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Troy Times from Troy, Kansas • 3

Troy Times from Troy, Kansas • 3

Troy Timesi
Troy, Kansas
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1 Del Delong is working et the Hig'ov Mrs. Babeock moved to Denton last LOCAL MATTEI1S. See the test queotioris id i another column. Liver 0 isorders Ulte Cictiu, Mrs. George Burkhalter is visiting her sister, Mrs.

Forncrook, at Troy. Miss Hook and Mr. Wood, of Troy, OFFICIAL COCKTT orriCEF.s. fspent Saturday in this citv. County Commissioners.

tjcland. f. W. KdwKrdf, Inr-r Manrlile. I IlODceseiitaUve J.

1. Willinuison, STOP A MOMENT. AT FRANK TRAUCER'S CASH CRCCERCY. and convince yourself that it will pay you to pay the cash for your goods, such as clothes pins, bluing, washing crystal, starch, soap, canned goods, coffee, Hour sugar, cheese, corn meal, graham flour, buckwheat flour, chewing and smoking tobacco, fancy and plain letter paper, lamps, lanterns, dishes, glass ware, coal oil, etc. etc.

FRANK TR AUGER. Clara Zimmerman epent last Friday in St. Joseph. John Albers been appointed postmaster at Bendena. Scibird will soon open I1I3 new gallery room.

See his nd. Jlr. of Severance, was in town one evening last week. Mr.

Frank Bailey has moved into the property just vacated by Mrs. Babeock Mrs. W. F. Zimmerman and daugh House.

There are 275 lady clergymen in this country Miller returned from Fort Smith this week. Dr. Dinsmore is visiting his brother at Emporia. Painters and paper hangers are preparing for the spring work. M.

Foley, of Watiiena, was ia town last Sunday. Fred Close and Dr. Lee were down to St. Joseph labt Wednesday. Six thousand weavers are on a strike for higher wages at Fall River, Mass.

Troiinirer S. X. Johnson. ouoty Clerk W. 11.

lorntrook. r- berUt John Dcvoreii-x. 1 rotate Jndpro Frank licyt.terof Meeds Joseph linmpwrn. Own Di-trict Court KSi K. WeHtfiUl.

County Attorney A. S. lirewster County of Schools A. 11. Groves.

Comity Surveyor H. A. HUis. CH-oir Dr. K.

S. Dlsanor. C. Leland returned from his trip to Washington last Wednesday. George Wood was visiting friends in White Clnd last Saturday: "Mrs.

Wm. Wykert spent a number of days in St. Joseph last week. Miss Mollie Hook spent last Saturday at her home in White Cloud. Miss E.

Zimmerman spent a number of days last week with her parents in town. This oflice turned out some neat job work for Eli Evans, of Highland this week. Dental Notice. Dr. J.

C. Myers, Dentist. Will be at White Cloud Monday and Tuesday, March ISth and 10th. Rev. Pasley stopped in town on his There was a tea parly given by Miss Vinnie Flinn to a select few last Thursday.

There was to have been a Teacher's Association here last Saturday, but the County Superintendanl and all who were on the program, failing to put in an appearance, it was a complete fizzle. J. Lynds has sold his IiTcry stable to A. A. Reddan of Nebraska and move to Omaha.

Hon. R. M. AVilliani3 has gone to Topeka to present B. W.

Anderson's petition for pardon to Governor Hum CHURCH DIRECTORY. Soon cause the blood to become contaminated and require prompt treatment. The most marked symptoms are loss of appetite, headache, pains in the haul: or side, nausea, and relaxation of the bowels. Ayer's Fills assist nature to expel the superabundant bile and thus restore the purity of the blood. Being purely- vegetable and sugar-coated, they are pleasant to take, mild in operation, and without ill effects.

"After many years' experience with Ayer's as a remedy for the large number of ailments caused by derangements of the liver, peculiar to malarial localities, simple justice prompts me to express to you ray high appreciation of the merits of this medicine for the class of disorders I have named." S. L. Lonjjhridpre, Bryan, Texas. I had tried almost everything for chronic liver complaint, but received no relief until I used Ayer's Pills. I find them invaluable." V.

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Serv-iees Sabbath moriiiinr and veniuir, ut the usual ThiiNilnTM'Vnlnv. Slllihuth school Ut ii I. Lr. J. C.

Myers, fup't. to see his Will Hayton was down mother last Suudav. PKESBYTERIAN CIICKCrf Kcv. Hornc-e N. Pond.

Pastor. Preitcliimr every t-ub-t nth, morning Hti I evening. Sunday-School ui half pift nine. Prayer and prfiiK" nn-etinjf. Iclluwcrl bv Snndity-Hciiool Teachers' Meeting every Wednesday cveniiiK.

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$1. ULNN i'LULlSHKUS, 3U Bruadway, N.f. way home from Lawrence, where he had been to -attend conferance. ter were visiting in St. Joseph last week.

Seventeen business men were arrested in St. Joe for iloing businois last Sunday. J. II. Small moved this week to Mus-cotah, Atchison county, where he has related a farm.

Mis3 Gallagher's "school. No. 2, closed last Friday with appropriate exerciser. Aicid Bowr3 and family went to Palermo last Saturday to viait Mrs. Bowers' parents Miss Emma Kuchs, of Doniphan, was visiting her many friends in Troy huit week.

C. J. White started Tuesday for Emporia to attend the G. A. R.

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In the hali. over pMler'x ItBiik. Trov, Kfusaw. Vis-fins' brothers cordially incited to meet with u. U.

L. HOHKK, See, W. Sol-th. N. Chicago, Kansas Nebraska Ry.

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2i a copy. 11UN.V PL BLOtREKj. Join Gibbons made a flying viit to Troy last Monday night. Mrs. J.

D. Carlisle went to Horton one day last week to visit frisnds. Fred Close was attending to legal business in Robinson last Monday. Pete Knopp has been laid up with rheumatism for several days. E.

R. Westfall has been sick with a bad cold fur some time past. II. N. Winn, of Palermo, was a caller at the Times oiiice last Saturday.

Miss Julia Kennedy's school at Hooper's Ford closed last Friday. Mrs. F. II. Tracy spent a few days in St.

Joseph last week. i Arthur II. Millett has been'appointed governor cf Dakota by President Harrison, relievingGovernor Church. About sixty or seventy of the young people of Severance assembled at the Parsonage and gave Rev. Pasley a very agreeable pounding on Friday night, March 1st.

They left about $17.00 iu goods, for which the pastor returns his thanks. by i.pply- The "school niarnis" enjoyed the view of the "Big Muddy." and sur-rounding country from Prospect Hill Saturday, if nothing else. The quarantine has been removed, and trade is brisk again. The following we clip from cur Review: "Our school, under the management of Prof. C.

A. Read, has more than regained its former prestige. Thus far the school has been a complete success. With such a principle, beloved and respected by all, it could not be Kind, yet lirm in government, and conscientious in the discharge of every duty, he merits the high esteem and regard in which he is held by both pupils and patrons. "Ayer's Medicines have been satisfactory to me throughout my practice, especially Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which has been used b3r many of my patients, one of whom says he knows it saved his life." F.

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CWYRHIHTS for books, charts, maps, etc-. quicW.y procured. Addrcas BIL'NX Jt Patent Solicitors. CiNtuAi. office: 3a Baoiuwir, If.

T. GOINO WEST. oeTnwear branch. K. Mali and Express o.

7 Local PiissiMurer No. Nljrht Kxpresa XCHTKt'ES-r UI1AJ. Ko. 13 Mall nr.d Ejrprcsg rto. 15 Nlat Kxprcss cioixo BKAMC4H.

Ko. 18 Mall and Express 'o. 8 1'uKociiKt'r So. Jiail and Express SOUTHWLKT 4 Mail and Express SCIBIRD E. R.

Vcslfall is attending the G. A. R. Eacuwpmeiit e.t Emporia thi week. We learn that the play, "The char It's a poor week' when Troy don't have some kind of a sensation.

.710 a. m. 11.US a iii. ti.lM p.m Works like a charm. Housekeepers delighted with it where ever it is introduced, and will USE HO OTHER.

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-HAS RETURNED- 7.40 a.m Excursion Rates For parties of twenty-fivo or more on the Burlington Ronte. Until further notice there will be in effect an excursion rate of one fare and And Will Build A New OSITUARV Atkins Ethel, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.

Atkins, died at her home in Dentonville, Friday the 8th iust. The deceased was eight years, one month and twenty-seven days old. She was a sweet and gentle child, beloved by ail. The funeral took place on Sundaj-. The body was interred in the Ridge Prairie cemetary.

Leaves have their time to fall. And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath; And stars to set but all, Thou hast all seasons for thine own, Oh, Death! N. no 14 Man ana 0.4:1 p.m Vestlbulo triilns, Nim. 11 and 15. have rccliiilKK chair Kiuohcs.

uli Pulltcan Pa law elupplnw cr run hrufh th n-nys on tnilim. Chicairo. St. Jowph and Kanan City, to Denver und Pueblo without change. rate Ut Tourist- Ticket 011 sale to nil Folntn.

and Haifiranc checked tbrougrh. I'or urther Information, apply to J. TASKESI.Y. Atf't Trey, Kanft. JOIIM 8CKA9TTA5T.

A. Topeka. Kans. a third for the round trip between sta SITUATION GALLERY. all the year round, to reliable men fur- nishing satisfactory referancea.

S. MeOMBEli CO: tions on our lines, not more than one hundred miles apart, with the exception that this rate will not apply between two competitive points. This rate applies only when 25 or more tickets are sold for a party starting on the same train and date. Call on agents for further particulars. J.

Frances, R. J. Duff, Gcn'l P. T. Agent.

Nurserymen, Rochester, N. Y. -WHERE- The St. Joseph Grand Island XI A I Lit OA n. Dlrct Liuo for Points East, West, North and Koutii.

He Will Continue TROY STATION. Omaha, Neb. Troy Kans. TRAINS WEST BOCKD. IU.lVll.ui So.

1 Rxpress Ko. ilnil and Express Xbroasli Tickets. TUAINS EAST HOUND. There have been some changes made in the school books. Harper's Readers and Geographies have taken the place of Butler's Readers and Mitchell's Geog-phies.

Since the warm, bright daj-s are here, bse-ball seems to be the order of the day among the school boys. There will be a dance in Nnznm's Opera hall next Friday evening. Music by Philip's orchestra. Harry Bell was in town last week. Mr.

and Mrs. E- Waynant are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Utt. The Seniors look much more dignified than formerly.

Have their class colors and motto, "Elatioet Profeetus," wrought so great a change? It is thought and hoped by his many friends that W. B. Sloane will be our next P. M. Mrs- C.

P. Cary and Mrs. McLean are visiting their parents. Dr. Ptigsloy and wife.

Miss Mayme Ryan entertained quite a number of friends last Monday eve. Mrs. Lent, who has been sick a long time, is convalescent. There was quite an excitement in town Saturday, when it was reported that Art Barber would share the same fate as his brother. S.

C. Doney, while being resisted by him, struck him on the head with a shovel handle, cutting TO MAKE Pictures better than ever. He has kept all his old negatives, and all or p. No. Express no.

4 Iuil and Espresa i'o. 17 Accomodation ders for duplicates will be promptly tilled. Give me a call when I get into my new butlding. The Chicago, Kansas Nebraska Railway company have placed oa sale at Troy, a complete stock of coupon tickets for all principal points throughout the east and west. Baggage checked through to destination.

Close connections made ith all principal lines, east and west. For further information, time table and tickets, call or address Jsa Sebastiax. W. E. Reese, O.

T. P. Ag't C. K. N.

R. Topeka, Trov. Kans. Trains mn daily. Nok.

it and 4 have reelli-incrl hair i.hih. Nor. 1 anil 3 have lino day oohcIh-s and 1'nllnian r-U eiers. Tit-kets on swlo to all (joints, baggage shecked thromrh to decttnalUui. Vor further information, cull oi nddre8 E.E.

FKiDAY. Ajcent. Troy, Kan. IE. Mt'Nirt J.

Houinson. Ooneral Manayer, Oen'l K. T. St. Jojpb, Mo.

St. Joseph, Mo. H. W. SCIBIRD I "or Sale.

The ISO acre farm joining Troy on BmUn Ho. Riv. R. R. i the east may be bought evtremely low on long time at six per cent interest.

TIME TABLE TROY JUNC. Good Samaritan or Oriental Balm. TRAINS AVEST BOUND. Will sell part or will rent it. Address: S.

R. Shefhekd, Leavenworth, Kansas. lLulptu Tl Mall und Express Ko. Mall und Kxi.rtss Liana Items. Sunday evening the Young Men's Christian Association, of Highland held a meeting in the church and had a large crowd.

The exercises were fine, but were closed by the alarm of fire. The fire broke out in the back room of the drug store, and was first discovered by persons living above the store. The stores of L. Riekenbaeh, D. Moyer and Dr.

Pierce and Son were destroyed. Dr. Pierce's store was under such headway when discovered that but little was saved. Mr. Riekenbaeh saved about oue half of his stock.

Mr. Mo3'er saved the larger part of his stock. It was due the crowd that was here that there was any store buildings left, for Mr. Finlcy's and L. Nigus' buildings caught several times, and many of the dwellings would have burned.

Mr.Rieken-bach was insured for 3,150. Loss $5,000. Dr. Pierce was insured for $2,000. Loss Mr.

Moyer was insured for $1,000. Loss $2,000. The Highland boys deserve special mention for the way they worked to save property at the fire. They have our thanks. Mr.

Reynold lectured in the church to a large crowd on Monday evening-The lecture was good and was appreciated by the people. George Pierce was over from Horton viewing the ruins. Mr. Bursk and F. J.

Close, of Troy, were in town last Monday. Miss Cora Angstad returned lioaie last Monday. Rev. Bright spoke in church Tuesday evening. Mr.

Utt, of White Cloud, and Mr. Mills, of Brown county, were visiting Mr. Finley on Sunday last. Frank Anderson, of Morrill, was down Monday evening. 50 do.

ladies cotton hose at 10c a pair, abargain. Hagekecch Castle I'OIl SALE. SUBSGRIBE TllAINS EAST llOCXD. Ko. 40 Mall and Express 5.27am No.

7a Mail and Eapretis e.impm Nos. 15 and IB run dull between Kansas City and Denver; alsowmiiM ut KniiKSsCity with fhro. trains to and from Uiiiney and Chionso. All trains connect with 1). K.

(1. fln.l V. P. trains to Colorado, Utah, New Mc.vico and alitoriiia. Throuirh Pullman 8Ucprrs between Denver JERSEY BULL, two years old next sprm Address Lock Box Troy Kans.

nd Kbusus City: niw tlipouftli coaches be Warranted to Cure. Croup and Burns in ten minutes. Icaf ness and Kore Eye in one to two wecVs. HlieuuiHtic pains in thirty rainutes. Stiff Joints, Pains in the rmek.

Pains in the Side anl Breast. Dyspepsia. Asthma in five te twenty days. Piles in one to two weeks. Sore Throat in one nisrht.

Sprains, wounds and bruises, la on to throe tin vs. Ne'iimljria. Toothnche and Headache. Earache and Stiff Neck in one day Felons, Broken Ureasts and t'alt Kheum. Erysipelas in five to twenty days.

Frosted feet and Chilblains. This oil is mild and pleasant, and Is a jrrt-at family medicine for children that are tccth-intr. I'rlce 25 eent. Imf.kctioss liuthe the aftiicted parts with the oil twice a dav, and rub it In with the hand for five minutes. At the etune time take ton te thirty drops on snwar.

J. LITl Kansas. Xo ehungo tween Kaunas City and IK-nvor. at s. the temporal artery.

He was taken to Dr. Pugley's office where, after much difficulty, the wound was dressed. He was taken home, but recovered sufficiently to be on the streets the following Monday. He was fined 5.00 and costs. Query: Why don't the officers close the "billiard rooms" ia White Cloud, since Kansas.

is a prohibition A. S. Brewster, "the hope of Washburn," was home a few days last week. Old Maid. F.J.

CLOSE, Attorney At and Collector. K1XS. TROV, F-tm TH3 A IX business entrusted to me will be faithfully and promptly attended to. OlSce, over Olsen's shoe shop. 'or further Information, call on or address V.

ECt 113, K. Dt I U. P. is T. As't li.

SI. K. H. fpnaha. XI.

Troy, Kan. O. W. HOEDKACE. bcn Omaha, Nob.

HIGBY HOUSE North Side Public Square. TROY KANS. clnss in every respect. Con-ventont to the Depots. Charges reasonable.

CHARLES HIGBY. Proprietor. it We have evidence every day that Wm. Radams" Microbe Killer kills the mierobes, and cures all diseases. Sold by II.

II. Montgomery, Troy, Ks. Rev. G. W.

Campbell, cf Robinson, is at Dr. Myers' and has been quite sick. John Wilson, of Robinson, was shaking hands with friends here last Tuesday evening. The St. Joseph Herald coal burner," i.4 to be given by home talent in the near future.

Oscar Small, ft cousin of J. II. Small, has been visiting relatives here for the past week. There was a $13,000 fire at Leon a on Sunday night. See aecount in Leona items.

The St. Joe News is now delivered here by carrier at o'clock in the evening. Several of the old soldiers are Emporia this week attending the G. A. It.

encampment. Mrs. Waugh, formerly Mrs. Morgan Leo, was visiting at David Leo's last week. Frank Traugcr, the popular cash grocer, made a short business trip to St.

Joseph last Friday. Schuyler Wynkoop was up from Brenner last week smiling cn his many acquaintances. J. S. Byers, of Dentonville, was a very pleasant caller at the Times ofilce Tuesday morning. Agnes Mnynes' school at Fanning closed last Friday aftvr a very successful term. John N. Reynolds has announced himself as a candidate for the office of mayor of Atchison. Mr.Smitli Ilowland is able to bo out of coors again after his severe attack of pDcumonia. Miss Eva Fleming passed through town last week on her way to visit her f.iatcr at St.

Paul, Nebraska. Mrs, M. R. Townsend, accompanied by her sister, Miss Clara Feuiih. wont down to St.

Joseph last Friday. No preaching services were hold at the M. E. Church last Sabbath owing to the absence of the pastor at conference. Guy Kinscy, agent for the R.

I. at Pierce junction, a former resident of Troy, was visiting friends in town last Sunday. Dempsey has been kept very busy the past week sharpening plows for the farmers who are preparing for their spring work. Clark Henderson, who has been working for Uncle Charlie Higby for the past year or two, returned to his home in Lancaster, Atchison county last Tuesday. Married, on Tuesday evening.

Mar. 5th, 1833, by Rev. II. Winn, at the residence of the bride, Mr. R.

S. Grable and Miss Kate I.I. Anderson, all of Doniphan county Kansas. ll.W.Scibird returned last week from Atehissn and has made arrangements to bnild a photograph gallery and will continue to make pictures for a 6hort time. There are three ladies working in our county offices now: Mrs.

C. A.Zimmerman, in the Register of Deeds office. Miss Anna Zimmerman in the Probate Judge's office, and Miss Minnie Schletzbaum, in the County Clerk's of-licc. A. Bottingcr called this week to tell u.rthat hereafter he will get his mail at Leona, Doniphan count-, where he moves to the farm of Dr.

Leigh. We are sorry to lose- Mr. Bottinger from this part of the country as he is a good citizen and farmer. Sabetha Herald. Teachers who visited White Cloud last Saturday were struck with the neatness of the school building.

The floors looked as if they were polished and the stairways and entries all showed the work of a good janitor. Ed. Times: I wish to make a statement through your paper to the ladies of Troy. I have been told that sonic, of the ladies feel slighted because I did not call on them for their names on my paper for organizing a Relief Corps. As a stranger in your city, I did the best I could; and I can assure you that I did not intentionally slight anyone.

If I have no sin to answer for, other than slighting anybody, intentionally, or holding malice toward snjoae, I shall be admitted through the pearly gates into the heavenly Jerusalem, with the 'Well done, good and faithful servant, enter in." A question has been af ked, who is eligible to membership in the Relief Corps. I answer that all loyal women, of good moral character, who have not given aid or comfort to the enemies of the Union, are eligible. The Relief Corps, Troy, Will meet on the fourth Saturday 'c-f this TIMES B. F. Angstad, formerly from Severance, desires to inform the public that he has accepted a position with the well known Dry Goods House of Geo.

L. Roberts, where he will be pleased to see and serve you in any way that he can. Requests for samples will receive my prompt consideration, and any orders entrusted to me ill be carefully looked after and sent in every instance. Address all mail in care of Geo. L.

Roberts, which will insure prompt delivery. Resp't B. F. Angstad. The town was full of jteople who came in to trade last Saturday.

It is rumored that there will be a motion to disbar one of our attorneys at the next term of court. Mr. L. L. Eastwood, of Elwood, and Mr.

Shields, of Wathena, were attending to business in Troy Monday. Alcid Bowers closed a very successful term of school in district number 9, known as the Climax school, last Friday. Mrs. C. A.

"Zimmerman has purchased the old Vorhees property on Main street and has down the old building. Dr. R. L. Hoffmeier and wife were over from St.

Joseph visiting a day or two the latter part of last week. Arthur W. Brewster stopped in town a day last week on his way home from Washburn to visit the folks. Mr. Lewis Zimmerman has been cracking a good deal of corn with his horse mill the past few weeks.

A very pleasant dance was held at William Daanevick's last Friday night ia honor of friends visiting them from Missouri. Miss Retta Barnhart's school at Fair-view was out last Friday. She commences this week on the spring term of Climax No. 9. Found Between Troy junc.

and the Rock Island crossing, a key ring with two keys on it. Owner can have property" by calling on C. A. Parker. Jas.

Price Las purchased the old Rock Island building at the foot of Main street and has moved it to the west part of town where he will occupy it as a There will be a Sunday School concert in Mr. Leland's hall, by the Christian Sabbath School, next Sabbath evening, commencing at half past seven. Free to all. Everybody invited. Seven agents, each with a different story to tell, and each selling a different thing, though each declared he was' sole ageut for the best article on earth, were making life a burden for our people ona day recently.

The whitest, worst looking hair, resumes its youthful beauty and softness by using Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renew er. Try it. Special Notice. All persons knowing themselves indebted to the undersigned, either by note or book oecount, will please call and settle. I am compelled to make this request on account of having met with a serious misfortune by fire.

L. RlCKENBACH. The safe in the Rock Island depot was blown open last Friday night by burglars and a small amount of money taken. The work was probably done by experienced cracksmen, as they at- tacked the weakest point and succeeded in blowing off the door, but were un- nble to gain access to the vault. The The same evening an attempt was made to drill a hole in the safe at the Grand Island depot, but they were unable to accomplish it.

A few small ar- tides of wearing apparel were taken from the latter plac. A reward has been offered but all probabilty the parties who did the job are too far away ere this to ever be brought to justice. The following are the appointments made by the Kansas conference for the Atchison District: S. E. Pendleton, P.

E. Atchison, J. W. Haldeman. Raker.

R. S. Finley. Cedar, A. S- Payne.

Circleville, N. F. Marsh. Corning, L. A.

Flibbird. Hiawatha, J. It. Miller. Horton.

A. J. Coe. Holton, II. D.

Rice. Lancaster, J. Massey. Morrill, C. S.

Freark. Muscotah, L. Ilodgers. Nortouville, T. Scott.

Onicda; L. Mc-Dougle. Kobinon. W. G.

Campbell. Sabetha. J. II. Green.

Severance. II. A. Pasley. Seneca, R.

E. McBride. Troy, Valley Falls, J. O. Foresiu.m.

Valley Falls, Ct. J. Warner. Wathena, S. Jacobs.

Wetmore. L. C. Biggs. White Cloud, J.

Trezise. Whiting, T- Campbell. By the above it will be seen that Troy has been left to be supplied- Rev. Ath-crton gees to Auburn for the coming rear. -IS PUBLISHED- EVERY DAY IS THE YEAR! it BANK of TROY, Iir.NltV Banker.

iSwcetsor to Bodcr 1ST.0.) OOt'TH-WEST corner i' ublic Square, Troy, Kausax. lx)ans money, buys notes, sells fxchanjre on principal cities, and receive deposit. I1ENUY UODEIi, Jit. IT IS- A WiGOTalic, Progressive Newspaper. North Side Itenia.

The funeral sermon of Rev. Henderson, who died last week was preached at 60 last Sunday. Deceased was a brother-in-law of Clark Wykert. We learn that several meml ers of Fred Moser's family are quite sick. Wm.

Hills baby has been sick for several days. Mose Townsend has been over to Missouri on business recently. Frank Hargis has moved from dis. trict 60 to 72. Mr.

Goss has finished his well, it is -PRINTING- AMD OIT TOCB That tired, debilitated feeling, so peculiar to Spring, indicates dejraved blood. Now is the time to prove the beneficial effects of Ayer's Sarparilla. It cleanses the system, restores physical energy, and infuses new life and vigor into every fibre of the body. All I News Day! -WHILE- Highland University, KANSAS, OFFERS to students the choice of six Courses of Stud r. Teachers' or Husiness Course, years: Academic.

3 years: Classical, I.itern-j or 4 years, tnien both seres. Hoard and tuition reduced. Tuition frr the Fprlnir term, Board. t2.fC to t-'XQ per week, booms. 50 cts.

to 00 per ciontii. Host moral and Christian influence. Nino experienced teachers. Students can enter at any time. Spring term rliis Narch KUth.

Address KKT. DCNCAN UKOWN, Pres't. Rcpublican In Politics over 200 feet deep and has about 73 ft. of water in it. TOB PRINTING ITS NEWS COLUMNS ARE Charley Towsend went to St.

Joe IJentcnville IVevrai. It is with sadness that we record the death of Ethel Atkins. She died at this place on last Friday. The funeral took place on Sunday and was well attended. The deceased was eight years of age.

"Little travelers Zionward, Each one entering into rest, In the kingdom of your Lord, In the mansions of the blest: There to welcome Jesus waits. Gives the crowns his followers win. Lift your heads, ye golden gates! Let the little travelers Miss Maggie Kirby is home on a months vacation. We noticed our friend Mr. Miller, of Everest, at the Ridge church last Sunday.

Mr. Metz, of Huron, was in the city the first of the week. Mr. Myers has moved on Mr.Rippey's farm where Mr. Mertz lived last year.

Mr. MeConnell's little child is quite sick. Mr. J. Harpster has traded his farm east of town for one near Willis.

Mr. Charles Morgan, of Eureka, came home for a few days visit last Sunday. Mr. Kirby spoke at the Ridge Sunday afternoon and evening. Friendship.

last Wednesday. Quis. Impartial and Non-Partizan, Oakland Items. We need not say we are having mud- dv roads as wc all know it. The ALBERT PEIUIY, Attorney at Law, TUOY, KASSAS.

Offer, South Side Public Square. SAVE THE CENTS AJCD THE DOLLARS Will Save Themselves The best way to follow this excellent advice is to conimenxe trading with GEO. H. BURKHALTER. Weekly Edition OF PONE AT TBS Prof.

J. H. Seamans did not carry out his program Saturday evening ow ing to the small crowd that was presrnt. The roads were so bad that the people could not get there. He will have it The Herald lY TIMES OFFICE.

i KAS. TROY MRS. B. A. DURFEE, Dressm aker.

I'KO'V KANS. i'fOpposito Mrs. F. M. Tracv.

Stock Sales. WTLE have rejlar stock comfnisslonealcs -jl at sSovoraaee, as follows: M.trch. 9th April. ISth lSsj. Commlssioin reasonable, and jtollolt-d.

Will attend Siiles 1 untry -vhen dsiri. AnviHuivwiiirv us auctioneer, wiil 0eae 4. W. rKV, Uox t4, Rajis. again Friday evening the 15.

M. Len Geer, of Highland, spent a ft days in our vicinity last week. Mumps doing nicely. Rev. Hank, of Leavenworth, preached at the Baptist Church last Sunday.

His sermon was enjoyed by all present. There wjll be preaching at that place the third Sabbath in this month. Mrs. Lightfoot. of Atchison, is visiting friends in this vicinity.

Mr. John Walton is improving slowly- Rumor has it that we will have a wedding in this vicinity before long. We notice our Brenner friends are IX- i IS Issued Thursday Morning. Those who do not get the Sunday dition will find the weekly the best compendium of current miscellany and the cheapest published anywhere. Er-ery number contains sixty-four columns of the choicest matter, handsomely illustrated, precisely ai it docs ia the Sunday edition.

Among the ppceial features are the sketches by the bald-headed humorist, BiLLNrE, theEtekla fashion letters, stories, poems, and the news of the day. PRICE OF THE WEEKLY, ONE DOLLAR A YEAR Single copy 5 cents. The Daily Herald will be sent to any address, postage prepaid, every day in the year for J7.00, Addrets, THE HERALD. and General vl erehandiso. Come in and see us at Stand.) Real Estat Bexdexa, Kas.

Jan. 2S, '89. I want to say a word for Microbe Killer. It has been a visiting angel to my household. My wife had suffered for years with weak lungs, which developed into consumption.

She became so emaciated that she scarcely had any flesh at all. We expected her death daily. As a last resort we tried Microbe Killer, and the result has been a pjiracle. She is now attending to her household duties as if the had never been sick, and every one who knows her wonders at her recovery. Microbe Killer surely saved her to me.

Sn enthusiastic was I ia regard to your wonderful microbe killer, that I tried it myself, for piles, and it became a ministering angel in ray behalf. I ara cured of piles, and nothing did it tat Microbe Killer. J. W. Howard.

able to attend our sings once more. Farmers are preparing for spring work, as it is such fine weather. Not a very large crowd at church hist Sunday on account of bad roads. Pro. I liavtn nnmiior of asooj farsn-s to iu Doniphan, Brown and Nemajia count i--s.

ine bn-fcru farms, witli elegant wetl located, with plenty of st'k water, and chxse to riiilroads and auod uiarkcts. which 1 will reasonable prices, and on terms. vvtKly wishing to buy some jjood ami vulu-' 'r. will do well to jfiec a eisll bo-now and the iirst of January. I limf Himo twn jroTty to il in the -f SeverarKJe.esrH'CiaUv 1 wo orthrce vrv rable can be Pousrlit cheap i so in the next sixty days.

Anybody wis'n- ret someitvoti bf.rgiiinsiu faruiiortown Atherton presented his hearers with a good sermon. It is the wish of all in Gray hsdrs prevented, dandruff removed, the scalp cleansed, and the hair mado to grow thick by the ssc of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian this vicinity that he may be permitted to be with the coming year. O.K. 1 fity, wiu do wen to call on two p. in Mr.

Leland's hail. Mrs: 2f. E. Ssetuejt. tL riiY.

Sovcraacr. Kaas-.

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