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Jefferson Crescent from Grasshopper Falls, Kansas • 3

Jefferson Crescent from Grasshopper Falls, Kansas • 3

Grasshopper Falls, Kansas
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HE' CE ESGEFT. UILLTER RAMS0WE2. THE CH I1' SCENT i-wvEswoETnciTrAcvEBTisiaiESTs THE CRESCENT. IB Pl'BLISHKl) KVEBV SATURDAY M0RNIN0, I lWi0IlTn CITY adtertisemetsx iossi-hc. HEnTTWOP AV Ar MEIMIILL SMITn, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DIALER IN Groceries ami Provisions, Four doors" below the Tost Office, i.KAVK.wvoutn cixr, k.iahas.

Woul call the attention of the Sovereign of Kansas, to his larjs and full stock of GROCPEIESisd Though Leavenworth Is Urge tillage, and is fast growing, aod though theie are yet Place ta get tlis worth of your a.oney, Is at MERRILL SMITHS. ELISilA COD7 Is on hand and will be ha nr. tn ui'uii in. iiicnus si.j cusiomera, ani as many new buters who may find It to their interest to ull at iue new store. When you vltit the Queen City of Kansas, don't fall to visit lUEIlRILL SMITHS, U'uare yea vtXil find eonslantly on hand Sugar Coffee, Tea, Rice, Molusses, Mackerel, WHITE FISH, AND SALMON PURE CIDER VIXEOAR, 1 "WHISKEY, Imported asd Domestic Xiaors.

Lard, Sperm, Olive, LIXSEED OILS. DRIED- A I A II III A Raisiuf, Honey, Cauned Fruits, Flour, Bacon, Lard Pork, Meal, Baiter, Eggs, Clieeso; (Successors to Geo. Hillytr,) Dealers la GROCERIES, constantly on hand a full and well ectedetock. Consisting la partof Flour, IJ'icon, Suar, Fish, Coffee, Salt, Molasses, Candlea, Golden Syrup, Sosp, ttc, Those svlstlni arj tliln In cur llm, will do wet to give us calti for we are bound to sell, end sel heap. HILLYER RAMSOWKB SALE.

A Shars iu the Ootiii.han 1' Tow own Extension Company. Price tloo. ALSO-4001) ACRES GOOD FARMING LANDS, In the counties of Jefferson. Calnoun. and Atchison, at Irum to J0J per sere.

LSO LAND WAKRANT8. CHEAP A for Cash. ILKEES WIHTIXG. Sycamore street. Grasshopper Fal's, Kansas, June Olli, Itttj.

innnn laths on hand, am JJ sale low at the new steam saw mill. e3 Jb A. ii, HA THICK. DOXiniAJT I have for talo a sliave in ''8 Doniphan Town Extension Cmnpa. ny.

A.O. I'ATHICK. urauiopper aits, ftayai-ni LAND FOR SALE A KAKK tHANCE! THE underaisned offers for sale lfiO acres of land, nearly ail joining he town of Grachoppar Falls, oa the southwest, on which is about Id acres of timber. Peters creek runs through the same, I wiil sell the V.hole or tn part to suit purchasers. 1 havenlt-o tor sale iU acres of land ImmaJiatety north-east of town, and ncross lie creek.

T'hie quarter I will sell rut lip In 10, or 2U acre lots to huit puicliaters. The location la a beautiful oue for buil'Uns. for- one I Ins to become Interested In tf la local. II wouM do well to give mr call, as lam compelled to sell, and will lei the above yoal very low figures. A.

O. PATRICK. Gtssnhopper Falls, Slay S3, ISol HENRY ROSENFELD, IMPORTER AND DEALER IX WINES AND LIQUORS, Cigars, Pre erves, Fruits, Cherokee letweea Main and Second, Lkavf.nw-)ktu Citv, Kansas. Orders from me country promptly attended to. ADMINISTRATORS NOTICE.

Molton, Calhoun county, K. T. John W. Pher son, havlni! taken out letters of Administration of the Estate ul Charles S. Pack, late of Calhoun coun.

tr diseased. Bequest all persons indebted to the list-to, to call and settle up and all peraons having chimes asilirt the Kstato will present the same for Hettlcmcnt. The I'M ate supposed to be solveu', (bis August 6th, 1S0S. J. W.

Pherson, Admlniitrator, 4ooI nt SO ivv Cent. ESS THAN The undcrsiffticd -I has a leinusut stock of mnrchandlse, of about five liundred dollars Invoice, consisting of Dry goods Boole, shoos, winch he wishes to dispose of, and will sell for cash at 3D per cent leas than whst they com at Ht. Louis or he will trade the same at cost, and Ukt tlmast any kind of properly ft pay. A. O.

PATRICK. Grasshopper Falls, June 1WS. LTJMBEB. ROOEU3 CAM B.EL all kindnof luraLeron Land at tbo Steam -mil'f at jiricea that can not fiil to suit purchasers. AW persons about lo build or wisbinij fencing lumber, are nvitd to call and exainino their stock.

Lumbor sawed for customers at the rate of 1 per hundred feet. Dec. 18, 1858. no 2-tf E. A.

SQUIRE OFPERe) to the Public at his TOKl In Holloa I argf, complete, aud well selected Stock of Goods consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Domestic Goods of all kinds, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Queeosware, Tinware, Furnishing Goodf, Yankee Notions, And In fact, everything usually kept in a Country rttote, at the lowest and upon tbe Most satisfactory Term. Dont forget to call and examine at the HOLTON STORE K.A.6QUIR& Holt on, Calhoun June 18M. HO! CAFOItwP 0D jflO Codfii or Bate cheap, t7 CROtllY BKO. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given to the heirs and tens! rep. resentatiVAS of Balsam Busby.

Ute uf.Ujswhee, Jefferson County. Kansas, dee that application has been made to the 1'robaie Court of said County fura fniil settl 'ment and ailjjdicatiol of the admin latratlon account of saul dec and the said eourl has appointed Monday, tneCrh day of Starch nexti tor tbe hearing of the same where all persons any wise interested may attend if they think John Kuzbee, adiuinistrator. uu. 40 tu ui r. uoHi.r..

ficlectic Physician and Suryeon. If AS removed Ills office from Grasshopper Palls to the rsiderie. of Faystts P. Hast, on Walnut Creek, five miles from the village, nherebewfl bold bi(liell in reedireas to promptly answer the calls of those who desire Ids professional services. His beat eucees in the practice ef medicine since be came to this Territory, is a jufficicni guars glee to tbe public of His cailt.

7eyl it it 3 St4 PEINTING ESTABLISHMENT, X0. SYCAMORE SWEET KANSAS OBSXCRY. TniSrxtensivePtiuting Eatahllshment, which is one cf the larges' ai best aipoiuted Jub biug Eslabllsiiiiiint in the Known Worlti, Is fur-liisbcd with oue of IIOK'N magnificent POWER PRESSSE. This Press, which ie timlrsbty idarted to the ex ecution of goal work is now p. ope IK by AECHAMEDIAN 111 And consequently wear erepired to cottriet for very desxiiption of press-work at the rry lowest rates.

We are also prepared to txblblt the creates var ery ofmodera PRINTING! si a ni BORDERS, Tp be found la any Priming Establlshlfient In the Seur World. In this department we emp'oy OXB OP THh UEsr JOBBERS IV THECOUThT Anogg tb yf rlties of LETTER PliESS Which we are prepared to execute, at thart tioi ticeaodia workmanlike tbe lulowinf Books, Pamphlets, POSTERS, SIIOW JSILLS, MAN-UFACTRERS' TICKETS, PROQHAMMPS. JtCTSI-XESS C4QVS, VISITING CARDS, WEDDING CARDS, RECEIPTS, CIR BILLS, Bill Headings, Cataloguea, Cerllfl-j cates, Blacks, Notes of nana, junction EiLLi. Silli of ZAalJ, or BANKERS AND LAND AGENTS, Leave of tk City, Kansas. Dealer In Cold and Exchange Land Warrants Dougtn, soiu ami Located Lands entered on Tiu.e Town i ots bought and sold.

8nyl AMBROTYPE and PHOTOGRAPH i. E. Corner '2d and Dehtexre streds. LEAVE.NWOKTIIC.TV, KANSAS. Where can be seen likenesses of nil the promln ent men of the Terr tMy.

Pictuies taker, for Doli.ak and upwards, in cases Call up and spend a eisure hour examining specimens. 3uyi H. WKAVIU, o. wnst, WEAVES NEWLAND. WIIOLESALB AND RETAIL DEALKKS IS Dry Cioods, Ga'occi-ics, HARDWARE, QUEENSWARE, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Oil Cloth, Clothing, Carpets, Rugs fj- Hutting leavenworth City, Kansas T.

JJF.L.UVAMS STKEKT, bet ween id and 2d. CAltNEY, POSEY WHOI.lAL,!; GKOI EKS, I'ltODl tK DEAIXUK, AND FORVYARDLNG AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Levee, one door above Cherohe street, Leavenworth City. K. Carney, Posey 'have, and will l.eep constantly on hand, everything in the GROCERY and PROVISION LINE to which tbey call the attention of tut citizens or Leavenworth, Lawrence, Orasthopptr Fa Is Holt on, Topeka, Tecum tth, Manhattan, And the other Interior towns of Xorthers at4 Southern Kansas, jg) Their Mock of GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, NAILS, AND HARDWARE, Is conipUte, and their fadliiies for purchasing In the cheapest and best markets is unriy.lUd, Their Groceries are comprised in part ct pllg'T, I a a Mo and Javu Cof. fee.

Old and Young Tlysnn, Gunpowder, JJIack, and other Vhifkoy, Imported and Djrnejiic liquors, Olivn, J.inseed, Lamp, Sperm, and Lard Oils, Paints, Dyes, Slices, Iiawiim, FIGS AND SAUCES. DRIED 0 A 15 A a Preserved and FLOUR, MfiAL, 3 II A Canned Fruits, BACON, PORK, CHEESE, LARD. EGGS, HONEY, BUTTER, Also a large and well selected assortment of Ihrdaare, and FARMING IMPLEMENTS! tn the forwarding and Co mm Us Ion Line, they are prepared to do art extensive bjeiuesi and as their i OMUiiaiimcub in f'NEW FIRE PROOF BUILDING," tbey promise 'curity to all Goods entrusted to them and promptness and dispatch to all bigness entrusted to (heir care. Their arrangements and connections with e't earn boats and it. Louie, are perfected, end those coiuins to Kansas will tincl it iu their benefit to call upon and deal wjla i hem.

JUST RECEIVED per Steamer Twi ighl fiom Cbid, Piatt 4c ft. Louis, aaupenoi a'ssoriiiient of Hardware, ontisliiigof gpadesand shovelf, Hoer.MUXand Plow Files, Iwor Trimmings Ox chains, Trace chains, etc 4c. a.le low orcash by 1 junei CUOSBY It K0. KANSAS WEEKLY LEDGER. INDEPENDENT IN ALL T1UNQ3.

W. MCLAXE, EDITOli I'RUl'IUETOH. The firrt tumlror this psner will be issued on SXJSUAY, JUKE Sunday thereatter, eonuming ail the tews of the week, it win be devoted la the Ksat JuTaRUTsof the people of Ksnsas, Irrespective of peiiies. 'I ern.s, lira dollars per annum. In advance.

Apply to or adtiress the Faiter and Pr prietor, at Lea van ww tli City.K T. BY D. W. GUERNSEY. TERMSs One Copy one $1,60 Flngle copies, fi cent.

Invariahlv in advance. So paper longei than paid for, unless specially arranged- Hates of Advertising, One square, ten lines or less, one 0 subsequent insertion 60 One square three months 00 One square six months 1 00 On aquare one year 10 00 Cue quarter of a column three months 00 do do- 13 00 do do one .03 One half column three month 16 00 do do Jsix nonths 00 de one year ...40 CO One column, one insertion 10 00 do three months .......30 1)0 do sis months 40. do one yeatj. 73 RASTER'S Harper' Weekly will contain Sixteen Pogts of the lite of the "London Ulustmted each Number comprising as much niaiteraaan ordinary duodecimo volume- will be printed in a lorm and upon paper suitable for hindirg; and as the images will be electrotyped the back numbers can always lie supplied, so that subscribers will be able at any time to complete their flies. At te close of each Volume neat and appropriate Covers ill be pre pared for tiie convenience of those who wisli to bind the'paper Harper's Weekly will contain a full and Impartial summary or the Religious, Cummer, clal, and Literary News of the day.

It will clirooi. cle the leading movement of the oye, record the invention of genius, the discoveries of science, and the creations of art. It will, in a word, aim to present an accurate and complete picture of the age in which we live. It will also give a due eliareof attention ta the taste, the imagination, and the feeling. Its regular contents wiil embrace Tales, Incidents of Travel and Adventure, Sketches ol Character and Social Life, "and Essays upon Ait and Morals.

TERMS'. One Copy for Twenty Weeks 1 CO Onef'opy for One Year ....250 One Copy for Two Yesr 4 00 five Copies fur Our Year. 9 00 Twelve Copies lor One Year ill 00 Twenty live Copies lor One Year 4000 To persons tettins up a Cluhor Twelve oi Twenty iive a tvpy will be ent gratis. Subscriptions nwy commence With any Number. Specimen Jiumber gratuitous'y supplied.

Ctsi.cvv.RN and Tiacum. supplied at yer. Prom the S. Y. Observer.

A litcrsrj and mtsceiaiiemis whose c.r,serviiive principles on the grunt questions of the age have already made a distinctive mark. In I Ms day oi trashy mid corrupting reading, with whicr iio-sapapcrs ahnurnt, weave pleased sera Weekly Jouriiul that haa 1-icrU mo'al and in telii-ctunl aim, and thai cuii to he tetter paity. From the Tioy Whig. A remarkably neat and attractive journal- Thefa. the Publishers tin producing such a journal uneijusled by any firm in til's country.

7'nc Ji.i-'lialiers lurnlsh for tlve cents pound a greater amount of leauiiig matter Mian the same money can purchase ill any uiht lorni, wnue me quamj is re-al'y the best. PUBLlSlIr.1) liYKAKPEK I HEKS, Squabk, Niw Voik. Leavenworth City, Kansas, jnnestb, TOALLCONCEBNED. The undersigned having purchased the entire sUck of Goo. S.

Hi. Iyer, i contiuue to t-til Dtv I'mthin boots ni.d shocfi, ridwaro qwensware tinware, st-ih jtiu cjtwr AT LOST Call and HirKilf this is no HILL YE II A RAWSOWER. inn SACKS EXTRA Superfine FLOUR IUU for sale very low fyr CASH, nt JUST RECEIVED-21 caVinff and Stirring Burlington Flows, and for sale low by msjitf CKOSUV A HKO. 'rOWN OF AMER1CUS. IliRvo for ml five shares in the above Town, which 1 wil dispose of remarkably low.

Americus is r.ear th geographical center of Krcckiniide county, and wa made the seat of justice by the late Territorial l-cgis sturo. A. G. PATKlCIf. Grasshopper Falla, My9 rl The College Journal of Medical Science.

A monthly Ufaojine of pstes, canducted by the Paculty os The iilectic Lnllese of Medicine is pub. ltshed at Oue Doliar a Year, payable tn advaine The volume of the Journal commences with the year. Cqmniiiiiiuitionst for subscription, or for specimen numbers, should bedireeted to He. C. U.

Cleveland, Publisher. J3 seventh Miect, jL'inciaunti, Trident Mutual Insurance Company, PROVIDENCE, ft. I. Capital Paid in. $150,000.

DIRX0TOES Ward Cowing, Gardner, A Bradford, Win Kyder, Kamuel Darling Geo Cleveland, Edward Herr, Philip Ryder, George lUn, Thomas A Doylfc Obed Miller. Ward Obed Miller, Secretary. Tees subscriber having been appointed Agent for the above named eood and reliable nour PJpared to take Fire Risks on property in the town urassnopper rails, ami the eountvol Jcnerson. H. KEES WH1TIKG, Aeent, Office! on Sycamore, hetween Sarah and Louis.

Grasshopper Kansas June 6, 1856. Attention Si lrge lot of Osae Orange plants for beorring. and a email stock of Crafted annta tr.f nf iUrt varitiVe At 7k ne urasbhopper Nursery. Call early if yon would secure a share. waBanupm Jan.

18tb, 1859. F. E. HICKS. With every thing that can be found tn the Wholesale Grocery and Trovislon Establishments of the East and South.

All or which can be had at Ike Meet reasonable rates. Come oa, then, ye Equators from His Neosho, Kansas, Zlranger, Dig Blue, And Gresthoppcr Valleys, And get everlastingly rich by purchasing your Ore cerles and Provisions of MEK'tlLfc riJllTil. Leavenworth, K. Tm Junel, ISoi. EA1LS FOR SALEI havo ahout 1500 Hood ik and walhut rails, which 1 will sell at per bundled, takU.


Tm Fmino Rrssion of 1858 will commence on Monday the blh or February, and continue sixteen week. A full and thorough course ol Lectures will be given, occupying six or seven hours daily, with goo I opportunitiea lor nt'enliun to practical Analo. my, and with ample Clinical facilitiea atU.e Com. cialmer Hospital. The the Chairs will be as follow T.

X. St. JOHN, M. Professor of Aimtomy and Physiology, J. V.

JUDCiB, M. frofossor of Cbtmiytiy and I'hiirraecr. A.J.H0V7B, M. -Piiifessor ol rtursery. O.

H. CLE A ViLAND, M. f). Professor of Materia ai Theiapeutlcs. m.

SHERWOOD, M. Professor of Mniinal Practice and Pathology. E. BUG I1ANAN, M.D.. Ematilus Protestor ol terebral Physiology, and lnstltu'es of JOHN KINO, M.

Professor of Obstetrics, and Diseases of Wbtuen and children. The Terms for the next Session will be the same as heretofore, viz.i Metric, laiion, Tuition, Jjernonstrator's Ticket, 4Vf. Ticket to Coiumeicioi Uuspitl (optional), The Lecture-lloorus are newly fiuhhed. neat, and comfortable, and In a central locality (In College Hill, i wauiut street), wtiere siuueuis will nnutlconven. lent to cadi ou Ueir ariival.

Tickets for the session will be obtained of the Dean of the his omce, 113 Kiuiih street. of Prof. II. tLfAvuLAAD, fcecretury ol the ratuuy, no. fcevenin near r.iin.

John Kino, hi. ln. The College Journal of Medicine. A Monthly Alajjaziri, ol 43 paces, conducted hf the Faculty of Tbe Eclecl Ic College of Medicine, is published at Ore DoIUr a Year, psyaUe in advance. Cjinmunictior, fur suiMcriplioa, or for sprciwes numbers, should be directed to lr.C.

H. CLK.lVa.L i.NIV Publisher, LW rwventh Street, Clucinnali, Ohio. 1)AA LDS. EF.ST CORX FED BACON lL)J end r'ickied Pork, that must be aojd im. mediately ear cab.

CHObUy If HO. i i 1 I.

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