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The Evening Reflector from Abilene, Kansas • 1

The Evening Reflector from Abilene, Kansas • 1

Abilene, Kansas
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1-No. 35. J. H. BRADY CO.



G. Y. BENJAMIN, City Editor, SAWED-OFFS. Mrs. A.

J. Markley is reported to be very sick. City council meets to-night in adjourned session. The Webster family left at noon for Manhattan, where they appear next. Nothing startling in real estate, the rain having a decidedly muddy tendency.

Sam Guist is doing a fine job of papering in the new store on Broadway, Bros. shortly to be occupied by Stoke The Santa Fe depot builders wish permission from the Mayor to work Sundaye, in order to expedite the work. A cyclone struck about ten miles northwest of Salina Wednesday evening last, doing considerable damage to farm houses. Postmaster Buchanan has ordered several new lock boxes. the present being entirely inadequate to supply the demand.

Third St. is being plowed up to-day, for the laying of the street railway track. The track will run through the center of the street. The Board of Trade room is to be embellished in handsome style. T.

Sewell will decorate 1 the walls and ceilthe finest of modern art wall ings with paper. C. M. West, of Kansas City, who is in the employ of D. Appleton is presenting to the public an illustrated monthly magazine of Great Britain and America.

The Real Estate Exchange will this evening meet in the office of Fry, Royer when the committee appointed to draft by-laws and constitutions will make its report. John H. Gibson, C. S. Conrad and B.

F. Eggleston, of Salina, were in the city this afternoon to make arrangements for organizing tribe of red-men in this city. organization is highly spoken of East, where it is one of the most popular orders of the day. B. L.

Strother is illness. around Colorado to-day, another severe to be the only place in which B. L. enjoys fine health. Health comes first over everything else, B.

and we would advise you to locate there, even though we suffer the loss of your genial countenance and sociable presence. Allison Albright, one of Abilene's former young residents, came in on the morning train from Lawrence. He inForms us that he is taking a special urse in civil engineering and architecco and will complete his study in two ture, Clarence and Horace are workyears. in the Santa Fe offices at Albuing querque. The wine tows and doors of many of our leading places of business are greatly improved in appearance lately, and look really elegant.

on The change is due to Walker, sign artist, who has placed thereon handsome silver and gold lettering. lettering on our real estate offices is exceedingly appropriate, for each one in that line is rapidly transforming himself into a modern If you happen to notice Frank Ball hitching his shoulders, screwing his neck around, trying to reach the small of his back, one fin up and one fin down, or scratching one leg against another, don't entertain any doubts as to his sanity. He merely ran into a colony of b-d b- the other night, and he's been crawling ever since. Frank says he rustled for 'em as fast as he could, and corraled 87, but the balance escaped. During the rest of the night he slept on the roof.

Sad News. Our well known citizen, Henry Harnish, from his old home in Gettysburg, Pennthis morning received a telegram of his father's decease yesterday, and sylvania, conveying the sad intelligence the announcement of his burial Monday next. Mr. Harnish has our deepest sympathies in this, his hour of affliction. J.

H. BRADY CO. Will sell you Farm or City Property, On better terms than any other Firm in Dickinson County. J. H.

BRADY CO. Have bought and sold J. H. BRADY CO. Have 100 ACRES OF LAND One mile east of the city limits that can be purchased at a bargain.

J. H. BRADY CO. Are prepared to MORE REAL ESTATE Make Loans Than all other firms in Dickinson On Farms and City Property on betCounty. ter terms than anybody.

The Stanton House Management. We were this morning introduced to Mr. Bartlett, who has the immediate management the Stanton House, and found him a pleasant, agreeable gentleman, and well calculated to fill the position which he holds. Mr. Bartlett has had plenty of experience in the hotel having been in Col.

Stanton's employ alone for the past seven or eight years. Under the Colonel's general charge, and the immediate supervision of Manager Bartlett, the Stanton House is bound to reign over all other hostelries between Topeka and Denver. We're Feline for You. EDITOR EVENING REFLECTOR: I was pleased with your last evening issue. open the paper without being disgusted by the horrid sight of a grinning cat.

I think it about time for the cat business to subside, and be remembered as a thing of a barbarous age. I have become so set against cats, that I have killed all my own cats, am now setting traps for my neighbors'cats. I intend to clean out the whole breed. This cat business must cease, or I must go the hospital for the insane. If I pick up another paper and see a cat in it, it will be quickly committed to the flames at once.

I have stood this thing. as long as I can. MARGARET ANN. Obituary. The four year old daughter of Thomas McConnell died yesterday, at the family residence on Cedar and sore throat.

The funeral of the little one was held from the house this morning, at ten o'clock, the sermon being preached by the Rev. F. M. Porch of the Lutheran church. The remains were taken to the Abilene cemetery for in terment.

At 9:30 o'clock this morning, the death of the three months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sutter occurred at the residence on Third east of the bridge. The little one died from the bursting of a blood vessel. The funeral will take place to-morrow morning, at nine o'clock, from house.

The bereaved parents have the sympathy of all in their hour of grief, Green, But Not Verdant. On Wednesday evening last Mr. and Mrs. George Green living about five miles South of, town, came to the city. They had a "bot" with them, and immediately commenced to paint the town a rich vermilion, by driving at a reckless rate of speed through the streets.

Night watch Applegate very properly remonstrated, and told them to go home, which they said they would do with the utmost expedition. Their promise they failed to fulfil, however, and shortly after they were pulled up by Mr. Applegate, and subsequently pulled in, with the assistance of John Wise, who was deputized for the occasion. Thursday morning they were brought up in Quinn's court, but dismissed to appear in police court this morning, their team being held as security for their appearance. This morning they were tried by the P.

J. and the little bill footed up to $56.00. Not having the money about his clothes, the head of the family went out and rustled, and successfully, for he returned and cashed up. It is safe to say that Mr. and Mrs.

G. are pretty good pair to draw to." District Court Notes. The case of the State vs. Orville Swayne was given to the jury at two o'clock yesterday afternoon. They staid ont all night, not agreeing until court opened this morning, when they returned a verdict of "guilty" on the first count.

There were three counts, all for the unlawful sale of spirituous liquors. Lawyer Mead's manner of drawing a similar case, as an illustration of the one in hand, and applying it locally, in the Swayne trial yesterday, caused several audible gurgles throughout the court room. If Leslie Thompson be not a future capitalist of Abilene, we're A motion for a new trial has been presented to His Honor, by Swayne's lawyers, but has not yet been argued. Swayne holds his bondsmen in readiness. The C.

W. vs. Isaac Grovier case has so far occupied the attention of the court, and has not yet been given to the jury. Bender vs. Wright, verdict was rendered for the plaintiff.

J. H. BRADY CO. Are the sole agents for Brady's Addition to Abilene. J.

H. BRADY CO. Represent The East Side of Abilene, And if you want to make 200 per cent on your money, go to their office. Lodges and Societies That Meet ToNight. Cyrus Chapter No.

25, R. A. will meet in Masonic hall, corner Cedar and Third St. Regular meeting. Visiting companions welcome.

Work in P. M. and M. E. degree.

JOHN JOHNTZ, H. P. JOSEPH SPANGLER, Sec'y. Abilene Stock Yard Notes. George Huffman ships out two car loads of hogs.

Cooper White ship out two car loads of cattle. Neighborhood News. There were just about four miles of cars loaded with construction material in the Rock Island yards in this city Sunday, ready to be pulled out to the front Monday morning. The Gazette feline has scratched up a huge real estate boom at Solomon City, and the REFLECTOR has come to the front with a pair of healthy Thomas cats to it up with straw." The Rock Island palace coaches which reach this city direct from Chicago every evening at 4:15 sharp, bring in on an average twenty visitors and prospectors every trip. Mrs.

Hobbs, of Abilene, and one of the first citizens of Russell, has been visiting the past week with Mr. and Mrs. HI. W. Tusten and Hon.

H. Wentworth and wife of this city, who were also among the first families of Russell. -Herington Tribune. Mr. Bob Wylie took in Abilene and the court on the 4th.

Prof. D. F. Shirk, of Abilene, was a Hope visitor on Saturday last. Uncle Fred Dudley was an Abilene visitor the latter part of last week.

Mrs. D. S. Pease made a short visit to her friends in Abilene the first part of the week. Several of our citizens were in Abilene the latter part of last week in attendance on district court.

Col. A. S. Davidson, of Abilene, was city the 6th, looking up matter in the R. R.

case to come up this term. Deputy Sheriff Thompson, of Abilene, was presenting court compliments to a few of the residents of this city and vicinity latter part of last week. Governor Teats started on Thursday evening's train for a week's professional tour to Abilene, Salina, Gypsum City and other points in the county. G. T.

is one of our rapidly rising attorneys and is having an extensive legal business. We are always glad to note these advancements of our citizens. -Hope Herald. FOR -Complete photographic outfit, will be gold cheap. Must be sold in the next thirty days.

Inquire of H. LEVI, d-tf. Abilene, Ks. Gents' crinkle coats and vests at $1.75, at The Benefit. Men's No.

10 knit hose for 5c, at The Benefit. Mosquito netting 5c a yard, at The Benefit. Auction Sale. The balance of the Henry House furniture will be sold at auction tomorrow at 10 a. Broadway, and 1:30 p.

on corner of Buckeye Third. Two billiard and one pool tables will be sold at the latter place. Gents dusters for only $1.25, worth $2.00 and $2.50, at the Benefit. Bargains in ladies hose at the Benefit, extra good hose for only 10 cents a pair, former price 15 cents, A good supply of Berry Brothers' hard oil finish and wood stains at Smith's drug store. 1-d-tf Grand assortment of clothing for men and boys, at lowest prices, at the Benefit.

Men's gauze underwear at 22 cents, at the Benefit. Now is the time to buy fine farming and ranch lands, and Berry Prendergast Land is firm to conthe sult. First classe property in Ottowa county is selling for $15 $20 an acre. d-tf. Gents' blue percale shirts, collars and cuffs at only 90 cents apiece, at The Benefit.

Bargains in hot weather clothing, at The Benefit. J. H. BRADY CO. Have bargains to show in inside ABILENE PROPERTY.

J. H. BRADY CO. Can sell you some cheap? lots in FAIRVIEW ADDITION. J.

H. BRADY co. See them for prices on THE SANTA FE ADDITION. J. H.

BRADY CO. Advertise largely East, and want to enlarge their FARM LIST. PERSONAL. Ben Hagin came in at noon. A.

Parks is in the city from Ottawa. Dr. Sigafoos, of Solomon, was in town to-day. John A. Hafner is an Enterprise man in town.

B. S. Crocker came up from this morning. W. C.

Bryant is visiting the city from Meriden, Ia. Rev. Stauffer returned on the afternoon train from a trip East. J. M.

Russell, one of our live real estate men, came in on the afternoon train. Tom Robertson, an old Solomonite, but now of Atchison, is doing the town to-day. Prof. and Mrs. Cravens left this noon to attend the musical convention at Manhattan.

W. L. Gravins is a prominent mego gentleman who lingers within our borders. J. M.

Henry was an afternoon arrival yesterday from the ancient burg of Lawrence. James Coleman, one of our solid stockmen of Garfield township, was in town to-day. J. C. Shay, on the road for an Emporia wholesale paper house, gave us a friendly call to-day.

Mrs. I. S. riallam returned this noon from Los Angeles, where she has been for some months past. A.

C. Kountz returned this noon from Los Animas, and is so stuck on the place that he intends to return for keeps in about six months. Miss Lota Bishop, sister of Gilbert Bishop of this place, arrived on yesterday's afternoon train from Monticello, and will make an extended visit here. An Event Among Our Little Folks. Last evening our little society people were treated to a grand social time.

The occasion was no less than a party given by Miss Jennie B. Wright, the charming young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. J.

Wright, to about twenty-five or thirty of her young friends, The invited guests commenced to arrive about eight o'clock. At nine elaborate refreshments were served, and it is but faint praise to say that the delicacies were eaten with a gusto only enjoyed by the young. The evening was spent in what the children called a "perfectly jolly time," and about eleven o'clock the little lads and lasses were safely taken home in carriages. That the event will be a long remembered one is a foregone conclusion. The Bridge Works Scheme.

Mr. C. C. Pratt, president of the Pratt Bridge Company, appeared before the Board of Trade meeting last night, and submitted a proposition for the establishment of a bridge works in this city. His proposition to build an iron bridge works in this city large enough to supply the following territory: Northern Kansas, Nebraska, Southern Southeast MissouriHe wants no bonus, but wishes to organize a company, which will build the works and run the business, paying him a royalty for his patents, up to a certain amount, after which he will receive a certain percentage.

Other works of a like kind are in successful running operation elsewhere, and employing a large amount of labor. The matter was referred to the manufacturing committee, which will report at some future meeting. As the procuring of such works here would involve no expense to our citizens, only inasmuch as those who go into it as an investment, with the object of ultimate profit, we should by all means secure them. All we need for such securing, is for a few of our moneyed men to interest themselves, and the thing is done. "Let 'er roll, Gallagher," for another boomer in the manufacturing line, Van Sant Weller's, the coolest and pleasantest ice cream parlors in the city.

Ice, Ice, Ice. Leave orders for ice at Geo. Ogden's coal office, and they will receive prompt attention. Telephone No. 14.

28-ti CHARLES BALDWIN. REAL ESTATE, LOANS -ANDINSURANCE! A ABILENE, The Beautiful, has attracted another firm of Real Estate Dealers, NORTON CASSER, Who disposed of Fifty Thousand Dollars' worth of lots in the East Abilene New Addition the first day they were upon the market. We propose to assist the citizens of Abilene and Dickinson the great and glorious of development and County place at this Prospective Railroad Center. growth now taking Our Books are Open to All Having Property to sell. Farm and city property wanted.

OFFICE the First National Bank. Call or Telephone NORTON GASSER. One-half mile from Court House on Road from Abilene to Enterprise. A Beautiful Drive, Fine Shade Trees, Lots Full Size, All Streets Planted to Shade Trees, Sidewalks Being Laid. In every respect the best location for investment or homes is the "Richland Park" Property, Owned by the Union Investment Co.

J. M. HODGE, President. J. C.

BENDER, Secretary. 5-d-tf.

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