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Leoti Lance from Leoti, Kansas • 3

Leoti Lance from Leoti, Kansas • 3

Leoti Lancei
Leoti, Kansas
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Mr. Dennis of Warren county Iowa, an LEOTI LAKOE: allied to criminal insanity. The mast danircrous class of ruffians in our cities acquaintance of Le of this city called at our office this morning and reports hiB "WAltD PATTON, Publishers. surprise at the growth of Leoti in so short a LEOTI CITY, Wichit KAXSAS. period and of the beautiful country surround Link! Luier ing it.

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Oat copy, on This vicinity was visited by a heavy are bccridrinkers. Scientific American. The Physical Part of Senators. Carp in Cleavland Leader. These Seatow are as a rule big men.

Their average height is over five feet nine, and their average weight about 175 pounds. The fattest and heaviest Senator is Philetus Sawyer, who, though he is short, will pull the beam at 250. Saa-ford of California, Eustis of Louisana. AT THE llillftlSTPE $1,50 75 rix raix and wind storm last Tuesday nxght. The wind bew down several frames of build THURSDAY, JUNE, 3, 188G.

ings' in this town and did considerate damage to out buildings. The rain was the LOCAL ITEHl. heaviest one of the season and was needed. It looks as though the droughts of western DEALER I3ST Kansas are really of the past. The publishers of the Lance in company and Beck of Kentuckey, will aggregate at least GOO pounds, while Palmer of Michigan, Jones of Arkasas and 'George of Mississippi, have each about 180 pounds of solid flesh in their anatomies.

John Sherman has not an ounce of fat but his boner brain, and muscle weigh about 160 pounds. Chance, of Rhode Island, the Quaker, weighs 150, and with Frank Clark and the white ponies visited our rival city east of us, yesterday, and did up the town ia about 3 minutes and I ilATHR "WTRlsrs TIKE PEOFLE' THAT JENNE3S WILL SELL tresses, Springs, Cots, Table Oilcloth, Safest Looking- Glasses, AT KANSAS CITY PRICES lllS.MOTtO To Live and Let Others Live SASH I LUMBER I found it wearing a sad sad appearance as WVif Woman is on a big high. Then you want to emoVc go to Blackburn and call for'Cohn'a Girl. Shank treated our force to cigars the ether night. lie keeps fine cigars at his oro which he sells common people.

George Bluhaugh goes to Harper county To-morrow on a isit to relative and friends. Tho Fourth of July celebration will lie held at Leoti, and don't you forget it. Nine new buildings on south main street lust completed. -i Wichita Conqty Bank haa epeved at in full blast. docs the wailer the Star the town aad because all improvaents hare osae to a halt and the Star wailer sad because he knows he SHINGLES, DOORS, BLINDS, will have to move his 4x6 press to Leoti or go where the woodbine twineth.

Notice to old SoUiers. John Spooner about 165 pounds. John A. Logan has grown fat lately, and he now weighs 180, while Ingalls, who sits back of him, though he ie six feet tall, will not weigh more than 140. It would take twenty Mali ones to make a ton, and the weight of these twenty would not amount as much as that of eight men like Senator Sawyer.

Mahone is the leanest man in the Senate, though Eli Saulisbery of Delaware, Henry B. Leoti, Wichita Cpunty, Kas. There will be a meeting of eld Soldiers on r.1ouldings7 Cement, Lime, Hair Also Agent foi inc Celebrated Saturday at eirly candle light. I trust all Frank Clark the Leoti boomer is sup- the old boys arho once wore the blue will E. porting a new silk necktie, present from turn out and see what can be done in regard to forming a Foit at thi place.

Cosae oae, CANON CITY COAL! Payne of Ohio, and Ingalls ot Kansas, iPBOERIBTOB OIE1 his best girl. We are terry to record "that Rev, Wood tun is on the sick list. crowd him very close. come all. Let us rally around the old flag once more, and all be boys aain.

By order ef Will Nutting. Payne, Walthall, Sherman, Sauhsbury Ingalls, Eustis, Brown and Bliar are each a a i i wr KANSAS. LEOTI CITY, 8. W. McCall had the misfortune to lose six teet uign, wnue est is not nve ieet DRUG STAR a very valuable horse last Monday.

and SDOoner about five feet four. I forgot to mention Evarts among the thin men. Of all the noted dinner eaters in Chmd Lupton wears his left foot in a slice now. He dropped a heavy rock a it Washington he gets the least fat out of last Toesday. his meals.

He looks very small indeed as he sits, but when he rises you find Leoti cau noast of seventv-fire first class CLARK CLARK, carpenters and not one idle. While Coronado can only count about five and all idee. that he is of a good height, and as he draws those long 400-word sentences out of his anatomy during his speech you imagine he must be a giant. Ben Harrison, of Indiana, is short and inclined Past Duputy Inspector, A. R.

Leoti, June 2nd. 1886. Ed. La sci. I have just returned frem Garden City.

While there I learned tkat the Leoti Town Company had made an assessment on its members to raise $2000 te be used in sinking an ajtesiaa well in this city. Mr. Garland deserves credit for working up this mater as well as for other timely, aid. He has managed the busincs at Ioti in a most excellent manner. Peer Coreaada has the blues.

Their men were at Garden City begging our Town Company for a compromise. They have lowered the flag and say if we will only ta'ie them in they will be good boys and never, never, never do so any more. W. R. Pure Drugs, Lledicmes, Paints, DEAI.KUS IX ALL KISDS Oi-- Kerioot Bas lurt opened out a fiao stock of groceries on west side Main st Toilet Articles, Glass, Putty, etc.

and will add a stock of dry goods in a few to obesity. Gen. Hawley is taller, with a slight tendency the same way. George SHE! day. Hearst, the new millionaire from Cali Mr Vsdkewith of Cass county Iowa has erected a Blacksmith shop on East side Main PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED.

gsSPURE LIQUORS FOR MEDICAL USE. fornia, is a six-footer, and Maxey, of Texas, has to take off his hat when he goes through ordinary sized door. Rid-dleberger is above the height of ordinary streoi iail is doing a lively business. 111 While out in the country this morning we pluckod oats 12 in in height that grew on WARE. meeting od.

also potatoes and corn look somewhat See call fur Democratic mass in this paper. mi AMEI refreshed since the rain. 4. Apple of Independence Kansas came in on the stage yesterday and reports wheat Blackburn AJlhia sold during the months of April and May nineteen thousand and fifty pounds of Standard flour, isiefc. was thedoBiatd for it.

REAL ESTATE harvest in full blast In his county. He will lcato here. STOVES, TINWARE Some dist urbance was created at a dance at Dynes' hall last Friday night by an individual who filled himself with tarantula The Stute convention will be held at Leavenworth on August 4th. This county is entitled to one delegate And one ia the convention. men.

Eh Saulsbery looks to be six feet six, on account of hi3 thinness, and Wilson, the new Senator from Maryland, although he is about six inches shorter than Saulsbery, looks to be a foot less by the contrast. If I were a cannibal I would rather eat a slice of George Hoar, of Massachusetts, than any other Senator. Hoar is the personification of cleanliness, and his complexion shows that ha keeps his blood in good conition. He is fair-skinned, smooth-faced, and he looks like Horace Greeley. Allison is another man would serve np well, and of Nebraska, and Gorman, of-Maryland, would make dishes fit for the King of the Fijis.

I don't thiDk there would be much demand for either Sherman, Ingalls or Evarts in the cannibal market, and Conger, Eutis, Kenna and Chaee, with their brunette complexions, would only be in demand on the principle that the dark is sometimes the sweetest. INSURANCE! LEOTI CITY, ZECA.ISrS-A.S. juice before he went there. The work en the Methodist Church will soon, be e-nimanced. It will be-quke an Advertised Letters.

Letters remaining in this office for the week ending Jae 4th. 1886. Settlers Located potest attended to. Conveyancing done. Farm Implements ornament to our town.

It i a yharae that people allow horses cattle and mules to Toam at large in this Thomas Wilson, Porter. Will Stewart, town and cat np the garden stuff growing in KANSAS'. LEOTI CITY. S. GATES the few gardens made here.

Howard Leonard, Alex Barr 4, J. T. Wilson. Patrick Overman, llosa Megrowen, James A Jordon. Bear 2, Will Freeman 2.

R.A.lIaley, George Beall; 2, liinnie Bates, G. D. Bryson, -DEALER IN- Dprsey, Thas Dubin, Jchn Halt, If you want the best flour in the mar Clint Kuaais, R. F. Bowers.

ket buy the btandard lor 81.70 per sack for sale at Blackburn Allphin's. E. F. Vogt. BLACKBURN AIM ftaJrla calling for these say advertised Geo.

Blackburn, P. M. You ought ter call at the Palace Drug Store and see that stuffed otter skin and while there buy what fresh pure "She Wants to Get Married." drugs you want. fFrom the Pittsburg Dispatch. BOOTSSHOES, HATS, CAPS, GROCERIES PROVISIONS.

P. G. SHANKLIN, Manager. If you want drugs at bed-rock prices, It is of lec said in depreciation of a girl Groceries Provisions that she is anxious to get married. Why see a good looking and accomodating young man, and have a pleasant chat, should she not be The same desire call on A.

E. Webb at his fancy Drug and the open expression thereof are com Store on Main street. The buildings started in Cornado, by the riembers the town company, last spring are still unfinished. They have ao far them. totter barry -np' your building while you have choice nt lots.

The town eite wil be proved np next Thursday. If yeu want a nice baggy ride, wink at Frank or Dick Gark aad they wifl get yro there in gjoS shape. Mrs. Moore has gone out of the hotel business, and will reside for a time wkh her daughter, Miss Ida, on her claim adjeioiBg the town site of Leoti. Mr.

J. T. Mudd of foronado informs us that he intends putting up a wagon factory in Leoti immediately. say good for Leoti, and welcome all such Enterprising men as Mr Mudd seems to be. The rain fell in such torrents 10 miles wert of here last Tuesday night, that it filled some claim houses to the depth of two feet of water, -and caused the occupants to evacuate them, but such is life in the far west.

Mr Anderson of tire firm of Roberts Anderson, went iut Monday to hold down 3iis claim fr week, but thought of his best girl Tuesday sterling and came in. How is Jim? The Leoti Town Company held a busi mended in a man. What else is the av erage woman taught to hope for, to con We grind your Coffee. Wc deliver your groceries and we sell fidently expect, and in many eases to struggle for as the chief end of life Open pursuit of a man is by all means to Dr. H.

F. CHESUUT CO. more goads for the dollar than acy other be deplored, as in an eager waiting that house in Wichita county. B. A.

unfits a woman for everything besides. DEALERS IS But the same training that prepares her to be a good wife will serve equally well should she remain a spinster. Whether they are sufficiently honest to acknow a a FRESH PROVISIONS AND STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERY JJSHD BEST A TT3DS O1 FAMILY FLOUR Always on hand. Give us a trial; wn ledge it or not, ninetyinine girls out of liMlC rugs every hundred look forward to marriage as a matter of course. It would be bet tcr for them and for their future husbands were this taken into account in the ROBERTS ANDERSON, Dealers in Flour, Feed AND COAL training of girls, and without teaching CHEMICALS, PAINTS, that a single life must be empty and un ness meeting at Garden City last Tuesday.

satisfactory, yet intuct that as matrimony, will probably be their destiny, they should fit themselves for it not only by Messrs. Jenncss, tiarland and Moore of this place atteided the meeting. OILS, AID VARNISH. H. E.

BROWX. 1 Land Xtt't. training in domestic duties, but by the study of gentleness, forbearance and un II. ILNEVILL, Locator. Frank Clark and George rat ton by the little took in the beautiful selfishness.

scenes of the valley of the White Woman yesterday and found that the big rain on June 1st had given her a drink that caused her to flood the tallcy. NEVILL BROWN, Full Warning to Beer.Drinkers. NOTIONS, PERFUMERY, LAMPS, STATIONERY, BRUSHES AND EAST SIDE MAIN STREET, iast luesaajras tne nallaee back was WARUANTED coming south, the passengers noticed a black mare and bay horse going north. The mare had a rope attached to her. As they were LAP ATTORNEYS, ia a region where there were no settlers jt if Prescriptions Careful! Prepared.

WEST SIDE 'MAIN St CORONADO, KANS probable they are straying. Any one having LOCATORS lost such animals can learn further particulars by inquiring of Chas. Vinson of Leoti, who is our informant. A match game of base ball was played here last Saturday between the Scott City Ward 1 Patton, club and the Leoti Rustlers, resulting in a score of 9 to 6 in favor of Scott City. It was a very pretty game and a large crowd of spectators watched the playing with much interest.

We understand a second game will S3- I Pi 1 For some years a decided inclination has been apparent over the country to give up the use of whisky and other strong alcohols, using as a substitute beer aud other compounds. This is evidently founded on the idea that bser is not harmful, and contains a large amount of nutriment, also, that bitters may have some medical quality which will neutralize the alcohol which it conceals, etc. These theories are without confirmation in the observation of physicians. The use of beer is found to produce a species of de generation of all orgaas profound and deceptive fatty deposits; diminished cir culation, condition of digestion and pert version of functional activities local inflai mations of both the liver and the kidneys, are cont'nually present. Intellectually, a stupor amounting to almost a paralysis arrests the reason, changing all the high' faculties into a mere animalism, sensual, selfish, sluggish, varied only with ystns of anger that are senseless and brutal.

In appearance the beendrinker may be the picture of health, but in real' ity he is most incapable of resisting disease. A slight injury, a severe cold or a shock of the body or mind will commonly provok acute disease, ending fatally. Compared with inebriates who use dif. ferent kinds of-alcohol, he is more incun able and more generally diseased. The constant nse of beer every day gives" the system no recuperation, but steadily lowi era the vital force.

It is our observation be played between the same clubs at Scott ILANB LOO ATORS, LEOTI GITY, Box as a P. O. KANSAS, City on Saturday June 12th. We wish our Eh U) boys better luck next time. AND One John T.

Reavis came here last week and opened but a liquor store on Main et. On Tuesday complaint was lodged against him LAD AGENTS. before justice Triplett charging him with selling liquor unlawfully He plead guilty to the ciiArce and was fined $100 and sen tenced to serve 30 days in jail that being Having a complete Abstract of Wichita county, we are j. repared, miI intr ri give entire satif action. Stttlcrs Loot fed on Government Land it PVrAiVa and turrovnding ccxBtitt COIsTTSSTS -A.

SPECT A And business before U.S. Land Office and Interior Department aitcall We lso ke Blanks for Deeds, Mortgage Ac. oa hrnni. LANDS HANDLED ON COMMISSION. Correspondence solicited, and the me alwajs prea prompt atteotieu LEOTI CITY chita Co.

KAHSQS. the' minimum punishment in such cases and deputy sheriff Wade took him to Garden o- CitytojaiL His place of business was declared a coomon nuisance and the officer destroyed the contents, consisting of two barrels of bottled beer, one keg of bad smelling whiskey, a let etf poker ohlrs, playing cards, drinkiag We locate settlers on Government select homesteads for discharged soldiers, buy and sell relin quishments, draw deeds, leases.and mortgages and do a general Real EsUte business. that beer 'drinking in this coutry produces I the kind of inebristv, cbiely.

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