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Emporia Republican from Emporia, Kansas • 2

Emporia Republican from Emporia, Kansas • 2

Emporia, Kansas
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I CHINESE TROOPS AMBUSHED ASSAULTED AT THE WEEKLY REPUBLICAN THE STRAIGHT OF IT. A SERIOUS ACCIDENT. A special received by the Ueitbi-icas i Runaway Dr. Horace Whittlesey Attarkted by Mrs 1 toy 11 is Alleged Relations Itli Her Daughter the Cause. this afternoon announces that five David Hughes Itadly Hurt In i this Morning Struck HI on a I'lle of Kocte Head THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 1903.

to the owners. They started home with it but noticing blood stains on the coat, and having heard of the murder, they came back to Emporia and turned the coat over to the sheriff. Here is an other point: At the time the murder was committed there was a family named Mcintosh living here and they had a bad reputation. They were also camped on the Cottonwood river, and The History of the Litigation Over the I'roeeeds of the Sale of Sunny Slope. From Fridays Daily.

Judge Buck received a letter yesterday from General Webster of Washington, D. with whom the judge March, JipriU May There is a best time fr-r doing everything that is, a time when a thing can be done to the best advantage, most easily and most effectively. Now is the best time From Saturday's Daily. From Friday's Daily. Emporia was well shaken up shortly after noon today by the report that hundred Chinese troops, en route to relieve the beseiged garrison at Chj Yuen, were anibused in Yang-wing pass.

The entire command was The delivery team of Frosts's grocery store ran away this morning with their driver. David lluches, throw in him was associated in the Sunny Slope rom wagon and injuring him seri- I slain and their arms captured. THE WEEKLY RES TM.ICAX. From th 1st sul.Jcrij.tii.ns to th Kniri Wwkly Ktri bijc: iU a in advance: Twelve month $1.00 8ix month The Rbpi bi.icas 1 the lvt fninily and p-n eral newf iijir in this part of ttie if you are not already a sulwriiw should be pleaaetl to add your name to our list. case.

This is the case which was de- i ously. The team became frightened at Ll HURT IN A WRECK. after McMillan had been murdered and a reward offered, two of the Mcintosh boys came to the officers and said that Pieree-and Reed had told them where Dr. Horace bittlesey had been assaulted by a woman who bad tried to kill him. Dr.

Whittlesey in company with Gordon Kelly and Howard Griffith were going west on Fifth avenue, and Mrs. Boyd was standing in front of the Commercial club with her husband. When ctaea oy me supreme court, ints weeR. object and dashed down the alley The letter says: The case of the BetweeI1 Merchants and Commercial Fourth National Bank vs. Albaugh, from Fifth to Fonrth avenue for purifying your blood.

Why? Uecause your system is now trying to purify it you know this by tha pimples and other eruptions that nave come on your face and body. Hood's Sarsaparilla receiver, was affirmed yesterday (the Back of Mechtly 8 store they ran 23). Brewer and Jackson dissented. for Infants and Children. The Kind Ton Have Always Bought has borne the signature of Chas.

II. Fletcher, and has been made under hi personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no one to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good are but Experiments, and endanger the health of Children Experience against Experiment. The Kind You Have Always Bought against a building and threw Hughes out.

He struck on a pile of rocks, and Former Emporia Kailroad Man Was Injured In an Accident Which Occurred at Ilerington. From Thursday's Daily. A letter was received here yesterday, stating that William Hardy, now an engineer but formerly a fireman on the was rendered unconscious by the fall. they had hidden their bloody clothing. This started the officers after Pierce and Reed and as evidence they found the bloody clothing.

As the Mcintosh boys had bad reputations they may have committed tbe murder, hidden the bloody clothing and then threw suspicion on Pierce and Reed, but this is doubtful. and Pills Hughes is resting easier this after. she saw Whittlesey she ran across the street and stopped him and his friends in front of Robert L. Jones' office and it is alleged, tried to assault him. Kelly and Griffith interfered and in the struggle, Mrs.

Boyd was hurt, although not severlv. It is said Griffith noon but is still in a serious condition. Are the medicines to take they do When the team ran against tbe build Santa Fe here, had been hurt in a small wreck near Ilerington Monday. Bears the Signature of the workthoroughly and agreeably and never fail to do it. SI This case is not very well understood but is practically as follows: $53,000 from the sale of Sunny Slope farm and cattle, was deposited in the bank here for the creditors.

The Fourth National bank, of St. Louis, had a claim of $30,000, the First National, of New York, had one of and Ford Harvey, of Kansas City, one of $10,000 against Cross and Mar-tindale, and these three wanted to take the $53,000 to satisfy their claims, on From Thursday Dully. The Ire at Hurlmeama. Fire broke out last night about 2 o'clock id l'anl Orlopp's drug' store at and before it could be put out the entire JShcpard block was destroyed. The buildings burned were an opera house, hotel, restaurant, drug store, lumber yard, bank, dry goods btore, barber shop aud t'roct'O' There were probably others destroyed also, but this could not be learned.

The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is said to be under control now. ing they broke the tongue of the wagon and this threw the front end of the wagon several feet in the air. Hughes J. II. Wilhite, the sheriff who took Pierce aud Reed to the penitentiary, says he is sure Feighan did not receive was thrown about ten feet and fell struck her but this report is denied.

His friends claim he scratched her face in the fuss but did not strike her. Jim Boyd, the husband of the woman, Hardy left here about two years ago. He was a son-in-law of W. S. Botsford, of the Singer Sewing Machine Co.

He worked on the Santa Fe for a good while here- and then went to work for the Rock Island. It could not be learned how badly Hood's are the medicines you have always heard recommended. cannot recommend Hood's SarfaparlUa too highly as a purine medicine. When we take it in the mr.rinit we all feel betterthrouett the rammer." Mua. S.

II. Niau McCrays, fa. Hood's Sarsaparilla promises to cure and keeps the promise. head first. Use For Over 30 Years.

In HEARING OS RATES. the theory that certain bills of sale a cent of the reward offered. On the other hand, the journal entry of the proceedings reads: "and each of the defendants answering that he made and entered said plea of guilty volun The Dronerty loss will amount to made by Cross to Martindale operated was reported to be looking for Griffith with the intention of killing him, but he said this afternoon be had no such intentions. The trouble grew out of alleged improper relations between Whittlesey $100,000. There were a good many as chattel mortgages, making Martin he was hurt, but he was forced to take a lay off.

He was well known here and his friends will be sorry to hear of his misfortune. CASE STILL GRINDING. dale a trustee for their benefit. Judge Railroad Officials Tell About Ad people at the Shepard House last nig-ht and it was with great ditHculty that thev were all safely gotten out of the nook, of this district, had been an at tarily and without fear of violence or the promise of reward and that he understood the nature of the crime charg vances on Certain Products. torney for Harvey, and being thus dis hotel.

qualified, Judge Williams, of Arkansas, The IefniM) Now Ha Its Innings In the Case of Spragne Against the Santa Fe Kailroad. From Thursdays Daily. The case of Sprayue vs. the Santa From Fridays Daily. Decide to Go Ahead.

The Red Men trustees met last night and decided to tro ahead with their Meetings at A'rMtyterian I'hnreh. AMERICA'S LARGE INCREASE 0 SALARY ROLLS. tried the case at Wichita, where the receiver won. These three creditors then took the case to the United States Interest in the meeting's at the first and Mrs. Boyd's girl.

This charge is denied by his friends, who claim that he was told if he would give up twenty-five dollars the affair would be dropped. This he refused to do and Mrs. Boyd then threatened to bring the matter into the courts. It will probably be aired before a jury I'resbyteri an church has been height REPUBLICAN PAPER Court of Appeals at St. Louis, and the ened by the addresses of Dr.

llrailt. Fe is still grinding in district court. The plaintiff has finished his introduction of testimony and had thirty-two spring festival. They have appointed the following committees: Privileges, J. W.

Wiley, Frank McCain and E. Belief That Coal Prices. Which Have decision of Judge Williams was there ed against him and the punishment therefor, the said court accepted said plea of guilty" This is an entry seldom made in a case of this kind, and it it claimed this was put in to cover up the fact that the confessions were not voluntary. A man by the name of Joseph Hice was also sentenced to two years in the penitentiary at this time for attempting to assist Pierce and Reed to escape Been Steadily Increasing, Will Uo High He gave one of the finest sermons ever heard in this city last night, and the amrmed. The case was then taken on er Cessation of Kebates saves Considerable Money to ICallroada.

witnesses on the stand. So far, the defendant has introduced twenty-eight an appeal to the United States supreme court, where it was disposed of last Editorially Fearless R.publican Always. News from sin parts of the world. Well written original stories. Answers to queries on all sulject Artieles on Health, llie House, New Books, antl on Work about the Farm soulGanlen.

Washington, Feb. 23. The hearing witnesses, and more are to follow. Monday as above stated. The case is being heard faster than be Fessenden.

On location, A. II. Obley, Will Weaver and Mr. Pixley. Committee to confer with ISusiness Men's Association, Charles Dabbs, J.

W. Wiley, Frank McCain. Committee on advertising, Frank Ellis, Wm. Breen and P. F.

Yearout. in the matter of the recent advances on the freight rates on grain, packing house products, iron and other fore, as the witnesses are not cross- xamined as closely as in the previous from jail. GLOATING OVER HIS MURDERS now as it has gone too far to be dropped. Mrs. Boyd has been in trouble of this kind before, having assaulted or attempted to assault three or four young men around town.

This time it is claimed there were several more young men interested and they may be brought into the case yet. Dr. Whittlesey filed complaint commodities on the trunk lines was concluded yesterday. Vice President hearings. Alfred Knapp Tickled Over the Sensatloa Probably not all of the witnesses THE NEW LUMBER COMPANY.

Weekly Inter Ocean Caldwell, of the Delaware, Lacka subpoenaed will be placed on' the stand Hla Confession Have Caosed The Prisoner Still Talking. wanna Western; Comptroller Buck The lodge expects to have a great time here in May and with the Woodmen state meeting, the town will be full of people for a week. The Sale of tbe Emporia Lumber Company as a number of them are absent, for ley and General Traffic Manager Hamilton, Feb. 23. Alfred Is Now Closed Something About the New Owners.

Wight, of the Baltimore Ohio; different causes. The hearing will Knapp has paid no attention to the music by the mate quartette was fine. Tomorrow at three o'clock he speaks on "The Christian Investiture," and at 4:13 he will ao dress a boys' and girls meeting. His subject for this evening is "Down to Jericho." The meeting this afternoon was well attended, considering the weather, and the doctor handled his subject well. A Former tmportan leal.

Word has been received here from Denver that Isaac Newman died there Monday, of brain fever and lagrippe. He was formerly a resident of Emporia, being at one time a member of the Star Clothing House firm, and being engaged in business here for several years. He was widely known while a resident of this town and will be remembered by a number of people who were here at the time lie was a Freight Trailic Manager Powell, of probably be concluded by tomorrow. Sprague is suing for $10,000. the Southern; General Freight repeated orders of his attorneys and of his sister not to talk about his The Inter Ocean is a member of the Associated Press ami also the only western newspaper receiving the entire telegraphic news service of the New York Sun and special cable of the New York World, besides daily reports from over 2,000 sjieeial correspondents throughout the country.

No pen can tell more fully why it is the best on earth. against Mr. and Mrs. Boyd this afternoon to keep the peace against both Griffith and himself. The warrants were issued and the two will be bound over to keep the peace.

Agent Knight, of the Wabash; Traf From Saturdays Daily. Ilox Supper at the Slelsher Srhool House. Mit Wilhite took his graphaphone out to the Sleisher school house last crimes. Attorney Tenney, of Cincin From Filduys Daily. fic Manager Guthrie, of the New York Central; George F.

ItrownelL of the From Thursdays Daily. The sale of the Emporia Lumber Company to the Emporia Lumber Coal Company has been closed up and the new company has taken charge of the yard. The title of the new company is the same as the old one, except that nati, who has been retained by the Knapps in Cincinnati, is still here and Grand Lodge, A. U. W.

Emporia Reitri.ican: Tbe Grand Erie, and F. W. Janvierr, of counsel for the Lehigh Valley, were wit Lodge of the A. O. U.

W. spent Tues nesses. In general they contended day in the nomination of grand lodge ollieers and the introduction of various that -the increases were based on 52 Twelve-Page Papers was greatly annoyed by the continued talking of the prisoner. Prosecutor Gard notified the sheriff yesterday to prohibit reporters, policemen and others from peeing Knapp hereafter. In anticipation of his motions.

The principal work was done night and helped entertain the crowd gathered for a box supper. There were only a few people present but they were all game and when their money was gone began writ ing checks. There were two candidates for one of the boxes, which was to be given to the most popular girl. Miss Mac Hiatt won. The other contestant went out of the race One GcIIei a Year a perfect of fj-ccial commercial and traffic conditions, present and prospective, but admitted that the earnings of their sys in the committees.

The body at large Engineer Harry Webb, of the Moline run, will take the Lawrence branch passenger run. The Moline branch has been turned over to the Southern Kansas division and his place will be filled by someone from Channte. Fireman Robinson smashed his foot, coming in on 2nd. 33 yesterday, and was relieved here by Fireman Ott who did not get down to business until Wednesday. The first order of business Brimful of news from everywhere and matter.

Subscribe for tems were ample. In reply to questions by Assistant Secretary Decker, of the committee, Mr. Buckley said the word "Coal" is added. T. E.

Neal, president of the new company, lives in Kansas City, Mo. He formerly lived in Newton and Caldwell, Kansas, and was engaged in the banking business at these places. He is president of two other lumber companies, has an interest in four National banks, and is president of one of them. Has an interest in a wholesale hard that morning was the election of grand probable trial at Cincinnati Knapp was interviewed yesterday regarding the cases there and especially about the strangling of Mary Ekhart. When asked why he killed her he officers.

The fight for grand master that the Baltimore Ohio was contemplating an advance of salaries of The Emporia Weekly Republican coolly replied: "I was afraid she men getting $200 a month or more. Tbe Uuata Settled. This morning in district court the Santa Fe company paid S23.05 as costs in the case of Dora R. Mote vs. Ole S.

Mote. There is a story behind this. Mrs. Mote sued for a di vorce, won, and the costs fell to the lot of her husband. in order to keep her supporters from going into bankruptcy.

They raised nearly $35 and applied $20 of it on their organ and will use the rest for song books or soruethinir in that line. Part workman was three cornered and three ballots were necessary to decide it. The plum went to R. W. Turner, of Man-kato.

The other officers elected were: would tell something she knew, he The increase in salaries of men get And the Weekly Inter Ocean one year, replied. ting 200 and under, which went into Even since silence has been enforced upon Knapp he seems to be took his turn to Newton. Engineer Louis Brigham, who formerly ran an engine out of here but' quit to go farming, has again returned to the road, but is now employed at the round house handling engines. Tbe trainmen are all smiles today on effect January 1, lie said, will make the cost of labor at the end of the present fiscal year $11,000,000 higher He did not pay them, but as he was Grand Foreman, Chas. Bush, of Salina; Grand Overseer, W.

II. Smith, of Atchison: Grand Recorder, E. M. Fordc, of $1.15 Both Papers for Only $1.15 gloating over the sensation caused by his confession of the Hannah God- working for ttie Santa Fe, his wages than-the year before. He said the of the program consisted of speeches and one of the boys almost caused the ladies Vn the audience to blush by taking a reef in his trousers leg at the end of each verse.

It is said that there were ten verses and that he took four inches Etmioria: Grand Receiver, Frank E. were garnished. The Santa Fe pa ware store in Kansas City, and owns considerable real estate in Sumner county, Kansas, his former home. S. P.

G. Lewis, the vice president of the new company, 5s also president of two other lumber companies and owns considerable real estate. He is engaged in the real estate and insurance extent of the increase now in contem the amount into court ami the costs plation was not settled and added Fearl, of Hutchinson; Grand Trustee, dard (wife So. 3) murder at Hamilton and his additional confessions of the murders of Mary Ekhart, the ehild, Emma Littlemannv and Jennie were settled. H.

V. Nelson, of Mel'hcrson. The next that despite the large increases in the salary rolls, he did not believe account of their troubles having been adjusted so nicely at Topeka. Railroad men are complaining that they are unable to secure houses here No 'leaner Kleteii. meeting place will be in Leavenworth, in Connor-(wife No.

2) in Cincinnati and that-: the net expenses of the road A new principal for thelleadingsehool the murder of the child, Ida GeU- would be greater than before, be at a time, i ou can ngure for yourself how high that is. The Tenth of March. The case against James aud Mollie We eat" hardt, at Indinapolis. cause of increased traffic, etc. When has not yet been elected, but will be when the board meets next week.

At 'J he was asked about coal expenses. business at Caldwell, Kans. Charles G. West has stock in the new company and is secretary and manager, and will have charge of the yard. He has been with the J.

E. Evans lumber yard in this city for twelve years and Mr. Buckley said that both he and The officers believe Knapp haa "strangled" from the to Kansas City. It is conceded that Knapp will present Uobert Henderson is teaching the classes. W.

U. Cleveland, the Grand Recorder Forde was elected by acclamation. Grand Master Lamb llatly refused to allow his name to be used for a third term. He could have been elected but said ''honor He was strongly urged to make the race. The first real fight of the session the general superintendent believed that coal prices, which have been never be tried on more than one case.

former principal, took his leave last as either of the cases in Cincinnati Monday and is now attending the Nor steadily increasing, would go higher, Mr. Wight agreed with the commis Boyd, in Justice Combs' court, has been set for March 10th. The two appeared before the court yesterday and gave bond for appearance, he for $300 and she for $200. There will very probably be other complaints filed in this case before it is finished. mal school here.

C. J. Hurke will will take him to the electrical chair if the body of Hannah Goddard Is not to move their families. Ihere are more crews running out of here now than ever before, and business will increase more every year. Some Emporia people could build some good houses and get tenants very readily.

Engine 04 went west with Superintendent Hurley's special last night on an inspection tour of the Eastern Grand Division. Conductors Maville and Ackerman are i laying oft a few days. i sion that the cessation of the rebate probably be the choice of tbe board as The Perfect Food" found. practice had saved the railroads con M.M.Lj MTsl lAsVit. A JJk For it has rednested him to take the place Storm Is ienerl siderable money, but declined to make any estimte of the amount SIFTING OUT KANSAS BILLS.

taved. The storm which began this morning The Sensts Calendar Kevl.lon Committee Mr. Caldwell reviewed the general Hurled Here Tomorrow. The body of Mr. Moon, who died in Oklahoma yesterday, arrived here to is well and favorably known to the citizens of Emporia and surrounding country and needs no introduction.

Ralph G. Lewis, son of S. P. G. Lewis, will be the bookkeeper.

Neither Mr. Neal nor Mr. Lewis expects to locate here. The Browns disposed of their interest in the yard here so as to give more time to their wholesale lumber business. Allen Brown is president of the wholesale company.

is peneral over the state. At Superior, Places Sixteen Bills at the Head Which Brain and Muscle Nebraska, it is snowing quite heavily It Withes to Have Passed. as also at Dodge City. Other towns attitude of trafltc managers. He contended that the railroads were the real basis of commercial prosperity and that without them the Indian still would be roaming the Topeka, March 2.

The sen heard from are Newton, Junction City day at two forty-five. The burial will take place tomorrow at Toledo. Mr. Moon was related to T. E.

Moon and L. R. Bailey of this place. was precipitated by a resolution to change the constitution in regard to yearly meetings to read biennial meeting. The fight tor the change was led by Judge Foote, of Topeka, Brother Weiley, of Leavenworth and others.

Webb McNall aud Tom Cordroy were the only Grand lodge officers who opposed the change. When the was at its height, lion. John W. Loy, of Americus, arose in the gallery and, in a very able speech, championed the resolution. His speech was a strong one and he received hearty applause.

The change was made by an 3 1 rf'-y-a Dine, Eureka and Kurlinirton. The ate calendar revision committee made public Saturday night its report showing the order in which the bills now before the senate will be taken storm seems to be sweeping eastward Brakeman Keys is off a trip. Conductor Wisemeyer caught the special out last night. Division Superintendent Easley of Newton was a visitor here today looking after the Cottonwood divisions interest at this point. land.

The railroads, he said, arts and the rain is being followed by snow entitled to a fair return from the in vestment on the basis of service The probabilities are for snow here to- up this week. The committee has rearranged the calendar and since given aud not according to what so- morrow, and possibly tonight. Aceltlent on the Santa Fe. the provisions of the concurrent reso and-so says. lution adopted Saturday limit the It was reported here this afternoon "Is what the courts and the legislatures have said about reasonable rates all nonsense, or is it other overwhelming majority.

about four o'clock that the California limited had telescoped the loeal pass From Monday's Daily. Forde liexicned. One of the dramatic scenes of the A. O. V.

XV. Grand lodge was the resignation of Grand Recorder E. M. Forde. The matter came about in the following manner.

The Grand lodge had transferred additional work to the office of Mr. Forde and had instructed the finance committee to bring in a report of the amount of money necessary to pay for the extra clerk hire for Funeral of Thomas Moon. The body of Thomas Moon, who died in Oklahoma was buried yesterday at Toledo, under the auspices of the Odd Fellows. Rev. Bailey, of Safferdville, time for considering senate bills to this afternoon, tk; Tuesday and Wednesday morning of this week, It is probable that ew bills except wise? asked Commissioner Prouty, Thursday the question of the aboli- The supreme court decision, an ion of the deputy system came up and swered Mr.

CuldwelL referring to those agreed upon Saturday night spirited debate resulted. The system freight rate decision, "is not, in my opinion, altogether practical. officiated. Mr. Moon was one of the early settlers of the county, having come here about thirty years ago, and has resided in Lyon and Chase coun ties ever since.

A short time ago he Continuing, Mr. Caldwell referred will get through the upper house this session. Sixteen bills were placed at the head of the calendar by order of the revision committee and this action of the committee insures the was retained with some modifications. The Grand lodge adjourned at 9:30 last night and the members left for their homes. From Mondays Pally.

K. Cannady fur Mayor. The name of L. E. Cannady will be presented by his friends to the eoming Republican City Convention for the nomination for City Mayor.

Mr. Cannady has been a resident of Lyon county for more than eighteen years as farmer and merchant. He has been successful in both callings. About ten years ago he went into the mercantile business, with Mr. E.

C. Rich, at Hartford. They were burned out and Mr. Cannady came to Emporia and soon began business on lower Commercial street, which he has made a success of. He is a consistent member of the First Baptist church of this city.

Mr. Cannady has represented the Second ward in the city council for several years, with an ability that has convinced his friends that he would be a good man to the railroad policy of avoiding the putting into effect of depressing rates. He said this policy had main paasnge of the favored bills. tained commercial prospvity. The Wreck Yesterday.

As stated exclusively in yesterday's The bill placed at the head of the left for a visit with some of his children in Oklahoma, and died there after a short illness. "Your idea then, suggested Mr, Gf.pvbi.icax, the Santa Fe Limited, No. carrying on the work. The committee reported an appropriation of S1000 for it. Mr.

Fehwell, of Concordia, who was on the committee, brought in a minority report, leaving the appropriation at the same figure as before the extra work was added, and moved its adoption. The motion carried. Amid ab Prouty, "is that railroad men tf the calendar is by Mr. Pestana and provides for the selection of superintendents and other medical officers for state asylums from the representa crashed into the local freight at past have been actuated by a spirit of patriotism?" Mr. Caldwell re Florence and both engines and the mail car were so hadly shattered that they plied that that construction was tives of all the schools of medicine wrong, but that many were actuated bv patriotism.

The railroads, he enger somewhere between here and Newton. This however, is denied, and the railroad people say that the limited was derailed at Florence, but no particulars could be learned. Fell ami llroke Her I. eg. Mrs.

Alice Ilobinson fell and broke her leg this afternoon on Commercial street near Logan avenue. Dr. tiafford was called and she was taken to her home near Soden's grove, where the leg was set. From Friday's rieree antl Reed larritmed. Governor Hai ley yesterday pardoned from the penitentiary John E.

Pierce and Elmer Reed, who have served twenty years for tbe alleged murder of William II. McMillan, on the Santa Fe tracks here in 18S3. The pardon was brought about by an investiga tion ordered by Governor Bailey, after hearing the story of the two men, and the petitions of their friends that they were confined for a crime of which they are innocent. November 3 1833, William MeMillian, in the state. Its passage is urged by the physicians.

It is believed that the law will prevent brutality and re had to he taken to the shops. The limited was late and was running at the rate of forty miles an hour through said, are working for a vast con For Sale. The undersigned has for sale abont a dozen of extra fine, pure bred White Plymouth Rock Cockerels, raised from a pen of U. R. Fishel's (Hope, Ind.) famous strain of first prize winners.

If you want something fine, and reasonable in price, here is your chance. Inquire the office of the Poehler Mer-tantile opposite old court house. A. n. Gufler.

spiracv. the public investor. He said duce the death rate at asj-lums. Florence when it struck a fro? at the him will that a great deal of the Delaware, The second bill on the new calendar for mayor, and they are pushing for the place. If nominated he make a good race.

is of some importance to the resi solute silence Mr. Forde arose and said. "I have been grand recorder of this jurisdiction for twenty-two consecutive years. It has been the pride of my life to leave, as a heritage to my children, an unsullied record in the office. More than nine million dollars passed through my hands and every Perfect health, sound, restful sleep, clear complexion, bright eyes, clean white teeth, sweet breath; these are the blessings that follow a diet of Malta-Vita.

Malta-Vita is justly entitled to be styled "The Perfect Food" for old and young, sick or well. Being perfectly cooked, pleasant to taste, easily digested and assimilated, Malta-Vita is an ideal food. Leading grocers everywhere. Fa! ALT A-VITA PURE FOOD CO. switch and the engine dashed into the local.

Both engine crews jumped to save their lives. Lackawanna Western stock was held by charitable organizations, which led Commissioner Prouty to dents of the southwestern part of the state. It is by Mr. Smith, of Ed ask if he meant that when he RAILROAD NEWS. the mail car was toppled over and left (Proutv) had to pay a dollar more wards, and renews the bounty the state pays on sugar beets.

The bill Increases the amount of the bounty upside down. Both mail clerks were injured, one of them R. O. McUee was from $5,000 to $10,000 a year. the Lang wreck and had both legs The third bill the senate will con sider when it meets again is the anti- broken and this time one leg was broken in two places.

The other one was not badly hurt but both were grain trust bill and it probably is of for coal delivered at his home It was making a contribution to some charitable organization. Nninerous questions were asked with a view to ascertaining what the railroad thought would be a fair return on the investments, but the commissioners could get no specific answer. WAGE CONTROVERSY SETTLLD more importance to the farmers of cent has been accounted for. To do this I have worked my clerks and myself nearly to death. I do not propose to do so any more.

I give you back your office and heartily thank you for your confidence in past years. I resign it freely and you can elect a grand recorder at once." Tbe silence which followed the resignation was oppressive. Men sprang to the state than any measure passed forced to lay off for a while, The mail was gathered up and put on the next who had come from the north on a by this legislature. It Is by Mr. Find- Katy train, got off at the junction and westbound train.

started to walk to Commercial street Hrazelle Turned Loose. Justice Combs decided there was no case against T. F. Brazelle, Saturday afternoon, and turned him loose after an all day trial. Homer Dye, the man who was cut by Brazelle could not convince the justice that he was in the right.

Women Wilt Ran a Kaunas Paper. Washington, March 2. The Washington Republican has made arrangements with the women of the M. E. chyrch for them to run the paper one week.

Good Friday is the day the issue will appear. All the proceeds of the advertising for that week will be given to the women. lay, of Rice, The child labor bill by Mr. Wulfo-kuhler, of Leavenworth, is fourth on Tells How it Happened. At ten o'clock this morning the hear his body was found near the track next morning, where he had been BATTLE CREEK, AND TORONTO, CANADA.

mm In- Snntn Fa Frelcht Men to Keeclvn ing of T. F. Brazelle for threats and assault was besrun before Justice their feet all over the floor to move to not accept. It was carried. A motion then carried to allow the necessary fouly murdered.

Pierce and Reed who were camping on the Cottonwood river, were arrested shortly after and Combs. Dye and family, Hrazelle and charged with his murder. They both claim that they were taken THE NAME by tbe officers and under fear of a mob lynching them, confessed to the mur On account of putting in a new turn table at Topeka the branch engines at Osage City were compelled to come to Emporia yesterday to get their work done and washed out. Engineer Hutchins is on the pusher, ouf of Florence, in Engineer Porter's turn. There is a new registering desk in the engineer's room now and they all register without layiDg a hand on the book.

Engineers Tom Porter and Frank Randlett of Osage City, were here yesterday. They are two of the oldest engineers on the Santa Fe system. Bert Moody has again resnmed work on the Santa Fe in the mechanical department. Buckley is the name of the new call boy at the round house, ne comes from the Mit-Way. Engineer John Merideth returned from his Texas trip last week.

He was stuck in a snow storm down there and took down sick. Barney Mills the night caller has resigned his office on account, too much smoke. Another bad wreck occurred In the yard last night. Three switches were smashed and some cars disfigured but no one hurt. A train jumped the track going down the east lead track.

der aud taken into court pleaded guilty and were sent to the penitentiary amount tocarryon the work as recommended by the committee. Mr. Forde was asked to rescind his resignation and did so. Few people know the great value of the office to Emporia. It brings here more than 57000 a year in salaries besides the money that flows through the grand recorder's hands in his official capacity.

This is all due to the personal standing of Mr. Forde in the grand lodge. ercnaa ot Ftftma Par Cant. nl I'm- hi Hen Twalva far Cant. Topeka, Kan, March 2.

At a conference between the officials of the Santa Fe and the committee sent from the conductors and trainmen yesterday formal settlement of the wage controversy was made. The freight men receive an Increase of 15 per cent, in wages and the passenger men 12 per cent. A compromise was made on the double-header question whereby the road retains double-headers on some parts of the system and abolishes them on others. Other western roads that were waiting on the outcome of the Santa Fe settlement are now expected to follow suit. A general increase in wages for conductors and trainmen throughout the west will be the Roy Urnwned While Skatlnar.

Salina, March 2. Paul Williams, 13 years old, was drowned in the Smoky Hill river here while skating with several companions. The ice broke and Williams, with two companions, went tinder. The other two boys were saved. The body was recovered.

Since that time they have been serving a life sentence for the crime. Judge C. 1. Graves, who it was stated, signed the petition for a pardon, denies this and says, he simply wrote the facts in the case as to how they pleaded before him and of his sentence. They have both saved some moneyand Pierce wil go to Massachusetts, and Reed to Iowa.

T. N. Sedgwick, attorney for the K. was lanuenuai in securing the release of the two men. The old timers here who know of is a STANDARD of MERIT A FIRE AT CHICAGO.

the murder are enraged that the two men were released and all of them he- and a iiuarantee as To DlsRstrims Fire at Hastlns. Neb. Hastings, March 2. Fire started in the upper story of the Shedd block, occupied by the Hastings business college. A solid row of brick business blocks, reaching from Lincoln to Burlington avenues, burned, causing a loss of about $200,000.

rather and Bon Dead, Mother Insane. Mazatlan, March 1. Ricardo Torrero Topeto, an employe of the custom house, shot his son, who was afflicted with the plague, when the health officers came to convey him to the hospital, and then put a bullet through his own brain. As a result of the tragedy, Mrs. Torrero, who was removed to the observation station, has become insane.

lievts they are the guilty ones. In their confession they stated just how the list, as now arranged. The passage of this bill is urged by the laboring men. It prohibits the employment in factories of children less than 16 years old. The next bill is by Mr.

Allen, of Doniphan, and provides for the creation of a fire marshal's department and for the appointment of a marshal and assistants. The rearrangement of the calendar shows that another attempt Will be made before the close of the session to pass the bill Increasing the salaries of the supreme court justices from $3,000 to $5,000. Another bill close on the new calendar is by Mr. Xoftzger providing for raising- the standard of the business colleges of the state, and among the other bills to be considered before the close of the session are the following: By Mr. Porter, prohibiting the employment of telegraph operators under the age of 21 years; by Mr.

Wright, authorizing the construction of foot paths along public highways; by Mr. Porter, providing for labor liens on property. Merrlam Will Bealca. St. PauL Minn, March 2.

Ex-Gov. W. R. Merriam, director of the United States census bureau, will resign to take the management of a Xew York mercantile house. This information was received by Mr.

Merriam'a friends in St. Paul Saturday. Mr. Merriam was offered the new position some time ago, but he was an aspirant for the position of secretary of commerce. Failing to secure this appointment he accepted the position offered him in Xew York, which carries with it a salary of $15,000 year.

A Kansas Post Office Robbed. Galena, Kan March 2. The post office at Lowell, three miles southwest of here, was robbed Sunday morning. About $23 in money, stamps and merchandise were taken from A. A.

Xicker's store, in which the post office Is located. Three men are implicated 'and a wagon was used in hauling away the goods. Bloodhounds were put on the trail and they headed straight for Galena, but lost the trail when within about a mile of here. the nfunter was committed. One of family and witnesses on both sides are in attendance.

Dye was put on the stand first and told the story of the fijrht. He says his home is near Alva Oklahoma, and his wife came to Neosho Gapids to collect S-00 from Hrazelle, which owed her. Finding she could not get it, her husband came, with the intention of gettingthe money, or sueing Hrazelle for it. lie stated that they began quarreling and Hrazelle assaulted him. He tried to protect himself and they fought all over the room, finally getting out of the door and away.

He has a cut on the side of his head and two on his hand to show for his part in the fray. Meeting; at the Presbyterian Chorch. The stormy weather, while it affected the attendance, did not in the least detract from the strength and character of Dr. llradt's sermons nor from the interest of the meetings. The sermons yesterday afternoon and evening were up to his usual high character, both in spirit and matter.

This evening he will speak on "Why Anyone is Lost." Everybody is interested in this subject, and all who can should come out tonight and hear this interesting and earnest speaker. As this evening is his last with us, we trust everyone will come. Bring your friends with you. Song service begins at 7:30. To the Jnry The evidence in the case of Sprague vs.

the Santa Fe, which has been in district court all week, was finished this afternoon and arguments begun. The case has been finished much more quickly than it was, when heard before. The list of witnesses on both sides were long and for this reason the case was a long one. The arguments in the case were finished at this evening and the case given to the jury. D.

S.Kelly went to Topeka to-day. them stepped up to McMillan and asked him for a light. While be was getting a match the other one slipped Cost no more than others Less than some. up behind him and struck him with an old sickle bar. Mr.

Ryan who was sheriff of the Do Not Agree. The people who were here in 1S33 when McMillan was killed, and who knew of the arrest of Pierce and Reed, their confession and se-itence, do not agree with the story told by these two men, and are indignant that the two should have been released from the penitentiary. The story that the confession was scared out of them seems to be true, but theconfessson itself seems to be genuine. It is said that they were scared into making a confession by threats of a mob, and that when they were with the officers in the old court house, the Santa Fe switch engine was run along the track, back and. forth past the court house, a crowd of men on it yelling and making threats of lynching Pierce and Reed.

These two men made their confession, and those who know of it say it is genuine without a doubt as they described their actions and told where the bloody sickle bar could be found, and where seyeral other articles could also be found. These were afterwards found in the places indicated by them. Another point against them is this: Pierce was not arrested at first for the murder, but was arrested for stealing an overcoat from two men, who had come here from the northern part of the county. The coat which he had in his possession was recovered and given county at that time thinks they were guilty and denies the talk of the otli- cers getting the men to make a "fake "THE HIAWATHA 11 tbe hatcber. confession.

1 he ollieers refused to wuuariTiu wjrrs ana due to superior eonttrortloo and Its srfeiitlBc of brat at.d take the reward which McMillan For Time It Tbrantenad to Spread ta Bevaml Ratal Fireman Injured by a Falllnc Ladder. Chicago, March 2. Occupants of the Great Eastern and Queen hotels at Wabash avenue and Harrison street, and 100 or more persons in the Palm Garden at the Auditorium Annex were given a scare last night by a fire which destroyed the six-story building at 350-352 Wabash avenue, which extended back nearly to the Auditorium Annex. The property toss Is estimated at nearly The firemen were painfully injured by a falling ladder. For a time the fire threatened to spread to several hotels and lodging houses, many occupants of which carried their belongings Into the street.

Jeffrie and Corbett ta ncbt. New York, March 2. James J. Jeffries and James J. Corbett met yesterday and agreed to fight 20 rounds next July before the club that will give them $25,000, or the largest purse that may be fie red above that sum, the winner to take 75 per cent, and the loser 25.

It was also agreed that the principals should meet in Baltimore to feign articles Thursday next. mm FT wife offered, but did take the one the Una. IT NOT ONLY HATCHES GOOD STVONO CHICICS. BIT LOTS OP THEM. Our machines are cusraateed jur money bsek If yon are not mia- OP Fireman Huskey sprained his ankle at Florence last night, while taking coal, and had to give up his engine.

Firemen Yeck brought her into Emporia. Engineer Abe McComhe has been assigned to the extra board here. He was sick for the past six weeks. Engine 83 has a broken driving box and was sent to Argentine this morning. Engine 112 will take her turn on the K.

C. plug. Six engine crews were here yesterday afternoon from Channte. They report business on the Southern Kansas division good. The Sprague case is over and the railroad boys are very glad of it.

Nothing is more arduous to a railroad man than to act as a witness. Engineers Gilpin, Grimes and Merideth are marked up ready. Eight hours rest is the mark that follows all tbe Cottonwood crews on the engine board today. ats. governor offered, which would indi nea.

Tuer are strictly ulxn grade to every detalL A Orst-clus mahlna reasonable prlee. Pend for our catakienB. It free. cate that they did not railroad the men 4- "THE HIAWATHA" MFG. Hiawatha, Xss V.

S. A. to me penitentiary tor the money there was in it. The two men's re A Bis Docket of Divorce Cases. East St.

Louis, 111, March 2. During the March term of the city court here, which convenes to-day, 179 divorce casea will be tried. This Is the largest docket for such cases ever presented at one term, and if the same record is maintained throughout the year the divorces will outnumber the marriages. Tbe "Katy" Claims Much Land. Muskogee, March 1.

The Missouri, Kansas Texas railroad has served notice on Chief Buffington, of the Cherokee nation, and the head of the Cherokee land office, not to allot the sections of land claimed by that road In that nation. The land claimed would make a strip ten miles wide and 260 miles long. lease hangs npou their own story. A happy termination to a divorce AtlD VITALm suit has come about. This morning in district court the defendant filed his BEOLTfl i answer in the case of Abolt vs.

Abolt Tie ireat remedy for nervous prostration sod aU titer aes of tbe fvneratlvt 1 orfrans ot eitber sex, such as Nervoui FroiraUon. Fat' ng or Lost Manhood, Icq do dcv. Emission. Youthful Error. Una Worn saying the two were living together and requesting that the divorce pro ceedings be dismissed.

I of Tobacco or Opium, which lead to Consumption and Ii-saiutr. Was evrry ICTFO order we raarante toenre or rrfan'l me tnonry. Sold at 1 1 per Km. I "IU biAJr A bass for ta.UV. PU.JIOTP1 CUJUCAA.


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