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Hillsboro Herald from Hillsboro, Kansas • 2

Hillsboro Herald from Hillsboro, Kansas • 2

Hillsboro Heraldi
Hillsboro, Kansas
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

One of the grandest weddings of 2Iau Semilog, ben 31. 2Ipnl feierten err Slbvafjcnt Q5fe unb grl-elene otfcmann, Grfterer Qort 3Mt1E ERALlD JOHN DOLE PROPRIETOR; to. 3Jlot bem ubtifum Ijierrait BcTcjint, bfl cr eincn SStUMnt Glnbe-Sbalc benaft gefauft bat bcrfclfcc lev 3aifon 1S89 in De3 (L Sun! ftchca Hurt). Sclccnb fie) lie Scngnific weldje betccifen, ba crroaljutcc cust cin SJcUMiii ift- THE SELECT CLYDESDALE HORS NOOa SOCIETY OF AMERICAv Incorporated. This is to Certify, that tho Clydesdale Stallion WILLIE" (500), bred by John Laird of Lawfield, Scotland, owned by E.

Bennett Son, of Topeka, Kansas; has been registered in the Stud Book of Select Clydesdales kept by this Society. In Testimony whereof, witniss my haud and seal, this 10th day of Sept. 1SS7- J. b. Mclaughlin, Secretary.

etroefneten unb cingcmocfitcn 3i)vuy Gaffcc tin tiyte: ScujU biele aiibcre Mvitftl iicn Hfiig Itcu reijen. HlLLSBOBO, KANSAS. the heavy demands for the fibre Las grown so large, that the supply is running short tnd as this company makes their own twine and only 6ell it to their agents, it is impossible for any combination to get their twine so as to raiss tho price. It is not to tho interest ef the machine comauiso to run up tho prices of twino, as it will Injaro their trade in machines. The farmers might as well say thatwhen there is scarcity of sugar, that it is held by a com bination as twine, or when wheat takes a raise that tho farmers have combine la trust Supply and demand rnles all comnibtitics, both what we buy and what we ecIL; Jute is worth twelve cents per pound which sold four years ago at four cents a a pound.

Hemp has gone up, and the producers are the ones that make tho money out of it. The Star comes ont in an article saying that twine in England can be b'onght at nice cents per pound and that it cost 40c in the United i'tates end that the cause was protection. Now let us see how much troth there is in itj one eent in England is equal to two cents in the United States, so if they pay nine cents, it means 13 cents of our money, just what it coss the consumer in this country, and they don't say that that is the price to the con sumer or not. It cost tne con NO 500 uFHE HOUSE SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND. Incorporated by Act of Parliament.

Stone and Sand This is to certify that the Clydesdale Horse, "BRAVE the property ef E. Bennett Son, Topeka, Kansas, is duly Sulbsription liegisterea in tne btua Hook, ol select Clydesdale by" this Society. Given under my hand thi3 9. day of July 1SS7. Thomas M.

sYoan, Secret 4r-' THE Sire: Tryme, (3273 S. Dam: Nell of Lawfield (3C9i C. S. TJ.) by Orphan (1493 C. S.

by Ivanhoo II. C. S. Svi'cia, Moil bicfem cngfi chi uUcii ju at once. Streft cm Often feejtfflctf, finb MlIU ier, ol' mnix mon turd) lulcn'rcii fifariuri.

olfo tiefc Stnfcn unb' grojlc S6mmifjiohcn tvenn fparcii foniu, inbem 3l)t cine oftfurte oh uu fenbet. SSir marfjen Fcinc opiertf dii 'groffc Sanfen in SieiD 9)orF joIDoor fonbern tlUean riyatleutf. the season was tho uniting of Abra ham Boese to the daughter of IL Loetkecaan, of Minno township. There were about two hundred friends and neighbors in attendance We wish them all tho happiness this world affords. May their pathway bestrewn with fipwers and get their share of this Worlds goods.

May they ever live so that tkey will be an honer to society, and set an ex ample to the rising generation, so they may proffii by their ex6mple. Our "Devils'7 Notions. Otto Eandali is talking of going. with Barnum's circus. Wonder what for.

Henry Goertz came to lhi3 of-flee and told us that he was a candidate for state printer. Henry ought to go to Lehigh and help Do'obs on his syrup press for a while, before being a candidate for such an effice. Where can w4 get some bitters, is the question among some of onr young mea. Wait dies. tmth Lull dog Get a spy class andl look around and see cow raany loafers yon can find.

Lost, -two cents. Finder will be well rewarded same to by returning the "Sheep" What islho matter "with Dobbs of Lehigb, we baveat heard anything of his syrup factory for along time. We can recommend Henry Goertz and Otto Randall if he need3 any help, as both hav? had 1 days ex perience in that liie of "Dude" Shul'z's examinatfbn certificate recommends him as a busi n6ss man. We always thought dude jyotild bo great but we were mistaken, and now take it all back. Ow5n feeds "Sheep" on beef head soup and sour krout.

uur rcanasrer uas nirea out as stable boss. t- "Whiskers" visited our city last He can't stay away from the wind mill. Al bweeney's Lbrso 13 on the sick list this week. Hello neighbor? cleaning- store pipes and chimney as usual. Yes sir tms makes tne seventn time since last fall.

I have wasted five days cleaning these miserable piped nave nad tnree cnimney lire3 and burned 5 tons af Why dont you burn the Canon City Coal? I have used it for the last year and I have not had occasion to clean my pipes or chimney once It comes to high, cannot affor it. Well now let us figure, you say you burned 5 tons of Osage coal for which yon paid 25.00 and spent.4 days to rjjlean pipes at $2.00 per day making 8.00 so your coal really costs you 33.00. Now sir I nave burnt 3 tons cf Canon City coafin a sim ilar room during the same time which cost me 24. 00. I can assure you I havd had 50.00 worth of 6olid corn fort out cf it.

ell sir 1 never looked at it in that way. Perhaps you are right guess I will order Burkholderto send me up a Ion. of the Canon City give the matter a fair test on the lino of cash md comfort. The Hansomest Train lit The World The fast Veslibule Express leaves Kansas City for Chicago at P. M.

Via The SANTA FE Route. Throws its last feathers off; and who shall place A limit to tVe giants unclaimed Or curb Lis swiftness in forward race? (SBiegt 1.900 Ffunfc,) tcirb jebeit STlontag, Sientag i anf bcr garm bcr grau Simmer, nctje Crhaba; STanfaS, unb ieben grettag unb unb to unb etcre aii biefeni Gottnirj, tin aufe bcr (silent ber 53 rout, 7 iUceueit Zcuo von ijcuigg, U)re od)3ctt. 2a tie iyrant cie -ujuune cures Untergefeenen ift, jo ussr td) yclfyV jnaegen, inn ol3 fetter fangircn. 2tm SSorraittage famn-el icit fun bie jaglretcgeit cutgelabencn GJafie, linb b2 11 Iffj'r fjatfen fic. un gefabr 00 afte etHgefunben.

S-t jcurbe ben afteu cut racfctige SJfcljI norgeiet loelcein and) cin ebcx frdf- tig jufprodj. 9iacl) bent Ciffeii murbeit ein paar Stebcr gefmigcn unb bnn rourbe bit Xranrebe con abgehalten. (Sr fitelt cine riiljrenbe an bem SSrantpaare fonjo'jl ab3 auch an ctte iiiuefcnbe. SJach bem Xraualte lparten ciexmaU cm pax Steber abgefungen, unb ben- JJlnttjefen ben leurbe luieberuat cin iiJafit orae tragen. Sirjenrgen, luclcfie ncit ab Kjoljnten furcn jct lueg, afcer bie SJadjfiireii.uub be'cnbcr bie jv'ngcn 2eute bliefcen nod jurinf, unt nod; ct' nen angenemcit ju toerlcbeu.

tuurbeit Sann au6) tin paax icbcr gcftmg'en, begleitet init "SJiujif. Oanjen toar cS ctne giite Beit, unb nur ju ball? luar c3 Qdt "jiim Slufbtechcn. (Si lourben SSraut aua) dou bieten tJrcttnien foftbare fdjenfe bargebrd)t, unb tjatte fie cine qaine SUiaffe biefer tebc3Aetd)cn. 2a3 iunae sJB3ar nebenlt am ben 7teit Stpril nad Qnt 9ietr. uberjufiebcln.

Ser bem jurigen adxi ctn'c gfiicflidje Slieije na ifircr ncucn eine gcrt burdj'3 ganjc Scbcn. 2)ie xan be cnrij ift gegcnindrtig franf. Ci. ifer crbtclt am Stcntag eine Garoab SaT. iba GLavman max am Sonntag in gtsrcnfe; ebriiber laffen fid? jefcf terc einricbteit.

Sid), abcr oI luefj! Sc(5 I)aben loir bcu berufjniten trrn Srup reffcr; (obb3) in Seigl) ganj 3d) am Sion tag in Scfjigb unb iroUte ibm in feinem Scibcn troftett, abcr mein S3ruber S)otb3 itiar nidjt nclr ticthanberi: Strnter Sterl! S53o iffag er fcin? Gnt felid), tuenn ftd) fo cin armer gvu reffer gaii3 cGetu in bie finite 23clt bincnS wagt! Gr fonnle ja ben 23cg cerfivenf oQte" irgenb 3tmanb luiffcri W9 fiflj incut 5jobb3 mochte cr mir foglctcfj inittljeiien, bsnh cS ift mir gan3 beutlic ba id) oljne 2obb3 uicbt leben fa mi. bcx 2iad)i vsn Sanistog auf Sonntag Ijaitcu loic bier ftarfeit fefr SUir fiitb 23od)e ganj nut bem beutjdjeit 53cpartenieut ii: bcu Sintcrarunb ncMobcn niorfecn; abcr nacftc Soce luerbeu roit beffo glan gctiber an'S Sageslidjt fomntcn. 2Ttc h)ir borcn gcbcnft fid) Sr. Gnnl in itnfercm tautd)cn anfdffig ii madjen. 2idre un3 roiUfommen.

Scan benegtet uns oafj cut sar junge SDianner tit SDcenno Xoicnftjip tv-neu Gierrkg" g'cfubrt IjaOcrt. SScint blofjeu "ebanfeit cri tiften Gicrfcieg loirb c3 etnem idjon aclb ncr ten Slugen. (GtngefflKbt.) er Slcgcn Ijat mdndjc Grccf3 cngc fnat. fuib mchre S3rii(Jcn nerfajwunben jebcb finU 5ie inetfterf mieber ge funbei. S3ct S'ictrtd SSiebcj far.b f.cb ein ferb fin.

2)cr Cstgciu tbiimer mcihte melfeett. eine ifhb bain get ba? Sornpflanscn lo. rv a -rr rSr J. A. lucmi), varmcri rscniiuuu uuj uus Sicb batb fclbft futtein.

Stanfal, 3. SIprti 1SS9. SSertfier Ginen berjlidjcu rufj juoor! i 3 Summer 2G be Ia id, ba cinige giebt, bencn c3 barum jn tbutt ift, cts nulieS ju f-icibcn ojer ju lefeit, fonern nur Xiuiuuljeiteu tooueH. ftinune bem gesnj bei, tua3 ber gbitor ba amnerft; ffH bci toe nigfieu3 finnretc fctit. SZun icfj: tjoffe.

bajs, toenu bic Iicfccn Gorrepciibentcii tin gute S3Iatt lefcu tocllcn, fie fid aucb fcefleifcugcn toerben, ctwa nuIi ju fdjrciben. SfdjtiutglcoII SSaMnadjridjten. 3- Unfcre Stablioafjl am Slcntag ging jieinli rubig son Jlcinfigbt' nidjt cinmat cin "dog fight" rcer auf juttcifen. Sen iCiboro'S fd)ictt bie republifanife fdjoit uberbrufeig gcruorben ju fcin, fo baben p.e fid) benn Semofraten ange fdiaft, nur cin arnte Siepublifancrcen baben uc einlcfi aelsabrt. SSir ttoflen boffen bajj e-3 itnfcre Ccntofratifdjen i t.

a fetaetooarer ce er niccnen cjercen, ais tbre rcpufcltfanifce SSorgenger ge macnt baben. Slfo folccnbe finb bte KutT(1 ocond claoo mail maWT iu turn xnt ti ro ill Wll.i'.turo, KauiU. ilIM.Si:Oi: BAXIt, A STf MAI 3 STRE ET.K I'ublKli Jtl every Thursday. AlVEiUISIN(J ace I 1 mo 3 mos. KATES.

won, 1 yr inch $1.00 $2.40 $1.00 3 inches 2,50 7,00 10.00 12.00 Xf inches 5.00 12.00 2t.00 40,00 10 inch' 7.00 17,00 31.00 00.00 1 col. 13.00 30.00 00. 00 3 00.00 Lpgal Advertising dono tii leagle ratea. Lccals 5 cents' per lino each inser-tion to regular advertisers, ten cents por lino for trancient. Reinstating Eper enced Men.

Postmaster OeDeral Las 6tatel that many of the old and experienced mail clerks and divison superintendents who were discharged by the Cleveland administration, will be restored to their former posi tions. The reinstat of these sncn is a good eign' nnd give3 prom is ef a radical reform in the postal service of the country. The miserable porvico which has been foisted upoD the country by the last administratis made everybody anxious to a return to the old, tried and trusted ren aad naeth ods. They are coming back. A number of the superintendents of divisions in tho railway mail service have been reinstated.

They were removed solely to make room for democrats, and they are going back for They nifght never to have boon disturbed. Tboy. Lad studied their work lfe men study trade. They were trained, and experienced, and their training and experience wore valuable to the eexvice. But they were removed to mako room for democrats, and the democratic party had to pay dearly for the blunder, in the odium which an insufficient nnd retrograding mail service placed upon their party.

Now the faithful and capable officials rrj coming back. Not becanso they are republicans, but because they are the best tilted to looT? lifter that work. Be cause they Lave Lad tho years of raining and experience that qualify them for the position, and bocause the public will bo bettor served by reinstating them. Here and iii Cne branch or nuother of the service there raay be a good many good men brought back to take up the work which they were Compelled to turn over, for partisan Reasons, to the hands of incompetents Vherevor this is the case, the public service will be improved, on sound "business principles, and the blind partisanship that dealt it a stagger inc blow under Mr. Cleveland's direction will be fittingly rebuked Tile Congressional fight will sooa begin and as every county in the district will have from one to two candidates in the field why not Mar ion county.

We have a man who is capable and honest, a man who willrepiesent the whole district, a rnaa who will represent the laborer and producer, a man who can't be bougkt, a man who is fearless and Las a principle of Lis own and is tiot afraid to tell the people how lie ntan'ds on all questions, a man who is a second Tomltyan, a man who has never as tod- the people for an Office but was called to represent the 05 district in the legislature. Last fall he wis nominated by acclama tion and as one of the loading members of the legislature, that man is E. of Marion. We be lieve that his county will nominate hini by acclamation, and wo further belicre that there are ofhr counties which will support him. Las fivo or six candidates end had th congressman for six terms, and we say she is not entitled to it again Chase county has had it before and should join her sisters county in get ting the congressman.

Est the pa ters of Marion hoist thelloch banner nnd ttnnd by him first, last and all the time, and then the farmers will aid us in the fight and everybody else, unloss it may bo somebody who wants it himself and is always ready to announce him Blf for office when there happens to be a vancanov. Wo seconded the nomination of brotherUoch last fall, and wo troDOse to nominate him he has shown his ability and honesty and is a man for tho people. Let us whoop him up all along the line and if we do our duty, he can Ise nominated, and if nominated, no do tnocrat need apply. We have been insured by our ma chine agents that binders twine will be sold at 18 cents per pound in this 'inity this summer. Wil-iao of Deering gives as the raise in twino lliat PE ABODY K4fli MAY3STARD AND CO I mVvKvc impOrtirtcn lyib v.

tttib AitMc'v in Taken on FOR Call A. T. S. F. H.

R. Marion McPhereoa Branch TIME TABLTL Trains leaving HILLSBORO. Going West. Express 5 :37A.M. Way Freight.

12:35 P. M. Going East Express 10 WT ay Freight if. J. F.HEY, Agent w.e.Biit.

Jitsticfe of the Peace. NOTARY PUBLIC. And Collecting agent OlSce No 10 East, maine Street. Hillsboro Kansas. vUlenvU()Uv, motat unb (SoUcftisnSrgcVt.

Cfffce 10, Gaft SDlaiu Strajje, ttdbbro, Ifans: 150 MEMBERS- 51.50 A WEEK; 150 PIANOS. tri firmin(? a riano Club ef 1 50 members whom Tie agree to furnish 1 50 Tianos, or pay ments of Dollar And A Halt A Week, for 200 weeks. Some member will re seive a Piano each week, commencin gSept. 15. 188S, to be determined Dy ioi.

ououiu auj memder desire a Piano before he drawa it, he will be supplied at once on paying th small ai'lition of week. The Club paying cash, enables ua to mmber the cash diocount, whereby we will' urn he for 300 dollars a I'iano worth 320. dollar. ABETTEIt OL'POItTUITY Will never be offered; Ho more that 1 SO raomoer will be accepted, ana tnecisirumnuu Buyu. ii ih iftxK.

Write at one for blank application end full Prti. PROPOSALS FOR POOR AsVLUM WHa will bo received by the Board ci County Coinniiasioners of Marion County ans. tn hn hour of 12 o'clock noon of the th day of April 1889, at the office the County Clerk in the City of Marion Marion bounty Kassas according tn th. Plana nrt Sneciflcations vrniehed by Var- r.nft Vit. Parson's A.

Sotii TtMa he uddressed te the Chairman oi tne noard of CocntT Commissioners of Marion Co. Kansas, and have endorsed on the envelope "Proposals for BuUdine on Fcor arm. -Th Board in connection with the architects, re serve any or all bWs. Drawing an3 specifications can )e seen in the office cf the county ClerK; P.itlilinf A certiflei check for J300 must accompany each and ivory bid as a giiarranty that the bidder will enter into contract ana gie such bond for ihe faithful execution of his bid, as required by law. Signed Thos.

Orborne, 1 K. imams, vtoxvuiiu is. C. li. Funk, Co.

Clerk. -ITURN OYER A NEW And go to Sirs. Chapman to buy your Millinery as Ehe Las a LARGE STOCK OF GOODS Which she will sell cheap, with the intention of going ont of the business the eom- ing season. HEF. StOCK IS COMPLETE.

Consisting of ladies, misses and chil dren's hats, trimmed and un trimmed, flowers, feathers, ornaments, ribbons satins and gauze trimmings, Also veilings, ties, ruchings etc. She expects do dressmaking on reasonable terms, and will guarantee satisfaction. Please give her a call. First door nerth of American Hoter. Subscribe for the HERALD HERALD sumer just five cents more per acre this year than it did last year, so you can nee that all ol tms nubuo is wind and not facts.

Whea will newspapers quit their lying and givo the truth on all quostious. The massos depond on the papers for their news and if they can not be believed on ene thing, how will the readers know which to believe nr-d which not. PI0K DPS. Miss Lida Chapman.vislted friends in Florence Sunday. Miss Al'na Chapman, ia 'siting rienda in Marion this week.

Rassler Bros. Lave opened a utore in Lehigh. Schultz Bros, are fitting up their store in grandstyle. They are pre paring for the fall trado. That one dollar flour of G.Kitzler is going like Lot cakes.

Everybody wants it; Dr. Ennce of Moundridge, visited our city on Monday. Tlie doctor is an old resident of this city. Go to G. Kizler and get some of that new Coffee Essence, it is the cheapest and best in town.

Our manager and Miss Alma Chap man went to Marion last luesday G. A. Sieker received another car load of salt this week. Look out for Mrs. Chapman's ad, Call on her and see how cheap she sells her goods'.

Our tpace is limited for reading matter this week, as Bassler Bros. occupy one page. Bead it and go and see them, they will make you happy We advise the hons to form a trust and raise the price of eggs. No nso to strike as that don't pay. Found a pocket book.

The owner can get the same by calling at this oil ice and describing it ana paying or this notice. We suggest to the new council to have the- cutters on main street cleaned out and stop the people from throwing ashes ad ether rubbish into ine tiemocraia are liibiienl over their success but as there is no pay in the offices and no chanco for de mocrats to get one that there ia pay in, we don't wonder that they feel Lopeful, even to get the honor of city office. Only three female voters in thiscity who asserted their rights as We believe all voters male female should go to tho poles dnd vote at city and school elections. Don't al low your men to controle you in this matter, because they think yon haven't got brsina enough and thai your place ia at lienAe nursing the babies. The rain last Saturday night will insure tEe crop for 'SO, and with a wheat crop Hillsboro will have one of tho largest booms which it ever had.

We are located ia the centre of the wheat belt, and there is the largest crop sown that was ever known in this vicinity. election weni on qmetj and Hillsboro will be under democratic rale foV the next year. If they don't do "ftny better than the repub lican council did, we will have ta run our lady council next year. The following officers were elected: May or, Lew Weialein; Police Judge, Beck; Couneilmen, John Kitzler John Gaede, G. L.

Elliott, Jaccb FunTt and Wro. Schafller. SBaf ml $80 for $30. Just think oj it! THE MONOPOLY BUSTED. Do you want a Sewinpr Machine? $17.50 to $50 Warranted five years.

With all Attachments. Write for illustrated Circulars our "Sing-er-iP "Xey Home" Etc. TO $30 Saved by ordering direct from Headquarters. Needles for any Machine, 25 cents a dozen in stamps. Address The Ioulsvitlc Sewing Machine STo.

5SO "cai'tlt Avenue, LOUISVILLE, KY. Stearns Wind Mill THE 'FLEXIBLE WHEEL WINDMILL MANUFACTURED. Can graduate the speed of the wheel as low as 18 strokes per minute ih strong winds. We use only 19 different pieces in the entire construction of the iron' work. Our Mill cannot be equalled fot sim plicity, power, and self-governing principles.

WE MANUFACTURE Tanks, mps, and Wind Mill Supplies bf every description. Reliable auenls wanted inunoc-cupied territory. ADDRESS F. B. STEARNS a CO.

Rl SHTILLE, U. S. A. Send for Catalouge. Mm Justic of the Peace.

Deeds Mortgage Contract etc. Special attention to Collection Hillsboro Kasas. SZortga tracts, etc. UoUctttone" jui S'ptjtalitai, an3. ELECTION PROCLAiATION.

Published March Mm. Pnhlie ProtlainaHan fa hereby mrie that on Monday the Jat ay of April :889 the annual elec tion in the City of HitisDoro, jianon coanxy, n.a.u-ss, will be held at the office of the Ci Clerk, fcr the pnrpoie of elccsiog the following Officers Mayor, Piic JmUre and ve Couneilmen. Poliff open from A. M. until 6 P.

M. Jndgea and Clerk are hereby ilesignated ae follows: Judges, A. W. Padlock, J- D. Uirschler and J.

j. Tank; Gierke, W. C. Kid and W. II.

Wohlgcmtrih. Wittnesea my hand tha Jay of Febrcary 19. John Harms, Major. ui) fjaben Jclr'lct? ciit votlcS forgfattig auScrn)aIjItc3 Soger liift! ben jcinflcit Cfigormian loitb; rJir in ben niebnaftcn reifen iffcHttlf; tlud) fuib wir Slgenten fiir bn tcriibmte k. Iff.


wui not mrini, varp or burn lilca woctS Can put on over Md. Jbroken plaster without mia or dirt. EJUlif put a bj any cooa meehanie. Dr.SIOS AHD PHOTOGRAPHS TO rZAlIZ CRS CARRIAGE CO. 3 a p-f? Br FOR THE CINCINNATI, OHIO, U.

S. A'. 7 TVHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS OF Samtag auf bee SBrottin gdrm, Xrcioiertel SDZeilen SScft boit Sfulne, toSljrenb Ux Saifon 18S ficben. 93ebmgungcn: Gin fullfn jtt ber fluent: 15.00. Sa elb ift am 1.

TOSrj, 1S90 faflte'. SSeim fca elb tjiit cf cr ifjaljlt toirb, aU bi ba3 guQen Iebt, loerbett 20 2oCf. geforberi. Soate bie Stute tbr SuHeu terliercn, ba3 balbe rib surfiderftaftet, ober nod) cine Gtefegcnfjeit gegeben. ScUte bie Stute berfauft bann ift ba elb fsfort "fatlig.

Ser fit ruitb genommen, aber trit fuib nidjt bcrantoovilic, tomn etnraS paf firm feStc. 4.447.) Sefcpb SSan Surcn. i 1 9 0 Cf FITJE VEHICLES Write for Catalogue, 3iamcn ber neuenuablten Scauifen: 2 police Qubgc: Secf. i Guuitcilmann'cr': 0, 2. gaioU.

SSnt. g. Jicljn liabe. Sobn Stiller. Sacob S-.

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