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The News-Courant from Cottonwood Falls, Kansas • 4

The News-Courant from Cottonwood Falls, Kansas • 4

The News-Couranti
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
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DISTRICT COURT. Hardware, tinware, wagons, etc. The mail from the Eas. is as often COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. The City Council met, last Mon two or three hours behind time as ASA GILLBTT, day night; present, Mayor Swayze TT 1 ii? A on time of late, owing chiefly to the S.

B. PETEart, JUDGE. This court convened, Tuesday, May 2, 1876, and, thus tar, has dis ana Uounciimen xiowaru, naisuu, FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1876. Bradlev and Sieker. delay of eastern connections, and the great number of passengers, for HARDWARE, STOVES AND TINWARE, The minutes of the previous meet posed of the following I ing were read'and approved.

whose accommodation the 1. CITY AND COUNTY NEWS. The petition ot fll. M. Young tor R(C UL At S.

F. R. R. is persuaded to wait. a retail liquor license was granted.

A smart Illinois girl who had been THE BEST HARVESTERS MADE IN' THE COUNTRY- TIME TABLE. The petition Mernngton or a retail liquor license was Eastward. "Westward. I No. 16, Xo.

15 granted; Stations cruelly jilted, rose up. in her wratn and recovered $5,000 for breach of promise; and she had no sooner got NO. Mail. A. M.

State ot Kansas vs. i Henry and Mary Cline, felony; continued. State of Kansas vs. J. W.

Burns and R. R. McDermott, continued. 1 State of Kansas vs. J.

W. Williams, embezzlement continued. State of Kansas vs. J. C.

libel; S. K. Wood, complainant; jury empaneled, May trial had, jury failing to agree; cause continued. So.l, iail P. M.

SO. 3,1 Ft. i A. M. 6 Mr.

S. A. Breese, City Treasurer. t. 9:50 No.

4, Stock V. 0:07 ,6:25 4:51 t. r. m. 9:50 9:05 8:30 5.G3j 8 8:33 I 10:33 7: EL WARD'S, WOOD'S AND M'CORMICITS.

i 1 WAILS, JROra AND STEEL, WAGON AND WAGON WOODWORK, then presented his report for the year beginning May 3d, 1875, and -i -o i. 5:2 5:44 Safford t'ot'nw'd Kim dale. Hunt's this suit out of the way than she took some of the proceeds and went right 6:00 8:15 8:00 7:4 11:10 11 :43 A. M. 12:12 7:55 7:24 4:20 3:52 enaing April zzu, 1070, irom wuicu 9:15 6:15 to work on another a handsome Cedar Or wo take the following totals: On date of last report.

black silk, made after the "Domestic All trains run daily except Nos. Is and 16; an they run every dy except Sunday. This is the case that grew out of Receipts during the year zzt Fashions." COTTONWOOD FALLS j. KANSAS. Total $335.91 ihe publication of the Lamentations." We understand.

TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. Paid out since date of last report 68 Sniwrriiiprs to the CofKANT. when they see ANOTHER CAR LOAD OF WHEAT the jury stood eight for acquittal and On nana at present I2SJ 23 FIRST-CLASS TAIuORINC cross OQ their papers, will know that AND CORN FOR COLORADO. four for conviction. in bands 01 county areas.

Mr. M. N. Everett, Treasurer of State of Kansas vsC. CJ Watson, Total amount on hand at 1 they are arrears, vr wini iuni outoiiiiuuu has expired, and they are respectfully requested to settle uo, as we are in need of money just now; and besides we hare to pav Cash for our print-jnr nirw.ic We hone the friends of the Cock ant Colorado Territorial Grange, was ir assault; continued.

This report was referred to Com this county, last Wednesday, solicit mittee on Finance. will need no further request to either call and settle up or remit the auiouLt of their indebted State of Kansas vs. J. Ferry, assault; The fee for retail liquor license ing aid for the grasshopper sufferers ness. State of Kansas vs.

George Balch; was fixed at $250 per annum, for of that Territory. He is well recom appeal dismissed. I this quarter. LOCAL SHORT STOPS. State of Kansas vs.

Fred. Pracht; mended by the officials of Colorado. He satisfied all with whom he talked On motion of Howard, the appeal dismissed. i clerk was directed to furnish S. N.

State of Kansas vs. John Damar, that there is a real necessity for help Wood with a list of parties who had Subscribe for the Courant. Old papers for sale at this office. Go to Caldwell Co's. and see it Respectfully announce to the citizens of Cottonwood Falls and Chase county, that they hare taken rooms in OLD RESTAURANT, ON BROADWAY.

And commenced tailoring- arments of all styles vrill and made up in good taste and war- ranted to fit. Our Wi Not Da Outflone in tHe State of Kansas. larceny; plead taken out license during the previous ing the people of Northern Colorado, State cf Kansas vs.J Pat. and Ed. who have beer, eaten out two years six months to keep hquor saloons; also, those who were licensed, last Ryan, larceny; change of venue to Seo call for Republican County in succession by the locusts.

They Marion county Tuesday, Mr. Wood requesting the Convention. S. N. Wood vs.

T. S. P. R. same.

need seed corn and f-pring wheat. The people of this county did not A large stock of boots and shoes An ordinance allowing the follow patrons with pleasure. J. M. G.W.

HAYES. at Caldwell Co's. ing bills was passed: damages; stricken from docket. T. S.

F. R. R. vs. S.

Romigh, administrator, and Margaret Kellogg, administratrix of, the ask in vain for assistance in thehour of their need; therefore, let us take See call for the Democratic mass W. W. Sanders, City Clerk, $28.10 J. P. Caldwell, election judge, 3.00 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING HOUSE.

'XT hold of this matter in earnest and estate of U. B. arrerr et al: de 2.00 2.00 murer overruled, notice of exception, load a car or two for sufftrinsr hu FIRST-CLASS CLOTHING HOUSE. convention to-morrow. Democratic ma convention, Sat urday, May 6.

See call. 2.00 mariity in our neighboring Terri A. S. Howard, C. A.

Britton, A. B. Wagoner, eleet'n clerk, W. R. Hinckley, John Steffen, rent eleet'n day and defendants' Crocker, Doolittle and Britton given twenty, days to 2.00 tory.

A car will be at Cedar Point, We had an excellent rain Wednes. answer, and plaintiff ten days to re 2.00 Monday, May at Hunt Tuesday, ply, and cause continued. Martin Timmons. minting 10.00 David Wood vs. E.

E. and. W. R. May at Elmdale, Wednesday, May day night and on Thursday.

Caldwell Co. have on band fine assortment of dry goods. 159 COMMERCIAL STREET, EMPORIA, KAS. Cr. P.

Jones Co, take pleasure in annoo'neina: to the citizens of Lyon county and Southwestern Kansas, that they have enlarged their line of trade facilities, and now have largest and best establishment in Emporia in the way of Clothing, Genu' Furnishing Goods, Huts, Caps, etc. As heretofore our department of A motion requiring the saloon keepers to keep in a conspicuous 10; at Cottonwood, Thursday, May Hinckley; dismissed, each party to pay his own 1, place in their respective saloons a 1 1 at SafTord, Friday, May 12. Let T. S. Jones vs.

Nathan and Hetb Mrs. T. S. Jones returned from a each one appoint himself a commit they Grover; judgment by default short visit east, last Tuesday. tee of one to see that he contributes Green Foster S.

N. Wood; appeal dismissed. his share towards loading the car, Monday, May 1, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.

Childs became the parents of a Will he kept the leadinjr feature, and no effort will he spared to give satisfaction to all customers. A very full assortment of g-oods will be kept ia stock, embracing French and English Worsted Coatings, Fancy'Sui tings. Worsted and Cassimere Trowserings, n't Cheap Casvimei-es, Kentucky Jeans, Cottonades. etc. We have iust received a complete line of the above eroods.

and nuits will he o-ot nn to order nn J. S. Shipman vs. 5aiiey et which, as soon as loaded, will be dismissed. daughter.

shipped to Denver, Colorado, to short notice, the latest styles and made in the best manner. We claim to make perfect fits. All parties who desire to dress well, should examine onr goods and have their measure taken. Wm, Lee and Andrew Mc- Caldwell Co. are selling goods EADY-MAD LOTH 1 PJ G.

Pheters, Chairmen of Committee as cheap as they can be bought in We have just added to our tock a good, line Rcady-Madc Clothing, which will be sold at a M. Hoffman vs. John and Mary Ryan; default. Patron's Commercial Agency, of Chase county vs. W.

G. Patton; dismissed. Shipman Doolittle vs. Board of Chase County Commissioners' in-i small advance for cash, our motto being, "Quick sales and small profits." of Relief of Grasshopper Sufferer, for Ctdorado. Mr.

Everett informs Emporia. A splendid lot of groceries at Cald we have also opened a full line of the newest stvles in Ilati and Caps, and nrouose to comtit us that instructions have been for well Co's, are being sold at bot with any other house in the business copy of the ordinance regulating the sale of intoxicating liquors passed. Judge S.P. Young addressed the Council a few minutes, stating how difficult it is for any one to get hold of the city ordinances in caso a person should desire seeing them, and suggested that they be placed in the hands of the Police Judge for keeping, po that they may be always accessible to the citizens. Mr.

Howard said the law required the clerk to keep charge of the ordinances. On motion, the clerk was directed to furnish the Police Judge with a copy of all the ordinances to be kept in said Judge's office for reference. Mr. Bradley, of Committee on Streets and Alleys, made a verbal report, calling the attention of the Council to the bad condition of several of our streets, caused by letting the water run promiscuously through warded to the railroad agent at Pu- junction; injunction made perpetual. EWT I 6 CO CDS.

A fall assortment of cents fine shirts, underwear, hosierr. -cloves, bandkerehiefs. poll jirA. a full tom prices. Tuesday, May 2, Mr.

and Mrs. A eblo, to send on to these, gen tlemen a car load of grain which S. Howard became the parents of line of neckwear including ties, scarfs, etc. Price. as low as the goods can be sold for anvwhere.

Tb inking our frieu Is for past favors, we cordially invite, them and the general public to call at our store (Wni.dapp'sbuilaing) and examine our goods and ask our prices. -t Cm p. was shipped to that point, a few days another son. 1 ago, and consigned to another party Seventy-five tons of hajj for sale which car stopped at Cedar Point on LUMBER. at George Collett's, Middle creek, its way west.

Chase county. REPORT OF ELMDALE SCHOOL It rained very hard, Sunday nighty and Monday and Tuesday were for the first month of the spring term (Suecessor to, W. C. Edwards.) full stock of all kinds of the streets without i directing its Names quite wintry. Cottonwood Hotel is doing heavy business, and is giving gen eral satisfaction.

Eihe Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, said Union i course. Mr. Howard must be fixed. l' 1 etc constantly on hand, which -1 Uneven, car loads 01 grain were shipped east from Cottonwood during the last quarter of April. B.

P. Watson vs. Jv. x. a.

continued. S. N. Wood, administrator of the estate of Augusta Winn vs. K.

T. R. continued. J. Amos Noyesus.

K. T. R. continued. Henderson Sharp vs.

Elizabeth Sharp, divorce; Diana Lawson vs. Nelson Lawson, divorce; granted. Susan Loveall vs. Geo. N.

Loveall, divorce; dismissed. A Patron's Commercial Agency of Chase county vs. A. W. Moldenhauer, dismissed.

Patron's Commercial Agency of Chase county vs. Ellis Smith; 1 Green Foster vs. S. N. Wood; judgment of Justice E.

G. Mi'nnick Vs. Al, T. S. F.

R. settled at cost of defendant; Wm. Wedding vs. T. S.

F. R. settled at cost tf defendant. -S. N.

Wood vs. T. S. F. R.

two cases; ccwitinued. Sarah C. Hallett vs. W. H.

Russell; continued at cost ot 1 PROF. TICE FOR MAY. Prof. Tice has made the following forecast of the weather 'for 1st and 2d continued cloudy weather and rain in Canada and New England. In the west and northwest, changing to clear with to high Correspondence is solicited, on I WILL ObLL AT A VfcKT OiVSALL.

SUPPLY. OF 'ALWAYS 02? 21ANDi' OFFICE AND YARD-NORTH OF, THE COTTONWOOD. KANSAS. Mr. Howard was added to the Committee on Streets and Alleys.

The clerk was directed to purchase two lamps for the use of the Council. A resolution was passed ratifying the contract entered into between the Mayor and W. T. Hudson for the erection of two stone walls on the east line of Broadway and on local topics, from all parts of the county for the Courant. The Teachers Institute of thi WAGONS, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, ETC.

Judicial District will meet at Great either side of the bridge, the tops of Ja. is lo 9 3-7 9 9 9 10 9 9 2 5 10 6 9 2 5 10 8 9 10 10 9 10 7 9 9 8 9 8 6X 10 9 hyx r-t 9i 8 8 9ya 9 9 6 7K 9 2 9 syx 10 5 10 -93-7 8 9 9 9 10 9 9 10 9 9 9 7 9 1 9 9 9i 9 9' 9 9 10 10 10 9W 9 10 9 9Y9 10 8 8i 8 9 10 53 9H 9 84 10 8 4 9 9 5 8 9 5 9 92 10 9h 10 2 9 10 3 sy 3X 8. 10 9 10. 1 7- Bend, Octoher 3d to Cth. the same to be on a level with the present road-bed, and the street to if you are of Sixteen car loads of wheat and Ktnma Clara Bailey.

Jennie Uattie Watson Vill'e Watson Josephine Crawford Virginia Taiklngton Rosa inaTalking ton. KozlllaTalkington Addie Talkingcon Omer Talkington Albert Talking Mary Park Helen Park Cora Park Carrie Wood Arthm Wood Amelia Li I lie Laurie Moldenhauer A me! Molrieuhaner Mary McMillan Johnny McMillan. James McMillan Julia Shipman Ba tfehiuman Annie Shipman. Homer Allen Lizzie Allen Woif red Loveall EV'n a Loveall Willard Swauson Dorah Swanson 1 Porter Mar. in Thomas O'Me Keller George Rider Co! -lib us Rider Kddv Keller Weslev Keller.

be filled in level with the bridge, for corn were shipped east, last week from Elmdale and Cottonwood. G-OOD i- GO TO V- the sum of 240 Considerable time of the Council was taken up, both by members and outsiders, in the discussion of the The T. S. F. R.

K. is doing a heavier business now from points in this county than it ever has before appointment of City Marshal and fixing pay of same, without the Board's coming to any definite con T. F. Davenport, dentist, of Era J- CRIFFf clusion. pona, will be at Cottonwood Falls Adjourned to meet, June 5, 1876, "Wednesday and Thursday, May 17th at 130 clock, p.

m. and IStb. One car of miners' goods, accom barometer to 3d to 4th. In the west to 8th, in the east, falling barometer RAILROAD MEETING. panied by, passed Cotton To-morrow (Saturday) night is Mary Hunt, Teacher.

THE FOURTH OF JULY. wood, last "Wednesday, on their road T111S AKli AUlSJXTS POK THE JUSTLY CELEBRATED to San Juan. the time set for therailroad meeting. Let every citizen of Chase county A meeting will be held at the and rising temperature, ending in cloudy weather, with heavy rains in places, and, perhaps, with severe storms. 8th in the west to 11 th.

in Congregational Church, this city that can, be present. The desire for a railroad is, almost, unanimous, Lookout for the new, elegant fifteen-ball pool tab'e, which will soon arrive at the Union Billiard Hall mis evening, to maKe arrange the east, rising to high barometer tSMITGETELL WAGONS. ments to celebraf.e the centennial 4th and the questions is what kind of a of July in an appropriate manner and generally clear and cool weather nth in the west to 15th in the east, railroad do we want and how we A general turnout of the citizens and Saloon, opposite Union Hotel. John Wooley, the barber, is doing eood work in thetonsorial line. He going to get it.

Butler county is anxious and ready for a road. the county is desired. The follow falling barometer-and risiog temperature, ending in clouding and Two car loads fifty wagons in transit and will soon arrive. They also have a larce and complete stock of 4 CITD. A Tt- a -t 5 tnttt a -t -r-r ing is the call cloudy weather, with rain in places.

The Augusta Gazettey after giving a synopsis of the Courant's report of the railroad meeting held in this city. Wc, the undersigned citizens of Cottonwood Falls, wishing- to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of American, Independence in an app-opriate manner, do hereby reouest the citizens of Cottonwood Falls and surroundinsr April 22d, says: We suggest that if Friday eyeniusr. Mar 5. for the nmnose of mn. they desire the assistance of Butler sideriag the best and most appropriate manner i fi i 1 i rv' vv rxi Iron, Steel Nails, Wagon "Wood Work, and all Kinds of FARMING TOOLS.

153 OOMMEEGIAL EMPORIA, KANSAS. 01 ceiei) raunjf me same. Kespeci fully, J. P. Kuhl.

J. Tuttie. county, that they give up all thought of the narrow gauge road, as our people will not aid such a road, either by county or township aid, as our S. A. Ptrrig, S.

A. Bree, B. Knnt, J. McWiUiama, Geo. W.

Estes, II. B. Weed. J. C.

Martin. J. P. Cantrall, J.r. Caldwell, N.

J. Swarzr, A. G. Miner, E. Pratt, W.

A. Morgan, C. A. Britton, I S. D.

Breese, C.C.Hassler, C. C. Whitsou, C. C. Watson, W.

S. Smith, S. P. A. W.

Tiinmons. valley is of too much importance to be burdened with bonds issued to FOUNDRIES. construct such a one-horse affair County aid can'not be obtained for REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVEN- any road in this county, but all bona There will be a mass convention givc3 ten shaves lor $1. If you del sire a good, clean shave, give him a call. GotoIi.E.

Damon, on Broadway, next door to the bank to have your watches and clocks repaired. Mr. Dumon has watches, clocks and plated ware for sale. tf The blacksmith shop of Mr. A.

G. Miner was broken open, last Saturday night, and two stocks, together with the dies and pins for same, were carried awaj. It will take at least $15 to replace them. Mc Williams is located in the Chase County Bank, and will promptly attend to matters law and real estate; a specialty made of business in the United States Land Office. Promptness and efficiency guaranteed.

If your geraniums don't flourish, just graft them upon tomato vines and see how that works. A Los Angeles man tried it, and his geranium, or tomato its hard to tell which is growing thriftily and blossoming beautifully. fide propositions for standard gauge 14th in the west, to 16th in. the east, rising to high barometer, and clear, cool and pleasant weather. 16th in the west, to 20th in the east, falling barometer, rising temperature, ending in cloudy weather with heavy rain and wind storms in places.

19th in the west to 2 2d in the east, falling barometer, with a lain and wind storm, followed by rapidly rifing barometer, clear and cool weather. 21 st to 23d, general high barometer, with clear, cool and pleasant weather. 23d in the west, to 26th in the east, falling barometer, I rising temperature, ending with cloudy weather with rain in places. 26th in the west, to 29th in the east, rising to high barometer, with generally clear and pleasant weather. 28th in the west, to 31st in the east, falling barometer, rising temperature, ending in cloudy and threatening weather, with heavy rains and storms in places.

FOR SALE. Fnrtv arrrps of cood bottom "lanr! of the Republicans of Chase countv EIV3PORIA FOUNDRY AND 31 ACH1NE SHOP. JO-5EP11 C. Varafactnrer of everv decnption of Itn and BrM Cstirig. Repairing of a'Ikird.

of raafhinrry promptly attended to. Babbitt metals a pppcaltv. Correspondence eo Hciled. P. O.

Drawer 347 roads, will receive due considera PLOTTS' STAR ORGANS. iSend for price list and list of tentimonialt Address lward Plotta. Washington, R. REAL ESTATE REGISTER. E.

P. BANCROFT, Land Abstract Office, EMPORIA, KANSAS. ESTABLISHED 19 TRAMS. Publisher of the "U-al Estate Eegister. Send lor aninle copv.

tion, and will be aided by township bonds." DEMOCRATICglASS CONVEN- A Democratic Mas3 Convention will be held in the court-house, at Cottonwood Falls, Saturday, May 6, 1876, for the purpose of electing three delegates and three alternates to the Democratic State Convention, to be held at Topeka. Mav 18. 187G. Plo'tts'Slar Organs are In caes warranted not to crack or wart) if pron-rlr ned. Send for ra'ab'srue.

Ad- held at Cottonwood Falls, on Saturday, May 13th, at one o'clock p. for the purpose of electing two delegates, and two alternates, to represent Chase county at the State Republican Convention which convenes in Topeka on May 24th, for the purpose of electing delegates to the National Republican Convention which meets in Cincinnati on the 24th of June, to nominate candidates for President and Yice-President of the United States. By order of the County Republican Central Committee. Jont Wood, Chairman, "i dres Edwakd Plotts. Washington.

N. PLOTTS' STAR ORGANS. AnT person wishinsr to purehase a parlor PLOTTS' STAR OBGMS (Jomb ne beauty, durability and worth Send illustrated catalogue before buT; nr. Ad-dre the manufacturer, iLOTTS, By order of J. R.

Blackshire. organ, where there is do agent for the Star, would do well to write lor tpeei rat en, to Introduce this Instrument. Address Zdward unairraan Co. Uen. Committee, P.

CaldweiLj Secretary, for terms apply. at this office,.

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