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The Evening Reflector from Abilene, Kansas • 1

The Evening Reflector from Abilene, Kansas • 1

Abilene, Kansas
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101 T7 C1 -RT 11 ill Mill THE jlIJdjJd ABILENE, KANSAS, TUESDAY. NOYEMBEH 22, 1887. VOL. 1 NO. 175.

L. E. LOTS Publishers. Evn. tin" I Solomon Vj5 is zzr the Solomon is bound to be a great city There is the best opportunity there for investment of any place in the county.

Most property wiii double in value in the next ninety days. For price lists call on Jo Off il. 9 (, BBTJlfSON NBXTMILiLER, or E. "PITT oXomon Oity, Kansas. tiUta II it John A.

Simmons, a resident of this Ji. II. D'HUV, Ph. G. them all the happiness that can crown the lives of the most favored of earth's children.

Longmont (Col.) Press. r.u i IADUATL: College Pharmacy ATHTATK I'lIILADCTl'IlIA The best season of the year to paint is during September and October, This month is universally conceded to be the best. Take heed at once, therefore, and in painting, use nothing but the Celebrated Sherwin Williams' Mixed Paints. Sold only, in Dickinson by BARNES NORTHCRAFT. d-133-ly ABILENEJTIME TABLED A.

T. S. F. H. H.

r3R30NAL. George Colby left for Hope this morning. JI. J. Eandis left for Hope this morning.

Thos. Cree, of Xavarre, was in the city yesterday. O. F. Lawyer, St.

Louis, registered at the Stanton. S. C. Martin, of Ilerington, returned home this morning. Lee G.

Cooke, of Herington, was up to Abilene yesterday. city in years gone by, and now of Be-loit, came into town this morning, and left at noon for Junction. He speaks in flattering terms of Abilene's growth. Mrs. W.

W. Russel, of Marquette, arrived in the city today to visit her husband's relatives. Mr. R. is expected on Thursday, when there will be a family gathering at the residence of R.

F. Russel, in West Abilene. Mr. and Mrs. Lieut.

Amsden, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bearce for a few weeks, returned today noon lor their home in Washington, D. C. On their way they will stop at visit friends a couple of wTeeks.

SALINA lUlANClI. Cioiny vest. arrives ...7:22 P- ni. Going oast. leaves p.

..10:15 1'af-scncr. JOHN M. GLEISSNER leaves nm vc; in 8:41 a. in Freight 111 Contract Let for Boring Gas Well. The contract for boring the gas well in the Chicago Addition was let this morning to Hood, llyno Davidson, of Richburg, New York.

They agree to commence work immediately, and bore to a depth of or 3,000 feet, at the option of the Gas Company, the work to be completed by the first day of April, 1888. Thus the Belle of the Smoky takes another long stride in the pathway of progress. Card of Thanks- BOXACCOItD, Nov. 21, '87. To the kind friends and neighbors who came to us in our time of berave-ment, we would bring to mind the Dear Saviours promise: "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my diciples, ye have done it unto me." And we hope and pray that our kind Heavenly Father will raise up for them as kiud and considerate friends in their hour of need, which must sooner or later come to all.

Mns. Mary VanDuyn and family. JIANCIIESTKU BRANCH. leaves p. ija WUG- Keturnlng at.

UNION PACIFIC 11AILWAY. GOINO WEST. Wc-tc-m Express No. 2i a. m.

raclilc ul Tn- GOING EAST. Kat Express No. 202 Ar. 12:10 p. 12:23 p.m Atlantic Expro NO.

301 12:10 p.m. Cornei 3d Broadwa37-. SAWED-OFFS. The largest stock of feather dusters at the lowest prices. A large stock of lamps at cost.

Everything sold to be obtained at any drug store. Try us on Prescriptions, we will save you money. We compound any Physicians prescription. We use nothing but the purest drugs and chemicals to be obtained in the market. John Blevins came down from Manchester this morning.

Jonas Freet came down from Manchester this morning. Gabriel, the boss wagon maker, of Enterprise, is in the city. Charley Ball boarded the Santa Fe for Navarre this morning. Geo. Turell, of Cheever, registered at the Continental yesterday.

H. W. Alexander and M. Samuel, of Kansas City, are in town today. Rev.

E. M. Halbert, of Carlton, came in on the Santa Fe this morning. A. Rankin, of Hope, was up to see the Belle of the Smoky yesterday.

S. J. Wright, the popular merchant of Manchester, is in the city today. Doctor Curtis, of Dwight, Kansas, formerly of this city, is in town today. Mrs.

D. S. Beemer and children returned from Russel on the noon train. We find the name of Gus. Wright, of Atchison, on the Stanton House register.

Tom Prendergast and George Ether-ington returned from Manchester morning. C. A. Miller, of the Rock Island surveying corps, returned to Herington this morning. S.

M. Harris, of Enterprise, stopped over night in the city, and wrent west on the morning train. K. D. Sherman, one of Vine Creek's solid business men came down on the Santa Fe this morning.

Gov. Teats, of Hope, was-in town last night, and witnessed the entertainment at the opera house. Miss Emma Britton, wrho has been visiting friends in Manchester, left for her home in Philadelphia today. Solomon News and Notes. Rev.

J. R. Cooper wras in Abilene Monday attending tbe Sunday School Convention. Mr. Gould, of Salina, was in town yesterday shaking hands with his friends.

Rev. C. W. Caseley fulfilled his part of the program of the Sunday School convention and returned home on the afternoon train Monday. Mr.

T. S. Blair has sold his farm south of the river. Buyer is not known. Mr.

S. B. Maxwell, proprietor of the Montezuma Hotel, is doing a rushing business. Weddings in Solomon have of late been few and far between. But the season when the market is usually more active is approaching.

Rev. J. M. Foster, missionary-elect to Swatou, China, left on the afternoon train yesterday. His genial, dignified bearing and manifest sincerity in all that he said and did, won for him many friends in the few days he was in this city.

He expects to sail from San Francisco for China, via Japan, one week from today, in company with Dr. Ashmore, a brother of Mrs. Crowell of this towrn. Sheahan's new building begins to take shape. The first story is nearly complete.

The G. A. R. have a camp fire at the opera house Wednesday evening. A supper will be served.

Mr. Saw. who has been working in New Cambria returned home last week. Mrs. II.

J. G. Neumiiler and daughter returned from Salina this morning on the Santa Fe. Beautiful Bisplay. Lovers of the beautiful should not fail to take a walk for their health, and in that walk they should not fail to pass by Kelley's jewelry store.

In the south window of that popular house will be seen the finest display of silverware and jewelry ever shown in Abilene. The articles on display are arranged in an artistic manner, and include the following A beautiful hammered silver nut bowl, an assortment of silver berry dishes, a fine line of antique silverware, diamond jewelry, some elegant plush cases filled with pearl-handled and silver knives and forks. Crowning all this are the two silver trumpets won by the lire boys in the contpsts at Junction City, July 4th last. The whole, arranged as it is, presents a very pleasing appearance, and reflects credit on the artist, Will Slimm. MU GLEISSNER.

I Astonishing Success. It is thet'duty of every person who has used Boschee's German Syrup to let its qualities be known to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Croup, Asthma Pneumonia; and in fact all throat and lung discuses. No person can use it with out immediate relief. Three doses will relieve any case, and we consider it the duty of all Druggists to recommend it to the poor, dying consumptive, at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 dozen bottles were sold last year, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such a medicine as the German Syrup cannot be too widely known.

Ask your druggist about it. Sample bdttles to try, sold at 10 cents. Regular size 75 cents. Sold by all druggists and Dealers, in the United States and Canada. On the War Path.

A. delegation of Red Men left here today noon for Topeka, all in their gory war paint, and their souls filled with a determination to scalp every paleface met on the streets of that city. As yet their race is unknown in Topeka, and in addition to their intended scalping, they propose to institute an order of Red Men there whose duty it shall be to capture every paleface that ar Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Worley a boy.

The family of Mr. Shadingcr, living north of town, are reported sick with liptheria. There will be no daily issued from the Journal office Thanksgiving day Salina Journal. Mrs. Speer will entertain her lady friends at the residence on Fourth street tomorrow evening.

The A. A. A. dancing club will meet fit armory hall tonight, to indulge in that much enjoyed pastime dancing. Did you see F.

L. Ball now baggage wagon It is a daisy. L. B. Johns did the building of it, and none Jbctter can be found anywhere.

The foundation for the new United Brethren church, corner Chestnut and South Fourth streets, has been completed, and the work on the building will be pushed forward in a few days. L. B. Johns stopped at Denver on his way to California, and with his usual rustling qualities made sales for over thirty vehicles, which will be immediately manufactured at his carriage works in this city. Tho Ilalladay Colored Minstrels played to a fair audience at the opera house last night.

The performance was good, the jokes mostly new, and the dancing and singing were beyond a fauit. Thebattoon drill under Captain. Frank Mallory was simply unapproachable. At the Malitia shoot this afrernoon John K. Urie and C.

S. Crawford were uo winners. John won first by a score of out of a possible 50 Crawford making 22. and winning second prize. Thev both on at the shoot last month.

If they win next time, they are entitled jto the medals won. The "Cold Day" company arrived in yesterday afternoon, and are distribute 1 around among the different liotels of this city. Salina Journal. JSalina is hard up indeed. When a town -can't affoid a hotel large enough to accommodate a troupe of eight, that town Jias our deepest sympathy.

To Jikasrs. Winfidd and Hoshcr Gkxtlemkn Will you please inform an anxious inquirer what kind of ducks you killed the other day while huuting There has been a dispute over the matter, and I take this means tof satisfying myself. Respectfully, There will be a hurrying to and fro Vnrth Topeka this evening, when Cash Talks. rives after the Abilene braves return to Register-elect Nichols has leased Dr. Curtis' residence, on East Sixth street, and will move in town this week.

Mrs. Otis Smith has gone to Lawrence to visit her grandson, recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Miller. The friends of the wife of Dr.

J. T. Custis will be sorry to hear of her re their wigwam. Among those who boarded the train we succeeded in getting the following names: J. B.

Edwards, Benj. Kuauss, C. C. Bitting, L. II.

Faulkner, Henry Litts, J. S. Kelley, Dr. J. M.

Hodge, Theo. Mosher, C. W. Burton, C. II.

Oakwood, C. C. Shaler, Charley Estes, Jeff Miller and Geo. Lannacken. Lodge Items From Topeka Capital.

The A. O. U. W. is the strongest secret society in Topeka, as there are 1,006 members, and new members are being constantly added.

Kansas G. A. R. posts have expended in charity during the year ending March 31, 1887, relieving 796 comrades and their families. Missouri in the same time expended $3,658.78, relieving 388 comrades and their families.

Instituting officers from Shabbona Tribe No. 12, of Abilene, will organize the Shawnee Tribe, Improved Order of Red Men. at the band room, on the north side, Tuesday evening next. This order is popular in New York, Pennsylvania and other eastern states, and numbers among its members Governor Hill and President Cleveland. This has been a most prosperous year with Topeka chapter No.

5, R. A. M. Three teams have already been exalted and there are two more in waiting, which will make the greatest number of teams ever taken through in one year since the organization of the chapter. The Kansas Odd Fellows number 14,559.

This is an increase of 1,538 members in one year. Sickness for which benefits were paid, average for the year, thirty-five weeks for each 100 members, which is nearly 6 per cent, greater than the average of last year. Colonel George W. Reed, of this city, probably belongs to more secret societies than any other man in the state. He is an active member of 32 lodges, and is supreme commander of the Stlict Knights, A.

O. U. of the United States, Canada and Europe. The Masonic temple project takes more definite shape every day. and there is now but little doubt that within the next eighteen months a magnificent structure will be erected which will alike do credit to the order and the city.

We have been in the real estate business for a number of years and think that the largest number of deals are made by trading, and therefore we are prepared to make all kinds of land trades for stock or city property. If you have anything to trade call and see us. J. II. Brady Co.

Wanted- Another Drawing for the Lot. At the fair recently held by St. Andrews' Catholic Church in Berry Bros'. Hall, a drawing was made for a valuable lot, chances for which had been taken to the number of about 200. Ticket Xo.

500 drew the prize, and at that time it was supposed the ticket was held by a railroader, belonging to A girl for general housework. Inquire at the Benefit, 310 Broadway. d-175-tf A friend desires to find the whereabouts of Miss Emma Gruber. Please send word to this office. 1 Supt.

Buckner's force of tracklayers. We are now doing, our trading at Kump, Fickes where they sell for cash, and I find thatitpays to trade at a cash store. You donrt have to pay extra profit on each article, in order that some one else may get a pony, or a buggy ride free; for every time you buy an article at a lottery store you pay a larger profit in order that some one else may win. Remember, in these hard times every penny ought to count, and that a penny saved is a penny earned. I went to the store of Kump, Fickes Co.

a few days ago and bought corn starch at 10 cts. per pound; first-class coffee at 25 uncolored Japan tea at 35 and 60 cts. that I paid 60 cts. and $1.00 for at the credit stores; and sugar I can't tell you the number of pounds, but go and see for soda, butter and oyster crackers all fresh at and 6 per cts. per box; tub and and canned oysters; turkeys lower than elsewhere; hams, bacon and boneless ham, 10 per cent less than elsewhere; honey, 15 cts.

per pound. Look at their dried fruit peaches, apricots, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, prunes, raisins, English currants, cranberries. They also keep cheese, apples, butter, cider, grapes, pears, celery, nuts, lemons, cocoanuts, fine French candies.chipped beef, tubs, buckets, brushes, Chase Sanburn coffe the best in the world and monarch brand canned goods. Don't buy any goods until you consult J. S.

Shiveley for prices. But take my word for it, that you can save 10 per cent on all goods. I forgot to say that they keep 175 test oil the best and sell it at 20 cts. per gallon. Remember the place Parlor Grocery near the postoffice.

on Third street. Subsequent events, However, siiowea that the ticket had not been sold at all, although it was so marked on a can-vassars book, So. 500 being found among the unsold tickets. As there was no purchaser of a ticket, Father Leary has directed that another drawing take place under the directions of the members of St. Josephs' F.

A. B. Havana Buds for 5 cents, aL Van's Little Red Store, down stairs. All the leading varieties of coal, as low as the lowest, at Hallam Par 134-tf ker's. cent illness, at her home in Dwight City.

Lieut. Gov. Riddle, of Minneapolis, will be present in Topeka tonight, to take a prominent part in the capturing of pale faces. Miss Carrie Dyal and Miss Emma Wilson returned this morning from Manchester, where they have been visiting Mrs. M.

T. Goss. W. S. Smith went to Junction today noon to commence work on the officers' quarters at the Fort.

He has the contract to do the lathing. V. Hirsch, Max Emanuel and II. Sylvester, of New York, are in town today. They are well pleased with the appearance of our city.

G. G. Shadinger is back from the southern part of the state, and intends to start for Washington Territory as soona sa rrangements can be made. D. D.

Johnson, a resident of that little station on the U. about twenty-five miles east of this city, came down yesterday to learn how to make a city out of their town. Mr. M. E.

Vegiard, wife and little girl returned home last night from a trip to Marion county, where they have been spending the last week visiting relatives of Mrs. Vegiard. Wild Charley, cowboy buster, all-round tough, who has been working cn J. T. Blevin's" ranch for about eighteen months, left today noon for Penna.

We understand that Charley will be married about Christmas to a beautiful, and wealthy lady of Shippingsburg, will endeavor to settle down to a quiet life. Society. Havana Buds for 5 cents, at Van's Little Red Store, down stairs. H2-tf The drawing will be held in the parochial school building, South Buckeye avenue, Saturday evening, a sharp 7 o'clock, and all holders of tickets are invited to be present and witness the drawing. Marriage Licenses.

Marriage licences were issued yesterday by Probate Judeg Seeds, to the following parties: William Mever. asred Ft. Haves, All the leading varieties of coal, as low as the lowest, at Hallatn Parker's. 1.34-tf Another free drawing at the Benefit. Every oOct.

purchaser receives a ticket on either a beautiful platform rocker or gents' complete outfit. Come and take a chance. and Miss Anna Gunn. asred 24? of the first watJ waileth from the first victim at the instituting of Shawnee tribe. The wailing combined with the melodious sound that will issue from the throats of the warrioisof Shabbona tribe as they capture their first victim will paralizo the natives.

The police force of North Toea will get wild and frantic; hut hostilities will never cease as long as a victim remains in sight. The Abilene papers contain glowing announcements of the marriage of Mr. Jolley and Miss Theo. Keiser, two Qfthe blsfr young, people in that beau-v tif ul city. The ceremony took place in the Episcopal church, the pastor of the parish officiating after winch a reception and grand supper followed at the residence of Mr.

M. P. Jolley. We most heartily unite with the many friends of the fair bride and groom in sincere- congratulations, and wish for Barnes Xorthcraf have the agency for one of the most remarkable medicines of modern times. Its properties for quickly relieving painful and chronic lameness, is as tonishing.

The medicine referred to is Chamberlain's Pain Every one who has given it a trial is delighted with its erfect. They speak of it in thp highest terms. It is just what the people want for rheumatism, stiffness of the joints or muscles, sprains, enlarged glands and for a general household linament. It is prepared only by Chamberlain Des Moines, Iowa-' Chapman. Willets A.

Cress, aged 21, of Abilene and Miss Anna Zarn, aged 18 of Hope. Knights of Labor, 'Attention. The meeting of L. A. 3006 has been adjourned to Thursday, Dec.

1st, 1887. In order to give the use of their hall to the fire department. A. L. Kitssel, Secretary.

Now is the time to buy fine fanning and ranch lands, and $he Berry Prendergast Land iss the firm to consult. First class 4 in1 Ottowa county is now selling for 15 to $20 an acre. d-tf All the leading varieties of coaT, a3 low as the lowest, at Hallam Parker's. For Sale, Cheap. One two horse power stationary steam engine.

Will be sold very Apply at this office..

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