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Jefferson Crescent from Grasshopper Falls, Kansas • 2

Jefferson Crescent from Grasshopper Falls, Kansas • 2

Grasshopper Falls, Kansas
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PI JR.E C.E 3ST A THE CBFSCENT And last, but not least to the interest 'of nation the Construction of a Pacific fflE C11ESCENT. DANIEL W. GUERNSEY. Editor. ISIiuoniR Falls, k.

Saturday, December 25, 1858. Tilt: message. The annual message of the Chief Magislrule this Union a communication to the people, which custom and duty enj'rtns upon him, in relation to tho condition and affairs of the nation, ia ihiscouuvry, with fiews au4 widely ht variance We regret that it tea lengthy fur publication in our col- k'nHi o. juv pecially congratulated upon the peace and good order that now reigns in place of former anarchy nnd confusion, and the satisfactory ttato of alfuirs now pre- vailing is solely attributed, to tho policy adopted and pursued by the lie labor hard to convince the people that their own obstinacy and stubborn- ness were the chief causes of all the evils they have felt which do not pertain to Tcoritories in general. They received a rebuke merited or not for clinging to the Topeka Constitution so tenaciously, and refusing to vote for Relegates to the Lecnnplon Conatitu- tion under a law "not denied to be fair and just." The probability of convincing tho people of this Territory that they thin h-ad law "fair and just," iiga'nst the proof, which its operation gave, we think exceedingly doubtful.

Will, (U in the sage, concerning our future admission Those who in the Led of into the Union, and that we wait for that )'jIlity wiil fain consumhtion until we have the 'Thj meLncholy days havocome ncquhite number of inhabitants a3 pro- The saddest of the iiled by law, we heartily acquise. But let the sympathies of the soul go The 'Utah war' has been brought to forth to meet anliglndd, ll tho sot a happy termination, and the Mormon- 'rowing, nnd thrice happy will the festival UiMSOWEK. (Successors to Geo. HiUyet.) Jeulcrs in I1 AVf it cp constantly on Imml lull ml wet! se ec tea stuck. Conitins in part of Flour, Eacon, Sugar, Fish, Salt, Molasses, (iaodlef, Golden Syrup, Sonp, ttc, tlc, Those isnln8 atiy thing in our will lo welt to give us a talli fur we me bound to sell, awl ael cheap.

HlLLYEKfc lUMSOWiiR LUJSlBJilE. A- CAM 1 1 ELL, Keep ah kinds of lumber on hand at the Steam at pi ices that cannot fail to suit purchasers. ,411 persons about to build or wishing lencing lum ber, are invited to- call and examine tlii-ir stock. Lumber sawed for custom ers at the rate of $1 per hundred ieet. Dec.

IS, 1S58. no z-u General and Real Estate Agens Attorney at Law, Grasshopper Fulls, JCunsas. Sin ill ai ention eiven to the examination of ti. ics tlie payment of taxes, iuU the collection of CtoiiHg. Will procure tn Kansas courts genrrany.

The undeiiaueil lancies that lie knuws more con cerning the real estate of this vicinity, than any o'lter livihg mull. It proniitiiesn ano airenuoiic.ui tsecure lim patronas. 18 1 tr. J. H.


Grasshopper Falls, Jeffotson County, Kanfrtts Territory. coiy Attorney and Councellor at Laio Will alteml to nil business entrusted to his ore with fUlclity and promptness (j rasshoppor I'lls, K. T. J. I.

ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will nttenil to ll luslncss entrusted to his cu Oskaliosa, K. T. John O. Si'IVkv X.

Spivey it Allen. ATTORNEY'S AT LAW. Oskaloosa, Jeirerson Cojnty, Kansas, no My A. H. (i KP'iiKS liKs services to the nfliictod Hi'r Kails ami the surrounding country.

Hiy i 'iils are all vwUble. and coin- mu use has loti since lausht him lo discard Iroin Ills li-l of curative'ts, ult noxious ana dele-ti-i ious drus. repecially that poisonous drug Citlo met, which has destroyed more jawbones thun tram, son did PliilisttiK 8 with a jawbone. lti-sidciicB at home on Lire top of a hill, nearjeilor-on iiy July 21-tl 5s. S.

Coojscr, tHVlC3.l. AIY Wl.Si,r.E:OA, HAVIXd permanently located at Grasshopper Falls, would tender his lirofessioml Bervices to the citizens of the surrounding country) will attend to calls at all hours, day or night. Ofucb At his residence, on Siycamore street. wis. nts r.

Eclectic Physician and Surgeon. HAS removed his offlco from Grasshopper Falls lo the residence of Fayette f. Haut, on Walnut. Creek, live miles Iroiu the village, where he will hold hini-elf in readiness to promptly answer the culls of those who desire his protessional services. His past suceess in the practice of medicine since he cumo to tnis Territory, a sufficient guarantee 10 the public of his skill.

"Jnyt Dr. A. R. Cantwell. Physician ik Surgeon.

'l enders his Professional services to the people of the surrounding country. Office at his residence in the town of Winchester, December 1, 1S3S. no 3-ly jjjj; PHYSICIAN SURGEON. Revectfully ofTers his Profersional services to a I the inflicted. Sceciitl attention devoted to lhe dis eases of women and children.

Office at. his residence in the town of Winchester, Jefleisuu T. no2-tf DruM and Groceries. Ml. L.

XUUTIlRUr, IMiALElt IN It BliK.S MIKTf, OILS, vaii.iiii:s- liltC-UFf-iJIlSS-ti uitx 1. 1 es wim s-k tM WHISKY nu.l t.lX For Medicinal purposes. School Miscellaneous Hooks and Stationery, etc, etc. etc. Cheap lor Cash chih'I rgrt i TuE CITY DRUd STORE! ir.

i 1 1 PBlZsTTIISrG ESTABLISHMENT, XU. 5 SYCAMORE STREET, rrilllS extensive 1'iintiiiK which I is one of the lo rural appointed Job-hiriis KstahlUiunenr in Hie hliown Worm, tut-nisheil with one of HOli'S magniliceiit POWER PRESSES. This i ilmiratily ailnpted In the tx ccution of oo4 work is now piopellnl by AHCIIAMEDIAN And i.onseiiiently weare piepared to contract tor every description ot presi work at the very lowcU ratcK. arc nUo jt ''J areiljlo i areiUo rvhilnl llii smutch vari ery ol modern II I I "V-' Or a em To be found in any rrimins Estab'lislimsnt in the New World. in this department we euip'oy O.NE OF Tfltf liKST JOBBERS IX TliK COUSThV Amnnjthe variliespf LETTER I'JiESS Which we are prciured to execute, at short no: iti.c auu in wiiiituimiiihe jiiauiici aio llie luiuTvmg.

POSTERS, SHOW-BILLS, JALV-UFA OTHERS' TICKETS, PROGRAMMES. BUSINESS CARDS, nSITU'G CARPS, WEDDING CARDS. RECEIPTS, CIR CWL.1RS, SHOP BILLS, Tom Cokwis's cpinJLicAXisM.Tho Representative to.I'ongress from Ohio don't go the wool and all. Here are his santiments a3 expressed before the the election: "Now, as regatVU tho admission of new I amked if I will vote for the admission of a State whose constitution recognizst slavery. I answer yes.

I am bounj to do it When I take my seht in Congress, I swear to support the Constitution of the United States, and all laws made in pursuance of it. In this co; stitution, and among these laws, re pt jvisiom regulating the condition of rnaier anl slave. If a Slave State jfe'yp admission. I am bound to admit berj because her constitution does not oonflict ith the States Constitution. This is both according to precedent and Law.

If, therefore, I vote again st the admission of such Slaie, having tak'on my oath to support ve to the Constitution of the United States and tho laws undtr it, I commit "pergu-ry." Again he says: "If itbeono of tho dogmas of the tepublican party that the peoplo of the State have no right to settle tho (slavery) question themselves then I am not a Republican. Oud help nio if I am not so, I can't help it. I hold that a which has the right to nject slavery, has a right to adopt it if it wills. can't 6tand up, and say to the people, you bave no right to make your own in stitutions." aiiAssuupriui cm pjiices. COKKlitTEU AND KEPOKTED WEEKLY BY CltOSBY BBOTIIEB.

Drij Goods Jf- Grocery Merchants. Flour t3't3 $4 00 Corn per 20 23. Corn meal per 35 40. Buckwheat per 50 GO. 'Potatoes per -10 00.

Daans per 00 1 25 Dried npj.els per bush. 2 73 $3 00, Poik hog round 50 5 00; Lard per lb 0 10. per lb, 10 utter per lb 20. Cheese" per 15 20. Eggs j'trdi'Z, 25 liO.

Sugar-prime N. O. per lb Vi-y Molasses per gall, Co (iTjIo. 14 1C.V. Soda Jr 10.

cts. Rice pr lb, 8 10 cts. Nails per ko', $0 00 ('; 0 50. Rope per 23jcts. Tai pe; jrei'l 50 cts, Hides dry flint-per lb.

Hay per ton, St 00 (a) 1 0 CIS. 5 00. liELlGlOUSKOTlUU. Then will be Roligious service at the new shcol bouse every Sabbath morn ing Rt 10 o'clock. Preaching by Rev.

M. Downey and Ilev. 0. L. AVoodford alternatcl AhiT, at the same place every Sab bath evening at GJ o'clok by Eev.

O. L. Woodford. 'I'he first bell will ring a half hour pre vious to the comtnuncenumt of service. A Literal Witness.

"Did the de fendant knock the plaintiff down with malace prepense?" "No sir he knocked hira down with a flat-iron." "You misunderstand me, my friend 1 I waul to know whether Lo at'acked him with an evel intent?" M0h. no. sii it was outside of the tent." 'o, ao, I wish you to tall me wheth er the attack wa at all a preconcerted affair?" "No. sir. it was not a free concert af fair it was a circus." are the chief end3 of mail asked a Sunday School teacher of one of hi pupils.

and feet." was the prompt rc Railroad is again referred to. We have given as far as possible the outlines of tho last annual message, ex cepting Hat portion which refers to Kansas, we cannot but deem it an able document. A fctatc paper which will well repay a dilligect and careful perusal. ME11IIY CIIIUSiMAS. To all we wish a merry Christmas, and pleasant woull it be to could we look lbeham of a 1, who Keep wiui acrelncss and harmless njolcmgs tbw ly da what sweet memories, come thron ing over us, of the merry Christ- musfa long gone by.

lhe Uee of holly, standing in the old parlor, its branches bent, with ilfcrings of love and kindness. The happy groops of children, innocently bestowing lavish praises, on yanla Claus- for B1M tt(kil1 that they han3 overnight, empty, by the chimney corn- ers, yes! merry Christmas to all, why bhould it not be bo? when wo remember that on this day, over eighteen centuries ago the proclamation of 'Pence and g'od will to was made to the world, what, feeling but that of joy tklmppiuea should day isit the heart of man! Yet while you, at whose hearth stone, content and plenty sit, banish all worldly cares, forget not those, whom the wailing prairie wind pinches with cold, to whom this day will biing no hope, uo fullness of jo; whose'bright dreams 1 1 I 01 "'o pie.iru aue.a.iy rung since day be, in the thought of having given pleasure to whose hearts were til. led with sadness. SEALED PROPOSALS. Will bo received by the undersigned, Chairmen of the liulding Committee, for the erection oi a jail in the town of Os- huloosH.

in Jefferson County, Kansas Territory, to be built on tha following plan to-wit: The building shall be 28 feet long by 10 feet wide, and IOfeetbL'h it shall ln divided into two rooms of rnual'di. roensions, the partition wall to be 4 in ches thick, made of common oak stud dhif, and covered on ench side with sheet iron; the walls to be 18 inches thick, the Btona to extend through tho wall, with ioints nrooerlv broken: there shall 4 I bo two windows in each side of the buil ding with glass 8 by 10. and 3 panes to each window, secured by iron grates, the bars to be made of inch iron, and placed at right angles 4 inches apart; the floor is to be made of thick, luavy stone, well fitted together; the ceiling shall be made of joists six inches thick, by nine inches wide, placed on the edges and bolted together, and the lowi-r sule cov cred with sheet iron; the outside door shall be made six inches thick, of inch oak lumber, cross-bolted together; and the. window shutters to be made of oak lumber, covered with sheet iron; the oof to be made one quarter pitch, of 0ak or walnut shingles, The contract for the erection of said buildinir will be let to the lowest bidder therefor, and sealed proposals will be re ceived from this dato to the 1st of Jau juary, .1. u.

isos. Auaress, JESSE NEWEL, Chni'n, Dec. lCih. 185S. Oskaloosa, K.

Humboldt says he met one dy in his travels, with a naked Indian, win had painted his body so as to represent a blue jacket 'and trowsers with blac buttons. lh, Fays the aged patriarch, pushing back the grey heirs of his wrinkled brow 'Christmas comes but once a year, aud have yielded obedience to the Consti tuiion and the laws. Ho recommends that tho pre-emption laws, be extended to the settleraof that Territory and tho establishment of a Land Office there. He refers to the Treaties which in the past year have been made with Chi na and Japan, by which our trade and intcreourso with those-two nations will be materially augmented, and through which our commerce will derive additional impetus. Our relations with Great J3ritian still remain friendly.

Tho long pending question of the rights of search has been amicably adjusted, but the tics originating from the different' constructions cf the Clayton and Lulwcr Treaty, by tho two nations iB yet unsettled. lie says, that with all tho Continental Ppwers of Europe our are of the most friendly charactsr, excepting The allowance of our demands, that government, for inguries to propel tv have not been allowed on account of the frequent changes in the 'Spanish Ministry. The ucqusition of Cuba, by purchase if possible, for tho purpose ot piolnbi- tiii' the Slave Trade, of maintaining nnd securing the the friendship of Spain and protecting the interests of the country is recommended. Our relations ith Mexico are unsatis factory. Abuudant causes fur war exists and a seizure of a part of her territory as indemnity for her indebtedness is btrongly urged, together with a protecto-mm ovnr the northern Provinces.

A Revenue Tariff and tho levying of spe-' cifie duties, is de-ailed highly expedient. The national debt exceeds 000, which is a rapiJ increase, and it is recommended, that if possible, the expenses of all the departments be further reduced. An increase of our naval force is thought important. The receipts of the Post Office depart-, merit do not equal the expenses by restoration of tho former rate of postage to be paid for by govem- on Sjcamore street, where you will always find a aisc and cood stock lor sale. 1 ry the subscriber, i.

soKTiiKiii. iflTLLWlTTDEANS, for sale low, at chopiiY k0. JJjll Catalogues, Cerl ifi- i I cates, Bla ks, Kotes of hand AuCtj0a BiTUS; La" oin Labels, yly. I'll "ct on a glorious old Dendek. Ujeill is tmweu,.

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