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The Evening Reflector from Abilene, Kansas • 1

The Evening Reflector from Abilene, Kansas • 1

Abilene, Kansas
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i1: TO If EvEH BEFLECTOB. Abilene, Kansas, Thursday. October 6, 1887. L. H.

LlTTS Publishers. Vol. 1 No. 135, JH 3 innro to 1X3 OJLOiQQLO0l can rrf is nroTxr xnsr the zMLABans There is the best opportunity there for investment of any place in the county. Solomon is bound to be a great city.

Most property will! double in value in the next ninety days. For price lists call on 1 01 Solomon BRTJ'NSQIS NEUMILLER, or B. BURNETT, Oity, Kansas Solomon Sentinel. PERSONAL. Wanted 1,000 live birds for shooting tournament Oct.

11th and 12th. Deliver birds Oct. 10 to Bonebrake J. II. D'HUY, i it ad at Philadelphia COLLEO I'll A C.

II. Landis, of Abilene, was a vis Lost A pair of spectacles, in a case with W. L. Cooley's name printed on the case, and wrapped in a white pocket handkerchief. Finder will please leave at this odice.

(J. 11. Kyser, of Lincoln, is iu the city. itor yesterday. Rice.

IS A. E. Robinson, of Minneapolis, Mrs. J. II.

Brady, of Abilene, was a Lodges and Societies That Meet To-Night. Abilene Lodge A.O.U.W.,will meet in their hall over Citizen's bank. Regular meeting. Visiting brethren welcome. C.

C. Siialek, M. W. Riciiakd Waring, Rec. Abilene Commandery No.

K. T. will meet in their asylum, corner Third in the city. visitor to our city last week. this morning F.

1j. Ilirsh, of the Abilene Benelit ABILENE TIME TABLE. Now is the time to buy line farming and ranch lands, and the "Berry Pren-dergast Land is the firm to consult. First class property in Ottowa county is now selling for $15 to $20 an acre. d-tf.

C. C. Hitting returned from Kansas City. J. It.

Burton arrived train from the West. Store, was in town visiting his branch store yesterday. on the noon A. T. 5.

F. If. I- Faesencr No. 2 Lv. 8:10 m.

Ar. m. and Cedar 3ts. Recrular conclave. and accom.

:4.5 ii. in. For Sale, Cheap. One two horse power stationary steam engine. Will be sold very heap.

Apply at this office. All the leading varieties of coal, as low as the lowest, at Hallam Parker's. 134-tf Havana Buds for 5 cents, at Van's Little Red Store, down stairs. lirtCtll ft. ni.

Visiting Sir Knights welcome. Lv. p. J. S.

Ilambo, of Solomon, was doing business in the city today. 'AT. Vi iP Rrlvri'n wn in Have your Smith's. Ralph McCoiimack, E. C.

prescriptions filled at sep 23 lin The 'Little Captain" of the Salvation Army came up from Abilene Monday, to assist in the services here. Col. J. II. Brady expects to be home about the 13th with an excursion party from Ohio, who will take in the booming cities of Dickinson county.

J. M. Wallace. Recorder. Attention Red Men.

union pacific kailway. GOING EST. Western Exprc No. 20 4:00 a. m.

Tacllic 01 m- J0ING EAST. Kxnrcss No. tttt Ar. 12:10 p. 12:28 p.m AtlaiAi," Express No.

201 12:10 p. m. A DETERMINATION TO SELL INDUCES US TO MAKE TUIS There will be no special meeting this Closing out mixed paints at Smith's drug store. the city today between trains. Mr.

and Mrs. E. J. Pallium have returned from a trip to Council Grove. Mrs.

F. Bracken, of Minneapolis, was registeied at the Stanton last night. Ilev. Aller, of Grainrield, registered at the Carpenter House last night. He evening, but a lull attendance is requested at the regular meeting tomor Havana Buds for 5 cents, at Va irs Special Offer to Cash Buyers! row evening.

Business of importance and work. SAWED-OFFS. Little Red Store, down stairs. Henry Litts, Sachem. We PrOPOSO tO "lift All the leading varieties of coal, as are rc- T'ne floors of the court hous Frank Strother.

K. of R. low as the lowest, at Hallam Par- fl-VtHk) worth of a ticket for 51.00 lu trade. Ju order to give Mnall purchasers in equal snow Willi the larger, v. have adopted this plan, i.e., upon your lirst we will give you a ker's.

134-tf Animated Scene. Ladies' Literary League. The district convention of the Ladies' Literary League, comprising the cities of Manhattan, Junction City and Abilene, will convene at Manhattan today. Sixteen members of the league of this city left at noon for that city, occupying a special car which was kindly furnished by the U. P.

for their convenience. Among those that went who were known by the reporter, were Mrs. Win. Hodge, president; Mrs. E.

A. Ilerbst, Mrs. J. B. Case, Mrs.

A. W. Ilargrer.ves, Mrs. G. W.

fluid, Mrs. C. II. Hodge, Mrs. Thos.

Kirby, Mrs. Breace, Mrs. Theo Mosher, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Hawk and Mrs.

Newhall. D. G. Smith is the man to see when ceiving a coat of oil. Yeadon Urown have moved several houses in the last week.

There will be Communion Services at tlVe Presbyterian church next Sunday. wmber to look out for your reg- you need paints and oils. "Henry, its got out, "What's got out? "That thing that I did at Salina last 1 icket Printed Thus: Vll the leading varieties of coal, as night. Oh, I was going to have such a lvv as the lowest, at Hallam nice time roolmcr the bovs. and now ker 'u Tlio books close tomorrow istrati they know I'm married Soldier, remember the Pension night.

HO Beard meets everv Wednesday at Dr. Jtohrer car this received six Kansas City Ha KM Oakwood's ofllce. Dr. Oakwood. "Oh, brace up Charlie.

Just think of the untold misery I have to endure. She's gone down there and I don't know what minute I may hear of her trying to ride another Texas pony and dlt-w8-2t sec'y. was on his way to ichita. Charles Mansfield went to Manchester today, to tell the people up there what he knew about Hour and feed. Col.

J. M. Fisher left at noon for Jefferson City, Mo. He will spend several days in Kansas City, also. P.

D. Drake, of Manchester, is in the city today, on business connected with the Manchester Town Company. Misses L. J. Cavanaugh and Julia Swauzy and Messrs.

Joe. B. Tomlinson and James C. Maltby, of Minneapolis, are doing the city Uday. Mrs.

J. D. Xorton and family will leave tomorrow for Topeka, their future home. Mr. Norton and family will be missed in the city.

Their household ects left today, 11. Clair, of Cheyenne, Wells, is in the city looking for employment. Mr. Clair has considerable money invented in Cheyenne Wells city property. He r'vPrts tliat town booming.

morning. 'uctory want twenty Havana Buds for 5 cents, The Canning Van's 112-tf -Is immediately, to getting ner poor neck broken. You Little Red Store, down stairs. more women or gi don't know what grief is. Yon' LU core apples.

The Baptist church soc Tour of Inspection. A special train over the Santa Fe arrived in the city this forenoon, conveying General Superintendent George L. Sands; Lewis Kingman, assistant chief engineer; C. L. Nichols, superintendent of the eastern division; J.

N. Wood, assistant superintendent, and C. X. 'ill that was THREE CENT COLUMN. Vmi post- got something lo look forward to and can be happy in anticipation.

But there's nothing but dreariness and thoughts of Texas ponies to console me. to have occurred toaay, lias he charge for ad vertlsi-mnt nn.w liut, hark, there's the reporter, he'll poned until next week. Presbyterian Ladies' Missiona x- cietv will meet at the church at 4 of the following heads is thhee cents tekline. US hear us and see your tears. Now Folks, claim agent.

The party of offi Charley, brace up and be a man. It'll CI come out all right," and Henry strolled cials were on a tour of inspection, and have made arrangements to accommo 7T A iuie Jersey aud buort-uorn cow, fresh calf "VJt rs off as though nothing unusual had hap u-ju uays pjd. jsnquirc of rrathcr, llollmau date our merchants with rapid freight pened to mar the serenity of his usual cv Xiiiifi priau, iviis. transit. Station Agent Leyth informs us that our people can get freight from genial and jolly nature.

Colbv left this morning for G. CO CO ttp when? he win maae nis neaa Kansas City over his line as quick if not quicker than by any other route. The Commissioners Proceedings. for present. He is engaged FOR RLNT A lar-e, well furnished room, convenient to business part of the city.

Rent reasonable. Inquire at thi3 oilice. tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Mr. Adam Hohiig's family is moving from West Fifth street to Vine street, in the house lately occupied by L.

W. Miller. The canning factory must be doing a nourishing business. They already have a force of thirty ladies at work, and want twenty more. The second section of the cyclone yesterday, had three Colorado Central emigrant sleepers tilled with returning excursionists from St.

Louis. 2 Ihe Board met according to law and party left for Manchester after an hour's stop at this place. in selling bloodM Stock for Mr. Offord, who imports direct Uam England. mO RENT The Carpenter House livprvWn was called to order by the Chairman, JL Apply at Miller it Thomas' liimivorri ak I OnO I.

nC7rtO Mart Balden and family left yester- I'ohfnrnil when the following business wTas trans acted, viz v.ji7f iiaitcao. 11-11 Manchester Musings. It appearing to the satisfaction of the day morning ic, Mr uniriin expects to locate -i ttCTCiffi rTTCj "C- I Jl. J- UL lesterday was a very busy day. a Board that the land of Geo.

W.Freeman normonnntlr Vf UOOe he Will Strike a -r A uu reraona navmg Dill posting, or any kind had been placed the wrong School armers were seen coming in ana going out constant! and the merchants aiiect uu erusimr. win ripftp iLiu-on-rt it rich and prosper in ucw tm. it was ordered that the correc Uonebrake Kice's. 131-0 J. W.

report a good day business. tions be made, and that the Treasurer Rev. John Wilson, of Oterlin, was a guest in the city last night. Aie iett thic mrmiTifT fnr AVlP.hita. Wieie he refund the difference, taking credit for the same.

Mr. Thos. Bender is erecting a fine large residence that would do credit to a city of live thousand inhabitants, and Notice to Contractors. mill ntfonrl tlio mpptinor of tllfl tat0 The bond of J. P.

Carpenter, J. The registration books for the "city bond election to be held the ISth will be closed tomorrow night. All yoters should see that they are properly registered before they close. The ladies of the Grace Reformed Church will give a social for the bene 'it of the church, this evening, at the res- 111 UbbilVl 111V AA-av. Presbytery now in session in that when completed will be the best house was approved, also of A.

Davidson iTODosals for City Hall and City Jail and Jn.s. A. Gill fit. Hi rTi Rphnnl TmtWa Tlie amount of your purchsc will be cut out with a punch, and when the ligurcs are uuctcd oat wc will present you $1. in Goods Free of Charge.

in town. Mr. Edgar McDowell, of Clayton, 111 wptp. rmnrnvpil. I Ap'iKUi'OSALSwill be received at the Chas.

llson and Mr. Iler are also i i iitv licrh. OlilCP- ar A hi iiii K'sncnc nrrivflil in the citv todav. the guest of An appropriation of S100 was made hour of vi o-ciock October 14. 1SS7.

fnr thn erecting large buildings. idence of Rev. T. F. Stauffer, 50'J, B.

L. Strother. He has taken in Ells- cieiuuu ui a nan ana to be built in the There are tenants for three good ten to the tounship of Hope, to assist said township in building a bridge across city ui -fvuneiie, ivansas. bald buildinir to be con wnttli. Snlina and other places ot tne buuiaeu accorainer to Pians and ement houses here, who say they wish TM'(1.

1 Kit 1 Turkey Creek. iju wcu uj iirtuin'ut itfo. n.biiaiit'r and now state, but thinks Abilene heads them all. ly would put up houses for mi, un, Kjix.y viei oiucu. uids ill De re- ii hus uiueicu mub tne sum or alo ct-icu as loiiows: be paid to Mrs.Thompson,of Wheatland Urst For the entire buiidi .11 ''v" township, to buy clothes for one Joseph A Suspected Wedding.

them. Here is a chance tor some person or persons to make a safe and profitable investment. Lumber is cheap and a house can be put up as We al.o give you a fair trial. 7h'i 1 douc to benefit cash huyt-rs and to do awuv with, the Credit business. There is no family within our reach, but what in a s-hort time will purchase worth of good: There certainly Is r.n wuv for you to procure a bargain than of SPOT CASH is like the Minnie Hall.

It settles it goec. Uefoie jo.i hae time to jump, it's gone. The Ledger Disease is Consumption! Airsjavates, exasperates, wear- j.nd tear tip to Inevitable oblivion. econd-ir or the entire mason work, incl udin th settinr of all cut stonc. Morse, an indigent person of said town inira iorthe furnishinnf all ot ttn r.

ship, and that she be allowed the sum 1 1 Vll niu yruuna reuay to get. of $1.50 per week for his maintainance cheap here as in any town west of Kansas City. POllrt 1 Kflr tliC Wo learn from a very reliable source that Charles Landis and Miss Lizzie Wilson were married at Salina last fivenincr. Charlev denies it, but a very tor the quarter ending December 31st, Painting, slating, sheet metalic work, and all iron Hon. Harrison Flora fed 50 hungry 1887.

ui eAuepi jail worK. i West Fifth street. Everybody will re- ceive a hearty welcome. Supt. Buckuer, of the Santa Fe, this morning finished the connection of the new with the old U.

1 track and immediately commenced laying track upon the Salina Santa Fe branch. The track will reach Solomon by Saturday of this week. Under the new schedule, the Santa Fe leaves here in the morning for the south, at 8:41, arriving in the evening at An accommodation train leaves for tho north at 10:25 a. m. This makes it very convenient for our neighbors at Manchester.

Jenny Lind is (5G today. She has just recovered from an attack of par il-vsis. Years ago when she visited this reliable and truthful party as strongly people yesterday at noon, and was so On motion C.W. Parker was emptoy- iiiSSfJa'ffpSiffl as janitor ot the Court House and tiuncieni. uona, 10 mc amount of 50 per cent, of insists that it is a fact as Charley in- rushed at supper mat he naa to sena sists that it is not.

We were in some them in, by numbers, as is customary grounds. iue amount 01 tne Did, conditioned that the bid aer wiU enter into a contract and rive satisfactory bond If awarded contract. rinnhtR nhnnt. th matter until Mr. Lan- at a country dance wnen there are The viewers report on the Hosie road dis very kindly invited us in to have a three gents to one lady.

was adopted and road ordered open, i i i aii urn onicnoM i tt i i a. a i 11 with the following damages; T. J. aim uieu iu uuuuw tuiouCu iienry iiauks 'veiib to vonene ims rayment on the aforesaid work will be made in cash, upon monthly estimates made by the architect and superintendent on or about the first of each month; 90 per cent, of which will be paid at the time of making such estimates, and th ro. 7 llson, $100; 11.

Wood, $75. Culverts from our mind. It it is a tact, we are morning. CUT LOOSE FROM Tim IDEA ()!" AKIN. crudit.

And plank down the ringing dollars Buy gocxl3 (-0 chean that It will rsuad you to think that the old of "Stolen tru, or that we arc trr.rirt'i burtt. We have not anvanceJonr prices make, this Offer, but we have run the lawn mower Ovt our prlCc3 and cut them down to th roots. take pleasure In showing "oods which will please you. Yours for 1 Ue-aiember the name and place. glad to extend our heartiest congratula The aming tram anu sleeping cars for the passage of cattle to be built for each cf said persons as soon as called tions to the young people, and we wish mainin 10 per cent, when the whele ot tald work is completed and accepted.

None but the Anal estimates will be considered as an acceptance were taKen to vine creeK yesterday them many happy returns of the event. tor. ine viewers report on the A morning. mie tne tracn layers were tne wOrK. Shriver road was read and adopted, and SSald building tO be COmtjlctpd im nr nlmnt.

Anril located here they had but one distur If it is not so, we are sorry on Charley's account, as Miss Lizzie is one among a thousand and happy indeed will the 1SMSSS. 1 roaa oraerea open. bance, and a more gentlemanly lot of rroposals must be sealed and Indorsed, with a Ihe viewers report on the Latore men never trod sod. statement whether for the whole or a particulars part thereof. The commutes reserve the riimt to man be who secures a prize of such un Curtis road was considered and adopt F.

C. Monroe turned his mules out JOHN told value. The more we think about ed. reject any or all bids, 13y order of th3 rommittpp nf tho r-itt- it. the more we believe that we'll ex The viewers report on the R.

June country, and everybody was talking about her, an old farmer in Pennsyl--vjsnia remarked, "I'd like to see Jane JLrjd and hear Uer play on her Jl. J. Landis has rented the room wnere Elliot formerly a feed store, 202, North Third street. Mr. Landis will carry a full line of the best brands of flour, also corn, oats.bran.

chop, and to pasture yesterday, and started for K. he haying finished his contract of l)icklnson County, Kansas. 1 I3i-rt road was laid over until the January G. V. BIULLHAIIT, Chairman.

Cor. Third and Cedar St: tend a hearty God speed to Charley and Lizzie anyway, just on general princi with the Santa Fe Company. W. I). meeting.

Phinney has charge of his outfit while ples. Mav vour lives be one continual The viewers report on the Dobbins he is away. How of joy and happiness. road was read and adopted. One of F.

C. Munroe's fine mules got O-OO was paid the Central Kansas on a wire tence and cut her air Associaton for holding their fair Died. self severely. There were fears enter The best season of the year to paint is during September and October, This month is universally conceded to be the best. Take heed at once, therefore, and in use nothing but the Celebrated Sherwin imams' Mixed Faints.

Sold only, in Dickinson by BAKNES XOltTIICHAFT. and complying with Sec. 8, Chap. 23, tained of her bleeding to death, but the uompned Laws of 1SS3. now was checked and Mrs.

Mule's Mary Catharine little daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Gunzelmann, died A petition was presented bv J. D. kinds of feed.also baled and unbaled sto lie will also keep a full supply of UiViZh fish and oysters. At the regular meeting of the Relief Corps, at Mrs. Taylor's on TiHsday, a committee was appointed consisting of Mrs.

M. P. Joily Mrs. TmnU and Mrs. O.

P. Peters, to d-loO-lv wound is getting along nicely McMaster and others asking for a road in Grant township. On motion the this morning at six o'clock, of typhoid pueumonia. The funeral services will s. ungntanu 11.

xi. ioyd re turned to their business here on last prayer of the petition was granted and be held from the residence, one-half mile south of the carriage factory to road ordered opened. night's passenger. an entertain for Jas. Barker, A.

Smith and X. C. 1 1 1.1.1 mra-A or'augemenxs morrow. uiiaa cui aui xiuiicilc. IU1S 1 A A i 1 Reed were appointed viewers on the TToi5t tn lu ueiu ni me court uouse, a morning.

petition of J. G. Xorman. NEW BAKER onfectionery and Lunch Counter -s-t 212 Cedar Street. notice hi a great many of our I Engineer llinehart took his engine.

an open meting of the G. A. Monday evening, Oct. p. m.

Room, exchanges that the hog cholera is rag- No. 347, to the shop at Emporia vester- jng in different parts of the State. The I day. We hope to see him back on his Harriage license. F.

Eeuker, C. A. Clark and F. W. "Wright were appointed on the petition of A.

Weber. Carl Kandt, Albert Fagenkopf ant H. Lusten were appointed viewers on the petition of J. W. Lowe.

celebrated iiass nog and poultry cure i run soon. The new time table which took effect is recommended as being the best remedy, being almost a sure cure, and a this morning, says that Mr, Brown will positive preventive. Barnes Xorth- start his passenger tram at 8:00 a. m. Delivery wagon for the use of my patrons.

The finest line tionery in the city. Call and see me. Satisfaction auaranteeel of con fee-Hot cof- cratt, Abilene, are agents. and airive at p. m.

The regular Judge Seeds grantel a license to yAlonzo L. Vickers, aged years and Anna Smart, aged thirty-twO, both of Solomon City, today. ratronize the lALACE 13ARBEH SHOP Xor a first class shave, haircut, shampoo, under Citizens Bank. freight will anive at 11:00 a. m.

and iee arm lunch at all hours. Good line of cigars and tobaccos. Richard Waring, County Clerk. VanSant "Welter's confectionery is made by themselves. It is fresh, pure and the best made.

58-tf D. smith says ms arug store is leave at 2:40 p. m. giving an excellent headquarters for mixed paints, white opportunity for any who wish to spend lead and linseed oil. a few hours in the burg, to do so.

ADAM HESS; 132-lrrt.

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