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Hillsboro Herald from Hillsboro, Kansas • 3

Hillsboro Herald from Hillsboro, Kansas • 3

Hillsboro Heraldi
Hillsboro, Kansas
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rC- i rluB -with A Word ta the Voter9. A.t tbe primary elec Political Annouiacemeiats. FOB REGISTER. Wo are authorized to announce Qeo. C.

Lock '2In3ufUst bar res Store. "THE COMBINATION." The CtIin-FIcrance-Marlon Crowd on a New Taolc The latest political bewl thatbas reached our ears wells up from Florence and is to the effect that Funk, Moore and Lewis have "combined." We bars "combined' the names of FueJc, Moore and Lewis with those of C. B. Funk, Walton and Starges, and if we Dutch want them we don't believe any one of them will come out and say "don't work or vote for me as it might offend some of my Florence friends if yon do." Now all we have to est is that each and every one 6f these candidates is making the race alone and on bis own merits and can't help it if we pitch them out as our choice before the primary. But such is all that could be expected from men who are eagerly grasping at a straw.

They remind us of a drowning man, fast sinking in the ocean, so this would ba sheriff and treasurer arc fast sicking and will so continue until the ICth day pf August when they will make a des tyolfletffce Sirtifcl, hie tviv t)tr mantn fiabc attf-'3tttietttsttt, toolltn ttiiv Dm fSr fBaav fctfaufnt: WOriK'BECirJS. The Site Seleoted, chsffd nd WorRJ3glnB at Qnce. ttwrxtf Buh and. Madlem ipent several days last reek aetling the creamery question. A site was selected on the farm of Mr.

Dnerksen, joining tbe iu on the but as sojae trouljV was experienced ia securing a clear title to the bind, selected two acr' on D. Bushman's place just east' of Mr. Duerksen'e. They have purchased the lumber and rock, let tbe contracts for the masonry and the buildings will be pushed as fast as men and money can do it The site chosen is a very convenient one for both our citizens and for the farmers, it being near the bnsi -ness part of the town and close1 to the junction of the two main roads leading in four directions. Messrs.

B. M. will erect a large building suitable for the creamery proper, a comodious ice bouse and ont building ami will ere long add buildings for the manufacture of cheese. We will have more to say on the creamery subject next week which interest our readers in geaeral and the farmers in particular An Old Settler's Opinion. On March 10, 1860, Fred Lewis, then quite a young man arrived in Marion Co.

and came to my bouse where he put np. He was just from the army, and though naturally bright was not well educated. Sinco then I have known bim constantly and have noted 'his improvement and progress witb interest. In une 1S08 the settlement was alarm 6 78 6nt5 Slatun offerfren roit 10 16 tngfjam, ftreina 1215 10 AO 70100 $1.25 biSfl.OO 15fi7S Gents CO 85 150 bio 3.00 75 li 1.25 1.6,614.8.00.- Sembenjena S4rorte iUeibcrjeug Sraneii (jreunb 9-fldnncr '3troute SJldbd)en yidnntr Qilbbuie ftrauen SUb'Sdjule -fur ut Grobbiite fur JRanneS Salbfticfcht ITanneS ScaItSdiue 2Jid'nner'S(njufic Sucfetfaub G.C. Irocfene Slepfel fTaumen (Forintbfa 3erfteigrijje bite Sinifian' eeife jefet ft 5ti 6J QtntS per S6.

Vi 10 10 bis 23 5 bi3 28 40 bi4 75 50 bi4 75 8 40 SO CO 1. lii 1. 15 bii 2.25. .75 (jcntJt. 45 .25 biS 2.25.

25 biS 4.00. .50 bii 4.00. .0. 0.00. 1.00.

2 95 GcntS. tl.00. .40. .12. ft 4.S0 .5.50 S.Q0 ti3 5.00 4.00 25.00 14 itfunO 15 13 14 20 14 25 55 SEorea gaden $1.50 55Bd)tn.

ei.25 .60 Strict Sprup Sprup per OaHoa. per Jfunb Idjiungcucll S. SCHULTZ SONS. Sillio! JBIi(! Siflifl. (iinc ovufic SinSwrhl aXitr Strtfu fHfujcn! i citf u)ru! sp.fltfij.enl $eitf4en! Sit ttjlt unb WMbVt 'Utiiv iur fnult $ftrt.

(Babe, HILLSBORO, KANSAS. Lew Weidleia visited Peabddy Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. J. J.

Funk, of Peabody, visited our city last week. Jno. J. Funk -of Peabody bad Easiness in town yesterday. There is no healthier fvwn in Kansas to day than Hillsbcro.

County commissioner Stahl visi ted our city lost Friday business. Real estate investors are begin ning to cast their optics on Hillsboro. Reraeober Shnltz Sons for groceries and dry goods at cosh prices. Jake Fast is at home this week. Marion malaria does not agrae with him.

W. II. McArthur of Marion was engngwl in repairing Ehr Hob's block last week. President Cleveland will visit St. Louis and Kansas City come time in October: By the lioae.

the election bets are all paid the clothing men will Le independently-rich, John J. Tceves, formerly of this city has been appointed treasurer ef the city of Moandridge. Buy your groceries and dry goods at and get the benefit of the cash discount." When yon vote at the primary be sure yon vote for a continuance of the Crawford Co. System. Drs.

Flippin Flippin havo placed a case of No. 1 cigars in the a fact wo can Btate from cxper ience. Mr. John U. Lamb, of the Pea-body Graphic force was ia our city last Friday and made pleasant call nt this office.

Prof. Van Dyke, tho future principal of our schools is expected toairivo in town to day, lie is a brother of Mrs. VaL Weidlein. John Kitzler has moved his flour and feed store to the bnil iing formerly occupied by Peter Miller on thw west side of Main 6treet. Prof.

Randall spent a few days tli is week nt Canton makin nrrane-ments for removing his excellent family to that place in th neur future. Mr. Dobbs received his new Lav pres this week and is now pressing hay in this city. Farmers brivg your hay to Hillabwo and get the highest prico for it. If you have any old books or magazines you wish bound, leave them uf thji cCityj and the work will be done wilb neatness and at viry low fignres.

Ehrlich Bro3. last weekj plae3l a handsome glvanizxl iron cornice on their elegant stone block on Main street, adding materially to the arpearanct of the building. While the people of Marion and Peabody are sufferin with malaria our little city continue as healthy a any in the Sia. Not a single ense so far as we have heard, in Ililloboro. It.

L. Cochran one of the many candidates for Registtr was foeling the public poise in this city last week. He found it was beatinjr tegnlarly for Ferdinand J. Fnnk for oar next Register of Deeds. ShnKz Sons are doing a big since they have come down to a cash basis.

There is no use dodging, tho issue it is cash that talks and the strictly cash system bbould be universally adopted. We have just received with the compliments uf Norman Column, U. ef Agriculture. -4 troatiao on the mulberry Silk Worm, by Riley M. A.

This book sbpuldibe in tho bands of very er-ton interested in sericulturo. It docs us good to Bp'o the in matos of the ltcgiifor idiot asylum squirm arrrl twist in issue of their feborliun on bunaanity. Thiey have go many tendeT potH that it impnssibio; tot thexs vto from it Sona bave adopted the sti-ictly cash' eystpnl and will hereafter give no They have cut prices down to a strictly casb basis as wilt be seen by their big ad on this page. They offer big inducements to catcb the eye vt the economical buyer. Look over their prices and judge for yourself.

Prof. G. O. C. Sturtevant held a meeting in tho school bouse Monday evening and organized a writing Fchool.

Mr. 8. was lonr connected with th celebrated Bryant and Stratton chain of business college and is a penman of no mean ability. As bis terms are very reasonable we hope bis school will be well patronized. The editor, of the Arcade, in aa abusira t4fad last week 'accuses tbe Mennonite miniiiters selling innupice.

Ur oat so boots, body and pajer to Davis and Bictt and ceekg to others by bis own poor standard. Thai is the style tbat long-eared spetjnMjn of alaanva Mule, anything for raqpey and then sneak behind the basb and ery tlis-boaectly in oil ctber xaao. tion oa August 16th there will be -submitted a -proposition to change tbe mode of selecting candidates for county officers from the Crawford county system to the old nominating convention whea a few men met in caucus, selected themselves as representatives and went to the county convention to sell their votes to the candidates offiering the most boodle. These political tricksters now ask the people to give back to them the old system when candidates with the most money and least merit received the nomination, and do away with the present system where every Republican voter in the county has a voice in selecting the candidates and where merit and not money wins the nomination. We trust the proposition to change will be defeated by ah overwhelmning majority.

School Teachers Engaged. The board of education have en gaged the following teachers for our piublic school for the ensuing Year: Prof. B. F. Van Dyke, of Columbus Junction, Iowa, Principal.

Miss Edith Parks of Elmdale, CLaze Intermediate department. Miss Nona Tubbs, of Marion, Primary department. The newly engaged principal comes nigniy as a gentleman of ability and will no doubt give good satisfaction in our schools. Miss Parks is well known as a thorough scholar and good teacher and the excellent work dene by Miss Tubbs in our school in the past is enough guarantee of good work in the primary department for the next year. School will begin September 12th and there will no doubt be a good attendance as formerly.

Candidates, Notice. All candidates announced for Marion county offices must 6end their full nam? and amount of asessment, seven dollars, by Monday, August Sth otherwise their names will not be placed on the regular primary ticket. Send name and remittance to Taylor Riddle, Chairman Central, Com. Marion, Kans. Correct You Are.

People from Hillsboro tell us tbat Ferd Funk is going to get 75 per cent, the votes in the western townships. If this proves true, and it seems reasonable, the fine vote be will get around this place will give him a good majority. Peabody Ga-zettev John Loewen, of Hillsboro, was in the city yesterday. He says that Hillsboro is against the Crawford county system. Wednesday's Daily Gazette.

Pajt of the people of our city are "down on the Crawford county system, but the majority are in favor of giving it a more thorough trial. "Tell me, ye angelie hosts, ye messenger of love, shall swindled printers hero bolow have no redress above?" The angels flopped their wings and said: To you a hope is given; delinquents on a printers' book can never enter heaven." We talked a few minutes last Monday with an Ellsworth c-nty gentleman. He says that the wheat and oats in Ellsworth and Saline counties did not pay for harvesting and that the hay and corn will not amount to He says cattle raisers are contracting for hay along the Arkansas and will drive their cattle there. The Canada Arcade attemps to make a point for its' favorite candi dates, Davis and Bichet by saying that tbe Germans hoi their votes at a monetary value and will give them to the candidate offering the highest price. Such falsehoods as this will rebound with telling effoit against the instigators.

The have no love for candidates or their mouthpieces who resort to such slander- to gain their votes i in 1 is now peddling" the absurd story that Fred Lowis should not be elected Sheriff because he lacks personal courage. His cam paign. supplies must be running abort, indeed, when be resorta to nch "rot." Fred Lewis is a brave lqan, and proved it at a time when brave men were needed by going into the army. Stick to th text, Benjamin, and tell us, for instance, when last you voted a straight Republican ticket, and what- claim you bare on the Republicans for a nomination, any way. Marion Times.

BUSINESS CHANCES. Notices Inserted under this Head at the rate of 50 Cents a Month. A'tiO: i CORN PLATEB mad a cnlttrtor both nearly bow, for le cheap. es 45 Jomtr Poix, BUbl ESS IXT tn Main HiUvbnro lot foOO. 48- Jous iloLC CALLtSO CARDS, catdc ehippiair carda, Wedding cards sad ail Idsdx ci coaimer-uai priaunj at Uia HeiaJ4.oca.

GOOD HOESf for aal on reasonable Tarae. 45 JohnIMlk. HOrsEAXD SLOTS Jor sale, price fltiO.00. scales, raaU (jtra-- uaA tnraoik Kaua Kwot, P.i.hiajTO' and tne rbole. Jons OTS SOLD ON Monthly paymeisie of 5 and wood Jr.

aa candidate for Register of Deeds, asb Jest to the decision of the Republican prlsnarlsa, Mr. Fred Frazer, present Register of Deeds, aathorizea aa to annonnce bim as a candidate for re-election, tnbject to tbe deciaiec oxtbeRepab-Ucan primariea. I hereby announce nyseii aa a candidate fcr Reeiater of Deeds, aabject to tne Republican prinarie. O. T.

Roaxsrs. ferd. J. Funk aatliurtred as to announce him aa a candidate for the office of RegUter of Deeda of Mario a county, subject ta the Republican primaries. FOR SHERIFF.

Having resided in Marion for IS rears and having never been a candidate for any county office during that time and having served as deputy sher-13 as various timed during my residence; and as under sheriff for the last years, I ffer myself a a candidate for sheriff of Marion county, subject to the Republican primary electien. Fbxd Lewis. Mr. I. E.

Bruce has authorized us to announce him as a candidate fr sheriff of Marion county, subject to the snffrage of the people at the Republican primary election. We are authorized to announce the name cf B. R. Davis as a candidate for Sheriff of Harioa county, subject to tbe decision cf tbe rvpnlican voters of the county at the primary election. FOR TREASCRER.

At the argent request ef tay many friends throughout Marion county, I have decided to make 1 race for the office of County Treasurer, at the ensuing November eJecUon.subject to tbe decision of the Republican primaries. Al-PHOMSI BtCHIT. I hereby announce myadf candidate for the nomination on the RcpulJicao ticket for tbe office of County Treasurer, subject to the action of tbe Republican primary. sJ. W.

Moonx. I hereby announce myself aa a candidate for the office of county treasurer subject to the docison of the Republican primary. Maxlx I. Bux. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for treasurer of Marlon county, subject to the dmcision of the Republican D.

C. Battxt. FOR COMMISSIONER. We the aitizans of Durham Park Liberty and Risley townships herewith announc the name of Cornelius B.Funk for the office of Commissioner of the first district, subject to tbe Republican primary. He is our Ell and his name Is got there.

COUNTY CLERK. E. S. Walton respectfully annennees himself as a candidate for re-election to tbe office of County Clerk, subject to the decision of the Republican primary. Dissolution Notice.

Notice is hereby civen that the co-partnership existing between E. It. and J. R. Bnrkholder, under the firm name of K.

R. J. K. Burkbolder Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. E.

R. Burkholdcr will carry on tbe tmWnex aa tu r-to-fore. June 8th, 1887. E. R.

Burt holder 4t. J. R. BurkhoUltr. i'Firatp'ubii'Aur ORDINANCE NO.69.

An ordinance levying taxed Utt General Revenue and street purposes. Be it ordained by the Mayor and t'ouaciiwn uf the city of Hillsboro: ARTICLF. I. Sec. 1 That a tax of ten mills oa the dollar on all tfte taxable property within the litdits of the city of Hillsboro be aud the same is hereby lcvieii for general revenue purposes for the eiiau'uig year Sec.

S. That a tax of ten inille-ofc the dollar and tbe same ia heaaby b-vid on ail taxable rei estate within thejinut of the uitr of tfilbiburo Ivt, street purposes for the enBulag row. Szc. 3. This OKliiuuice.

ehxU take cfli-ct uuu be in force from and after ii pabiit-bilou uu die tribution in the Hilleboro Fassed the Council Av.iiHt. 2nd Approved ing. 2nd 18S7. J.G. Uu.t, Major.

Attt W. C. HiJJ, City CJerk. First published AngwuCl? ORDINANCE NO. 70.

An ordinance providing fir the of tax-, against lou and pii-rra of gronud fr buiKBng sidewalks. Bo It ordained by the mayor couocilmen of the city of Hillsborj: ARTICLE I. Sec. That the cost of constructing sido walks on which the lots and piecaat of Letoinafttr described abut, having been constructed by tbo street commissioner, the owners having failed ta complete or construct the same ae required by ordinance, therefore the copts thereof is hereby assessed against said lots and pieces of groimd ac cording to the front foot thereof as repoi tcd by tbe street commissioner as follow i to wit: Lot 24 Block 4, add S13.CJ. 5 1, Tocv's 10.TI '2 1, i 20.SS, 3 1, Funk'e 7.i,r, 4 1, V.u.

'5 1, 7-ti. 7.e. 7 6 Sec. S. This ordinance shall take effect and after its publication and dictriVuiion in the Hillsboro Herald.

Passed the council August 2nd, 1W7. Approved August 2nd 1887, O. Hill Mayor. C. Iliu, City OJ'Tlc.

"for saEeT" A paying hotel property, inclnd ing buildings, furniture nml two on Main Street. The only hotel in Hillsboro. Will sell ou roasonsblt-terras. Good reasons fur selling. Apply to Mrs.

M. IIilIslxro Kans. 91 tf) it alle tit an fjanb. 3 mai)t permit bent ublifum be-fannt, bo ic ctsc 2(jurc fublicfj cn ber Cfficc etnen 3If udjerabcn etoffnet fjnbe. SDir.

einrt( SJliiHer, inciter mefjrrre 3are 2cpcfa bal 5eiicf-0ffd35ft bcttte6fn l)at, -obc-1 ic ol3 93cmaltcr in biffcm anger teat. Sa er cine rrtf t)riat)rigc Gxa1)r btefent efdjaft t)at, unb cinem brr bcfteit giS3et)alter vextf)tn firtb, finb toir in ben Slanb- gefefct, bem fiet3 ntit frid)em Slinb, Sa unb d)mcineIeif 51! bienen, inbent mcine SQieSlane jot)trei(! mtt oil bieiem S3ie cerfccn tft. Sabcn bacr frcunblt jn jstjlrficer ftunfcfdjxift cin. ijonarmS, Gigentiirnrr efQftSfurcr 'iiSSbro, Stanai. "We keep constantly on band and for sale nt the Herald office the following blanks: Per doz per 100 Mortgages 7- -2o 2.00 Deeds 2o' 2,00 Attachments (Order of sale) .60 44 (Undertaking.) 5.60 tt.

(oier.) (inren Ji jompiama, general Eieculion, tt rS .60 Summons, Snbpoena, -GO Garnishment (aftof garniatfO.CO Appeal bonds. .00 Bills Of .00 av. j. iiaiidim, Editor. AUGUST 4, -1887.

Th Fort Comes. We stop tli press to nnnounce that Director G. Hill received an t-Cicial letter this morn i eg from EI Dorado stating that the right-it way waa ordered securxl.atonce and the engineers ordered to proceed to work iramedCately. Hare you Been -Jnlius Our photoritpli galltry is nearly, ready for tUfl tH'tiftt. funic has commence! buy.

grain-at the Union etevaUr. lfarry Thompson and wt-n in or city Monday events- TLe township commiasioners luiet at If. Cock's otlicu last in regular Minion. -TLe yonng folk the fantastic" in Deck's old store room Friday evening. County Superintendent Zercher and candidate Bichet wero on oui utrents last Thursday.

Val. Weidlein will occupy Prof. Randall's residence a soon us the latter removes to Canton. -John Bergman vs. Dr.

Frankenstein occupied Iho attention of Judge Jlili Monday. The plaintiff secured a verdict for $15. --Prof. JL If. Erert, principal the Ilalsteiid ueminary, called at this oflleo, Monday, in company with F.

J. Funk of Peabody. rDorris and ('olviu's bill posters painted onr town red last Saturday ndvertihing their show which appear at Mcpherson August 10th. A mechanic residing in Milwaukee, AYis. ha made overture to our citizeDM for the establishment of a machine nbop and foundry at this place.

1 -We promised Will not to "give it n'wny" or wo would mention that Mr. Will Khnltz pnrchppd annrn-ltr of pieces of Iu-um-IioM furniture Jnnt week. Six portions wero baptised south of town last Sunday hy tho Mennonr ife Brethren. An immense congre jjntion from all sections of the ctun-ty witnefKed the ceremony. Candidate George Roberts came up from Iho town wluro tiiey keep tho county records Monday afternoon 1 i i VI fzt A A JJfJWCt BUilll work that will bo sure to "count nt the prjeary.

A Now York lady 'while stop iog In our city lat week, reoogniz-jii tbe Lright prof pects of the place purchased threw acres of land ad-jjing the iwnon the. north, paying S00O cash It is but two weeks now until tho day pet fr the Republican primary eloctlou. Let every Republican voter in the conn come out on Augnst 10th and nominate good Say, officers of the Hilleboro Mutual Loan and Savings Association, yvhy don't you get down to b'f Cone, wake tip and let us see that there iskUH Romn Ufa lft in tha business men of onr city. We took a rnn op to Little River last Saturday eyeniug and had the pleasuro of listening to the actress, Ruby Lafayette as C4alatenin "Pygmalion and Galatea." The play sustain (he excellent reputation of the company. Corner lots in Hillsboro are not held ut fabulous prices as in some county towns, but a fair valuation is placed on thorn, tintl a fair vidua tion Our land holders dp not nee any virtue in selling real estate at tbo rnte of $1.35 a quart, Mr.

Jacob Pntzkofslu brought into this ofilct) Monday morn ng a couple of specimens of tbo beet" corn wo have seen this season. The ears are well tilled and Mr. P. informed us that it was but a sample and that all the corn in tho rorlh parte of the county as as good. Benj.

Franz rappivad 5tee gram Thursday from Napperville, 111. stating that his baby was dead. Mr. Frauz had received letter but few days before saying that' Lis fbild was healthy and well, and the telegram was indeed a great shock to tbe stricken The' brutal murder of horse dealer at Canton last week caused considerable excitement here, as both parties concerned had ised Jlillsboro bnt a Tew days before and bad becomo somewhat murderer was. remanded to jail -without bail.

Johu Harms left for Colorado this week to purchase more -cattle for bis ranch. We hope out farmey friends will follow Mr. Harms' aud bny4 nore milch cows. 1 Our creamery is now an assured fact and the proprietors will soon be able to handle alt the, milk hrosghl-to-them. They will pay the.

highest price always and tho' farmer will find wore money in thL than any ether yodtKt of the fare. Tut mMDiuv unvrt Tut iiio bunu nn iimivuo int. riHESTUNE OF WelHmphmvtttmtti AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS IN THE WORLD! ftowt and Cultivatofs, Ridlnr and Watklnr, Harrow, Shovel Plows, and evert tlmtltz lnpcment which 9m Farmer Needs. A large and BEAUTIFUL catalOUC sent FRtt. Wrtta at once for perate grasp for votes and wonder why th "dear people" did not vote for them.

Kind friends we have never forgotten a single one of those Florenceites who told tbe udear people' to vote solid against the Rock Island, and Bolid 'or the Frisco. Wo told the gentleman, at that time that be was putting bis fingers in a pio that concerned him not and that we would recall it in the future, and as be and Ben Davis have no other string left, ther now cry out "combination." And bow about Bichet, Davis and r-Lockwcod i a combination with supporters, as R. Grimes a Democrat, and J. Sm'th, I. J.

Block and Chris. Weber who always cry out when asked to yote for a man: "Hw much will y-u give With thasi it is money, not the man. Now beware of such men and such candidates. We be'ieve that the office should be tilled by good, sober, competent and in Funk, Moare, Lewis, Sturges, Walton and Funk you havo our "Combination." Vote for them at the primary Aug. 16th.

Mr. II. Sturges of Florenco has announced himself as a candidate for county surveyor. Mr. Sturges is well and favorably known throughout the cottcty $pd wijl secure the nomination with but Jitle opposition.

We have received Jtvith the com, plimenU of Prof. H. H. Ewert, the circular an 1 catalogue of the Mennonite S.esn'ofiiy Halstead, of which Mr. Ewert is principal.

Tbe catalogue shows the institution in a flourishing condition. Tbe sew Bethany college now Luilding at Newton will be used as a continuance of the work of the schoob The Rock Island commenced business at the Lincolnville station, July 17, and for the first eight days, ead-ing July 20, receipts wero 573. When it is taken into consideration tbat tbe road is jnst finished it will be seen that Lincolnville is destined to become an important point for railroad business. Lincolnville Star. The Des Moines Register is sponsor for a little incident occurring in a school near Des Moines.

Miss Wilson, a school teacher teaching near Pleaaantville, while bearing a class in geography, asked what kiBd of people lived in Utah. One pupil answered "The Indians," "Oh, no" replied tbe teacher, "they are far more wicked people than the Indians whereupon one bright juvenile snapped bis fingers and said, "I know; they're Democrats." The Lincolnville Star says: Fred Lewis is a candidate for the nomination of sheriff on tbe Bepub lican ticket. Fred is well and favorable known io nearly every voter ia the county and is niakiDg a good canvass. He has lived in the county sixteen years and has Lecome familiar with the duties of the office by serving much of that time; as under Ho is a g. od citizen and a straight Republican," and well qualified for the office.

lie bs a "veteran soldier, having entered a Tennesbee regiment early in'the war and served with gallantry and distinction until its close, and his claims for tbe nomination are entitled, to the consideration of the RepnWw-an voters at the primary. The Hillsboro Herald says that D. E. Wisraer, of Canada, bought a ticket for Kansas City which was improperly punched, by tbe collector on tbe main line of the Santa' Fry and Mr. Wismer was ejected roia the 'rain at Strong City.

He 'has brought puit by bis attorney, H. A. McLean, of Marion, fur damages. The collectors on tbe Santa Fe are unsophisticated young who never rodo in a railroad" car, nntil tiey were appointed to the position of collectors. They have an exalted opinion oi themselves and believe that the conjrvtay employs thtm i snow meir eapejionvT io ute poor 1 vioUms whom an adverse fate throws in their way.

They are a that ought to be abated. Lincf In- vi lie Star, BLANKS. ed by the threatened attack wf hostile Indians and it was necessary t' send dispatches to Abilene or Salina over miles of desolate prarie infested with Indiar.B. Fred volunteered to go and performed his jxdssui. Fo-many years he has held positions oi trust and responsibility in the Township and County, and I have never heard a complaint against bis faith fulness to duty.

He has well in farmed himself, has shown bis bravery and grit, baa proven "his ability to successfully fill Ibe office of Sheriff, and I know no one who is in my estimation better qualified. J. D. Bagby. Our Parle.

While in Illllebore last Saturday evening the writer had the pleasure visiting, in company with Mr. H. P. Paddock, tbe gyogjids of Mr. John Bergman.

Surrounded by a high hedge of luxuriant mulberries is, probably, threo ace3 of the best cultivated, most astefiy arranged garden, in the State. y7aes, fresb and thrifty, laden with grapes, and trees bending with their burden with of fruit, give shade and utility to tho spot, while scattered here and there are beds of brilliant and prolific berries. In unexpected places and secluded spots one fisds shady bowers and arbors, with rustic seats to tempt the visitor to rest. Not a weed or Btray grass tuft betrays the lack of dilligence, but everything is clean and bright. few years of growth" will make of this elysian spot a miniaturo Eden.

Marion Times. LETTER LIST. Letters addressed to the following persons now remain uncalled for at the Hillsboro post office. Parties calling lor same will please say "advertised" and give number of letter. No.

1. Frederich Block. Johann Bcese. 3. H.

Jacob Arenbrecht. 4. Bessie McMarteis. 5. N.

Spahn. G. F. Risrh. 7.

David Unruh. 8. Henry Disutins. 9. W.

E. Cass. 10. Anna Johnsan. Jv II, IIlESCHLER, P.

M. A great wail and cry of anguish Up throughout the stale at the miserable facilities for handling the Such a system as we ere now en joy ing( )uuder -this great and good refdrm" 4tdmintBlration is abumni- bie. r- Lewis is an old an old and br avesoldier, a fine niechan-ic, a gentlamen in every sense of the. word, will make an excellent sheriff and will be. nominated and elected; vote for bim at beth elections.

A Bad Accident. Last Monday evening while a parity consisting of Mr. and Mrs. J. P.

GarJenier, Mr. Geo. Parks and sis ter Miss Edith were driving around tbe city the team became unmanaga-ble and as they turned the corner of 'West street and Grand Avenue at the Mennonite church, tbe carriage upset and all were- threwn out, Mr. Park? snsUrining a compound aeture of the arm, Mr. Qadenier and Miss Parks were badly braised and pretty thoroughly shaken up.

Mis. Gar-denjer escaping uninjured. At this writing all the parties are getting alorig nicely under the care of Dr. FKppin. NOTICE.

The candidates for township trustee township clerk, la reasur-ex. and two constables will be Baled ed at tbe Republican primary eleo-w tion oa Aug. 10. Johu Doxjz, Chairmnji, A FULL LINE OF IJUSTKBB'S BLANKS andJ ItOW -r 3IOHTGAGES. RECEIPTS.

BILLS OF HALE. JSTBPOENAS, ETC. (i IS Bill Heads. Note Dodgore, Programs, At prices that defy competition in this section. ALWAYS ON HAND AT HE-HERALD OFFICE HOM)S.

XOTES. ATTACHMENTS. EXECUTIOXS. ETC, At Wholesale or Retail. Letter Heads, Statements, Pewters, Snipes, And all kinds of commercial printing.

111 raw, mvimi MSMS.B mwm 13 ux order. i.

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