, Kansas Has always on hand a line of Cooking and Heating STOVE I Calls attention to the Celebrated superior Cook Stova, tor Coal or Wood! ALSO DEALER IN PUMPS OF ALL KINDS, GAS PIPES, ETC And all kinds of Tin and Iron Work! Done on short notice at Reasonabe Rates. 31-tf J. M. GRIFFITH DEALERS IN GENERAL HARDWARE IR ON, STEEL, NAILS, HORSE SHOES, Garden Tools, Agricultural Implements, SOLE AGENTS IN EMPORIA, FOR JOHN DEERE CO'S. MOLINE PLOWS AND CULTIVATORS, Davenport Cultivators, BROOM CORN PLANTERS BAIN WAGONS Champion Reaper Mower ALSO THE EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR GLODENS STEEL BARBED FENCE WIRE, Best in the Market.

153 Commercial Street. See our New Wall Paper FOX CO. have just received 15,000 Rolls of New Wall Paper. COMPRISING ALL THE NEW PATERNS. Handsome, neat and exquisite VISITING CARDS.

BOX PAPER, with entire new cut. Almost 1,000,000 Envelopes of all Shades FANCY STATIONERY, Blank Books. Memorandums. Tablets, Note Printers' Paper. CROQUETS, THE VERY LATEST AGONY IN CURTAIN GOODS.


J. SMITH DEALERS IN Hapgood Sulky Plows, THE BEST IN KANSAS. FISH BRO'S. WAGONS Warranted for Three Years. Grain Drills, Plows, Pumps And other things such as Hardware, Cutlery, Mails, Ne sell Cheap, and Make a Living.


DIVIDENDS AT THE END OF EACH YEAR. Assette Nearly For information call on or address 20-tr A. N. Hanna, EMPORIA, CRANCE STORE, S. CRAIG.



Good sample rooms, good location, accommoda tions first class, charges reasorable Commercial et opposite court Louse, EMPORIA, KANSAS 28-tf THE EMPORIA Saddle and Harness Factory LargEst home raanafactory in Lyon county of P. J. HEILMAN the largest stock in Emporia kept on han age and buggy harness, men's and experienced workmen emp'ored. All kinds of harness and saddles made to order. Light harness specia ty.

Pr ces lower than any house in the State. Highest market pr.ce paid for corn. Soliloquy No. 1. Cash OR Saop! THAT'S THE QUESTION.

Whether it were betterto throw away All the grease that comes from our tables and kitchens, And give our hogs To the crows and dogs, When by the mere bringing of them To the Emporia Soap Factory, We can get in exchange for all of them either Soap OR Cash! C. S. LOTHROP, Proprietor. Imperie, sprigs L. L.

HALLECK Dealers in SAGINAW WHITE PINE LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATH, SASIT, DOORS. BLINDS, BATTTENS, HAIR, LIME, CEMENT, PLASTER, AND EVERY THING USUALLY KEPT IN A FIRST -CLASS LUMBER YARD. Our facilities for handling lumber a re unsurpassed in the West. our grades unequalled, and our prices as low as the lowest. We will meet all honest Competition.

Yard and Office at the South Side A. T. S. Railroad, in rear of Park Place Hotel. 20 New Grocery STORE! AT COTTONWOOD, KANSAS.

FOE Everything in the Grocery line as CHEAP CHEAPEST. 32tf C. I. MAULE. WHITE'S HOTEL.

Opposite M. T. R. R. Depot.

J. F. WHITE, Proprietor. 43 Cheapest and Best Hotel in Connell Grove,.

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