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Coffeyville Star from Coffeyville, Kansas • 5

Coffeyville Star from Coffeyville, Kansas • 5

Coffeyville Stari
Coffeyville, Kansas
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Democratic County Convention. You are from HENRY SEARS CO: STAR BEAMS. in PS than was expected. Cherryvale citizens are petition There will be a delegate convention ing the superintendent or the J. U4 SHAKE! No fear3 of frost.

As cold as Manitoba this morn- L. S. railroad to graciously instruct of lie Democratic party, of Montgom his subordinates to refrain from block- ery county held at the Opera Hous. se ing. in Independence, at 10:30 a.

Saturday, September 24, 1881, for the pur ing up the street crossings with freight cars. A city ordinance, and a fine or two under it, would be the proper remedy for such a difficulty. In addition to Mr. Kloehr of this city, the following parties in this pose of nominating candidates for County Treasurer, Sheriff, Clerk, Register of Deeds, County Surveyor, also County Commissioner 1st district. 3 CD rsi -i CD La Each township will be entitled to and county have been recently arrested for ht delegatesin the convention violating the prohibitory Jaw; Fred ejh wa in the cit of Ind( depen dence will be entitled to two delegates, which'will be elected at primary con CL J-l in ventions held at the usual places ofi ili.

Turner oi jik uiiy, jouq jr. nou-erts, F. L. Roberts, C. V.

Lund, T. C. Truman and John Helvank of Independence, and Geo. E. Ricketts of Liberty.

Our city government is likely to have a bright young babe left on its hands, which some childless family should adopt. Several weeks ago the babe was left with a colored family to be taken care of for two weeks, and voting in the different townships and wards, and recommended to be held on Thursday, September 22, 18S1. i A. A. Stewart, Chairman Cent.

Com. Judge C. V. Rogers came up from Claremore yesterday. Our Public schools open next Monday, the 19th inst.

Mrs. J. E. Finney came down from Lawrence last night. Mr.

Newcombe of Thayer came down here last night. Look at the bargains in all kinds of goods at Read Brothers. Mr. J. W.

Don Lavy of Independence spent last Saturday in Coffey-ville. Round trip tickets to Chicago are now lower, for visitors to the exposition there. Two car loads of emigrants' outfit came in here last Saturday night from Iowa. The rare phenomenon of a foggy 0 T. ISHAM -Dealer in Shelf and Heavy- Township Convention.

A mass convention of the Demo TI2TWAR the board paid for that time. The guilty parents have never sent any more money, and the colored family KAEEWAE crats of Parker township will be held at the usual voting place in the city of Coffey ville, on Sept. 22d, A. D. 1881, at 2 o'clock p.

for the purpose of selecting eight delegates and eight al ternates to the Democratic County Convention to be held in the city of Agricultural Implements, Independence, on the 24th day of 1881. T. C. Frazier, -including- Chairman Township Cent. Com.

have their own family to support. Independence Tribune. Sparks from a K. L. S.

engine last Saturday set fire to the prairie in the southwest part of town, which came near resulting in great damage to property. About two hundred promptly responded when the alarm was given and prevented the fire from reaching houses. Four stacks of hay belonging to Jake Ether-ton, who lives on the Major Peck place, were destroyed. Cherryvale Globe. The following are the candidates for county offices nominated at Independence by the anti-monopoly con Fish Yagons, Deere, Mansur Co's Plows, Cultivators Sc.

Township Convention. A mass convention of the Democrats of Cherokee township will be held at Eeal Estate and Loan Qmce. the Roberts school house, on Sept. 22nd, A. D.

1881, at 3 o'clock p. for the purpose of selecting eight del- -I have some of the- egates and eight alternates to the npmnfrfttif rVmntv Convention t.n he vention on tne ttilrd. inst. Treasurer, morning was witnessed here last Monday by early risers. Mr.

A. C. Keifer, of thi3 place, is now attending the Indian International Fair at Muskogee. About fifteen excursion tickets for the Kansas City fair were sold here the first three days of this week. Mr.

William Crura, a son, of Mr. J. T. Crum, started this morning for a visit to his old honae in Indiana. Mr.

W. S. Brown of Independence, familiarly known as "Osage Brown," was in this city Tuesday. More improvements at the Southern Hotel. The roof of the rear extension has been entirely rebuilt this week.

The work of plastering Mr. Up- J. W. Ladd, Sycamore Sheriff, J. held in tne city of independence, on T.

Brock, Drum Creek County Clerk, ine z-iiii uay oi 1001. J. A. Whiteside. J.

E. Cribbs, Fawn Creek Register of Deeds, J. M. Nevins, Independence City Coroner, Dr. E.

B. Lamb, Ca-nev County Surveyor, A. S. Les MOST DBSIBABLB IBAJRIMIS in this and Labette counties, for sale or exchange. Loans and Discounts made on Good Paper.

43rFive year loans at straight 10 per cent, INSURANCE PLACED IN RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES. Chairman Township Cent. Com. Coffeyville Markets. Thursday, Sept.

15, 1831. GRAIN. lie, Cherry Co. Commissioner, H. Mounger, Cherry township.

The Schools. Wheat, new, 81.10 1.18 Corn 65c Oats 30c The Public Schools of Coffeyville will open on next Monday, 19th. ham's new store building, and the I hoDe a special effort will be made Flax 8102 Castor 81 60 i nhnvp id in nm. bv all the mi mis to be present tne Odd Fellows' Hall i f- LIVE STOCK. City Bakery nrst aay, aua to oegm wuu earuesi-ness a profitable year's work.

M. R. Cook. Cattle, native 32.003.50 j. R.

Jordan, $3.004.00 VEGETABLES. AND Potatoes, new, per $1.75 Special Dispatch. St. Louis, Sept. 14, 1881.

John Sturr and 22. M. Harper dealer in Tomatoes, per bushel $1.50 gress this week. Mrs. Charles Lucas and her bother, Mr.

M. T. Powers, started Tuesday for a visit to the Indian International Fair, at Muskogee. Notwithstanding the long, drouth and the destruction of so large a portion of the range below here by prairie fires, the numerous herds of cattle there have not only held their own but have steadily gained all through Green beans, per Turnips, per bushel 75c Look out for the new stock, bought First door north of Postoffice. HERESIES for cash (6 per cent, discount) at bed Onions, per $1.25 Cabbage, per 10c 'ZESZa-xa-sets.

rock prices. An immense line of dry off e3rrrille goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Sweet potatoes, per bushel $2.00 1 WOOL. Clothing, at extremely low prices. J. Barricklow.

ICS CREAK ADD SODA WATER. Clean fleece, per lb 16 20c Burry .......10 15c Sadlery, Whips, Blankets, Fly Nets, Lower Than the Lowest, MISCELLANEOUS Spring Chickens, per dozen Mr. H. W. Read, of the firm of Read Broth OYSTERS IN THEIR SEASON Butter, per lb .25 35c ers, was in Kansas City last week and bought an immense stock of goods at closing -out Eggs, per .....10 12c Watermelons 10c sales, at extraordinarily low prices for cash, and they propose to sell them the same way, On prints, flannels, domestics and notions Kansas City Markets.

Fresli and Canned Fruits, Confectionery, etc. CHAS. HOFFMAN, Prop. this firm is able to make prices that cannot be HARNESS MADE TO 0EDEE. duplicated in Montgomery county.

Call and Tuesday, Sept. 12, 1881. Wheat Rejected, cash $1 bid. No. 3 cash.

the summer. The present prospect for an abundance of fall pasturage and water from this time on delights the soul of the herdsman, and relieves him of his only source of anxiety. At the greenback township primary held in Esq. Perkins' office yesterday afternoon, the following delegates were selected to represent this township in the county convention to be held at Independence next Saturday: W. F.

Huddleson, William Mobley, Jacob Statts, J. F. Savage, John Briley, V. O. Saddler, T.

B. Hooper, John W. Cubine. see their stock and be convinced. Jl.lO'A i UULUUCI 11UYCIUUCI vl-l M.

cash 81.31 bid, 51.32 asked. South End of Plaza. Coffeyville, Kan Corn No. 2 white mixed 71c bid, T6c THE INDIAN TERRITORY. asked October, no bids: 64c asked.

BOOT SHOE SHOP. C-ubizie cSc Oats jno. 'Z cash 43J4C ma, no onerings. in o-vember, 44c bid, 47c asked. Cattle Good fat steers.

fat stock Capt. Joe Payne, Policeman Lieut. Creed Justice and Major cattle and feeders. 83.253.65: light stockers Franks all of this vicinity succeeded 82.00(52.75. in capturing Quinn and Johnson, the Hogs Bulk of sales range 6.05.

Boot and Shoe makers, would Inform the two desperadoes who have recently wool Fine, heavy unwasnea iucitc nne. public that they are prepared to ThP following nrft the rielPratPs from "kYa" light, 18c20c tub washed, 38c40c Kansae medium, 16c20c. 0 -0 lient on stolen norses. uuidd was DO ALU KINDS OF WORK severely wounded. Johnson recog NOTES OF BUSINESS.

FSHNXTUR nizing the eloquence of a heavy loaded shot gun, gracefully held up his hand and succumbed. Immediately in their lne in the best style and wiu guarantee a fit and satisfaction. Repairing also done neatly and with dispatch. Leather and findings always on hand and for sale. Call i a.

a. Cherokee township Adam Beaty, M. Green, John Mclntyre, Noah Howard, Dr. Teel, D. Slider, John Degeer, Stephen White.

Making the Fur Fly. Ask for "MeTaggart's Best." fin to d. T. Panada's to huv crood after disarming Johnson he had a free and passage to Muskogee. Cherokee Ad- and cheap clothing.

vocate. in. Opposite Eldridge House. CUBINE Coffeyville, Kan. Take a look at the leatherett and This is what Read Brothers are doing with their big stocks and low prices.

If you want A dispatch from Childer's station Cherokee Nation, says that William silvered card cases, with 50 gilt-edged cards in each, at the Star office. a ribbon for your hair, a calico dress, a paper of needles, a bottle of perfumery, a hand Chain and James Trott, Cherokee In If you want the best fiour in the G. Shaw. F. C.

Jocelyn, J. C. Romick. dians, aged 18 and 20 years respective UNDERTAKING ROOMS, East Side Square. ZLiarg-est Stools Lcwest Prices I Call and see.

aachel, a piece of canton flannel, a pair of market, ask for McTaggakt's Best. ly, got into a quarrel over a game of A new stock of clothing the best catds. Chain left the house and was stockings, a piece of embroidery, a fancy comb, or anything in the world pertaining to a lady's dress or toilet, remember that Read about to rideaway, when Trott detain- the city for men, boys and youths just opened out at G. L. Canada's.

ed him on some pretext until he got Brothers have Just got in twice as many such goods as they know how to find room for, and to the side of the horse, when he drew a revolver and shot him dead, To Exchange, G. B. Shaw wholesale and retail dealers in Pine Lumber, that they were bought at cost, at a closing-out exclaiming, 44 I'm revenged." He A good horse and buggy, and har sale, and will be sold, to make room for new goods, at a great discount on former figures. then fled. A sherilrs posse is pursuing him.

Both the young men are ness, tor uotleyviue city property. Inquire of J. Barricklow. HENRY VERMEHEEN, said to be related to the highest dig COUNTY NEWS. at his nitaries in the Cherokee nation.

Notice to Contractors. Little the Northern Chey ennes, and Ben Clark, interpreter, Soldiers' Reunion at Cherryvale on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. passed through town last Monday on Lath, Shingles, Blinds, Cement, Doors, Sash, in the centre of the Plaza, keeps constantly on hand the best of steaks, roasts and everything in his line. their return from Washington where Plaster Paris, Plastering Hair, Eaves Troughing, I.I2TTS. The Leland Hotel at Cherryvale Sealed proposals will be received by the undersigned, at the postoffice in CoSey ville, Montgomery county, Kansas, until 12 o'clock of the 1st day of November, A.

D. 1881, for the fencing of the tract below Caldwell in the Indian Territory, known as the Cherokee mitlpt th snmA Vtplnfr lnnat.Ad on tho Pimar. the Chief had been in consultation with the Interior Department with has changed hands again, S. S. Major 3 t-v a takiusr reference to the removal of his tribe reuruig aiiu jjavis oc laiooit charge.

to the north. Little Chief says about -A wheat stack belondrifr to a Mr. 200 will co to the north this fall, and rnn rlvpr flftv miloa south of fho Vansns Tln cf TTn wn ci i A nrn I nin I 4.U i I i Highest cash price paid for Wheat, Flax and Castor Beans, uuu wuiuiunij, i tnu umws us suuu us gruiu I'umes iiejtt i state line, rne tract to ne renoeq. is twenty 1 1 v. i Ta ucu one spnijir.

iuero are aoout ouu in nie five miles square and will require one hun B1IHIH0US night lately. It 13 supposed to have band, and their removal to the Terri ueen set on tire by a tramp. torv in the first place was a piece of W. H. Frost of Pawn creek town- treachery on the part of the Hayes dred miles of fenoing.

Good solid cedar posts are required and a fence of five barbed wires, the work to be completed by the first of December, 1881. The proposals' to be accompanied with samples of the wire proposed to be used. The undersigned reserve the right to suip reports to the Tribune that he administration, tor which no excuse be ottered. oe ottered, J. J.

BARNDOLLAJl can jittie Uhiet is a man -OF- about fifty years of aare. tall and of commanding appearance, and Indidn reject any or all bids. Dealers in J.B, CURI.E, W. C. Rogers.

though he be, has more brain power than some of the white milk-sops the 6z Steel. C0FPEYVILLE, KANSAS. newspapers advertise as great statesmen. If we could only place a few and Little Chiefs into congress, it is possi ble the Indian question would be solved with a full regard for the rights of the white man and justice to the GROCERIES lESats ar-d Caps, Indian. Muskogee Journal.

has 120 acres of corn which will yield as well as last year 10 or 50 bushels per acre. His oats yielded forty bushels. The Kansan reports that six street rights at Independence occurred on a recent Saturday. That is just the number of government licenses for the sale of liquor held in Independence. A party of Cherryvale young bloods killed a horse, and came' near killing one of their own number, racing horse on their way home from camp meeting, one evening last week.

The services, we fear, profited them little. David Turner of Elk valley is reported in the Tribune as having harvested 3,220 bushels of wheat from 140 acres, an average of 23 bushels per acre. His son's crop went 25, and wheat throughout is yielding better T. DHL XDorLOTrarL bee-hiveItore, Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Choice Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Spices and Canned Fruits of all descriptions also a Soots ad Siices, Running1 Over Full. This is the condition of Read Brothers' stole at the present time.

They haven't room to stow away half the goods now on hand and so many more are on the way that they must sell some off to make room. They are Having just completed alarge, commodious vault we are better prepared than ever to accommodate our customers and for the transaction of a general banking business. Money to loan on good real estate and personal security at reduced rates. Collections made and promptly remitted. 2Z7I2 sr pzmassnn TO Bank of Kansas City, Kansas City, M04 Far mers' National Bank of Geneseo, lt National Bank of Kewanee, Henry Connty Bank, Cambridge, Hon.

Oeo. Plei-ants, Judge 10th Judicial Circuit, liock Island. Hon. John J. Glenn, Judge 10th Judkiyl Circuit, Monmouth, III.

GOODS NOTIONS AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. accordingly making before unheard-of prices and offering such inducements as cannot fall to secure buyers, in the line of dry goods and notions, furnishing goods, hats and caps boots and shoes, trunks and valises, etc. FLOUR AND FEED STORE. Vegetables and all kinds of Farm Produce taken in exchange for goods at the Lowest Cash Prices, Call at the Bee-hive. Cash paid for Country Produce, Hides and Furs.

CoffeyTllle, Kansai..

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