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Jefferson Crescent from Grasshopper Falls, Kansas • 2

Jefferson Crescent from Grasshopper Falls, Kansas • 2

Grasshopper Falls, Kansas
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1 Frcra time immemoriable, it has been COURECTEO i ftKPuiiTSD 1TE1.SXT By IN the Fim District Cvurt of the Ter-ritoiy ofK maas, silting within and for la vacation Janu- ORDER OFPUCLICATION. IN District Court of the Ter '11 a- V)0 great object of the wholo- civilzed world, to acquire power a nowor whir-h HILL ITER KamSOWER, IEL W- GUERNSEY. Editor. Saturday, Ftbuary 5, 1,8." 0. GO00.TJMil;omNO.

John Weidner I' Dikt t. ..1 XT would elevate them above the level of ry 4. oVo-py Afrrcianfo. ai other. nrI niu ii, wcuane, Plaintiff against Obadiah B.

T-bba truv No 44 teeof thahfir r.f 1 btroeta. downtrodden and oppwwed. But, so far. mnn has been misled ia regard to Cons 30a. 1 AN thi.

day came the plaint John UWeidner, by his attorney J. II It. UfG (I. I ow at this day comes tbe plaintiff by, his Snlu Those I10 have with power. BunnoHinff iti m-oahli jj 1 "c7 mien, anJ bied an afTiJav 1.

ni 1 "II. vr.Axa ri lit buoyed up their sinking Learts yith tL it. 4 a nt. and Lied au affidavit statingthHt the (Mendant, Joseph could not be served wiih a process issuing out of this Court. htt.ihf,M .1 1 ping that wild fantacy to his heart, he I 1 POTATOSSCOft.

V. i res dont aM 13 auiiuncB tjimsfcii out upon the wide and unknown Hea of popular Dried Aprt.K3 3 00 Fresh Bcrna 'Oo. per lb Chekss I5c a lerk, in vacat.on, that the defendant be HAI iharf ....1 1 therefore can not be served with process uwog out of this court. fa therefom ordered bk rut rc ora uiuugm 01 me 'good time coming' when fortune in good natured whim, would part thf dark vloud jj'j gjoom hanging over pathway of life, but the iu'ry hi castcU men' dreams' build, like the rich Aiwr long, long voyage, bending un-der tho kfirmily of Tear-, and hut SALtlUTCfl 10ft. i Lein made in the Jc fflrson Crpacent, a newspaper published in thaton nf 1.

1 mere snip-wreck of wLata man the defendant t.n Mtoaauuiiper ran in said couniv nf Is it CiJ? be, he find himself possessor of that 1 Rice 10c ceasive weeks, 1 e'nde ney of in suit, tho obinnt l. I weetI 'ispaDer. cation bemg made in the ed in Teas 01.00 Coffee loj Mackekel 11a Judgment cewve weeks ji, the tl0UU paiaees ot a wuat once llwiight was rower- wealth ummorriyareawept away it werojBui ah, mo now. Compare him with a breath; and the good time com-! with that erect, manly, intelligent and inir la aliit 1. 1 I 3 wuai ne once movgiit waanower- wealth, 1 pendency of ihN suit, the ob iVt of -V.

loe.un) qi will, inierest thereon from the Ji3d rlau of Tr. Soap 1 oral 2e promising youth of thirty: yes. fort I gement fonhesumofaioo with est on tfi i.imi. vPrtrrt 1 Canples Star. 30 .1 v.

10.1a, it ne- the amount of a certaip note iivcn bv th note vcn by the said defendant IT no, sun uoppa jor tiij it fa- des and vanishes rway, in the land 0f ,.1 cr BJO, He. WHO WH8 OH. lha asv I 1 1 to this plaintiff on ihe 531 tU gust. 1857, it boinir the amount of a ceJ. lain Dromiisnrp Tallow 10 pK-i'p.

ii I. to. often the rate, ro. often tbe rate, 01 "laninew, now perionifiinff a in I i I Ueeswax 2P. as sufh it Ac, and that his propprty has been attached 10 pay the said um: and that unless he earl.

Cottom Uatthto m. jiara unics, with grim nieujperance and njruorHlilv. and ghastly visa, steps urwn the thresh- fir5 of hi eye i dimned by loilin-r hold of thflir In. IuIa 1 1 1 1 0 -25c it. 7 ims plain, tiff; and an orrJcrfcota iXAILS Hides fjitep, 40 uciimr 10 me petition filed in thiii West quarter of section 34 Township uespair uiih 1113 nciiim wHSlt'J Lv wit tini.f ...1 1 time ln lav umue, ana are content' ulsPWfr; tin, j.eait stained by deed With fcjrliin' ir ilimna 1 Ill be rendered a.

nt him a OALT nf Snrlr nf v. $3,75 LAiiD oer f)-f unit: coming evii Huequalo Cou'd which to such will never come. That bis brain br thethouht was an adaiirAti ..1 t. erty sold to pay ih0 SHm0.

1 tho said 1 i by tno said U. lebbs as suoh Trustee to sec4re the payment of the said sum of money: and that nniAea 1... 1 unesa ie 1 IJunmq Fluid per gallon, $1,00 -v" vrumweii "1'imti 13 luuenngon tlio vereif etern-Iho rtem old Puritan. c.n. 1 SEAL.

I cqu.f, with the sen! thereof i morym 1.00 'uy I ewer, or UeniUr 10 lha Ml Mayjti. Btiached at my office in th this 9 Potion bled WfMl Jor 1IC 10 eiciaim, 'ah, the iron to lifut Eoor per doz. 15cts. this 13th day I law. judiaent 111..

of Januarv. make it hot by riking If men were Then i.h seek to obt higher vl him. Od l. ns bo sold to aeenbed. nfn AD, Clerk Bw.wuru rule in til their actions, Uut what shall that power con WJtJ oaijj.

7 uavens, v. tj. Seal ORDER OF BUBTTMirriw' wuat a uiuerent pha tfUJd Life pre- of? Wealth, we are told, is poer; nt. Everybody would cfcaso finding "Int is power, and knowledge fult wish 'all the wo.Id and the re.t of forceia'lh. world ve hereunio st my hand- 1 1 "111 Bt-a of the Court aforcsaio" nt mn NOTICE OF COPARTOEiiEpT-Vb have a-wciaied ourlelves to'eth- er fgr the purpose of (loin a Receiving.

rorwaroinfam! Ii First District Court of the' Ter. niory of Kansas, sitting, in and for COUnty of .7 '0' than either of these a power by which mankind'-and the conscience of men would accuse themselves instead of oth- "omul sinks nio enran.irntif ataiIon. incss at AJchis "31 1858 name of A. S. Parker fin Isaac Werthcimcr name of A.

S. Parker. fc Co. cembc-raoth. l87s.

cancej a poivrvbieb genius is not tub- Xt us all endeavor to haste on this llo nnough to refute, nor knowledtre ffOOd time enminrt' fa ary, 1850. James Whitehead Ciork. P. IS. Havens, Deputy.

ORDER OF PUIUAIZT i Attach. X0 37 John J. Stewart wise enough to oyerreach, nor authority "la y) wi own launiui 1 11 nn.l and i.j.v2&.c;.?,!! p'ir. imposing cnoujh to silence. They al labor, earned toil, lor this folding of the bands for a link, mow bleep, a more without exertion tr IintAM RICH, A.S.

PARKER. hika "ich T'ltTpr 'tUrn-n worth. jAtcRson, IC. T. A.S.

PARKER CO. tremble in its preenco. It is trnhth 1ft IN the 1 District Court for the Ter-ntorjof Ivansas. for the County of Jeff, "son. lu 7 Cation Jannai-17 toil, paiiy most potent dement of social or irwfii.iMi.ol n.i nw.

iiioiigij upnthe ervea with nro-cew inthi Territory. rt is -pr0 ordered hr tl 1 13 f'eref'rV u.iiows or nuversity and finnticism, oy to conquer the chnnces and ills complain-ed of, cannot avail. If 'individual let fight, and not tamely 8Ur. fender. If.

as a people, then work hand Viin-LWDia ia CIIALLIsg) JJathew Malone, vacation, that VJ VDebt ie seven-lota luriiaco of persecution, or irnmpled inio the du-t by the ircn heel of power, truth is the one uauu. ior tue remedy of ills, fl)r the 77 while faith- indestructible thing in this word that fully domg our duty 'good will in no conflict, aufforafroa. no rois--We I usage. and abase, aad maintaiiia its vital- ity and geqipleteoesa after every assault. AL.VX.U.

Riven by hi, to tl nation tii Ha dofen- be noticed by the puUicatu thi made tor six un. i. Relioiocs Rev. Sam. Kratringe and Rev.

W. A. Coodwill will preach at the New Schoolhouse, oo Friday ere. Feb. 11th.

at th lm, in? dt; 12TA meetinjj of tha Grasshorrjer iiu T. v. eciiS 3 1 duo 8 months after da, as ell as for the sum Palls Temperance Society will h.1,1 Diy? and Hari Ware-t '1? clack, and afterwards ns nppoiotaients at thtS Churcl Thursday eve, Febua- the ChLb en ThuXle cent3 on account ea hall then he made urn nan iiu i i rj iniii or i. r.l.-rl "ccount3 trv. I i in tl) They feel confi.Ipnt thm rn Rov.

J. It. McAfee and Win. llliill uvir wui nave turn All are requested to attend. TUE PROPOSED TERRITORIES uiai caa be found vati ue iuuna mm ior ii in this the prices cannot delivered, a fail to suit The public generally, are that his property nvited to cjcamine our stock, and we to pay said sums; an, nope by a strict attention hi I Joss lie 'plead, i is w-r r.

iu nasbeen oi u-t ucr sum S44. fit) 1.... win aauress the meeting. By Order of the Com? E.D. jtUTThe weather has been remarka-bly cold or the past week.

Dacotah is the Western half of hat mat nn- ua account UItS tCr paytheJaiau euir 10 the was Minnesota aui receive a snare of patron- ur lue State was formed, a line wa. 8eror demur Ue Pfad through the middle of th prescribcj bylaw. juj. gement will bo rendered nin.t and his property sold to pathe fh Court. wuhmrShe by law.

udwmAnt br AlliVJSK CO. cheerfully recommend Mers. S. arker Ct- to the confidence and res- Pect of mr frwmljan i have just received the number of Clark's D.mL- North to South. The eastern part be-came the State of Minnesota; the west- pay ie same.

i i UM'mony thewol, I have (. CtL "untoaetmy hand and vuoi.uiiierj', snow will do all they counterfeit Detector. It is one of tho Vr8 Vi'-l tbe most reliable, and '2 erit most reliable, and everv merclmnt ii ing full well that they can In mnrif ra is unorganizsd and wiibouf. a Witness the clerk of said Court tbo teal thereof c. CHALLISa CI uuieiJla Arizona is a comb mTT cd feaI of 8i''J court at my office in the town of OskalooM this the 15th day of Januarv 1859 JAS.I4:wlIITEIIEA"D?cLrf By Harens.

nye it in hla poabtjsion. T-rpa (jf sub-scriptions 1 It is published 1... 1 rt. HIRAM KlflH. 1 L1 tit 1 1 wi' OVUI pan of New Mexico with that Mesilla BTClfAM mi I 4 1 I Ft.

Leavenworth. A. 8. PARKEI5, Atchison, K. "jf ciariie, oi.

Louis, ryc. IlAKEXS- D. C. i. Speer.Piaimiffs atty Attachment Notice; 1.1.

Dutton, Plaintiff D.F l3na wiiscn we purchased frpmMeaico in 185. The latter is withntif tnnl FRANCE. A.S. PAJIKEH fsrjCCESsorts i r. vs, fjocrnnienr, Nevada is the western half it.i.

BOOTS ksmvQ William II. Irish, Defendant THE aMPKKOlt G0INO TO MKODLB WITH CKNTRL AMERICA. The London Globe Paris FORWARDING KrT-''eea, 7 i A i uls ustice the Peace of Oska oosa ue laying between Salt Lake Caifi)rn. ja. nt gives tbe version: luercliants) A the old stand.

Afrhien rr Decemhf.1- the' western part of I am able to state vary confidently undergned woujd pay ughest price ft 5ry S'lfe. htdea. In cash nd as hiah as any of the stores, John Rata, no0 that the Court of th TuiJi-ipa We will clVe our order of attachment, in the above action n.vuuie wriot fhataaae bun DUlll III III rr II -I I uouars and sev enty-five cents and proband n. the last two or threo days, caused Lord and forwardinrr Derby's Gorernmeut to bq e-Ecially i.

ware. Hiving formed that in case eL 1 1 lfelh 5 siiuaiea. Pike's Peak is in the Rockj chain, in the western nan Case Will "'U day of Jebuary, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. M. J.Gi:AH,..

Real Estate Ayents, Leavexwortti v' think fit to take Anv I nn'T-if a minu rJttotakeanvmeasiir.trtni.J no7-if A aaa, which part it proposed to cut off, J. B. PAKHOTT the American policy indicated in Presi- 77' dent Buchanan's SAIMT riniC? TTATTnii Surfer; and General Zand Agent. Superior, Ontonagon, is the peninsula betweeu Lake Suoerior nfl Mill now nrnnuil pon the eupport of France to A1UU' sell lands and town proo eriy ivansas Nebraska and MS Loan Money, Negotiate Loans Jdo i BnrnU 10 Hie moat extent. 7 innnv.

iuieiu or pes Locating of Land warrants, ana part of which now belongs to Michin od part to "a ID OO ousmess. riaiin been mru.i Second, between ineq at 6 1 lue aDove business at want, I. vjUy jr ine i two ears, n.tnma j-: Wyendott, the new county was (brraed Jan 28 the votes against it being frorj Johnson and Leavenworth. The boundaries are from vuuiag claims ot the first quality. Also S'' llnd warrant, and I)eeded LinJs.

All business entrusted to my care will receive prom; attention. My suneiw luware an'i jjeiaiKare LEAVENWOPH. Liquors, and Ckrs kept con stand? on hano" niij CJU TTbo Legislature has passed a ill incopbrating the Town of Grasshop-er Fall and one pro' Ming for a new ate to be taken, for the'pcimanent lo-'ition of the County Seat of Jefferson njiu US- 7nvl KJi 11HIW nilnir. ware Reservation on the north to the ui iuC coun- rymnhich I reside, Ul)y assures me tfljt 1 Cfill fIVl fnlira A rim In boundary line beinff'the iownhj tO ail tnoae who may favor ma whh P. Maheb, AgC iuunufi- j.n iuarcu next, he bill, we meit th iL.mha.

divKhng townahips 11 an! 12, south of ronage. Office, South-West corner of tion of the people of this Couuty, and is tjaaw, Ilolton, Calhoun Co K. T. VI tva IT. At this tJace.

in AtV ur.t,..i Holton Hotel. THOUA3 J. WATIEK3. North WfKt'rnrno. au-j jusi in us provisions.

Jlereaf. ter we hop there will be oo murmur- hp. tVI on lhe iat the eutB i pr.T.?' 'im to the fo- orwid toitw. rl'i'i rr after Ih. Td.t! -i 335 Broadly Mw I'fr IIWESU frnnam Cleary.

CASH paid fur hidi at Hoiton, -illLLYER RAMS0WER,.

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